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									                            THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR           AN INDEPENDENT MONTHLY
                                                  SERVING AMERICANS OF ARABIC HERITAGE
                                                        Celebrating 45 Years of Service
                                                             ESTABLISHED IN 1963
      $15.00 SUBSCRIPTION                                   XLVII #12 DECEMBER 2009

     Consumers to Give Thanks                                   Online                       Saudi Arabia:                  Syria Comes in From the Cold
     During the Holiday Season                                 Magazine                      Woman Gets                        New reforms from Damascus point
    Since 2004, holiday                                      Puts Spotlight                   Lashes for                        to improved hopes for a brighter
 shoppers throughout the
                                                              on Muslim                        Sex Talk
                                                                                                                                    economic future for Syria.
 country have supported
 the children of St. Jude by                                                                    A Saudi court on
 generously giving during                                       A Montclair State            Saturday sentenced a
 the annual Thanks and                                       University senior has           female journalist to 60
 Giving campaign.                                            enlisted writers from           lashes after she had been
    Even a sputtering           Marlo Thomas with St. Jude   around the world to             charged with involvement
                                patients.                    contribute to a magazine        in a TV show in which a
                                                             she created for Muslim          Saudi man publicly talked
     Patients, Families Celebrate
        (continued on page 14
                                                             women.                          about sex.
      Target House Anniversary
                                                                Yasmin Essa, 20,                Rozanna al-Yami, 22,
                                                             launched         Modest         is believed to be the first    Aleppo (above) is one of six ancient heritage sites in the country
                                this       year.      To     Beautiful Muslima in            Saudi woman journalist
                                                             July. The magazine caters                                         US President Barack            prosperity for Syria, as
                                commemorate 10 years                                         to be given such a
                                                                                                                            Obama's new dialogue              well as an end to its
                                of providing a home-
                                                                                                                            with Damascus heralds             political isolation. While
                                away-from-home for
                                                                      Americans Discover
                                                                                                                            the prospect of economic
                                                                  (continued on page 15)         (continued on page 25))
                                St. Jude patients and

                                                                    the Delights of Lebanon                                          Egyptian Cleric Plans
                                their families, Target
                                                                                                                                                                      (continued on page 8)

                                Corp. and St. Jude
 Tony Thomas, son of St.        celebrated
                                milestone with two
                                                    this                                                                               School Veil Ban
                                                                                                                                 The veils have nothing to do with
 Jude     founder     Danny
 Thomas, celebrated the 10th    days of special events
 anniversary of Target House    involving celebrities                                                                                religion, supporters say
 with St. Jude patients and
 their families at the          who     have     helped
 Fiestaval Carnival.            contribute to Target
    Target House, a             House over the years.
 long-term        housing          The       celebration
 facility for families of       kicked off Sept. 17
 patients     who     are       with     a     Fiestaval
                                                             Downtown Beirut has returned to reclaim its title “the Paris
 receiving     lifesaving       Carnival under a large       of the Middle East” and once again international tourists
 treatment at St. Jude,         tent on the St. Jude         are returning to sample its many attractions.
 turned "double-digits"                                          Just as officials from      the Israeli invasion in
                                                             President Obama's new           the summer of 2006, the
                                     (continued on page 8)

                                                             administration          are     country       is    again
                                                             opening up talks with           becoming a mecca for
                                                             Syria, its neighbour            tourists, this time from


                                                             Lebanon is enjoying             the US and Europe as
                                                             unprecedented                   well as Saudi Arabia,

                                                             popularity       in     the     Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE
                                                             American media. And,            and other parts of the            Egypt's top Islamic            Sunni Islam's premier
                                                             for once, the news is           Arab Gulf. "After years        cleric is planning to ban         institute of learning,
                                                             good.                           of instability, Lebanon is     students wearing the face         according    to     an
                                                                Three years after the        getting its groove back,"
Address Service Requested

                                                                                                                            veil from entering the            independent      daily

                                                             devastation caused by                                          schools of al-Azhar,
Syrian-Lebanese Star

Jacksonville, FL 32247

                                                                                                   (continued on page 9)                                              (continued on page 9)
P.O. Box 5545

                                                                                           To All Our Readers & Advertisers From Our Staff
           Jacksonville News                                  ALSAC St. Jude family bids
  Page 2                                                                   THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                               December 2009

 50th Anniversary               Weddings                        Farewell to Richard C.
                                                                                                                           Happy Holidays From:

   The Georges                 Khalil-Kelsey                         Shadyac Sr.
                                                                                                                       STRICKLAND & HOOTEN P.A.
                                                                      Beloved former CEO helped
                                                                                                                          DON’T GET HURT TWICE!
                                                                          shape organizations

                               TRAVERSE CITY,
   Frances and Jack         Mich. - Heidi Kelsey
George celebrated their     and Michael Khalil,
65th wedding anniversary    both of Jacksonville,
with a family vacation to   were married at 4 p.m.
Daytona Beach.              Oct. 10 in Bayview
   They were married        Wesleyan Church.
Sept. 3, 1944, in St.          The bride is the
John's Cathedral in         daughter of Patricia
Jacksonville. She is the    and Patrick Kelsey,
former Frances Abraham.     Traverse City. She is
   Their children are       the granddaughter of
   Patsy      Loughman,     Jeanette and Charles
Kenneth George and          Cooney and Bonnie                Friends, family and          to 2005. He died Sept.
Barbara Perry, all of       Kelsey, all of Traverse        colleagues         are         16, 2009 after battling
Jacksonville.               City and all of whom           mourning the loss of           a lengthy illness.
   The Georges have         attended the wedding,          former ALSAC CEO                  Shadyac left an
three grandchildren and
                                                           Richard C. Shadyac Sr.,        indelible    mark      on
four greatgrandchildren.       (continued on page 10)      who served from 1992           ALSAC during his
                                                                                          tenure as CEO, helping
                                                                                          to     shepherd       the
                                                                                          f u n d r a i s i n g
                                                                                          organization through
                                                                                          the death of St. Jude
                                                                                          founder Danny Thomas
                                                                                          and presiding over a
                                                                                          four-fold increase in
                                      DINNER, RAW- BAR, DESSERT, WINE, COCKTAILS          fundraising to support
                                                                                          the growing needs of
                                         Located in Avondale, Orsay is dedicated to       St. Jude.
                                      craftsmanship, heritage, and thoughtful service        David L. McKee,
                                      in the French bistro tradition. The wine list has   ALSAC's            chief
                                      been carefully curated to compliment all of the     operating        officer,
                                      dishes,raw bar to omlets, lobster pot pie to our
                                                                                          served with Shadyac
                                       unparalleled creme brulee, while the cocktails
                                                                                          throughout his tenure
                                        are crafted in the traditions of fine American
                                                     bars and speakeasies.
                                                                                          and called him “a great
                                                                                          leader who helped
                                                                                          propel ALSAC and St.
                                                                                          Jude to unprecedented
                                                                                             “Mr. Shadyac always
                                                                                          said that being CEO of
                                                                                          ALSAC wasn't a job. It
                                                                                          was a love affair,”
                                                                                          McKee said. “We will
                                                                                          always remember his
                                                                                          devotion,             his
                                                                                          commitment and his
                                                                                          love for the children of
                                                                                          St. Jude. He motivated
                                                                                          his staff to achieve
                                                                                          their best through his
                                                                                          own dedication, and he

                                                                                               (continued on page10)           Jacksonville, FL
                                                        The Emergence                                                         Jesus is the Living Word of
  Page 3                                                               THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                               December 2009

                                                         of the Bible                                                        God, the Buble is the Written
                                                          in English                                                                 Word of God
                                                           Following Tyndale’s                                                 We read in the prophet
                                                        death, King Henry VIII                                              Isaiah 53: 1 "Who hath
                                                        decided that England                                                believed our report? and
                                                        needed a ver-nacular                                                to whom is the arm of the
                                                        Bible.                                                              Lord revealed?" The
   I hope you will         chosen     by    Danny          Myles        Coverdale                                              Muslims believe that
allow me to recognize      Thomas,            were      (1487-1569),       another              By Brother John
                                                                                                                            their Coran is the last
the passing of a great     marching orders for          dissident who had helped                                            message from God. My
                                                                                           Bible known as the
                                                                                                 Samaha, S.M.
member of our St.          Dick Shadyac and our         Tyndale with translation,                                           answer to the Muslims is
Jude family: Richard       founding generation.         was appointed editor.              Bishops' Bible. The              that they must understand
C. Shadyac Sr.                The first is a quote         Coverdale did some of           “Breeches Bible” was             that God is God. He is
   Dick Shadyac, my        from Kahlil Gibran -         the translation but: leaned        another name for the             Almighty. He knows the
father, was one of the     "He who denies his           heavily on the previous            Geneva Bible, the first to       end from the beginning.
legends of ALSAC           heritage     has     no      work of Tyndale, and               contain verse numbers,           He is not a God of
and St. Jude.              heritage." Danny and         omitted the controversial          and was made with the            confusion or a man to
   As I contemplated       our founders were            notes.                             Calvinists exiled to the                                                   that are written in this
                                                                                                                                                                        Rev. Fred Massabni
                                                                                                                            forget to give
my father's life I         motivated not only by           Dubbed the “Great               Continent during the                the world two books.                   book: And if any man
realized how much          the love of children,        Bible” because it was so           reign of Queen Mary.             God said in Revelation                    shall take away from the
three sayings in our       but by their desire to       large, this version was            Coverdale died as a leader       22:18-19 "For I testify                   words of the book of this
Pavilion    here     in    give back to this            placed in all English              of the Puritans.                 unto every man that                       prophecy, God shall take
Memphis mirror his         country, because of          churches by order of                  From      the    earlier      heareth the words of the                  away his part out of the
journey.        Those      the opportunities it         Henry. Among other                 political and religious          prophecy of this book, If                 book of life, and out of
inscriptions in the        gave them. And they          translations Coverdale             turmoil the seventeenth          any man shall add unto                    the holy city, and from the
Pavilion       ceiling,                                 influenced were the                century       saw       the      these things, God shall                   things which are written
                               (continued on page 11)
                                                        Geneva Bible and a                 appearance       of    two       add unto him the plagues
                                                        revision of the Great                    (continued on page 11)                                                   (continued on page 12)

                                                                                                                                  Happy Holidays & Best Wishes
                                                                                                                                To All Our Many Syrian & Lebanese
                                                                                                                                        Friends & Customers

                                                                                                          Jax Beach, FL

             Best Wishes From:

                          Johnson                                                                                                  DINNER SERVIED FROM 5 PM

                          Jacksonville City
                                                                                                                                   MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY
                                                                                                                            LUNCH TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FROM 11:30

                          At-Large Group 5

                                                         MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY • OPEN TUESDAY FOR LUNCH 11:30 AM - 2 PM

                                                               $10. 99
   “A proven and dedicated public servant”
                                                                11                                                                                                        Locally Owned!
  Thank you for your continued
    support. It does make a                                or $2.00 off any Package
          difference!                                       Car Wash with this Ad                       835 Atlantic Blvd • Atlantic Beach • In The Publix Shopping Center
            In Memorium
  Page 4                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                        December

                                                                 Attendees Have a Blast
            Past President                                      at the Hafle’ on the Bayou
           Mary Jo Mansour                                                                  items was provided.
   Past President of the                                                                    Other activities that
Southern Federation of                                                                      took place in the room
Syrian         Lebanese                                                                     included slide shows,
American clubs. Past                                                                        Lebanese       movies,
                                                                                                                              Professional Cat Photography
President of Syra-Meric                                                                     games, bingo, and a
club ofAlexandria, La.                                                                      drabeke contest. On            
Past President of the                                                                       Friday      afternoon,             Photos for: Advertising • Calendars
                                                               Over 400 people
Rapides           Parish                                    attended the Mid-Winter      several people toured                        Magazines • Websites
Repbulican      Women's                                     Conference in Baton          Louisiana's majestic Old             Personal Portrait of your beloved feline
club. Board Member the        (LSU -A) Foundation.          Rouge January 29 -           State Capitol. Just one               Sally Cowan - She is the one to call
Louisiana          State        Member     of      the      February 1, and everyone     block from the hotel, this                   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
University at Alexandria                                    enjoyed the Hafle' on the    historic building is a        Set up a photo session with your special four-legged companion.
                                                            Bayou! The weekend           standing    tribute     to              Please Mention This Ad for 10% Discount
                                   (continued on page 12)

                                                            was filled with a mix of     Louisiana politics and                             904-377-5586
                                                            Middle Eastern culture                                             3873 Hickory Lane, St. Augustine, FL
                                                            and South Louisiana
                                                                                              (continued on page 12)

                                                            culture. Everyone got to
                                                            experience dabke as well
                                                            as two-step, cedars as
                                                            well as cypress. The
                                                            Hilton Baton Rouge
                                                            Capitol Center was the
                                                            conference headquarters.
                                                            This historic, recently
                                                            renovated hotel on the
                                                            banks of the Mississippi
                                                            River     provided      an
                                                            exquisite backdrop for
                                                            the weekend of events.
                                                            The Cedars Heritage
                                                            Club of Baton Rouge was
                                                            proud to host the
                                                            Southern Federation and
                                                            its 63rd annual Mid-
                                                            Winter Conference.
                                                               The conference began
                                                            with the Executive Board
                                                            meeting on Thursday
                                                            afternoon           where
                                                            important      Federation
                                                            business was conducted.
                                                            Guests were welcomed at
                                                            a reception at Capitol
                                                            City Grill and enjoyed
                                                            each other's company.
                                                               On Friday morning,
                                                            guests made the short trip
                                                            down the road to
                                                            Hollywood Casino and
                                                            pressed     their    luck.
                                                            Throughout the weekend,
                                                            the Middle Eastern
                                                            Hospitality &Activity
                                                            Room was a gathering
                                                            place for everyone. The
                                                            Middle Eastern food
                                                            (especially those spinach
                                                            pies!) and ethnic coffees
                                                            (complete       with     a
                                                            costumed server) were
                                                            enjoyed by all. In
          2578 Atlantic Blvd. • Jacksonville, FL            addition to the wonderful
       Phone: (904) 399-0609 • Fax: (904) 399-5553          food, a beautiful display
              Website:                    of Lebanese cultural
  Page 5

                                                                 Scholarships From Federation
                                                                             THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                 December 2009

  The Star is published once per month by A.M. Coplan.
  The Star is an independent monthly serving Americans
    of Syrian and Lebanese heritage for over 45 years.                            Kirby Anne Kimber
                                                                                  Daughter of Greg and Joan Kimber
     MEMBER ARAB-AMERICAN PRESS GUILD                                             Good Fellowship Club, Dallas,Texas
           The Syrian-Lebanese Star                                               Marguerite Korkames Memorial
                                                                                  Scholarship; Korkmas Families
                                                                                  Cedars of Lebanon Club of Austin                                      Cell: (904) 866-7483
                                                                                  In Memory of Mike Hage;                                               Tel: (904) 207-2288
     Publisher...A. M. Coplan • Editor...Toni M. Kara

                                                                 Austin,Texas;    Lone Star Club Scholarship,                                           Tel: (904) 249-9300
     For Advertising Information Write P.O.Box 5545

                                                                                  Dallas,Texas; Mills College                                           Fax: (904) 270-2797
    Jacksonville, Florida 32247 Phone (904) 737-6996

     Postmaster-send change of address to the above

                                                                                   MaryTheresa Mahfoud                                        

                                                                                   Daughter of Jimmy and Elizabeth
           Please send your letters, news stories,                                 Mahfoud; Cedar Club of Atlanta
               pictures and club activities to                                     Atlanta, Georgia; The Kahlil Gibran
                    The Editor's Desk.                                             Scholarship; In Memory of Past

                                                                                                                              The Gardens At Lakewood
            4251 University Blvd. S., Suite 201,                                   President Helen George
                Jacksonville, Florida 32216                                        Heritage Preservation Endowment
                                                                 Cedar Club of Atlanta Scholarship; In Memory of
            Subscription Rate: $15.00 per year                   Frank Maloof; Atlanta, Georgia; Lebasyr Heritage                  Apartment Community
Scholarships From Federation
                                                                 Society Scholarship; Corpus Christi,Texas
                                                                 Georgia Institute ofTechnology                                               $99 moves you in;
                   Jaclyn Christine Joseph                                                                                              Apartments starting at $499
                                                                                                  (continued on page 13)

                   Daughter of Michael and Myriam
                   Joseph; Cedars of Lebanon,                                                                                                  Call for details:
                   Austin,Texas; The Kamal E. Antone
                   Memorial; Southern Federation                                                                                               904-737-6576
                   Executive Board, Salaam Club of
                   Florida,      Inc.     Scholarship;                                                                              5551 Auburn Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Jacksonville, Florida; University ofTexas
                                                                                                                           Located at the corner of University Blvd.West & San Jose Blvd.

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                         Commercial • Industrial
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                                                                                                                                         BEAUTY SALON
                                                                                                                               A Full-Service Salon For Men & Women for 34 Years
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              Downspouts • Cleaning • Repairs                                                                              Syrian-Lebanese Star1!We Carry Redken Products
           Installation on Any Rain Gutter System
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Page 6                                                          THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                           December 2009

                                                  JACKSONVILLE, FL
                                                              ‘Vicar of Baghdad’
                                                                Visits Georgia

      We're the Largest
     Independent Dealer
       in Jacksonville



 FINANCING ON LATE MODEL, CLEAN, PRE-             The Rev. Canon Andrew White of St. George's Anglican Church in
 OWNED CARS, TRUCKS, SUVs, AND VANS!               Baghdad does more than minister to his congregation of 3,700.
                                                       The church helps them survive the daily ordeals in Iraq.
                                                     His parishioners are         the good his St. George's
         WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL                  routinely slain and he          Anglican Church does in
                                                  lives under constant            Iraq.
                                                  threat of death himself.           White      was      in
            904-724-0347                          Such is the lot of
                                                  Baghdad's         Anglican
                                                                                  Southeast Georgia on
                                                                                  Thursday to raise money
6833 Beach Boulevard • Jacksonville, Fl 32216     priest, the Rev. Canon          for his church and the
                                                  Andrew White.                   Foundation for Relief
                                                     But White, known as          and Reconciliation in the
                                                  the Vicar of Baghdad,           Middle East, which he
                                                  said the good his church        leads. He said he also
                                                  does in the region makes        wants to praise the
                   Delicious, healthful cuisine
                            8am-4pm               the danger worthwhile.          United States for what it
                                                     "I love it," he said in a    has accomplished in
                                                  heavy English accent of
                           Mon. - Sat.
                                                                                       (continued on page 14)

                         8am-3pm Sun.

