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									Volume 18, Issue 2                              Member Newsletter                                         April 2010

                      ECEA – Your Voice, Your Partner!
                                                                         By Kathryn Hammerbeck, ECEA Executive Director

        hese are challenging times for the early          development system. But there is much more work
        childhood field. Enrollment is down for many      to be done. As costs continue to rise and families
        providers and costs continue to climb with no     struggle to pay for child care and preschool, providers,
or minimal increases in tuition and reimbursement. In     advocates, and legislators must work together to find
some programs, providers are being asked to deliver       ways to support families to help them pay for quality
the same services for less money. Coupled with this       care and to support providers as they improve the
economic climate are increased licensing regulations,     quality and try to contain costs.
including additional professional development
demands, resulting in higher payroll costs. The early        ECEA is working on several fronts to address these
childhood field is rapidly changing with increased        problems. As a way to support providers to control
demands for higher quality and more accountability.       costs, ECEA has partnered with several companies
                                                          that supply products and services to early childhood
   As a director or owner you may feel helpless facing    programs. These companies offer discounts to
this onslaught, but you are not alone and you don’t       members and provide expertise in areas of business
need to feel that you have no voice.                      administration such as insurance needs, credit card
                                                          processing, payroll services, and employee benefits.
   An industry trade association is an organization       Patronizing ECEA’s approved vendors can not only
founded and funded by businesses in a specific            save your program money, but it supports ECEA to
industry. It participates in activities such as public    continue to work on your behalf. Support our vendors
relations, lobbying, and political advocacy. The Early    and support our association. Together we can make a
Childhood Education Association is a trade association    difference!
whose mission is to promote the growth and quality
of licensed private early childhood education. By                             CONTENTS
belonging to ECEA your voice is heard at the capitol,        Legislative Corner, AmCheck                         3
at meetings of other early childhood advocates, and at       Small Business Corner, Be an Informed
the regulatory agencies which govern the field. Your                 Insurance Consumer                         4
program benefits from membership in ECEA by being            260 ECE, RBS WorldPay                              5
kept up-to-date on trends, laws, and the dynamics of
                                                             ECEA 2010 Annual Conference                        6
economics that are affecting early childhood through a
                                                             CPSC Safety Recalls                                7
variety of communications and continuing education
opportunities.                                               Voice in the Community                             8
                                                             CHATS Provider Update, CPR Trainings               9
   ECEA has made significant strides in making the           Accreditation Corner, Making a Difference         10
voice of the private provider heard. We were successful      ECEA Endorsed and Affiliate Vendors,
in changing some of the language in the new director                 Conference Sponsors                       11
rules, in amending several bills to help providers, and      Calendar of Events, New Members                   12
we are active participants in developing a professional
LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                                                PRESIDENT: Bill Boerder
                          Dear members,                                                          Thomas Learning Centers

                                                                                             VICE PRESIDENT: Noel Nelson
                             Spring is just around the corner and it’s time once again       Knowledge Learning Corporation
                          for our annual spring conference on April 30th.
                                                                                                TREASURER: Beverly Eagle
                            If you have not attended this conference before, you                 Advantage Learning Center

                          have been missing the best conference for owners and                  SECRETARY: Cheryl Groth
                          administrators in the state.                                            Little People’s Landing

                             Spring is also a great time to take a look at your          Linda Ballow
                          playground and start making plans for a playground clean-      Bradford Early Learning Corporation

                          up and improvement projects.                                   Shauna Barker
                                                                                         The Sunshine House
   By the way at our conference we have many vendors with special deals for your
                                                                                         Sandy Bright
playground improvement projects so the timing is just right.                             ABC Child Development Centers

   Spring is also a good time to start summer planning, like field trips, swimming       Becky Dorr
                                                                                         Cherry Creek Insurance, Inc.
lessons, and in general fun activities for parents and children alike.
                                                                                         Denise Fletcher
   Please keep an eye on the “Working for you” on Fridays for opportunities to get       La Petite Academy
involved with your Association on upcoming grass roots efforts.                          Laura Hazen
                                                                                         Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, P.C.
   Also in this newsletter are articles from some of our endorsed and affiliate
                                                                                         Peggy Johnson
vendors about the great products and services that they offer. Patronizing our           My Friends & Me Learning Centers
endorsed and affiliate vendors also supports our association and keeps your
                                                                                         Doug Konrad
membership dues low.                                                                     Academy Child Development Center

