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2001 CD          Illinois Rails 1995-1996 TFI Video 90 BNSF, CSX, UP, etc. With
locations, road numbers and train types listed in the notes.

2002 CD         Illinois Central & Southern TFI Video 99 Data sheet lists UP, CSX, NS, IC,
SP, and BN at such locations as Galesburg, Villa Grove, St. Elmo, Lake Shelbyville, Effingham,

2003 CD           Union Pacific Galore 1997 TFI Video 108 Lots and Lots of union Pacific, as
the title implies. If you have a UP roster handy it will help, since the data sheet gives the road
number for each unit in every train you'll see here.

2004 CD       Frisco Freights Two TFI Video '95 88 CSX and NS, Frisco Yard, Clinch
Mountain Tunnel, Natural Tunnel. Data sheet accompanies.

2005 CD           Midwest Mix TFI Video '95 95 Conrail, UP, CSX, Amtrak, BN coal, and NS
at locations in Indiana and Illinois. Data sheet with information on each scene accompanies.

2006 CP         Scenic Train Rides Of Nevada 1997 Lejonhud (A) 65 'Slippin & Slidin on
the Virginia & Truckee R.R.', Nevada State Railroad Museum

2007 VP VS          North Coast Limited Bozeman Pass & The Mississippi Sunday
River 51 Two ropund trips in summer between Bozeman and Livingston, on the ground and
on board. Part of the North Coast Limited Series, with big steam and early diesels.

2008 MS FR          Return Of The Giants Frameline 80 Steam preservation in South Africa
today. Challenges and accomplishments are catalogued, along with a rip-snortin' parade of
restored Garratts, 25NC's, and 15F's.

2009 MS         Centennial Train Lasting Impressions 60 Not yet reviewed

2010 CP       Trains Unlimited Tours, North America Trains Unlimited 90 Not yet
reviewed. Previews.

2011 CP          New Hampshire Steam RRs/Strasburg RR Goldhill 60 Title says it all: tours
of two of the east's most outstanding tourist railroads. Been there? Relive the experience with
this tape. Not going? Rent this tape instead and say you went.

2012 FR          European Video Express, Vol. 3 Cocking, John 60 Germany's Neubaustreke,
steam in Wurzburg, the Gotthard Route, Ffestiniog Railway in Wales, and two preserved railway
lines in France. Excellently produced.
2013 CP        Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Trackside 60 All about current operations on the
Blue Ridge Scenic, with a cab ride, trackside scenes, and full narrative. It's like taking the trip

2014 ED        Memories, Vol. 5 BMRHS 60 A look at the Erie and the Lackawanna, pre-
merger before 1960 and after the merger as Erie Lackawanna, Early diesels, fan trips,
commuter trains, Moonda Viaduct, and other interesting subjects.

2015 CD          Railviews On The C.F. R. Galt Subdivision    91 Heavy freight traffic on the
C. P. R. Galt Subdivision between Milton and Galt, Ontario. The Swedish X200 is seen as well
as other foreign power.

2016 CD           Trains On Location - Cajon Pass Trains Magazine 60 Includes a good cab
ride, trackside scenes at Sullivan's Curve, Blue Cut, Cajon Summit, and Frost, visit to the
dispatcher's office, and plenty of hig speed heavy duty freight action.

2017 MS          Cumbres & Toltec Railway Productions 60 Engine servicing in Chama,
doubleheader on Cumbres Pass, Antonito train, great auntumn scenery, and many remote
locations highlight this visit to the fascinating New Mexico naroow gauge railroad.

2018 VS           Lives And Times Of The 346 Colorado RR Historical
Foundation 30 D&RGW narrow gauge locomotive no. 346 is a survivor, and this video traces
its several incarnations since its construction at the Baldwin Works in 1881. Plenty of current
action too.

2019 ED          Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Vol. 1 The High Hood Era Plets
Express 73 Features clssic high nose SD9's in their original paint schemes on the DM&IR.
Great fare for fans of this high-tonnage ore hauler on Lake Superior.

2020 CD         Conrail's SD 80 MACs Rail Graphics 70 See and hear Conrail's giant AC
units when they were new. Filmed at various locations in Massachusetts in 1996.

2021 CD          Trains Of Northern New England 1997   160 All the regional RRs and larger
shortlines operating in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are shown here, including the New
England Central, Iron Road's Bangor & Aroostook, and many more.

2022 CD           Northeast Rails 1995-1999 Broken Knuckle 120 Many changes in Northeast
railroading occurred between 1995 and 1999. This program tours New England looking at some
of the events of that period. Two full hours of great train watching.

2023 VS RO Donald Krofta's New York Central, Vol. 2 Herron 56 16mm action
photography of the NYC in the early 1950's. Mohawks, Hudsons, Mikados, and switchers are
seen, at locations in Ohio and Indiana.
2024 VS          Memories Of Steam In The Northeast Mark I 30 Archival film of many
different classes on the Lehigh Valley, Reading, Jersey Central, Lackawanna,Erie, NYC, B&M,
D&H, and several Pennsylvania shortlines.

2025 VS ED Memories Of The Delaware & Hudson Mark I 30 Great steam sequences
on the Forest City and Ararat grades in Pennsylvania, plus yard and road action with D&H Alco
diesels. Valuable vintage film.

2026 VS ED Susquehanna Division Penn Valley '95 45 All-color 16mm film of the
PRR in the 1950s between Harrisburg and Williamsport. Many classes of steam on freight and
passenger trains, with autherntic PRR steam and diesel sound track.

2027 CD         Susquehanna Along The Southern Tier Green Frog '00 60 An enjoyable
overview of the operations of this famous railroad. Viaducts, semaphores, the Southern Tier, and

2028 CD          Sunrise Sunset, Volume 2: A Day At Rochelle, Illinois Pentrex 60 Rochelle
is such a busy crossing (UP and BN/SF) that a pavillion has been erected to accommodate the
thousands of railfans who congregate there. Pentrex spent a day there filming every train in an
eleven hour period. Stereo.

2029 CD          DM&E Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Plets Express 101 A
comprehensive look at this 917-mile regional railroad, former C&NW trackage, with many trains
and a variety of motive power, with a 1994 system map and roster included. Plets Express does
it right! Recommended.

2030 CD         Marion - Midwest Hotspot TFI Video '96 70 Norfolk Southern, CSX, and
Conrail trains parade past the camera at this busy location. You'll see coal trains, mixed
freights, TOFC and more.

2031 CD        Midwest Action 1997 TFI Video '97 78 UP, BNSF, Amtrak, share the
honors at Wibern IL, Hart MO, LaPlata MO, Rochelle IL, Watseka IL, Hannibal MO, Gorin
MO, Creston IL, etc. Data sheet accompanies.

2032 TR         Boxcab - Montreal's Suburban Electrics Highball '89 60 Shot in 1989, this
program shows 1914 built GE and 1924 English made electrics, plus 1950 steeplecabs pulling
six axle cars. Valuable scenes of very old locomotives.

2033 CD          Streak Of Orange: The Tropicana Juice Train Distant Signal '98 47 "The full
story of the Tropicana Juice Train, accompanying one of its crews from Florida northward
towards the New York market. Also has excursions along CSX's ""S-Line"" in Florida."

2034 VS         Steam In The South In The 60's Penn Valley '96 45 Virginia & Blue Ridge
RR in winter and summer; Buffalo Creek And Gauley; ET & WNC RR; and the Lavino Steel
Plant. Original all-color 16mm film, narration, music and added sound.
2035 CD MS       Lots And Lots Of Trains, Vol. 2 Superior '98 30 Great music and live
sound accompany 30 minutes of miscellaneous railroad scenes, a good show for the whole

2036 MS        Marathon Of Steam, Vol. 2 Les Jarrett 120 "A compilation of scenes from
""Blue Mountain And Reading"", ""From The Redwoods To The Boardwalk"", and ""Illinois
Railway Museum"". Steam and early diesels are represented."

2037 MS        Steamin' From Bartlett to Crawford Notch Lejonhud (A) '00 55 0-6-0 #7470
on the Conway Scenic Railroad pulls coaches full of enthusiastic railfans through vistas of
autumn leaves. Come along for a beautiful ride.

2038 TR          Valley Transit Authority Pearson Productions '00 62 Jack and his friend
Morris ride the whole light rail system, starting at Mountain View. Bright sunshine and Jack's
great digital camera manke this program enjoyable to watch, and light rail fans should see it.

2039 CD         Watseka Weekend TFI Video '95 90 CSX, and Union Pacific trains at
Watseka, IL in 1995. A full hour and a half of railroading, nearly forty trains. Data sheet

2040 CD        Watseka Weekend II TFI Video '96 80 UP and CSX trains at Watseka, IL.
Doublestacks, TOFC, coil steel, and mixed trains are seen. Data sheet accompanies.

2041 CD       UP Galore '95 TFI Video '95 116 Scenes of Union Pacific action in
Wyoming in 1995. A great variety of freight and MOW trains are filmed. Data sheet

2042 CD        UP Galore 2 TFI Video '95 112 A variety of Union Pacific freight trains in
the Cheyenne, WY region & Sherman Hill. Data sheet accompanies.

2043 CD         Across The Heartland: Santa Fe's Chillicothe Subdivision Pentrex
'96 84 Fast paced action on the double-tracked Santa Fe main between Chicago and the
Mississippi River. Warbonnets are shown to best advantage against scenic backdrops that will
have you rewinding for a second look. Many different locations.

2044 VP          20th Century Limited On TV, The Pentrex '99 30 In 1955, the noted TV
series OMNIBUS, sent host Alistair Cooke and camera crews to do a live broadcast from New
York Central's Grand Central Terminal. Pentrex uncovered an extremely rare copy of this classic
episode and we're happy to share it with you now! Grand Central was a landmark symbol of
New York City, and the most famous train to be boarded there was the glamorous 20th Century
Limited. Omnibus cameras take you to track 34, where co-host David P. Morgan, Editor of
TRAINS Magazine, waits next to train #25, the Century. Morgan describes the terminal's layout,
explains the electric-powered train's consist, introduces the 46-member crew, and interviews the
engineer and fireman as we wait for the Century to depart. Once the train is underway, we move
to Tower A where the Director demonstrates his control board. Back at the concourse ticket
window and Pullman reservation office, we see how tickets were booked before computerization.
Inside the dispatcher's office, telegraph keys sing in the background while the Trainmaster gives
us further information. Then we're inside the cab of the moving train for a brief chat with the
engineer. These scenes and others make The 20th Century Limited on TV a priceless piece of
railroading history you'll delight in watching over and over again!

2045 CD         Rails To The Twin Ports Pentrex '00 114 A tour of the railroad facilities of
Duluth, MN and Superior, WI, where six major railroads haul coal, grain, and taconite pellets for
transhipment on the Great Lakes. This long and satisfying tape will be one of your favorites.

2046 MS           Above 3751 Over Cajon Pentrex '99 75 Pentrex cameras on the ground, on
board the train, and in the air recorded the journey of Santa Fe #3751 over Cajon Pass on its way
to attend Railfair '99. Many minutes of spectacular overhead views make this video a

2047 ED         DDA40X, Giants Of The High Iron Gandy Dancer '99 60 An in-depth
historical documentary on the 47 units of the 6900 Class Centennials. These 98-ft. long
monsters generated 6600 hp and could reach speeds of 90 mph. Extremely interesting program
full of good images and information.


2049 TR          Nostalgic Trolley Tour: Southern States, Vol. II Mark I '96 30 Covers three
interesting interurban lines: The Hagerstown & Frederick in central Maryland, The Baltimore &
Annapolis, also in Maryland, and the Knoxville Transit Lines. Color and b&w.

2050 CD          CSX, Vol. 2, Chattanooga To Nashville Green Frog '94 60 This program
offers exciting coverage of CSX's Chattanooga Subdivision through Cowan Tunnel, across
Cumberland Mountain, and across Nickajack Lake. Cab rides and yard action are included.

2051 CD          CSX, Vol. 6, Pittsburgh To Willard, OH Green Frog '97 60 Rail operations
in Pittsburgh, Rochester, and New Castle, PA; plus Youngstown, Ravenna, Kent, and other Ohio
locations. A great video with stereo digital audio.

2052 CD          Amtrak's Northeast Corridor TRAINS on Location 60 AEM-7 and E60
engines pull high speed Amtrak trains on one of America's busiest railroad corridors.
Computerized operations combined with old-fashioned towers keep the trains roaring past on
very short headways.

2053 CD           CSX, Vol. 9, Willard To Deshler, Ohio Green Frog '98` 60 "Travel with
Green Frog on the continuing saga of CSX in the Mid-west. Volume number 9 takes us between
Willard, Ohio and Deshler, Ohio—one of the busiest mainlines on CSX. This tape is a great
follow up to our last production which covers action between Cumberland and Hyndman. On
Vol 9 you'll sec the addition of a new main, an expansion addition to the yard at Willard, and
contractors installing new track and new signaling systems, as well as action in the engine
service facilities, including power being turned on the turntable. We'll also catch action at
Deshler where the old B&O crossed its own line, at one time considered ""the Crossroads of
America"". Now CSX crosses itself at the same location. We'll visit a ""hobo"" stew party at
Deshler, and meet some locals who love the trains at Deshler. Learn about the history of this
important town to the B&O and the state. Fast paced mainline action, great yard shots,
Maintenance of Way activities, and much more!"

2054 CD           Trains Of Winter, The Plets Express '96 90 Winter action on twenty
different railroads in Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario from 1989 to 1995.
Numerous different diesels wearing many different heralds.

2055 CD         Joint Line, The Pentrex '95 87 Watch Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, and BN
moving coal, freight and passenger trains between Denver and Pueblo, CO. This enjoyable tape
shows Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, and other scenic points along this heavily traveled right-of-

2056 MS           Virginia & Truckee Revisited, The Pearson Prod. '00 25 Jack rides the V&T
on Jully 22, 2000. Today, the train is pulled by Feather River Short Line's #8 locomotive, a 1907
Baldwin. The conductor keeps up a running commentary while Jack films the scenery under
brilliant sunshine. Good image quality.

2057 CD         Union Pacific's Oregon Blues - The LaGrande Sub Highball '00 90 "Follow
the LaGrade Subdivision from Hinkle Yard to Huntington, through the Blue Mountains of
Oregon, with great scenes of heavy freight action including the SD70M ""Wings"". Colorful and
scenic program."

2058 CD          Today's EMD Diesels Trains '97 30 An overview of the diesel power at
work on late '90s railroads: high-horsepower freight haulers, veteran all-purpose road units, high
speed, high tech locos for passenger trains, and the ubiquitous switchers doing yard chores. Fast
paced & informative.

2059 MS         Scenic Train Rides Of California, Vol. 2 Phil Lejunhud (A) 120 Filmed and
narrated by amateur photographer Phil Lejonhud, this tape conveys the experience of visiting the
Yreka & Western, The McCloud River, Potola RR Museum, Tehachapi Loop, Yolo Short Line
and more. 2nd generation dub quality.

2060 MS          Cass Scenic Railroad Pentrex/Goodtimes '90 49 In the high mountains of
West Virginia is the old lumbering town of Cass and its twisting railroad that extends to the top
of Bald Knob. This video shows various steam-centered railfan events, including a triple-

2061 MR JU I Love Toy Trains 7 TM Books & Video '00 30 Kid vid for the little train
lover in your household, featuring the great streamliners of the '30s, Big Boy steamers, Lego
layouts and much more. Exciting toy train action throughout.

2062 MR         Classic TV Train Commercials of the 50's and 60's Alpha '93 30 Original,
uncut TV commercials featuring the toy trains we grew up with: Lionel, American Flyer, etc.
Many of the items shown are now desireable collectors' items. Great nostalgia tape!
2063 CD          Best Of The Midwest, Vol. 1 Pentrex '98 67 Class I and regional railroads
both receive attention in this fast paced visit to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakote and Minnesota.
Nebraska & Northeastern, Sisseton Milbank, Kakota & Iowa, Nobles Rock, Kansas City
Southern, & others are featured.

2064 TR         Last Of The Trolleys - Blizzard of '92 Video Classics 90 The last days of
operation of Toronto's famous Flyer Trolley buses before they were mothballed in January 1992.
We ride the buses and a Queen Street CLRV during the worst snowstorm of the year.

2065 MS           California Challenger - UP 3985 Convention Special Pentrex '00 70 In
August 2000, the UP Challenger header over Cajon Pass to Los Angeles to display the power
and prestige of the Union Pacific at the Democratic National Convention. Pentrex made a good
record of the trip back and forth, all captured in this tape.

2066 MS         Grand Canyon Railway Pentrex/Goodtimes '98 61 In this program we see
#4960 climb from Williams, AZ, to the canyon rim, visit the Railway's Museum, then ride the
Williams Flyer to pass the beautiful Ponderosa Pines of Kaibab National Forest.

2067 FR MS          Rail Away, Vol. 1: Australia, Peru Columbia Entertainment
'98 75 Sidney to Adelaide, one of the world's longest train rides; The Indian Pacific;
Kalgoorlie, Perth, Fremantle. Peru: Cusco, Amanchu Pichu, Puno on Lake Titicaca. This one
will stimulate your wanderlust and satisfy it at the same time.

2068 FR MS          Rail Away, Vol. 2: Holland, Switzerland, Norway Columbia Entertainment
'98 74 Hoorn, Amsterdam, The Hague, Luzern, Vitznau, Gotthard Tunnel, Locarno; Oslo,
Flamsbanen, Flam, Bergen. European and Scandinavian attractions, ably filmed and
professionally edited.

2069 FR MS           Rail Away, Vol. 3: Ireland, Scotland and England, Canada Columbia
Entertainment '98 74 The Radio Train, Kildare to Dublin; The Portrush Flyer (steam); Royal
Scotsman; National Railway Museum in York; London; The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. A
varied and interesting program, professionally produced.

2070 FR MS          Rail Away, Vol. 4: Rumania, South Africa, Hungary Columbia
Entertainment '98 77 Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasnov; Pretoria, Cape Town Railway; The Imperial
Explorer; children's railway at Solymar, Erger. An hour and fifteen minutes of good railroading
in beautiful scenery.

2071 CP MS         NORCAL's New England Explorer, Tape 1 Pearson Prod. '00 55 "Jack
films out the window and keeps up a flow of charming commentary as we visit Boston, the ""T""
System, Riverside Shops, Palmer, MA, White River Junction, NH, The Hobo RR, North
Conway, Alton Bay, etc. A pleasant and relaxing tour."

2072 CD        Best Of The Midwest, The, Vol. III Pentrex '00 81 "I&M Rail Link,
Wisconsin Central, the old Rock Island ""Spine Line"", Illinois Central in Iowa, BNSF and CP
on scenic bridges in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Great color video of contemporary

2073 CD MS          Rails Chicago - The Late 90's, Vol. 1 Green Frog 60 Roundout, Des
Plaines, Rochelle, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Elmwood Park, Elmhurst, LaGrange, Highlands
and Hinsdale are some of the locations visited in this tape. Includes helicopter footage.

2074 VS         Around The Narrow Gauge Circle Machines Of Iron '98 60 Wonderful films
of Otto Perry and Irv August, from the days of actual operation. The D&RG's original mainline
over Marshall Pass, then west of Gunnison through the Black Canyon to Cimarron, much more.
Augmented by great b&w 19th Century photos.

2075 MR           Station At Citicorp Center, The TM Books & Video 40 An enthralling visit
to a really neat exhibit: 25 electric trains operating on three levels against 12-foot backdrops,
with 17 animated scenes, 200 buildings, 5000 trees and shrubs, 17 bridges and 2 skating dogs.
Kids and adults alike will love it!

2076 VS         DM & IR Yellowstones, Giants Of Steam Greg Scholl '99 30 16 mm films
with authentic audio, shot in 1958 and 1959, show these gargantuan 2-8-8-4 locomotives at work
on the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway. Most scenes are runpasts of heavily loaded

2077 ED CD Detroit, Toledo & Ironton, The, Vol. 1 Green Frog '88 60 1. Henry Ford's
railroad in the 1920's and his building of the DT&I 2. Emery Gulash's 16 mm color photography
from the 1960's, with first and second generation diesels. 3. Steve Neff's DT&I films from the
'80s, the merger with the Grand Trunk.

