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					                                  IEEE Seattle Section
                          Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:           Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Time:           6 - 8 p.m.
Place:          Overlake Round Table Pizza, Redmond

Attendees: Erik Godo (Membership), Joe DeCuir (NW Area), Dave Butcher (Chair), Sheree Wen
(PACE, WIE), Paul Biehl (PEL ex-chair), Larry Tietze (Life Member chair), James Allen (member),
Ben Sherman (DeVry student liaison), Travis Hotzel (DeVry chair), Daniel Johnson (SPU chair),
Ryan Schield (SPU Vice chair), Christin Chui (COM secretary), Dick Wilkins (Vice Chair), John
Thomson (UW student), Daniel Vishoot (UW student), Ramses Alcaioe (UW student), Bob Higgins
(Computer Secretary), Max Emrick (PES Secretary), Eric Hoffstotter (SU Vice Chair), Dave
Edwards (PEL chair), Kambiz Rahimi (Treasurer), Jeff Rackowitz (Awards), Igor Parkman (SU

Meeting Minutes Approval
 February meeting minutes posted on the 18th and approved

Chair’s Report – Dave Butcher
 Next EXCOM April the 13th
 Region 6 meeting – Dave, Joe, Dick and Sheree went. Selection of candidate for region
           director. There were 4 candidates on the ballot, they went with 2 on the ballot. They
           will be at Area meetings.
 Heard from two candidates for IEEE-USA – both excellent
 Voted on a new budget for Region 6
 Sheree very successful in attracting Humanitarian Conference
 MGA things – graduating seniors – we should have an event. National creating a way for us
           to get the list.
 Upgrade of associate to members – no work
 Need new CAS chair – will ask members
 Erik needs to give PSES charter info to Dave.
 L-31 submissions – not everyone is listed to enable submissions to the database. So the
           person who needs to submit should be listed as an officer. Moving to vtools
 Webmaster – in-between jobs but on schedule to re-launch in the next couple weeks. New
           look and feel along with vtools. Need to send out message to people on how to
           execute “officer submission form”

Vice Chair’s Report – Dick Wilkins
 Other Sections like the mentoring approach of Seattle Section

Treasurer’s Report – Kambiz Rahimi
 Micromouse used only $200 since we got Region money back for this.
 L-50 on time.

PACE Report – Sheree Wen
 IEEE-USA – Humanitarian Tech conference – got some good interest from GOLD chairs. If we
   can get some of the 400K engineers to do something we can help the world. For 120 years
   we haven’t done much they say. WIE also supporting plus PACE groups. Joe Lillie told that he
   wants to be a speaker and give advice on the conference. The tag line “advancing technology
   for humanity now” is for the conference. Creating jobs locally. Many of the technologies are
   very new. Want to do exhibits, award for best product. FEMA, State emergency management,
   Gates foundation, etc. GOLD wants to setup a registry for people to become volunteering. We
   want to involve Engineers Without Borders also. EX-IM bank – if remote village in India or
    China, then EX-IM bank can finance microloans so people over there will get power and then
    business. Need to craft proposal now. We want to make sure all the parties have their places.
    So it is organized well. Got contact of Linda Shapiro in EE/CS, chair of CVPS conference. Also
    Dave Allstot in EE.
   Need to check into what happened in the past conferences IEEE did with UN.
   Counting on Exhibits for $
   Education workshop for FEMA, Red Cross – more trade show than conference
   We are assembling people to create the proposal to have it ready for the board by June
   Seattle needs to commit seed money to keep the conference – tabled for now
   We also need to step up to the level of rigor in our planning like we did for the Wireless

PSEC – Dave Butcher
 Looking for volunteers for mentor night – south sound, central sound, north sound events.
   Highline on April 6th 6-8pm engineering mentor night – should add to the e-notice for April
 PSEC banquet went well.

Awards – Jeff Rackowitz
 Attended the PSEC banquet and was at the IEEE table. Was rather proud and we were
  awesome (yeah Jeff). Karen made a great speech on the K-12 and encouraging engineers.
  Christine Chui wants to join future cities. Also very good story about starting a business from
 Outstanding Student Award – need to get out to Student branches. All student leadership is
  on the reflector? Not totally complete.
 Awards committee monthly meeting at Jeff’s work.
 Region 6 awards – now is the time to work on that, Erik Godo will help Jeff to create section
  award. Jeff has an editor to craft it all together.