   Tell your friends if they are not already a member there’s no time like the present   D’Arla Mezzacapo
                                                                                         Take A Break, Inc.
to join an organization that is just for owners and directors.
                                                                                         Pamela Piekarski
   Please contact our office at 303-860-7174 or our web site,       Exploring Minds Academy
for conference and membership information.                                               André Ransom

  Bill Boerder
                                                                                         André Ransom Associates
     Thanks and see you at the conference,
                                                                                         Gail Schleuning
                                                                                         Bright Horizons Family Solutions

                                                                                         Mills Snowden
                                                                                         Kaplan Early Learning Company
  Bill Boerder
                                                                                                 PAST PRESIDENTS
  President, Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado                              Carolyn Abbott, Helen Andresen,
                                                                                            Sharon Archer, Sandy Bright, Bob
                                                                                          Dunnegan, Kathryn Hammerbeck, Dan
                                                                                          Kingsbury, Larry Neal, André Ransom

             Our Vision                               Our Mission                                 Kathryn Hammerbeck
                                                                                                 Executive Director, Editor

                                                                                                     Kate Westling
     Private early childhood education is        To promote the growth and quality                Administrative Assistant,
an essential part of the education system,      of licensed private early childhood                 Layout & Design

 is of high quality, and supports parental       education programs for children              1120 Lincoln St., Suite 1303
  choice to meet the needs of Colorado’s       birth to 12. This is achieved through              Denver, CO 80203
                                                                                            303-860-7174 or 1-800-870-7174
        families and their children.           advocacy, education, and legistlative              Fax: 303-831-7830
                                                          representation.                    E-mail:

                                                                   the bill has passed and there is news to report on the
                                                                   status of the grants.
        Legislative                                                    HB 1035 - Extends the Colorado Child Care
         Corner                                                    Assistance Program (CCAP) eligibility redetermination
                                                                   period for all participants in the program from 6
                                                                   months to 12 months, and, for a family enrolled in
                                                                   both the program and a Head Start program, the
       Lesislative Session Update: Midway                          redetermination periods are aligned. A parent is not
                     By Cindy Sovine-Miller, Sovine Miller & Co.   required to report any income or activity changes during
                                                                   the eligibility period. The bill allows an early care and
   “Never confuse motion with action.” Benjamin Franklin           education provider (provider) to perform pre-eligibility
  The Colorado Legislature reached its midway point                determinations that it then forwards to the county for
on March 12th. As of that date there were a total of               final determination of eligibility. The provider may
549 pieces of legislation introduced. ECEA is actively             provide services to the family pending the county’s final
monitoring and working on nearly 40 bills on your                  determination of eligibility but shall be reimbursed for
behalf. Here are a few of the bills that ECEA is actively          those services only if the county determines the family
working on your behalf:                                            is eligible for services. ECEA actively supports this
   HB 1030 - Creates the Early Childhood Educator
Development Scholarship Program which will provide                    HB 1269 -Increases the money that can be awarded
scholarships to persons who are employed in the early              workers who are suing employers in state court over
childhood development field and who are pursuing and               employment discrimination claims by allowing them to
Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education.             receive compensatory and punitive damages. The bill
The scholarships will be funded from anticipated Federal           creates the “Workplace Fairness and Civil Rights and
Race to the Top and Early Learning Challenge Grants.               Remedies Act of 2010.” It would allow the plaintiff in
ECEA actively supports and is in a lead role on this               an employment discrimination lawsuit brought under
legislation which we anticipate will pass the Senate early                                              Continued on page 6
next week. We will provide you with an update once