                       525 S.R. 16, #106,
                        Westgate Plaza
                        St. Augustine, FL

              Instant Key
           LOCKS & LOCKSMITH


               JACKSONVILLE, FL
  Page 7                                                                   THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                      December 2009

                                                              JACKSONVILLE, FL
       Age cannot wither her:                                          The World’s 50 Most
         Nawal El Saadawi                                               Influential Arabs
                                                                 It is no easy task in a region raising
                                                                its profile on an almost daily basis to
                                                                                                                                       25 Years - Trial Experience

                                                              select the 50 most influential people and,
                                                                 of course, unlike the richest or even
                                                                 the most powerful, such a list must
                                                                   by its very nature remain fairly
                                                                  subjective. How does one quantify
                                                                “most influential?” The short answer
    'Age cannot wither her     words of the bard are                   might be “with difficulty.”                                            904-399-1966
nor custom stale her           equally true of another of        First of all, we asked a       from within the region
infinite variety'--so said
William Shakespeare of
                               Egypt's most famous
                               daughters, feminist writer
                                                              selected number of people               (continued on page 15)                  Fax 399-4866
Queen Cleopatra who            and thinker and--for more
ruled both Upper and           than half a century--                                                                                            1916 Atlantic Blvd.
Lower Egypt more than          committed        political
2,000 years ago. But the
                                                                                                                                                  Jacksonville, FL
      A-A Intensive Care
                                     (continued on page 15)

       Vacuum Service
          Kirby Factory Authorized
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           Sales - Service - Installation
     Quality & Dependable • Since 1985
               Dan Dollberly, Owner

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  Page 8                                                                 THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                            December 2009

                                                                                                                              PET BOARDING
Syria                        (EU) in Brussels is also     Target House                      current Target House
                             holding      talks   with                                      residents celebrate at
                             Damascus to enable                                             the
                                                          (continued from page 1)
the global economic
(continued from page 1)

                                                                                                                             ALL BREED • PET GROOMING
                             Syria to use both its        campus.          Flamenco            "Big Top" birthday
downturn is currently                                     dancers swirled to the
                             pipeline links and ports                                       party.    They      were
reducing           export                                 music of a Mariachi
                             on the Mediterranean to                                        welcomed to Target
revenues,              the                                band while children
                             export Iraqi oil and gas                                       House       by     Tony
government of President                                   donned         sombreros,
                             to outlets in central and                                      Thomas, son of St.
Bashar Al Assad has                                       feather boas and fake
                             southern Europe over the                                       Jude founder Danny
launched a series of                                      moustaches. At center
                             coming              years.                                     Thomas. The circus-
reforms      aimed      at                                stage was a full-size
                             Meanwhile,        Brussels                                     themed        festivities
encouraging        private                                half pipe constructed
                             hopes that an estimated                                        included a full-size
enterprise and foreign                                    to      showcase           the
                             five billion cubic metres                                      carousel,       roaming
investment to make the                                    gravity-defying bicycle
                             of gas will come, via                                          circus performers, a
most of the country's                                     and skateboard tricks
                             Syria, from Iraq's huge                                        larger-than-life tiered
potential. Plans to join                                  performed by several
                             Akkras field alone.                                            birthday cake stage,
the      World      Trade                                 extreme            athletes.
                                Syria's     own     oil                                     and              special
Organisation by the end                                   Olympic snowboarder
                             reserves are dwindling,                                        performances        from
of next year are also
                                                                                                                          Member of Better

                             making its future role as    Shaun White was on                season six American
                                                                                                                          Business Bureau

boosting         investor                                 hand          to          sign
                             a transit market for                                           Idol first runner-up,
interest.                                                 autographs                  for
                             hydrocarbons even more                                         Blake     Lewis,     and
   Foremost among the                                     patients.
                             important. In 2007,                                            Memphis’ own urban
possibilities is Syria's                                     Other          celebrity
                             production fell by 6.5%                                        acrobatic troupe and
central role as a conduit                                 friends,         including
                             to just under 400,000                                          America's Got Talent
for oil and gas from the                                  actress          Kimberly
                             barrels a day. Now,                                            contestants, the Beale
Middle East to Europe.                                    Wi l l i a m s - P a i s l e y,
                             increasing the import of                                       Street Flippers.
The country is already                                    GRAMMY              Award-
                             supplies from Egypt, and                                          Additionally, guests
linked to fields in Egypt                                 winning          recording
                             possibly Libya, through                                        toured     the    newly
via Jordan through the                                    artist Amy Grant and
                             the AGP is being                                               remodeled celebrity-
Arab      Gas    Pipeline                                 designer Sean Conway,
                             considered,      as    are                                     designed         rooms,
(AGP), which is being                                     joined White at Target                                         The Hospice’s goals are:
                             potential revenues that                                        including the Shaun
extended to Turkey. The                                   House on Sept. 18 to                                           • To provide dignified, comfortable care for persons
                             could come from transit                                        White Great Room,
European Commission                                       help       former          and                                   nearing the end of life by controlling pain and

                                                                   Reliable Business
                                 (continued on page 16)                                         (continued on page 16)     relieving symptoms.
                                                                                                                         • To enable patients to have choices about their care
                                                                                                                           and their lives.

                                                                     Tax Service
    Angel’s Custom
                                                                                                                         • To support patients and families emotionally and
      Tailoring                                                                                                            spiritually.
                                                                                                                         • To provide counseling designed to assist the
           Alterations for Men’s                            (Your Business is Our Business) ALI DAHER                      long-term physical and emotional well-being of
         and Women’s Garments                                                                                              loved ones in grief.
           Custom Made Suits                                                                                                                 (727) 586-4432
      Complementary Custom Shirt                                                                                                
            with a Custom Suit                                                                                                    300 East Bay Drive • Largo, FL 33770
 Weddings, Leather, Jeans and Much More!

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           Wholesale To The Public                                         Same Location Since 1953

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  Page 9                                                                           THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                   December 2009

Lebanon                             topped Washington DC,           Veil Ban                                anonymity because he's
                                    Berlin and Las Vegas.                                                   not authorized to speak to
                                    Hundreds of readers                                                     the press, said the ban was
                                                                    (continued from page 1)
the Los Angeles Times
(continued from page 1)

                                    posted comments on the          Monday.                                 for security reasons.
reported in March.                                                     A security official also
                                    NYT's             website                                                  The moves appear to
"Foreign tourists have                                              told The Associated Press
                                    applauding their choice                                                 be part of a government
been flocking back to the                                           that police have standing
                                    and       the      paper's                                              campaign cracking down
Middle Eastern country's                                            verbal orders to bar girls
                                    designation of Beirut as                                                on increasingly overt
pine-covered mountains,                                             covered from head to toe
                                    the "Paris of the Middle                                                manifestations           of
fancy      Mediterranean                                            from entering al-Azhar's
                                    East".                                                                  ultraconservative Islam in
beach clubs and buzzing                                             institutions,   including
                                       For older visitors to                                                Egypt.
night life."                                                        middle and high schools,
                                    the Middle East, the                                                       While a vast majority
   As          Lebanon's                                            as well as the dormitories
                                    Times      was     simply                                               of Egyptian women wear
respected        English-                                           of several universities in
                                    recalling the title that                                                the headscarf, only a few
language newspaper, the                                             Cairo.
                                    Beirut enjoyed in the                                                   wear the niqab, which
Daily Star, pointed out                                                The official, who
                                    1960s and early 1970s,
recently, "For decades,                                             spoke on condition of
                                    before the start of its 15-
just saying the word
                                                                                                                   (continued on page 18)
                                    year civil war. When I
'Beirut' was to conjure
                                    arrived, as a student, for
up images of violence
                                    the    first    time      at
and brutality. The city, in
                                    Christmas in 1971, I was
the popular American
                                    startled      to       find
imagination, was a
                                    illuminated          Santa
panorama                 of
                                    Clauses staring down at                  Insured • Bonded • Screened • Established 1984
kidnappings, bombings
                                    me       from        street              MEDICARE CERTIFIED • RN Care Management
and street fights."
                                    decorations,        carols        Medication Administration • Private Duty Care • Staff Relief
   How times change.
                                    playing on loudspeakers                           Home • Hospital • Nursing Home
The prestigious New
                                    in Hamra and its shops                                 RN’s • LPN’s • HHA’s
York Times, the Star
                                    resplendent           with       Office in Orlando, Palm Beach and Delray Beach to Serve You
noted, in January hailed
                                    designer clothes, jewels                    Visit our website:
Beirut as "the first of 44
                                    and confectionery that                         FREE IN HOME Consultation by R.N.
places to go to in 2009".
The Lebanese capital

           Randy Rudd                                                    Griffis Custom Framing
                                           (continued on page 17)         Please Mention Ad When Calling.

        Roofing & Consulting                                                    Since 1995
              Residential & Commerical                               Custom Home Framing • Woodworking
     • Re-Roofing Specialist • Repair Specialist                              Work Guaranteed
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                                                                             Licensed • Insured
   Serving Areas: Jacksonville, Orange Park & the
    Jacksonville Beaches for your convenience!
         Licensed & Insured - CC-C 057831

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           Jacksonville, FL (904) 545-1392                                    17697 NE 19th Lane • Starke, FL
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                                     Workers Compensation                           PAINT & BODY                                              Thanks Dr. Hanna!
                                     “Where You Matter”                                                                                     1150 N. 35th Ave. SW 675
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  Page 10                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                          December 2009

Khalil-Kelsey               The groom graduated           Shadyac, Sr.                   cause since Danny
                            from       Jacksonville                                      Thomas       and    Mike
                            University and Florida                                       Tamer, the first CEO of
                                                          (continued from page 2)
and the late Donald
(continued from page 2)

                            State University.             invested his all into          ALSAC, launched this
Kelsey.The       bride                                    raising the funds that
                               Shelby Lewis was                                          remarkable institution."
graduated cum laude                                       St. Jude needed to
                            the maid of honor, and                                          Joseph G. Shaker,
from the University of                                    continue its lifesaving
                            Daniel Ezell was the                                         who served as chairman
North Florida. The                                        work.”
                            best man:The bride's                                         of the ALSAC Board of
groom is the son of                                          Shadyac, a former
                            sister, Hannah Kelsey;                                       Directors          during
Lena    and   Mufeed                                      attorney, joined the
                            the bride's cousin,                                          Shadyac's tenure as
Khalil, Jacksonville.                                     ALSAC/St.            Jude
                            Laura Hay; Elizabeth                                         CEO, offered praise by
He is the grandson of                                     Boards of Directors and
                            Classen and Elizabeth                                        comparing Shadyac to
Lydia    and   Benny                                      Governors in 1963 and
                            Campbell were the                                            St. Jude founder Danny
Zabaneh,     Amman,                                       acted      as     general
                            bridesmaids.      Steve                                      Thomas, saying "When
Jordan, and the late                                      counsel for ALSAC. He
                            Jeantet,        Andres                                       you say Danny Thomas,
Nagla Khalil and the                                      served as chairman of          the next words you say
late Michael Khalil.                                      the ALSAC Board of             are Dick Shadyac. You
                                                          Directors in the 1960s
                                 (continued on page 18)

                                                                                         can't get any closer to
                                                          and 1970s and as the
                   Best Wishes From
         Chapman Carpet                                                                  living the legend of
                                                          chairman of the St.            Danny Thomas than
            & Supply                                      Jude       Board        of     through Dick Shadyac.
                                                          Governors in the 1980s.        The entire St. Jude
                                                          In 1992, he was                family is going to miss
                                                          appointed CEO of                                              Call for Saturday Appointments
        Please Mention Ad When Calling
                                                                                         him greatly."
                                                          ALSAC following the
                                                                                                                          We Now Offer Electrolysis
               We are Here for You!
                                                                                            Shadyac was a close
                                                          retirement of Baddia J.        friend and confidant of
              Buy At Builders Prices
                                                          Rashid. He retired in          founder            Danny      1233 Miccouskee Road • Tallahassee, FL 32308
       Carpet Available From Over 50 Mills
                                                          2005, but continued to         Thomas, and he played
            Commercial - Residential
               Expert Installations                       serve as a member of           a critical role in
                                                          the Board. Camille             ensuring the stability of
                   321-725-5341                           Sarrouf Jr., chairman of       ALSAC and St. Jude
                   321-725-7994                           the ALSAC Board of             after Danny's death.
                                                          Directors, said the            which occurred shortly

   AMERICA’S Finest, Inc.
                                                          Board has been forever         before he became CEO.
        7103 Sheridan Rd. • Melbourne, FL
                                                          shaped        by       his     The     loss    of    the
                                                          leadership and indebted        organization’s      most
                                                          to his service. "The           visible fundraiser and
                                                          Board of Directors             champion           meant
                                                          feels a great loss today.      Shadyac had to find a
                                                          We have lost one of the        new voice to tell the St.
                                                          legends        of     our      Jude story.
                                                          organization          and         Shadyac found his
                                                          arguably      the   most

                                                                                         answer in the children
                                                          tireless advocate of our
                                                                                              (continued on page 18)

                Green Cove Springs, FL

                          OAK AND FINELY
                                                                                                                        Hoover Enterprises LLC
                                                                                                                                        Since 1991
                                                                                                                                 • Fences • Custom Tile Work
                                                                                                                                 • Hardwood Floors • Painting
                                                                        (954) 492-5552
                                                                                                                                  • Renovations • Much More

                                                                                                                            Serving North Florida & South Georgia
                                                              4300 North Federal Hwy. • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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               (321) 951-1124
     MON-SAT 10-7 • SUN 12:30-4:30

                                                             Open Hours: Mon-Thu: 11:30am-10pm • Fri: 11:30am-11pm

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      2795 W. New Haven Ave. • Melbourne, FL                             Sat: 5pm-11pm Sunday: closed
             Across Street From Target                               
  Page 11                                                          THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                         December 2009

                                                                                                                                 GBL Financial,
                                                                                                                                  Services Inc.
Very Truly Yours           important work of          Bible in English                came in the person of
                           what we call Danny's                                       Gregory Martin (d. 1582),
                           Army - those of you                                        a Catholic priest ordained
                                                      (continued from page 3)
wanted to give back in
(continued from page 3)

                           who have embraced          English translations that       at the English College in
the name of their                                     would endure in popular
                           the St. Jude cause as                                      Douai,      France.     He                         HAMID BARKAH
ancestry, thus our                                    use into the twentieth
                           your own. My father                                        returned to Douai after
name      -   American                                century: the Authorized
                           was a general in                                           starting the English
Lebanese          Syrian                              Version, popularly called
                           Danny's Army, but he                                       College in Rome. Later
                                                                                                                                   Phone: (770) 649-8400
Associated Charities.                                 the King James Bible, and
                           never forgot it was all                                    the College in Douai                          Fax: 877-757-1555
   Then there is the                                  the Douay-Rheims Bible.
                           of you who made our                                        moved to Rheims. It was
phrase we all know so                                    The Douay-Rheims
                           lifesaving         work                                    at Douai in 1578 that
well: "No child should                                Bible was the Roman
                                                                                                                            VISIT OUR WEB PAGE AND USE OUR
                           possible.                                                  Martin began to translate
die in the dawn of                                    Catholic response to to
                              I thank all of you                                      two chapters of the Bible
                                                                                                                          ONLINE CALCULATOR TO OBTAIN YOUR
life." Danny Thomas                                   the Protestant translation.
                           who have kept our                                          each day and submit them                                           • REFINANCE/CASHOUT
was a true genius with                                The Council of Trent
                                                                                                                        MORTGAGE PAYMEN.
                           family in your prayers                                     to an editorial committee.
words, but no words                                   (1545-1563) had declared
                           during this difficult                                      He followed the Latin
                                                                                                                          RESIDENTIAL LOANS • COMMERCIAL LOANS
he uttered have had so                                the Latin Vulgate the
                           time. And while we                                         closely while keeping an
                                                                                                                           FREE APPRAISAL • FREE CREDIT REPORT
lasting an impact and                                 official Bible of the
                           mourn, we also share                                       eye on the Greek text and
                                                                                                                             COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL LAND
so powerful a legacy                                  Catholic Church. English
                           my father's conviction                                     other English translations.
                                                                                                                          COMMERCIAL LOANS FOR SMALL BUSINESS
as these. My father                                   Catholics in exile during
                           that the work must go                                      Copious notes, some
                                                                                                                              CREDIT LINE • LAND AQUISITION
embraced them like a                                  the reign of Queen
                           on. And we will                                            c o n d e m n i n g
man possessed, once
                                                                                                                                    FREE CONSULTATION
                           redouble our efforts in    Elizabeth I realized their      Protestantism,        were
he left the board and                                 co-religionists were at a
                                                                                                                                      6 N. Riversong Ct. • Alpharetta, GA

                           these tough economic                                       attached to the new
became CEO. Having                                    disadvantage       among
                           times.                                                     translation. The New
just lost his friend and                              Protestants, who could
                              And they are tough.                                     Testament              was
confidant,        Danny                               quote be heart from the
                           You      are      surely                                   established in 1532, the
Thomas, he needed a                                   Bible in English. They
                           experiencing it as we                                      year of his death, and the
new way to inspire                                    also feared that Catholics
                           are here. But I hope                                       Old Testament in 1609.
employees, donors and                                 would read “heretical”
                           you will keep ALSAC                                        The Dcuay-Rheims Bible
volunteers. He turned                                 Bibles laced with textual
                           and the children of St.                                    and its revisions remained
to the children, asking
them to share their
                           Jude in your minds         notes strongly critical of
                                                      the pope and Roman
                                                                                      the official Catholic                         New & Old
stories, because he
                           and hearts and find a
                           way to continue to         Catholicism. The remedy                                                    Any Size Project
                                                                                                                                  (404) 643-6366
found            himself
                                                                                            (continued on page 19)

                           support us. As we            Your took the first step,
interacting with them                                    now let us take you over the threshold.
                           work to cut expenses,
                                                                                                                                  Bahman Sigari
on a daily basis. It was
                           and to find new
the same life force
                           opportunities to help
that    drove     Danny
Thomas - that deep,
                           keep    the    hospital                                                                                        Marietta, GA
                           running       on     all
urgent concern that
                                                      We work with buyers, sellers & renters ª Specializing in

                           cylinders, we will
                                                      working with first time and repeat home buyers. Come

the lives of precious
                                                      meet your friendly and experienced agents.

                           depend on you - our
children hung in the
                                                      Let us work for you!

