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 Vol. XXXII No. 39                                        Catholic Archdiocese of Miami                   Price 25$                                    Friday, June 27, 1986

 Religious liberty
        Has come a long way
        since 'Lady Liberty'
        dedicated 100 years ago
            By Liz Schevtchuk                  day than in the 19th century and in
    WASHINGTON (NC) — When                     earlier decades of the 20th century,
 Americans dedicated the Statue of             thanks to changes both in American
 Liberty 100 years ago, Catholics en-          society and the church itself.
 joyed religious liberty under the Con-           Anti-Catholicism directed toward
 stitution but continued to have relig-        individual Catholics "has greatly fad-
 ious bigotry in their everyday lives.         ed," said Msgr. John Tracy Ellis of
    And ahead still lurked the rise of a       The Catholic University of America,
 prominent anti-Catholic movement,             the dean of U.S. church historians.
 the rantings of the Ku Klux Klan, the            However, "I think it would be a
 questions as late as 1960 about               mistake to say it's extinct," he said.
 whether a Catholic should be presi-           Discrimination related to tuition tax
 dent, and the arguments from leaders          credits, right to life and anti-Catholic
 in their own church that American             art and theater still exist.
 church-state separation was barely               Msgr. Ellis suggested that Ameri-
 tolerable.                                    cans have made "tremendous pro-
    According to church historians, the        gress" in recent decades in overcoming
 torch of religious liberty is brighter to-    religious prejudice while Catholics
                                               have significantly advanced in society.
                                                  As examples, he cited the presiden-
                                               tial candidacies of Robert Kennedy
                                               and Eugene McCarthy, both Catho-
                                               lics, in 1968 after the resurgence of
                                               some anti-Catholic feeling when John
                                               F. Kennedy ran for president in 1960.
                                               He also cited the presence of Catholics
                                               in governors' offices, on judicial
                                               benches, in state legislatures across the
                                               country, and in the current Congress.
                                               "That would have been unheard of in
                                               the 1880s," Msgr. Ellis said.
                                                  "Part of the changed picture be-
                                               tween these two dates, 1886 and 1986,
                                               is that American Catholics have arriv-
                                               ed in the American mainstream," the
                                               monsignor added. Among their other
                                               attributes, he said, "they are rich. The
                                               U.S. is teeming with Catholic million-
                                                  But in 1886, it wasn't quite the case.      Issues by the pound
                                                  Not only were American Catholics
                                               targets of bigotry by Protestants, but               Marsha Whelan, secretary to the Archdiocesan Synod, stands
                                               Catholic Church officials themselves                 almost knee-deep in the 18,000 questions and suggestions raised
                                                                                                    by South Florida Catholics during public hearings held last fall
                                               expressed doubts about the wisdom of
                                                                                                    by parishes, schools and organizations. Synod commissions have
                                               religious liberty, at least as demon-                begun grouping the issues into categories and studying them in
                                               strated under church-state separation.               order to prepare responses this fall. (Voice photo/Ana Rodriguez -
                                                  During the 1884 presidential cam-                 Soto)
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              Nicaraguan laity trained here
         By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                 frighten the Nicaraguans, most of           who lived with and trained the Nicara-    have settled within Our Lady of
           and Araceli Cantero                 them rural workers from the Chon-           guans during their stay.                  Divine Providence's boundaries, when
    Amid tears and long embraces,              tales area in the southwestern part of         "They're a blessing and a lesson,"     he expressed a desire to provide more
 members of the Archdiocese of Miami           the country. For several years now,         said Lila Muina, one of a number of       training for his lay ministers.
 last week said a heartfelt goodby to 15       they all have been involved in spread-      Our Lady of Divine Providence                Father Garcia-Rubio told him about
 Nicaraguans who, after three months           ing the Gospel throughout that strife-      parishioners who shared their homes       the Archdiocese of Miami's Lay Min-
 of intensive training here, were return-      torn region where battles between the       with group members.                       istry program and the rest was a mat-
 ing to their homeland to spread the           Sandinistas' troops and the rebel              The experience "has made us feel       ter of logistics — and raising
 Gospel.                                       "contras" are commonplace.                  more universal. We've lived a Church      $15,000 to pay for it.
    The mission is not as simple as it            In fact, some members of the group       that doesn't end in Miami," said             The bishops of Germany and
 sounds, Archbishop Edward McCar-              already have lost close relatives and       Father Ernesto Garcia-Rubio, pastor       France picked up the air fare, groups
 thy pointed out during the Mass where         friends to the conflict. "You get used      of the west Dade parish, who worked       of local Catholics made additional
 group members were commissioned as            to thinking you're not going to die and     out the arrangement with Nicaraguan       donations and Our Lady of Divine
 lay ministers: in Sandinista Nicaragua,       that your faith will save you," said one    Bishop Pablo Vega more than a year-       Providence parishioners flocked to
 they may be called on to "possibly be         of the group, Jose Manuel.                  and-a-half ago.                           provide food and shelter.
 martyrs for their faith."                        It was that deep, firing-line-tested        Bishp Vega was visiting Nicaraguan        The three-month program, offered
   The risks, however, didn't seem to          faith that impressed the Miamians           families here, a majority of whom                        (Continued on page 8)
  Supreme Court
  nominee backs
  Catholic issues
     WASHINGTON (NC) — In nominating Judge
  Antonin Scalia to the U.S. Supreme Court June 17,
  President Reagan appointed a Catholic who opposes
  abortion and supports tuition tax credits.
     Scalia's position on those two issues — along with
  Reagan's nomination of Justice William Rehnquist
  as chief justice — prompted some Catholic leaders
  to foresee a shift on the court that could boost their
     Scalia, who would be the seventh Catholic to
  serve as a Supreme Court justice, would replace
  Rehnquist, nominated by Reagan as chief justice
  upon the retirement in July of Chief Justice Warren
  Burger.                                 .
    A judge since 1982 of the U.S. Circuit Court of
 Appeals for the District of Columbia, Scalia is
 known for his emphasis on the separation of powers
 in government. He also is known as a conservative
 activist and opponent of abortion, although as a
 judge he has not ruled on any abortipn cases.
    A 1984 article on him in the magazine Policy
 Review described him as personally opposed to
 abortion and said his first involvement in politics
 was in a fight for tax credits for tuition paid by
 parents of children in non-public schools.
    While he was a law professor at the University of            Arms restrictions
 Chicago he testified before congressional                                          Casts and slings are much in evidence around the chancery in Salina, Kan. Sister Martina
 subcommittees in 1978 and 1981 in favor of tuition                                 Stegman, religious education coordinator, broke her wrist in a fall; Father Larry Grennan
 tax credits.                                                                       center, religious education director, had a skiing accident; and Msgr. James Hake,
    Michael Schwartz, director of the Catholic Center                               chancellor broke his arm while skating with a Catholic youth group. (NC photo by Msgr. R. M.
 in Washington and a former official of the Catholic
 League for Religious and Civil Rights, said Scalia's
 positions make him strong on what Schwartz
 characterized as "the Catholic agenda."                      Christian pro-lifers form                                               Pro-life priest jailed
    The father of nine, Scalia was born March 11,             political action team                                                   after breaking probation
1936, in Trenton, N.J. He graduated from George-                                                                                         BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (NC) — A judge revoked
town University in 1957 and received his law degree            WASHINGTON (NC) — A coalition of
                                                             Christians taking pro-life views on both abortion                        probation for Benedictine Father Edward Markley,
from Harvard in 1960.                                                                                                                 pro-life activities coordinator in the Diocese of Bir-
   Scalia, whose name is pronounded Skah-LEE-ah,             and the arms race has formed JustLife, a new
                                                             political action committee whose advisers include                        mingham, and ordered him to serve a five-year
is a member of St. John's Parish in McLean, Va., a           Bishop Leroy T. Matthiesen of Amarillo, Texas.                           prison term for a 1984 sledgehammer attack on an
Washington suburb.                                           According to a statement from the interdenomi-                           abortion clinic. Jefferson County Circuit Judge J.
                                                             national group, JustLife "takes positions that are                       Richmond Pearson said the priest yoilated the terms
USCC president protests                                      pro-life on abortion, pro-life on arms control and                       of his probation in the 1984 conviction by par-
                                                             pro-life on poverty issues" and will "endorse candi-                     ticipating m a pro-life march Jan. 18 in
jailing of South Africans                                    dates whose positions demonstrate a commitment to                        Birmingham. Fr. Markley had been sentenced to
   WASHINGTON (NC) — U.S. officials should                   protecting life, justice and peace."                                     two five-year suspended prison terms for two felony
"use all means available" to push for the release of                                                                                  counts with the condition that he not march within
people detained under South Africa's state of                Non-ordained Franciscan gets                                             500 yards of any abortion clinic in the 50 states for
emergency decree, said the president of the U.S                                                                                       five years.
bishops' conference. The United States also should           high rank in province
pressure the South African govenment to "deal                   NEW YORK (RNS) — For the first time since the                         NOW sues pro-lifers,
peaceully and constructively with people of all races        early years of the Franciscan order, a non-ordained                      charges 'reign of terror'
and groups who want nothing more than a society              brother has been chosen visitor general of a
                                                             Franciscan province. Brother Edward Coughlin,                              WASHINGTON (NC) — The National
which provides freedom and justice for all its                                                                                       Organization for Women announced it has filed a
members," said the official, Bishop James W.                 O.F.M., will serve a one-year term in that capacity
                                                             for the Cincinnati-based St. John the Baptist                           lawsuit against Joseph Scheidler, director of the
Malone of Youngstown, Ohio, in a statement            *                                                                              Pro-Life Action League, and two other anti-abor-
released June 17 in Washington. He said the U.S. ~           Province beginning in September. As visitor general,
                                                             the 37-year-old brother will be responsible for                         tion activists over demonstrations at abortion clinics.
bishop's protested "the treatment given to many                                                                                      At a Washington news conference, Eleanor Cutri
hundreds of persons apparently innocent of any               confidential interviews with each of the 325 friars in
                                                             the province, offering them an opportunity to                           Smeal, NOW president, said the lawsuit was filed
crime.                                                       discuss personal problems and areas of their                            because "there is a reign of terror going on, a
                                                             fraternal life and ministry.                                            national conspiracy to close abortion facilities." The
 Indian loses court fight                                                                                                            suit named Scheidler, based in Chicago, John
                                                                                                                                     Patrick Ryan, director of the St. Louis-based Pro-
 over social society ID                                       Abortion ad signer says                                                Life Direct Action League, and Joan Andrews, a
    WASHINGTON (NC) — Saying that "not all                                                                                           frequent abortion protester now jailed in Florida.
 burdens on religion are unconstitutional," the               Vatican has cleared her
 Supreme Court in an 8-1 decision rejected an                    WASHINGTON (NC) — Dominican Sister Dorina                            High court says Pa. law
 American Indian's claim that use of a Social                 Quinri said she has been cleared of Vatican threats
 Security number hinders religious beliefs. The high          to dismiss her from her order because she signed1 a                     disrupts right to abortion
 court June 11 overturned a decision by a district            1984 abortion statement that appeared as a full-page ;                              p
                                                                                                                                            ^ G i i ; ( Q .5 r p
                                                                                                                                                      J      '
 court that prevented the Federal Department of               ad in The New York Times. "I do hot promote :                           Supreme Court;ruled 5-4 that a Pei^^jvapiiafU
 Health and Human Services from using and dissemi-                                                                                   ;
                                                              abortion. I never have promoted abortion," The                          regulatin| abortion is unconstitutional and i m p ,
 nating the Social Security number assigned to Little         chicago-based num said in a telephone interview.                        missibly interferes with a woman's legal right to an
 Bird of the Snow Roy. The child's father, Stephen            Signers of the ad have said their statement was only                    abortion. Justice Harry Blackmun, writing the •
 J. Roy, descended from the Abenaki tribe, had                a call to dialogue on issues surrounding church                         court's majority opinion, said that "few decisions
 objected that use of his daughter's Social Security          teaching and abortion, but objections by the Vatican                    are more personal and intimate" than a woman's
 number threatened her spiritual development. The             Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes                       decision on abortion. "The states are not free,
 Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, in a         focused on a claim in the ad that there was more                        under the guise of protecting maternal health or
 friend-of-the-court brief, had argued on Roy's               than one "legitimate Catholic position" on the                          potential life, to intimidate women into continuing
 behalf.                                                      morality of direct abortion.                                            pregnancies," said Blackmun.