AmCheck Helps Your Child Care Center Focus on What
                  You Do Best            by Jim Gosselin, AmCheck
   Focusing on what you do best, from raising money                    In 2000, the company expanded its reach nationally
to serving your constituents, is more critical in this             by opening the Denver office. We’ve been a growing
economic environment than ever. AmCheck, a national                part of Denver’s business community ever since. Our
provider of Payroll Services, can help. We can relieve             clients range in size from 01-500 employees, and across
your administrative burden while managing every aspect             industries from Doctor Offices to nonprofits. We’d be
of payroll, taxes, employee benefits, pension plans                happy to help your organization too. As a member of
and worker’s compensation. And we can do it all for a              ECEA, AmCheck is waiving new client implementation
price that may be less than you’re paying to run those             fees (up to $500), giving away 1 month free payroll
programs yourself.                                                 processing and access to our HR Resource Center for
                                                                   free. Agree to an introductory payroll review and receive
    Launched in Phoenix in 1996, AmCheck is one                    a current set of Federal and State Labor Law Posters.
of the country’s largest independent Payroll Service               For more information on how AmCheck can help you,
Bureaus, serving thousands of clients. Today, AmCheck              contact Jim Gosselin at (303) 756-5200 x201 or
is a leader in Web-based payroll technology, and is       .
recognized for its skill in harnessing and applying the
latest technologies in order to improve clients’ internal             Be sure to stop by the AmCheck booth at the Excellence
and external processes.                                            in Leadership conference on April 30th to be introduced to
                                                                   your loyal AmCheck representatives working on your behalf.
                                                                         In Colorado, discrimination on the basis of sexual
                                                                         orientation and transgender status is prohibited by the
                                                                         Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.
     Small Business                                                         The Employment Non-Discrimination Act
        Corner                                                           (ENDA) is currently before Congress and could add
                                                                         sexual orientation and transgender status to the list of
                                                                         protected classes under Title VII.
 Avoiding Sexual Orientation and                                            As often as discrimination claims are caused by
Transgender Discrimination Claims                                        biased people with a fear of difference, they are caused
                                                                         by well-meaning people, who ask questions and do
                                                 By Laura J. Hazen       things without the training that they need to understand
                           Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor, & Pascoe, P.C.
                                                                         the nature of that difference. You can take steps to
   It starts with a question about bathrooms. It always                  avoid liability for claims of discrimination, harassment
does. Americans love to talk about bathrooms. If you                     and retaliation on the basis of sexual orientation and
have a transgender employee, which bathroom should                       transgender status. As with most things, the path to
he or she use? After bathrooms, the next questions have                  reducing liability is paved with solid policies. Consider
to do with appearance. Can your employees who were                       conducting an audit of your policies, to identify strong
born male but now identify with the female gender                        and weak points of your current handbook, memoranda
wear skirts? Fishnet stockings? Unfortunately, finding                   and other controlling policy documents. Conduct
the answers to these questions in your organization can                  trainings to help employees understand difference.
result in unintended liability. How do you avoid that?                   Solid investigation and discipline policies will also help.
The answer to follow.                                                    When a complaint is filed, keep the information related
                                                                         to that investigation in a separate file. When the
   The biggest area of potential liability is in the
statutes that prohibit discrimination in employment.                                                                Continued on page 8

                     Be an Informed Insurance Consumer
                                                                       By Marc Grauberger and Stephanie Malia, Cherry Creek Insurance Agency
     Dear Valued Client,                                                    •	 Twenty	plus	(20+)	years	service	to	and	support	of	
                                                                         the ECEA of Colorado
   Given today’s tough economic times, you’re likely to
be approached by sales hungry insurance agents claiming                      •	   Direct	access	to	all	leading	insurance	carriers
industry knowledge and promising lower premiums.
Before making any commitment to shop your insurance                         Cherry Creek Insurance knows your business,
business elsewhere, we’d like to remind you why you                      recognizes your coverage needs, monitors the child care
entrusted your livelihood to Cherry Creek Insurance                      & school insurance markets, stays in tune with legislative
Group in the first place.                                                changes & issues, understands the claims process and
                                                                         delivers superior customer service year-in and year-out.
   •	 Twenty-four	(24)	year	specialty	writing	&	
servicing commercial child care centers & schools      Cherry Creek Insurance Group – Our Knowledge, Your
   •	 Twenty	plus	(20+)	year	exclusive	endorsement	by	 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 500
the ECEA of Colorado                                   Greenwood Village, CO 80111
   •	 Leading	writer	of	commercial	child	care	         Phone: 303.799-0110 ; Fax: 303.799.0156 .
insurance	in	the	Rocky	Mountain	region	(650+	centers	     Be sure to stop by the Cherry Creek Insurance booth at
and schools)                                           the Excellence in Leadership conference on April 30th
   •	 Team	of	4	professionals	dedicated	to	writing	&	                    to be introduced to your loyal Cherry Creek Insurance
servicing nothing but commercial child care centers and                  representatives working on your behalf.
                         260 ECE - The Exceptional Child
     The new licensing rules require that all directors        content and discussion. The hybrid format is more
must take ECE 260 – The Exception Child. ECEA                  accommodating of a director’s busy schedule. The
is happy to announce that we are offering this class           dates of the class will be June 12, 13 and 19 at La Petite
with a director focus and in a hybrid format which is          Academy located at 4620 S. Yosemite, Greenwood
a combination of seat time and online work. You or             Village, CO. For more information contact ECEA at
your director will be in a class with other directors and by phone, 303-860-7174. .
administrators thus insuring a higher level of course

