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Accountants – Upgrade your Future_


									A Combined Masters Degree and Professional Qualification for Accountants only.

The ‘Master of Business Accounting -
Certified Management Accounting’ Program

                                               Experience. The Difference.

                – Upgrade your Future!
                    This is a unique alternative to an MBA, with a
                    blend of both broadening knowledge in business
                    and advanced and specialised technical skills in
                    strategic accounting. Simultaneously, you will
                    obtain a world-class professional qualification in
                    management accounting, the CMA. For academic
                    accountants there is an optional research stream.
                    We are also flexible – you can join us on campus
                    or we can come to you via our external and online
                    delivery modes so that you become...

                          Globally Competent,
                          Locally Relevant.
                                    Associate Professor Erwin Waldmann
                                        B.Com(UNSW) PhD(Monash) M.Acc(UNE) CPA,CMA
                                                            Program Director

                                 The School’s Professors in Accounting and Finance are:
                                 Professor Janek Ratnatunga                                      •	 is the joint-recipient (as lead author) of the prestigious
                                                                                                    joint American Accounting Association, AICPA (USA);
                                 DipM (CIM-UK), MBA, PhD (Bradford UK), FCA,                        CIMA (UK) and CMA (Canada) Impact on Management
                                 CPA, CMA                                                           Accounting Practice Award (2009) for the paper that
                                 Is Professor of Business Accounting and Head of School.            most advances management accounting practice
                                                                                                    written in the last five years.
                                 Professor Janek Ratnatunga:
                                                                                                 •	 is a leading authority on the business and accounting
                                 •	 has authored/co-authored over 200 publications of               implications of global warming and carbon trading,
                                    books, monographs, refereed journal articles and                and consults to the World Bank on this and other
                                    conference papers                                               issues
                                 •	 is the editor of the Journal of Applied Management
                                    Accounting Research (JAMAR)

                                 Professor Lee Parker                                            •	 is joint founding editor of Accounting Auditing &
                                                                                                    Accountability Journal, Australia’s only A* Journal in
                                 BEc (Adel), MPhil (Dundee), PhD (Monash), FCA, FCPA,               accounting
                                 FAIM, CPMgr
                                                                                                 •	 serves on more than 20 other journal editorial boards
                                 Is a Professor in Accounting in the School of Commerce,            internationally and
                                 UniSA and Honorary Professor in the School of
                                 Management at the University of St Andrews.                     •	 is a founding Fellow of the Centre for Social and
                                                                                                    Environmental Accounting Research at the University
                                 Professor Lee Parker:                                              of St Andrews, has held senior leadership roles in the
                                 •	 has published over 150 articles and books on                    American Accounting Association, The Academy of
                                    management and accounting internationally                       Accounting Historians, and CPA Australia

                                 Professor Roger L. Burritt                                         conferences and seminars and is the recipient of two
                                                                                                    Australian Research Council Discovery Grants for work
                                 BArts (Jt Honours)(Lcr), MPhil (Oxon) PhD (ANU), FCPA,             in environmental accounting
                                 CA, CMA, ACIB, AEIANZ
                                                                                                 •	 is international coordinator of the Asia Pacific Centre
                                 Is Professor in Accounting at the School of Commerce,              for Environmental Accountability, with branches at over
                                 UniSA.                                                             20 universities in the Asia Pacific and a member of the
                                 Professor Roger L. Burritt:                                        Environmental Management Accounting Network (Asia
                                                                                                    Pacific); and
                                 •	 is Director of the Centre for Accounting, Governance
                                    and Sustainability at UniSA                                  •	 has experience with the United Nations DSD
                                                                                                    Environmental Management Accounting International
                                 •	 is the author of 140 journal articles, books and                Experts Group and the UNEP International Chemicals
                                    chapters in books, has made over 190 presentations at           Management Group