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PAGE 2 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986
               Bishops tackle vocations issue
               Lay ministries way up, religious down                                                                         I                                           11! • • • I l l Hilli
     WASHINGTON (NC) — In the re-
  laxed, shirt-sleeve atmosphere of rural
  Minnesota, 259 U.S. bishops met June
                                                                             take steps to restructure our parish life
                                                                             and the ministry of our priests, we will       I1   ip^^^^^^Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^B^i^Sil
                                                                                                                                                                              Laity must
                                                                                                                                                                           'change the society
  9-16 to consider the complex, seeming-                                     realize a severe shortage in very short
  ly contradictory issue of vocations.
     Gathering at Benedictine-run St.
                                                                                Bishop Welsh also noted that His-
                                                                                                                            II                                             in which they work                    •
  John's University in Collegeville,                                         panic Catholics form one of the largest        1                                              and live. After that
  Minn., the bishops combined a relig-                                       and fastest-growing segments of the            1                                              they can be called                    •
  ious retreat with a series of presenta-                                    U.S. Catholic population and one that
                                                                                                                             1                                             to ecclesial                          •
  tions ranging from the theology of                                         is most severely short of priests.
                                                                                                                             1                                             ministries.'                          •
  vocation to lay vocations to the voca-
  tion of the ordained.
     While the meeting was closed to the
                                                                                He urged bishops to pay special at-
                                                                             tention to recruitment of vocations in
                                                                             the Hispanic community and asked
                                                                                                                                                                                        —Bishop                  •
  ^ess and observers, the texts Of the                                       them to consider "the appointment of
                                                                             a Hispanic or Hispanic-conscious
                                                                                                                                                                                Raymond Lucker                   I
^-presentations were released after the
     At the assembly's conclusion, there
                                                                             vocation director for your diocese."
                                                                                A talk on the vocation of the or-
  was general agreement:                                                     dained, by Archbishop Daniel Pilar-            He said confusion over the nature               ed on the distinction between the
     • That trie U.S. church is in the                                       czyk of Cincinnati, was the most well        and purpose of the priesthood and the.            universal priesthood of all baptized
  midst of a crisis in ordained and relig-                                   received, according to several bishops.      value of celibacy have contributed to             Christians and the ordained priest-
  ious vocations.                                                                                                         the decline in vocations. And he focus-           hood.
     • That solutions to that crisis do
  not include a married priesthood or
                                                                                Devotedly Yours
  women priests.
     • That the crisis in vowed and
  priestly vocations exists alongside an
  "explosien" of lay ministries.