2078 MR           Painting Backdrops Green Frog '96 80 Many tips are provided here, from
selecting brushes and paints, preparing the surface, choosing colors, preliminary washes, to how
to paint trees sky, clouds and buildings. Greg Gray, with 30 years experience, is host to this
instructive show.

2079 VS RH          Last Steam Operated Sawmill, The Green Frog '00 30 Oregon hosts the
very last steam operated sawmill in the USA. This tape takes us on a tour of the sawmill, with its
standard gauge railroad & vintage GP-9 diesels, and also shows the boiler house, with operating
steam engines. A treat for modelers.

2080 TR         Subway: The Empire Beneath New York's Streets A&E Home Video
'94 50 "A fascinating look at this unique system: the subterranean control towers with their
blend of antique and modern technology, the tunnels, the ""money train"", and much more."

2081 TR         Pacific Electric, Vol. 3: Northern District Catenary Video Productions
'00 70 A great video featuring seven lines (Watts-Sierra Vista, Alhambra-Temple City, two
Pasadena lines, Sierra Madre, Monrovia-Glendora, and San Bernadino). Shot in the 1940's, it
shows big red tens, elevens, twelve hundreds and RPO/Boxmotors.
2082 MR          Toy Trains & Christmas TM Books & Video '97 50 Famous Christmas
Layouts at the Henry Ford Museum, the Hancock Building, and the Hammacher Schlemmer
Christmas catalog layout. We enjoy the Lionel Visitors Center layout and several others, with
trains and accessories from every era.

2083 MR           Lionel The Movie II TM Books & Video '97 48 'Wonderful World of Trains
(1960)', 'Railroad Story (1951', and 'Cavalcade of Trains (1962)', featuring many prototypes and
views of the Lionel factory and showroom layouts.

2084 MR           A Century Of Lionel Trains TM Books & Video '00 120 From Joshua
Cowan's first train -- a crude wooden gondola made in 1900 -- to today's awesome scale models,
Lionel has provided generations of toy train lovers with enjoyment. This two hour tribute does
justice to Lionel's Magnificent contribution.

2085 CD CP        Tonnage At Tuscola TFI Video '94 113 Lots of freight and Amtrak action
at Tuscola and Watseka, IL. Doublestacks, TOFC, mixed freight and coal trains. Data sheet

2086 CP FR         New Worlds, Old Worlds Reader's Digest '00 56 A well-produced video
for the whole family, this program takes us on a scenic tour of the USA, Mexico, and South
America. Macchu Pichu, Chichen Itza, and other interesting destinations are covered.

2087 CP          Alaska Railroad Reader's Digest Scenic Rail Journeys 50 A scenic rail
journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks and Seward, crossing America's last frontier, with many
interesting stops including Denali National Park, Mt. McKinley, Hurricane Bridge, etc.

2088 CP         Canadian Rockies And The Adirondack Reader's Digest Scenic Rail
Journeys 50 Rocky Mountain scenery is the keynote, from Jasper to Prince Rupert Harbor,
with a helicopter ride above Glacier Fields and more. Then ride the Adirondack through
beautiful old mountains, along the Hudson River, and on to Montreal.

2089 FR CP          Copper Canyon And Coast Starlight Reader's Digest Scenic Rail
Journeys 50 Two more scenic and enjoyable rail tours: Mexico's amazing Copper Canyon with
its long views and high bridges, and the beautiful California Pacific coastline. The whole family
will like this one.

2090 VS         Memories Of Steam In The Northeast, Vol. II Mark I 30 Erie RR: Jersey
City Terminal; Guld Summit, Starrucca Viaduct; Englewood, NJ NYC: New Haven Lehigh &
Hudson River, Boston & Albany, Boston & Maine, etc., all steam power shot in the 1930's and
early 1940's.

2091 VS         Memories Of Steam In The Northeast, Vol. III Mark I 30 Delaware &
Hudson: 4-6-6-4 Challengers on the Carbondale Starrucca line. Maryland & Pennsylvania: 1940
fan trip Baltimore to York with 2-8-0; Huntington & Broad Top Mountain behind 2-8-0 with
many scenic views.
2092 VS          Rio Grande Articulateds, Pts. I & II Sunday River 78 The films of Otto
Perry. Pt. 1: La Vata Pass and the Moffat Line. Pt. II: The Joint Line, The Royal Gorge, and
Tennessee Pass. Excellent color and B&W film of many classes of these behemoth engines at
many locations.

2093 ED          Vignettes of the Missouri Pacific Clear Block '94 53 Recalls the Eastern End
of the system from Chicago to St. Louis and Kansas City, from the mid fifties until 1981.
Footage in the St. Louis area and Kansas City includes some neighboring roads.

2094 CD        Union Pacific's Little Rock Sub Highball, '00 105 1999 scenes of the former
MoPac Little Rock sub north from Texarkana to North Little Rock, plus other area of interest,
with older power in evidence and one-direction running. Great photography.

2095 FR MS          Orient Express, The Chronicle Video '86 60 Narrative of the five-day
journey from Paris to Istanbul on the world's most renowned passenger train. There are stop-offs
for various events along the way, but the high light for rail fans will be the steam triple-header in

2096 MS         Union Pacific Steam 844 & 3985 Gandy Dancer '91 30 Union Pacific Crew
Video lets you experience all the power and excitement of these two historic engines, narrated by
Bob Krieger, UP steam crew engineer.

2097 CP        Amtrak's Auto Train Pentrex '94 75 Pentrex features the Washington D.C. to
Florida passenger train that brings the passengers' cars along. All aspects of the operation are
covered. See why passengers return year after year to ride this famous train.

2098 VS         Golden Age Of Steam Trains Burbank '91 61 A mix of steam train segments
from various sources: John Bull, Promontory Point, D&RGW, Streamliners, Challenger, Big
Boy, NY World's Fair, Wood Burners of the old west, etc.

2099 H          Cassandra Crossing, The Avid Home Entertainment 132 Wow! A plague-
infected terrorist exposes the passengers to fatal disease, leading to incredible events. Sophia
Loren, Richard Harris, Martin Sheen, O.J. Simpson, Lee Strasburg. Hollywood thriller.

2100 CD          CSX Vol. 7, Jacksonville - Plant City, FL Green Frog '97 60 "Coverage of
an industrial area of Florida, where phosphate production predominates. Contrasts this with the
famous ""Juice Train"", where the goal is to get perishable cargo to market as fast as possible.
Heavy trains in rolling terrain, lots of action."

2101 CD         CSX Vol. 12, Pennsylvania Western Maryland Fall Spectacular Green Frog
'00 60 Fall color at Cumberland, Corriganville, Mance, Foley, Glencoe, Fall Cut Tunnel,
Glade City, Sand Patch, and other famous train watching locations, all filmed with a high quality
digital camera.

2102 CD          CSX Vol. 13, The Big Sandy Green Frog '00 70 Eastern Kentucky coal
action filmed in high quality digital color. Martin, Shelby, Paintsville, are visited, then we ride
the helpers over the mountains into Virginia. Great scenery, tunnels, and heavy freight

2103 CD       Keith's Trains No. 67 Lehman '98 120 July 1998, Winston Place, Cincinnati,
OH -- CSX, CR, I&O & Triple Crown trains. Data sheet accompanies. Amateur Video.

2104 CD        Keith's Trains No. 77 Lehman '00 120 Deshler, Ohio; Toledo/Cincinnati;
Baltimore/Chicago Junction. Heavy duty CSX action filmed in March and April 2000. Data
sheet accompanies. Amateur video.

2105 FR MS           Australian Steam Machines Of Iron '00 90 Visit the Millenium Aurora
NSW Transport Museum and ride the rails behind vintage steam and diesel locomotives,
NSWGR 38 Class Pacifics, Victoria Railways Hudsons, and a variety of early diesel models,
then visit the Ballarine Peninsula Railway.

2106 CD           Hot Rails Through The Twin Cities Pentrex '98 105 A long and interesting
look at the eight different railroads, plus Amtrak, that keep Minneapolis St. Paul hopping.
There's even a glimpse of steam (#261 on an excursion), and Minnesota Commercial shows off
its old Alcos and EMD diesels.

2107 CD           Sunrise Sunset, Vol. 3, Cincinnati Pentrex '01 90 Contemporary action at
this congested railroad hub features CSX, NS, Indiana & Ohio and Amtrak. 58 trains are seen
with most of the filming done at Winton Place, where twelve routes come together. Tremendous
variety is the keynote here.

2108 VS ED B&O Odyssey, Vol. 1 Pentrex '00 60 1950's and 1960's action in Ohio
and Pennsylvania, starting with steam in 1954 and continuing into the early diesel era. The
'Cincinnatian' is amply covered, along with several other name trains, and many NYC, C&O, and
various B&O heralds are seen.

2109 FR VS          Decades Of Steam, Vol. 1, The 20's and 30's Columbia River
Entertainment 122 "Steam in Great Britain, starting with the merger of the Victorian
companies in 1923 to form the ""Big Four"" railways, and proceeding through the electrification
and dieselization programs of the1930's. Archival footage, narrated."

2110 FR VS          Decades Of Steam, Vol. 2, The 1940's Columbia River
Entertainment 62 "The story of British steam locomotives through the end of independence,
into the early days of Nationalization. The intense effort of the war years is chronicled, and we
conclude with a survey of old and new motive power of early ""British Railways""."

2111 FR VS          Decades Of Steam, Vol. 3, The 1950's Columbia River
Entertainment 61 By the 1950's the steam locomotive was seen as an anachronism which had
to be replaced, but there were still many thousands of steamers running and this volume
examines the action in each section of British Railways.
2112 FR VS          Decades Of Steam, Vol. 4, The 1960's Columbia River
Entertainment 62 "The end of steam in Great Britain, as mainline electrification, dieselization,
and the destruction of branchlines all took their toll. After August 1968, on the ""Flying
Scotchman"" remained."

2113 CD CR            Goin' To Kansas City Pentrex '00 95 BNSF's busy route between
Arkansas City and Kansas City, across the SE corner of Kansas, crosses a variety of terrain and
sees a variety of traffic. Great coverage from both lineside and in the cab, contemporary
railroading at its best.

2114 MS           734 Mountain Thunder Blue Ridge Prod. '96 52 Coverage of the Western
Maryland Scenic Railroad, the old WM right-of-way between Cumberland and Frostburg, with
its star, 1910 Baldwin #734. Tunnels, horseshoe curves, and steep grades bring out the best in
this feisty engine.

2115 TR          California Electric Trilogy Pentrex '98 38 Computer enhanced films from the
'50s and '60s, of Key System, Sacramento Northern, and Pacific Electric. Fans of electric
railways will see many of their favorite cars and freight locomotives in this well-edited color

2116 ED VS          Union Pacific Trilogy Pentrex '01 65 Three rare Union Pacific films:
Rivers Of Steel (10 min., 1984) shows UP's river routes; Eighty Four Forty Four (11 min, 1981)
a glimpse of #8444 in action; Meet Uncle Pete (44 min., 1960s) a long promo with 1st and 2nd
generation diesels.

2117 CD RO Roadrailers, The Green Frog '98 30 Introduced by the C&O in 1955, the
idea of truck trailers on flat cars has been developing ever since. This video focuses on the
history of TOFC and shows Roadrailers all acress the eastern USA.

2118 ED RO Workin' On The Union Pacific Pentrex '01 95 "Six rare UP promos and
training films: ""The Trainmaster: Man On The Move"", ""Wired For Safety"", ""Careful,
Carman"", ""Rails On The Move"", ""Track Team"", and ""Freight Car Pit Stop"". All from the

2119 FR          From The Pyramids To Down Under Readers Digest '00 56 "Near Cairo we
visit the Great Pyramid, then follow the Nile south to Luxor, Karnak, and Aswan. In India, the
""Palace on Wheels"" takes us to the Taj Mahal and Varanesi. We also visit Shanghai, Thailand,
Malaysia, and Singapore."

2120 FR         Egypt World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '95 60 From Cairo, we tour the
Sphinx and the Pyramids. Then travel aboard the Cairo-to-Alexandria, Egypt's fastest train, up
the Nile to Karnak and other famous antiquities along the mighty Nile.

2121 FR          Turkey World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 52 Travel aboard Turkish
Railways and see all of Turkey's amazing sights: The Bosphorus, Kemel Ataturk's personal train,
early Christian paintings at Cappadocia, Constantinople (Istanbul) and more.
2122 MR           Railroading in a Land of Giants - 20th Century Steam Paragon
Productions 60 "A full hour of live steam, the ""giants"" being the operators of beautifully
finished, fire-breathing model steam locomotives. This is an enjoyable program for all railfans,
but the live-steam enthusiast will really love it."

2123 ED        NORCAL's New England Explorer Tape #2 Pearson Prod. 55 "Train ride
from North Conway to Crawford Notch, trip up the Mount Washington Cog Railway, then a ride
behind the #1149 on ""The Spirit of Unity"" at Unity, ME. Amateur Video."

2124 CP TR           NORCAL'S New England Explorer, Tape #3 Pearson Prod. '00 56 Belfast
& Moosehead Lake RDC; Maine Narrow Gauge; Kennebunk Trolley Museum. New Junction,
Reno, NV. California Zephyr in the Sierra Nevadas. Christmas Trolley trip. Clear digital video
, with Jack's inimitable narration.

2125 FR        Peru and Bolivia World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 44 Starting from
Lima, Peru, we travel into the Andes and ride to the highest point of any railway in the world:
15,806 feet! The trip takes us past many of Bolivia and Peru's scenic wonders: Nazca rock
drawings, Lake Titicaca, and more.

2126 FR           Mexico World's Great Train Ride Videos 54 A travel video with incidental
railroad interest, this show takes us aboard the Mexican Railroad for visits to Chichen-Itza,
Guadelupe, Chichuahua, and other timeless and exotic Mexican destinations.

2127 CD           Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 2 Green Frog '96 90 This volume looks
at the coal fields north of Cheyenne, some of the mines in the Powder River Basin, Sherman Hill,
Walcott Canyon, Green River, Granger, and Echo Canyon. Great mountain scenery. Really, this
is a very good railroad video, one you'll want to own after you view it.

2128 CP           Time Travel Through Glenwood Canyon Colorado Lejonhud 54 Several
different trips up and down Glenwood Canyon by car and train, pacing or riding the California
Zephyr. This is handheld amateur video made with consumer grade equipment, but the scenery
is great and Phil's low-key comments add interest. Amateur.

2129 ED           Vignettes of the Jersey Central, Vol. 2 Clear Block '97 56 Scenes filmed in
the 1960s show Reading and B&O trains as well as Jersey Ventral at Jersey City, Communipaw,
Elizabethport, Elizabeth, Aldine, Cranford, Plainfield, Middlesex, and Bound Brook. Many
early diesels are portrayed.

2130 CR           Cab Ride Over Donner Pass Donner Rails '01 230 Ride and EMD SD-60
hauling an expedited MRVRO freight manifest heading east from Roseville Yard to Roper, UT.
Three separate cameras are used to produce this lengthy program. Locations, mileposts, towns &
train stops captioned.

2131 CD         Cincinnati Union Terminal Keith's Trains #68 120 CSX and NS action,
mainly switiching arounf the C.U.T. Yard. We see container cranes loading and unloading cars,
switchers making up trains, trains moving in and out of the yard, etc. One customer complained
that it was amateurish.

2132 MR          Lionel - The Movie III TM Books '97 50 Here's a toy train video that
features footage of the scale Dreyfuss, Hiawatha, Rail Chief, Shay, Turbine, the Commodore
Vanderbilt, and more. In addition there are out-takes and commercials. The whole family will
love it.

2133 CD CP         Rails New York Metro Green Frog 55 This program chronicles freight
and passenger action around New York City around the time of the Conrail split-up. Includes
CSX and Metro-North scenes, Susquehanna intermodal trains, Amtrak, Southern Tier, and LIRR
commuter trains,

2134 ED          Northeast Vintage Diesels Green Frog '99 45 Sharp 16mm film of '50s &
'60s scenes, featuring B&O, Erie Lackawanna, Boston & Albany, Central of Vermont, NYC,
N&W, B&LE, Jersey Central and others. Geeps, E and F Units, and Alsoc prevail.

2135 CD          Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 6 Green Frog '00 60 Arizona and western
New Mexico, from Lordsburg NM to Tucson AZ and south to the Mexican border, UP heavy
action across the Great American Desert. This well-narrated video tour gives a lot of railroad
history and presents great visuals too.

2136 CD          Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 7 Green Frog '00 60 From Dunes CA
east to the Colorado River, then back west through Ligurta, Welton, Dateland, Aztec, and Gila
Bend, ending up in the Tucson area, our trip around the desert southwest features constant heavy
diesel action.

2137 CP          Tracking the Silverliners '00 60 This program covers non-stop
run-by action of SEPTA MU's at Pennsylvania spots including Johnstown, Wayne, Bryn Mawr,
and 30th St. Station. Some Amtrak trains are included.

2138 VP VS         Denver - Salt Lake on the Rio Grande Zephyr/ Misc. RR Films 1953-
1979 Pearson Prod. 117 Jack Pearson's 8mm films spanning a quarter of a century including
many scenes shot from the 'vistadomes' of the Zephyr, vintage action on the DM&IR, NYC, PRR
and several head-end rides. Organ music, home movie image quality.

2139 TR          NORCAL's 2001 Francis Guido Trolley Trip Pearson Prod.
'01 33 """Northern California Railroad Club"" once a year sponsors a streetcar trip typically
using vintage streetcars. This year we use the reliable 1912 #1, a homebuilt made in San
Francisco. Our second car was even older, and caught fire returning to the Barn."

2140 MS          Midwest Steam Lasting Impressions 50 "On Saturday, Sept. 17, 1988, ex-
NKP #587 pulled an excursion on a 160-mile round trip between Indianapolis and Logansport,
IN, over Conrail's ex-PRR Frankfort Secondary aka the ""high Line"". Also scenes of #1522 in
1989, with great images and sound."
2141 JU          Trains Trains Trains Green Frog 30 K.C. The Frog lives with a large model
railroad and wishes he could run a real train. He takes us on a tour of trains old and new,
including a train ride through the mountains. Great fun for the junior rail fan in your house.

2142 CD         CSX Vol. 5 Green Frog '96 60 Freight action between Evansville, IN and
Chicago, IL. You'll see CSX moves at the Ohio River Bridge, Evansville Yard, Vincennes, and
Terre Haute, IN. Many different leased diesels are seen, and the action is very fast paced.

2143 FR MS           England World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '95 60 Three complete rail
tours covering some of the most interesting tourist railways in England, with ample time out to
look at points of interest along the way. If you've seen any of this series, you'll want this one too
- plenty meat for serious fans here.

2144 CD           Santa Fe Barstow, Nerve Center in the Desert Gandy Dancer 18 A Santa Fe
promo film about the building and operation of Barstow Yard. Plenty of 2nd generation diesels,
and filled with information about freight classification.

2145 CD         Norfolk Southern East of Bluefield "Big ""E""" 111 Intense NS action
between Narrow, VA and Kellysville, WV in the spring of 1995. Complete trains, identified by
symbol and destination, with expert narration throughout. Very good image quality and

2146 W          Steel Fleet Machines of War 60 Two warships are closely examined here, the
USS Wisconsin and the Iowa Class Battleships, and DDG-51 Arleigh Burke, a modern destroyer
with a sophisticated array of combat capabilities. Awesome!

2147 W        Warships Today Machines of War 60 Take an exclusive look at the most
powerful warship ever designed: the nuclear submarine, crammed with high tech wizardry, then
board the USS lake Champlain and learn how the Aegis weapons system protects the naval

2148 W          Navy Firepower Machines of War 60 Feel the pressure and intensity of
today's most vital warship, the aircraft carrier. We'll experience the drama of fighter launching
and recovery and tour the bowels of the ship. Then check out amazing amphibious assault
vehicles doing their stuff.

2149 W         Red Superpower Machines of War 60 A 1-hr. look at the modern Russian
Navy, especially its submarines, and Russian aviation,including the deadly MiG-29 and
mysterious Su-25 Flanker. Very instructive program full oif memorable images.

2150 W          Silicon Warriors Machines of War 60 Computerized weapons systems have
become the heart of modern warfare. This program examines aviation systems, radar, night
vision, electronic sight technology and much more. A fascinating show.