                         RBS WorldPay for Small Business
                                    Around the World, Around the Corner
                                                                                               By Stephen Muth, RBS WorldPay
   Our Mission - We deliver world-class service, exceptional      Take advantage of our convenient Web-based
value and secure, reliable electronic payment solutions,       transaction reporting to increase productivity. Reports
earning the privilege of serving our customers every day.      at your fingertips include: monthly processing, deposits,
                                                               unmatched returns, transactions, card fees. All of this
    How can RBS WorldPay benefit your business? Our            while providing the latest and most-proven security
ties to strong financial institutions mean your business is    technology to protect cardholder data.
in good hands. We maximize efficiency by having your
processing needs come from a single, reliable source.              Fraud protection is a top priority for RBS WorldPay.
Most importantly, we are here after the sale, so give us       That’s why we work to help ensure that your business
the opportunity to serve you and to protect cardholder         is PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card
data with the latest and most proven security technology.      Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of requirements
                                                               developed by card associations to assure that all
    RBS WorldPay differentiates itself by focusing on          merchants adopt consistent data security to protect
a single-source approach to serving our customers.             customer account data. If a merchant is non-compliant,
As one of the early pioneers in transaction acquiring,         they risk: fines from Visa and MasterCard in excess of
we have become one of the nation’s largest and most-           $500,000 per event, forensic audits averaging $10,000
trusted processors. We control the entire processing           each, and costs related to chargebacks from using stolen
cycle, including authorization, settlement, reporting          information. When you process with RBS WorldPay,
and customer service. This truly integrated solution           you are working with an industry leader, one that has
gives RBS WorldPay customers one-call support and              received multiple awards from Visa and MasterCard
allows us to control quality from start to finish. RBS         for transaction integrity, fewest duplicate transactions
WorldPay is one of the most reliable – and affordable          and lowest chargeback ratios. In the event of a breach,
– credit card processors in the industry. We provide           we do offer a Data Breach Services Program. It’s
access to all of the credit card associations, including       important that you are vigilant in protecting your
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. In            customers’ information, not just at the point of sale, but
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POS Terminals, debit card processing, Electronic
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   We work hard everyday to earn your business. When              Be sure to stop by the RBS WorldPay booth at the
you have a question, you can rest assured our Customer         Excellence in Leadership conference on April 30th to be
Care representatives will provide the answers you need         introduced to your loyal RBS WorldPay representatives
in	a	timely	and	efficient	manner.		99+%	of	calls	are	          working on your behalf.
answered within 30 seconds.
                                         ECEA 2010 Conference
                                   Excellence in Leadership: Tools for a
                                            Dynamic Program
                              The “Excellence in Leadership” conference for owners, directors, administrators and
                           emerging leaders is just around the corner on April 30 at the Sheraton Denver West
                           in Lakewood. Don’t miss this exciting event which is jam-packed with informative
                           workshops, inspiring keynotes, and vendors galore! A new addition this year: The
                           Sample Classroom – a must see!
  The conference is a great opportunity for clock hours and college credit will be available through the University of
Colorado at Denver, either 1 or 2 credit hours.
   For more information on the keynote speakers, workshops, and to register, please see the conference insert or visit
our website at You may always call the office at 303-860-7174 or 1-800-870-7174 with any
other questions. Hope to see you there! .