                           donors, volunteers and
                                                                    Richard Lemon • 321-252-4644

                                                                    Leanne Watkins • 321-302-1931
                           partners who are so
   The final saying
                           resourceful, dedicated
inscribed      in    the

                           and determined to turn
                                                             808 Forrest Ave., Ste. A • Cocoa, FL 32922

ceiling of the Pavilion
is    an    old    Arab
                           back the scourge of         COAST TO COAST BAIL BONDS                                        HOME IS STILL THE PLACE TO BE.
                           catastrophic childhood
proverb: "Those who
                           diseases.                                                                                       Companionship • Light Housework
                                                              AROUND THE CLOCK SERVICE
work for the good are                                                                                                   Meal Preparation • Incidental Transportation
                              In September we
as those who do the                                                                                                           Errands & Shopping • Screened
                                                        Criminal, Federal, Immigration, & Domestic Violence
                           a c k n o w l e d g e d
good." This proverb
                                                                                                                                    Bonded • Insured
                                                                                                     To know me,
                           National     Childhood
speaks to the heart of
                                                                                    Call me (Sam) Isaid Elhaddad
                           Cancer       Awareness
the ALSAC mission.
                                                                                            Cell: (305) 490-2606
                           month. I pray that you
Those of you who
                                                                                          Office: (305) 547-2021

                           will keep children                                                                                      16520 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste. 203
support good deeds
                                                                                         Beeper: (305) 214-9207

                           fighting cancer front                                                                                         Ft. Myers, FL 33908
are as important as
                                                                                             Fax: (305) 325-0073

                           of mind throughout
                                                                                  1170 NW 7th Avenue • Miami FL 33136

those who deliver
services to those in
                           the    year    as    we                                                                            Complete Diabetic Systems
                           continue to work for
need. Our brilliant
                           good so that, some
doctors, scientists and
                                                                                                                         MEDICARE & PRIVATE INSURANCE MAY PAY

                           day, no child will die
                                                                                                                               YOUR DIABETIC SUPPLIES
medical staff make
                           in the dawn of life.

important discoveries
                              Very Truly Yours,
                                                        INSURANCE CLAIMS • PLATE GLASS • AUTO GLASS • WINDOW

and care for our                                                                                                              (800) 985-6406 (941) 629-2470
                              Richard Shadyac, Jr.
                                                      GLASS • MIRRORS • SHOWER DOORS • FREE ESTIMATES • QUALITY

children, but their
                                                               WORK • GOOD SERVICE • REASONABLE PRICES

                              ALSAC Chief
                                                           “WE SERVE A 65-MILE RADIUS EXPERIENCED EXPERT”

work is possible only
                                                            INSTALLATION • WINSHIELD • ROCK-GRIP • REPAIRS       

                           Executive Officer
because of the just as
                                                                                                                                     A Medicare Assignment Provider

                                                          3303 B CARROLLTON - VILLA RICA HWY.                                                    Port Charlotte, FL
                                                                    CARROLLTON, GA                                      Please tell the staff you saw this ad in the Syrian Lebanese Star.
   Page 12                                                                                  THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                       December 2009

Written Word                               that He has fingers? Jesus          Mansour                       nurse. In 1979 she began
                                           is God's body. As it is                                           her career as a Real Estate
                                           written in Colossians                                             Broker, and received
                                                                               (continued from page 4)
in this book." God doesn't
(continued from page 3)

                                           1:15-19                             National Federation of        numerous awards and
change                 His                                                     Republican        Women.
                                              "Who is the image of                                           citations in recognition of
commandments or change                                                         Member of the Louisiana
                                           the invisible God, the                                            her hard work and
His mind to correct a                                                          Federation of Republican
                                           firstborn      of     every                                       innovative and ethical
mistake. I know for sure                                                       Women. She was a
                                           creature: For by him were                                         sales practices. She
that 75% of the Coran is                                                       member of the Louisiana
                                           all things created, that are                                      continued her Real Estate
taken from the Bible to                                                        Law       League       and
                                           in heaven, and that are in                                        practice until her death.
deceive the world that the                                                     sustaining member of the
                                           earth,      visible     and                                           She is survived by her
Coran and the Bible are                                                        Alexandria          Junior
                                           invisible, whether there                                          loving husband of 59
the same. Also, 25% of                                                         League. She was a
                                           be thrones, or dominions,                                         years, Judge Alfred
the Coran is myth and                                                          founding member of the
                                           or principalities, or                                             Ameen Mansour; sons Dr.
curses upon the infidel.                                                       mardi gras Krewe of
                                           powers: all things were                                           Alfred Ameen Mansour,
We are not infidels!                                                           Medea.
                                           created by him, and for                                           Jr. and wife, Maryetta; Dr.
   The             prophet                                                        She previously owned
                                           him: And he is before all                                         Richard Preston Mansour
Mohammed said in his                                                           and operated a maternity
                                           things, and by him all                                            and     wife,     Merriall;
Coran that if you have any                                                     and child's shop and later
                                           things consist. And he is                                         daughter,           Sharon
differences go to the                                                          a jewelry and gift shop. In
                                           the head of the body, the                                         Mansour Meek and
Gospel. Read Saurat the                                                        1976 she received an
                                           church: who is the                                                husband, Dr. James
table or El Maida chapter                                                      associate     degree     in
                                           beginning, the firstborn                                          Meek; 7 grandchildren
45-47, and 67. To be more                                                      Nursing from LSU - A
                                           from the dead; that in all                                        and 5 great grandchildren.

                                                                                                                                                     Piedmont Minor
sure read Exodus 32:15-                                                        and became a registered
                                           things he might have the
16 and the two tables of
                                           preeminence. For it

                                                                                                                                                    Emergency Clinic
the 10 commandments.                                                                                         Cajun      dinner      and
                                           pleased the Father that in          Attendees
They were the work of                                                                                        entertainment by a live
                                           him should all fulness
God and the writing was                                                                                      Cajun band straight from
                                                                               (continued from page 4)
                                           dwell;" We read in I John

                                                                                                                                            Piedmont Travel Clinic
the writing of God graven                                                      houses      the    state's    the Henderson Bayou. In
                                           5:7-8, "For there are three         political museum. Later
upon tables with the                                                                                         a true mix of cultures, the
                                           that bear record in                 that    afternoon,    the
ringer of God. Secondly,                                                                                     Arabic music began as
                                           Heaven, the Father, the             singles enjoyed a social
the Bible says that God is                                                                                   soon as the Cajun music
a Spirit. Then how is it                                                       on the rooftop deck of                                                       OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                                                                             was done.
                                                      (continued on page 19)
                                                                               Tsunami sushi restaurant,        Bernard Richa and the
                                                                                                                                                     Mon-Fri 8am-8pm • Sat 9am-7pm
                                                                               overlooking           the                                                     Sun 11am-6pm
                                                                                                             Phoenicia Band from
                                                                               Mississippi River. Friday
           Finest Authentic Indian Cuisine
                                                                                                             Dallas, Texas provided
                                                                               night showcased the best      wonderful Arabic music                Immunaizations Consultations
Best Curry, Tandoori & Vegetarian Dishes in town.

                                                                                                                                                      and Vaccinations For
                                                                               of the Cajun culture, and
        Roswell/Altanta area since 1998!

                                                                                                             and kept the dance floor
                                                                               included a scrumptious
                                                                                                                                                            The WORLD TRAVELER
      Dine in, Take out, Catering,
          Parties & Delivery
    OPEN 7 DAYS LUNCH & DINNER                                                                                    (continued on page 19)
 (Multicourse daily Lunch Buffett not to be missed.

                                                                                                                                                      With Extended Hours
                                                                                               Best Wishes To Our Many

                                                                                                                                               APPOINTMENTS NEVER NECESSARY
           (770) 645-6044
           11060 Alpharetta Hwy.                                                     Syrian and Lebanese, Friends and Customers

          Roswell Shopping Center

                                                     KENNEDY DRUGS
                      Judy’s Diner                                                         Complete Drug Store                               2993 PIEDMONT RD. NE @ PHARR RD. • ATLANTA, GA
                                                                                                                                                     (In Piedmont Commons Condominiums)
               Roadside Family Owned                                                         Fast, Free, Delivery
                      Hot & Fluffy Biscuits All Day
                   Homecooked Daily Specials                                          We Have Watkins Products!
                    Breakfast • Lunch Dinner
                           Mon. - Sat.                                                (478) 743-4700
                          770-564-1446                                                                                                                                                    Georgia State University
              5385 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn, GA                               524 Poplar Street                        Macon, GA         Cheshire Bridge Diner

                                                                                    A B & B AUTO PARTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                    60 Luckie St.
                                                                                                                                           2277 Cheshire Bridge

                                                                                Specializing in Late Model Domestic & Import                                                                         Every
                                                                                                                                                                                                 International Night

                                                                                     Free Delivery to All Wholesale Customers                                                                    Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                                   RESTAURANT                       Lounge
                                                                                        Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5 P.M.
                                                                                               (912) 462-6080                                                  3652 Roswell Rd. • Altanta, GA
                                                                                                                                                                     404-816-9090                 9pm-3am
                                                                                            Toll Free 1-800-646-4772
                                                                                      “Best Parts, Best Prices & Best Services”
                                                                                                                                           Coming Soon                                              Broadway Diner

                                                                                            160 Main St. • Nahunta, Ga                                                                          404-407-9600
                                                                                                                                           Landmark Diner                                         620 Peachtree St.
                                                                                                                                           Sandy Springs

                       300 PINE ST. • EAST DUBLIN, GA                                  We thank our customers for past business!
  Page 13                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                  December 2009

                                             GEORGIA/SOUTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                                                 Mirage Persian
Scholarships                                              Marie Mitchell
                                                          University of North Carolina - Charlotte

(continued from page 5)

                Robert Michael Miller, Jr.                                Stephen Joseph Bolus
                Son of Robert and Peggy Eddy                              Son of Paul and Theresa Bolus
                Miller, Sr.; American Lebanon                             Cedars Phoenician Club
                Syrian Club; Kansas City, MO                              Birmingham, Alabama
                Steven and Marie Mafrige Memorial                         The Kahlil Gibran Scholarship                         Praised by Several Major Atlanta
                Scholarship                                               In Memory of Past President Floyd
Steve & Carlyn Mafrige; Don & Nancy Mafrige; Ron         Pharo; Southern Federation Executive Board                                Publications & Food Critics
Mafrige; and Kathryn & Tom Kent; University of           Middle Eastern Heritage Club Scholarship
Kansas                                                   Houston, Texas; Middle Georgia Cedar Club
                                                         Scholarship; In Memory of Amile D.Younis                                 Abernath Square Shopping Center
                 Alexander Ryan Harb                     Warner Robins & Macon, Georgia
                 Son of Charbel and Ruth Harb            Charles K. "Chuck" Shaheen Memorial                                   6631-B Roswell Road, In Sandy Springs
                 Cedars Heritage Club                    Scholarship
                 Baton Rouge, Louisiana                                                                                             Intersection of Roswell & Abernathy,
                                                         Family and Friends of Charles K. Shaheen
                 J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation      Clemson University                                                                     Next to Publix
                 Scholarship; J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family
Foundation; Hab and Elaine Monsur Memorial                                                                                          Open Sun-Thurs 11a.m.-10p.m.
Scholarhip; Family and Friends of Hab & Elaine
Monsur; Eileen Cook Memorial Scholarship; In                                                                                            Fri & Sat 11a.m.-11p.m.

Memory of Eileen Cook, Past Secretary; Karen Wolf
and Sara Horwitz; Louisiana State University

                  George Alex Alyateem                         A Tradition of Handmade Quality & Comfort
                  Son of Alaeddin Butros and                         The Oldest Business in Tucker, Georgia
                  Kholoud Alyateem                               FACTORY SAVINGS EVERYDAY                                                       Atlanta, GA
                  Direct Member; Elk City, Oklahoma
                  Marie Mitchell Scholarship
                                                                         (770) 938 -1176
                                                                     3926 Lawrenceville Hwy. • Tucker, Ga

                                     Pre-winter tune-up special is for one unit only. Service on additional units is $50 each. Offers expire 2/15/2010.
  Page 14                                                                  THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                            December 2009

                                            CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
Give Thanks                     founder Danny Thomas,         Vicar                         congregation         were
                                this national fundraising                                   killed.
                                campaign has become a                                          Why do you agree
(continued from page 1)                                       (continued from page 6)
   economy could not            holiday tradition.            Iraq.                         with the war in Iraq?
dampen the dedication of           The          campaign's       "There's no mistake it        What I really want to
employees of the more           signature call to action -    was a wonderful act in        say is that the American
than 50 corporate partners      “Give thanks for the          history," White said.         people have done an
who participated in the         healthy kids in your life,       Here's what else he        incredible job of getting
2008 Thanks and Giving          and give to those who are     told the Times-Union.         Iraq back. Yes, it's cost
campaign.              They     not.” - truly resonates          Tell us about your         lives, but it's given a
encouraged customers to                                       church.
give to St. Jude through
                                with consumers.
                                                                 Our church is not just
                                                                                            nation back to itself.                    313 KING STREET
add-ons at the register or
                                   During Thanks and
                                                              a church. We employ
                                                                                               Do you see any signs               HISTORIC CHARLESTON, SC
                                Giving,             people                                  of hope amid all that
by purchasing specialty         throughout the country        four     doctors,      four   violence?
merchandise,             and    will learn, through a         dentists, pharmacists, a         If you asked me that
millions of American                                          full clinic, a school, a
consumers did not let
                                series of print, broadcast
                                                              kindergarten and we
                                                                                            question two years ago,
                                                                                                                                   MONDAY - SATURDAY 9-6
                                and Internet ads, about                                     during the surge, I would
gloomy economic news            the remarkable strides St.    give all of our people        have said yes. ... Iraq is
prevent      them      from     Jude is making in curing      food every week. And
supporting the lifesaving       and treating catastrophic     we have a congregation            (continued on page 20)
work of St. Jude. Holiday       childhood diseases.           of 3,700 people.
shoppers purchased plush           Celebrity        friends      Is the church part just
pandas at Kay Jewelers          Jennifer Aniston, Robin       for Westerners in Iraq?
and chocolates at Target.       Williams, Reggie Bush            We have the U.S.
At Kmart, Dick's Sporting       and Antonio Banderas          chapel, with military
Goods and Autozone,             will once again appear in     mainly      and      some
they added donations to         television     spots    for   diplomats. And we have
their purchases.                Thanks and Giving.            the Iraqi church. But we
   Those companies and             And the work of the        consider ourselves as
more are poised to repeat                                     one. And every week we
                                                                                                    MCCRADY’S   NEWEST RESTORATION EFFORT OFFERS GUESTS EXPOSED BRICK

                                hospital will also be
that success this year                                        meet as one. It's a very
                                                                                                   WALLS, ORIGINAL HARDWOOD FLOORS AND   14-FOOT CEILINGS THAT BLEND
                                prominently featured on

when the sixth annual           such network programs as      real and substantive
                                                                                                   ARTISTIC HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY SOPHISTICATION.   THREE TALL WINDOWS

Thanks       and     Giving     NBC's TODAY show and          relationship.                        LET IN STREAMING NATURAL LIGHT DURING THE DAYTIME AND ALLOW BEAUTIFUL

campaign kicks off Nov.         Access Hollywood.                Reports say 11 of the
27, the start of the nation's
                                                                                                     VIEWS OF THE STREETSCAPE AS THE EVENING SUN SETS.   THE
                                                              13      people     you've
                                                                                                                                                               GALLERY AT

                                   Thanks and Giving
busiest shopping season.                                      baptized this year have
                                                                                                  MCCRADY’S   JOINS THE HISTORIC LONG ROOM AS THE IDEAL LOCATION FOR YOUR

                                will have an added
Created by Marlo, Terre         awareness dimension in        been killed. Is that true?
                                                                                                             DISTINCTIVE CORPORATE OR PERSONAL SPECIAL EVENTS.

and Tony Thomas, the                                             Yes. ... Last year, 93
children of St. Jude                 (continued on page 20)   members        of       my                 FOR INQUIRIES, CONTACT: EVENTS@MCCRADYSRESTAURANT.COM

                                                                                               Best Wishes To Our Many Syrian & Lebanese Friends and Customers

                                                                                                                               Kim Green
                                                                                                           Open 7 Days a Week for Dinner •
                                                                                                          193-A King St. • Phone 843-853-1888 • Charleston, SC
  Page 15                                                                 THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                       December 2009

                                           CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
Women                         women,        spur    frank    Saadawi                        the trendy North London
                              discussions about women                                       borough of Islington,
                              in Islam and "bring                                           where     the    designer
                                                             (continued from page 7)
   to Muslim women
(continued from page 1)

                              Muslim and non-Muslim          activist, Dr Nawal El          clothes shops are bustling
while tackling topics                                        Saadawi. On a whistle-
                              sisters together."                                            and the pavement cafes
including beauty, fitness,                                   stop visit to London to
                                 "I think it combats a lot                                  overflowing on the sunny
health, family, food and                                     help      promote        the
                              of misconceptions," Essa                                      April Sunday afternoon
religion. Since then, the                                    relaunch of four of her
                              said. "Most of the time,                                      we meet.
bimonthly           online                                   publications, Dr Saadawi
                              differences        between                                       Her ready smile is just
magazine has attracted                                       took time out to talk to
                              religions are based on a                                      the same, although her
more than 800 readers                                        Pat Lancaster
                              lack of knowledge," she
from      30    countries,                                      It's several years since
                              said. "We’re not born
including the U.K., China                                    I last interviewed Nawal
                                                                                                (continued on page 21)

                              hating each other."
and Egypt.                                                   El Saadawi, maybe as
                                 Recent           articles
   Essa, an Egyptian-                                        many as 15, we decide.
                              included profiles of
American       who       is                                  But       she      still--at
                              Muslim female business
majoring in business,                                        approaching 78 years of
                              owners, a story about
marketing              and                                   age--cuts a striking figure
                              exercising           during
management, said editing                                     as she strides across the
                              Ramadan and essays from
and publishing the non-                                      foyer of her London
                              young Muslim women on
profit magazine has                                          hotel. She is not staying
                              the choice to wear a hijab,
helped her reconnect with                                    at one of those swanky
                              or headscarf.
her Islamic faith, and she                                   Park Lane establishments
                                 "Some people are
hopes it will erase                                          but in a luxury oasis of
                              under the impression that
stereotypes about Muslim                                     calm right in the heart of
                                    (continued on page 20)

                                                             Influential Arabs
                                                             (continued from page 7)
                                                             and a variety of what
                                                             might be termed "movers
                                                             and shakers" living
                                                             elsewhere      for    their
                                                             opinions, to give us a
                                                             global, rather than a
                                                             localised overview. We
                                                             approached people in the
                                                             Gulf,     Europe,       the

                                                             Maghreb, the Americas as
                                                             well as the Near, Middle

                                                             and Far East, asking each
                                                             to nominate five living

                                                             Arabs and explain in a
                                                             couple of sentences why
                                                             each had been selected,
                                                             then we collated the
                                                             information. We were
                                                             sometimes surprised but
                                                             always fascinated by the
                                                             results. There can be no

     The Beaded Venus!
                                                             winners or losers because
                                                             different people exert
                                                             influence in different
                Beads in Mt Pleasant, SC                     ways and of course there
                                                             are those no longer with
The Beaded Venus is your full service bead store in the      us, such as the Palestinian
Charleston area.We offer a wide selection of quality         poet Mahmoud Darwish
jewelry making supplies, custom design, and repair.          and the Egyptian film
Come on in for classes, parties, unusual gifts and beads     director Yousef Chahine,
from the far corners of the Universe!                        whose influence will
                                                             continue far beyond their
  We are open Monday - Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 1-6         lifetimes to touch as yet
                                                             unborn generations.
                  (843) 881-5690                                One       name      that
       Located in Mt. Pleasant near Charleston, SC           appeared repeatedly in
               1232 Chuck Dawley Blvd.                       our poll was that of Saudi
               Mount Pleasant, SC 29464                          (continued on page 21)
  Page 16                                                                    THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                              December 2009

