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                                                                                                                          MAY 2011

                                                SOU T H EA ST

                                                   Official Newsletter Of The Southeast Volusia Chamber Of Commerce
                                                                    Serving the Communities of New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater & Oak Hill


  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of our members and community leaders who contacted the City
  of New Smyrna Beach Commissioners in support of the Hampton Inn Project. As a result of your efforts, the project will close
  in less than 90 days and ground breaking will be soon to follow. The Chamber and I believe that the New Smyrna Beach
  Hampton Inn will become one of the areas most significant economic generators in recent history.

  This success of this campaign and this project could not have happened without the partnerships created between the
  Chamber of Commerce, New Smyrna Beach Board of Realtors, Canal Street Historic District and the Flagler Merchants
  Association. The effect of such a strong partnership was evident in the remarks of the Commissioners, residents, and the
  Developer. In fact, Mr. Swentor commented afterwards, that in all his years he has “never seen such a big machine move so
  effectively and efficiently” We did this together with our community partners, he was awestruck!

  We are fortunate that Premiere and Mr. Swentor have stuck it out for more than 4 and ½ years to see this project through.
  I know it can’t be easy, but the New Smyrna Beach Commissioners and staff, have persevered through endless phone calls,
  emails, and diatribes by those both for and against this project. For their efforts, I would like for us as a group to thank them
  for their time, dedication, and level headed reasoning which continue to shape our community and economic development.
  It is only through the debate of both pro and con that we can say that we live and thrive in democracy and have confidence
  in those we elect to make these difficult decisions. To know that we can disagree on issues, then as a community we can help
  one another and heal – together makes me truly grateful to live and work within Southeast Volusia County.

  These past few months have been full of promise and hope for economic development, creation of jobs and creating new
  partnerships. These movements will continue to help our community and your business as we forge ahead.

  Your Chamber’s purpose is Commerce – that is why it is in the name!

  Samantha Bishop
  Executive Vice President
  Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                       Samantha Bishop

310 JULIA STREET, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168 • PHONE: 386-428-2449 • FAX: 386-423-3512 • INFO@SEVCHAMBER.COM
                                        “Message From Our President”
                                                …Kenneth Bohannon
                                         Hello Chamber of Commerce,

                                         This month it is my pleasure to announce that we have
                                         celebrated our 20th anniversary with Crystal Apple. The
Kenneth Bohannon, President              original founders Debora Schmeltz and Deborah Denys lead
Kenneth Bohannon, P.L.
Melanie Emanuel, President-Elect
                                         the way for this great event which honors four teachers from each area schools for standing out among
Allstate Insurance Company               their peers as a truly dedicated professional who not only exhibits passion for their children but also the
Sean Keaton, Vice President              community. The board of directors, staff, and I could not be more pleased with the turnout which packed
Regions Bank                             the New Smyrna Yacht Club in honor of these educators. I would like to personally extend my continued
Kelly Azzinaro, Secretary / Treasurer
SunTrust Bank
                                         congratulations to this year’s winners Kelly Conway, Kendra Blazi, Marsha Kirn, and Theresa Cameron
Debora Schmeltz, VP Membership           and also to our sponsors Allstate; Trey Harshaw, Anthony Bell Creations, Bayview Insurance Specialists,
Bayview Insurance Specialists            PL, Daytona Beach News Journal, Earthlight Photography, Edward Jones; Anne McCulloch, Fred Baker,
Mike Funaro, VP Marketing                Greg Riddle and Robert Alonzo, Galleria di Vetro, Kenneth Bohannon, PL, New Smyrna Beach Florist,
& Communications
Small Pond Media
                                         Rice and Rose Attorneys at Law, State Farm; Buddy Davenport, and Vitas Innovative Hospice Care who’s
Sue Williams, Immediate                  charity made the event possible. For more information about the program and to get involved please
Past President                           contact Jessica at the Chamber.
Williams Engineering & Appraising
Marcia Barnett
                                         In addition to providing a great community event, the Chamber has spent the last month working quickly
Barnett Group, Inc.
Gary Butt                                to accomplish this year’s program of work. In doing so, we have reached out to all three cities serving the
Servair Heating & Air                    Southeast Volusia area and have welcomed the Edgewater City Manager Tracey Barlow, the New Smyrna
Jamie Calkins                            Beach City Manager Pam Brangaccio, and Oak Hill City Clerk Laura Goodearly as honorary members of
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
                                         our Board or Directors. Their participation and expansive knowledge is a welcome addition to the Chamber
Pam Crawford
SunTrust Bank                            and marks a new era of communication and cooperation between the business community and the cities.
Nicole Carni
Galleria Di Vetro                        Finally, as we move through this month, we are aiding the City of Edgewater in promoting and
Lee Griffith
                                         coordinating the Edgewater Expo. You will recall that this is the second annual expo and was a
Hidden Lakes Golf Club
Robert Lott                              tremendous success. We anticipate 80 vendors will host approximately 1,500 attendees on May 7th at the
The Observer Newspaper                   ParkTowne Industrial Center of Park Avenue in Edgewater. To promote your business, or for more
Gerard J. Pendergast                     information, come see our new web page at
George Richford
Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant          As always, I look forward to seeing you and helping you grow your business.
Sandy Ryan
Wachovia Bank                            Respectfully,