               'Crisis of Faith'
                                                                               We're all responsible
                                                                              Dearly beloved:                             on the theology of vocation, the
                                                                                  It is Tuesday morning and               vocation that each Catholic has to
     In his talk on a theology of voca-                                        Bishops Roman, Dorsey, San Pedro           spread the Kingdom. Bishop Lucker
 tion, Cardinal Bernard F. Law of                                                                                                                                           spirituality, to be supportive of
                                                                               and I, along with some two hun-            spoke of the vocation of the laity.               them in their vocations, to be sen-
 Boston said the vocation crisis is ac-                                        dred and fifty other United States         Bishop Welsh reported the current
 tually "a crisis of faith, a crisis of our                                                                                                                                 sitive to their needs, to be available
                                                                               Bishops, are aboard airliners flying       research on vocations. On Friday                  to them.
 call to holiness."                                                            to our home dioceses after spending        we heard a paper by Bishop Francis
    The human vocation is one of sacri-                                        ten days in prayerful reunion at St.       on the vocation of religious and on                  Another thought frequently ex-
 ficial love, of total self-giving, Car-                                       John's Benedictine Abbey in Col-           Saturday Archbishop Pilarczyk gave                pressed was the responsibility we all
 dinal Law said, while sin "is the                                             legeville, Minnesota. We, the "Miami       a brilliant talk on the vocation of               have for vocations. The need for
 refusal of vocation."                                                         contingent, are at 37,000 feet             the priest.                                       more priests and religious is most
    Bishop Raymond Lucker of New                                               aboard a Northwest Orient flight.                                                            critical for the laity whom they
                                                                                                                             My head is full of the many rich              serve. Each of us must contribute
 Ulm, Minn., told fellow bishops that                                             We gathered to pray and ponder          insights that surfaced in the dis-
 the vocation of the laity first of all is                                                                                                                                 to building a strong faith commun-
                                                                               over, vocations in today's Church. It      cussions. Thejehas .been a decline               ity in which vocations will flourish.
 "to change the.SQciety:in .which they                                        .was-a heavenly spot in the co0r,' '        in vocations to the priesthood and
 live and work. After that they can be                                                                                                                                     This, is another reason. w.hy evan- .,
                                                                               green Minnesota'farm country, ..'.,••'     the religious life. In 1963, there               geiization is important.
 called to ecclesial ministries?'                                              some 80 miles north of Minnea-
    He said the church has mistakenly                                                                                                                                          Parish vocation committees were
                                                                               polis. The Abbey arid University                                                            recommended. The faithful were
 reversed the order of the laity's call-                                      were founded by some 130 years ago
 ing, tending to call people first to                                                                                        'There is a need... to clarify                urged to identify good vocation
                                                                              by German Benedictine Monks who                                                              prospects and actually confront
 ministries within the church communi-                                        accompanied and ministered to the            the thrill of celibacy not as a
 ty.                                                                                                                       restriction but a freedom                       them with the possibility that the
                                                                              German immigrants who settled this                                                           Lord may be calling them. The
    "Where we have not done so well is                                        area of Minnesota.                           to love..'
 in recognizing, affirming, encouraging                                                                                                                                    Bishops felt there is need for much
 and supporting people in ministries af-                                          The Abbey has since founded                                                              more research as to the qualities
 fecting the transformation of society,                                        monasteries in, the Bahamas, Japan,                                                         that identify good vocation pros-
 which is essentially the ministry of the                                      Mexico and Puerto Rico. The Ab-             were 47,000 seminarians; today,                 pects and the most successful means
 laity," said Bishop Lucker,.                                                  bey has'been distinguished for its          there are 10,800. In 1965, there                of attracting them, and above all,
                                                                               leadership in the liturgical move-          were 179,443 religious Sisters; in              we must pray.
                                                                               ment. It is the home of the Liturgi-        1986 there are 113,658. And the                     We frequently reflected how for-
           'Theology of sexuality'                                             cal Press (Worship, The Bible To-           clergy and religious are becoming               tunate the Church in the United
                                                                               day). Its large concrete abbey              older. Yet, the laity have been ac-             States is to have such committed
    In a series of propositions, Bishop                                        church, designed by the famed               quiring a growing sense of their
 Lucker called for, among other things,                                                                                                                                    arid devoted clergy and religious
                                                                               architect Marcel Breuer, is a strik-        responsibility as disciples of Jesus.           serving its people. We saw in the
 a "positive theology of sexuality,"                                           ing example of contemporary liturg-
 church support for women "in their                                                                                           We agreed that, in our changing              vocation shortage a challenge to
                                                                               ical architecture, even though it was       times, secular values are changing.            more effective recruiting and the ac-
 ministries and in true Christian                                              built before the Second Vatican
 feminism," and a process for clergy                                                                                      There is less idealism, less willing-            tive participation of all Catholics,
                                                                               Council.                                    ness to sacrifice for ideals. And               rather than a reason, for discourage-
 listening to the laity "on their turf, in
 their living situations.'*                                                       Our meeting was held in a                these attitudes affect Christians as            ment.            -. -
    Bishop Lawrence Welsh of Spo-                                             prayerful atmosphere. It opened             well. We were comforted, however,                    The experience was not all prayer
 kane, Wash., summarized recent                                                with a Day of Recollection led by          by a generally perceived growing in-            and work. We also had time for
 sociological research to document                                             Cardinal Martini, the Archbishop           terest of young people in religion              recreation — walking on the
 both the shortage of priests and the                                          of Milan, Italy. He is former head         and in some form of Church ser-                 beautiful grounds, using the indoor
 "vocation explosion" in lay rhinis-                                          of the Biblical Institute and of the        vice. Actually, fifteen new men are             swimming pool and tennis courts or
 t r i e s ;   "••   '•• • • • ' . / • " V   •   ••••••i".'   V   '"•'   "
                                                                              Gregorian University in Rome, a             already committed to begin studies              nearby golf course. There were even
                                                                              holy man and a brilliant scripture          for the priesthood in our archdio-              movies in the evening — "The Mis-
    Among data from recent research                                            scholar.                                   cese in the fall.
. that he cited were several indications                                                                                                                                  sion," "The Witness," "The Purple
  that a church decision to begin ordain-                                         We began each day by praying               We recognized that the great in-             Rose of Cairo," "The Official
  ing married men or women would re-                                           together from the Divine Office and        terest in lay ministry has blurred              Story/' "Young SherlocMHolmes,"
  verse the decline in priestly vocations.                                     a spiritual conference by Cardinal         somewhat the distinctive and attrac-            "Places in the Heart" — and, just
    In his talk, Bishop Welsh made                                            Martini. He based all his confer-           tive role of the clergy and religious           to put us in the spirit of our child-
 what he called "a delicate obser-                                            ences on the Second Letter of St.           in today's Church. There is a need              hood, the Monks made bags of
 vation" that bishops are commited                                            Paul to the Corinthians, helping us         to clarify this, to project the model           popcorn available. An excursion on
 both to defending church teachings on                                        to learn from and identify with St.         of happy, enthusiastic priests and              the Mississippi River was also offer-
 the priesthood and to "open dialogue                                         Paul as we minister to our people          religious, to clarify the thrill of celi-        ed. The meals were tasty. I had a
 with the world," including learning                                          in the contemporary Church. We             bacy not as a restriction but a free-            hard time resisting the self-service
 from scientific research.                                                    concelebrated the Eucharist at noon         dom to love and serve greater                   soft ice cream machine.
                                                                              and prayed our evening prayers to-         numbers with less inhibition.                       -Ten days is a long time to be sep-
    Part of a bishop's responsibility, he                                     gether before the evening meal;
 said, is "to strike a balance between                                                                                       While there was some question                arated from our beloved people of
 the legislated discipline of the church                                          Each morning one of the Bishops        whether celibacy is depriving the                the Archdiocese. There is a song in
 on the one hand, and on the other the                                        gave a presentation in some area of        faithful of adequate clergy to cele-             the heart of each of us Bishops as
 findings of religious research we have                                       Church vocation. We then had a             brate the Eucharist, there was gen-              we are flying home.
 sponsored, the observations of many                                          period of private reflection. In the       eral recognition of its great value as                 Devotedly yours in Christ,
 vocations personnel and the requests                                         afternoon, we met in small groups          proclaimed by the Vatican Council
                                                                              to discuss the issue and then shared
 of other episcopal conferences."
    Current and projected trends in the
 number of priests indicate a need to
                                                                              our insights with the general assem-
                                                                                                                         and the Holy Fathers.
                                                                                                                             As Bishops, we recognized our
                                                                                                                         responsibility to help our clergy and                  Edward A. McCarthy
                                                                                                                                                                                                     @l      /
 change structures to make more use of                                           Cardinal Law, of Boston, spoke          religious to grow in a deep, mature                    Archbishop of Miami         '
 lay ministry, he said. "If we do not
                                                                                                                                                        Miami, Florida /THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986 / PAGE 3
            Vatican probes Yugoslavia's Marian apparitions
   VATICAN CITY (NC) — Because of widespread                     The cardinal said the congregation discourages           The cardinal said he had no idea when an official
international interest, local church authorities              "official church pilgrimages" to Medjugorje              church position on the apparitions would be made
investigating the validity of reported Marian appari-         "because it is still an open question" whether the       public, but he did not expect any statement in the
tions in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, have been offered            apparitions are valid.                                   near future.
assistance by Vatican agencies, said Cardinal Joseph             "But this doesn't mean that private groups or            Controvesy has surrounded the case since the
Ratzinger, head of the Vatican Congregation for the           individuals can't make a pilgrimage," he said.           apparitions first were reported in 1981. Young people
Doctrine of Faith.                                               Last year, doctrinal congregation secretary Arch-     continue to see, hear and touch Mary during regular
   "We have offered assistance and asked the local            bishop Alberto Bovone sent a letter to the Italian       visions in the chapel and are given secret
bishop to stay in touch with the congregation and             bishops' conference asking that official pilgrimages     "messages" which foretell great world events and
the secretariat of state," he said.                           be stopped.                                              urge peace through conversion, say supporters.

