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GSS Minutes


									GSS Minutes
January 23, 2008

   Call to Order: 5:39 pm

   The January 16, 2008 Minutes were approved. (Cari made the first motion.
   Marcus made the second motion.)

   Present: Cari, Marcus, Fatih, Mimi


   President’s Report
      - Cari reminded GSS that the President’s Council will meet with Harry
          Schukel and Vim Wievel on Thursday January 24 to discuss the parking
      - Cari also mentioned that the University Council is meeting on Friday,
          January 25 from 1 to 3pm.
      - The provost needs feedback on the university’s Strategic Plan. Cari asked
          GSS to submit feedback to her by February 12.

   Treasurer’s Report

       -   Marcus reported that the stipends for the Fall 2007 executive board
           members were deducted from the GSS internal account. Nothing else has
       -   Marcus sent an e-mail on January 23 to the current board suggesting that
           GSS move forward in putting the plans for two separate events (Hyatt
           event and Leadership event) in motion. The present members agreed with
       -   Marcus mentioned the check (from USS Treasurer) was unused money for
           the last New York trip. It was written to GSS as a reimbursement that
           should go to use for the next New York trip.
       -   The expenditures for SGA Day and Annapolis Day have been taken care

   Old Business

       -   GSS discussed downsizing the leadership dinner and turning it into a
           leadership networking event. (During the discussion, Cari made the
           motion to make the events separate. Mimi made the second motion. The
           present GSS members agreed. The motion passed.)
       -   Cari put in a request to CSI for the Student Center Multipurpose Room for
           Friday, May 2. Mimi put in a request to CSI for the Business School
           Atrium for Friday, April 18.
-   GSS discussed the printing of business cards to hand out to student
    participants. It mentioned that Susan suggested Vista Print (VP) instead of
    UB as a printer. Marcus mentioned that if we wanted the UB logo, we
    would need to seek permission from the appropriate authority. Also, if
    GSS went with VP, the cards would be typically less glossy than UB. It
    was mentioned that the cards probably need not be formal – the
    information on the card is more important than the graphics and/or
    features on the card. Marcus volunteered to get printing information (cost,
    deadline/timeline for prints, etc.) on the cards. GSS needed know this
    information to help determine dates for students to RSVP and receive
-   Cari presented Sasha’s catering as an option for the event. It would be a
    cocktail type of event. Plus Sasha’s appeared to be reasonably priced.
    The present members reviewed the three types of cocktail menus.
-   The issues of alcohol and parking came up. Mimi volunteered to take care
    of the paperwork regarding the Alcohol Event Agreement.
-   Cari talked about her connections and contacts to possible executive
    attendees for April or May. She encouraged GSS members to get in touch
    with their connections. She also stated that possibly 10
    business/organization executives might be sufficient for the event. GSS
    wants to include executives that could appeal to both CLA and MSB
    graduate students. Marcus had concerns about the MPA students –
    particularly the Chinese MPAs. Marcus want to have execs that might
    offer positions to MPA students who are not U.S. citizens. Mimi
    volunteered to look into the matter.
-   Cari suggested that GSS members brainstorm about the décor of the event.

-   GSS (Cari, Marcus, Mimi) discussed the Hyatt event.
-   Cari contacted the new Hyatt representative to discuss the set-up and food
    for the March 14 event. Cari asked that the dinner menu that was ordered
    be changed to a buffet.
-   As for the set-up, Cari asked about a half casino and half dance set-up.
    Apparently, there is paperwork to fill out for the casino set-up even though
    no real cash will be exchanged. Cari stated that she would talk to Susan to
    work something out with the Hyatt. GSS decided that if the casino/dance
    set-up does not work out then the second preference would be a
    raffle/dance set-up.
-   GSS is pretty much in consensus with the St. Patrick’s Day theme for the
-   GSS briefly discussed the pros and cons of having a DJ or a band. DJs are
    typically cheaper, but the type of music has to be considered. A band may
    be more difficult to book, but finding a local band shows support to the
    Baltimore community. Marcus and Cari volunteered to get information on
    bands they know of. Mimi is in favor of having a DJ. A decision needs to
    be made by next week’s meeting.
   -   GSS discussed promotion – particularly newspaper ads. Marcus suggested
       using a promotional symbol like a leprechaun or a four leaf clover for
       publicity. Marcus put out the idea of something like “Would you ever go
       green?” as a slogan with the symbol. Fatih was suggested as someone
       who could create first draft design for publicity and online advertising.
       Maybe a draft could be submitted to Simon to work on. As for newspaper
       ads, Marcus and Mimi would look into finding information on deadlines
       and costs for putting out advertising in The Baltimore Sun, The Examiner,
       The City Paper and The UB Post.
   -   GSS briefly discussed whether tickets should be sold in advance or at the
       door. It was suggested that GSS could make the tickets cheaper for people
       who purchased ahead of time or cheaper if they are wearing green.

New Business

   -   Marcus asked if a graduate student interested in GSS could attend the
       meeting next week. The present executive members responded favorably.

   -   Cari mentioned a Travel Award inquiry regarding a submission made by a
       graduate student in the Spring of 2007. GSS considered possibly having
       the student submit the paperwork again. Before doing so, Cari will e-mail
       Godfrey and Susan to find out if they have any information about the

   -   An African-American Artscape Event will take place on the fifth floor of
       the Student Center on February 23 from 11 to 4pm. The organizations
       (ASA, BSU and ???) sponsoring the event are asking for financial
       assistance, man power and any other help needed for the event. GSS will
       vote next week.

   -   GSS decided to hold off on the issue regarding the increase in stipends for
       now. For the time-being GSS, needs to focus on the two major upcoming

Meeting adjourned: 6:57 pm

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