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE - Continued from page 3                      Race to the Top Update
   Colorado law to receive compensatory and punitive            Last week, the U.S. Department of Education named
damages. ECEA is actively opposing this legislation          Colorado as one of 16 finalists for the first round of
knowing this will bring an even higher cost of doing         Race to the Top education reform grants. Commissioner
business in Colorado. One that the child care                Dwight D. Jones traveled this weekend to Washington,
industry simply cannot sustain. The legislation is           D.C. to present Colorado’s Race to the Top proposal
currently awaiting hearing in the House Appropriation        to a panel and to participate in Q&A discussions with
Committee.                                                   reviewers. Colorado submitted an application for $377
                                                             million to support reform efforts in the state.
   HB 1269 – Expands the definition of “school bus” to
“school vehicle”, amends the definition of “school bus”,        Pinnacol Bills Pass House
and amends certain statutory provisions that refer to
“school vehicle” and “school bus” to clarify when each          Last week, two bills from the Interim Committee to
term applies. ECEA is working to ensure that licensed        Study Pinnacol Assurance received final passage in the
child care centers are exempted from the new definition.     House. HB 1012 - Limit Surveillance Workers’ Comp
                                                             Claims by Rep. Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) and Sen. Morgan
     Budget Timeline                                         Carroll (D-Aurora) passed despite widespread concerns
                                                             amongst the business community that removing a key
   Two major pieces of budget legislation will be            tool for preventing and investigating workers’ comp
introduced and passed in the coming weeks. The               fraud will drive the cost of premiums up without
deadline for introduction of the Long Budget Bill is         actually achieving the goal of the bill. HB 1009 –
March 29, and the introduction and passage of the            Pinnacol Board of Directors, which would put two new
School Finance Act is anticipated for the week before.       members on the Pinnacol Board of Directors, an injured
However, a critical piece of information will affect both    worker and a physician, passed as well. This bill passed
of the bills – the economic forecast that will be released   despite the fact that there are current openings on the
on March 19. As the Fiscal Year 2010-11 budget begins        board now and those could be filled with an injured
to take shape, state economists warn that the worst of       worker or a physician.
the budget crisis will be felt in FY 12-13, when ARRA
and FMAP dollars will disappear and other one-time              For any questions on this or other legislative activities
fixes will have been exhausted. Each use of one-time         please contact Cindy Sovine-Miller at 720-290-5327 or
monies to fill budget holes rather than permanent fixes .
simply push the problem out to be solved at a later time.
                 Consumer Product Safety Commission
                        Child Safety Recalls
       Although you may not have or use these products in your facility, please make this
             information available to parents who may have them in their homes.
February 2010                                           •	 February 10: Pull Toys Recalled by Manhattan
•	 February 2: Children’s Toy Jewelry Sets Recalled        Group LLC Due to Choking and Aspiration Haz-
   by Playmates Toys; Charms Violate the Total Lead        ards
                                                           Description: This recall
   Description: This recall                                involves three types of
   involves charms sold with                               pull-toys: Pull-A-Long
   the Tiny Tink and Friends                               Friends Toucan™ with
   toy jewelry sets. The charm                             lot code 210720GB,
   is attached to a cord using                             Pull-A-Long Friends
   a metal ring and cylinder                               Alligator™ with lot code
   and included with the sets                              210750GB, and Pull-A-
   as a separate accessory that                            Long Friends Sharky™ with lot code 210530GB. The
   children can attach to the                              Toucan has a large yellow and black beak and blue
   toy necklace, bracelet or                               striped wings. The alligator is green and has a red
   key chain. The toy jewelry                              ridge on its back and red wheels with yellow polka
   sets containing the charm accessory were sold in a      dots. The shark has blue swirls painted on its wheels
   variety of styles                                       and an orange wooden fish on the pull string. The
                                                           lot code is printed on the bottom of the toy.
•	 February 3: Dollar General Recalls Toy Guns Due
   to Choking Hazard                                    •	 February 25: Sportime Recalls Children’s Floor
                                                           Hockey Sets Due to Lead Paint Hazard
   Description: This recall in-
   cludes a Special Forces Weap-                           Description and Models: This recall involves all sets
   ons and Accessories Set and a                           of BigBox Hockey,
   SWAT Police Play Equipment                              each consisting of six
   Set. Each set includes two toy                          boards, measuring
   guns and related accessories.                           6’ long by 10” tall.
   The number 48JQH09 is printed on the right side of      The boards come in
   the larger gun included in the recalled sets.           six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
                                                           The boards can be assembled together to create a
•	 February 10: Tiny Love Recalls Wind Chime Toys          contained playing area for children’s floor hockey.
   Due to Puncture and Laceration Hazards
                                                         This is not a comprehensive list. Consumers can ob-
   Description: This                                    tain releases and recall information, as well as pictures
   recall involves wind                                  of products and more detailed product descriptions,
   chime toys sold                                                 at the CPSC Website:
   separately, with the                                    To Report a dangerous product or a product-related
   Gymini Kick & Play                                     injury, call the CPSC’s hotlinte at 1-800-638-2772 or
   Activity Gym and                                                       TTY at 1-800-638-8270,
   Tiny Smarts Gift Sets.                                              or visit
   The toy produces the sound of a wind chime. “Tiny              To join a CPSC email subscription list
   Love” is printed on a tag on the toy.                              visit
                           Voice in the                           •	 February 18, Smart Start On-Line conference
                                                                  •	 February 24, Early Childhood Summit
                           Community                              •	 February 25, QRIS meeting
                                                                                       March 2010
                                                                  •	 March 2, P-3 Professional Development work
                                                                  •	 March 3, Joint Education Committee
   The Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado
attends a variety of meetings representing your interests in
the community. A report of these meeting will be featured in      •	 March 4, HB 10-1030 testimony
each newsletter.                                                  •	 March 5, State Board of Human Services
                      February 2010                               •	 March 10, HB 10-1026 testimony
     •	 February 1, HB 10-1026 testimony                          •	 March 10, Lunch & Learn presentation
     •	 February 5, State Board of Human Services                 •	 March 10, Early Childhood Summit
     •	 February 10, Early Childhood Summit                       •	 March 24, Early Childhood Summit
     •	 February 11, Rosemarie Allen, Director of
        Division of Child Care