2151 CD CP         SP/SF In California, 1987 Pearson Prod. 109 Inveterate rail photographer
Jack Pearson films the action at Los Nietos, Davis, Stockton, and other California locations in
spring 1987. Jack's homespun narration and his hand held camera work add charm to this
lengthy program.

2152 MS          "1218 ""Southern Style""" Lasting Impressions 50 Excellent video footage
of NS articulated loco #1218 in excursion service across the South in 1987. Narrated, locations
captioned, but this famous engine speaks for itself with its distinctive 'hooter' and stack talk
throughout the program.

2153 MS          Trip To North Carolina, Nov. 4-11, 2001 Pearson. Prod. '01 118 Camera
whirring all the way, Jack visits the New Hope Valley RR, the Smoky Mountain RR, Tweetsie
RR, Charlotte Air Museum and Streetcar Shop, and other attractions. Sharp image quality, fall
colors, and Jack's comments make this a very watchable program.

2154 W          Armoured Might Machines of War 60 A full hour of combat footage and
interviews with the men who operated the fighting vehicles featured, this program gives a taste
of what it was really like, from WW I to Desert Storm, to be part of a mechanical division.

2155 W           Tank Force Machines of War 60 Journey through the history of the tank, from
WW I to Desert Storm. With historical footage and interviews, this program will give you
insight into the amazing technical advances that have been made in armoured vehicles.

2156 W          U.S. Elite Forces Machines of War 60 Lightning-fast and precise airborne
assaults with the 82nd Airborne Division, the C-141 Starlifter, elite Ranger commando training,
and more make this an exciting hour.

2157 W         Armour Attack Machines of War 60 Fans of modern tank warfare will like
this one, which explores the M1A1 Abrams and the Challenger 2, plus anti-tank missiles,
computer guidance systems and more recent advances in military technology.

2158 W         Armoured Vehicle Machines of War/Video Ordnance '91 60 Take a look at
the impressive variety of armoured vehicles, from the legendary half-track used in WW II to the
most sophisticated light armoured vehicles of Desert Storm. Mobility, firepower, high tech

2159 A         B-24 Story, The American Sound and Video 75 Three shorts covering the
crash program that manufactured the Liberator, the many ways the B-24 was employed in 1943
as Roosevelt and Churchill planned the war, and the around the clock attacks on the Ploesti
oilfields. A great documentary.

2160 AV W          B-24 Liberator Publishers Choice Video 45 Part of the History of Air
Combat Series, this program details the service of the rugged 4-engine bomber in WW II, with
combat footage of the Ploesti Raids and other missions. The violence of those battles is recalled
in interviews with survivors.
2161 H        Lest We Forget Aviation A. V. Library 80 "Inspirational film perpetuates the
memory of those who fought in World War II. Additional shorts show ruins of Corregidor,
""Sentimental Journey"" with James Stewart, etc."

2162 MR MS           Tracks Ahead, Vol. VII PBS/Pentrex '00 180 Six episodes on two
cassettes of the popular PBS series, with many interesting segmants including 6 or 7 on model
railroading. You'll also visit the Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad, Union Tank Car Co.,
Steamtown, White Pass & Yukon, and other attractions.

2163 MR          Tracks Ahead, Vol. VIII PBS/Pentrex 210 Seven action-packed episodes on
two cassettes from the 4th season of America's favorite PBS series on railroading. 28 different
segments for a full 3-1/2 hours of entertainment.

2164 AV           Test Pilot Series: High Speed, Low Level PHI Films/BBC 30 "An exciting
film featuring flight instruction on the ""Lightning"" and several other low-level combat aircraft.
Without computerized controls, at speeds up to Mach 1.8, split-second timing is necessary and
the landings are particularly hairy."

2165 FR           Grand Tour, The Scenic Railway Journeys of the World 56 A European rail
travelogue including the Switzerland Glacier Express, Valencia and Barcelona, Germany's
Rhine, Italy's Tuscan landscape, and the Orient Express to Venice. Castles and scenery, some
railroad interest too.

2166 H          World At War, Vol. 10: Wolfpack Thames Video 53 The German attempts to
starve Britain by attacking ships bringing supplies from North America are very nearly
successful. Allied merchant ships, despite convoy techniques, are very vulnerable. WW II
combat films and participants' accounts add interest.

2167 H         Red Star The World At War, V. 2 52 This is the story of Russia's massive,
lonely war with 20 million casualties. Against heavy odds, Russian military and civilian
personnel, grimly opposed the Nazis, enduring cold and starvation.

2168 H         Great Lakes Freighters - Sailing Fitout Through November
Gales 60 Striking, on-board films show you what it's like to
navigate merchant freighters on the Great Lakes in winter. Professionally narrated and packed
with exciting images, this is different sort of video (wish we had more like it!) and is highly

2169 CR CD Keith's Trains #44/45 Lehman '95 240 IHRC cab ride on GP7 #344,
Connerville to New Castle, IN, July 28, 1995. A record of a morning's work switching and
running. Descriptive notes accompany. Two cassettes, rents as one unit.

2170 ED CR           ALCO C420 Cab Rides - Bluffton/Craigville IN Lehman 240 Come
along for a typical day's work of railroading on the Indiana Hi-Rail local. Switching, running,
and all the other normal activities are portrayed. Two days' worth on two cassettes; notes
accompany. Rents as one unit
2171 CR CD           Indiana Hi-Rail Cab Ride, Conclusion Lehman 240 ALCO C420
continues to Delphos, OH, then heads back west through Ohio City, Willshire, Pleasant Mills,
Decatur, IN and ends trip at MP 110.5 just west of Decatur. Notes accompany. Two cassettes,
renting as one unit.

2172 TR           Pacific Electric - Early Fifties Pearson Prod./Jim Holmes 26 Color film of
Pacific Electric operations, mainly freight -- very interesting street running scenes of California
fifty years ago. (8 minutes) San Francisco MUNI - Color film of a ride on a steeple car ('70s?)
and a tour of the backshops (b&w).

2173 FR         Destinations Pentrex 50 Journey to New Zealand and take a lingering look at
what railroading means to New Zealanders. We follow dispatchers, operators, and various other
railroad employees as they go about their daily duties.

2174 MS TR        Scenic Train Rides of NC, TN, GA, VT, Ont. Lejonhud, P.
(A) 180 Lookout Mountain, Great Smoky Mountain Railway, Tweetsie Railroad, Smoky
Mount RR Dillsboro, Stone Mountain Atlanta, plus various RR attractions in Ontario &
Vermont, 1994-96. Two cassettes renting as one unit. Amateur video, very interesting.

2175 VS           Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Pentrex '01 95 Thanks to Pentrex's
untiring efforts, footage of all 25 of UP's Big Boys has been assembled here, providing a
comprehensive record of these behemoths in action. Some scenes haven't been released on video
before: Sherman Hill, Wasatch Mts.

2176 MS        Scenic Train Rides of California, Vol. 1 Lejonhud, P (A) 186 Sierra Railway
Jamestown, Yosemite Mt. & Sugarpine Railway, Roaring Camp & Big Trees RR, California &
Western Scenic RR. Golden Spike Nat'l. Monument, Heber Valley RR. Two cassettes renting
as one unit.

2177         Pentrex Previews, Vol. 6 Pentrex '98 90 Short previews of over thirty of
Pentrex's releases up to 1998.

2178         Pentrex Previews, Vol. 7 Pentrex '99 60 Exciting scenes from 18 of Pentrex's
great videos, covering a wide range of railroad subjects. You get an ample sample of each
program, guiding your choice of which titles to buy or rent.

2179         Pentrex Previews Vol. 8 Pentrex '01 65 Highlights from 17 of the newest
Pentrex shows in 2001. Street Running, Best of 2000, Steam to Spokane, B&O Odyssey Vol. 1,
Rails to the Twin Ports, California Challenger, Steam Across the Pacific Northwest, etc.

2180 FR MS           Great 1991 South African Steam Festival Machines of Iron
'97 54 Steam's last hurrah in South Africa was marked by a 5-day extravaganza on the
mainline from Kimberly to De Aar, featuring the last of these magnificent steam locomotives.
This is a great tape you'll watch over and over.
2181 FR MS          South African Garratts Machines of Iron '98 60 A trip to South Africa in
1995, when these huge articulated locomotives were still in revenue and excursion service. They
are well photographed on several different railways. Soon after this video was made, the
Garratts were retired.

2182 CD          Guilford Video Quarterly, Spring 1996 Rail Graphics '96 84 Diesels in
action at Ayer, Shirley, Wachusett, Gardner, Lowell, Millers Falls, Hatfield, Greenfield, Hoosac
Tunnel, W. Chelmsford, Eagle Bridge NY, Stillwater NY, Mechanicsville NY, Pittstown NY,
Nashua NH.

2183 CD         Guilford Video Quarterly, Summer 1996 Rail Graphics '96 75 1996 doings
on the Gilford Rail System. Locations covered in this edition include East Deerfield,
Charlemont, Rigly, Ayer, Shirley, Lawrence, Nashua, Dover, North Berwick, Graniteville,
Tyngsboro, Gardner, Lunenberg, Wachusett, more.

2184 CD         Shortlines of Georgia I PK's Provideo Services 62 Cordell, Plains, Toccoa,
Rose Crossing -- Georgia Southwestern action. Amateur video, notes accompany.

2185 CD         Shortlines of New Hampshire I PK's Provideo Services 62 Twelve trains are
seen or followed in this hour-long look at NES, C&C, CNNA, St. Lawrence & Atlantic fan trip,
etc. Amateur video, notes accompany.

2186 CD        Shortlines of Vermont I PK's Provideo Services      Green Mountain, Central
Vermont Railway, St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railway are seen in this amateur tape filmed in 1994
at various Vermont locations. Notes accompany.

2187 VS ED Southern Pacific's Joaquin Route Circa 1950 Catenary, '01 55 An in-
depth study of one of SP's major north-south arteries in the post-WW II decade. Steam and
diesel, freight and passenger, 16 mm color film of SP trains at Lathrop, Bakersfield, Tehachapi
Loop, 1952 earthquake damage, and more

2188 CD         Atlanta: Diesels Down South Cassidy, Daniel G., '94     CSX and NS activity
around Atlanta -- Howels Junction and East Point, videotaped in summer 1992. Sharp image
quality and good color. Added feature: four Georgia shortlines.

2189 MR          A Lionel Christmas TM Books '95 55 A great mix of stories, toy train
action, and beautiful Christmas music that will help you relive those magical Christmas
mornings when there were Lionel trains under the tree. Very enjoyable!

2190 HO         Emperor of the North Twentieth Century Fox '73 120 Well-staged action
melodrama set in 1933, starring Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin. Hobos battle a conductor
determined to keep them off his train. Fast-paced and full of railroad action.

2191 CD         F Tower, Fostoria OH/Berea Tower Lehman 240 CSX and NS action at two
busy Ohio interlockings. The date is March 1996, and the traffic is heavy. Keith's Trains nos.
49 & 50, two cassettes renting as one unit. Data sheet accompanies.
2192 CD         District 4 -- Current Trains on the Old Boston & Maine Pike, Jacob 120 East
Deerfield Yard, West Greenfield, Hoosac Tunnel and other locations are featured. Sharp image
quality, good sound, minimum narration, whole trains are shown in most sequences.

2193 CD         Trains Around Muncie, IN Lehman 240 Filmed March-June 1996 at various
locations around Muncie, IN. Norfolk Southern and Conrail trains with a wide variety of motive
power. Notes accompany. Keith's Trains nos. 51/52, two cassettes renting as one unit.

2194 CD MS           Durand Railroad Days/Prairie Steam Special Lehman 240 May 1996,
Durand, MI Railroad Days with Pere Marquette #1225 and assorted diesels, Tuscola & Saginaw
Bay locos, etc.; Kentucky Central #11 trip, Paris KY to Maysville KY, 10-9-93. Two cassettes
renting as one unit.

2195 CD ED American Railroad Collection, Vol. 1 Pentrex '02 95 Four training and
promotional films from the 70's: MO-PAC Delivers (Missouri-Pacific, 1975), Portrait of a
Railroad (BN, 1973), Switches, Hand Brakes, and You (C&NW, 1974), and TLC (Tender
Loving Care) (CN Rail, 1978). Color, narrated.

2196 CD           Pittsburgh Mainlines Pentrex '01 136 "Subtitled ""Heavy Action Around the
Iron City"" this tape really delivers the goods: CSX, Conrail, Amtrak and the industrial hauling
Union Railroad, even freight barges on the local rivers all contribute to a long and satisfying

2197 MS         1522 Galloping through Texas Pentrex '01 70 A great photographic record
of the BNSF's Employee Appreciation Special, eight days of thrilling steam action as this mighty
Mountain type locomotive conquered the hills of Texas at track speed, generating plenty of
stack talk.

2198 VS VP TR The 60's - Passenger, Steam, Electrics Green Frog '01 60 Roger M.
Koenig's photography of railroading around Chicago in the 1960's: Rock Island, Wabash, Illinois
Central, Santa Fe, Grand Trunk, B&O, Chicago & Northwestern, Pennsy, and C&O. There are
also scenes of GTW #6218 in winter excursion service.

2199 MS          Test Run of the #2472 Pearson Prod. 57 Ex-SP #2472 is a P-8 Class Pacific
that had not been run for 5 years because of a burned out main driver bearing. After overhaul,
this venerable engine was tested between San Francisco and San Jose, reaching a speed of 79
mph with no problems.

2200 MS          Revenue Run of #2472 Pearson Prod. 53 #2472 goes out on the Caltrain
main with a train of happy passengers and proves that she can still do what she was designed to
do. Good pictures and great stack talk here.

2201 CD ED American Railroad Collection, Vol. 2 Pentrex '02 76 Four training,
safety, and promotional films from the Assn. Of American Railroads: The Freight Goes Through
(AAR 1952); The Right To Compete (AAR, 1956); New Directions In Modern Railroading
(AAR, 1966); The Right Track (AAR, 1967)

2202 MR           Welcome to TRAIN MOUNTAIN Pearson Prod. '02 55 "A visit to the
incredible 7-1/2"" gauge railway at Chiloqin, OR with a ride on Dick Bartel's KCC engine over
the entire 23 miles of track. Garden railway fans will marvel at this fastidiously manicured
layout, with its many beautiful little locomotives."

2203 MS           Railroading In Strasburg PA Railroad Video Prod. '95 60 "The Grand
Opening Celebration of the ""Railroaders' Hall"" at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania,
Strasburg, PA, May 1995. Steam passenger, freight, and mixed trains were run, plus lots of
railroad related displays and exhibits."

2204 CD         Railside in Florida, Vol. 2 Bly-Rail Home Video '02 120 Lots of variety on
this 1999-2001 compilation of Florida action: Amtrak, NS, CSX at Deland, Lake City, Suwanee
Valley, White Springs, Lakeland, Dade City, Wildwood, Oxford, and a ride on the Operation
Lifesaver Express.

2205 CD CP           Florida Rails, Volume 1 Bly-Rail Home Video '99 95 Visits to the
Amtrak Stations in Kathleen, Lakeland, Ocala, Wildwood, and Plant City, with views of passing
trains and other action, plus some worthwhile time spent at various railroad locations around
Panama City. Copious note accompany.

2206 CD        Eastern Canadian Rails Bly-Rail Home Video '00 105 Video shot during
1995-97, mostly in New Brunswick, with some scenes from Nova Scotia and Quebec. CN and
New Brunswick Southern, with CP, VIA Rail, and various shortlines. Copious notes

2207 MS          Rock Trains, The Golden Rail Video '98 82 Two little steamers from the Mt.
Rainier Scenic Railroad take time out from their tourist trip duties to do the job they were meant
to do: they hauled trains of rock to stabilize the Nisqually River Bridge against high water. Great
scenes of working steam

2208 VS        Age of Steam Railroads, The Motor Classics '98 60 Film of steam
locomotives and the trains they pulled, assembled from various sources, color and b&w.

2209 CD          Wheeling & Lake Erie - The New Generation Revelation '92 62 The W&LE
comes to life again in 1990, using hand-me-down power such as Southern GP35's and M.P.
Sd40's. You'll see newly painted red and yellow units on Mogadore Hill, and a lot more in this
interesting video. Notes accompany.

2210 RH          Milwaukee Road Historical Society Convention, 6-02 Pearson Prod.
'02 37 A record of the Convention's rail fan activities, including a ride behind beautifully
painted E9's and a visit to the Illinois State Railroad Museum. Includes 7 minutes of video
filmed at Niles Jct., 2-14-02
2211 MS         Keith's Trains No. 55 - Logansport Iron Festival July 1996 Lehman 120 The
Fort Wayne Historical Society's C&O #2716 in a push-pull operation with an F-7; plus a
derailment and clearing operations at Winchester IN, a big mess. Notes accompany.

2212 CD          Algoma Central/Conrail's SD80MACs Keith's Trains #56 '97 120 A record
of a trip from Sault Ste. Marie to Hearst, Ontario and return, with lots of interesting scenes along
the way. Then, scenes of SD40MACs aound Muncie and Winchester, IN. . Shot in 1996. Notes

2213 MS         3751 Route of the Chiefs Video Rails '93 90 Santa Fe's mighty 3751
Northern returns to the rails for an epic trip from Los Angeles to Chicago and back. Great
Pacing scenes! This hour and a half long tape is probably the best record of that event.

2214 ED VS          Memories of the CNJ, B&O, and RDG, Vol. II Mark I '88 30 Filmed
mostly around the Bound Brook, NJ region in the 1960s, this program presents a satisfying
variety of diesel power along with some views of NKP 2-8-4 #759, Reading 4-8-4 #2100, #2102,
and others.

2215 CD           Winchester and Western - A Big Little Shortline Pentrex '94 30 A brisk visit
to this interesting railroad, which uses Alco RS-11's and a GP-9 hauling sand from the quarry at
Gore, WV to Winchester and points beyond.

2216 MS          Four Days Of Steam In Dixie Mark I '92 55 Hosted by Jim Boyd, this tape
features Eastern Tennessee & Western North Carolina 4-6-0 #12, Atlanta & West Point 4-6-2
#290, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum 2-8-0 #610, Southern Railway 2-8-2 4501, and N&W
J #611.

2217 CD         A Day With Belt 525 Midwest Video '97 90 Spend a working day with Belt
Railway Co, #525, an SW1200 doing switching jobs in yards and industries. This is real
everyday railroading: flat switching and kicking of cars, explanation of locomotive controls,

2218 CD          Keith's Trains No. 35., South Bend/Muncie IN Lehman '95 120 GT & CR
operations around Arnold St. with many different types of diesels; NS and CR moves at Walnut
St., Muncie, IN, 3-22-95, SD40, C30-7, GP38-2, 8-40CW, SD60M. Notes accompany

2219 CD        Keith's Trains No. 38., Garrett, IN Lehman '95 120 Around Garratt, IN:
Randolph St., Amtrak Shelter, CSX/B&O Depot, July 8, 1995. Locals, Amtrak, etc., July 8,
1995. Notes accompany

2220 H          Desert Storm - The War Begins CNN Special Reports '91 65 A compelling
tale of leaders and warriors, recounting the early chapters of the Gulf War, assembled from the
archives of CNN's coverage of the events that followed Saddam Hussein's invasion of
2221 H          Desert Storm - The Victory CNN Special Reports '91 101 From CNN's files,
the opening days of 1991, the efforts to avert war, the initial airstrikes, the 100-hour ground war,
and finally the liberation of Kuwait. An excellent documentary feature.

2222 H         Superliners: Twilight of an Era National Geographic '80 60 Here is a nostalgic
and close-up look at the Queen Elizabeth II, last of the great trans-Atlantic ocean liners. Many
other magnificent passenger vessels are shown as well, along with fact-filled narration.

2223 MS         Super Slips and Start-ups Mark I 60 If you thrill to the spectacle of a steam
locomotive trying to get a heavy train on the move, this video will make your juices flow.
Plumes of steam, slipping drivers, and incredible stack talk make this one a winner.

2224 FR MS          Cumbrian Mountain Express - Steam on the Settle &
Carlisle PSOV 90 Nineteen preserved steam locomotives are seen in action on the Settle to
Carlisle Railway, filmed during 1988 to 1993. This line features superb scenery, so the engines
are seen to best advantage, and the program is satisfactorily lengthy.