                                              CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
Syria                           organisations to provide        Target House
                                relief for farmers and to
                                preserve livestock herds.
                                                                (continued from page 8)
fees and port revenues.
(continued from page 8)

                                Investment      in     the      Jonas          Brothers
   Current shortages of                                         Karaoke Stage in the
                                country's             rich
fuel have led to a                                              current dining room,
                                agricultural         areas
decrease in industrial                                          Amy Grant Music
                                adjoining the coast could
production in some                                              Room, Paisley Lodge
                                help      increase     the
sectors, such as cement                                         and     Sean    Conway
                                production of fruits and
and steel. However,                                             Courtyard, which all
                                vegetables, both for
government plans to                                             received makeovers to
                                Syria's own growing
develop new electricity                                         help     inspire     and
                                agro-industries and for
utilities based on solar                                        enhance resident life at
power       and      other                                      Target House.
                                   The rapid expansion
alternative      energies                                           "Over the past 10
                                of      the     oil-based
continue.          Private                                      years, Target House
                                economies of Saudi
investment in electricity                                       has become such a
                                Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar
production             and                                      vital part of the St.
                                and the UAE, as well as
distribution is being                                           Jude community, that
                                economic growth in
welcomed,       as      are                                     it's hard to remember
                                neighbouring Lebanon,
measures to ensure                                              what the hospital was
                                has helped fuel demand
investors can benefit                                           like without it," says
                                for Syrian products,
from market, rather than                                        Marlo          Thomas,
                                including        textiles,
subsidised, prices.                                             National       Outreach
                                pharmaceuticals, cotton
   Measures to develop                                          Director for St. Jude.
                                and other agricultural
another important sector,                                       "More than just a warm
                                produce, according to
agriculture, are also                                           and beautiful housing
                                official reports. As a
under way. Agriculture                                          facility, it is a safe
                                result, Syria's non-oil
contributes 20% of the                                          haven for the moms
                                exports provided more
country's gross domestic                                        and dads and children
                                than $12.5bn in revenues
product (GDP), but has                                          of St. Jude - a place of
                                in 2007.
also been declining in                                          family and community,
                                   In March, another
recent years, largely due                                       a place of shared
                                new marker of reform
to the worst drought                                            journeys of pain and
                                was confirmed when the
conditions in 40 years.                                         celebration that is as
                                Damascus       Securities
   Plans     to    expand                                       much a part of the
                                Exchange          opened,
irrigation      facilities,                                     healing process as the
                                allowing for trading in
specially in the western                                        medical       treatment
                                the shares of private
part of the country and                                         itself. Target House is
                                companies. Six of the
along the Mediterranean                                         a blessing to all of us."
                                country's          largest
coast continue, along                                               Target House has
                                concerns, including the
with       efforts       to                                     served as a temporary
                                Bank of Syria and
coordinate action with                                          home-away-from-home
i n t e r n a t i o n a l                                       to more than 1,300
                                                                families from around
                                       (continued on page 22)

                HOLIDAY GREETINGS!                              the world. The facility
              VISIT                                             has            provided

                                                                apartments      free-of-

      PANE e VINO
                                                                charge to families of
                          AT                                        (continued on page 22)

                                                                                                Historic Elegance In Downtown Charleston
                                                                                                Charleston’s most elegant historic inn, adjacent to Waterfront Park, located in the

                      OLD SCHOOL ITALIAN CUISINE
                                                                                                French Quarter section of the Historic District, Sixty-five elegant quest rooms and
                                                                                                suites, individually decorated with 18th century style furnishings, oriental rugs and

                                           WINE, CHEESE
                                                                                                antiques, many with Jacuzzis and fireplaces. All inn guests enjoy a full Southern
                                                                                                breakfast buffet, afternoon guest reception, and late evening cordials, cookies and

                          & CUCINA MEDITERRANEA
                                                                                                milk. Additional amenities include bicycles, evening turndown service and two

                              TASTE OUR FOODS MADE
                                                                                                restaurants, The Library for “prix fixe” dining and the famed Roof Top Bar &
                                                                                                Restaurant for a more relaxed dining experience. Sip cocktails on one of our roof top

                                   TRADITIONAL WAY
                              IN THE
                                                                                                decks and enjoy spectacular views of the

                                                                                                Charleston skyline, Charleston Harbor, sunsets
                                                                                                and new Ravenel Bridge.

                    843-853-5955                                                                843.577.7970
        17 WARREN ST. • CHARLESTON, SC                                                          or 800.845.7900
                                                                                                19 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC 29401
  Page 17                                                            THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                       December 2009

                                       CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
Lebanon                     wore on, I saw jetsetters   Festival, to have fun in      rich and varied nightlife-
                            and     world-renowned      its palace of the rich--the   -particularly in the
                            film stars arrive for       Casino de Liban--to           trendy       Gemmayzeh
would have put most
(continued from page 9)

                            performances at the         bask in its magnificent       district of East Beirut--
European    cities   to
                            country's famed Baalbek     coastal beach clubs or to     resorts which cater to
shame. As the next year
                                                        sample the delights of its    families as well as
    Best Wishes to our Many Syrian & Lebanese           glorious ski slopes, spas,    singles, historic sites and
              Friends & Customers                       hotels and restaurants in     archaeological ruins in
                                                        the mountains at Faraya,      Mount Lebanon, the
                                                        Kfardebian, Bhamdoun          Bekaa       Valley      and
                                                        or Beiteddine.                Byblos.
                                                           Today, as both the LA         "Lebanon has come
                                                        Times and the NYT             full circle," the minister
                                                        pointed out, visitors can     of      tourism,       Elie
                                                        once again sample these       Marouni, has written on
                                                        famed attractions as well     his ministry's website.
                                                        as enjoy its new and          "One thing is for certain,
                                                        exquisitely refurbished       the country ... has once
                                                        five-star hotels, cosy        again rejoined the elite
                                                        restaurants,       organic    list of most popular
                                                        "gastro" foods and fine       tourist destinations in
                    Charleston, SC                      wines, along with its         the Middle East."
  Page 18                                                                     THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                      December 2009

                                                 CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA
Veil Ban                        dates back to tribal,            Khalil-Kelsey                the flower girls.
                                nomadic societies living                                         The bride's nephew,
                                in the Arabian desert                                         Aidan Kelsey, was the          Saffron Bakery & Cafe
                                                                 (continued from page 10)
covers the face and is
(continued from page 9)

                                before Islam began.              Vazquez, Will Taylor         ring bearer.
common in neighboring                                            and Anh Nguyen were
                                   Sheik of al-Azhar                                             Following a trip to           Voted Best Bakery in Charleston
Saudi Arabia, which                                              the groomsmen. The
                                Mohammed           Sayyed                                     France, Italy and the           Specializing in Mediterranean Cuisine
practices    the     more                                        bride's niece, Alayna
                                Tantawi's plans came to                                       United Kingdom, the
conservative form of                                             Kelsey,    and     the                                         Mediterranean groceries & breads
                                light when he told a                                          couple will live in
Wahhabi Islam. The trend                                         groom's        cousin,
                                middle school student in a                                    Jacksonville.                           Call for Daily Specials
seems to gaining ground                                          Hannah Bergman, were
                                class he was visiting
in the Arab world's most                                                                                                   333 E. Bay St. • 843-722-5588 • Charleston, SC
                                earlier this week to take
populous country.
                                off her niqab.
   There is no uniform
                                   Tantawi was inspecting        Shadyac, Sr.
religious opinion across
                                                                                                         The management & staff wishes all our Arabaic
                                al-Azhar's schools at the
the Muslim world about
                                                                 (continued from page 10)
                                start of the academic year
                                                                                                         Friends & Customers a Happy Holiday Season
whether a head scarf —                                           and families of St.
                                to check on measures in
much less a face veil — is                                       Jude, and their stories
                                place to stem the spread
required.                                                        have helped spread the

                                of swine flu, according to
   The majority of Islamic                                       mission of the hospital
                                details of the visit
scholars say the face veil                                       ever since.
                                published       by     the
is not required but is                                              Shadyac played a
                                independent daily Al-
merely a custom that                                             major role in the
                                       (continued on page 22)    growth of St. Jude
                                         ISTRAL                  during his 13 years as
                                                                 CEO       and     made
                                                                 dramatic changes that
                                                                 built on the legacies of
                                         RESTAURANT              previous        ALSAC
                                                                                                The Ultimate In Historical Elegance At The Market Square
                                                                 leaders. He created Gift
                                                                 Planning and Donor
                          Enjoy French Cuisine in a
                                                                                                                       Charleston’s French Quarter
                                                                 Services departments.
                          Casual and Elegant Dining              and he reorganized the
                                                                                                                    50 Elegantly Appointed Rooms
                                Atmosphere.                      mail and television
                                                                                                          Wine & Cheese Reception • Silver Service Breakfast
                                                                 programs and embraced
                             Live Jazz and Blues
                                                                 the radiothon program,
                                                                                                                  Turn Down Service • Valet Parking

                           New Banquet Facilities                Country Cares for St.
                                                                 Jude Kids, which has                 843-722-1900 • 866-812-1900 toll free
                                      722-5708                   become        a     key
                             99 S. Market St. • Charleston, SC       (continued on page 23)                        166 Church St. • Charleston, SC

                                                                                                                    Enjoy our private dining room for your special occasions.
                                                                                                                           Valet parking evenings, at Linguard Street entrance.
                                                                                                          | 55 South Market St., Charleston, S.C.
  Page 19                                                                 THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                  December 2009

                                                              NORTH CAROLINA
                               Hence,     “the    King's                                     Louisiana State Museum.
                                                                                                                              Happy Holildays to all Our
Bible in English
                                                                                             Both buildings featured
                                  The controversies and                                      the best that Louisiana
version in English until                                                                                                        Friends & Customers!
(continued from page 11)                                    (continued from page 12)

                               intrigue     surrounding     full all night long!             has to offer and truly
the    Second     Vatican                                      On Saturday morning,
                               Biblical translations in                                      showcased the unique
Council.                                                    more Federation and
                               English virtually abated                                      culture of the state. After
   Almost in response,                                      Foundation business was
                               with the ascendance of                                        the tours, the Young
King James I ordered an                                     conducted.        Meetings
                               the Douay-Rheims Bible                                        Professionals gathered at
English translation of the                                  included those of the Past
                               and the King James                                            the Wine Loft for a social
entire Bible to be used in                                  Presidents, State Vice-
                               Version. Another surge in                                     and the Young Adults
all the churches of                                         presidents,          Club
                               new translations and                                          made a trip to the
England.       Forty-eight                                  Presidents, and the
                               animated      discussions                                     Louisiana Arts & Science
scholars were chosen                                        Foundation.          That
                               came only in the                                              Museum                 and
from         Westminster,                                   afternoon, guests were
                               twentieth century.                                            Planetarium. Saturday              Commercial • Residential
Cambridge, and Oxford,                                      treated to tours of the
                                  Among      the   most                                      evening, over 30 children           Manufactured Homes
and the work apportioned                                    New State Capitol and
                               popular Catholic editions
among them. An editorial                                    the            world-class
                               of the Holy Bible in
                                                                                                  (continued on page 24)
board completed its work,                                                                                                          30 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                               English today are the
and     the Authorized
                               New American Bible                                                                           Warranty • Guaranteed Financing
Version appeared in 1611.
                               (NAB) , The New
This became the best
                               Revised Standard Version
standard English Bible for                                                                                                     24 Hour Emergency Service
                               (NRSV) , the New
more than two enturies
                               Jerusalem Bible (NJB) ,                                                                             Highest Quality in
and      excercised      a
                               Today's English Version
remarkable influence on                                                      Home Care Specialists                             Heating & Air Conditioning
                               (TEV)         ,       and
the diction and shape of                                       BAYADA NURSES IS HERE FOR YOU
                               Contemporary English                                                                            Lowest Possible Prices
the English language.
                               Version (CEV).                   For over 30 years Bayada Nurses has provided quality

                                                               homecare to the elderly and disabled. Our Boone office is
Written Word                   this we understand that          open and ready to serve your needs in Ashe, Avery and
                               Jesus is older than his                           Watauga Counties.
                               mother. Jesus was before                  Please call 828-263-5350
(continued from page 12)
Words and the Holy             the foundation of the                                                                          304 Hwy. 64 • East Bend, NC
Ghost: and these three are                                                  or 1-800-619-2182
                               world (as Creator). We                                Boone, NC
one. And there are three       are not Heathen (meaning
that bear witness in earth,    that we believe in more
the Spirit, and the water,
and the blood: and these
                               than one God) as the
                               Muslims claim. In the
                                                                            Best Wishes To Our Many
                                                                     Syrian & Lebanese Friends & Customers                  Italian Pizzeria
three agree in one." We        Coran it is mentioned that
see that man is three in       Mary conceived by the         Grier Funeral Service                                           New York Style Pizza
one, body, soul, and spirit.   Holy Spirit and that Jesus
God created us in His          is the son of Mary. How
                                                                                “Since 1930”
image (3 in I) with the        foolish you are. Please                                                                            Take Out or Dine In
same nature of God. In
                                                                   Serving the Family with Dignity
                               ask God to open your
Luke 1:46, "And Mary           eyes to see the truth. You
                                                                     and Personal Understanding                                     919-688-5644
said, My soul doth             and I know that the first
magnify the Lord, And          son must be called after
my spirit hath rejoiced in     his father's name. Once I                   (704) 332-7109
God my Saviour." This          met in Africa a truck
proves that Jesus is her                                             115 N. Cloudman Street                                         3800 N Roxboro Rd
God and Saviour. From              (continued on page 24)                Charlotte, NC                                                Chapel Hill, NC

                                                                                                                           Rogers & Breece
                                                                                                                            Funeral Home
                                                                                                                           Our Family Serving You Since 1898

                                                                                                                                    500 Ramsey St.
                                                                                                                               Fayetteville, North Carolina
  Page 20                                                                 THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                          December 2009

                                             NORTH CAROLINA/TENNESSEE
Give Thanks                   tailor their support for the   Women                         for the magazine about
                              children of St. Jude. 1                                      how non-Muslim men
                              give my voice encourages                                     perceive Muslim women.
                                                             Muslim women are
                                                             (continued from page 15)
2009 to broaden its reach
(continued from page 14)

                              Facebook and Twitter                                            "People come up to me
to the Spanish language                                      forced to wear the                                                           Founded in 1928
                              users to post messages                                       and say, ‘I read this and I
population. Joining the                                      headscarf," said Essa,
                              about their support of St.                                   didn’t know this — I
campaign this year is the                                    who began wearing a                                         Over 250 Types of Brick • Full Range of Colors and
                              Jude and become online                                       thought it was this way,’ "
popular Puerto Rican                                         hijab a month and a half                                          Textures • Special Shapes and Details
                              advocates for the hospital.                                  Essa said.
musician and actor Luis                                      ago. "Yeah, in some
                              Through I give my vision,                                       Ari L. Goldman,            Variety of Landscaping Materials • Brick Sculptures
Fonsi, who will share the                                    countries     that    does
                              visitors to the Thanks and                                   professor of religion and
mission of St. Jude                                          happen unfortunately, but                                   Produce Concrete Masonry Units • Concrete Block
                              Giving Web site can use                                      media      at   Columbia
through the Spanish                                          it’s actually strictly
                              YouTube to post videos                                       University’s     Graduate     High Quality Products • Excellent Customer Service
language media.                                              against the religion. It’s
                              detailing      why     they                                  School of Journalism,
   This November, the                                        supposed to be the
                              support the hospital or                                      said     the     magazine
Thanks       and    Giving                                   woman’s choice."                                             Open: Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                              share existing St. Jude                                      empowers women and
magnifying glass logo                                            The magazine’s unpaid
will be prominently
                              videos      with     others.
                                                             contributors hail from
                                                                                           will have an impact in the
                                                                                                                                   Call us: 901-363-1887
                              Visitors to the Thanks and                                   Muslim community. But
displayed in stores across                                   across the globe —
                              Giving site can also                                         its challenge will be to                  Or Visit Our Website:
the country and online,                                      writers from Canada,
                              choose 1 give my energy                                      engage        non-Muslim
signaling to shoppers the                                    Qatar, Germany, Nigeria,
many generous retailers
                              and become an online
                                                             India and the U.S. have all
                              fundraiser       for     the                                    "I can imagine for
who are joining St. Jude                                     been published in Modest                                          4033 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN 38118
                              hospital.                                                    women involved in this
in the fight against deadly                                  Beautiful Muslima.
                                 Throughout            the                                 project, it’s a way of
childhood diseases.                                              She met some through
                              holiday      season,     the                                 saying ‘I’m beautiful too.
   Building on the success                                   mutual friends and others
                              Thanks       and     Giving                                  Just because I cover my
of previous Thanks and                                       through the Facebook
                              campaign              offers                                 hair doesn’t mean that I’m
Giving campaigns, this                                       social network, where the
                              numerous opportunities to                                    not living the American
year's effort will see an                                    magazine has a page, and
                              spread the word about                                        dream," Goldman said,
expanded Give thanks.
Walk. program, plus a
                              how the work at St. Jude
                                                             the     Twitter     micro-
                                                             blogging Web site, where
                                                                                           adding, "It makes them              TERMITE & PEST
new online opportunity to
                              has changed the way the
                              world treats cancer and
                                                             Modest           Beautiful
                                                                                           feel      good
                                                                                           themselves and makes
                                                                                                                              CONTROL SERVICE
raise funds and awareness                                    Muslima        has     200
                              other          catastrophic                                  them feel good about
for St. Jude.                                                followers.
   The first Give thanks.
                              childhood diseases. “This
                                                                 Essa, of Edison, said
                                                                                           Muslim customs and                      PRICES QUOTED
                              is such an important                                         dress. The hard part will
Walk. was held last year,
                              service, to let parents
                                                             she is proud that some
                                                                                           be getting non-Muslims
                                                                                                                                  OVER THE PHONE
and St. Jude supporters                                      non-Muslims           read
                              throughout the United                                        to see this."
descended on shopping                                        Modest           Beautiful                                                 CHARTER #130
                              States know about the                                           Essa said she spends at
malls in 15 cities across                                    Muslima as well. Some
                              research and treatment                                       least two weekend days a
the country for a 5K walk.                                   have told her they love the
                              that is conducted at St.                                     month       making      the           Over 34 Years Experience
This year, the event will                                    recipes (supplied by My
                              Jude,” said Joseph Laver,                                    magazine. She taught
be held on Nov. 21 and                                       Halal Kitchen blog), and
has expanded into 40
                              MD, St. Jude clinical
                              director and executive
                                                             one of her friends, a non-
                                                                                           herself to build Web sites
                                                                                           and she illustrates the                (615) 298-5555
markets.                                                     Muslim man, said he
                              vice president. "Every
   New this year are                                         wants to write an article
                              donation is a gift of hope                                                                        Serving Greater Nashville, TN
interactive ways for
                                                                                                (continued on page 25)
                              to those parents."
people to individually                                                                                                             Best WIshes to Our Many Syrian