                                 Professor Mervyn Lewis                                          •	 is a laureate of the Blake Dawson Waldron Prize (2005)
                                                                                                    for Business Literature awarded to the book that has
                                 BEc (Honours) (Adelaide), PhD (Adelaide), FASSA                    contributed most to business thought in Australia.
                                 Is the Professor of Banking and Finance at the School of           Public Private Partnerships: the world wide revolution
                                 Commerce, UniSA.                                                   in infrastructure provision and project finance, Edward
                                                                                                    Elgar, Cheltenham, UK 2004, written with Darrin
                                 Professor Mervyn Lewis:                                            Grimsey.
                                 •	 has published 21 books, 62 journal articles and 72           •	 is a Key Researcher of the Centre for Comparative
                                    chapters of books                                               Water Policies and Laws, with special responsibility
                                 •	 actively serves on six editorial boards and is an External      for research in water finance, privatisation and public
                                    Assessor for the Academy of Islamic Studies at the              private partnerships
                                    University of Malaya                                         •	 has served as Inaugural Securities Commission
                                                                                                    (University of Malaya) Visiting Scholar in 2009.

    Research Performance Panel                                                     Strathclyde; Professor David Hatherly, University of Edinburgh; Professor
                                                                                   Mike Jones, Cardiff University; Professor Stewart Jones, University of
    In 2009 a Research Performance Panel of International and National             Sydney; Associate Professor Paul Koku, Florida Atlantic University;
    Visitors was established to promote the development of research                Professor Gene Whittenberg, San Diego State University.
    capacity and talent. Offers to invite visitors have already been accepted      To find out more about the work of the Research Panel ant its Visitors,
    by: Professor Kashi Balachandran, New York University; Professor Garry         please visit:
    Carnegie, University of Ballarat; Professor Christine Cooper, University of
Dual Qualification: MBAcc, CMA
The University of South Australia (UniSA) is now offering a Master of Business Accounting (MBAcc) degree program specifically designed
for professionally qualified accountants (CAs, CPAs, CIMAs, ACCAs) or those individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree
with an accounting specialisation (BComm, BAcc) or similar. It will enable students to complete both a Masters degree to complement
their existing accounting qualification and simultaneously become a certified member (CMA) of the Institute of Certified Management
Accountants of Australia.
The educational rationale of this program is to further develop skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of business
accounting and, in the process, create an awareness of the current developments in the profession.

Two Streams: Coursework or Research
There are two streams of potential students:
•	 those in industry and government that need to obtain advanced technical knowledge in their field of specialisation; or
•	 those wishing to enter academia that require a research masters degree.
No similar program currently exists in Australia; i.e. one that provides a Masters degree (the MBAcc) and a specialisation accounting
professional qualification (the CMA) with either (1) a coursework stream for already qualified accounting degree holders and accounting
professionals, or (2) a coursework/research stream for those with an undergraduate degree in accounting who wish to do a masters with
a significant research component and with the possibility of going on to do a PhD.

Professional Accreditation: Certified Management Accountant
The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) Australia has fully accredited the MBAcc degree program offered by UniSA.
The courses of the CMA professional program are embedded within the core of the MBAcc, and students in both streams automatically
cover the educational requirements of ICMA to be a ‘Certified Management Accountant’ whilst they undertake their post-graduate

Upgrade Your Future: Good Employment Opportunities
There is good demand in the employment market for individuals who have specialised knowledge in their field.
This program is targeted to provide an added post-graduate specialisation dimension to undergraduate accounting graduates who are
already in occupations such as; financial accountant, corporate treasurer, management accountant, financial analyst; taxation agent,
auditor, financial manager, forensic accountant, business manager, or management consultant. Graduates of this program will be aspiring
to more senior positions in their own or related organisations.
Students studying the research stream may seek positions in academia.

    Globally Competent, Locally Relevant: Flexible Delivery Modes
    Courses in this program will be offered either internally, in UniSA’s modern teaching facilities at its City
    West Campus in Adelaide with a choice of day or evening classes; and also externally (including online)
    for those interstate and overseas. It is envisaged that these flexible delivery modes will draw students
    from both Australia and from international locations of ICMA, such as the Philippines, India, Dubai, Sri
    Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Lebanon and Malaysia. It is expected that over time, a majority
    of the face-to-face courses will be offered in intensive-mode, with the program being undertaken in
    study blocks of evenings and weekends to cater for a mature working student group.