2225 CD         Union Pacific's Triple Track Main - The Kearney Sub Pentrex '00 96 This
tapes focuses on one of the busiest mainlines in America, the three track line from North Platte to
Gibbon Junction. All kinds of freight moves are seen here as Pentrex captures 92 trains.

2226 CD           Street Running Pentrex '00 104 "To railfans, ""street running"" brings to
mind images of long trains operating down busy city streets while auto traffic swerves to avoid
disastrous collisions, That's exactly what you'll find in this collective look at 20 locations around
the country where railroads continue to run trains down the middle of main streets. Street
running is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Modesto, California, where the Tidewater
Southern (now UP) tracks have been a problem for years, has finally seen its last train pass down
busy 9th Street, You'll see it just days before the line was closed. You'll also visit Erie,
Pennsylvania, where street running will soon be eliminated on Norfolk Southern tracks running
down 19th Street. Other notable locations include Brooklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois;
Oakland, California; Augusta, Georgia; La Grange, Kentucky; Michigan City, Indiana; West
Brownsville, Pennsylvania; Santa Cruz, California; San Antonio, Texas; and New Albany,
Indiana. These trains are operated by CSX, UP, NS, BNSF, CP and several short lines. It's an
electrifying experience to view massive coal trains, freights, time-sensitive intermodal trains,
commuter operations, and even switch crews as they negotiate their way through traffic-filled
streets in Street Running!"

2227 MS         6325 Return To Steam Greg Scholl '02 90 #6325 is a former Grand Trunk
Western 4-8-4, big and powerful, that was restored and run on the Ohio Central in the fall of
2001. This great video covers the preparations, background, and five different outings.

2228 CD CP          Virginia Rails Greg Scholl '01 70 Contemporary railroading at two
hotspots along the CSX north of Richmond: Doswell and Ashland. An action packed program
featuring many Amtrak trains and interesting freights. There is even some street running in
2229 MR           Train Mountain 2002 - Chiloquin Oregon Bartel Thomsen 61 The films of
Jack Pearson with a good narration make this a great program on the amazing 20-mile outdoor
railroad. You'll enjoy a complete trip around this amazing pike, which is said to be the largest of
its kind in the world.

2230 CD          CSX - Atlanta To Chattanooga Green Frog '93 60 Outstanding digital sound
is a major feature of this action-packed video. Train meets, yard moves, and branch line
operations with all sorts of freight trains in the scenic foothills of the Appalachians.

2231 CD          Rails Buffalo Green Frog '92 60 Buffalo SK Yard on the CP, Conrail's
Frontier Yard, Conrail and NS at Buffalo Junction, Amtrak at Depew, NY, Silver Creek and
Conrail, plenty more. A great hour of railroad action.

2232 ED         CB&Q, Top Frog Series Vol. 7 Green Frog '08 45 Passenger and freight
trains from Chicago west along the Burlington Route. 16mm films shot by Emery Gulash in the
50s, 60s, and 70s, with many first generation diesels.

2233 ED         Penn Central 2 Green Frog '00 60 1970 to 1972 action in Chicago, Detroit,
Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti. Niles, Toledo, and Jackson, with many units still wearing NYC colors.
Passenger trains and freights, with a huge variety of motive power; 16mm films from Emery
Gulash, with ample narration.

2234 VS         Twilight of Steam Green Frog '95 60 The 16mm films of Bill McClellan,
chronicling steam action in the 1960's amd early 1970's. CP #127, Strasburg #90, Conway Scenic
#47, Morris County Central #385, Reading #2100 & #2102 doubleheaded, CN #6218, and others
all in color.

2235 ED          Classic Twin Cities Railroading Pentrex '02 52 The third volume of the
Fallen Flags series, this video takes us back to the spring of 1970, just after the big merger which
formed the Burlington Northern. Locations are Shorehamd Yard, Glenwood Junction,
Westminster Tower, etc.; SOO Line, C&NW, BN, RI.

2236 CP          Great Montana Train Ride, The TM Books, '97 51 Take a journey aboard a
magnificently restored streamline passenger train from the late 40s, sponsored by the National
Parks and Conservation Assn. Little Bighorn Battlefield, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone --
high interest and beautiful scenery.

2237 CD          Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill Iron Horse America/Pentrex '95 75 A
straightforward look at this 13-mile stretch of high traffic, high tonnage mainline in northwestern
Nebraska. Forty trains each day traverse this hill, through s-curves and deep cuts, behind a
variety of head-end power. Color, narrated, great sound.

2238 TR           Public Service Coordinated Transport Mark I '92 30 Here is an exceptional
film of trolley lines in Essex, Union, and Hudson Counties, NJ. Included are views of Union City
and 21-Orange Routes, the Newark Trolley subway, and the elevated line between Hoboken
Terminal and Jersey City.
2239 MS           Reading 2102 Video Classics '88 60 Here's an oldie: Blue Mountain &
Reading Railfan Weekend II, 1988, featuring Reading #2101, #425, and other locomotives. All
the usual shots including pacing are included.

2240 CD           Today's Shortlines and Regionals, Vol. 1 Pentrex '01 76 Nebraska Central,
Nebraska Northeastern, Iowa Northern, the Dakota Minnesota & Eastern, the Minnesota
Commercial, and finally the Twin Cities & Western on the old Milwaukee Road main line. Lots
of old diesels, great entertainment!

2241 CD          Rails '88 Neff Video '89 60 Three subjects: freight and Amtrak on the
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac, The Winchester & Western in Virginia (Alcos pulling
sand hoppers!), then Conrail and NS action in Muncie, IN. Color, no narration, plenty of

2242 FR         Railway Adventures Across Europe Vol. 1 Network Programs
International 66 "Train trip through the Scottish Highlands: Loch Ness, the Highland Games.
The English Riviera with restored steam, and ""The William Tell Express"", train and steam-
paddle ship across Lake Luzern, Gotthard Tunnel, much more."

2243 FR          Railway Adventures Across Europe Vol. 2 Network Programs International
'95 66 Three trips: the Severn Valley Railway in England with restored steamers, The
Matterhorn Railway with its magnificent scenery, and the West Coast of Wales, another
interesting and historic area. Castles, lakes, mountains, all beautifully produced.

2244 H         Unsolved Mysteries of World War II Madacy 95 Stories of the Third Reich on
two cassettes: Hitler's secret weapons, Enigma of the Swastika, Himmler's Castle, The Eagle and
the Swastika, and The Last days of Hitler.

2245 H        WTC: The First 24 Hours Isis 40 Stark, frightening raw video of the 9-11-01
disaster on Manhattan, filmed by one wandering cameraman. No music or narration, natural
sound only. This is a powerful and disturbing documentary.

2246 VS FR          Steam In Mexico Sunday River '93 47 Spellbinding color film, shot in
1963, of U.S.-built steam locomotives in action on Mexican railroads. The scenery is
captivating, the engines are of great interest; great photography and editing do the rest. Narrated,
with locations captioned.

2247 MS          Rollin Thunder CVP Studios, '92      Video coverage of the November 1991
double- and tripleheader trips of NS #4501. #611, and #1218 across parts of the South. Relive
happy memories of Norfolk Southern's Steam Excursion Programwith this exciting color video.
Chattanooga is featured.

2248 CD         Fast Tracks EMPAC '00 60 Union Pacific freight action at various locations
in Nebraska and Wyoming -- coal trains, mixed freight, big power -- pretty well filmed for the
most part, with sparse but adequate narration. Image quality very good.

2249 TR VS         For the Love Of Trains Pacific Railroad Society '99 43 A film and photo
record of the PRS's many excursions during its first 25 years, 1936 - 1961, with lots of scenes of
the Los Angeles Railway, various steam engines, and other interesting equipment, intelligently
narrated. Color and B&W,

2250 CD         DELAWARE & HUDSON, The Bridge Line Historical Society
'91 90 Raw video of freight action on the D&H, circa 1990. Fans of this line will be able to
puzzle out most of the locations. Quite a variety of heralds is seen, including D&H, Guilford,
CPRail, and various rental units

2251 CD          SOUTHERN TIER RAILROADING 2000, VOL. 1 STREE, Sam J. Botts,
2000. 120 Here we have NS freights battling heavy snow, CSX autoracks moving over the
NYS&W, and long D&H trains with a mixture of NS and CPR power. It‘s winter 2000, and the
snow is flying at various locations in NY and Pennsylvania

2252 CD CP MS TRAINS IN FLORIDA – THE YEAR 2001 Randy Sounds,
2001. 50 Scenes of Florida railroading with informative narration. We see Amtrak and
AutoTrain, CSX, Florida East Coast, Florida Central, Mount Dora Scenic Railway, and the South
Central Florida Express. Watch Amtrak‘s AutoTrain

2253 CD          WINTER ON TENNESSEE PASS Highball, '97 120 Highball takes us to
the Colorado Rockies in winter for a lingering look at the action on America‘s highest railroad
pass on the old Denver & Rio Grande Western. The snow was deep, the weather was

1994 60 from the notes: Travel with Neff Video to Tennessee Pass, Colorado during May of
1995. View the formidable grade the railroad has to conquer daily between Minturn and the
summit of the grade at Tennessee Pass.

2255 CD          KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN Big ―E‖ Productions, 1996 67 From the liner
notes: With the acquisition of MidSouth Rail, Kansas City Southern has undergone tremendous
change and growth in the past few years. This videotape will give you a look at operations on
the two

2256 CD         PALMER RAIL ACTION, VOL. ONE Broken Knuckle, 1997 90 Compiled
in 1996 and early 1997, the scenes in this video give us a comprehensive look at the action at one
of America‘s premier ralfanning hotspots: Palmer, MA. Conrail, The New England Central

2257 CD          ONTARIO RAILS, PT. 1 Neff Video, 1988 60 Here‘s a tour of the Southern
Ontario railroad scene as it was in 1987 and 1988. Visit Windsor, London, Thamesford,
Woodstock, Brantford, Ayr, Milton, Campbellville, Burlington West,
2258 CD           BNSF & UP – THE COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE G Train Video, not
dated 90 Well photographed against the immensity of the Columbia Gorge, the heavy trains in
this video often look like HO gauge model trains on a wonderfully

Prod. 57 Join amateur videographer Jack Pearson and his group as they ride Amtrak from
Emeryville through Stockton to Yosemite National Park. The views from the bus window will
give you a fair idea

SIERRA NEVADA Pearson Prod. '00 58 Amateur photographer Jack Pearson turns his
camera on the busy parade of commuter trains through his home town of Millbrae, CA. It‘s
midsummer 2000, the weather is great, and Jac

2261 CP        CONRAIL‘S OFFICE CAR SPECIAL, VOL. 3 Neff Video Productions,
2000. 60 Trackside views of Conrail‘s Executive Train. Locations include the CSX Mountain
Sub from Grafton, WV to Cumberland, MD; HO Tower at Hancock, WV; Valley Falls State
Park, WV; Arcola, IN; Van Wert, Lima,

RR EMPAC, 2000 62 Here‘s an engaging amateur video covering the operation of this
Colorado tourist railroad over the old D&RGW grade. A nicely painted F-unit pulls our pretty
blue cars through the historical and amazingly scenic Royal Gorge, while the tour guide

2001 90 Beginning with TV clips announcing the new train, and also covering its
inauguration, this video then takes us on board, in December 2001, for the trip to Boston and

2264 CP           FAIRBANKS TO ANCHORAGE ON THE ALASKA RR – Pearson Prod.,
1986 120 FAIRBANKS TO ANCHORAGE ON THE ALASKA RR – An enjoyable amateur
video record of this incredibly scenic train ride. It is August 1986, and high above a rushing
river, our train snakes along the face of craggy cliffs with high cliffs above.

2265 ED          PRR E-8 DIESELS IN ACTION - Railroad Video '87 60 Climb aboard a
pair of P.R.R. E-8 diesel engines for a cab ride on the Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad
(former P.R.R. Schuykill Secondary track) from Temple to South Hamburg, PA and return.

2266 ED         IN SEARCH OF THE F‘S Highball '92 120 Beginning with a quarter-hour
look at the Bangor & Aroostook‘s fine restored F3 with its ―as delivered‖ paint job, we then
capture the MBTA‘s F10‘s in their last years

2267 FR        NORTH WALES – CHESTER TO ABERYSTWYTH British Rail Journeys,
1995 55 From the Roman city of Chester to the craggy bay of Aberystwyth, this program takes
you on one of Britain‘s most outstanding scenic journeys, visiting many tourist attractions along
the way. Roman ruins and mighty castles,
2268 FR          Golden Age of British Steam – The A to Z of Steam Delta Entertainment,
2001 54 This presentation showcases the varied aspects of British steam railway operation, not
only as it was in the past, but in the present day on the main lines and along our preserved

2269 FR         Golden Age of British Steam – Railways Delta Entertainment, 2001 54 A
comprehensive look at the development of the railway that begins with the mighty Stephenson‘s
Rocket and follows the continual advancement of the steam locomotive.

2270 FR          Golden Age of British Steam -- Locomotives Delta Entertainment,
2001 54 This showcase of the British locomotive makes it easy to see how steam engines have
held the imaginations of people decade after decade. View trains in various roles, from
industrial operations

2271 FR VS          Golden Age of British Steam – Working Steam Delta Entertainment,
2001. 55 Steam was the driving force of Britain‘s Industrial Revolution, and its greatest
application of use was undeniably the locomotive. Though no longer in use in freight train
operations, the steam

2272 FR VS         THE GREAT INDIAN RAILWAY National Geographic Society,
1995. 115 ―A puffing steam train climbs into the Himalaya, a rolling rumble echoes over the
holy waters of the Ganges, an astonishing five million commuters rush daily through the
Bombay Victoria Terminus –

2273 MS         TOYS FOR TOTS CHRISTMAS TRAIN Pearson Productions,
2003. 64 Restored 4-6-2 #2472 is the focus of this 2003 video. Members of the Golden Gate
Railroad Museum run the former Southern Pacific steamer on various excursions around the San
Francisco area. Now undergoing a major overhaul, the old lady was

2274 MS          FRISCO 1522 Pentrex, 1994. 60 In June 1994, #1522 pulled the ―Peach
Blossom Special‖ to the NRHS Convention in Atlanta, and took part in many od the festivities
there. Pentrex did a great job of recording the whole event.

2275 MS ED FRONTIER STEAM 2000 EMPAC, 2000. 50 Here‘s an hour-long
program devoted to UP Challenger 3985 and the 6956 Centennial being serviced in Cheyenne,
Wyoming, on July 22, 2000. The occasion was a Frontier Days railfan trip from Denver. We

2276 MS         THE OFFICIAL 1998 N.R.H.S CONVENTION VIDEO Hotrail Productions,
1998. 60 Come along for a week of exciting events as the the N.R.H.S. hosts its 1998
Convention in Syracuse, NY. The first trip was a rare mileage trip to Steamtown in Scranton,
PA, highlighted by a run over the high Tunkhannock Viaduct.
2277 RH          RIDING THE RAILS WGBH Boston Video, 1997. 72 A fascinating
documentary about the thousand of young men who hoboed around the country on freight trains
during the great depression. The tale is told with archival and newsreel interviews, and, very
importantly, through the memorable soundtrack

GRANDE/WORKTRAIN TO SILVERTON Green Frog 1989/90 80 Three narrow gauge
classics from Green Frog are included on this tape. Switching activity at locations like
Alamosa, Chama, Antonito and Durango, revenue freight runs, single and double headed,
between Alamosa and Silverton,

2279 VS         1997 RIO GRANDE M.O.W. TRAIN Green Frog, 1998. 60 This
spectacular tape features Rio Grande‘s narrow gauge #463, a 1903 Baldwin Mikado, in action
with the Derrick OP over the line between Chama and Antonito. The old Baldwin, once owned

2280 VP         STEEL RAILS – PRIVATE VARNISH Green Frog, 1995. 60 From the
notes: ―They came from all over the country, some of the grandest vehicles to roll over dry land.
Private railway cars, once the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, came together in October

2281 VP RH THE WABASH CANNONBALL A&E Home Video, 1997 50 From the
History Channel comes this engaging progam on the Wabash Railroad. Lots of attention is given
to the famous song, but the meat of this video is in its narration, provided by several experts,

2282 TR         THE LIGHT RAIL OF CALGARY Carson Home Video, date not specified.
TR 60 Trackside views and headend ride along the clean, modern transit lines of Calgary,
Alberta. This is an older video with somewhat grainy image quality, but transit fans will enjoy
the methodical

Productions (A), 2003. 63 Jack‘s group rides Amtrak #712 from Emeryville to Bakersfield,
then explores the Gold Line, Red Line, Blue Line, Green Line, and Metrolink Line out to
Riverside and Parris Trolly Museum.

2284 W H THE INVISIBLE WAR Henninger Media Development, 1997. 50 During
the course of World War II, the Allied and Axis powers were developing more scientific
weapons to gain tactical advantages. One of the biggest breakthroughs was the invention of
radar. The

2285 H         U BOATS: THE WOLF PACK Twin Towers Enterprises, 1986. 30 The
German submarine threat was one of the most dramatic conflicts of World War II. The Nazi U-
Boat force, known as the ―Wolf Pack‖, almost turned the tide of the war as it threatened to
completely shut off the Atlantic supply lines
2286 A H THE COLD WAR Columbia River Entertainment, 1999. 55 In the early
1960s the mission of the US Air Force began to change. During the ‗50s our overwhelming
dominance in military power had been enough to contain the Soviet Union. The development of
Soviet ICBMs

2287 A H VIETNAM AIR WAR Columbia River Entertainment, Columbia River
Entertainment, 1999. 55 American involvement in Viet Nam grew rapidly. By the mid 1960s,
American strategy was heavily reliant on air power to achieve local military dominance.
However, the Air Force proved ill-prepared for the new

2288 A H HIGH TECH AIR FORCE Columbia River Entertainment, 1999. 55 In the
years following the Viet Nam War, a whole range of very high-tech aircraft would enter service.
Among them were the graceful F-16 Falcon and the F-15 Eagle. These were among the planes
that were in

2289 A         USAF 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Columbia River Entertainment,
1999. 55 1997 marked the 50th anniversary of the United States Air Force and the 90th
anniversary of the original founding of the US Army Air Force. To commemorate these events,
the USAF held

Entertainment, 1998. 150 Five Episodes: While Storm Clouds Gather; Praise the Lord and
Pass the Ammunition; Sacrifice and Shortages; String of Pearls; On the Shady Side of the Street.
This is

2291         CSX MOUNTAIN SUB Pentrex, 2001 96 Powerful diesels pull hard on long
strings of coal hoppers, lifting them up steep mountain grades, with manned helpers assisting on
the rear. Smoke pours from their stacks as mighty diesels

2292        UNION PACIFIC ODYSSEY, VOL. 1 Green Frog, 1991 120 From 1952
through 1980, Emery Gulash, one of the nation‘s most respected 16mm film photographers,
chased the Union Pacific through its sparkling history. In Volume 1 of this

2293 ED VS           RIO GRANDE ODYSSEY Green Frog '92 150 ODYSSEY From the
camera of Emery Gulash comes this spectacular multi-tape 2-1/2 hour production of action on
one of America‘s best loved railroads – the Rio Grande. Filmed in the 60‘s, 70‘s, and early 80‘s,
the action starts with first generation E-units and Geeps, and includes the California Zephyr.
You‘ll see more passenger action at Denver'‘ Union Station. Dual gauge action, including steam,
combines with standard gauge early diesels at Alamosa and Antonito, also Colorado & Southern
steam on the Climax Branch out of Leadville, accessible only by way of the D&RGW line.

2294 CD          SANTA FE ODYSSEY, VOL. III Green Frog, '92 105 Emery Gulash and
Steve Neff got together in 1991 to photograph the Santa Fe from Chicago to Kansas City. This
super-busy stretch of railroad handles a huge volume of traffic, and this is the best film coverage
of it to date. Over 600 hours of shooting time using four cameras went into the making of this
two-volume set. If you like to watch War Bonnets pulling heavy trains, you‘ll want to watch
these tapes more than once.