                                                                                                                         MORT’S INC.
Vicar                         wouldn't want to be                                                                                  & Lebanese Friends & Customers
                              anywhere else. Why?
                                 I love it, because the
(continued from page 6)
one of the most corrupt       people are the most
nations in the world          wonderful people you
nowadays. ... Corruption      could ever meet. I love
and violence, they are
huge. It's difficult for
                              all the children in the
                              church. It's not like
people to really imagine      being a pastor in the
                                                                                                                                       Awards • Plaques
what it's like. I can't       West, where everyone
walk down any road. If I      moans and groans all the
                                                                                                                                        Custom Design
did, I'd be killed.
                              time. No one ever
   Are Christians, as a       complains        to  me.
minority, getting the
                                                                           GARAGE                                                       Leonard Morton
                              They're all wonderful.
worst of it in Iraq?             How can people here
   Everybody         has                                                                                                             34 Years’ Experience
                                                               Towing-Repairs - Foreign-Domestic
                              help people there?
suffered.      All   the         By logging on to our                    336-767-1788
minorities      and  the      Web           site      -                                                                       (919) 828-2887 • fax (919) 829-5721
                                                                          1155 Old Hollow Road
   Yet you say you                                                     Winston-Salem, North Carolina                           2220 W. Davie Street • Raleigh, NC 27801
  Page 21                                                               THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                 December 2009

                              MARYLAND/VIRGINIA/WASHINGTON, D.C.
Saadawi                       to defend their own.
                                 She is in London to                                                                                   The Catholic
                              celebrate the reissue of
face--like mine--looks a
(continued from page 15)

                              four of her books: two
little older, and is framed
                                                                     Over 30 Years Experience
                              novels, The Circling                                                                           University of America
by a shock of snow-white
                              Song and Searching, and
hair. Her dark eyes still
                              the first and second parts
flash like lasers as she                                                                                                   National Catholic School of Social Services
                              of her autobiography A
puts her points across
                              Daughter of Isis and
forcefully; truly age
                              Walking through Fire.
cannot wither her and it
                              Last year another two
has certainly not dulled
                                                                                                                                   For program information please call
                              publications, The Hidden
her lifelong passion for
                              Face of Eve and God                                                                                      (202) 319-5496
political      debate    or
                              Dies by the Nile, were
championing the rights of
those less well equipped                                          10% Discount With Mention of Ad                                 or access our website at
                                   (continued on page 25)                         Baltimore, MD

Influential Arabs                On learning of the
                              results of our poll HRH          King Audio - Visual
                              kindly agreed to a
                                                                                                                                We are committed to a diverse student body

Arabia's           Prince
(continued from page 15)

                              personal interview with                      Rentals • Sales • Service
Alwaleed, who as well as
                              The Middle East editor,
being      a    successful                                      • Video & Data Projection • LCD Projectors
                              Pat Lancaster, who later
businessman (his total net
                                                                                                                                            Washington, D.C.

                              commented:        "Prince          • PA Systems • Computers • Camcorders
wealth was reported as
                              Alwaleed      seems      to
standing at more than $17
bn at the end of December
                              encompass what both                             • Meeting Supplies
                                                                                                                           Candle Light Inn
                              Arabs and non-Arabs
last year), is also a                                                  24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week
                              across the world aspire to.
generous philanthropist
                              He       is   personable,
who supports many                                                             410-465-7600
                                                                                                                              Banquet Facilities & Meeting Rooms
                              successful,     dynamic,
charities and centres of
                              wealthy, modern and
                                                                                                                             Weddings Corporate Events • Holiday Parties
learning in the Arab world                                  Serving the Baltimore Metro Area for over 30 years
                              forward-looking in both
and beyond, which aim to
                                                                                                                                     Anniversaries • Reunions
                              word and deed; yet for all
help different peoples and                                  3454 Ellicott Center Dr. Suite 105 • Ellicott City, MD 21043
                              that, I can honestly say I
                                                                                                                                6 Private Rooms/120 Seat Capacity
religious communities
                              have rarely interviewed
develop       a    greater
                                                                                                                           Lunch Everyday 11:30 p.m. • Dinner 4:30 p.m.

awareness              and
                              such a straight talking,                     POLYZOS
                              down-to-earth person."
understanding of each
                                                                       PAINTING, INC.
other.                             (continued on page 25)             INTERIOR • EXTERIOR
       Please Mention Ad When Calling
                                                                  COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL                                              410-788-6076
                                                                20 Years Experience • Bonded • Insured
                                                                             Licensed - MHIC # 17750
                                                             For 24 Hour Service Call:301-468-1593                                          1835 Frederick Rd.

                                                                                                                                    The Lamplighter
                                                                                 Kensington, MD                                              Catsonville, MD

                                                            ORIENTAL RUG SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                The Restaurant That You Belong To.
                                                             One of the Few Full Saturation Hand Wash Plants

                                                                                                                           Beautiful Continental Cuisine and Great
                                                                  Plaza BCC Rug Cleaning

                                                                                                                           Seafood in a white table cloth ambiance.
                                                                  In-Home (truck mounted steam cleaning)
                                                               FREE Pick-up & Delivery (for in plant cleaning)

                                                                                                                               Live piano music nightly except
                                                             Furniture Cleaning • Cutting & Binding • Insurance

                                                                                                                               Mondays by the famous Clauds
                                                             Claims • Carpet Sales & Laying • In-Home Carpet Repairs

                                                            BCC 301-881-8767 • Plaza 301-770-0466
                                                              10% Discount on Self Pick-Up (For Cleanings over $50.00)
                                                                                   Rockville, MD
                                                                                                                           Come and enjoy our terrific Wiener Schnitzel
                                                                                                                               or our excellent Alaskan Salmon.

                                                                                                                                  Enjoy our Sunday Lunch
                                                                                                                                     and Brunch Menu

                                                                 We Offer Full Catering for all Your Needs
                                                            Serving Superb Chinese Cuisine For Over 20 Years
                                                            2070 Chain Bridge Road • Tysons Corner, VA
                                                                        (703) 734-9828 Reservations                                   4068 Johannesburg Road
    Chesterfield, VA                                                      (703) 734-3035 Carry Out                                       Fairfax, VA 22030
  Page 22                                                                    THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                 December 2009

                              MARYLAND/VIRGINIA/WASHINGTON, D.C.
Syria                         command economy, the             Target House                     patient A treatment
                              introduction of what                                              costs,        including
                              Damascus calls a "social                                          expenses not covered
                                                               (continued from page 16)
Overseas, Arab Bank--
(continued from page 16)

                              market           economy"        children         whose           by insurance.
Syria, Bank Audi Syria,                                        treatments require that
                              represents a dramatic                                                “Being a part of
the Alahlia Company for                                        they be in Memphis for
                              turnaround in a short                                             Target House was a
Transport and the United                                       more than 90 days,
                              period of time.                                                   pretty           simple
Group for Publishing,                                          with some families
                                 "People will have                                              decision,” White said.
Advertising            and                                     staying as long as three
                              difficulty in accepting                                           “I     was    fortunate
Marketing, have now                                            years.
                              the changing role of the                                          enough to come down
gone public.                                                      This commitment is
                              government," Dardari                                              here and see what St.
   Four other companies                                        part of the St. Jude
                              said, "but the time of                                            Jude is doing and how
are applying for a listing,
                                                                                                                                   WATERGATE • WASHINGTON,D.C.
                              viewing the state as a           promise to cover all             Target House helps.”
officials say. Altogether,
                              mother is over."
the government expects
                                 Meanwhile, despite
a total of 15 companies
                                                                                                                                Contemporary American Cuisine with a hint of French
                              the global downturn and                                           nurses wearing full veil
to be traded on the
                                                               Veil Ban
                              regional drought, Syria's                                         was announced last year,
Exchange by the end of                                                                          but not enforced.
                              GDP was expected to
                                                               (continued from page 18)
                                                               Masry Al-Youm.
                                                                                                                                             600 New Hampshire Ave., NW
2009. Brokerage firms                                                                              A researcher wearing
                              have grown by 4% last                Tantawi angrily told
are being registered to
                                                                                                                                   Across from the Kennedy Center • Washington, D.C.
                              year, compared to 3.9%                                            the niqab prevented from
support share trading: 10                                      the girl that the niqab "has     using the library at the
                              in 2007, according to            nothing to do with Islam
or more are expected to                                                                         American University in
                              estimates        by       the
                                                                                                                                       Reservations (202) 337-5890
be operating on the floor                                      and is only a custom" and        Cairo in 2001 took her
                              Wa s h i n g t o n - b a s e d

                                                                                                                               BLUMBERG & ASSOCIATES, C.P.A., P.A.
of the Exchange by this                                        made her take it off.            case to the Egypt's
                              International Monetary               He then announced he
summer.                                                                                         supreme       court     and
                              Fund.                            would soon issue an order
   These moves follow                                                                           eventually won. The court
                                 Already the new               banning        girls     from
the opening of the                                                                              ruled a total ban on the
                              reforms are creating             entering al-Azhar schools
country to private banks                                                                        niqab           to       be
                              expectations of greater          wearing the niqab.
and insurance companies                                                                         unconstitutional.                       BUSINESS SPECIALIST
                              foreign investment from              "Niqab has nothing to
and other measures to                                                                              The       court      did
                              Europe and the US, as            do with Islam...I know
privatise             state                                                                     recommend that women
                              well as from Arab                about religion better than
companies. "We have                                                                             wearing the niqab be
                              investors in the Gulf            you and your parents," the
                                                                                                                                 “Our Experience Means Your Profit“
put great efforts into                                                                          made to uncover their
                              states, a trend expected         cleric was quoted as
banking and insurance                                                                           faces before female
                              to    escalate       rapidly     telling the student.
operations, and it's                                                                            security guards to verify
                                                                                                                                    Tax Prep • Bookkeeping • Payroll
                              following                new         Tantawi left Cairo late
worked out well so far,"                                                                        their identity.
                              agreements with the EU           Sunday on a visit to
said     deputy      prime                                                                         On Saturday, scores of
                              and the expected ending          Tajikistan and was not
                                                                                                                                            Free Consultation
minister for economic                                                                           female            university
                              of US sanctions.                 available for comments.
affairs,         Abdullah                                                                       students protested outside
                                 Local and regional            Calls to his deputies went
Dardari, in late March.                                                                         al-Azhar          university
                              analysts report that
   Banks and financial                                         unanswered.                      dormitory calling for the
                              Lebanese, Syrian and                 However, Abdel Moati
institutions          from                                                                      repeal of the decision                        410-468-1099
                              other Arab investors             Bayoumi, a scholar in an
Lebanon, Jordan and the                                                                         banning fully veiled
                              resident in the West are         al-Azhar            affiliated
Gulf states have opened                                                                         women from entering.
                              exploring                new     research center, said al-                                            309 Cathedral Street #401 • Baltimore, MD 21201
up international banking                                                                        There     were       similar
                                                                                                                                G o ld e n ’ s C h i m n e y L i n i n g
                              opportunities in the             Azhar's scholars would
facilities and branches in                                                                      demonstrations at Cairo
                              country, as are others           back Tantawi if he issues
cities such as Aleppo and                                                                       University.
                              from the Arab Gulf, who          the order.
Latakia as well as
                              invested an estimated                                                Sheik Safwat Hijazi, a          Golden Flue Masonry Chimney Liner
Damascus.          Internet                                        "We all agree that           scholar and preacher, said
                              $750m in Syria last year,        niqab is not a religious                                          • First Pumped Liner Tested & Approved by UL
coverage,        including                                                                      he would personally sue          • Cast-in-place Chimney System • Strengthens
                              according to official            requirement," Bayoumi
online banking, is also                                                                         anyone who prevented his       deteriorated masonry • Complete Masonry Services
                              figures.            Foreign      said. "Taliban forces
expanding rapidly. Tax                                                                          daughter or wife wearing           • Video Inspections • Specializing in Historic
                              investment              from     women to wear the
exemptions, reductions                                                                          full niqab from going                               Restoration
                              financial institutions and       niqab... The phenomena
in tax rates and import                                                                         about her daily life,             1-800-446-5354 • 804-798-1089
                              funds in Europe and the          is spreading" and it has to
duties and incentives to                                                                        including          entering      Serving Richmond and the Surrounding Areas
                              US, analysts add, is             be confronted, he added.
p r o m o t e                                                                                   government offices.                           Ruther Glen, VA
                              expected to increase             "The time has come."
entrepreneurship have                                                                              "Preventing a woman
                              rapidly once global                  Critics of the move,
been announced, along                                                                           from wearing what she
                              economic recovery sets           however, say the ban has
with new laws allowing                                                                          wants is a crime," Hijazi
                              in     and       as      new     little chance of being
foreign investors to own                                                                        said. "Whoever says the
                              infrastructural projects         implemented. A previous
or rent land and to take                                                                        niqab is a custom is not
                              are launched and trade           directive by the minister
profits out of the country                                                                      respectable."
                              improves.                        of religious endowment to
in any currency.                                                                                   Hossam Bahgat, of the
                                 $3.5 billion for Syrian       ban women preachers
   For a country that for                                                                       Egyptian Initiative for
                              tourism                          wearing the niqab from
decades promoted itself                                                                         Personal Rights, said the
                                 As part of its financial      mosques        was       hotly
                                                                                                                                                  Since 1972 •

as a centralised, planned
                                   (continued on page 26)      contested. A ban on                   (continued on page 26)
 Page 23                                                        THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                            December 2009

                                                   Shadyac, Sr.                had become the third
                                                                               largest      health-care
                                                                               charity in the U.S.
                                                   (continued from page 18)
                                                   fundraiser     for    the
                                                                               Today, it is the second                 PLUMBING, HEATING
                                                                               largest, according to
                                                      These       decisions    the Philanthropy 400,                   & AIR CONDITIONING
                                                   enabled ALSAC to fund       an     annual     curvey
                                                   a $1 billion expansion      conducted      by     the
                                                   in hospital services and                                   2609 Old Rocky Ridge Road • Birmingham, AL
                                                   infrastructure.       Dr.
                                                                               Chronicle              of
                                                                                                                   Homewood – (205) 942-4401
                                                   William E. Evans,              Shadyac was known                 Southside – (205) 324-4401
                                                   director and CEO of St.     as a father figure to the           Mtn. Brook – (205) 871-1677
                                                   Jude, said Shadyac
             Carpet &                              always did what it to
                                                                               patients and families of              Hoover – (205) 979-5011
                                                                               St. Jude, and upon his
                                                   support the mission of      returement in 2005, he           Pelham/Alabaster – (205) 664-5060
                                                   St. Jude. “As a Board       spoke of his legacy and
                                                   member and then as          the patients who were
 Oriental Rug Store                                ALSAC CEO, Dick             always in his heart,
                                                                                                                 Full Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Service
                                                   Shadyac was always          saying “I hope that
                                                                                                            Residential & Commercial • We offer sewer & drain cleaning
                                                   there for us, doing         people think I did a
                                                                                                              Available 24 Hours • CALL FOR CLASSIC GUARD
                                                   whatever was necessary      good job. I hope they                      Special Heating Check-up
                                                   to ensure we had the        feel that I gave it my                Drain & Jet Line Cleaning Available
                                                   resources to provide        best. And I want them
            “YES THERE’S                           unsurpassed       patient   to remember how much
                                                   care and world-class        I love the children.”
                                                   for    children     with       Mario        Thomas,
                                                   catastrophic diseases.      national        outreach
                                                   He never lost his drive
                                                                               director of St. Jude and
                                                   or his focus - it was       daughter of founder
                                                   always       on       the   Danny Thomas, called
                                                   children."                  Shadyac one of the
                                                      During his tenure as     great leaders in the
           So Drive A Little                       CEO, public support
                                                   for St. Jude increased
                                                                               organization's history.
                                                                               “Dick Shadyac was a
                                                   from     around     $100    tireless champion of
           and Save A Lot
                                                   million a year in 1992      our mission and every
                                                   to more than $400           child and their parents
                                                   million 2005. By the
                                                   time he retired, ALSAC          (continued on page 26)

                                                                 Best Wishes To Our Many
                                                          Syrian & Lebanese Friends & Customers
   Over 10,000 square feet of showroom and
                                                    PRICHARD GLASS CO.
  warehouse space specializing in all types of          Custom Mirror Walls & Designs
                                                      CLEAR • “FLUTED EDGE” • TINTED
                                                          COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL                               C. T. Garvin Seed
 carpet, vinyl floor covering, custom draperies,     VISIT OUR SHOWROOM TO SEE SOME-
                                                              THING DIFFERENT                                    & Feed Inc. LLC
wallpaper, and authentic handmade oriental rugs                   251-456-6526
                                                            Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm
                                                                 Sat. 8am - 12 noon
            for home and business.                                                                                   Vegetable & Flower Plants
                                                        2954 St. Stephens Road • Mobile, AL
                                                           Across from McDonalds at I-65
                                                                                                                         Nutrena Food Dealer
                                                          “We Cover Anything Under the Sun”

                                                    CANVAS PRODUCTS CO. INC.
                                                                                                                 Wide Varieties To Choose From

           205-663-2310                                                Since 1944

                                                                 251-471-5308                                             256-534-5637
                                                                Fax # 251-473-8840
           2844 Montgomery Hwy.