Student Activities – Joe Decuir
 Micromouse contest – Seattle U, U of A – awarded two prizes. We had people looking at the
   maze from Western. We had more mice that might work next time. We need to have a
   practice at the section in mid-May or in the fall.
 Student Paper contest – (see Joe report he sent out Maury). 10 entries in hand. 3 from
   DeVry, 5 from Seatle U, 1 from Western, none from UW (host school). Deadline still this
   weekend for abstract. Limiting to 12.
 New branches – ITT – have critical mass to form a chapter. Shrikant is mentoring students at
   Bellevue College. University of Puget Sound has a qualifying program but it is not completed
   yet. UW Bothell also has critical mass.
 Pizza night – unknown location, unknown time – should be in May, needs to be scheduled.

Membership – Erik Godo
 Need to transfer senior member rodeo from Curtis Lu.
 National concerned about members becoming life members.

NW Area – Joe Decuir
 Sections Congress – next one August 2011 in San Francisco, California hosted by Region 6
       o Region 6 will look to us for support, in volunteer work and financially.
       o They are also looking for content; I will offer to explain our MDL project.
  Visiting all the sections in NW Area will miss April or May meeting.
 IEEE NW Area is one of 5 in Region 6. We are the Sections in Oregon, Washington and
 We will have two NW Area meetings this year:
       o May 8 in Spokane, including a Student Paper Contest
       o Sometime in Fall in Seattle, including Student Branch Leadership training
   We have two Region 6 OpCom meetings this year:
       o February 26-27 in San Francisco
       o September 24-25 in Salt Lake City

MDL project – Joe Decuir
 Got engineers going now, need chapters to approve (EMBS and Computer) and then we give
  them access to content
 Proposed topics
      o TeraHertz Radiation as a tool for imaging of vascular plaques (to EMBS)
      o Mixed-Signal ASIC Design for the Digital ASIC Designer (to CS)
      o Aging Technology (to EMBS)

Chapter Reports:

WIE – nothing to report

Life members – charter finished, sending in

PEL – Dave Edwards
 Check out the website – took quite a while to get this to work – National got B-/C+ rating in
   getting this going. There is a lot of potential there. Section would like Dave to write up a
   report on how to do this. There are a few presentations
   there and links to others.

Computer – Bob Higgins
 IEEE job search networking group was opened up to all members, got some EXCOM
   volunteers to review resumes.
 The Computer Society is running behind on getting speakers for 1st quarter of 2010
 We're looking at a couple topics but officers have not been able to follow up due to other
 IEEE Job Search Networking group had a few openings and has extended offer to IEEE
   Seattle Section to fill openings in group
 Have gotten volunteers from the EXCOM to help review groups resumes. Thank you to all
   that have been able to help, it is greatly appreciated
 Next topic for group is networking and informational interviews
 As we learn interests of group attendees will try to find IEEE members in companies which
   could provide information to group members in areas they are interested to help members in
   the group learn how to do informational interviews

Power Engineering –
 PES is working on closing the NWESS conference held at the University of Washington in
   February 2010. The conference had 104 registered attendees. The break-even point was 60.
   Just about all of the expenses for the event have been received and paid. There will be an
   organizing committee to close out meeting scheduled for Friday, April 2, 10am to noon at the
   University of Washington. The committee members and PES will be discussing potential
   future conferences.

Student Chapters:

UW – Daniel Vishoot
   Hosting SPAC May 6th – have T-Mobile so far. Should send out e-notice to all section
    members – engineers to participate and get corporate support. Also invite students from
    other branches.
   Pizza feed – had big barbecue last year with other societies – May/June time frame.

SPU – Daniel Johnson
 Game night planned for this Friday
 Doctor Lui spoke on what they were doing – interest because school just started UWB club.
 Boeing tour – Dennis Lewis – will call him

SU – Igor Parkman
 Had some pretty successful events engineers week – SWE resume night. Movie night – social
 Faculty dinner last week – got Italian food off campus.
 Securing funding for kit build – want to have a broad selection of things for people to pick
   thru – Seattle U can sponsor.
 We have micromouse maze. We can host the competition, or trial times.

DeVry – Travis Hotzel
 Micromouse starting up again
 April 2nd lecture on quantum computing - at noon at DeVry
 Motion to do 500, 300, 200 for prize money, then add food, so 1500 total. Approved.

Old Business:

New Business:
A UW student is building a robotic blimp – 7 1/2 feet wide, redo-able as much as possible – open
source. He has acquired funding from college of engineering for ½ of bill. The sensors and
driving components have arrived but still waiting for fans and speed control components. At this
point the cost is $450 total – total project matched by UW. We get logo on our side. The next
step is writing an abstract.

Got e-mail from Norman D. Miller, OES student activities. We are hosting Oceans conference in
September. Submit papers to student paper contest.

Meeting Adjourned

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