2295        Illinois Central, The Green Frog, 1989 120 THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL From
steam to diesel, this 2-tape set chronicles the last of steam on the IC and finishes up with first
generation diesels as photographed in 16mm by noted rail photographer Jerry Carson. Almost
45 minutes of fast paced steam action. Part two covers the IC as marvelously captured by Steve
Neff with professional video equipment. Great images, stereo sound.

2296 ED VP            WABASH RAILROAD, THE Motor Classics, '98 30 From the notes:
This video begins with several minutes of Wabash diesel action, followed by a nostalgic trip
back to the fifties to see how vital railroads were to the American economy. Take a trip aboard
the Wasbash Bluebird and experience first class r

2297 FR CP          Scotland telerail/Questar, 1999 57 (Railway Journeys of the World) This
video is no armchair travelogue, but a first class railroad tape which you will want to watch
several times. It‘s a comprehensive overview of Scotland‘s freight and passenger rail service,
with continuous narrative packed with information about the trains, motive power, scheduling,
signaling, history, operating details, and railroad infrastructure. The quality of the images
matches that of the narrative, affording well-filmed views from hundreds of well-chosen
locations, with trains passing over huge viaducts, mountainsides, and working busy terminals
and classification yards. Hundreds of different trains are seen. Fast paced editing completes the
package. Very professional and highly recommended!

2298 CR CD Roseville to Truckee Donner Rails Video, 1999 56 Our journey begins in
the famous railroad town of Roseville, California. Here, freight cars are filtered into and
processed out of the rail yard. Locomotives are prepared for travel in the yard, then hostled to
their trains for the nostaligic journey up the main line to Truckee. Ride with engineers who face
a different challenge every day while climbing the steep, 2.3% grades up to Donner Summit. 56
minutes, stereo.

2299 MR           JOHN ALLEN‘S GORRE & DAPHETID Sunday River 36 Two weeks after
John Allen‘s death in 1972, fire destroyed his model railroading masterpiece – a project to which
he had devoted almost his entire life. It was believed that only Allen‘s slides had survived the
fire, and that the films taken by Richard Reynolds and Glenn Beier had been destroyed. Thanks
to the recent discovery of these films, this video offers you the ultimate display of model
railroading: a vast network of standard, narrow and mixed gauges – even a trolley line. More
than 100 bridges, no two alike, some soaring more than five feet above the floor, others crawling
the labyrinthine canyons of the Akinback Mountain Range, complete with working cable cars
and water wheels. John‘s own slides are used to magnify the exquisite detail, from snow capped
peak to ocean car ferry, and bring to life the thousands of miniature people and working railroad
artifacts that surprised and delighted so many.

2300 CD        UNION PACIFIC‘S WESTERN CANYONS American Railroad Media,
2001 75 Union Pacific‘s Western Canyons presents and exciting railfan hour covering canyons
in both Nevada and Southern California. Witness rail traffic along the historic paired track
through Palisade Canyon. Watch the action on the action on the Los Angeles-Salt Lake Route
through Alton and Rainbow Canyons. Thrill to the sight of graceful bridges and fabulous rock
formations. Rainbow Canyon features interesting bridges and tunnels. Filmed in the summer of
2001, this program will delight UP fans with dozens of winged SD70‘s as well as the last
remnants of locos from the SP and D&RGW.

2301 CD       NILES JUNCTION REVISITED, FEB – JUNE 2000 Pearson Productions,
2000 53 These videos were taken in the spring and early summer of 2000. Some highlights: a
D&RGW GP-35 on the Milpitas turn, BNSF trackage rights trains, and views of the ACE
commuter on the way to San Jose.

2302 CD          NILES JUNCTION/CP COAST JUNCTION Pearson Productions,
2004 60 Jack Pearson‘s roving digital camcorder visits these two busy locations in April 2004
and the result is an hour of viewing interest, both freight and commuter action.

2303 MS        MILWAUKEE ROAD HISTORICAL ASSN., JUNE 17-20, 2004 Pearson
Productions, 2004 118 1) Visit Milwaukee Road‘s old ―Pigeye‖ yard, 2) See a good
Milwaukee Road model railroad layout, 3) have a look at the Ford Plant, and 4) a great ride
behind CP#2816 from Minneapolis-St. Paul to LA Crescent, approximately 250 miles round

2304 ED           RED ALCOS, GREEN MOUNTAINS Overlook Station, 1994 60 – CP Rail,
New Hampshire & Vermont, and Lamoille Valley in Northern New England Quoting the notes:
Join us for a contemporary look at the Alcos of Northern New England, where CP Rail RS18s
and C424s make their last stand in Vermont. See these action red Alcos climbing Newport Hill
and crossing the mountains to St. Johnsbury. At St. J, the CP‘s Montreal-built power meets
American-made Alcos on the New Hampshire & Vermont. We‘ll follow its bright red RS11s
over former Maine Central and Boston & Maine routes to Whitefield, NH where the diamond
crossing is still guarded by an operating ball signal.

2305 MS          #3967 RETURNS Mark I, 1993 75 Here is multi-camera coverage of Union
Pacific‘s 1993 reenactment of its first steam fan trip. In May 1953, UP 4-6-6-4 3967 pulled an
excursion from Denver to Laramie. Forty years later, #3985 was cosmetically altered to
represent the original engine. It made a ferry run from Cheyenne to Denver, then headed a
Denver-Laramie round trip. Archival footage and interviews round out the program.

2306 MS          CLOSE UP: 3985 THE CHALLENGER IN ACTION Mark I,
1990 60 Here‘s a spectacular program featuring Union Pacific‘s 4-6-6-4 #3985 – the world‘s
largest operating steam locomotive – at work on freight and passenger trains between Cheyenne
and Omaha. After a brief history of the Challengers, with color archival footage of various UP
classes, we move on to contemporary action. Pacing, track side, and in-the-cab scenes are
supplemented by Mark I‘s nifty engine-mounted minicams which capture the running gear in

2307 MS          PACING THE CHALLENGER Mark I, 1991 60 A companion program to
the last video (#2306), this tape presents a solid hour of pacing sequences of 4-6-6-3 #3985,
filmed about the same time as the ―Close-up‖ tape. For pacing fans, this is a must-see, as the
camera work is rock steady.

1993 30 HUDSON NYC first generation diesels in action on the West Shore Line from
Weehawken to Bear Mountain and on the Hudson River main line from Manhattan to Albany.
Opening with scenes of the Central‘s Manhattan ferry terminal and a ride across the harbor to
Weehawken, the program then tours the West Shore Line, with Alco powered passenger and
freight trains at Little Ferry, Ridgefield Park, Teaneck, Harrington Park, West Nyack, and Bear
Mountain. The balance of the show is devoted to varied action on the eastern Hudson shore.

2309 TR          CHICAGO‘S THREE INTERURBANS Interurban Press, 1990 30 High
quality b&w and color films with first class narrative make this review of Chicago‘s interurban
lines a very watchable show. The North Shore Line, Chicago Aurora & Elgin, South Shore,
Illinois Central Electric, and Gary Rwys are covered from beginnings to final run, with some
1980s video at the conclusion. Traction fans will get a lot out of this one.

2310 ED         VIGNETTES OF THE LEHIGH VALLEY, VOL. 1 Clear Block,
1996 60 The Lehigh Valley Railroad stretched from New York City to the important railroad
gateway of Buffalo, NY. The LV not only provided a vital link to the east for midwestern roads
such as the Nickel Plate and Wabash, but also tapped the rich anthracite coalfields of
Pennsylvania in the process. PA and NY locations visited in this program include Allentown,
Bethlehem, Easton, Lehighton, Van Etten Jct., Rochester Jct., and Niagara Jct. The Lehigh
Valley of the 1970s was renowned for its varied and colorful paint schemes, as well as for the
numerous different models of early diesels it employed. This interesting video was filmed
between 1970 and 1976.

2311 ED CD          LEHIGH VALLEY ON PENOBSCOT MOUNTAIN Digital Image Works,
1995 60 This digitally edited tape presents the films of Bob Powell, shot along the Lehigh
Valley Railroad between Bridgeport and Laurel Run, PA, between 1970 and March 31, 1976.
Watch as trains pulled by sets of Alco, EMD and GE road power, often with Alco C628 pushers,
assault the heavy grades over Penobscot Mountain on trackage of the LV and the original Lehigh
and Susquehanna. Locations include White Haven, Frazer Interlocking, Bergers, Crestwood,
Glen Summit, Penobscot, Solomons Gap, and Laurel Run. This is a pretty complete survey of
what was running on these rails during the period of filming, including some D&H moves.
Quality overall is good, limited only by the 70s technology then available.

2312 CD         CONRAIL IN THE KISKI VALLEY Conemaugh Line Video,
1998 120 This program records action in the spring through fall of 1998, as well as the last
day of operations on Conrail‘s Conemaugh Line, including some foreign power and the then-
elusive SD80 MAC. There are dozens of trains represented, and coverage of the consists is
extensive. Color, unnarrated.

2313 CD         Action Around Ashland TFI Video, 1997 98 CSX and NS freight trains
filmed at Kenova, Catlettsburg, NJ Cabin near Raceland, KY, Portsmouth, OH, and other
locations, 1997. Mixed trains, coal trains, light moves, data sheet accompanies.
2314 CR         SEPTA's Media Line - Elwyn to Wayne Junction Railroad Video Prod.,
1991 60 This program takes you for a ride in the cab of a GE MU train over the former PRR
Media Line, into Suburban Station, through the new tunnel and on to the former Reading Line to
Wayne Junction. This busy commuter line is now operated by SEPTA. After leaving Elwyn you
will make station stops at Media (and take a brief look inside the tower), Moylan-Rose Valley,
Wallingford, Swathmore, Morton, Secane, Primos, Clifton-Aldan, Gladstone, Lansdowne,
Fernwood, Angora, 49th St., 30th St., Suburban, Market East, and North Broad before arriving at
Wayne Junction.      2

2315 VP         Southern Belle, The Kansas City Southern H. S. 25 The early 1940s Kansas
City Southern promotional film, produced on video by the Kansas City Southern Historical
Society. Mainly aimed at advertising the train by that name, The Southern Belle records a
Louisiana beauty contest of ‗real‘ Southern Belles, swathed in yards of crinolines and velvet and
smiling coyly for the camera. The narration and music are as corny as can be, but will carry you
back to Dixie if you‘re 75 or older. Tossed into the mix are a few feet of film of steam
locomotives pulling freight, just to prove that KCS had some muscle in addition to its sleek
passenger trains and pretty girls.

2316 RH         Nevada State Railroad Museum NSRM 35 This museum in Carson City
houses over fifty pieces of railroad equipment from Nevada‘s past. Included in the collection are
seven steam locomotives and several restored coaches and freight cars. The bulk of the
equipment is from the famous Virginia & Truckee Railroad, America‘s richest short line.

2317 MS         Steam Over Donner Donner Rails, 1999 54 Re-live 1999‘s hottest train
action as Challenger 3985 and Northern 844 double-head over Donner Pass. Donner Rails
camera crews filmed this event from over forty locations between Sparks, NV and Roseville,
CA. Interviews with the locomotive engineers and crews reveal the real story of what happened
inside Tunnel 41. 54 Minutes, stereo.

2318 FR MS          Great Western Railway Goldhill Video, 1996 55 The G.W.R. ran many
popular Expresses, none moreso than the ―Cornish Riviera Express‖, which carried vacationers
to the resorts in Devon and Cornwall. This and other trains were powered by a wide variety of
locomotives. Each engine class bore special names, from the legendary ―City of Truro‖, the first
100 mph steam locomotive, to the ―Castles‖, ―Halls‖, and ―Manors‖. But to this day, the most
popular locomotives of British railroading remain the magnificent ―King‖ Class. Many of these
great locomotives still operate to the delight of railroad enthusiasts from around the world.

2319 FR MS          Southern Railway Goldhill Video, 1996 55 The Southern Railway ran
many famous Express trains such as the ―Golden Arrow‖, ―Atlantic Coast Express‖, and
―Bournemouth Belle‖. Their locomotives were equally popular and were noted for their unusual
design features, such as slab-side ―air-smoothed‖ casings. The names of the engines gave them a
romantic air, since many bore names associated with Britain‘s history, like the Knights Of The
Round Table class. As with locomotives from other great British railways, many are lovingly
maintained, as demonstrated on this interesting video.
2320 FR MS           British Railways Goldhil Video. 1996 55 When nationalized in 1948, the
four great British railways became British Railways. The new organization inherited a
substantial stock of locomotives, however it was still necessary to replace many worn-out and
obsolete machines before the change-over to diesels could take place. BR developed a range of
―standard‖ locomotives, the first of which, ―Britannia‖, rolled out in 1951. These were the last
of the great British Express steam locomotives. Although they were state-of-the-art, they would
soon be replaced by the more efficient diesels. Nevertheless, they live on with their restored
brethren as reminders of the Golden Age of British railroading.

2321 FR MS          London and Northeastern Railway Goldhil Video. 1996 55 The L.N.E.R.
ran some of the most famous trains in the world, and the locomotives which handled them
became railroad legends in their own right. The ―Flying Scotsman‖ was perhaps the most
famous of all and it was powered by the giant engines favored by the railway. The streamlined
―A-4‖ Pacifics developed by Sir Nigel Gresley were incredibly popular and one, the ―Mallard‖,
was the fastest steam locomotive ever, reaching 126 mph. Luckily, many of the best engines
remain in operating condition thanks to the National Railway Museum, and are seen to
advantage in this program.

2322 FR MS          London Midland and Scottish Railway Goldhil Video. 1996 55 The
L.M.S. was the largest of Britain‘s railways and served cities from the South Coast to the top of
Scotland. It ran many famous expresses, including the ―Royal Scot‖, the ―Caledonian‖, and the
―Pines Express‖. To haul these trains built some of the most powerful locomotives of all. The
Pacific style engines of the ―Duchess‖, ―Princess Royals‖, ―Jubilees‖ and ―Black‖ Classes were
incredible machines and were very popular with the traveling public. The last steam locomotives
were out of service by 1968, but many of these powerful engines are still enjoyed today on
special trips.

2323 FR          Ireland Questar, 1999 57 IRELAND With her rich railroad heritage, Ireland
offers train buffs a splendid array of traveling options. Your trip will begin in Dublin with an
overview of the efficient transit system that brings visitors and commuters in and out of the city
each day. Then you‘ll leave Dublin behind, riding the mainline down to Cork, Ireland‘s second
largest city; en route you‘ll also get to look around a working mail car. After your eyes drink in
the emerald countryside Dublin and Sligo, you‘ll ride the mainline to Belfast, along which you‘ll
visit a number of quaint and photogenic manual switching stations. Finally, you‘ll sit in the cab
of a diesel powered train to Rosslare. Along the way, the Wicklow Hills drop straight into the
sea and you‘ll pass through tunnels dug into the spectacular, windswept coastline. You‘ll also
ride along the pier in the seaside town of Wexford, and come very close to grazing the nearby
fishing schooners.

2324 FR          Portugal Questar, 1999 56 Portugal has long been a destination for European
tourists seeking the abundant sunshine promised by its temperate southern climate. The railroads
of this fascinating, sun-drenched country carry travelers from its northern mountains to its
southern coastal plains. Rail cars and locomotives of Swedish, American, British and French
design make their winding way past mountain villas and terraced hillside vineyards before
roaming south among Portugal‘s softly rolling plains and valleys. Ride the rails from Lisbon at
the mouth of the River Tagus to Villa Real St. Antonio, Funcheira, Barreiro, Porto, Aveiro and
Mirandela. Fol;low the curves of the Algarve Coast, and browse the hand-painted tile murals
gracing the walls of the line‘s classic rail stations. Roll past shepherds and flocks in the Duoro
Valley. Take some leisurely resfreshment in village cafes. Ride the electric tram along Lisbon‘s
switchback hills. But always feel the warmth of Portugal‘s sun on your face, and the cool breeze
left in the wake of passing trains.

2325 FR          Switzerland Questar, 1999 56 Nearly all of Switzerlan‘s Alpine scenery is
accessiblefrom an array of picturesque railway lines. Your own travels will begin when you ride
the busy Saint Gotthard mainline; it takes you through the spectacular Saint Gotthard Pass,
where your train must repeatedly loop and double back to make the steep ascent into the
mountains. You‘ll next ride the famous Glacier Express, which links together the greatest resorts
in all Switzerland. The Appenzeller Line will then immerse you in a variety of tranquil rural
landscapes, and the Gornergrat Bahn will offer you an eye-popping closeup of the Matterhorn.
Your final train journey will then be aboard the opulent Golden Panoramic Express, where you
can sit in the front of the train to best appreciate Switzerland‘s breathtaking mountains and pine
trees as they whisk by. You‘ll also see Zurich‘s rail station and ride aboard one of the nation‘s
few steam-powered trains. These and many other adventures offer a splendid view of
Switzerland‘s railroads,

2326 FR          China Questar, 1999 54 China‘s economy is booming, and its rail network is
having difficulty keeping up. Though vastly increased, modern diesel and electric locomotive
production is still outpaced by the country‘s growth. The answer: the world‘s largest working
fleet of steam locomotives. Many of these steam workhorses are reconditioned with hundreds of
thousands of miles on their work logs…and some are brand new, built in the one-of-a-kind
locomotive works at Tangshan. Take your pick of modern or classic locomotives and climb
aboard amid the bustle of beautiful Beijing Station. Steam along beneath the looming shadow of
the Great Wall, then throttle past the Forbidden City. Round the curves along the storied banks
of the Yellow River, and climb into the densely forested mountains of Nancha. Cross the
seemingly endless mountains to the lonely steppes of Inner Mongolia. Finally, stray to the very
edges of the boundless and magnificent Gobi Desert – then, check your own mileage – you‘ve
barely scratched the surface of China.

2327 FR          France Questar, 1999 57 From the high speed TGV trains that shuttle
between her cities to the steam locomotives that traverse her countrysides, France offers travelers
a wide variety of railroad journeys. Your own adventures will include a train ride whisking you
acroos expansive bridges, and past quaint rural stations on the line from Valence to Grenoble.
You‘ll then board a steam locomotive that leisurely rambles through the splendid pastoral vistas
between Tournon and Lamastre. The electrified line between Perpignan and Le Tour de Carol
then takes you high into the snow-capped mountains of Southern France. Your final train
journey is a thrilling excursion on the centerpiece of the French rail fleet, the TGV, as it rockets
from Le Mans to Paris. You‘ll first tour the inside of the train, then sit next to the driver as you
dart toward Paris at speeds of up to 180 miles an hour. These and many other railroad journeys
offer an exciting and comprehensive look at the pleasures of French train travel.

2328 FR        Denmark Questar, 1999 55 DENMARK In a country once famed for its
Vikings and longships, trains are the real kings now, crossing the rugged Scandinavian
countryside with the same determination as their seagoing forebears. Still closely bound to the
sea, most of the main cities in Denmark are built around harbors: Arhus, Esbjerg, and
Frederickshavn on the North Sea, and Copenhagen commanding the strait connecting the North
Sea with the Baltic. The Danish Rail Service links the harbor cities and the interior, revealing a
land of stunning scenery. The long graceful Store Baelt Bridge hovering over miles of cold blue
sea. Windswept tundra filling the horizon in coastal regions. Lush, tree-covered hillsides
seemingly hidden further inland. On one particularly scenic stretch of the Vrads/Burup Line, an
elegantly styled, perfectly preserved steam engine blows streams of white smoke to mingle with
the crowns of majestic pines in an evergreen forest. In a land as beautiful as this, it‘s no wonder
Hans Christian Andersen‘s Little Mermaid wanted legs of her own…how else would she board
the train and see for herself?

2329 HO          Hurricane Express Hollywood Movie Greats, 1985 80 Terror stalks the
nation‘s railways in this action-packed John Wayne adventure. In one of his earliest screen roles
(1933), Wayne stars as a young air transport pilot whose father is killed in a mysterious train
wreck, one of a series that has paralyzed the powerful L&R Railroad. When he sets out to find
the reason, his search brings him face to face with the masked Wrecker, a criminal mastermind
who is out to sabotage the railroad.