                 Pelham, AL                              2601 Halls Mill Rd. • Mobile, AL                    2222 Holmes Avenue N.W. • Huntsville, AL
  Page 24                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                       December 2009

Written Word                  apostles of Christ. And no    and Board Chairman               Louisiana) was truly
                              marvel; for Satan himself     Kam Nassar. The banquet          breathtaking.
driver, I stopped him and
(continued from page 19)
                              is transformed into an
                              angel of light." Do you
                                                            came to a roaring close
                                                            with a lively rendition of
                                                                                                The altar backdrop
                                                                                             was a full glass wall with
said, Mary conceived by
                              think that such an angel      the Kibbie Nayeh song,           an exceptional view of
the Holy Spirit and she                                                                                                      Plumbing & Heating, INC
                              appeared               unto   led by Harris Nader. As          the clear blue sky and the
gave birth to a son, whom
                              Mohammed? God is love         soon as the Hafle' began         calm waters of the
Joseph named "Jesus"
                              and Islam if they are         and Phoenicia Band               Mississippi         River.
whose Son is he? He
                              children of God they must     began playing, the dance         Chorbishop        Richard
answered me fast, "Jesus
                              love and not kill. Aslem      floor was packed.                Saad presided over the
is the Son of God." I told
                                                                                                                                       New Construction
                              tislam means become a            Everyone danced the           mass and the St. Sharbel
him he would go to
                                                                                                                                    Commercial & Residential
                              Muslim or you will be         night away!                      choir provided beautiful
Heaven       because     he
                              killed. It happens all over      Sunday       morning's        music throughout the
confessed Jesus as the
                              the world especially in the   Maronite Mass (provided          service.
Son of God. Recently I
                              Sudan.           Remember     by the St. Sharbel                  After mass, guests
met an Arab from Jordan
                              Mohammed is dead and          Maronite Mission of
and speaks Arabic. He
                              his tomb is still in Mecca.
                                                                     SID’S RADIATOR
                                                                                                   (continued on page 27)

was happy to meet me.
                                                                                                                              Water Heaters-Sewer & Drain Service
                              Jesus Christ is Lord and is
After a long conversation,
                              alive forever and He is the
I asked him the same
question: Mary conceived
                              Judge of the world. Put
                                                                                                                             LMP- 125~ LA Mech. Contractor # 19734
                              your trust in Jesus if you
by the Holy Spirit, whose
                              want to go to Heaven
                                                                      New • Used • Rebuilt
Son is He? He answered,
                              otherwise you will never
"The Son of God." I see
                              see light, only darkness.
blindnes because of
unbelief. Satan’s aim is to
                              Stop cursing the cross,
                              Christians. Stop making
                                                             Cleaning • Repairing • Recoring
deceive Islam and the                                                                                                             318-671-1820
                              fan on TV about Jesus
workd so that they will be
                              who died to save you. Are
with him in Hell. Please
                              you ready to meet God?
tell me the name of the
angel that appeared to
                              Be sure! I love you                          (337) 234-2462
                                                                                                                                    24/7 Emergency Service!
                              because you are good
Mohammed. Do you
                              people. I've worked with            1107 West Simcoe • Lafayette, LA
know? God has allowed
                              Muslims all my life. I
me to preach on television
                              know they are deceived
22 years to tell the truth
                              by the devil. Ask Jesus to                                                                      CARROLLTON
                                                             Best Wishes To Our Many Syrian & Lebanese Friends & Customers
without       compromise
                              forgive you and to enter
about His Son Jesus. God                                         Mitchell’s Body &
                              your heart as the Holy                                                                           PLUMBING
said in II Corinthians
                              Spirit to lead you to
11:13, "For such are false                                       Auto Frame Shop
apostles,         deceitful                                                                                                  AND HEATING INC
                                  His servant,
workers, transforming
                                  Fred Massabni
themselves into the
                                                                             Since 1981
                                                                   Import-Domestic Auto Body Repair
                                                                       “A Quality Body Shop!”                                       Serving New Orleans
Attendees                     Conference             was
                              dedicated. Conference
                                                              Visa - Mastercard - Discover Mrs. Gaar is still                         for over 83 Years.
                              chairman Mary Mowad
(continued from page 19)
participated in the child
                                                             the President after 40 years. Homar is the CEO.
                              Guiteau         presented
care and pizza party.         recognition certificates to                318-322-6112
They enjoyed activities
                                                                                                                              Licensed Master Plumber # 1511
                              Joseph Stablier, Jr. in
such as competing in          memory      of     Joseph
                                                                705 Washington St. • Monroe, Louisiana                            Commercial- Residential

Syrian-Lebanese-              Stablier, ST., to Judge                         Best Wishes From
American      Idol    and
                                                                                                                                 Contracting – Remodeling
                              Alfred    Mansour        in

                                                              FUNERAL HOME
playing a variety of          memory of Mary Jo                                                                                       504-822-1166
games.      While      the    Mansour, and to Dolores
children were busy, the       Mowad in memory of Dr.                                                                                  504-835-0000
adults     enjoyed     the    George B. Mowad.
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cocktail hour preceding          Mary explained how
                                                                  "Services with Dignity
the Grand Banquet. The        each of these individuals
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Grand Banquet was an          had contributed to the
                                                                     for Your Needs"
exquisite event set in the
                                                                                                                              Body & Fender Repair
                              Federation, to their local
Riverview Ballroom with       clubs, and to their
a breathtaking view of                                        3 locations to choose from in your area
                                                                                                                                    Foreign & Domestic
                              communities. Remarks

the Mississippi River. A      were given by Federation                  # 1 for super service
                                                                                                                             1 Year Guarantee • Free Estimates
special presentation was      President Miriam Ackels
made to the family            Claerhout,           Vice-
members of the 3 people       president Mike Hiffa,
to whom the Mid-Winter                                               P.O. Box 1687 • Hattiesburg, MS                         1421 State Street • Clarksdale, MD
  Page 25                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                         December 2009

                                                            NEW MEXICO/TEXAS
Lashes                       western city of Jiddah         Influential Arabs           for young Emiratis, who
                             dropped the charges                                        know him as Fazza, the
                             against      her.    They                                  name he first published
(continued from page 1)                                     (continued from page 21)
   punishment, but there     included involvement in                                    his poems under. In 2006,
were conflicting accounts    the preparation of the                                     he won a gold medal at
about how the court          show and advertising the                                   the Asian Olympic Games
issued its verdict.          segment on the Internet.                                   for endurance riding. He
   Al-Yami, who worked          But she said he still                                   is Head of the Dubai
as a coordinator for the     handed down the lashing                                    Sports Council, President
program but has denied       sentence        "as      a                                 of the Dubai Autism
working on the sex-show      deterrence."                                               Centre and supports
episode,      told    The       "I am too frustrated                                    emerging young Arab
Associated Press it was      and upset to appeal the          Sheikh Hamdan bin         entrepreneurs.
                                                                                                                            • Gymnastics
her understanding that the   sentence," said al-Yami.
judge at the court in the                                   Mohammed bin Rashid                                                • Dance
                                                            Al Maktoum, Crown             Lubna Olayan (Saudi
                                                            Prince of Dubai             Arabia)
                                                                                                                               • Karate
Women                        videos to the Web site.                                                                        • Sports Skills
                                Goldman            said       At the age of 25, his       The Chief Executive
                             publishing models such as      passion for sport, poetry   Officer of the Olayan
magazines           with
(continued from page 15)
                                                                                                                       • Parent/Child Classes
                             Essa’s will help sustain       and horsemanship has        Financing    Company
purchased stock art and
                             journalism in the future.
                                                                                                                      • Private Birthday Parties
drawings she creates                                        made him a role model
                                "I think the answers to
herself. In the future,
                                                                                             (continued on page 27)

                             the crisis in media and
she’d like to publish
                             journalism are going to                                                                    713-668-7777
Modest         Beautiful
                             come from young people
Muslima in print and add
                             like this," he said.

                             although these were not
                             the start, since the days of
                             Ronald Reagan in the
(continued from page 21)
also reissued.               United       States,    Mrs
                                                                                                                          8415 Stella Link
   Dr El Saadawi has         Thatcher in the UK and                                                                         Houston, TX
been conspicuous by her      Anwar Sadat in Egypt,
absence       from     the   things stopped moving
international stage for      forward--rather,
some time but not, she       everything seemed to go
assures me, by choice.       backwards. They were
After spending most of       not good times for
the 1980s as a darling of    dissident people, like
the European media, she      me."
slipped from view for
                                                                              Nancy Cheung, Owner
                                Dr El Saadawi has
much of the 1990s, the
                             been at the sharp end of
victim of what she           life for more than 70

describes as "a global
                                                                  Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
                             years.         As        the

backlash"          against
                                                                   5300 N. Braeswood #30 • Houston, TX 77096
                             international awards and
socialists, feminists and

                                                                    Air Conditioning
                             accolades        increased,
progressive       thinkers   including            several
during which she was

                                                                    & Refrigeration
                             honorary doctorates, her
advised to "keep her head    life in Egypt became ever
down", which she did--to     more precarious. She has,
some extent.                 at different times in her                   For All Your Air Conditioning
   "The Right Wing took      career as a doctor,                           and Refrigeration Needs
power         everywhere,
                             thinker,      writer    and
religious fundamentalists    political activist, been
and       neo-colonialists   both incarcerated and                  1835 Coletoville Rd. • Victoria, Texas
worked together against      exiled by the Egyptian
women, against the poor,     government. A Cairo
against the so-called        court once even ruled
                                                                     SIMPLY BASIC HEALTH
Third World, often using     that her husband of
                                                                          Colon hydrotherapy
religion to promote          several decades, Sherif                 Experienced • Certified Hygienists
                                                                          is the river of life...
injustice ... The late       Hatata, should divorce                   Gravity System • Filtered Water
1980s and 1990s saw an       her for the crime of                   Disposable Equipment Upon Request
increase in the aggression
of     patriarchy     and
                             apostasy.                                      (505) 474-4022
                                When she was forced                  Santa Fe Cell: (505) 670-2464
capitalism. We had the       into exile following high
George Bush years,
                                                                    At the GRD Professional Center
                                  (continued on page 27)                1505 Llano St.• Santa Fe, NM
  Page 26                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                     December 2009

Syria                        up from $4.9bn last year.      Veil Ban                        against women.
                             Employment in the                                                 "The (veiled female
                             sector is forecast to jump                                     students) are barred from
                                                            (continued from page 22)
and economic reforms,
(continued from page 22)

                             from 1.1m to 2m by             series of government            government subsidized           Destinations Around the World
the     government      of                                  decisions against the
                             2018, when it will                                             housing and nutrition                         For Domestic and International
Syrian President Bashar                                     niqab are "arbitrary" and
                             account for 18% of the                                         because      they      are
Al Assad has launched                                       while designed to combat                                                      • Escorted Tours & Travel Packages
                             total workforce.                                               considered extremists,"
an     impressive     new                                   extremism, only end up                                                        • Discounts for Business Travel
                                UNESCO's         World                                      he said.                                      • Last Minute Deals
programme to develop                                        being     discriminatory
                             Heritage List already                                                                                        • International Rail & Cruises
tourism by promoting                                                                                                                      • Hajj Packages
                             includes six sites in
the country's unique                                                                           Funeral     services                       • Entry Visa Service
                             Syria: the ancient cities
historic and cultural
                                                            Shadyac, Sr.
                             of Damascus, Aleppo                                            were held Sept. 21 in                         • Translation - Arabic/English
legacy      and     prime                                                                   Washington, D.C., and
                             and Bosra; the ruins of                                                                                                   817-459-4933
                                                            (continued from page 23)

Mediterranean location.                                     who walked through the          a memorial service for
                             Palmyra where the              doors of St. Jude. We
About      $3.5bn     was                                                                   ALSACISt.          Jude                     
                             legendary           Queen      are not just losing a
invested in the sector in                                                                   employees was held                             622 W. Main St., Suite 107 • Arlington, TX
                             Zenobia mounted a              great man, we are
the three years up to                                                                       Sept. 24 in Memphis,
                             rebellion against Rome         losing a patriarch of our
August 2008, according                                                                      Tenn.     In  lieu   of
                             in the 3rd century; the        St. Jude family who
to figures produced by                                                                      flowers, Mr. Shadyac
                             Crusader castle of Crac        played a critical role in
the London-based World                                                                      can be honored through
                             des Chevaliers and the         the history of St. Jude
Travel and Tourism                                                                          memorials made to St.
                             Palace of Saladin. In          and ALSAC. He is with
Council. Officials say                                                                      Jude         Children's
                             March, UNESCO held             my dear father now. I
much of this came from                                                                      Research Hospital by
                             talks with the minister of     hope we make them
private and foreign                                                                         v i s i t i n g
                             tourism, Dr Saadalla           proud as we follow the
investors, particularly in                                                                             An Authorized Distributor For:
                             Agha Al Qalaa, about           path they have set for
the GCC states, as a                                                                        ctribute.
                             listing several other          us.”
result of the reforms.
                             archaeological          and                                                                         Wholesale Pricing on all ATM Equipment
   Deputy           prime
                             historic areas, including                                                                            Preferred Rates for ATM Processing
minister for economic
                             villages in the north of                                                                            24 Hour Service • Affordable Financing
affairs Abdullah Dardari
                             the country dating back
reports that the number
                             to the pre-Christian era.
of hotel beds in the
                                In Damascus, tourists
country will double to
                             can take in the medieval
80,000 by the end of
                                                                                                                                                  Tulsa, OK

                             Umayyad Mosque, one
2009. Altogether, the
                             of Islam's holiest sites,
industry is expected to
                             as well as staying in one         Many thanks to all of our customers!
contribute some $10bn
                             of its dozens of restored
                                                                                                                                              International Food Market Inc.

to Syria's GDP by the
                                                                               OPEN 7 DAYS
end of the next decade,

      CREATIONS BY LISA                                                   713-664-6698
                                   (continued on page 28)

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  Page 27                                                               THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                             December 2009

Attendees                    success! Everyone in          change in the global          pro-Israel 100%, no                                         venture that supports
                             attendance raved about        political situation since a   compromise. I heard him                                     grass roots organisations
                                                                                                                       Influential Arabs
                             the music, the food, the      new leader, of a different    say with my own ears 'US                                    in the region that promote
enjoyed the farewell
(continued from page 24)                                                                                               (continued from page 25)

                             activities, the hotel, and    stripe, had moved into        is Israel and Israel is US;   (OFC). In addition to her     social change. She was
breakfast and said their                                                                                               many achievements in
                             the hospitality. The          the White House. She          the interests of Israel are                                 the first woman to speak
good-byes to friends and
                             Cedars Heritage Club of       shook her head. "I have       the interests of the US                                     at a "mixed" conference--
                             Baton Rouge is proud to       been living in the States     and the security of Israel                                  the Jeddah Economic
   The     Hafle'     on
                             have hosted such a            for three years and I         is the security of the US.'                                 Conference in 2004.
thq;Bayou was a huge
                             wonderful event!              followed            Barack    And he was a bit silent
                                                           Obama's            election   about       what        was
Saadawi                      its          contemporary     campaign. I have read all     happening in Gaza. Now,
                             daughters, can return         his books and I believe he    he is sending more US
                             home. She plans to head       is a very good speaker        troops to Afghanistan at a
(continued from page 25)
level outrage, savage        back to Cairo within the
written     and     verbal                                 and a very good writer. I     time when there is an
                             next two months, she told     believe      he     is    a   economic crisis in the
attacks, and death threats   me.                           progressive but he is a       US. America needs its         business, she has acted as
from religious fanatics,         However,        though    politician. In order to win   budget      for     health,   a    spokesperson      for
directed at her 2007 play    happy to be returning to      the elections in the US it    education, social welfare,    women's rights in the
God Resigns in the           her     homeland,      she    is important to flatter the   unemployment.         Such    Middle East. In 2006, Ms
Summit Meeting, she and      remains unrepentant of        church, the Jewish lobby,     politics will ruin him."      Olayan joined the board          Fadi        Ghandour
her husband relocated to     her political stance and as   the Zionist groups. He is        Reminding Nawal El         of Al Fanar, a non-           (Jordan)
the United States, where     outraged as she ever was                                                                  governmental, nonprofit
she continued to write       about injustice which,
                                                                                              (continued on page 28)                                      (continued on page 29)
and to teach.                she observes, affects
   Although there were       women and the poor
threats she would be         most, be it in the
stripped       of      her   mountains                of
nationality     after    a   Afghanistan or the mean
protracted court case, the   city streets of Europe and
Egyptian government has      the Unites States.
now agreed that Sadaawi,         I wondered if she
surely      the       most   anticipated a notable
internationally famous of

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  Page 28                                                                      THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                             December 2009

Syria                          largest restaurant. The            Saadawi                     regional celebrities on
                               Damascus Gate, situated                                        our cover, I asked
                               on the outskirts of the                                        whether she expects the
                                                                  (continued from page 27)
courtyard houses now
(continued from page 26)

                               Syrian capital, can cater          Sadaawi that The Middle     next 10 years, when
operating as hotels in its                                        East is this month
                               for     6,014      diners,                                     hopefully,         TME
labyrinthine old city.                                            celebrating its 35th
                               although at times it is                                        celebrates     its  45th
Aleppo, a trading post                                            anniversary and recalling
                               reported to have fed as                                        anniversary, to be better
on the ancient caravan                                            our     special     25th
                               many as 7,500 in one go.                                       or worse than the decade
route of the Silk Road to                                         anniversary issue which
                                  The $32m complex                                            we have collectively
Central Asia and China,                                           featured her, along with
                               covers     some     5,400                                      lived through.
features a covered souq                                           more than 20 other
                               square metres, has 1,800
that is seven miles long,                                                                                                    VENETIAN
                               staff and 375 chefs. Shia
                                                                                                  (continued on page 29)
as well as its famed
                               Muslim tourists from
citadel.     Bosra      is                                          GOLD UNLIMITED                                         BLIND & FLOOR
                               Lebanon, Iran and Iraq
renowned as the ancient
                               are attracted to the
capital of Arabia.
                               restaurant     for     its                                                                   CARPET ONE
   But for many visitors,
                               proximity to the shrine
both     regional     and
                               of Sayyida Zeinab, the
international, Syria is
                                                                       CASH FOR GOLD, DIAMONDS,
                               granddaughter of the
most famous for its
                               Prophet Mohammed.
cuisine--so much so that
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  Page 29                                                                       THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                   December 2009

                                   the Artoc Group for                                           there is still a long way to

Influential Arabs                                                  Saadawi
                                   Investment      and                                           go.           Nevertheless,
                                   Development.   Gabr                                           development, she says is
(continued from page 21)                                           (continued from page 28)
                                                                      "I am full of hope",       unstoppable.
   Born      in     1959,                                          she     replies   sagely.        "Yes, there have been

Ghandour is the founder                                            "Firstly, because hope is     improvements, I will give
and CEO of ARAMEX,                                                 power and secondly,           you an example, I will
the world's fifth-largest                                          because I have learned        give you two. In Egypt I
courier company. He is                                             from history that people
                                                                                                                                    Solar - Wind - Hydro
                                                                                                 have been fighting for
also a founding partner of                                         move forward--it may be       more than halfa century
Maktoob. com, the largest                                          two steps forward, one
Arab online community.                                             step back, even in
                                                                                                 against the practise of         We Can Provide All Your Energy Needs
                                                                                                 female circumcision. In        Cut Your Bills and Save the Environment.
A member of the board of                                           zigzags, but progress is      the 1970s, I lost my job
Abraaj Capital, he has
                                   founded the American            just     that,    moving      in Egypt's Ministry of          Call Toll Free For a Consultation.
served on the advisory
board of the Suliman S.
                                   Chamber of Commerce in          forward. In 10 years          Health over my campaign        We recently added outdoor camping
                                                                   things will be better, the
Olayan      School      of
                                   Egypt in 1982, serving as
                                                                   lives of my daughter and
                                                                                                 but only two years ago           and recreational vehicle parts.
                                   its President from 1995                                       (2007) the Egyptian
Business at the American
                                   till 1997 and in 1993 he        son will be much better       government issued a law               Mention Ad for Special
University of Beirut. He                                           than mine, they already
is involved in the
                                   was elected "Global
                                                                   are. The life of my
                                                                                                 preventing           female               Consideration.

