Silhouette Romantic Suspense

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					Silhouette Romantic Suspense

Sparked by Danger; Fueled by Passion.

Length: 55,000–60,000 words
Senior Editor: Patience Bloom
Associate Editor: Keyren Gerlach
Assistant Editor: Shana Smith
Editorial Office: New York

Silhouette Romantic Suspense books offer an escape read where true-to-life heroines find
themselves in the throes of extraordinary circumstances…and in the arms of powerful heroes.
These books combine all the classic elements of category novels with the excitement of
romantic suspense, creating big, sweeping romances amid dangerous and suspenseful
settings. A strong, compelling romance should dominate the book, but there must be a
suspense plot. Silhouette Romantic Suspense romances are fueled by the romance and not
the suspense.

When Romantic Suspense characters come together they create sparks that make for an
unforgettable love story. The hero should be a force to contend with. He may be harsh and
direct, but never cruel. Though formidable and heroic, he is capable of being saved, and it is
up to the heroine to get him there. Our heroines should be complex, strong and smart. As
independent as the heroine may be, she is often in jeopardy and needs the hero's help to
overcome obstacles. Because this is primarily the heroine's story, we ask that roughly 60% of
the point-of-view be hers, and 40% the hero's.

The hero and heroine's conflicts need to be presented as soon as possible and carried
throughout the novel. The conflicts should be dramatic and compelling. Romantic Suspense
books revolve around classic plotlines that are tried and true in category romance: revenge,
women in jeopardy, espionage, law enforcement and military, reunion romances, secret
babies and others. We are not looking for plots that focus entirely on the suspense. The
romance must always be at the heart of these books, and gratuitous violence or graphic
details must be avoided. These are universal stories and can be set anywhere in the world,
but the tone should remain true to the author's voice. Romantic Suspense stories will be
consistently high on sensuality, as well as romantic and sexual tension. At this time, we’re not
looking for paranormal stories.

If you have written a romance that meets the above guidelines, we would love to hear from
you! Please submit a query letter with a detailed synopsis, or a synopsis and three chapters
with a SASE large enough to hold the entirety of your work. We do not accept submissions via
e-mail. If a previous editorial relationship with the company has been established that can be
continued—or feel free to submit directly to one of the editors above.