2330 H         Crusade in the Pacific - Guadalcanal/The Aleutians UAV Corp,
1997 53 During the first six months of war in the Pacific, the Japanese conquered hundreds of
thousands of miles in Eastern Asia. By mid 1942 they reached the Southern Islands. Only
Guadalcanal was needed to sever the lifeline to Australia. This tiny island then began the scene
of fierce conflict. To the North, the Aleutian Chain provided the Japanese with stepping stones
toward North America. These barren islands also saw heavy combat as American forces
struggled to throw back the advancing Japanese. Includes rare WW II film clips from Savo
Island, Bougainville, New Georgia Group, Russells, Kula Gulf, Midway, Dutch Harbor, and

2331 H          Crusade in Europe 20th Century Fox Television, 1993 60 War Declared:
America joins the fight. Through spectacular newsreel footage and closeup accounts, World
War II comes to life in this award-winning series based on General Dwight D. Eisenhower‘s
personal memoirs. This is the first of a six volume series. PRELUDE TO WAR – From the
ashes of World War I, Naziiism arose and Hitler began his bloody campaign for world
domination. In the spring of 1940, with the German war machine steadily marching across the
battered European continent, and the crippled retreat of the British Army from Dunkirk, America
began to grow uneasy. Dreams of peaceful isolation began to fade and the United States
instituted the first peace-time draft in history. December 7, 1941 – ―A Day That Will Live In
Infamy‖ With one blow the United States was drawn into a devastating war that would change
the nation forever. The revolutionary transformation of America was not achieved overnight. In
the first anxious months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US gradually adapted itself to the
idea of global war. The strategy: Attack to win. General Eisenhower is appointed head of the
European Theater of Operation and the monumental task of storming the Nazi fortress of Europe
2332 N         Target Tornado Weather Channel, 1996 45 Of all weather phenomena,
tornadoes are probably the most fascinating and frightening. For centuries, man has been
mesmerized by the power and strange beauty of these terrifying storms. Tornadic storms can
produce winds up to 300 miles per hour that can rip through a house and leave it flattened in
seconds. Earlier this century, tornadoes killed, on average, over 100 Americans each year. The
famous Tri-State Tornado in 1925 killed 695 people. Over the last few decades, scientific study
of tornadoes has helped cut the death toll in half. Travel with ―Project Vortex‖ – the largest
tornado study in history and the Weather Channel Unit, as scientists search out twisters in
Nebraska and Kansas – the heart of Tornado Alley. Target Tornado tells the fascinating Project
Vortex story, the story of the 1925 Tri-State Tornado, and shows you what was learned from
―Terrible Tuesday‖

2333 H          Great Ships - The Clippers History Channel, 1996 50 They were as graceful as
clouds, as majestic as cathedrals. But to the men who built and sailed them, the ultimate sailing
ship was designed for just one thing: speed. The great clipper ships of the Nineteenth Century
were masterpieces of the shipbuilder‘s art. Called ―Moonrakers‖ and ―Skyscrapers‖ for their
acres of towering canvas, they were built to thrive in the seas‘ most fearsome gales. This
remarkable program tells the complete story of the clippers, from the revolutionary Anne McKim
to the Champion of the Seas, whose astonishing one-day speed record still stands today. Using
spectacular computer simulations, experts recount the great clipper voyages and rivalries –
including the legendary race between Flying Cloud and Challenge. And dramatic recreations
bring to life the untamed world on board these ―greyhounds of the sea,‖

2334 H         Floating Palaces, Vol. 3 A & E 1996 50 The Roaring Twenties marked the
golden age of transatlantic travel. With the income from immigration dwindling, legendary ships
like the Normandie and the Queen Mary were specially designed for the free spenders of the Jazz
Age, and each new ship was bigger, faster, and more exquisitely outfitted than the last. Languish
in a marble bathtub or visit a tailor aboard the Europa as she competes for the transatlantic speed
record. Watch as nation after nation tries to build the world‘s greatest ship, from Italy‘s
spectacular Rex to the German masterpiece Bremen. Through rare film footage and exclusive
interviews, meet the passengers who danced and toasted their way across the ocean and the
colorful entrepreneurs who made their wildest dreams a reality.

2335 A          Hindenberg, The History Channel, 1996 50 Like the Titanic before it, the
Hindenburg was the finest craft of its kind – the biggest, the grandest, and the safest airship ever
built. For its inventor, the tenacious Count Ferdinand Zeppelin, it was the culmination of a life‘s
work. For Adolph Hitler, it symbolized a new ear of German national supremacy. The
HINDENBURG examines the creation of this ill-fated wonder, from the tragedy and failure that
plagued Zeppelin‘s early models to the successful worldwide voyages that made him a national
hero. Through exclusive interviews and rare archival footage, you‘ll tour Zeppelin‘s factory,
examine the Hindenburg‘s extraordinary features, including its lightweight aluminum piano, and
learn why hydrogen filled the craft instead of safer helium. You‘ll see views of the interior on its
maiden transatlantic voyage, too.

2336 T         Yellowstone Kodak Video Programs, 1986 30 A photographic study of the
world‘s first national park, Wyoming‘s Yellowstone National Park, the grand-daddy of them all.
Explore Yellowstone‘s rock formations, learn about its geyser activity, discover its plant life, its
wildlife, and its unique geology. Come to know the park through a naturalist‘s eyes and words:
This park is the sounds and smells of a walk on a trail. It is an awakening to clean air, water and
wild land. The bison preserved here are a symbol of what parks stand for. To set aside this land
in perpetuity was an audacious idea. Yet it is an idea America gave to the world.

2337 H         Inferno at Yellowstone Cinevision, 1989 50 In the drought summer of 1988,
Yellowstone National Park caught fire. A horrified nation watched each night on television, as
millions of acres of magnificent, beautiful conifers were reduced to smoldering ash and charred
stumps. Controversy mounted concerning the management of the park and the ―let it burn‖
policy. Firefighters were called in across the nation; the U.S. Army and the Marines were
deployed; and an appeal for help went to the Canadian government. At its height, the
Yellowstone Fire was so intense it created its own wind. The heat 400 feet in front of the blaze
reached 700º, an inferno of incredible magnitude.

2338 T        Yellowstone National Park Videotrip Rand McNally, 1988 45 Filmed before
the devastating fire, this program shows Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Inspiration Point,
Roosevelt Lodge, Obsidian Cliffs, Mt. Washburn, and many other scenic attractions. Bubbling
waters and abundant wildlife in glorious evergreen forests make this park a showcase of nature‘s
wonders. Trip planning information included.

2339 N          Earthquake NOVA, 1990 60 ―Breezy and cloudy overnight, with a 3.2 quake
near daybreak.‖ Is this the weather report of the furure? Charles Richter, who gave his name to
the earthquake strength scale, said that ―only fools, charlatans, and liars predict earthquakes.‖
Nevertheless, scientists today are undertaking ambitious projects to try to predict seismic
activity. For millennia, humans tried to fathom the periodic shifting and shaking of solid ground.
The theory of plate tectonics, depicting the earth as made up of overlapping, continent-sized
segments was the first to adequately explain the phenomenon. In California, the North American
Plate is slipping past the Pacific Plate – the boundary is the San Andreas Fault. Here, in 1906, a
quake, measuring around 8.0 on the Richter Scale, and the ensuing fire, wrecked the city of San
Francisco. In 1989, the Bay Area Quake registered nearly 10 times weaker, yet was powerful
enough to cause 61 deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Intriguingly, a U.S. Navy
communications experiment showed that the quake was preceded by a burst of low frequency
radio waves. Alan Lindh and his colleagues at the U.S. Geological Survey have set up one of the
largest earthquake experiments in the world on a section of the San Andreas Fault. Will their
data turn up a magic key to prediction?

2340 T        Great World Cruise of the QE II, The Doug Jones, 1989 85 Lean back in your
chair and take a luxury cruise on the one and only QE II. Our itinerary: Miami, Martinique,
Barbados, Salvador, Rio, Cape Town, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore,
Bangkok, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Honolulu, Acapulco, Panama, Curacao, and back to New
York! And all of this awaits amid the unparalleled luxury of the QE2, the last of the superliners.
67,000 tons, thirteen stories high, 964 feet in length carrying 1500 passengers and a crew of
1000, QE2 is a marvel unto herself. See the behind-the-scenes story of the last of the truly regal
liners. Step onto the bridge, meet the captain, explore the engine room, peek into the galleys,
and make yourself at home aboard this City of the Sea.
2341        H.C.E.A. Show Video 2003 HCEA, 2003 105 Here‘s one for construction
equipment enthusiasts: the Historical Construction Equipment Association‘s 2003 National
Convention and Old Equipment Exposition video. It runs an hour and forty-five minutes and
shows a variety of interesting machines.

2342 CR         Amtrak Surfline Cabride Video Video Rails, 1994 60 Amtrak‘s famed
Surfline extends from San Diego to Los Angeles along the beautiful California Coast. Climb
aboard a new GE P32-8BW for a cab ride on Amtrak‘s train at speeds up to 90 mph. You‘ll
witness train meets and see spectacular beach scenes along the fastest piece of track on the West
Coast. Another of Video Rails‘ excellent cab rides.

2343 MR          "Introduction to 1"" Scale Railroading, An" Iron Pony Here is a very
entertaining garden railroading video produced by Iron Pony before it was purchased by Riding
Railkits Inc, The program is loaded with informative narrative on the scale models, which we
explore inside and out. These RTR or build-it-yourself kits are an excellent option for the
beginning garden railway modeler. Here we visit several working layouts, with close looks at
the rolling stock and video tours of the layouts, including ―cab rides‖, i.e., footage shot from the
moving trains..We also interview the owners who detail the history of their layouts. Run time

2344 MR          Great Model Railroads, Vol. 32 Allen Keller, 1999 60 THE Model Railroad
Club of Union, NJ is a legend in the hobby and has provided 50 years of innovation and
enjoyment for its members and the public. The HO railroad is probably the largest club layout in
the country. When the expansions are finished the layout will be 70 x 140 feet with 500
locomotives. The current HO layout is 40 x 40 feet and is based on railroads that served the
industries and commuters of New Jersey. The main railroad is the Hudson Delaware and Ohio.
It interchanges with the Rahway River Railroad and the Trenton Northern, an electric interurban.
A smaller N scale layout is under construction. Paul Mallory, one of the hobby‘s pioneers,
created the original concept of the club‘s layout in his basement. Paul, a prolific model railroad
author, reminisces about the early days of the hobby and the club..

2345 MR            Virginian & Ohio Afton Division Finale Pentrex 2001 76 One of the most
famous model railroads – the Afton Division of Allen McClelland‘s Virginian & Ohio – is now
gone, but before this HO layout was dismantled, Allen invited Pentrex to videotape the last days
of its existence. Using special lenses and real, prototype sound effects we transport you into the
amazing lifelike world of the V&O for an absolutely incredible viewing experience. Railfanning
the line as if it were a real railroad, we travel to scenic locations to catch the action during a
typical day on this Appalachian coal hauler. Heavy trains with rear end helpers slug it out on
mountain grades. A local freight stops to switch a coal mine. Perishable freights, junk freights,
foreign power, and Amtrak are seen from the best ―photo op‖ locales. The V&O operated
realistically, complete with commercial, geographical, and logistical concerns. Allen
McClelland describes how he created this ―beyond the basement‖ approach to model railroading
and takes us on a tour of the road many have never viewed.
2346 TR          Magnificent GG-1, The Mark I, 1987 60 Part of Mark I‘s Heritage Series, this
program includes a historical overview of the GG-1, full coverage of GG-1s on passenger and
freight trains in action between Sunnyside Yard and Philadelphia. Many paint schemes are in
evidence including red & green 5-stripe, green single-stripe, silver with red stripe, plus PC, CR,
Amtrak, NJDOT and restored units. Complete narration in color with some b&w.

2347 CD           Into the Allegheny Range, Vol IV, Sand Patch Grade Pentrex,
1996 240 CSX‘s Sand Patch Grade in western Pennsylvania is one of the most popular
railfanning sites in the eastern U.S. Heavy tonnage, high density traffic, and grueling mountain
grades are trademarks of this famous ex-B&O route. In this production, which was taped over a
three year period, you‘ll see a multitude of trains at familiar landmarks as well as the rarely seen
west slope, in all seasons of the year. Many of the locomotives are seen sporting their pre-CSX
paint schemes from predecessor railroads. Visit towers, tunnels, obscure branchlines, and see the
last train to ever run on the old Berlin Subdivision out of Garrett, PA. You‘ll even ride on a
pusher engine shoving an eastbound freight from Connellsville, PA up the west slope to the
summit at Sand Patch. It‘s the ultimate CSX mountain railroading experience. 4 hours, 2-tape
set rents as one unit.

2348 ED VS           Memories of the New York, Ontario & Western Mark I, 2002 30 Here is a
nostalgic look at the famous NYO&W from 1946 through the early 1950s. The original footage
was shot on black-and-white 8mm movie film, and while it may not be up to current-day
production standards, it gives a good feel for the railroad at that period. Part I opens with a ferry
ride on a NYC boat, followed by some scenes at Weehawken Terminal. Then we‘ll climb into
F3 503 for a cab ride to Roscoe. After the engine is turned, we ride the cab for the return trip.
Part II features a tour of the line from Weehawken to Liberty, NY, shot onboard the train from an
open-platform observation car. Highlights include a meet with an O&W FT-powered reefer train
and trackside action at Liberty. Part III covers a June 9, 1946 Railroad Enthusiasts‘ excursion to
upstate New York. There are more onboard scenes and some trackside action featuring
handsome O&W 4-8-2s. All three rides include NYC and O&W steam and diesel trains
encountered along the way.

2349 A         Dawn of the Dogfight Air Battle I -- I Time-Life Video 60 Through a wealth
of historic footage and the recollections of surviving pilots, the fascinating evolution of air-to-air
combat comes to life as Dawn of the Dogfight chronicles the battles and legendary aces who
defined the air combat tactics that have endured into the jet age. World War I: The British
Sopwith Camel and German Fokker D-7 face off, piloted by men with a life expectancy of just
17 operational hours. World War II: British Spitfires and Hurricanes took on waves of German
Bombers escorted by Messerschmitt BF-109S in the Battle of Britain. U.S. P-51 Mustangs
encountered the revolutionary jet powered Messerschmitt-262 over Europe, And the Hellcats met
the challenge of protecting the U.S. Pacific Fleet from the vicious assaults of Japanese zeroes.
Korea: The first all-jet air battle pitted MiG-l5s against F-86 Sabres. Vietnam: in the most
sophisticated combat arena to date, the mistaken belief that the dogfight was passé led to painful
American losses that dramatically changed U.S. training doctrine.

2350 A         Modern Air Combat Air Battle II Time-Life Video 60 Enter the age of
supersonic jets, air-to-air missiles, electronic warfare and stealth-where only the most
painstaking training can make a pilot a winner in the modern-day dogfight.' Today‘s fighter
pilots face a difficult task: attack multiple targets with beyond-visual-range missiles; use guns in
close; manage highly advanced radars and electronic warfare gear; and do all this at C levels that
push them to their physical limits in sophisticated cockpits that require split-second decisions. in
Modern Air Combat, see exactly what it takes to become a fighter pilot. Fly with Top Gun's
adversary squadron in A-4s and M6s against the Navy's best up-and-coming fighter pilots. Learn
what today's air battle is really like from the cockpit of an F/A-18, and experience the intensity
of the most advanced USAF air-to-air combat training missions. Plus, get a first-hand look at the
awesomely complex technologies that have evolved since Vietnam. Aerial combat in the 21st
century will employ astonishing technology and winning will require even faster and more agile
fighters. But just as in yesterday‘s dogfights, the deciding factors of the air battle remain the
competence and courage of the man in the cockpit.

Video 60 The Soviet Su-27 Flanker and MiC-29 Fulcrum, me U.S. F16 Falcon, F14 Tomcat,
F/A-18 Hornet, and F16 Eagle. These are unquestionably the most lethal fighting machines in the
sky today. See how differences in missions, design philosophies, and technological capabilities
alter the characteristics of each aircraft. Why the MS is probably the most agile fighter. Why the
Su-27 has excellent maneuvering capability. Why the MiC-29 is most like the F/A-18 in its air
combat role. Co on location to a soviet air defense base to witness a MiC-29 evaluation flight
and an Su-27 demonstration flight performed at low altitude. Hear what top Soviet and U.S.
designers, engineers and military officers have to say about the mission goals of the aircraft and
relative strengths and weaknesses. Most important, the test pilots themselves critique the
'competition‘. Finally, AIR SUPERIORITY looks to the future of Soviet and U.S. fighter aircraft
design including the MiC 2000 and Stealth.

2352 A          ARCTIC WARRIORS Time-Life Video 60 """He who holds Alaska will hold
the world.‖ General Billy Mitchell The long-range capabilities of the soviet Bear bomber have
redefined the mission of the U.S. Air Force Alaskan Air command. Go behind-the-scenes in
Arctic warriors to; witness the spectacular domain of the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing. Meet the
F15 pilots of the 21st and their colleagues flying Alaskan-based A-10S who routinely brave the
vast distances and extreme conditions that go with the territory. Fly with F15S as they practice
air-to-air combat. See how the U.SAF. E-3 AWACS provides high-altitude surveillance. Join
pilots as they intercept a Soviet Bear bomber- It's an in-depth look at the flight operations and
ground control at the frontline of U.S. security and an action packed fighter adventure through
the most wide open combat training airspace in North America."

2353 A          FUTURE FLIGHT Time-Life Video 60 "Passengers boarding a commercial
flight two decades from now can expect to travel at speeds of Mach 2-Mach 5. For them, the
flight will be simple. But for the engineers and designers, it will be one of the great
transportation achievements of all time. Go to the world s major research centers to meet the key
problem-solvers and get a glimpse at the future of aviation.

• What will be the cost of developing tomorrow s airliners?

• Will the much-touted 'Orient Express' airliner prove realistic?
• Will hypersonic flight be relegated solely to military and

space roles?

From tilt rotors to advanced supersonic jets, Future Flight explores the complex challenges of
propulsion, aerodynamics and structures - the barriers that will have to be overcome to maximize
the efficiency of current aircraft and make hypersonic travel a reality."

2354 A           TEST PILOT Time-Life Video 70 """About 1,000 gallons of liquid oxygen
and 1,200 gallons of anhydrous ammonia and 800 pounds of hydrogen peroxide got together and
did their chemical thing, it was a pretty violent activity for a moment or two. ―It was like being
in the sun‖ Scott CrossfieId, USAF Test Pilot Aerospace industry Consultant. Test Pilot is a
thrilling, comprehensive view of one of the most demanding jobs in all of aviation. Meet and fly
with the very best aviators in the world's top aircraft-men like Scott Crossfield, Kurt Schroeder,
Guy Mitaud-Mauraud, Steve Ishmael and Heinz Frick. They've all accepted the calculated risks
in answering the ultimate question... ―Will it fly?"" Explore the world of test pilots as they take
military jets, rotary wing aircraft and the latest commercial transports through their paces. See
the development of flight-testing from the Wright Flyer and the Spirit of St. Louts to the Rafale
and ATF. stop in for gut-wrenching 'spin tests at the USAF Test Pilot School. Spend 'a day in the
life of a test pilot"" and experience envelope expansion tests from the cockpit of the M4 Tomcat.
Plus an exclusive on-camera interview with one of the Soviet union's best test pilots. See his
spectacular flight of the MiC-29 Fulcrum at the 1988 Farnborough Air Show- including
breathtaking maneuvers not often attempted in jet aircraft"

2355 A         THUNDER IN THE GULF Time-Life Video 60 """You have trained hard for
this battle and you are ready. NOW you must tie the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm.""
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf Commander-in-chief U 5. Central Command Experience the
air war in Iraq with Thunder in the Gulf and get the inside story behind the most massive air
campaign in modern military history. Witness: Apache attack helicopters battling Iraqi armored

• An actual' MiC Sweep"" from the backseat of an F-15

• Air-to-air kills of Iraqi MiC-23s and MiC-25s

• Ground attacks by the F-117A, the battle's ""invisible


It's the most stunning collection of wartime aerial footage yet assembled, combined with
exclusive interviews with the pilots of the F-117A, F-15E, F-15C, F/A-18, B-52 and Apache, for
a look at how total air superiority was achieved."