Garriques & Associates Staff Leasing
                                         Kenneth Bohannon
Image Today Advertising                  Kenneth Bohannon, President
Networking Magic                         Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce 2011                                          Kenneth Bohannon
New Smyrna Athletic Club
Pioneer Trail Self Storage
TUI Business Solutions                                                                          Coastal Interiors by Williams-(386) 957-4937

Hometown News
The Observer
AM1230 WSBB Radio

Southeast Volusia
Advertising Authority (SVAA)               APRIL RIBBON
New Smyrna Beach Visitor
Information Center

     EXECUTIVE STAFF                          Serene Garden Décor-(386) 402-7810                Miss Maddie’s Children’s Nook-(386) 478-0098
Samantha Bishop,
Executive Vice President
Heather Farrell,
Admin. Manager
Jessica Clancy,
Visitor Information Center
                                                                                                 SOUTHEAST VOLUSIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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Crystal Apple Reception -- Crystal Apple Reception at SoNapa on April 11 was a great event.
Trey Harshaw elaborated that he was able to speak with quite a few of the teachers in
attendance--they had a great time. Some teachers jokingly suggested that this would be nice
“EVERY” evening event (smile).

Crystal Apple Luncheon -- Crystal Apple Luncheon occurred on April 20 (Smyrna Yacht Club).
The sixteen (16) nominees were well recognized and the four (4) winners were announced. Very
elegant event and all who worked on it should receive massive congratulations for a job well done.
Wonderful event for the Chamber showing the good things they are doing in the community.
Junior Achievement -- Ms Tammy Hayward addressed the Education Committee and was able to
say she had a great turn out for volunteers since the Chamber got involved in Junior Achievement.
The Chamber was able to get all of her current fifteen (15) volunteer slots filled. Thank you all for
volunteering for this great program! We will continue to need volunteers in the future, so it was
discussed that all members of the committee should consider giving of their time.
Scope & Goals -- After brainstorming and looking at available volunteers, the Education
Committee determined our scope of sub committees for year 2011 and 2012 will be:

•      Continue with Crystal Apple
•      Junior Achievement
•      Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness
•      Career Fair and Breakout Session(s)
•      Reading Program / Book Drive

Take- Aways/ Assignments – The following take-aways were created
Finalizing Sub Committee Chairs and volunteers for each subcommittee -- Again, the consensus
is to have a mix of educators, business members and students. Trey Harshaw expressed a need
to get more Chamber involvement on the business side. We need two more Chamber members
to pull off these sub committees.

Start the coordination for the kick off for the 2012 school year.
Strategic planning for the Education Committee--five (5) year business plan.
Next meeting: BFMC (Bert Fish Medical) May 11, 2011 @ 5:30 PM
On April 8, 2011 we held our Ambassador luncheon at That’s Amore. We had approximately twenty
people in attendance, including two people who are brand new to the program. During our luncheon
we discussed the point system, a facilitator sign up list, name tags, coaching, and obtained new
commitment forms from everyone.