 Cardinal Sin appeals for                                                                                             Philippine bishop meets with
 release of French missionary                                                                                         communist guerrillas
   VATICAN CITY (NC) — Philippine Cardinal                                                                               MANILA, Philippines (NC) — Bishop Antonio
Jaime Sin appealed for the release of kidnapped                                                                       Fortich of Bacolod, Philippines, has met with
French missionary Father Michel de Gigord, Vatican                                                                    leaders of the communist-led New People's Army to
Radio reported. Cardinal Sin said he was "extremely,                                                                  hear their suggestions for economic recovery and a
anxious" about the apparent lack of progress in                                                                       cease-fire with government troops on Negros Island. >
efforts to free the 46-year-old member of the Paris                                                                   Bishop Fortich met in June with New People's
Foreign Mission Society, the report said. Father de                                                                   Army leaders at their invitation, in a secret
Gigord was kidnapped by Moslem separatists June 4                                                                     rendezvous "somewhere in southern Negros," he
in Marawi City on Mindanao, one of the southern-                                                                      said June 16. He said he also had met with
most islands in the Philippine archipelago. The                                                                       communist representatives in late May. The bishop
cardinal asked the kidnappers, who demanded a                                                                         said he was satisfied with the dialogue and eager to
ransom of $15,000, to free the priest "immediately,"                                                                  speak to President Corazon Aquino about govern-
so he "can continue his good work."                                                                                   ment reconciliation with Negros guerrillas. The guer-
                                                                                                                      rillas' suggestions were very reasonable, he added.

Latin bishops continue to press
for dialogue in El Salvador                                                                                           South African priest cleared
   UNITED NATIONS (NC) — Latin American                                                                               of firearm charges
bishops continue to support a dialogue between                                                                           PRETORIA, South Africa (NC) — Charges that
opposing forces in Nicaragua and El Salvador,                                                                         the general secretary of the southern African bishops
according to the head of the Latin American                                                                           unlawfully possessed a firearm have been
bishops' council. Bishop Dario Castrillon Hoyos of                                                                    withdrawn, state officials announced in a Pretoria
Pereira, Colombia, said the bishops also oppose                                                                       court June 18. Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa,
foreign intervention in Central America. The                     Green line                                           general secretary of the Southern African Catholic
secretary general of the Latin American bishops'                                                                      Bishops' Conference, was not in court when the
                                                                       Cardinal John O'Connor of New York is
council, Bishop Castrillon relayed the bishops'                        welcomed by Sunni Moslem spiritual
                                                                                                                      announcement was made. He has been detained by
message to President Reagan June 18 and again to                       leader Sheik Hassan Khaled, left, on the       South. African security forces since June 12, under
the secretary general of the United Nations, Javier                    cardinal's visit to Moslem-controlled          state of emergency regulations. In other
Perez de Cuellar, June 19. Bishop Castrillon told                      west Beirut. Under heavy security, Car-        developments, security forces raided the offices of
reporters June 19 the Latin American bishops are                       dinal O'Connor crossed the 'green line'        the New Nation, a Catholic newspaper funded in
"very worried about the social and political situation                 in an effort to gain information on the        part by the bishops, June 19.
in the subcontinent."     ,•"..,_,-   . •      > KV              >:i   five Americans: held captive in Lebanon.