2356 A        WORLD‘S AEROBATIC TEAMS, THE Time-Life Video 60 Teams delivers
new, dramatic footage of the world's great military teams in action and the inside story of how
the pilots keep the risks under control - day after breathtaking day. From the Blue Angels and
Thunderbirds to the top-notch military squads from Canada, Britain, France and Italy these are
the teams that serve as aerial ambassadors, military recruiters, and demonstrators of the latest in
aviation technology. Strap into the lead M6 during the Thunderbirds training. Hear pilots
describe how the most challenging maneuvers are done. See the Blue Angels' afterburner loop in
their new F/A-185. These are the stars of the airs how-the world's best flyers mastering fine-
tuned aircraft in wing-to-wing formations as they loop, roll, weave and make heart stopping
head-on passes at 1,000 knots and beyond.

2357 A         VERTICAL FLIGHT Time-Life Video 60 VERTICAL FLIGHT is the
exciting, definitive story of vTOL aircraft. How they conduct rescue missions and haul
passengers in and out of places once considered inaccessible. How they've become invaluable for
jobs ranging from driving cattle to fighting fires. And most of all, how these incredible flying
machines have revolutionized modern warfare. See them all in action: Hueys and Cobras in
Vietnam; today's AH-64A Apache; UH-60A Blackhawk; the Chinook CH-47D; and many
others, including vTOL aircraft from Germany, Italy, France and England, such as the A129
Mangusta, Panther, Lynx and BK. 117. Fly nap-of-the-earth with the 101st Airborne's
Screaming Eagles, firing rockets and Hellfire laser-guided missiles. Meet the pilots and the test
pilots, the engineers and the military leaders. Get a rare glimpse at the Soviets best, and see how
the Russian machines stack up against the West s. You II see the future unfold, with the latest
developments in engine, rotor and control technology. See the premier flight of the amazing V-
22 Osprey the world s first production tilt rotor. Plus, an exclusive visual status report on the
LHX-designed for the most vicious ground battles and air-to-air combat.

2358 A          X-PLANES Time-Life Video 60 Experience the breakthroughs, the crashes
and the thrills of aviation firsts through these remarkable aircraft and the pilots on the cutting
edge of modern aerospace technology: X-1: The airplane that broke the sound barrier. XV-3: It
pioneered the tilt-rotor concept. x-5: TheF-111, B-1B, and M4owe it their variable-sweep-wing
capabilities. X-15: The rocket-plane that has flown highest and fastest. X-24B: It played a key
role in the Space Shuttles design. x-29 and x-31: They'll revolutionize fighter maneuverability. x-
30: Technology demonstrator for the National Aerospace Plane. Fly with Chuck Yeager, Scott
Crossfield, Chuck Sewell, and many others on the historic flights that pushed the envelope to
new limits and laid the foundation for today‘s commercial and military aircraft in x-Planes.

2359 CD MS          PENTREX BEST OF 1988 Pentrex, 1988 120 Once again we bring you
two action packed hours of railroading. This year we feature both steam and diesel operations in
the United States. Plus, we will also share with you railroading in Canada and Mexico.
Highlights include: Cotton Belt 819—Pine Bluff to Tyler, Texas CSX F-Units on the Road
Roller Union Pacific 3985—Cheyenne to Laramie Railroading in Eastern Canada Mexico-
Nogales to Nacozari Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Two Hours — Beautiful color with live
audio and narration.

2360 FR          CHINA World's Greatest Train Rides          The World‘s Greatest Train Ride video
series takes you on the train adventure of a lifetime! Filled with all the breathtaking excitement
of authentic train travel, this exhilarating journey through China takes you on a complete rail
tour. Your train adventure begins in the capital city of Beijing, as you set out across the vast and
mysterious Chinese landscape. See for yourself the amazing great Wall of China and travel to
The Imperial Palace. Then you're off to the Forbidden City, the inner sanctum of imperial
authority. Your thrilling train trip through this exotic land takes you from its biggest modern
cities to its smallest, most traditional village. Along the way, you'll experience first-hand the epic
size of the Chinese mainland and see beautiful pagodas, ancient Buddhas and many other
timeless wonders come alive, ―China‖ features extraordinary scenic beauty, historical landmarks
and many, many memorable points of interest around every bend! So... all aboard!

2361 TR          STREETCARS OF RIVER CITY Herron 90 Beginning in 1838, Louisville
was served by street railways until Derby Day, 1948. From little cars pulled by mules and small
independent companies, the city was eventually served by 500 electric streetcars and seven
suburban lines that reached out in all directions from the city. With commentary by historians
George H. Yater and James B. Calvert, this is the story of Louisville's trolleys as operated by
The Louisville Railway Company and it's subsidiary, Louisville & Interurban Railway.
Illustrated with maps, photos, and rare films of the cars in action. Recommended for anyone
interested in the history of Louisville KY, streetcars, or interurban railways.

2362 RH          RUNAWAY TRAINS                Witness the devastation unleashed by Runaway
Trains as this powerful program examines the world's most tragic rail catastrophes. Understand
how major accidents really happened through incredible computer-animated recreations. Learn
how railroads are adapting new technologies to improve safety and reduce the risk of fatal
collisions. Incredible accident-site footage tells horrifying tales of destruction: a 100-car freight
train plows into a sleepy suburban subdivision; a crowded commuter train collides head-on with
a passenger train; another passenger train rear-ends a stalled commuter train, and the wreckage
lands in the path of an onrushing express. This is intense viewing, perhaps scary for the kids.

2363 VS ED BOSTON & MAINE A & R Productions 55 From A & R Productions
comes this worthy video essay which focuses on the steam-to-diesel transition period. Partial
contents: Head-end Concord & Montreal on the Allouette; Rush hour at North Station, multiple
trains in motion; Head end on the Fitchburg, East Deerfield to Eagle Bridge; Hoosac Tunnel
motors, east portal and North Adams; Action at Gardner, Winchester, Claremont Jct., WRJ;
Head end on the Central Mass, from Clinton to North Station; Connecticut River Line, from
Springfield through East Northfield.

2364 FR CP          ROYAL SCOTSMAN World's Classic Trains 57 Explore the aristocrat of
trains, which represents the very pinnacle of raiiborne luxury. Mine carriages in imperia! purple
livery with open observation terraces, carrying just 36 passengers in complete luxury. Along
some of Britain's little-used railway lines, through the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, where
mountains, lochs and forests provide an ever-changing backdrop.

2365 FR CP          PALACE ON WHEELS World's Classic Trains 56 "Step aboard the
Palace On Wheels for a ""Week in Wonderland"" on the train of the Maharajas. Discover a
journey in regal splendor through Rajasthan, India‘s state of royal kingdoms, beautiful palaces,
desert fortresses and pink, golden and blue cities, ending at one of the seven wonders of the
world, the Taj Mahal. Although the Raj is no more, the golden age of luxury rail travel still lives
on in India."
covers non-stop freight and passenger train run-by action including CSX, Metro North and
Amtrak. Featured locations are Bear Mountain, Manitou, Garrison, Ilona Island, West Point and
Fort Montgomery as well as many intermediate points. This video was shot before and after the
CSX takeover, mostly during peak foliage. This entire program was shot and narrated by Tim

2367 MS          EXTREME STEAM Pentrex 150 Steam still thunders down the tracks on
railroads across North America and Canada. A new generation of rail fan photographers,
equipped with digital video cameras, is riding and chasing the trains, capturing them in all their
splendor with fantastic images. Pentrex has edited the best of the best to bring you a very special
video experience. Over two hours of non-stop steam action delivers ten different steam engines,
including the sought-after final run of Frisco 1522, side-by-side running of Ohio Central's 6325
and 1293, and Daylight 4449 on Stampede Pass! You can enjoy the exciting sights and sounds
of hard-working steam as it used to be – and still is!

2368 FR          ROVOS RAIL, THE World Class Trains, 1999 56 THE ROVOS RAIL FR
Here we‘ll travel aboard Rovos Rail‘s ―Pride of Africa‖ for a wondrous journey through the most
scenic parts of South Africa. A luxurious adventure awaits us along the famous ―Garden Route‖
from Cape Town, with its grand vistas of mountains and vineyards. Travel alongside the white,
crashing waves of the Indian Ocean to a stop where the locomotive is changed to a steamer for
the final breathtaking leg of the journey to Kenya. , Color, stereo, 56 minutes.

1991/Goodtimes 76 CUMBRES & TOLTEC SCENIC RAILROAD MS Perfect for any
family, armchair traveler, or railway enthusiast, these scenic videotapes offer a detailed look at
the operation of vintage steam locomotives along the historic railroads representing our national
heritage. One of two remaining examples of the once-flourishing Rio Grande narrow-gauge
system, built in the late 1800s, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad runs between Chama, New
Mexico, and Antonito, Colorado. Simmering quietly as they await the first run of the day, the
great coal-burning steam locomotives roar to life when leaving the yard, and much of this
vintage equipment remains unchanged from the turn of the century. Savor the old-time
atmosphere as you cross the Chama River Bridge, make the steep climb to the summit of
Cumbres Pass, stop for lunch in historic Osier, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Toltec Gorge,
and more. 76 minutes

2370 FR         Arlberg Bahn, The TEE Films No. 103 110 The Arlberg Bahn (1987) FR
Fascinating and informative documentary on Austria's most glorious and, in fact, Alpine
Europe's only international east-west transverse mountain railway running from the Swiss border
at Buchs to the beautiful Olympic city of Innsbruck. One of the steepest and most critical of
standard gauge lines of the entire Alpine region, it is beautified with unique stone structures,
bridges and viaducts spanning impossible gorges and river shores. Numerous medieval castles
and ancient fortifications high in the lush valley forest, as well as wonderful pristine mountain
landscapes make the Arlbergbahn a most picturesque and unforgettable tourist route to Austria's
cultural centers. Informative narration accompanies the stunning photography of mainline
action, near-inaccessible mountain crossings, station activity and geographical points of interest.
Detailed computer generated maps further illustrate the Arlberg line's progress up and down the
forbidding gradients. It‘s a total audio-visual feast for the enthusiast demanding high quality
with a nostalgic look at the last of the remaining units of the glorious OBB 1020 mountain
'Krokodils' (ex DR 94) and OBB 1670 express locomotives on the eve of their retirement. A
grand finale at medieval Feldkirch awaits the viewer as a magnificent French 2-8-2 141R
steamer of' Fleche D'Or' fame yields its historic CIWL and Rheingold consist to an OBB 1670
electric. Buchs, Lichtenstein, Feldkirch, Bludenz, Braz, Rlosterle, Hintergasse, Wakl, Dalaas,
Langen, Arlberg tunnel, St. Anton, St. Jakob, Pettneu, Landeck, Trisanna Bridge, Roppen, Zirl,
Innsbruck. AH Arlbergbahn motive power represented, with emphasis on spectacular double-
power 'banking' freight units, and such classic international compositions as the Transalpin',
'Dachstem', 'Arlberg Express', 'Orient Express', 'Maria Thereisen' and many others. , English,
110 minutes, full color.

2371 FR          Gotthard Bahn, The TEE Films 115 2371 The Gotthard Bahn (1986) FR
Paralleling the ancient path of the breathtaking Saint Gotthard alpine pass, a world renowned
standard gauge railway connects the northern centers of Switzerland to the latin localities of
southern Ticino by way of vertiginous loops, spirals and a steep serpentine course over a distance
of 160 kilometers creating a huge variation of height. The Gotthardbahn commences at Arth-
Goldau, where the Sud-Ost railway from Basel and the Zugersee line from Zurich converge at its
station. It then follows the charming outline of Lake Lucerne, prior to assaulting a formidable
line gradient employing ambitious reversing loops and helicoid tunnels, and by way of
spectacular bridges and viaducts. At Goeschenen the famous Saint Gotthard tunnel is entered,
yielding welcome relief from the forbidding northern climate, as Romanesque Ticino is reached.
However this southern half of the Gotthardbahn, amid medieval structures and artifacts, presents
us with even steeper line grades which require four complete helicoid spirals in the descent to the
milder lakes region of Lugano. At Chiasso the Swiss S KB relinquishes its international consists
to Italian motive power, which can be observed side by side with Gotthardbahn thoroughbreds.
This highly acclaimed program follows the entire route of this railway, with emphasis on its
operation and fascinating geographical surroundings. A special stop is made at Erstfeld, where
we visit its famous locomotive depot housing glorious early century 'Krokodil' electrics, and
where we board a modern 12,000 horsepower Re6/6 for a training session. TEE Films, English,
115 minutes, full color.

2372 CR           CONRAIL‘S OFFICE CAR SPECIAL Neff Video 60 Cab Ride Philadelphia
to Harrisburg & Return On November 27,1990 Neff Video was asked to ride along on the
Conrail inspection train, more commonly known as the Office Car Special. The train departed
Philadelphia's 30th Street Station and headed west to Harrisburg. Since this was to be a round
trip, the train returned to Philadelphia the same day but by different routing. Once the train
arrived at Harrisburg it was dispatched back to Philadelphia by way of the Port Road Branch
along the beautiful Susquehanna River and then onto the Northeast Corridor. Not only will you
see video shot from the cab of both E-8 diesel locomotives but action photographed from the rear
end, the full length dome car and from the vestibule as well. Watch the engineer work the throttle
and brakes, listen to the cab chatter between dispatcher and engineer, and enjoy the beautiful
scenery along the way. Feel the excitement of these venerable locomotives as speeds reach 90
mph on the Northeast Corridor.
SCHEME (1800-1845) Kaw Valley 80 "In 1845 John Stevens obtained a charter from the
New Jersey legislature to build the first steam railroad in America, but he could not get financial
backing. It was dismissed as ""a wild and impractical scheme"". But before long business men
realized trains were faster, cheaper, and could haul more freight than any other type of
transportation. Less than 30 years after John Stevens was turned down, Daniel Webster
proclaimed the railroad towered above all other inventions in that or the preceding age. In four
parts: ONE NATION . . . INDIVISIBLE (1845-1865) By the 1850's railroads were not only
capturing the eyes of businessmen, they were capturing the hearts of the people as well...bright-
colored engines with fancy scrollwork, billowing smoke and hard-driving wheels, mournful
whistles, and memories of trips to friends and relatives. Railroads determined the location of
towns, opened new lands to the west, and were a vital factor in the outcome of the Civil War.
TRANSCONTINENTAL (1865-1880) For years people dreamed of the time when trains would
reach the Pacific Ocean, enabling trade with California and the Orient. The Union Pacific began
building west from Omaha, the Central Pacific east from Sacramento. But there were problems
-- weather, lack of money and labor, mountains, rivers, deserts, and Indians. However, after the
Civil War, money came with land grants, immigrants, former slaves, and Chinese laborers. On
May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah, a golden spike joined east and west. THE
GOLDEN AGE (1880-1916) By 1900 five different railroads had reached the Pacific Ocean,
and between the Atlantic and Pacific the land was being invaded by a spider web of rails. For
railroads there was no competition. No industry so dominated the American scene, or so touched
every aspect of American life, as did the railroad during its Golden Age. For railroads it was a
time of major improvements: the telegraph, airbrakes, automatic couplers, standardized time and
track gauge, and bigger and more powerful locomotives. And as George Pullman was improving
passenger comfort with his sleeping and parlor cars, Fred Harvey was changing railroad
restaurants from places of torture to places of pleasure."

2374 RH         GOLD RUSH RAILROAD, The Logan Video Services 50 The White Pass
and Yukon Railroad made its inaugural run between Skagway, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon
July 29, 1900. Close to a century later it still thunders through the spectacular White Pass -
alongside the Trail of '98, --The route to the Klondike Goldfields. For more than eighty years the
railroad provided year-round service on its 110 mile route. It survived the boom and bust of the
mining economy, two world wars and some forty feet of snow Alaskan winters could dump on
White Pass summit. The constant roar of the steam powered rotary snowplow fleet was a
familiar sound throughout the long winters. Today a summer excursion service carries record
numbers of passengers along the pass. Now, through a wealth of archive film and broadcast
video, we relive the highlights of this narrow-gauge survivor -- a recent high speed winter run on
the gleaming Mikado Class Steam Locomotive. Enjoy the power and sight of the Rotary Fleet
working at 40 below zero, travel in comfort on the original General Electric Class 90 diesels and
marvel at the massive trains pulled by the Alcos. This is the White Pass story as told by White

2375 CD         MK 5000‘s OVER SOLDIER SUMMIT Highball, 2002 70 The six unique
Morrison-Knudson Caterpillar engineered 5000 hp MK5000‘s now spend their lives on this Utah
railway, dragging heavy coal trains up the steep grades and through the twisting curves of the
Price River Canyon on their way to conquering Soldier Summit. These big units look and sound
different, so join us as we chase them up and down the canyons of Utah‘s famed route over
Soldier Summit.

2376 VS          JERSEY RAILS Whistle Stop, 1995 60 "In the 1950's, the steam locomotive
was rapidly being replaced by diesels. The railroad scene was changing and a small band of
photographers worked to record the end of steam. Ed Birch was one of those men who traveled
the East with his 8mm movie camera preserving a scene that was soon to be a memory. An
upturn in business in the mid 1950's saw a brief return of steam to the main lines. Jersey Rails is
the third installment of Ed's odyssey in search of ""Steam in Indian Summer."" This volume
covers steam and early diesel action in the state of New Jersey from 1953 to 1955. Featured are
locomotives of the Raritan River, Erie, and Jersey Central with brief appearances by the
Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore and Ohio. You'll see footage of the Erie's Jersey City
Terminal, watch a heavy mix of commuter action at Bayonne, ride behind the CNJ's #810 on a
fan trip to Green Pond Junction, view Pennsy P-5's and GG-1 's, observe Raritan River steam
locos at their enginehouse, and ride behind the last ""camelback"" operating in excursion service
on the Jersey Central."

2377 ED         CLASSIC ST. LOUIS RAILROADING Pentrex, 2003 48 Eighteen different
railroads could be seen in and around St. Louis in the mid-1960s and early 1970s, and railroad
photographer Dick Wallin was kept busy recording those classic operations! Volume 4 of
Pentrex's Fallen Flags Series takes you back in time to experience: Alton & Southern * Chicago
& Eastern Illinois * Chicago & North Western * Chicago, Burlington & Quincy * Cotton Belt *
Frisco * Gulf, Mobile & Ohio * Illinois Central * Louisville & Nashville * Manufacturer's
Railway * Missouri-Kansas-Texas * Missouri Pacific * New York Central * Norfolk & Western
(including locomotives still painted in Wabash and in Nickel Plate colors) * Penn Central *
Pennsylvania * Terminal Railroad Association * and early Amtrak. A huge variety of motive
power and paint schemes can be seen. EMD locomotives include E- and F-units, Geeps
(including GP7s through GP40s), SW1200s and SWI5OOs, SD40S and SD45s, and a very rare
TR1 cow/calf set, Alco RS2, RS3, RSD5, RS36, S2, FA, and a C424; as well as GE U25B,
U30B, and U30C; and Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 are all on the scene and looking great! The
camera takes you to Union Station, Kirkwood, Glendale, and West Alton in Missouri; and East
St. Louis, Madison, Mitchell, Bixby, Granite City, and Venice in Illinois. It's a fantastic journey
back to the heart of American railroading!

2378 TR         MODESTO & EMPIRE TRACTION Bates Publishing, 2003 109 Using a
fleet of GE 70-ton diesel electrics, this 5 mile short line is nearing its centennial year. Pairs of
these venerable power units are seen as they operate over nearly 40 miles of track including the
secondary southern main line, 4 yards and numerous industrial spurs in the Beard Industrial
District. Originally built to tie Modesto to the Santa Fe, much of the road's traffic continues to
interchange with the BNSF at Empire, 5 miles east of old town Modesto. The industrial district
has expanded east to encompass nearly all of the area south of the original main line to the flood
plain of the Tuolomne River. Your visit begins as the 600. which replaced steam in 1947, and
the 601. which was acquired two years later, make up inbounds from cars left by BNSF at West
Yard in Empire, The crew then classifies the cars at East Yard before heading back to the
McClure yard- The 605 and 609, used equipment which are the oldest and youngest 70-tonners
operating on the line, are seen with consists at the north end of East Yard, which is the official
junction with BNSF. Crews are seen working along the old main line, in Riverside yard, on
industrial spurs south of Riverside Yard and in the newest southeast area of the Industrial
District. The 602 & 603 are also seen, including the daily run to Gallo with a long string of
boxcars. Your visit concludes with a rare daylight interchange run through the UP junction in
Modesto at daybreak.

