I _Might_ Have No Email Address by unique.one619


									I'm curious what people would think about someone (talking about me)
simply not having an email address in this day and age...

I'm not talking about pretending to not have an email address, but
ACTUALLY not having one. Like if you sent me email at my old address it
would bounce back with an "unknown user" error.

I get literally thousands of emails per day (mostly spam slipping through
the spam filters), of which 3 or 4 actually require some sort of
response. The 2,000+ other emails each day become so overwhelming that I
check my email once per week these days (it would get to my eyes faster
if you snail mail me a hand-written letter), and even when I do check it,
99.99% spam means as I'm clearing it out, inevitably I may throw out some
non-spam if it's not immediately recognizable. So I'm starting to
think... so I really need email? All my friends have my instant message
ID, and they all know about my email situation, so really... do I need
email anymore?

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