    The Program of Study
    The program consists of 12 courses of study as shown in the table below. Up to a maximum of four
    course credits will be provided for equivalent postgraduate study undertaken via other universities or
    professional bodies (e.g. ICAA, CPA Australia, CMA, CIMA, ACCA). The delivery modes are flexible, and
    many are offered more than once a year. A suggested study plan follows:

     Course name                                                   Area + Cat. No.                     Units   EFTSL
     First Year
     First Half
        Marketing Management                                       MARK 5025                           4.5     0.125
        People, Organisations and Leadership                       BUSS 5114                           4.5     0.125
        Business Ethics G                                          BUSS 5033                           4.5     0.125
        Strategic Cost Management                                  ACCT 5025                           4.5     0.125
     Second Half
        Global Business Environment                                BUSS 5300                           4.5     0.125
        Strategic Business Analysis                                ACCT 5024                           4.5     0.125
        Financial Statement Analysis                               ACCT 5XXX                           4.5     0.125
        Advanced Corporate Finance                                 BUSS 5228                           4.5     0.125
     Second Year
     First Half
        Research or Coursework Stream

    The Research Stream consists of:                                  The Coursework Stream consists of:
    •	 BUSS 4022 Research Methods in                                  •	 BANK 5005 Perspectives in Finance
       Business H                                                     •	 BANK 5014 Financial Theory and Financial Markets
    •	 BUSS 4018 Business Literature Review for                       •	 BANK 5016 Managing Financial Risk
       Business H
                                                                      •	 BANK 5013 Investment Management
    •	 BUSS 4019 Business Honours Thesis H2
                                                                      •	 BANK 5017 Personal Wealth Management
                                                                      •	 Or any other Masters level accounting and finance
                                                                         courses available in the School of Commerce
                                                                         other than those offered as core units in the
                                                                         Master of Business (Professional Accounting)
    Fee information (indicative):
    Fees for International students: $AU 20,800 per 1.0 EFTSL for students commencing in 2011.
    Fees are calculated on a per Unit basis with 1.0 EFTSL = 36 Units.
    Fees for International students are determined one year in advance and are subject to variation.
    Fees for Fee Paying Postgraduate students: $AU 18,400 per 1.0 EFTSL for students commencing in 2010.
    Fees are calculated on a per Unit basis with 1.0 EFTSL = 36 Units.

Design Philosophy
Courses within the program are designed to both expand a student’s knowledge in the wider areas of business and commerce and to
provide advanced technical knowledge to undergraduate accounting graduates and professionally qualified accountants who wish to
undertake a specialist Master’s degree and simultaneously obtain a professional qualification in management accounting.
A case study approach and simulations of business situations are used extensively in two of the core courses, Strategic Cost Management
and Strategic Business Analysis, which are the compulsory courses required for the CMA program. At least one assignment in the above
two courses, and in the Business Ethics course will require students to apply their learning to real situations in the companies in which
they work, providing many practice-based learning opportunities.
Both the research and coursework streams of the program will require students to undertake research into current business accounting
practices. Given the history of recent developments in the profession and business practices, this approach to the research driven study
of business accounting issues is considered feasible and warranted. Furthermore, evidence is available that in business accounting,
procedures continue to evolve and develop, and as such, these new developments have been incorporated into the program via
compulsory student presentations of major advancements in the discipline area. Much of this dynamic activity is in response to changing
business practices and policies and the complexity of modern firms.

Entry Criteria
This program will only admit those who meet the entry requirements of UniSA for a cumulative Master’s degree. This would mean that
the applicants will have completed a recognised bachelors degree (or equivalent) with either:
•	 a major in Accounting from an accredited university,
•	 a professional accounting qualification from a recognised international Accounting body (e.g. CA, CPA, CMA, CIMA, ACCA, AMA,
   GMA etc),
•	 a completed Graduate Diploma in Accounting from a recognised higher education institution, or
•	 a completed conversion Masters Degree in Accounting such as a Master of Professional Accounting.
Those who do the research stream will require approval from the UniSA Program Director, and this will in most cases require a high
performance level in the coursework subjects.