Image Works, 1996 40 "Your hosts in this video are model railroad operators Jim Hertzog,
Lehigh New England Railroad; Bill Gruber, Reading Lines; and Ken McCorry, Pennsylvania
Railroad. These masters of operations show how on and off line ""Interchange"" traffic is
generated. You will follow specific cars across each layout as they are prototypically
interchanged between model railroads. Hear each host explain realistic operations using car
cards, crew assignments, Digital Command Control and dispatching. All color, graphics,
narration, prototype sound."

2380 CD         SHOWDOWN ON LAKE ERIE Trains on Location 60 Watch drama build
on the shores of Lake Erie as Conrail and Norfolk Southern battle for dominance. Since the days
of New York Central and Nickel Plate, power and speed have defined these archrivals!
Showdown on Lake Erie captures all the drama as they go head to head on 175 miles of heart-
pounding, fast-running mainline action between Buffalo, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio.
Watch the history, operations, and rolling stock of Conrail, NS, and steel hauler Bessemer &
Lake Erie unfold through stirring images and insightful commentary. Explore diesel-builder
General Electric's factory at Erie, Pa., complete with in-cab footage on GE's multi-gauge test
track. Enjoy a parade of merchandise and intermodal trains at hot spots such as Silver Creek,
N.Y.; North East, Pa,; Conneaut and Ashtabula, Ohio; and Norfolk Southern operating down the
middle of the street in Erie!

2381 CD         TRAIN WATCHER'S DIARY, A, Volume 15 Railroad Video Prod.,
1986 60 This program features non-stop run-by freight and passenger train action at locations
including Springfield, (including Iles Tower) Taylorville, DeKalb, Stonington and Decatur, IL,
as well as La Crosse (Grand Crossing), WI. Power includes Illinois Central Gulf, C&IM,
Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, Cotton Belt, Union Pacific, Conrail, Norfolk Southern,
Chicago North Western, Soo Line and Amtrak.

AND THE ELECTRO-MOTIVE OPEN HOUSE Mark I 115 In September, 1989, the
Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of
the Model FTdiesel-electric freight locomotive. Mark I Video Productions was honored to be
chosen by EMD to document this important milestone in railroad history. FT-103 presents
behind-the-scenes coverage of the restoration of the original FT cab unit at the Electro-Motive
facility in La Grange, Illinois. See the classic locomotive painted, lettered, and rolled out of the
shop, and enjoy the action as display locomotives arrive. Watch as the FT is maneuvered around
the plant trackage for runbys and pacing scenes. Then, join us for a close-up look at the open
house featuring FT-103 and many famous diesels, including the first GP7, a rare BL2, and a
giant Centennial! You'll also tour the huge erecting shop and watch a brand-new SD60M being
motor cars to FL9s, learn how the Electro-Motive Corporation became the world's foremost
manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives. Here is the complete story of EMD first-generation
diesels, meticulously researched and illustrated with rare archival film and photographs. Box-
cabs, Zephyrs, Streamliners, Es, Fs, BL2s, and Geeps pass in review to illustrate the evolution of
the modern diesel locomotive. This historic footage, combined with exclusive coverage of the
restoration, make FT-103 one of the most important railroad documentaries ever produced.

2383 RH          WAR TRAINS, VOL. 1 The Civil War Galloping Pictures, 1998 55 "Since
1862, when Abraham Lincoln authorized the formation of the United States Military Railroad,
railroaders and military men have fought side by side. This is the story of how the railroad has
been an indispensable tool in the winning of wars. You'll see the railroads prepare for war in
rare and never before seen archival footage. Arrive in France and watch as the ―Iron Warrior‖, a
Baldwin steam locomotive, is built from the rails up and readied for war. See step-by-step how a
military railroad operates. You'll also find out how the massive 14-inch guns of the United
States Navy's heavy railroad artillery were inspired by battleships and you'll walk with FDR as
he inspects trains assembled for battle. See how a massive rail system was built right up to the
front lines and learn the role of the ""Trench"" engine. Then you'll join forces with the Military
Railway Service, rushing men and munitions to the front lines. Witness first hand the Combat
Strategies that have made the railroad a weapon as important as the tanks and guns it transports
to the fighting front."

2384 RH           WAR TRAINS, V. 2, COMBAT STRATEGIES Galloping Pictures,
1998 59 "Combat planning includes subversive warfare, the massive fire power of heavy
railroad artillery and the explosive force of sabotage. You'll be an eyewitness to actual
subversive warfare and see how repeated acts of sabotage are used to delay and destroy the
enemy's reinforcements and supply system. Watch as troops set charges to railroad tracks and
bridges. Go behind German lines and fire heavy railroad artillery. Ride in armored railroad cars
with the security forces protecting supply trains in Vietnam. You'll also witness the effects of
the CIA's secret weapon for railroad destruction known as ""The Mole."" Watch as a train is
derailed, with slow motion footage showing the devastating effects of high explosives. Then
you'll fight back with the railroad repair troops, and marvel at the speed at which they rebuild
tracks, bridges, and rolling stock. In ""Subvert and Destroy"" you'll see recently declassified
footage from the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency along with
incredible archival footage of the railroads in action."

2385 RH          WAR TRAINS, V. 3 AIR ATTACKS Galloping Pictures, 1998 50 "Through
100 years of railroads at war, no innovation in military transportation surpassed the dominance
and durability of the railways in supporting and supplying all branches of the armed forces. As
the age of aviation progressed, bringing an ever-expanding range of military weaponry, the
railroad became a principal target of attacks by air. You'll experience the thrill of a train running
while under full attack by enemy bombers. Pilot a P-47 while strafing trains and rail lines.
Bomb railroad tunnels, bridges, and rail yards. You'll take aim against enemy aircraft with a
machine gun battalion as troops rush to repair bomb damage to the railroad. You'll also climb
aboard a hospital train to help those wounded during air raids and bombing runs. Discover the
secrets of defense that railroads used to prevent air attacks, including simulated bomb damage,
and find out how railroad bridges were made to ""disappear"" and reappear the next day. Watch
as, time after time, the railroad proves its astounding resilience. ""Air Attacks"" thrusts you into
a tension filled duel of plane against train."

2386 ED         SP's Geeps and Cadillacs - Vintage Workhorses Pentrex, 1996 52 "Enjoy the
sights and sounds of 40 year old GP9, SD7, and SD9 diesel locomotives moving freight over
Southern Pacific's central California mainlines and branch lines in the 1990s. Nicknamed
""Geeps"" and ""Cadillacs,"" these engines revolutionized American railroading when they were
introduced by EMD in the 1950s. Their popularity among the railroads was due to their
efficiency, ease of maintenance, and operational flexibility. However, old age and hard work
caught up with the engines during the 1970s and 80s, and the majority of them were retired by
almost all Class 1 railroads. Incredibly, SP was still relying on the venerable workhorses in the
spring of 1994 when Pentrex captured them on video! You'll visit SP's Fresno Line between
Bakersfield and Sacramento to view the endangered diesels in action, watch from trackside as
solid sets of Geeps and Cadillacs work hard along the mainline on the Roseville to Fresno Local,
and catch the Lodi Local as it travels over the Lone Branch out of Gait. Then ride in the cab of
Geep #3742 for a thrilling return trip downgrade to the mainline at Gait. This is a great
opportunity to witness the last stand of classic diesel locomotives in operation in SP's Geeps and
Cadillacs -Vintage Workhorses."

SUBDIVISION Pentrex, 1999 90 "Tracing the eastern banks of the upper Mississippi River
is BNSF's St. Croix Subdivision, a mostly double-tracked route providing access for a nonstop
parade of traffic from LaCrosse, Wisconsin to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Pentrex takes
you across the entire Sub, shooting throughout the seasons to bring you a unique perspective on
this important, busy line. Starting at the Grand Crossing diamond in LaCrosse, where BNSF
crosses Canadian Pacific trackage, we follow intermodal, coal, grain, taconite, manifest, and
other trains along the shores of the Mississippi. Bald Eagles are seen circling overhead, boats
ply the waters, and train whistles echo off the surrounding bluffs. With the variety of trains
comes a great variety of motive power. Two Dash-9s make their maiden voyages in Heritage II
paint schemes; an original GP30 is seen working the local at Bay City; three GP20s head up a
grain train, even BN's ""Pulling for Freedom"" locomotive is spotted — the volume and diversity
is amazing. Whether the summer sun is beating down on the rails or winter's snows are flying
off them, trains and more trains keep on rolling across BNSF's St. Croix Subdivision. Here's a
great opportunity for you to enjoy the action!"

2388 CD            California Northern Pentrex 1995 100 Beautifully painted diesels shine in the
brilliant sun as they operate through scenic landscapes of the California Northern. See sugar
beets delivered to a sugar plant, GP-15 locomotives grinding up Creston Hill with a pipe train,
talk to and ride with one of the railroad's engineers, and ride in the cab of a venerable SD-9 on
the WillitsTurn. Explore the West Valley Sub as we chase beet trains along the route. Visit the
Napa Sub, Napa Junction, and the line to Vallejo. West of Napa Junction we follow the
Petaluma Turn over drawbridges and past vineyards. Then we catch the Hopland Turn and track
it north to its interchange with the Willits Turn. While riding aboard the train we enjoy an
exciting trip through scenic Cloverdale Canyon along the Russian River. Our tour concludes
with a thrilling ride across Ridge Summit aboard the Willits Turn. Heavy loads of lumber from
the North are hauled over this steep mountain grade and down the treacherous slope to Ukiah.
This is regional railroading at its best on The California Northern.

Video Prod., 1995 70 "Climb aboard the cab of a Long Island Rail Road GP-38-2 diesel
powered passenger train for a ""Head-End"" ride from Ronkonkoma to Jamaica, N.Y (Tape No.
102 covers from Greenport to Ronkonkoma). Our train is the""LI.R.R. 160th Anniversary
Special"" which was operated on July 23, 1994 to celebrate 160 years of continuous

2390 CR          PASCACK VALLEY LINE Railroad Video Prod., 1990 60 This program
will take you on a head-end ride from Hoboken, N.J. to Spring Valley, N.Y. in the cab of a U34-
CH diesel engine. This line was part of the former Erie Railroad and is now operated by New
Jersey Transit. The entire trip is highlighted by narration referring to signals, cities, towns,
stations, interlockings and other points of interest.

2391 VS ED Northern Railroads: Vermont and Her Neighbors Vermont ETV,
1995 60 In the mid-1800s, train service finally came to northern New England, connecting its
rural communities to the outside world. The advent of the railroads meant enormous change for
the people in these towns. Trains opened up trade, making it easy to take milk, butter, cheese,
turkeys, granite and marble to the far-off markets of New York and Boston. Towns sprang up
around train depots, and new gathering places were created, for now politicians and distant
cousins, news and even gossip traveled by rail. Take a fascinating ride back in time as you
explore the age of steam and the transition to diesel. Lively stories told by railroaders,
townspeople and historians paint a vivid picture of the early days of railroading. Experience the
challenge of rugged mountain lines like the one through New Hampshire's Crawford Notch, and
visit town and scenic vistas along Vermont's picturesque steelways. Includes rare footage from
the steam era plus breathtaking views of current excursion lines. Produced and directed for
Vermont ETV(1995) by Frederic Fischer.

2392 CR          KANSAS CITY TO CARROLLTON CAB RIDE Railway Productions,
2000 90 Enjoy a cab ride with the locomotive crew of Amtrak's ―Southwest Chief‖ between
Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. In this series of 5 tapes you'll experience the rare
chance to see the view out the front of the train. You'll hear the dispatcher and crews on the
radio, and the crews also offer you some insights about running the Chief. Along the way we
pass many opposing trains. All tapes are shot with professional broadcast equipment. The video
is entirely looking straight ahead, with ambient sound from the locomotive cab, with occasional
narration. You'll want to get all 5 tapes in the Series! This is Tape #1: Kansas City to
Carrollton, Missouri. Highlights include Sheffield Junction, Missouri River, and joint trackage
with Norfolk Southern.

Productions, 1998 63 This presentation features many types of Chesapeake and Ohio steam
locomotives as photographed and sound recorded by Mr. August Thieme during the Years 1947
thru 1953. Some of the best scenic locations in Virginia and West Virginia provide the
background for outstanding shots of Passenger and Freight Trains powered by the following: 0-
8-0 Switcher, 4-6-2 Pacific, 4-6-4 Hudson, 4-8-2 Mountain, 4-8-4 Greenbrier, 2-8-0
Consolidation, 2-8-2 Mikado, 2-8-4 Kanawha, 2-10-4 Texas, 2-6-6-2 & 2-8-8-2 Mallet, 2-6-6-6
Allegheny and M-1 Steam Turbine. All steam sail fans should really appreciate this rare, mostly
black and white footage presented with actual C&O audio recorded at the time, plus appropriate
music and narration.

2394 VS          PENNSY IN NEW JERSEY Digital Image Works, 1996 45 "This digitally-
edited program presents color and black-and-white films taken by Bill Holder and Theo (Ted)
Gay (the latter from the collection of Ted Xaras) in the 1940‘s. and ‗50's along Pennsylvania
Railroad affiliate roads in New Jersey, the New York & Long Branch and the Pennsylvania-
Reading Seashore Lines. We see scenes that in times past were routine; steam-powered
commuter trains, frequent local freights. eight-car (count 'em) RDC trains. Some scenes are
more unusual, including several E-6s 4-4-2's in service at speed, a CNJ double-ended Baldwin,
and K4's picking up water on the fly at track pans. Taken between the South Amboy bridge over
the Raritan River and Bay Head, and from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station to Ocean City, the
films show a different side of the Pennsy, and a different time in Jersey. In this program, you get
the chance to visit what may well be unfamiliar spots: the platforms at Broadway Terminal in
Camden, Winslow Junction with passenger trains on multiple routes, and the Delair Bridge
swing span, as well as the more familiar: 30th Street Station in Philadelphia: South Amboy,
Matawan: and Red Bank ""in the olden days."" Take a cab ride on a CNJ geep on the NY&LB,
meeting lots of K4-powered passenger trains. See #1361 in revenue service. Stand trackside at
Pavonia Yard, Camden. as a B6 0-6-0 switches a blue B&M boxcar! The action is intense in
spots where today you might have to wait all day to see a single movement (and never a
passenger train!). Digitally edited from 8-mm film, with narration by railroad author Larry De
Young, maps, and music, this film is black and white. The material is compiled from historic
sources, the quality of which was limited by the equipment with which the material was
originally recorded."

Magazine 60 "Witness the action and excitement of trains hauling steel. Nothing says ""big-
time railroad action"" like railroading and the steel industry! Join us for an in-depth look at the
crucial role today's railroads play in the making and transportation of steel products. You'll see
massive unit trains of inbound materials such as coal and iron ore; fascinating switching
operations on steel-owned railroads; and steel products moving on fast, dedicated ""steel
trains."" Plus rare, behind-the-scenes views of steel mills in operation! It's all here in vivid
digital video and stereo sound. Narrated by TRAINS Associate Publisher Kevin P. Keefe."

2396 VS          STEAM TRAINS Trains Unlimited/History Channel, 1998 100 "TRAINS
UNLIMITED opens with a detailed look at the locomotives that dominated America's railroad
tracks for 160 years. At Steamtown National Historic Site, the men and women who preserve
these fascinating machines lead a tour through their history, including the engines that defined
the steam age. And through the lens of famed railroad photographer 0. Winston Link, the steam
trains that ruled the railways come to life once again. BONUS EPISODE: WHEN GIANTS
ROAMED, THE GOLDEN AGE OF STEAM In the first half of the 20th century, America's
railroads were transformed by the coming of ""giants""— massive locomotives, like the Union
Pacific's famed Big Boy which could haul trains several miles long. Through interviews with the
people who operated them and extensive footage of these monsters in action, TRAINS
UNLIMITED revisits THE GOLDEN AGE OF STEAM and details the breakthroughs that
fueled the rise of these legendary locomotives."

2397 MR           GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 10 Allen Keller Productions,
1992 60 The Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid is undoubtedly the most
famous N scale layout ever built. The Reid brothers have taken a 22x40 foot area and built a
railroad that not only looks fabulous but runs with the reliability of the larger scales. You'll learn
some of their methods for obtaining this level of performance. The CVS is actually a system of
5 railroads-the Western Maryland, the Pennsylvania, the Norfolk & Western, the Reading and
the B&O. Only the WM and the Pennsy are fully modeled, the other roads provide interchange
traffic and operating interest. Bill and Wayne have designed the layout so the scenery dominates
the trains thus creating a feeling of distance. They'll show you tips for tracklaying, rock carving,
and kitbashing stuctures. Bill and Wayne enjoy working on and sharing this layout with others.
The two brothers are prophetic proponents for the ongoing improvements in N scale. The Reids
have modified the layout over the years to improve operation. They've never been afraid to use
new techniques or to rip out completed sections. In the process they've created a Great Model

2398 MR          GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 14 Allen Keller Productions,
1993 60 "The Allegheny Midland of Tony Koester is an operations oriented railroad that hauls
coal through Virginia and West Virginia. Although based on the Nickel Plate and the C&O,
Tony refers to his style as prototype freelancing. The HO scale AM has changed era at least five
times. Tony has now settled on 1958 while steam still reigns in the mountains. Elaborately
painted first generation diesels are making inroads. This careful attention to history is evident
throughout the layout because Tony really enjoys historical research. He has succeeded in
making the Allegheny Midland a believable railroad that follows standard prototype operating
rules. An Appalachian railroad needs thousands of trees and lots of tunnels. Tony will show you
how to make these elements quickly and realistically. He will also explain methods of
modifying common plastic kits into one-of-a-kind structures. The Allegheny Midland is a Great
Model Railroad because of the ""Trains of Thought"" that its builder has put into it. Tony, the
former editor of Railroad Model Craftsman, champions an intellectual approach to the

2399 MR           GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 11 Allen Keller Productions,
1992 60 The Virginian & Ohio of W. Allen McClelland needs little introduction to long-time
model railroaders. This world-class HO railroad is always included in the list of legendary
layouts. Careful planning and fidelity to the prototype are two of the reasons for its fame. This
Master Model Railroader has built more than a Great Model Railroad; he has built a following
among fellow modelers because of his innovations - walkaround operation/design, interchange
with other railroads beyond the basement, the good-enough philosophy, and pioneering
command control work. By listening to Allen, you'll learn that challenging the conventional
hobby wisdom of the 1960's was not easy. At times his ideas for prototype design and creating a
railroad that did work by actually traveling between two points were considered revolutionary.
Allen shows you his weathering and car distressing techniques, and a new method for building
open car loads. These techniques stem from his overall philosophy that no facet of the hobby
outshines any other. All aspects of the hobby must blend into a cohesive package. Like a real
railroad, the 31-year-old V&O stays current. New operating ideas, track arrangements, and time
periods are part of the railroad's continuing growth.

2400 MR           GREAT MODEL RAILROADS, VOL. 50 Allen Keller Productions,
2005 60 "The Argentine Industrial District Railway of Chuck Hitchcock is his answer to the
question ""Is it possible to outgrow a famous 30 year old layout?"" His former Santa Fe
Argentine Division was famous as one of the first layouts to be operated in a prototype manner.
Yet Chuck and his operators knew there had to be more. The Industrial District began as an idea
ten years ago. Since he and his friends really enjoyed switching industries, he decided a layout
could be built without a mainline. And so Chuck again became a pioneer in operation. The 54 x
26 foot HO railroad represents a Santa Fe line around Kansas City in 1963. All trains are
operated within yard limits, and work without a dispatcher. This fiftieth volume in the series is a
return to Chuck's work that Allen first recorded 22 years earlier. In a way the work of preserving
Great Model Railroads has come full circle. Many of the layouts in the series no longer exist
except on video. Chuck has found that this new HO railroad has renewed his interest in the
hobby, and made upkeep of the layout easier as he ages. He will show you how to lay track
without spikes or nails, add signs to urban buildings, and create switch lists from waybills. The
Argentine Industrial District Railway is a Great Model Railroad because Chuck has never been
afraid to change things while seeking innovative solutions."

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