                                   Leader of Tomorrow" by                                        circumcision, so I feel
socioeconomic                                                      daughter, who is in her
                                   the WEF. He is the current                                    that has been a step in the
development             of                                         40s, is much better than
                                   Chairman of the Arab                                          right direction, a success.

underdeveloped                                                     mine has been."
                                   Business Council and                                          Also, for a long time I
communities.                                                          Saadawi         speaks
                                   heavily involved in                                           have campaigned for
                                   promoting     its    Arab       proudly of her children       children to be able to take
  Shafik Gahr (Egypt)                                              Mona Helmy, the radical
                                   business agenda across                                        the name of their mother,
                                   the world.                      feminist writer and poet,     as well as, or instead of,
  Chairman     of    the                                           and her son Artef Hetata,     only honouring the name
Executive Board of                                                 a progressive film maker.
                                     Dr Nasser Al Saidi                                          of the father. There are
Egypt's    International                                           She firmly believes they
                                   (UAE)                                                         many reasons for this but
Economic Forum (EIEF)                                              enjoy greater freedoms        one of them is that we
and Managing Director of                                           than she ever did but
                                                                   freely acknowledges that
                                           (continued on page 30                                      (continued on page 30)

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  Page 30                                                                 THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                December 2009

                               (UAE)                                                        she were reading my
Influential Arabs                                            Saadawi                                                        Overwhelmed? Lost? So Many Questions
                                                                                            mind, she puts her head
                                  Chairman of Emaar
                                                                                                                                       “What Do I Do?”
                                                                                            to one side and smiles:
                                                                                                                                    Call Mountain View
(continued from page 29)                                     (continued from page 29)

                               Properties, one of the        have      two      million     "The future will be better
                               world's largest real estate   illegitimate      children     but we need to struggle.
                                                             living in Egypt, children
                               companies and a key                                          That struggle must be             Professional • Compassionate • Caring
                               player in the development     who are the result of rape     taken into the streets into       Funeral H ome • Cemetary • Crematory
                               of Dubai's real estate        or, for whatever reason,       parliaments--everywhere.
                                                             whose fathers do not                                              Lebanese Family Owned Since 1951
                               sector, Alabbar also                                         The most important are
                                                             recognise them. Until last
                                                                                                                                Mountain View Funeral
                               serves as the Director                                       the ones in the street, the
                               General      of    Dubai's    year it was illegal to give    grass       roots,      the
                                                                                                                                 Home and Cemetery
                               Department of Economic        an Egyptian child the          unemployed,             the
   He is the Chief             Development. He is a          name of its mother, so,        immigrants, the hungry.
Economist and CEO of           senior aide to Dubai's        technically these children     Many of us want change                           (480) 832-2850
the Dubai International                                      were without names.
                               Ruler and UAE Vice                                           but so few are prepared to              7900 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85207
Financial Centre (DIFC).       President and Prime           New legislation last year      pay the price."
Previously Minister of                                       has changed that, they are                                                     Serving all Faiths
                               Minister,          Sheikh                                        Not her, however. I
Economy, Trade and             Mohammed bin Rashid           now legally allowed to be      think she will continue to
Industry in Lebanon            Al Maktoum. A regular         known by the name of           fight against injustice as
(1998-2000) and First          participant              at   their mothers. That too is     long as she draws breath,
Vice-Governor of the           international forums, he      an achievement."               she knows no other way.
Central Bank of Lebanon,       also hosted the first            Soon Dr El Saadawi          Not everyone agrees with
Al Saidi is a member of        Arabic version of The         will return to her             her stance but love her
the UN Committee for           Apprentice.                   homeland and, I predict,       politics--or loathe them--
Development Policy. His                                      it will not be long before     Nawal El Saadawi was,
distinguished career as an                                   the sparks between her         is, and I believe ever will
economist        includes                                    and officialdom begin to       be, "the real deal".
serving as adviser and                                       fly again. Almost as if
                                                                                                                          Prudential Arizona Properties

director for various
                                                                                                                          16260 N. Scottsdale Rd.

government organisations
                                                                                                                          Suite #100
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and financial institutions
worldwide.                                                                CEMETERY
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                                                                  & FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORIES
                                                                          Private Individual Cremations
                                                                                                                          PARADISE MEMORIAL GARDENS
                                  Zahi Hawass (Egypt)                           Family May View
                                                                                                                                                  SINCE 1974
                                                                          GROUND BURIAL • NICHES
                                  Born near Damietta,
                               Egypt in 1947, Hawass                                                                                       SERVING ALL FAITHS
                                                                         MAUSOLEUM ENTOMBMENT

                               studied Greek and Roman
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                               archaeology at Alexandria
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  Page 31                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                              December 2009

Influential Arabs              (Algeria)                   of      Dubai     through   largest acquisition in the                   All Sizes Sand, Rock & Granite
                                                           probably the fastest        industry's history.
                                                           expansion of any city on
recognised       as     an
(continued from page 30)

                                                           the face of the globe. In
antiquities expert. He is
                                                                                                                                  A&A MATERIALS INC
                                                           2007, he set up the
Secretary General to
                                                           Mohammed bin Rashid
Egypt's Supreme Council
                                                           Al Maktoum Foundation,
of Antiquities, the body
                                                           an educational foundation
responsible for caretaking
                                                           that aims to develop
the country's prestigious
                                                           knowledge and skills
monuments. He is UN
                                                           while also nurturing
goodwill ambassador to
                                                           culture and heritage. In
Japan and a commander
                                  Born in May 1944,        September 2008, he
and officer of the French                                                                                                             Fax 480-970-3455
                               Issad Rebrab is a self-     launched a new initiative     Fahd              Hariri
and Italian government.
                               made man who began his      under the name Noor         (Lebanon)
In 2006, he won an Emmy
                               career as a teacher of      Dubai, to help the World
for his TV documentary
                               business and accounting.    Health       Organisation      Fahd Hariri is the
                               Today he runs Algeria's     (WHO) in the prevention     youngest son of Rafiq           10333 E. McDowell Rd., Scottsdale Loc., SW
                               biggest conglomerate. He    of blindness. He is a       Hariri, the former Prime
                               is involved in steel,       major       figure     in   Minister of Lebanon who
                               automobile importing,       thoroughbred        horse   was assassinated in 2005.        Corner of Alma Schl. Rd. & McDowell Road
                               agricultural foodstuffs     racing.                     This           27-year-old
                               and an oil refinery                                     billionaire is the head of
                               (Cevital). In 1998, he                                  several            pan-Arab
                               started    creating    an                               conglomerates and owns                    You Pick Up Or We Deliver!
                               industrial and energy                                   a stake in family
                               complex, Cap 2015,                                      businesses        including
                               together with a small                                   construction, banking and
                               town      of      250,000                               media holdings. He also                            Scottsdale, AZ
  Dr Mohammed El
                               inhabitants with the                                    runs a design studio for
Baradei (Egypt)
                               ambition of generating                                  furnishings and other
                               l00,000 direct jobs and                                 wares. He is a board             UNIVERSITY CLUB
   The Director General
                               another million indirect                                member of Beirut's
of the International
                               jobs.                         Sultan Ahmed bin          Future           Television
Atomic Energy Agency                                                                                                      OF PHOENIX
                                                           Sulayem (Dubai)             Network, a terrestrial and
(IAEA),                  an
                                                                                       satellite         television
                                                                                                                                 WHERE MEMORIES BEGIN
                                                              As the Chairman of       network.
organisation that is part of
                                                           Dubai World, a powerful        Miloud            Chaabi
                                                                                                                              Gorden Weddings • Private Parties
the    United      Nations
                                                           economic engine to          (Morocco)
                                                                                                                              Custom Catering For All Occasions
system. In October 2005,
                                                           continue       expanding       He is the founder of
Dr El Baradei and the
                                                                                                                                     Semi Private Club
                                                           Dubai's growth abroad,      Ynna Holding and the
IAEA       were      jointly
                                                           Sultan     Ahmed      bin   owner of the Riad
awarded the Nobel Peace
                                                                                                                              Evenings & Weekends Available for
                                                           Sulayem is recognised as    Mogador hotel chain and
Prize. He began his career
                                                           one of the city's leading   group of supermarkets
in      the      Egyptian
                                                           businessmen.          His   "Aswak Assalam", and
diplomatic service, going
                                 Sheikh Mohammed           leadership    has    also   known for his strong
on to join the UN. He has
                               bin Rashid Al Maktoum       spearheaded a number of     stance against alcohol                    602-254-5408
made a considerable
                               (UAE)                       groundbreaking              which is banned from
impact as a writer and
                                                           developments          and   both his hotel chain and
lectures on international
                                                                                                                                      39 E. Monte Vista Rd.
                                  The ruler of Dubai,      offerings, including the    supermarkets, Chaabi was
law, arms control and the
                                                                                                                               AS TIME GOES BY
                                                                                                                                           Phoenix, AZ
                               Sheikh Mohammed is a        Dubai     Ports    World    affiliated with the Party of
peaceful uses of nuclear
                               true entrepreneur and       decision to buy the UK's    Progress and Socialism
                               philanthropist. He has      P&O Group for $6.8 bn in    through which he was             ALZHEIMERS / DEMENTIA • 24 Hour Care
                               overseen the development    2006, making it the
  Issad            Rebrab
                                                                                                                                ~ An Alternative To Nursing Homes ~
                                                                                            (continued on page 32)

                                                                                                                      • Medication Supervision • Home Cooked Meals • Planned
                                                           Phoenix Lamp
                                                           & silver repair
                                                           • Shades - Largest                                         Activities • Medical Doctor On Call • Parkinson’s Disease
                                                             Selection in the Valley!
                                                                                                                            Luxurious Surroundings At Reasonable Rates
                                                             • Custom-Designed lamps

                                                               Made From Your Favorite Objects
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                                                           We repair silver • brass • pewter • copper
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                                                           2225 E. Indian School Rd. • Phoenix, AZ
  Page 32                                                               THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                    December 2009

Influential Arabs             1997 settled in Dubai,        University, amongst other
                              where he worked with          high ranking academic
                              some of the city's most       positions,        Sheikh
elected MP for the city of
(continued from page 31)

                              prominent fashion houses.     Nahayan is also Chairman
Essaouira. He is also
                              In 2001, he established       of the Abu Dhabi Group,
known        for       his
                              his own haute couture         Union National Bank, and
philanthropic       work,
                              fashion house in Dubai.       United Bank Ltd and both
heading up one of the
                              Rami Al Ali's designs find    the founder and Chairman
largest           charity
                              favour with both Arab and     of Bank Alfalah Limited.
organisations in Morocco.
                              European           clients,   He is also head of             Dr Al Barrak is
                              including royalty.            WARID            Telecom    recognised for expanding
                                                            International.              Kuwait's               Mobile
                                                                                        Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
                                                              Saad Al        Barrak

                                                                                                                             Executive Meetings
                                                                                        network into the Middle
                                                            (Kuwait)                    East with the acquisition

                                                                                                                                 & Retreats
                                                                                              (continued on page 33)

                                                                                                                                Sophisticated Historic Setting
  Rami AI Ali (Syria)                                                                                                        Please Mention Ad When Calling
                                Nahayan Mabarak Al
   Born in 1972, this
                              Nahayan (UAE)
enterprising young Syrian
fashion designer has been
                                Minister of Higher
tipped as the fashion
                              Education and Scientific
world's "one to watch".
                              Research     and    the
He received his degree in
                              Chancellor of the UAE
visual communications
                              University, the Higher
from the Faculty of Fine
                              Colleges of Technology,
Arts     at    Damascus
                              and President of Zayed
University in 1995, and in

                        Specializing in
                                                                  HERB IVES GARAGE
                       Sales Service &                             COMPLETE SERVICE FOR 30 YEARS
                         Maintenance                                      AMERICAN & FOREIGN
          Free Pickup & Delivery                                            AIR CONDITIONING

                                                                   ELECTRIC COMPUTER SPECIALISTS
              Free Estimates
              (719) 475-7070

           Monday-Friday 8:00-5:30 PM
        1034 S. Tejon, Colorado Springs, Co

                           Please Mention Ad When Calling
                                                                    1229 W. Nevada Pl • Nevada at Lipan

                                                                                 Denver, CO

                                                                                                                                Bed & Breakfast
               Services: • Suspensions
            • Super chargers • Mono Corse

                                                                                                                               Wireless Internet
       • Accessories • Tuning • Brembo brakes
          • Expert Wheel repair & Refinishing                      Invisible Fence of

                                                                                                                              Delightful Breakfast
      800-933-0661 •
                                                               Northern Colorado/Boulder

        RADON ENGINEERING                                                                                                         Fire Places
       Residential/Commercial Specialist
                                                                970-223-8354                                                 Private Jet Bath Tubs
          Over 19 years experience                                Toll Free:
                                                                                                                                     225 N State St
               NEHA Listed 10052RMT
       City & County of Denver License #21619                   877-966-8354
                Free Estimates                                                                                                  Salt Lake City, UT 84103
         Fully Insured •
                      Aurora, CO
                                                                  Serving Laramie, Welds Boulder Country, CO
  Page 33                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                           December 2009

                                                              PARK CITY, UTAH
Influential Arabs                The head of Al Jazeera     (Saudi Arabia)                                             Alghanim Industries, he      vision of and investment
                              was born in Jenin in 1969.                                                               represents his family's      in the future of energy and
                              Khanfar             studied      The past President of                                   majority share in Gulf       environmental
of Celtel in Africa, and
(continued from page 32)

                              engineering      at     the   Saudi     Aramco,       the                                Bank. He is a founding       sustainability. Recently
the rebranding of the
                              University of Jordan and      world's     largest      oil                               shareholder of Perella       appointed as a board
entire company as Zain.
                              went on to complete           company until the end of                                   Weinberg Partners and        member of the Young
He is known as an
                              postgraduate studies in       2008, having succeeded                                     Chairman       of    Injaz   Arab               Leaders
"inspirational" CEO. Zain
                              philosophy,       African     the current Minister of Oil                                Kuwait. He began his         Organisation, he has held
has received worldwide
                              studies, and international    and Petroleum, Ali Al                                      career in the Investment     positions at companies
recognition      for   the
                              politics. He learned his      Naimi in 1995. A               College to take up a        Banking Division of          i n c l u d i n g
introduction      of   the
                              trade from the ground up,     graduate of AUB who            commission in the Royal     Morgan Stanley, London,      ADNOC/GASCO, and
world's first borderless
                              working as a journalist in    completed               the    Saudi Air Force (RASF)      where he specialised in      served as MD for the
mobile service, "One
                              various     war       zones   Programme               for    where he commanded          advisory          services   Dubai Department of
Network",            which
                              including     Iraq,     and   M a n a g e m e n t            fighter       squadrons.    involving merger and         Tourism and Commerce
abolished high roaming
                              Afghanistan. He became        Development at Harvard         Following his tenure as a   acquisition transactions     in Los Angeles.
charges for its customers
                              Managing Director of the      University in 1976,            popular Ambassador to       and corporate finance
in 16 countries.
                              Al Jazeera Channel in         Jum'ah joined Saudi            the United States of        restructuring.
                              2003,     and     Director    Aramco in 1968 and was         America (1983-2005),
                              General of the Al Jazeera     appointed President in         Prince    Bandar     was
                              Network in 2006.              November 1995. He              appointed      Secretary-
                                                            remains an influential         General of the National
                                                            member of the Saudi            Security Council in 2005.
                                                            Aramco       Board       of

                                                                                                                                                      Zaha Hadid (Iraq)

                                                                                                                         Sultan Ali Al Jaber           This        Iraqi-born
  Hanan Al        Shaykh
                                                                                                                       (UAE)                        architect received a
                                                                                                                                                    degree in mathematics
                                Adnan Ahmed Yousif                                                                        He is CEO of the Abu      from     the    American
   Born in Beirut in 1945,
                              (Bahrain)                                                                                Dhabi Future Energy          University of Beirut
this author rose from
                                                                                             Omar K. Alghanim          Company,      which    is    before           studying
humble beginnings to
                                 The CEO of Albaraka                                       (Kuwait)                    mandated       by    the     architecture in London.
become one of the Arab
                              Banking Group (ABG),            Amr Diab (Egypt)                                         government to undertake      Known as an artist who
world's         best-loved
                              he is one of the premier                                        Outside his operating    and drive the Masdar         consistently pushes the
writers. By the age of 16,
                              names in the Arab world          A popular singer and        responsibilities       at   Initiative--Abu Dhabi's      boundaries of architecture
she had already published
                              in terms of Islamic           composer of jeel music,
essays in the newspaper
                              banking. He had a             he is the "contemporary
                                                                                                                                                         (continued on page 34)

al-Nahar, before going on
                              distinguished career with     face of Egyptian al-jeel
to study at the American
                              the     Arab     Banking      pop music", according to
College for Girls in Cairo.
                              Corporation, culminating      World Music, and the
Her book Women of Sand
                              in his appointment to the     most popular singer in the
and Myrrh was chosen as
                              board of that bank. He is     Middle East. Awarded
one of the 50 Best Books
                              also the Chairman of          "The     World     Music
of 1992 by Publishers
                              Albaraka             Turk     Award" in 1998, 2002 and
Weekly (USA). Her
                              Participation      Bank,      2007, Diab is sometimes
novels, all written in
                              Banque          Albaraka      referred to as "the father
Arabic,     have      been
                              d'Algerie, Albaraka Bank      of Mediterranean music",
translated into nine other
                              Ltd     South     Africa,     following the creation of
                              Albaraka Lebanon and          his own unique style. The
                              the European Islamic          style of Mediterranean
                              Investment Bank.              music he has popularised
                                                            is a blend of western and
                                                                                                                Imperial Rolls - Tasty Noodle Soup
                                                            Arabic rhythms.                                        Limongrass Beef or Chicken

                                                              Prince Bandar bin
                                                                                                                    Moderately priced entrees
                                                            Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al
                                                                                                                Open daily for lunch 11:30 to 2:00
                                                            Saud (Saudi Arabia)                                        Dineer 5 untill close

                                                               Born in Saudi Arabia
                                                            in 1949, Prince Bandar,
  Wadah          Khanfar
                                                            an accomplished pilot,
                                                            graduated    from   the
                                Abdallah S. Jum'ah          British Royal Air Force
  Page 34                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                     December 2009

Influential Arabs                                          Global Leaders.             geology at Stanford     Saudi Aramco and began
                                                                                       University, he joined   climbing the managerial        M o h a m m a d
                                                             Ali bin Ibrahim Al                                ladder until he became       Dahmash (Dubai)
and urban design, her
(continued from page 33)

                                                           Naimi (Saudi Arabia)                                President, the first Saudi
work experiments with
spatial quality, extending                                                                                     to do so. His experience        Mohammad Dahmash
                                                              Al Naimi has held the                            of the oil industry is       is a partner and leader of
and intensifying space,
                                                           position of Saudi Arabian                           highly regarded and he is    Ernst & Young's Real
light and landscape. She
                                                           Minister of Petroleum and                           always       a     popular   Estate Transaction and
received      international
                                                           Mineral Resources since                             participant at industry      Advisory Services Group
acclaim in 2004 when she
                                                           1995. After completing                              meetings, much valued        in the Middle East. Based
won       the     Ptritzker
                                Naguib O. Sawiris          his Masters degree in                               for his wit and wisdom.
Architecture Prize. More
recently, she designed one    (Egypt)
                                                                                                                                                (continued on page 35)

of the London 2012
Olympic stadiums and             He is Chairman and
new projects include a        CEO      of     Orascom
major bridge in Abu           Telecom, one of Egypt's
Dhabi. Her paintings,         largest     and     most
drawings and methods          d i v e r s i f i e d
continue to be the subject    conglomerates,        and
of interest and intense       Chairman of the Board of
debate the world over.        Wind Telecomunicazioni
                              SpA and Mobinil. He is a
                              member of the Advisory
                              Committee to the New
                              York Stock Exchange
                              Board of Directors and
                              holds membership of both
                              the Board of Trustees and
                              the Board of Directors of
                              the     Arab    Thought
                              Foundation and the
                              Cancer Society of Egypt.
  Sheikha Mozah bint
Nasser Al Missned

   Sheikha Mozah bint
Nasser Al Missned has
been actively engaged in
education and social
reforms in Qatar for many
years, playing a major
role in spearheading
national and international      Ibrahim           Helal
development       projects.   (Egypt)
She serves as the Chair of
Qatar's Foundation for           He has more than 18
Education, Science and        years of experience in
Community Development         international journalism
and as President of the       and joined Al Jazeera
Supreme Council for           English from the BBC,
Family Affairs. In 2005,      where he was Project
she was selected as a         Director for the Middle
member of the high level      East, responsible for the
group of the UN Alliance      training and development
of Civilisations. In 2007,    of       Arab        media
she was awarded the           organisations. Working
Chatham House Award in        for the BBC Arabic
recognition      of    her    Service in London, he
commitment               to   participated in the launch
progressive education and     of its Arabic website and
community welfare and         was chosen by the WEF
advocacy      of    closer    to be one of the Cloo
relations between Islamic     council for dialogue
countries and the West.       between civilisations, and
                              as one of the Young
  Page 35                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                               December 2009

Influential Arabs                                                                           Group, the country's
                                                                                            largest private holding
                                                                                            company. She has been
(continued from page 34)

                                                                                            involved with the Fez
                                                                                            Sacred Music Festival
                                                                                            and is a keen supporter of
                                                                                            local cancer associations.