English Language Requirements
International students who speak English as a foreign language must have obtained one of the following standards within the last two
years prior to admission:
•	 International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic): test – minimum score of 6.0 in reading and writing sub scores and
   minimum overall score of 6.5 obtained within the last two years; or TOEFL equivalent; or
•	 Successful completion of a tertiary qualification at bachelor level or above completed in Australia within the last two years; or
•	 Successful completion of at least two years of tertiary study at bachelor level or above conducted and completed in English within the
   last five years in a country in which:
  •	 English is an official language; or
  •	 English is commonly used, as determined by the University
Where the study in English was more than five years ago, this requirement may be satisfied by subsequent and recent work experience
of at least two years duration in a setting where English is the language of business subject to satisfactory evidence as determined by the

    Dr Ratnam Alagiah                             Dr Michael Burrow
    BCom, MCom, PhD. (Woll).                      BEc, Dip Acc, MEc, DBA, FCPA, FFin.
    Ratnam is a Senior Lecturer and he            Michael is a Senior Lecturer and he teaches
    teaches Financial Accounting, Company         Financial Management, Derivatives and
    Accounting, Accounting Theory and             Securities Markets, International Currency
    International Accounting. His research        and Banking Markets, Investment Banking
    interests include the impact of a             and Project Finance and Financial Risk
    single global currency on accounting,         Analysis. His research interests include
    international accounting and in critical      small business exporting and financial
    perspectives on Accounting.                   management.

    Dr Kym Fraser                                 Associate Professor
    BAppEc, BCom (Acct), BBus (Hons), PhD,        Brenton Fiedler
    AssDipEng, AdvDipMgt.                         B.A.Accountancy (SAIT), M.Bus (UniSA),
    Kym teaches Corporate Finance, Business       F.C.A. (Fellow of the ICAA).
    Finance, Finance and Investment and           Brenton is the Associate Head (Teaching)
    Global Issues for Accounting. His research    of the School and he teaches Auditing
    interests include Strategic Management        Principles and Auditing Theory and
    for the International Corporation, Business   Practice. His research interests include
    Behaviour of Multinational Enterprises        auditing and fraud; electronic commerce
    and Global Manufacturing and Managing         and fraud, residential funded retirement
    Operations.                                   villages and cross cultural ethics.

    Associate Professor                           Dr Mansoor Khan
    Petko Kalev                                   PhD, Mcom, MBA, BBA.
    BSc (Mathematics), MSc (Statistics), PhD      Mansoor is a lecturer in Accounting and
    (Fin. Econometrics) FINSIA (Senior).          he teaches Management Accounting.
    Petko is the Associate Head (Research)        His research interests include social and
    of the School of Commerce. His research       environmental responsibilities of small
    interests are in capital markets/market       regional business enterprises, interest-
    microstructure, corporate finance and         free and risk-sharing policy instruments
    corporate governance, market efficiency,      for lending and investment and Islamic
    investments/funds management,                 financial markets.
    behaviour finance, special topics in time
    series and empirical economics/financial

    Peter Lennox                                  Associate Professor
    MFinMgmt, Grad Dip (FinPlan), BCom,           Margaret Lightbody
    BBus (Acc), CPA, ACIP.                        BA (Acc), PhD (Adelaide), FCPA.
    Peter is a Program Director who teaches       Margaret teaches Management Accounting
    Business Finance, Financial Planning and      and Auditing. Her research interests
    Finance and Investment. His research          include women and the professional work
    interests include superannuation, business    environment, accounting and management
    finance and financial markets.                in not-for-profit organisations, accounting
                                                  education, environment auditing and
                                                  waste management.

Dr Mei Lim                                     Dr Sumit Lodhia
BAcc, BBus (Banking and Finance),              PGDip, MA (USP, Fiji), Phd (ANU), CPA,
GradDipCom, MCom, PhD, CPA.                    MACS PCP.
Mei is a Lecturer in Accounting who            Sumit is a senior lecturer. He teaches
teaches Management Accounting and              Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
Advanced Management Accounting.                and Management Accounting. His research
Her research interests are in full cost        interests include: Social, Environmental
accounting in solid waste management           and Sustainability Accounting, Corporate
and performance management and                 Communication through the Internet,
sustainability in the waste management         E-commerce and Internet research,
industry.                                      Management Control Systems, Research
                                               in Small Island States - Information Systems
                                               Development, Transparency, Democracy,
                                               Accountability and Sustainability.