I explained that names tags would be made and issued to ambassadors who show continued
commitment to the program, by meeting their goals for three consecutive months.

We will be holding our luncheon on the second Tuesday of every month and we will rotate the
location. Our next luncheon will be May 10th at Clancys.

We have three new Ambassador sign-ups for the month:
Shane Bellotti / Demetricia Patterson / Eden Scholle

The General Membership Luncheon this month will be on May 18th at the Elk’s Lodge in Edgewater.
Come hungry and bring $7 for a great lunch. This month’s guest speaker will be Joie Alexander, our
District 3 Representative from the Volusia County Council. While eating lunch you will receive
updates from the City Managers, Chamber Committees and staff, and our guest speaker. Bring your
calendar and a pen, this is where you will hear about everything that is going on around Southeast
Volusia County.

We are pleased to announce our New Member Reception will be held at Hidden Lakes Golf Club at
35 Fairgreen Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. The event will be on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30pm.
This is a great way for the existing members to meet all of our new members. Be sure to bring lots of
business cards and come enjoy the food and beverages that will be served. This is an event not to be

May’s Coffee with the President will be at the Chamber of Commerce on May 27th at 7:30am and will
be hosted by Barbara Scott with Raymond James Investments. Come do some networking on the
last Friday of the month and get geared up for next month! Drinks and light breakfast will be served. If
you are interested in hosting one of these events, please let us know as there is only one opportunity
left in October.

We currently have two active Leads Groups that meet weekly. One meets on Wednesday mornings
and the other on Thursdays at noon. This is a great way for you to exchange ideas and leads with
each other and to really promote your business. We have started a waiting list for a third group and it
should be organized shortly. If you are interested or want to learn more, please let us know.

The Membership Committee is working on creating exciting new benefits for all members of the
Chamber to enjoy. Look in next month’s newsletter for information on our upcoming Business
Seminars and other events. If you are interested in sponsoring an event or getting involved with our
committee, email me at

                                          Serving the Communities of New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater & Oak Hill
                                       PHONE:   386-428-2449 • FAX: 386-423-3512 •
 Map Sales
 Coming In May!
 Beginning in mid to late May, Jill Adlemann from Village Profile will be here to sell ads for our new Southeast
 Volusia Map! We print 10,000 maps and give them out to visitors in the offices as well as provide them to the NSB
 Visitors Information Center, Property Managers, Realtors, Condos, Hotels / Motels, City of New Smyrna Beach,
 City of Edgewater, and City of Oak Hill. The
 advertising bundle provides participating advertisers
 promotional exposure on the printed map as well as
 within the online map, featuring eBooks, an
 advertiser’s directory, a mobile directory, and a
 Smart Phone application, (iPhone and Android
 platforms). There will be a Local Business Search
 Directory featured within the online publication; all
 linked to participating advertisers business
 websites. Additionally, Village Profile will create an
 interactive business locator map directory within the
 community website featuring participating
 advertisers print ads in conjunction with a locator
 map, locating your business. This will be a great
 deal for members who choose to advertise.

 To see the current map, please visit

                                                                     Our business is to grow your business!
WELCOME                                                               For membership information or to refer

New Members
                                                                         a new member, please call today.

                                                                                                        Tel: 386-428-2449
                                                                                                          Fax: 386-423-3512

OF THE SOUTHEAST VOLUSIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                                                310 Julia Street,
                                                                                                 New Smyrna Beach, Fl 32168

                                                                                                  1108 S. Ridgewood Avenue,
                                                                                                         Edgewater, Fl 32132
                                                                               Tel: 386-424-0630

310 JULIA STREET, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168 • PHONE: 386-428-2449 • FAX: 386-423-3512 • INFO@SEVCHAMBER.COM
                        Financial Assistance Grants
                         At the present time the New Smyrna Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
                         offers five assistance programs to businesses and residents within the CRA district:

                            • COMMERCIAL IMPACT FEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                             CALENDAR
                                                                                                                   OF EVENTS
                            • GRANTS AND AIDS PROGRAM
                                                                                                                MAY 11

