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Staining Porcelain Denture Teeth


									Tech Talk: Dentures                         I   Robert Kreyer, CDT

                                         Staining Porcelain Denture Teeth
                                         By Robert Kreyer, CDT

                                                  rue artistry in high-end remov-        that form on the teeth will depend on          surface with individual characterizations
                                                  able prosthetics demands that we       the individual’s level of dental care and      and gloss that perfectly matches the patient’s
                                                  create product that is in harmony      habits.                                        natural teeth. This technique also can be
     Robert E. Kreyer Jr., CDT,          with a patient’s face and one that func-          By modifying the shape and shade of          used to regain the vitality and translu-
     is a third-generation prosthetic    tions within the denture space of the oral      prefabricated denture teeth after they have    cency in denture teeth to create a more
     technician and owner of             environment. If we as technical dental pro-     been set, it is possible to obtain a facial    youthful smile.
     Kreyer Dental Prosthetics.          fessionals are to provide clinicians with
     He is a member of the
                                         optimal prosthetic technical treatment, we
     National Association
     of Dental Laboratories,
                                         must revolutionize our business approach
                                         to marketing our esthetic complete den-
     the American College of
                                         ture services.
                                                                                          Changing roles
     Prosthodontists (ACP) Dental
     Technician Alliance, the L.D.          During the last year of writing “Tech         According to McGarry and Jacobson in          recent dental school graduates. This ed-
     Pankey Alumni Association,          Talk Dentures” my technique articles have        their paper “The professions of dentistry     ucational gap has provided removable
     and the American                    discussed ways to provide an added value         and dental laboratory technology: Im-         prosthetic dental laboratories the oppor-
     Prosthodontic Society (APS).                                                         proving the interface,” published in the      tunity to market their services as pros-
                                         service to the clinicians you work with
     He has presented scientific
                                         while extending your existing denture            February 2004 issue of JADA, the edu-         thetic consultants for developing techni-
     table clinics on his prosthetic
     techniques to the APS and           product line. Within these articles are pros-    cational and economic imbalances of the       cal treatment plans to the dental clini-
     ACP. He also is a consultant        thetic ideas and techniques that will enable     past are now being reversed with dental       cians we work with.
     to dental manufacturers             the technician and clinician to increase the     technologists being the most knowl-              The aging “baby boomer” esthetic ex-
     and lectures extensively            value of their complete dentures.                edgeable members of the dentist/dental        pectations and restorative prosthetic de-
     throughout the United States.                                                        laboratory technician partnership in the      mands upon dental professionals are in-
                                         Back to nature                                   area of laboratory techniques, instrumen-     creasing while our educational require-
                                         To create true harmony in a denture              tation, and materials.                        ments and technician population are de-
                                         wearer’s smile, the prefabricated denture           Before 1995 dentists were required         creasing.
                                         teeth must be set, shaped, and contoured         to master different levels of laboratory         If we are to satisfy these patient de-
                                         to the individual patient’s sex, personal-       procedures as part of their clinical dental   mands and expectations, we must pro-
                                         ity, and age. Tooth surfaces vary widely         education.                                    vide a service to the clinicians we work
                                         depending on the age of the patient. Eat-           Since 1995 technicians’ prosthetic         with to meet these ever growing stan-
                                         ing habits and increasing age tend to affect     technological expectations have expand-       dards of excellence in esthetic dentistry.
                                         the translucency and color of natural            ed to one of a “prosthetic consultant” to        — RK
                                         teeth. In addition the characterizations


          Fig. 1 Make a PVS matrix using Sil-Tech Su-              Fig. 2 Map the personalized charact-                    Fig. 3 Using an abrasive instrument,
          per to create a reference for tooth placement.           edrizations on the denture teeth.                       shape each denture tooth.

          Fig. 4 Layout desired stains                 Fig. 5 Apply porcelain stains       Fig. 6 Apply glaze paste to each porcelain
          on the mixing palette.                       with a fine brush.                  denture tooth.
                                                                                                                                                Fig. 7 The stained and
                                                                                                                                                glazed denture teeth, ready
                                                                                                                                                for tooth setup.