Ron McIver                                     Dr Wei Qian
M.App.Fin. (Macquarie), M.Ec. (Flinders),      PhD, BEc.
PGCE/PCET (Greenwich), B.Ec. Hons, B.Ec.
                                               Wei is a lecturer in Accounting
(Flinders), SA Fin.
                                               who teaches Financial Accounting,
Ron is a Lecturer in Financial Economics       Management Accounting and
who teaches Corporate Valuation and Risk       Sustainability Accounting. Her research
Management, Managing Financial Risk,           interests are in environmental reporting,
Investment Banking and Project Finance,        environmental management accounting,
Financial Risk Analysis, Portfolio and Fund    corporate social responsibility, financial
Management, International Currency             reporting and earnings management
and Banking Markets, Business Finance,         and corporate governance.
Advanced Corporate Finance and Financial
Modelling. His research interest include
reform of China’s state-owned commercial
banks and the management of non-
performing loans made to state-owned

Dr Elvia Sunityo-Shauki                        Dr Basil Tucker
Phd, BAcc, MBA.                                B.Bus, MBA, PhD. CMA, CMC.
Elvia is a Lecturer in Financial Accounting.   Basil is a lecturer and he teaches
She teaches Accounting for Business,           Accounting for Decision Making,
Issues in Accounting Theory, Financial         Management Research and Consulting,
Accounting and Issues in Accounting            Management Accounting, Cost
Theory. Her research interests include         Management Systems, Strategic
sustainability reporting, earning              Management Accounting, Management
management, social responsibility              Control Systems and Accounting for
investment (SRI), CSR in banking industry,     Management. His teaching interests are
CSR in developing counties, CSR related        in management control, the relationship
to poverty alleviation and accounting          between strategy, management control
education.                                     systems and performance, social network
                                               theory and structural equation modelling.

                                            The School of Commerce was                     The School of Commerce, UniSA:
                                            established in 2005, bringing together         •	 is one of the largest leading providers
                                            the disciplines of:                               of Accounting and Finance education
                                            •	 Accounting                                     in Australia and Asia
                                            •	 Applied Finance                             •	 has an exemplary research and
                                            •	 Business Administration                        publication record and has recently
                                            •	 Commercial Law                                 won three substantial ARC grants
                                            •	 Economics                                   •	 is the home of the five highly
                                            •	 Property                                       prestigious, international research
                                            Its undergraduate and postgraduate             •	 has three active research centres
                                            programs are amongst the most popular
                                                                                           •	 offers the most flexible delivery
                                            in the University. The School has 75
                                                                                              options in Australia.
                                            strong academic faculty in all of the
                                            above areas.

                                            Key Statistics:
                                            The School of Commerce, UniSA has:
                                            •	 over 3,700 enrolled students of which:
                                              - 2,132 are domestic students
                                              - 1,603 are international
                                            •	 over 90 dedicated academic and professional support staff members
    Office Address:                         The School of Commerce is committed to providing graduates with the graduate
    City West Campus                        qualities that employers are looking for. Our programs and courses are designed to
    Way Lee Building Level 2                equip graduates with the appropriate knowledge and skills to give them a competitive
    37-44 North Terrace                     advantage.

    Adelaide, South Australia 5000          The School offers seven undergraduate programs:
                                            •	 Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
    Telephone: +61 8 8302 9047 or
                                            •	 Bachelor of Applied Finance
               +61 8 8302 0436              •	 Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Applied Finance
    Facsimile: +61 8 8302 0992              •	 Bachelor of Business (Property)
    Email:   •	 Bachelor of Business (International Business)
                                            •	 Bachelor of Business (International Business), Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
    Postal Address:                         •	 Bachelor of Business Administration (Specialisation)
    School of Commerce
    Division of Business                    The School offers four postgraduate programs:
    University of South Australia           •	 Master of Business Accounting
                                            •	 Master of Business (Professional Accounting)
    GPO Box 2471
                                            •	 Master of Business (Professional Accounting and Finance)
    Adelaide, South Australia 5001
                                            •	 Master of Business (Property)                        To find out more about the School of Commerce ·and its offerings please visit:

    CRICOS provider no: DMBN070186E
                                                                                                                                         OBH 17015


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