DISCRIMINATION - Continued from page 4                         the bathroom associated with the gender with which
investigation is complete, seal the file. Limit the number     they identify. So, if an employee was born male, and
of people involved in the investigation to those with a        transitions to a female gender, then she must be allowed
“need to know.” By limiting the number of employees            to use the women’s restroom.
who are aware of the fact a complaint was filed, then the
number of employees who may be accused of retaliation              And dresscodes? Again, the employee should be
will be similarly limited.                                     allowed to dress as the gender with which they identify,
                                                               if you have a gendered dress code. One way to avoid
    What I find most interesting is not the question           liability in this area is to have a gender-neutral policy.
“how do we limit liability for unintended discrimination       Another is to take a deep breath and step into the
against people because of their sexual orientation?”           abyss of good policies, big hearts and a general sense of
Instead, I seek an answer to the question “how do we           understanding. .
foster inclusiveness, so that our employees feel free
to be themselves?” I believe that employees thrive             This article is intended as a general discussion and
in an inclusive environment. Diverse minds deliver             information on the topic covered, and is not to be construed
creative solutions. Unfortunately, you cannot mandate          as rendering legal advice. If legal advice is needed, you
inclusiveness – a feeling – with a statute. With this          should consult an attorney.
mind, I make one final suggestion: perhaps the most               This article may not be reprinted or reproduced in any
effective deterrent against claims of discrimination,          manner without prior written permission of the author.
harassment and retaliation based on sexual orientation         Laura J. Hazen is a Director at Ireland Stapleton Pryor &
and transgender is a collection of thriving employees,         Pascoe, P.C. In her employment practice, Hazen provides
not a collection of perfect policies. In some ways, this       day-to-day advice and coaching to public and private
is horribly unhelpful advice, as we can control policies,      companies on various employment matters. She also has
                                                               an active litigation practice where she concentrates on
not the feelings of our employees. Still, I believe that the
                                                               representing business in all aspects of complex business and
atmosphere of the work place is crucial.                       employment disputes. You can contact her by email at
  And the answer to the transgender bathroom          or by phone at
question? The employee should be allowed to use
                                 CHATS Provider Update
                                                                                        By The CHATS Implementation Team
   The State of Colorado is replacing the current child      schedule or information about the new system can
care assistance tracking system with a new system that       contact their County CCAP contact.
will bring benefits and changes to the way the State,
County, Providers and Clients use and manage child care          Child care Providers will be receiving informational
assistance. This system is called the Childcare Assistance   bulletins, training dates, and quick reference guides
Tracking System or simply CHATS.                             leading up to their release date. Training is being
                                                             organized in locations convenient to child care Providers
    The new CHATS system replaces the existing system        across the State in advance of your Counties release date.
that is outdated, difficult to use and doesn’t collect all   It is required that Providers attend training, sign a new
data necessary for accuracy. The new CHATS system            fiscal agreement and sign a new POS agreement with the
collects child care attendance via a Point-of-Service        County prior to receiving a POS device.
(POS) device which will be located at the child care
Provider site. Providers will be paid on a weekly basis         CCAP Clients will be issued a CCAP card that they
based on actual attendance records. It reduces the           will use to track when their children are in care. When
need for paper-based attendance and billing records          the card is received, the card needs to be activated to
at the Provider and County level as this is tracked          select a PIN, and the card swiped on a POS device at
automatically through the POS device.                        the Provider location each time a child is checked in or
                                                             out. Informational materials will be available for Clients,
   The new system is being rolled out in four (4)            which will walk them through the CCAP Card issuance,
phases beginning in June and finishing in November           PIN selection and swiping steps.
2010. The Pilot phase counties (June 2010) include
El Paso, Larimer, Lincoln, Summit and Weld. Child               If you have any questions about the new system,
care Providers wishing to know more about the release        please email us at CHATS.ReplacementProject@state.
                                                    and we will be happy to answer them. .

