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					                  Leading Edge International Research Group
                                  P.O. Box 2370, Yelm, Washington State 98597
                                                 6 January 2011

This form supercedes ALL previous order form revisions prior to 01/06/11. Make sure that you fill the order form out
completely, updating all information. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO PRINT INFO CLEARLY. Cursive writing is not always legible. If
we can’t read it, we can’t process your order. Orders inconsistent with this form will be returned. All funds must be in US
dollars, drawn on a US bank. Money orders: We accept US/Canadian postal money orders, in $US only. Our bank does not
accept other foreign postal money orders. For payment information, see below:

Payment: Cash, or check/money order made payable to: J. Grace.

NAME:__________________________________________________DATE: _________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ____________________________________________TELEPHONE:______________________(For Advisories)

(Email address required if subscribing to the Leading Edge Research Journal Online)

Leading Edge Research Journal Online–.         $45/3mo $90/6mo        $135/9 mo       $180/12 mo   _______MO   $ ________

Additional Donation (Thank You)    …… (to assist with research and media, web costs, etc.. (Thank You) ……      $ ________

TOTAL AMOUNT IN THIS ORDER. ………………………………………………………………………………………… $ __________

                                                     NOTE FROM VAL

On January 6, 2011, I was intuitively moved to shut down the book publishing side of the house. After
20 years, and so close to the end of our civilization, it was ‘time’ to take this action and, in the spirit of
Matrix 5, focus on observational matters, as reflected in the maintenance of the Leading Edge
Research Journal Online website. I would encourage you to subscribe. You will find it to be a most
satisfying informational experience, and the best system of its kind on the entire Internet. See our
flyer about the online website, or the information about it at I am sure you will be
pleased, if keeping tabs on everything is your desire. Thank you for your patronage.


Payment Note: People do all sorts of strange things, even if things are spelled out for them. Because of that, I find myself
needing to include this note: Please make sure if you use a check or money order that you make it out to J. Grace, as it
says at the top of this form. Do not make it out to anything else; otherwise I will have to send it back to you. If you make a
mistake, and I send it back, do NOT cross out one thing and write in another, because then it becomes an 'altered
instrument' and the bank will not cash that, either. You have to be smarter than the order form, as the saying goes. Send
us a new, correct, check or money order so I can update your account. If you send cash, make sure your envelope can't
be seen through. Include it inside something else. We rarely ever see a problem happen because most people use
common sense.

Alternative Payment Method Other Than Postal System: Western Union Money Transfer. Send us an email for details:

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