                                                                                                                      Pope urges Lebanon patriarch
Vatican newspaper urges                                                                                               to work for pluralistic state
negotiation in South Africa                                                                                             VATCAN CITY (NC) — Pope John Paul II urged
   VATICAN CITY (NC) — The Vatican newspaper                  German missionaries expelled                           Lebanon's recently elected Maronite Patriarch
has called for negotiations between the South                 from South Africa—official                             Nasrallah Sfeir to work for the continuation, of a
African white-minority government and opponents                                                                      pluralistic state in Lebanon by bringing the Moslem
                                                                 DURBAN, South Africa (NC) — Two West
of its apartheid system of racial segregation.                                                                       and Christian communities together. The pope made
                                                              German Catholic missionaries who had been
Negotiation is the best way to break the current                                                                     his remarks as he presented the pallium, a circular
                                                              detained in a countrywide police sweep were
"chain of violence," L'Osservatore Romano said in                                                                    band of white wool worn by heads of metropolitan
                                                              deported from South Africa, said a government
a June 22 front-page editorial. It asked for inter-                                                                  Sees, to Partiarch Sfeir at the Vatican. The patriarch
                                                              official. South African Home Affairs Minister
national solidarity with those South Africans who -:                                                                 was elected head of the world's Maronite Catholics
                                                              Stoffel Botha said the missionaries, Father Theo
seek negotiations and who put human dignity above-                                                                   April 19 at a Maronite synod in Beirut, Lebanon.
                                                              Kneifel and Brother Heinz Ernst, were expelled "in
skin color. The editorial called apartheid "morally                                                                  "A pluralistic Lebanon, open to the contributions of
                                                              the state interest." Father Kneifel and Brother Ernst,
unsustainable" and criticized the government for                                                                     different civilizations and capable of harmonizing
                                                              members of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, were
using force to try to maintain it.                                                                                   them" while safeguarding the nation's identity,
                                                              the first to be identified officially among those
                                                                                                                     should be maintained and strengthened, the pope
                                                              detained under the country's state of emergency.
                                                              News media in South Africa were barred by
Sandinistas rob, then                                         emergency rules from reporting the names of
                                                              detainees unless the names were released by the
return Church building                                        government.                                            Pope says victory over
   MANAGUA, Nicaragua (NC) — The offices of a
Nicaraguan Catholic social agency have been
                                                                                                                      drugs is resurrection
returned to the church after an eight-month occupa-           Priest's murder in Brazil                                ROME (NQ — Pope John PaulJI has called victory
tion by the government. According to archdiocesan                                                                   over drug addiction a form- of-resurrection and-aske*?- .^
officials, when the offices were returned to the              sparks plea for land reform                           for increased public awareness aboutthe?1iarmful e&|e&
church June 19, they were stripped bare of every-                BRASILIA, Brazil ( N Q — The parishioners of a of narcotics. "Is it not perhaps a resurrection to have- -
thing from telephones to a printing press donated by          murdered Brazilian priest have taken their pleas for known how to win over the slavery of drug-addiction?"
German Catholics. Msgr. Bismarck Carballo,                    land reform to the president of their country. The    the pope asked June 21 at ceremonies inaugurating a
spokesman for the Archdiocese of Managua, said an             delegation of farmers, drawn from the parish of       church-sponsored drug rehabilitation center in Rome.
estimated $500,000 worth of equipment was missing,            Father Josimo Moraes Tavares* visited Brasilia to     For people trying to overcome drug addiction, "to carry
including vehicles, furniture and medicines for distri-       petition Brazilian President Jose Sarney to release   the cross means to exit from isolation" and to once
bution, as well as the press. The printing press was          land to the farmers. The farmers also asked           again "become part of the family of redemption," he
used to print the church publication Iglesia                  punishment for the murderers of Father Tavares and said. At the drug center ceremony, the pope asked
(Church). Government forces confiscated the first             10 other people killed in their community since 1983. public figures to "increase the information on this
issue of the magazine, charging it had not been               The petition, signed by members of five rural         spreading tragedy in our society, which is so insecure
properly registered with the government, then                 workers' unions and 49 members of rural               and so morally poor despite its growing material well-
occupied the agency's buildings last Oct. 15.                 communities, was released June 16 in Brasilia.        being."

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      PAINTING                                 GUARANTEED FOR
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PAGE 4 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27, 1986
    Catholic share of private schools declining
    WASHINGTON (NC) — Catholic                     Private education made up 12.6.               • There were 7,811 Catholic              tary and secondary schools declined
 elementary and secondary schools to-           percent of the total U.S. enrollment          elementary arid 1,434 Catholic sec-         about 81,000 students — 2.8 percent
 day make up a far smaller share of             — 5.7 million out of 45.2 million             ondary schools in the United States,        — to 2,821,000.
 private education than they did in the         students — as of December 1984, up            95 fewer schools than in 1984-85.              The full-time faculty in Catholic
 1960s, according to statistics released        from .10.5 percent in 1970.                      • Enrollment in Catholic elemen-         elementary and secondary schools
 by the National Catholic Educational                                                                                                    decreased 3,294 to about 146,000.
 Association.                                                                                                                                • The 20 largest dioceses in the
    In 1965-66 Catholic school
 enrollments made up about 87 pecent                         Rabbi defends cardinal                                                      United States served 50.2 percent of
                                                                                                                                         the total enrollment.
 of the private elementary and sec-                                                                                                          • The percentage of Catholic
 ondary sector. By 1980-81 this figure                  NEW YORK (NO — t'aidinal John O'Connor of New York i«. "a                        schools in urban areas decreased
 had dropped to 63 percent, according                de\otfd friend of ihe Jewish people" even though his call for a PalcMinian          slightly (3.3 percent in elementary,
 to the statistical report issued by the             homeland "will be seen as an unfriendly statement" toward Israel and the             1.4 in secondary) while the share of
 Washington-based association.                       Jews, said a leading \mericai] rabbi.                                               suburban schools has increased. The
    Basilian Father Frank J. Bredeweg,                  Caidinal O'Connor is "deeph commuted to the secuiii> and well-being              percentage of rural schools has
 NCEA data bank consultant, said                     of ihe people and the state of Israel," said Rabbi Marc (anenbaum, direc-           declined, probably because these
 Catholic schools "may fast be                       loi of the •Xiiiuiiain Jewish Committee's inteinational iclations dcpait-           schools lack the option of consolida-
/ proaching a 50-50 partnership with                 meni.                                                                               tion available in more populated
^won-Catholic private education."                       He also called on the cardinal to visil Israel to learn aboui current Mid-       areas, according to Father Bredeweg.
    The report found that Catholic                   dle Hast negotiations.                                                                 • The percentage of non-Catholic
 schools lost over 2 million students                   Rabbi Ianenbaum made the comments in a statement aticr Cardinal                  schools increased to 11.1 percent in
 from 1965 to 1978 while at the same                 O'Connor had discussed the Palestinian issue at a news conference al ihe            1985-86. The numbers and percen-
 time other private school enrollments               Vatican following his three-da\ \i«.it to Lebanon.                                  tages of minority students in Catholic
 increased dramatically.                               The cardinal said Vatican diplomatic recognition of Israel would not             ^schools still exceed one-fifth of the
    Now, with Catholic school                        help bring peace to ihe Middle Past, including Lebanon, unless n is tied lo         total enrollment.
 enrollments no longer declining as                  a cnmprehcnsi\e package which includes finding a Palestinian homeland                  "According to education studies,
 they were and with the increase in                  and assuring protection lor the millions ot Christians in the region.               policy analysts cannot ignore the
 other private shcools, the result                     The cardinal aNo defended Isiael'v light to exist and said thai finding a         growth of private schools, or the
 should he an even.higher proportion                 Palestinian homeland should imolve "nothing adverse lo Israel."                     significance of minority enrollments
 of private school students, according                                                                                                   in urban Catholic schools," Father
 to Father Bredeweg.                   - .                                                                                               Bredeweg said in the report.