                          Discounted First Aid, CPR
                      and Universal Precautions Training
                        Are you looking for First Aid/CPR trainings for your employees?
                      Are you interested in saving money on First Aid and C.P.R. trainings?

        he Early Childhood Education Association of
        Colorado has partnered with Life Rescue CPR
        Association to provide First Aid, CPR, and
Universal Precautions trainings at a discount to our
members. This is a wonderful opportunity for facilities
that can’t bring a trainer out to their site.                      Training Dates and Times (subject to change)
   The next training will be held on Saturday, May 22,                              May 22, 2010
2010, at 6175 W. 38th Ave. in Wheat Ridge (subject to                             CPR: 8:45-12:00
change). Registration ends on Wednesday, May19.                           Universal Precautions: 12:00-1:00
                                                                                First Aid: 1:00-3:30
   The cost for members is $45 for First Aid, CPR and
Universal Precautions, $40 for either First Aid or CPR,          Payment is required in full prior to training and
and $20 for Universal Precautions only. Nonmembers            we will no longer offer refunds for those pre-registered
add $5 to the First Aid and CPR classes. There is no                       persons who do not attend.
lunch break.                                                       To reserve space for your staff, please call us at
                                                                 303-860-7174 or e-mail
                       Accreditation we At thegreat pride in the successes of our member of Colorado,
                                                Early Childhood Education Association
                                                                           who have earned
                          Corner This section showcases those centers congratulations! their
                                     accreditation or re-accreditation –
                           To enter your center, e-mail with your center name, the accreditation
                                                 achieved and the date on which it was earned.
                         National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA)
                                           •	 Westminster Learning Center

                   National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
                                            •	 Advantage Learning Center
                                         •	 Custom House Children’s Center