                                                                  Members Renewals
Capital Projects:                                                                                               10-11AM
                                                                                                                RIBBON CUTTING
• The S. Orange St streetscape is under construction                                                            WIRELESS WORLD OF
and is scheduled for completion late this summer.                 APRIL:                                        NEW SMYRNA BEACH
                                                                                                                1335 SAXON DR.
• The Mary Ave streetscape is under construction                  Acupuncture and Alternative Healthcare        NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32169
and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2011.               Advanced Heating and Air
                                                                                                                MAY 12
                                                                  Arts on Douglas Fine Arts and Collectibles    5-7PM
Planning is underway for:                                         Atlantic Plaza                                BUSINESS AFTER HOURS
• Improvements at the Flagler Ave Boardwalk. Construction         Be Well Chiropractic Inc.                     HOSTED BY ALLPHASES
                                                                                                                FENCE & PAVERS
  is scheduled to begin in November for seawall repairs, a        Bert Fish Medical Center                      1300 W. CANAL ST.
  modification to the boardwalk structure, and new restrooms.     BFMC Foundation                               NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168
• The Washington St streetscape, from US 1 to Myrtle Ave.         Buena Vista Inn                               MAY 18
  Construction is scheduled for 2012.                             Café Heavenly                                 12-1PM
• The Myrtle Ave streetscape, from Mary to W Canal.               Chef Sue Personal Chef Service                GENERAL MEMBERSHIP LUNCHEON
                                                                                                                EDGEWATER-NEW SMYRNA
  Construction is scheduled for 2012.                             Chisholm Elementary School                    ELK’S LODGE
• Improvements to Riverside Park. Construction is                 Cindy Walker Broker/ Associate with           820 W. PARK AVE.
                                                                                                                EDGEWATER, FL 32132
  scheduled for 2012 for the first phase: new park lighting.        Watson Realty Corp.                         COST: $7
• The former Dunn Lumber property is scheduled to undergo         Clay Gallery                                  With Guest Speaker Joie Alexander,
                                                                                                                District 3 County Council
  de-contamination by an environmental contractor hired           Coastal Waters Inn
  by the state. By year’s end new landscaping is                  Cole’s New Smyrna AC & Heat                   MAY 24
  scheduled for both the north and south                          Cumberland Data                               5:30-6:30
                                                                                                                NEW MEMBER RECEPTION
  corners of Canal St at US 1                                     Edgewater Self Storage                        HIDDEN LAKE COUNTRY CLUB
• The Wayfinding project is at the final design stage, with a     Edgewater-New Smyrna Beach                    35 FAIRGREEN AVE
                                                                                                                NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168
  presentation scheduled for the City                               Elks Lodge #1557
  Commission on March 29.                                         Edward Jones- Anne McCulloch                  MAY 25
• Planning for the first phase of the Esther St Park,             Elite Events by Debbie                        10-11AM
                                                                                                                RIBBON CUTTING
  the seawall, is now being completed. Construction               Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc.    LOCATION TBA
  is scheduled to begin later this year.                          G & W Roofing
                                                                  Indian River Glass                            MAY 27
For more information, visit our website at                                                    7:30-8:30AM
(Community Redevelopment) or call us at 386-424-2265.             James M. Kosmas, PA                           COFFEE WITH THE PRESIDENT
                                                                  Larkin Orthodontics                           CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                                                310 JULIA STREET
                                                                  Marc Monteson Promotions                      NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168
                                                                  Marion County Absentee Landowners             Hosted By Barbara Scott,
                                                                                                                Raymond James & Associates Inc.
            Welcome!                                                Association
                                                                  New Smyrna Beach Chiropractic Clinic          MAY 30

                                                                  New Smyrna Beach Police Athletic League       CHAMBER CLOSED IN
                                                                                                                OBSERVANCE OF MEMORIAL DAY
                                                                  New Smyrna Harley Davidson
                                                                  Norwoods Seafood Restaurant & Wine Shop       JUNE 1