          Torch of religious liberty shining brighter today
 (Continued from page 1)                        and agricultural setbacks, opposed               "Catholicism ranked first among        though the Klan and kindred groups
 paign, only two years before the               parochial schools, fought government          the hatreds of the Klan, which pror       exist in 1986 as well.
 Statue of Liberty's dedication, the            grants to the Bureau of Catholic In-          fessed alarm over increasing immigra-        While Catholics in the late 19th cen-
 Rev. S. D. Burchard, a Protestant              dian Missions. By the mid-1890s it had        tion from Slavic and Mediterranean        tury were dealing with religious
 who supported Republican presiden-             won 2.5 million members, founded 70           areas," the late historian John L. Mor-   bigotry, they also were confronting
 tial candidate James G. Blaine, had            newspapers and taken root as a potent         rison wrote in "Catholics in America:     conflict in their own church, according
 railed against the democratic Party as         political force.                              1776-1976/'                               to Msgr* Ellis and to Jesuit Father R.
 a bastion of "rum, Romanism and                   "There was vigorous anti-Cathol-              As words of Xlan leaders from          Emmett Curran, associate professor
 rebellion."                                    icism" Msgr. Ellis noted, and the             Oregon and Alabama suggested, Klan        and chairman of the history depart-
     That slur was not received kindly by       American Protective Association               members thought "the only way to          ment at Georgetown University. , ,. .
 Irish-American Catholics, who were             "made it extreniely unpleasant for            cure a Catholic is to kill him" and          "Within the church there's certainly
 subsequently credited with voting              Catholics;'        . ,    :                   despised "niggerism, Catholicism,         been a decided acceptance of religious
 against Blaine in large numbers and               Eventually, after Protestant leaders       Judaism and all the 'isms' of the whole   liberty that wouldn't have been (pres-
 dashing his chances for the presidency.        had repudiated the association and            world," he added.                         ent) in 19th century Amrica," Father
     In 1887, a year after the statue was       William McKinley had refused its                 Among other Klan tenets were the       Curran pointed out.             •^
 installed as a beacon of hope to the           backing and won the presidency in             claims the Knights of Columbus               In 1886, there was "at best a toler-
 world's impoverished and oppressed             1896, it crumbled.                            ordered the assassinations of President   able acceptance" of the principles of
 — many of whom were Catholic —                    But from its remains and those of          Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and           church-state separation and neutrality
 iftidwesterners organized the anti-            the original Ku Klux Klan after the           Harding and demanded members              of the state toward all religions and
 Catholic American Protective Associ-           Civil War grew a new, powerful anti-          swear to "hang, burn, boil, flay and      denominations, he said. "That was
 ation.                                         Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant         bury alive" non-Catholics.                unthinkable in Rome. That was some-
    The association saw papal plots be-         and anti-black Klan in the early 20th            It wasn't until 1930 that the Klan's   thing Rome was very slow to accept,
 hind numerous American economic                century.                                      power waned, Morrison noted — al-         to hear."

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                                                                                                                      Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986 / PAGE 5
      Pope to bishops: Keep talking to Castro
   ROME (NC) — Pope John Paul II                                                         the Cuban church to evangelize, Arch-        ernment, including permission for
has encouraged Cuba's Catholic lead-          The Pope encouraged                        bishop Meurice said in a June 12 inter-
                                                                                         view with National Catholic News
                                                                                                                                      several foreign priests to enter the
ers to continue their dialogue with the                                                                                               country, permission to hold a national
•communist government of Fidel Cas-           us to continue the                         Service. Pope John Paul expressed sat-       church meeting earlier this year and
tro, so they can "bring the church to         dialogue with                              isfaction with recent signs that the         greater freedom of travel for Cuba's
everyone" in the country, a Cuban                                                        Cuban government might be relaxing           eight bishops.
archbishop said in Rome.                      government officials.                      its control on church activities, the ar-
                                                                                                                                         "The pope said, 'This is something.
                                              The pope understands                       fhbishop said.
                                                                                                                                      Let's hope more is possible,' " Arch-
   But Archbishop Pedro Meurice               our situation very well                       Along with Bishop Adolfo Rodri-           bishop Meurice said.
Estiu of Santiago de Cuba said a papal                                                   guez Herrera of Camaguey, president
trip to the Caribbean island nation ap-       because of his                             of the Cuban bishops' conference,               "The pope encouraged us to con-
peared unlikely in the near future and
would depend on the church there be-
                                              experience in Poland/                      Archbishop Meurice presented the             tinue the dialogue with government of-
                                                                                         pope with a 200-page report on the           ficials," Archbishop Meurice said.
ing given more freedom.                                                                  church in Cuba.
   In a lengthy meeting at the Vatican
                                                      —Abp. Pedro Meurice                   The two church leaders noted recent
                                                                                                                                      "The pope understands our situation
                                                                                                                                      very well because of his experience in
June 11, the pope stressed the need for                                                  "positive signs" from the Castro gov-        Poland."

                                                                                                                                          Pope quotes
      Report dissent, but in context                                                                                                      Dante, praises
   SAN MINIATO, Italy (NC) —
Catholic newspapers must report on
dissent in the church, but should                  'Not to do so would be a failure to recognize                                          VATICAN CITY (NC) — Pope
always do so within "the context of                reality and could possibly undermine the                                            John Paul II quoied Dante, the
what official Catholic teaching truly                                                                                                  poet, and praised Galileo, the scien-
is," said the head of the pontifical               credibility of the newspaper.'                                                      tist, in a talk to bishops from the
Commission for Social Communi-                                                                     —Abp. John Foley                    region of Tuscany, birthplace of the
cations.                                                                                                                               Italian Renaissance.
   "Dissent must be reported by
diocesan newspapers," said Arch-                Catholic newspapers have not yet         said, reporting on dissent "is one of            Calling Dante Atighieri the "su-
bishop John P. Foley, former editor          "satisfactorily resolved" this tension,     the key problems" it faces.                   preme Christian poet," the pope
of the Philadelphia archdiocesan             he added.                                      He also expressed concern that dioc-       quoted a passage from Dante's
newspaper, the Catholic Standard arid          Archbishop Foley spoke about              esan newspapers reach fewer than 10           I4thr-century masterpiece "The
Times. "Not to do so would be a              Catholic newspapers and dissent dur-        percent of U.S. Catholics.                    Divine Comedy" which exhorted
failure to recognize reality and could       ing a June 20 speech to the Italian            "In the U.S., where there is a             men of that age not to "live as
possibly undermine the credibility of        Federation of Catholic Weekly News-         shrinking involvement in Catholic             beasts" but to pursue both science
the newspaper."                              papers in San Miniato.                      schools, the Catholic press — the dioc-       and moral perfection..
   But at the same time, Archbishop             In his speech, he gave an overview       esan press — is increasingly im-
Foley said, "Catholic newspapers             of the U.S. Catholic press, where, he       portant," he said.                               Galileo Galilei, the 17th-century
should defend the teaching of the                                                                                                      Florentine astronomer who was
church and should place reports in the
context of what official Catholic                   Ruling near on Currancase                                                          once condemned by the church,
                                                                                                                                       "opened the way to modern
                                                                                                                                       science," the pope said.
teaching truly is."          --
                                                VATICAN CITY (NC) — The                     Meanwhile Catholic- theologians               Galileo "encountered foreseeable
                                             Vatican hopes to make its decision by       meeting in Chicago said the good of           difficulty in biblical interpre-
                                             mid-July on the case of U.S. moral          the church is at stake and urged the          tation," but "began vigorously
                                             theologian Father Charles Curran,
   Call to place your                        said Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head
                                                                                         Vatican not to remove Father Curran
                                                                                         from his Catholic teaching post.
                                                                                                                                       from the clear premise that true
                                                                                                                                       science and authentic faith cannot
                                             of the Vatican Congregation for the
   Classified order.                         Doctrine of the Faith.                        Members of the Catholic Theologi-
                                                                                                                                       be in disagreement, having origin in
                                                                                                                                       the same author," the pope said.
   Dade-758-0543                                Cardinal Ratzinger told National         cal Society of America voted 171-14
                                                                                         for the resolution.                              GuJileo was, censured in 1633 f o r "
                                             Catholic News Service that the con-                                                       what was considered his> "hereti-
   Broward- 525-5157                         gregation "has no official date set"
                                                                                            The directors of the international         cal" assertion thai the earth re-
                                             for making .a decision but is in the                                                      volves around the sun. A Vatican
                                             final stages_d'f its examination process.   theological review Concilium also
                                                                                         released a statement in mid-June back-        commission appointed by the pope
                                                                                         ing Father Curran and criticizing the         said in 1984 that Galileo had been
                                                                                                                                       wrongly condemned b> the church.