                                Making a Real Difference
                                                                                                  By Daniel French, AFLAC
   We all saw it coming - the day when employees would      may also save my business money on payroll taxes. I’m
make choices of who to work for and assign their loyalty    grateful that I can make Aflac available to my employees.
based upon access to employee healthcare benefits. Yet
as a smaller business, contributing the required 50%           Because of the nature of the restaurant business, the
towards the ever escalating cost is an overwhelming         only time I could get all of my employees together for
burden that cannot be passed on to the customer. It has     Lloyd’s initial presentation was on a Sunday morning
to be absorbed as overhead and comes out of the profit      at 9 AM. Lloyd was most agreeable to this and arrived
pocket of an overworked and underpaid administrator –       early. I never heard of an insurance agent working on
the owner.                                                  Sunday before. I was impressed! I even applied for Aflac
                                                            policies for myself and my kids.
   When this happens, creative employers choose
affordable voluntary benefits, without any employer            Lloyd personally handles all of our claims and they
contribution, to provide the cash necessary to offset       are paid in a timely manner. Many thanks to Aflac and
the costs of recovering from a health incident – wages,     Lloyd. Last year Lloyd introduced me to your Online
co-pays, deductibles, and incidentals which add up          Billing service, which has been a great feature for me. It
to dollars that an employee often pays back for many        has simplified reconciling my invoices and being able to
months, if not years.                                       pay them online. I have enough paperwork to deal with
   Below is a testimonial by an owner like you, who
learned to trust the value of AFLAC as the leader in           In closing, the entire Aflac experience for Mi Tierra
voluntary disability and recovery benefits.                 has been great. To this day, Lloyd still stops by every two
                                                            months just to say hi and see if any of us have any claims
August 20, 2007                                             to process or questions that need to be answered. I have
Mr. Daniel P. Amos, Chairman and CEO                        such positive feelings about Aflac that I don’t hesitate
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus          giving Lloyd referrals to other businesses in the area.
(Aflac)                                                     Again, many thanks to Aflac and much gratitude to our
Dear Mr. Amos:                                                 Sincerely,
   When our Aflac agent, Lloyd Schiemman, first
                                                               Anna Toledo-Keasey, Owner, Mi Tierra Restaurant .
approached me about Aflac back in 2004, I was
very skeptical. I only knew Aflac from your duck
commercials. When Lloyd sat down with me and
explained the benefits of Aflac, I was encouraged. I own       Be sure to stop by the AFLAC booth at the Excellence
Mi Tierra, which is a small restaurant in NW Indiana.       in Leadership conference on April 30th to be introduced to
Lloyd explained that Aflac insurance policies are sold      your loyal AFLAC representatives working on your behalf.
on a voluntary basis, the employees would pay the
premiums, and I could pre-tax their deductions, which
                        E n d o r s e d Ve n d o r s
AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE                                KAPLAN EARLY
ASSURANCE COMPANY OF                                LEARNING COMPANY
COLUMBUS                                               Mills Snowden
   Dan French • Greeley, CO                            Centennial, CO
   970 339 8400 • F: 970 339 8401                      303-400-3757                          303-332-2012
  Jim Gosselin                                      LIFE RESCUE C.P.R.
  Denver, CO                                        ASSOCIATION
  303-756-5200 •              Cindy and Aaron Speer
                                                       Littleton, CO
CHERRY CREEK                                           303-932-6268 •
                                                    OFFICE DEPOT
   Becky Dorr                                         Jon Widmier
   Englewood, CO                                      Denver, CO
   303-799-0110 • 800-777-5035                        303-218-8039 • F: 303-576-1231            
JOBING.COM                                          RBS WORLDPAY
   Andrea Hoffman                                      Ellen Woolwich
   Denver, CO                                          970-219-5848
   303-227-3377                                        F: 970-493-7558
   F: 303-693-7522 •

                  2010 Conference Sponsors
GOLD SPONSORS                                       THOMAS LEARNING CENTERS
CHILD CARE MARKETPLACE                                  1668 Humboldt St.
     650 NE Holladay St 1400                            Denver, CO 80210
     Portland, OR 97232                                 303-639-5977 •
     888-360-6494 •   SILVER SPONSORS
     1675 Broadway, Suite 2600                           155 Van Gordon St.
     Denver, CO 80203                                    Lakewood, CO 80228
     303-628-3618 •          303-914-5482 •
     1310 Lewisville Clemmons Rd.                        13300 West 6th Avenue, Box 22B
     Lewisville, NC 27023                                Lakewood, CO 80228
     303-400-3757 •                303.914.6307 •

                               A f f i l i a t e Ve n d o r s
     4105 E. Florida Ave., #300                          3307 Northlake Blvd. 101
     Denver, CO 80222 • 303-753-9444                     Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
                                                         1-888-881-0118 •
     9956 W. Remington Pl. Suite A-10-186           TIM O’CONNELL – Web Administrator
     Littleton, CO 80128                               303-892-6800 • F: 303-892-6322
     720-962-4592 •
               Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado
               1120 Lincoln St., Suite 1303                                                 STANDARD
               Denver, CO 80203                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
               P: 303-860-7174 or 1-800-870-7174                                            DENVER, CO
               F: 303-831-7830                                                            PERMIT NO. 5234



                      2010 Calendar of Events
            Thursday, April 8
  ECEA Board Meeting - members welcome!                Please welcome our
            Thursday, April 29
 Networking Social with Board at the Sheraton
                                                     newest member centers!
                Denver West
             Friday, April 30                               Castle Pines Academy
ECEA Annual Conference - see page 6 and insert                       Castle Rock, CO
                for details
                                                         St. Louis Catholic, NTLC
           Thursday, May 13                                            Denver, CO
  ECEA Board Meeting - members welcome!
              Saturday, May 22                             USAA, Bright Horizons
 CPR/First Aid Training - see page 9 for details                   Colorado Springs, CO
             June 12, 13, and 19
        260 ECE - see page 5 for details

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