                                                                  Regions Bank                                  RIBBON CUTTING
                                                                  Scooter Mobility Center                       LOCATION TBA
                                                                  Serene Pavers and Stonescapes
           APRIL:                                                                                               JUNE 8
                                                                  Settle-Wilder Funeral Home and                10-11AM
           Alberto Cleaning Services, LLC                           Cremation Service                           RIBBON CUTTING
           Big Planet Pizza Pub                                                                                 LOCATION TBA
                                                                  SMART-Structural Modification & Repair Tech
           Coastal Interiors by Williams, LLC                     Smyrna Yacht Club                             JUNE 9
           Coffee News Volusia                                     State Farm Insurance- Doug Wilson             5-7PM
           Council on Aging of Volusia County                                                                   BUSINESS AFTER HOURS
                                                                  Stavro’s Pizza Place                          ADAMS HOMES -
           Flip Flops Grill & Chill                               Sue Who?                                      CORAL TRACE CLUB HOUSE
           Gibson Business Systems                                                                              ½ MILE EAST OF I-95 ON S.R. 442
                                                                  Super Spray Pressure Wash                     EDGEWATER, FL
           New Smyrna Athletic Club                               The Barnett Group
           Reassurance Care Calls, LLC                            The Complete Phone Book                       Please contact the Chamber for more
           S.R. Computer Solutions                                                                              information and to RSVP for these events:
                                                                  Total Vision Eye Health Associates
           Southeast Volusia Historical Society                   Venetian Bay United Methodist Church          (386) 428-2449
           The Shores Resort & Spa                                White Wing Cleaning
           Wireless World of New Smyrna Beach

                                                                 Serving the Communities of New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater & Oak Hill
                                                               PHONE:   386-428-2449 • FAX: 386-423-3512 •
  Business After Hours                                                                                                310 JULIA STREET,
                                                                                                            NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168
         MAY 12 / 5-7 PM                                                                                            PHONE: 386-428-2449
                                                                                                                       FAX: 386-423-3512
 HOSTED BY ALLPHASES FENCE & PAVERS                                                                             INFO@SEVCHAMBER.COM
  1300 W. CANAL ST. NEW SMYRNA BEACH                                                                             WWW.SEVCHAMBER.COM

                                                                                          Southeast Volusia Chamber Of Commerce       PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                 310 Julia Street,   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                      New Smyrna Beach, Fl 32168
                                                                                                                                     New Smyrna Beach, FL

                                                                                               RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED              PERMIT NO. 67

   * 50/50 * LIVE MUSIC *
             MAY 18 / 12-1PM
              With Guest Speaker
                 Joie Alexander,
            District 3 County Council       Cost $7

                          NEW SMYRNA BEACH CITY NEWS
                         • May 4, 2011 Regular CRA Meeting (2:00 pm City Commission Chambers)
                         • May 18, 2011 Regular Economic Development Advisory Board Meeting (EDAB) (6:00 pm City Commission Chambers)
                         • June 8, 2011 Regular CRA Meeting (moved from June 1st, 2:00 pm City Commission Chambers)
                         • June 15, 2011 Joint Meeting EDAB and Airport Advisory Board (takes the place of the regular
                           EDAB meeting, 6:00 pm City Commission Chambers)

                          EDGEWATER CITY NEWS
                         • County Council Meeting May 16, 2011 ( All meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers,
                           104 N. Riverside Drive unless otherwise noted or posted).
                         • Edgewater’s Farmers’ Market / 8 Pm - 2 Pm 1108 S. Ridgewood Ave.
                           (corner of US1 and W. Turgot Ave.) Come visit us! Every Saturday, *Local Organic Produce *Fresh Roasted Coffee
                           *Wild Ocean Shrimp *Local Farm Products *Unique Custom-Made Crafts *Locally-Grown Plants

                          OAK HILL CITY NEWS
                          THE CITY OF OAK HILL IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE:
                          Your City wants YOU! (To serve on a City Board) The City of Oak Hill has current vacancies on the following boards:
                          Historical Preservation Board / Planning & Land Development Regulations Committee / Economic Development Board
                          If you have any experience and/or interest in serving on any of these boards, please complete an application & send to:
                          City Clerk/Administrator - City of Oak Hill - 234 South US Highway #1 - Oak Hill, FL 32759 / Your service is appreciated!

310 JULIA STREET, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168 • PHONE: 386-428-2449 • FAX: 386-423-3512 • INFO@SEVCHAMBER.COM

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