                   era PLAN.
                                                                                         Vatican for its proceedings against

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PAGE 6 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986
 THE VOICE                                                Miami, Florida                                           Friday, June 27,1986                                       PAGE 7

 Young adults:
 "Seek treasures
 hidden within'
        By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                     unique role of art and cinema in bring-
          Voice News Editor                       ing people of different cultures
    Single, young, confused? Turn                 together.
 those "dragons" into "delights." Take               In her keynote speech, Sr. Faith
 risks. Seek the "treasures" hidden               Mauro, the U.S. Catholic
  within yourself. For answers, call              Conference's representative for Young
 God.                                             Adult Ministry, urged the 20s and
    Sr. Faith Mauro might have placed             older, mostly single audience to face
 such an advertisement in the local               honestly the "big questions" of their
 dailies, for that was the message she            lives: intimacy, sexuality, spirituality.
 brought to more than 100 Catholic                   "It's not an easy time in our lives,"
 young adults who gathered June 13-15            she said. Parental values are being
 on Miami Beach for their second an-             questioned and new ones are being ex-
 nual conference.                                amined as young people, on their own,
                                                                                               Single young adults share views on God and spirituality after listening to Sr.
    Sponsored jointly by the Arch-               "develop a vision of how we will live         Faith Mauro (below). (Voice photos/Ana Rodriguez-Soto)
 bishop's Young Adult Council and                our life."
 the Archdiocese of Miami's Young                    But the "dragons" can be turned in-
 Adult Ministry, the weekend-long                to "delights" if young adults choose
 event featured workshops on Christian           to learn, rather than hide, from the              'We need to
 dating; healthy relationships; alter-           deep questions and painful experiences         discover the treasures
 natives to the "bar scene;" spirituali-         that accompany growth.
 ty; drug/alcohol addiction; and the                 "We need to discover the treasures         hidden deep in our
 God-centered view of sexuality.                 hidden deep in our souls," Sr. Faith           souls... Above power,
    Participants also heard actor Ed             said. "Above power, above success,
 Olmos, who plays Lt. Castillo on the            above prestige and recognition, we're          above success, above
 TV series ''Miami Vice," discuss the            looking for peace and self-love and in-        prestige and recog-
                                                 timacy."                                       nition, we're looking
  -—St. Thomas-—                                     She urged that young adults take the
                                                 time to simply "sit quietly before our         for peace and self-love
     president                                   Creator... I think that sometimes I
                                                 search so long and so hard for God
                                                                                                and intimacy.'
      honored                                    that I miss God's presence in front of                   —Sr. Faith Mauro
                                                 my eyes and within myself."                           USCC representative
          • •       •   •   •              'ii

    • Fr. Patrick O'Neill, president
   of St. Thomas University in Opa-                  And she suggested they look to Jesus          for Young Adult Ministry
   Locka, was honored during the                 — a single young adult — as their role
                      second annual              model.
                      Young Adult
                      Conference for                For Jesus, too, had painful ex-
                      his "outstand-             periences with friendship and in-               "All God asks of us is to act justly,        "One of the biggest messages here is
                      ing work" in               timacy, Sr. Faith said. His closest          to love tenderly, and to walk humbly         hospitality," said Kathie Klerk, refer-
                      the field of               friends deserted Him, one even               with our God," she said.                     ring to the rationale behind the now
                      young adult                betrayed Him, and other people                  In a brief interview later with The       annual young adult gathering. "We
                      ministry.                  sharply criticized His "very deep and        Voice, Sr. Faith said the "real              want to make people feel welcome no
                        In        the            very special" relationship with Mary         challenge" of young adult ministry is        matter where they're coming from."
                                                 Magdalene.                                   reaching those who have yet to admit            Klerk, who coordinated the week-
                      mid-1970s, Fr.                                                          that they need or want God in their
                      O'Neill saw the                                                                                                      end's events, is a member of St. Louis
       Fr. O'Neill                                  Jesus' pain and loneliness was not        lives, those totally immersed in the sec-    parish in South Dade and delegate-at-
                      need for a spe-                                                         ular, superficial "singles" lifestyle.
  cial ministry to young adults and              much different from that experienced                                                      large on the Young Adult Council. She
  became the first to coordinate it              by young adults today, Sr. Faith said.          "We've got to make an invitation to       added that, by their example, Catholic
  on a national level. From 1974 to              So she urged her_ audience to                people," she said. "Be open. Not             young adults are showing their peers
  1980, when he was appointed pres-              remember that "we're not in this             judge, but listen. Maybe challenge...        that "there's a choice. There's an
  ident at St. Thomas, he served as              alone," and to hang onto faith in God        What they're looking for is true love        alternative lifestyle that can make you
  national director for higher edu-              "even when He is distant."                   and intimacy."                               very happy."
  cation, campus and young adult
  ministries for the U.S. Catholic
     Fr. O'Neill also has been "very
                                                          Bishops: Let Cuban prisoners in
  supportive" of young adult pro-                  In a joint statement issued last           agreed, reversing an earlier adminis-        generosity of this nation toward all
  grams in the Archdiocese of                    week, Miami's Archbishop Edward              tration decision to deny the visas in        who suffer persecution be extended to
  Miami, said Michael Galligan-                  McCarthy and Auxiliary Bishop                retaliation      for the Cuban               these men and women who have pro-
  Stierle, director of the Archdioc-             Agustin Roman urged that Cuban               government's refusal to take back            ven their loyalty to the ideals of liberty
  esan office o f Y o u n g Adult Minis-         political prisoners be granted visas to      criminals who arrived on the 1980            common to the Americas — liberty
  try.    •      ••-              •
                          ". .;• "• ; .          enter the United States.                     Mariel boatlift.                             that has its roots in Christianity," the
                                                   The State Department this week                "Today we ask that the proverbial         bishops said.