36                                                                                                                                         September 2005   I   Dental Lab Products
 Continuing education in Switzerland
 Ever since I was a course participant at        our in-depth study of the Gerber tooth            occlusal forces in a Class I and Class II        Renfert headquarters and production fa-
 the Swissedent Foundation in 1975, my           arrangement philosophy. Gerber sets               cross-bite occlusal scheme. We then              cility. Renfert has been a generous sup-
 dream was to someday study complete             teeth so that the forces of mastication ap-       waxed complete dentures while studying           porter of my hands-on esthetic prosthetic
 denture prosthetics at Candulor Dental          plied to them are least able to dislodge the      photographs of natural gingival contours         courses.
 GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland.                    dentures. Gerber insists that the occlusal        and colors.                                      Back in the States
    Three months ago my dream became             surfaces of the posterior teeth must follow          The third day was devoted to the Candu-       Three weeks after my return, I gave the
 reality. I left for Switzerland to learn ad-    the curve of the lower ridge.                     lor Aesthetic Color Set and acrylic pro-         first Candulor “Art of Prosthetics” course in
 vanced Swiss prosthetic techniques. My             This simple rule ensures that occlusal         cessing techniques and the last day con-         Beverly Hills, Calif. at the Geneva Dental
 goal is to help other dental technicians,       forces are always at right angles to the          centrated on an intensive recap and dis-         Institute. This two-day, hands-on course
 denturists, and dentists in the United          ridge or area of support, thus promoting a        cussion of the Gerber philosophy.
 States extend their existing product line of
 dentures and provide a high-end esthetic
 denture that exceeds patient cosmetic and
 functional expectations while adding value
 to the laboratory’s denture services.
 Education at Candulor
 My four-day hands-on prosthetic course
 started with an introduction to the Gerber
 philosophy of occlusion. My instructor,
 Antonio Ferrilli MDT, demonstrated how to
 analyze an edentulous master model in
 preparation for setting and arranging the        Max Sturm, President of Canulor and              Antonio equiliberating a Gerber setup.           Demonstrating tooth staining technique
 denture teeth.                                   Antonio Ferrilli, MDT instructor.                                                                 in Beverly Hills.
    The first day we characterized an anteri-
 or set of Candulor PhysioSet CT porcelain       high degree of stability during function, es-     Visits to Ivoclar and Renfert                    focused on complete denture gingival wax
 teeth. We cut back the facial surface of the    pecially when strong pressure is applied.         After my hands-on training at Candulor, I        contours and colors, gingival base acrylic
 porcelain to add translucency and vertical         Using a ridge compass, the lower alve-         visited the Ivoclar Vivadent ICDE training       characterization, and colorization using the
 craze lines on the incisal third. On the cer-   olar ridge can be assessed for its den-           facility in Lichtenstein. Ivoclar Vivadent’s     Candulor Aesthetic Color Set. There also
 vical third, I added a darker color than the    ture-supporting qualities and the lowest          BPS training facility is absolutely incredible   was an introduction to custom straining
 body to create a definite stained appear-       and most stable point of the lower poste-         with beautiful state of the art equipment.       resin teeth and a discussion of staining
 ance to the porcelain teeth.                    rior ridge can be determined.                        On my last day in Switzerland I took          porcelain teeth.
    After re-firing and glazing, we started         On day two we studied equilibration of         the train to Singen, Germany to visit the          — RK

Stain technique                                  teeth and check them for desired placement        achieve optimal prosthetic care for the          that they can sing, eat, and laugh in com-
There are different techniques for using         of characterized stains and lifelike effect.      compromised edentulous patient. To help          plete confidence is truly a blessing in the
stains to modify the shade of resin or porce-       11. Mix the glaze paste with glaze fluid       restore the smile, speech, and self-             work we do as prosthetic technical den-
lain denture teeth. The stain technique pre-     to obtain a thick consistency and apply a         confidence of edentulous patients so             tal professionals.                     DLP

sented here is for porcelain denture teeth.      thin layer to the complete surface of the
   1. After the teeth have been set and          characterized porcelain teeth (Fig. 6).
waxed, make a PVS matrix with Sil-Tech              12. Place the glazed porcelain teeth back
Super (manufacturer?) to create a refer-         on the honeycomb tray and fire in porce-
ence for placement of the teeth (Fig. 1).        lain furnace.
   2. Remove the denture teeth from the             13. After cooling, check for desired char-
waxed base and thoroughly clean..                acterization and gloss effect then lightly pol-
   3. Using a red pencil, draw lines on the      ish the surface with diamond polishing paste
facial surface of the teeth, mapping where       on a suitable polishing wheel (Fig. 7). The
the personalized characterizations will be       pins can either be re-plated or apply opaque
added (Fig. 2).                                  to mask out the black oxidation.
   4. Shape each tooth using abrasive               14. Reset the characterized teeth into
instruments to allow the addition of the         the matrix for final waxing for aesthetic
porcelain characterized stains (Fig. 3).         denture try-in.
   5. Sandblast the entire surface of each          As prosthetic dental technicians we must
tooth with aluminum oxide at a pressure of
2 bar to clean and etch.
                                                 be educated and thoroughly understand
                                                 the baseline basics of complete denture                                                      Arlink
   6. Using a steam jet, clean each tooth        prosthetics in order to comprehend the                                                       Jr 1/3 sq
to remove any dirt or grease before apply-       more complex biomechanical principles of
ing stains.                                      design and esthetics. If we look at nature
   7 Lay out your desired stains on the mix-     or as Dr. Earl Pound called the “master archi-
ing palate to be mixed with staining liquid      tect” who created and designed the oral
(Fig. 4).                                        environment, it becomes evident that most
   8. To characterize the individual porce-      dentures do not assimilate the gingival con-
lain teeth, apply the mixed porcelain stains     tour and characterized colors of natural liv-
with a fine brush to create your desired         ing tissue and dentition. As technical dental
characterized effect (Fig. 5).                   professionals our responsibility is to design
   9. Set the stained porcelain denture          and rebuild these natural oral structures of
teeth a honeycomb tray or firing cushion         lost bone, tissue, and dentition with esthetic
supported by retentive pins with the facial      complete denture prosthetics.
surface up during the firing process.               If we aspire to reach the next level of
   10. Fire and cool the porcelain denture       prosthetic treatment, we must strive to                                        See us at the XXX Meeting, Booth XXX.
                                                                                                                           Use XXX on card or at
Dental Lab Products    I   September 2005                                                                                                                                                      37

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