                              to the UK (2003-2005)        Bank of Kuwait as CEO
                              and the US (2005-2007).      since 1983. Dabdoub first
                              From 1977 to 2001, the       joined NBK in 1961
in Dubai, he pioneered the    Prince was the Director      where       his     career
firm's          influential   General of the General       progressed from Head of
benchmark           survey    Intelligence Directorate.    Credit to Deputy Chief
covering the Middle           He is one of the founders    Executive Officer in
East's hotel sector. With     of the King Faisal           1969, to CEO in 1983 and
his expertise Ernst &         Foundation and the           to Group CEO in 2008.
                              Chairman of the King         Before embarking on his             Asma Assad (Syria)
Young has won several
prestigious awards for its    Faisal     Centre      for   banking career Dabdoub
                              Research and Islamic         studied in Bethlehem,               As the first lady, she
real estate and other                                                                       initiated and supported
services in the Middle        Studies in Riyadh. He is     Turkey, and at Stanford
                              also co-chair of the C100    University, California. In       programmes designed to
East, including citations                                                                   foster           economic
                              Group, which has been        December 1997 he was

                                                                                                                                                        , MI
from Euromoney and                                                                          development and improve
Banker Middle East.           affiliated with the WEF      elected the "Arab Banker
                              since 2003.                  of the Year" by the Union        the quality of life for
                                                           of Arab Banks.                   Syrian people. In July
                                                                                            2001, she established
                                                                                            Syria's     first     rural
                                                                                            development         NGO,
                                                                                            known as the Fund for
                                                                                            Integrated           Rural
                                                                                            Development. She has

                                                                                                                              GRAND VALLEY
                                                                                            highlighted the key role
                                                                                            of women in the
                                                                                            development process and
                                                                                            facilitated           their

                                                                                                                            STATE UNIVERSITY
  Saif  Al   Islam                                                                          participation. She is an
Muammar Al Gaddafi                                                                          active sponsor of events
(Libya)                         Muna AbuSulayman
                              (Saudi Arabia)                 HH Princess Lalla              that promote the culture
                                                           Salma (Morocco)                  and history of Syria.
                                                                                                                            COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
   The son of Colonel
Muammar Gaddafi and              A    leading     media
head of the Gaddafi           personality in the Middle       Born Salma Bennani in
International Foundation      East and founding co-host    1978, she is the first wife
for Charity Associations.     of one of MBC TV's most      of any Moroccan ruler to                                          GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49504
The Foundation has            popular             social   have    been      publicly
played a significant and      programmes, she has          acknowledged and given
beneficial role overseas,     become a celebrity, a        a royal title. Princess
especially in conducting      regular contributor to the   Lalla holds a degree in
negotiations and ransom       WEF and is often asked to    computer science. After                                            For program information
payments for the release      contribute to issues         graduation, she worked in
of hostages. Self Al Islam    relating to Arab society,    Casablanca       as     an
                                                                                               Nawal El Saadawi                please contact us at
(Sword of Islam) is head      media, and understanding     information       services
                              between the East and the     engineer at the ONA
                                                                                                                               (616) 331-6650
of various organisations
including          Libya's    West. In 2005, she
                                                                                                  (continued on page 36)

National Consultancy and      became the first woman
                                                                      PETE’S HEATING &
                                                            Best Wishes To Our Many Syrian & Lebanese Friends & Customers
                              in Saudi Arabia to be
also chairs the National
                              appointed by the UN
Anti-Drug Association of
Libya.                        Development Programme                     COOLING, INC.
                              as Goodwill Ambassador.              Sales • Service • Installation
                                                                   Residential • Commercial • Light Industrial
  Prince Turki Al Faisal                                             Refridgeration with Cooling & Heating
(Saudi Arabia)                  Ibrahim      Dabdoub                FREE ESTIMATES for New Installations
                              (Kuwait)                                    (734) 525-3488                                      We Are Committed To A
                                                            30240 Brookview Drive                           Livonia, MI
   Born in 1945, he
served as the Ambassador        He has been at the
                              helm of the National                                                                             Diverse Student Body
  Page 36                                                                        THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                         December 2009

Influential Arabs                   duties of Crown Prince,          the Board of a variety of       (Egypt)
                                    Sheikh Salman was Vice           organisations, including
                                    Chairman of the Bahrain          the Arab Investment
(continued from page 35)

                                    Centre for Studies and           Company. His opinions
                                    Research from 1992 to            are much valued by the
    Born in 1931, this
                                    1995, Under-Secretary of         IMF; he was a member of
grande dame of Arab
                                    Defence from 1995 to             the Negotiation Team on
literature and progressive
                                    1999, and Chairman of            the accession of Saudi
thinking is a novelist, a

                                                                                                                                                                             Factory Direct Prices Everyday!
                                    the Board of Trustees of         Arabia to the WTO. He
playwright, a medical
                                    the BCSR from 1995 to            has been honoured with
doctor, a psychiatrist, a
                                    1999.     He      is    also     the King Abdulaziz
nonfiction writer and
                                    Chairman of the Supreme          Medal of the First Order
lifelong political activist.
                                    Council for Youth and            for his services to the            CEO of PIMCO, he
Her novels and books on
                                    Sports        and        has     Kingdom.                        served on the faculty of
the situation of women
                                    spearheaded a major                                              Harvard Business School,
and society are written in
                                    national initiative to bring       Mohammed El Erian
Arabic and translated into
                                    "Formula One" racing to
as many as 30 languages.
                                                                                                           (continued on page 37)
                                    Bahrain and the Middle
A long outspoken critic of
                                                                                       Best Wishes From
the Egyptian government,
in 2004 she presented                                                                 BOND’S
herself as a candidate for
the presidential elections.                                                         AUTOMOTIVE                                           Wholesale/Retail Fur Sales
                                                                                                                                           Trade Ins Accepted
                                                                            FOREIGN • DOMESTIC                                             WE BUY USED FURS
                                                                                  REPAIR                                            Fur Cleaning, Storage, Restyles and Repairs

                                                                               Repair of European Cars.                                                     9428 Eton Ave.
                                                                               MERCEDES • PORSCHE                                                          Chatsworth, CA
                                      Dr       Muhammad
                                                                                    BMW • AUDI                                                               818-998-4FUR
                                    Sulaiman Al Jasser                            VOLKSWAGON
                                    (Saudi Arabia)                                SAAB • VOLVO
  Sheikh Salman bin
                                                                                                                                    LAUREL HILL ESCROW
                                      Vice Governor of the
Hamad bin Isa Al                                                                      619-461-7623
                                    Saudi Arabian Monetary
Khalifa (Bahrain)
                                    Agency, Dr Muhammad
                                    Al Jasser is Chairman of
  Prior to assuming the
                                                                            8418 La Mesa Blvd. • La Mesa, CA

                                                                                                                                         Specialties Include:
             College Pharmacy
                                                                                   Bumper to Bumper

                                                                                                                                         • Business opportunity

                 DRIVE-IN OR DELIVERY                                                                                                    • Bulk sales escrow, including
          • Home Care Equipment Including
                                                                                                                                           liquor licenses
          • IV & Enternal Services • Prescriptions • Gifts & Cards                                                                       • Commercial - industrial
          • Charge Accounts & Delivery                                                                                                     apartment - residential

                       (805) 642-4135                                                                                                    • Holding & accommodation
               90 North Ashwood, Ventura, CA                                                                                               escrows
              (College Square Shopping Center)                                                                                           • 1031 exchanges
          Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:30-6 • Sat. 9:30 - 4
                                                                                                                                         • Interstate & international
                                                                              A gracious home awaits you at                                transactions
                                                                                 The Fisher House
                                                                                                                                           Maxine M Beye • Manager
                                                                          A living experience in the well being of our elderly
                                                                                            CARE 62+
                                                                               (805) 687-4646
          MEN • WOMEN • CHILDREN
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  Page 37                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                                    December 2009

Influential Arabs            Thani (Qatar)                    Queen            Rania     she earned a degree in
                                                           (Jordan)                      Business Administration
                                She      was     named                                   from AUC. She has
and has published widely
(continued from page 36)

                             "Woman CEO of the                                           campaigned for rights for
on economic and finance
                             Year" in 2006 for her                                       women and children
topics. His book When
Markets Collide was an
                             significant contribution in
                             developing          Qatar's
                                                                                         throughout the world.
                                                                                         Queen Rania set up the
                                                                                                                               SECURITY DOORS
international bestseller
                             economic and social                                         Madrasati      initiative,
and won the Financial
Times/ Goldman Sachs
                             presence in the Arab                                        aimed at renovating                   WINDOW GUARDS
                             world. She is founder and                                   Jordan's most dilapidated
2008 Business Book of
                             Chairperson of Amwal                                        public schools and is a
the Year. He has served on                                                                                                      CUSTOM AND READY MADE
                             and CEO of Al Wa'ab                                         keen supporter of micro-
the      US      Treasury
                             City. Sheikha Hanadi was                                    finance initiatives. In
Borrowing        Advisory
                             recently voted among the
                                                                                                                           LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED
                                                             Born in August 1970 in      March      2008,       she
Committee,             the
                             top 20 global banking and     Kuwait to Palestinian         launched her own channel
International Centre for                                                                                                 WINDOW SCREENS & SCREEN DOORS
                             finance women role            parents from Tulkarm,
Research on Women's
                             models. Leveraging her
                                                                                                (continued on page 38)
leadership council, and
                             experience, she has                                                                                              SINCE 1949
the IMF's Committee of
                             conducted research and
Eminent Persons.
                             published several papers                                                                              VISIT OUR SHOWROOM
                             on macroeconomic issues             Great Selection
                             in the GCC. Sheikha                 Fantastic Prices
                             Hanadi       is    actively        Unbeatable Service
                             involved in community
                             initiatives and serves as a
                                                               America’s Floor Store!
                             trustee on the board of the   • Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
                             Arab              Women's     • Carpet (Shaw, Mohawk, Sutton, Tuftex)     Visit Our            507 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, CA
                                                           • Hardwood Floors
                             International Forum as        • Laminate Floors
                                                                                                     Showroom At
                             well as the College of                                                291 E. Brokaw Rd.
                                                           • Vinyl Floors
                                                                                                     San Jose, CA            Best Wishes To Our Many
                             Business and Economics
                                                                                                                            Syrian & Lebanese, Friends &
                                                           • Tools & Supplies
                             at Qatar University.          • Professional Installation
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Nasser bin Khalid Al                                         408-441-6039
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  Page 38                                                              THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                           December 2009

Influential Arabs                                          year-old Omani explorer
                                                           is the first GCC Arab to           He is the current
                                                           attempt to walk to the          Secretary General of
on the video-sharing
(continued from page 37)

                                                           North Pole, where he            OPEC. His previous roles
website YouTube. Her
                                                           intends to plant the            in Libya include: Minister
informal style has made
                                                           Omani flag. He embarked         of Petroleum; Minister of
her a firm favourite
                                                           upon his historic venture       Energy and Electricity;
internationally. She is a
                                                           in April and is expecting       and     Deputy     Prime
strong role model in
                                                           to reach his destination        Minister for Services. El
Jordan and the Arab
                             1957.      Ben    Yahmed      sometime this month. A          Badri has also served as
world, blending being a
                             founded the authoritative     former rifleman in the          Chairman of the Waha Oil
wife and mother with a
                             weekly magazine Jeune         British      Army,    his       Company and the Libyan
successful working life,
                             Afrique        in    1961.    nickname, Sultan of             National Oil Company.
and is an example of the
                             Emigrating from his           Snow, comes from his            He has played a vital role
"new" Arab woman to
                             homeland first to Rome        involvement with snow-          in attempting to get
those outside the region.
                             and then to Paris in 1964,                                    Libyan oil production
                             he is the head of a                                           back on an even keel,
  Bechir Ben Yahmed
                             publishing empire. He                                         after years of sanctions
                             launched La revue pour                                        and neglect resulted in
                             l'intelligence du monde in                                    production losses.
   Born in 1928, he
launched L'action in 1955    2006.
and in April 1956 joined
the cabinet of Habib           Nabil      Al    Busaidi
Bouguiba           before    (Oman)
resigning            from
government office in           Known to his friends as
                             "Nabs", this intrepid 39-     related sports; he has
                                                           competed in several
       ~ $10 Off With Mention of This Ad ~                 championships around
 Let Us Help You To Achieve Your Health Goals              the world.                                                            $10.00 OFF
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    Irritable Or Experiencing Unsightly Skin
                   Irritations?                                                            (Egypt)

              Safe - Gentle - Effective                                                       He is the Director of
                                                               the Middle East World
                                                                                           Economic Forum (WEF)
 Featured As A Beauty Treatment On The View
                                                                                           and formerly a Senior
                                                                                           Adviser to the World
                                                                                           Bank, the UN, the
            COLON HYDROTHERAPY                                                             European Union and
             (310) 587-2639                                  Abdullah Salem El
                                                                                           several international and
                                                                                           Arab corporations. In

                                                                                                                               ASSISTED CARE
  1137 2nd St., Suite 205, Santa Monica, CA 90403          Badri (Libya)

       Pride Funding                                             Bon Pest Control
                                                                                                 (continued on page 39)

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                  property mortgages.
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  Page 39                                                                THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                                       December 2009

Influential Arabs                                                                         East. The Alshaya Group
                                                                                          has diverse holdings

                                                                                                                         LOCK & KEY SERVICE
                                                                                          including real estate,
1985, Egyptian-born El
(continued from page 38)

                                                                                          construction,        hotels,
Diwany founded a public
policy and management
                                                                                          multiple retailing, IT and           ALOA Certified Master
                                                                                          advertising. Alshaya was
consultancy firm, Public
                                                                                          appointed CEO of the
Interest Incorporated, that                                                                                              • AUTOMOBILE - Lock-Outs?
                                                                                          retail division in 1990 and
concentrated its focus on                                                                                                • HOME - Lost Keys - Re-Key?
                                                                                          oversees its franchising
Middle Eastern countries.     fares airline, which began                                  operations      throughout     • BUSINESS - Master Keys?
He has been the Director      operations in October                                       Europe. He is understood           24 HOUR MOBILE SERVICE
of WEF's Arab Business        2003. Ali previously            Othman Benjelloun
Council since 2005.                                         (Morocco)
                                                                                          to be planning a major                     #LCO 1534
                              served as Vice President                                    expansion of his business             All Major Credit Cards
                              of Commercial and                                           interests over the next 12
  Adel Ali (UAE)              Customer Services for            The Chairman and
                              Gulf Air and also held        CEO of BMCE Bank has                                            1148 Palm Ave. • Imperial Beach, CA
   Founder of Air Arabia,     senior        management      successfully pioneered
Adel Ali is credited with     positions with British        the total transformation of
making travel accessible      Airways.        Ali     has   BMCE Bank, since its
to everyone. He launched      received- several awards      privatisation in 1995,
the Middle East and           for his contribution to the   from a public bank to a
North Africa's first low-                                   true universal private                                          MOLD CONSULTING & TESTING

                              aviation industry.
                                                            banking group. He was
                                                                                                                              • Mold Inspections and Assessments
                                                            appointed an Honorary

                                                                                                                              • Real Estate Transactions
                                                            Fellow of King's College,
                                                            London and has been the                                           • Litigation Support/Insurance Claims
                                                            Chairman of Morocco's                                             • Analysis for Air, Bulk, Dust & Swab

                                                                                            Support the
                                                            Bankers'       Association                                          Samples by EMPAT Accredited Laboratory.
                                                            since 1995. Benjelloun
                                                                                                                              • Asbestos & Lead Inspections
                                                            was elected to the
         Comprehensive Rehab Services
                                                            Presidency        of    the

           Medicare • Medi-Cal • HMO
                                                            Maghreb            Bankers'
                                                            Association. He is an                                 • Santa Clara, CA
                 (562) 923-9301

                                                            ardent supporter of the
      13007 S. Paramount Blvd. • Downey, CA

                                                            South-South cooperation.
                                                                                                  of the



                                                              Mohammed Alshaya                      Star

                                                               As Chairman of the
                                                            retail division of the
                                                            Alshaya Group, he is one
                                                            of the most successful
                                                            retailers in the Middle

                                                                        Huntington Beach, California
Page 40                                                           THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE STAR                                               December 2009

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