                Miami called top evangelizing diocese
      Lay leader elected to national post                                                     2,000, half of the Catholic population         of Miami influenced her election to the
                                                                                                                                          . NCCE presidency since "nationally
                                                                                              is expected to be Hispanic, the Miami
                                                                                              experience can serve as a preview of           we are considered pioneers in evan-
        By Araceli Cantero                        secretary to the Archdiocesan Synod.                                                       gelization."
      Executive Editor, La Voz                                                                the future," she said.
                                                    Whelan is the first woman to head                                                           She said Archbishop McCarthy is
   The Archdiocese of Miami is                                                                                                               known among fellow bishops as a
number one in evangelization, and                the national evangelization group and,          Whelan's job as president of the
                                                 in an interview with La Voz, said her        three-year old NCCE (she served as             staunch supporter of evangelization
recognized as such in the rest of the                                                                                                        efforts. "He was the only one who
country, where fellow bishops call               election to the post is a sign of maturi-    vice-president the last two years) will
                                                 ty within the Church, which is recog-        be to establish and maintain links with        voted against closing the [U.S.
Archbishop Edward McCarthy "the                                                                                                              bishops'] national evangelization of-
evangelizing bishop."                            nizing that women also can be leaders.       other national groups such as Renew,
                                                                                              the organization of lay ministers and          fice," Whelan said.
  That's the opinion of Marsha"                     She said the fact that she lives in       the organization of pastoral planners,            "Our task is not measured by the
Whelan, newly-elected president of the           Miami will enable her to bring great         so that their programs will include a          number of converts or statistics on
National Council of Catholic E^n-                sensitivity and resources to her new         broad view of evangelization.                  Catholics," she added. "The impor-
gelizers (NCCE), who also happens to             job.                                                                                        tant thing is to change society from
be the director of the Archdiocese of                                                                                                      ..within, penetrate the culture and give
Miami's Evangelization Office and                                                               Whelan is convinced that the fact
                                                   "In a country where, by the year           that she comes from the Archdiocese           each person a sense of mission."
Father Ernesto Garcia-Rubio (left) gets a hug from one of the Nicaraguan lay ministers during the
commissioning Mass. As a farewell gift (right), group members performed typical dances and sang
for Pastoral Center employees. (Voice photos/Ana Rodrjguez-Soto)

      Nicaraguans trained here
                                                                                    here often feel an emptiness inside."
(Continued from page 1)                    Spanish-language newspaper of the
                                           Archdiocese, Bishop Vega said he            At the commissioning liturgy, Aux-          Prayer Petitions
free of charge by the Lay Ministry of-     wanted his lay ministers to see evan-    iliary Bishop Agustin Roman praised
fice, consisted of 28 hours of classes —                                            the Nicaraguans as "the most excellent                The employees of the Arch-
                                           gelization in a different context, "so                                              diocese of Miami Pastoral Center
on the Bible, spirituality, the Church,    that they won't think they're the only   of all the visitors" to South Florida
the sacraments and evangelization                                                   because "you have come here seeking        gather each Monday morning to pray
                                           ones with problems...I think the ex-
techniques.                                                                         the pearl, the treasure that is the        for the intentions ol >ou, our brothers
                                           perience has been more beneficial than
                                           even I imagined."                        Gospel. And you do not wish to hoard       and sisters of the Archdiocese.
  The remaining time, up to 40 hours                                                it but to share it."                               We invite ainone with a prayer
per week, the Nicaraguans spent doing                                                                                          request to write (no phone calls,
pastoral work at Our Lady of Divine          Mayra, one of the Nicaraguans,            "It really was our gift to be associ-   please), to us at this address: Prayer
Providence parish — visiting homes,        agreed. "Being a Christian is a prob-    ated with them," said Archbishop Mc-       Petition, Archdiocese of Miami, 9401
serving as leaders in parish groups.       lem here, too," she said. "Over there,   Carthy, adding, "our prayers will be       Biscayne Blvd., Miami, H . 33138.
   In an interview with La Voz, the        we think this is paradise, but people    with them."

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             Are Better
   It is a fact For many years Van Orsdel's has been giving more
                                                                                            a) tonsilectomy
                                                                                            b) apendectomy
                                                                                            c) abortion
                                                                                         The most frequently performed surgical procedure is abortion, The
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   contracts demonstrate this.                              ^                         Because we fail to see through abortionists rhetoric which defines the
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PAGE 8 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE/ Friday, June 27,1986
                                                                                                      La Voz judged best
                                                                                                      Spanish Church paper
                                                                                                            La Voz, the Spanish-language               lenge," which reported on a meeting of
                                                                                                         newspaper of the Archdiocese of               exiled members of the Cuban Youth
                                                                                                         Miami, has been judged the best Span-         Federation. (Revista Maryknoll and
                                                                                                        ish-language Catholic publication in           NC News Service tied for first place in-
                                                                                                        the United States.                             this category.)
                                                                                                            In the Catholic Press Association's           • Best human interest feature: For
                                                                                                        annual competition, La Voz took first          "In Dios: much more than sewing and
                                                                                                        place in every Spanish-language cate-          singing," by Cantero. The story dealt
                                                                                                        gory: for best news report; best human         with a farmworker cooperative that
                                                                                                        interest feature; best article; best           makes and sells clothes to high-class
                                                                                                        editorial; best opinion column; and            stores.
                                                                                                        general excellence.                               • Best editorial: "A brave gesture
                                                                                                            The judges said La Voz "stands             of Church solidarity," by Cantero,
                                                                                                        out" above all the other Spanish-lang-        which defended the visit of the U.S.
                                                                                                        uage publications and was "clearly the        bishops to Cuba.
                                                                                                        first choice" for general excellence.            • Best opinion column: For Fr. Ar-
                                                                                              •J-l         "I think the Archdiocese of Miami          naldo Bazan's "Wilted Flowers,"
                                                                                                        deserves this distinction," said Aracelli     which dealt with the custom of placing
                                                                                                        Cantero, executive editor of La Voz           flowers in funeral parlors. Fr. Bazan is
                                                                                                       and herself a multiple award winner,           associate pastor at St. Michael Church
                                                                                                       both this year and in years past.              in Miami.
                                                                                                           "Since 1960 and before any other              Also winning a third place in this
                                                                                                       organization, the Archdiocese has             category was Fr. Jose Luis Hernando,
                                                                                                       been informing Hispanic Catholics in          pastor of St. Benedict Church in
                                                                                                       their native language," Cantero said,         Hialeah, for his columns on "under-
                                                                       •w * * *
                                                                                                       obviously pleased by the scope of the         standing the animals," in particular
                                                                                                       paper's win.                                  one about the hedgehog.
                                                                                                           The fact that La Voz was honored              The Archdiocese of Miami
                                                                                                       for general excellence, a distinction it      publishes two diocesan newspapers:
                                                                                                       had not received previously, shows            The Voice for English-language
                                                                                                       that "teamwork is essential in the            readers and La Voz for Spanish-lang-
   Gene Newman (left), Linda Aguirre and Matias Cruz took their RC Cola pro-                           newspaper business, especially when           uage readers. The two publish on
   test to Victor Posner's Miami Beach headquarters. (La Voz photo/Araceli                            the resources are scarce," Cantero             alternate weeks and have separate con-
   Cantero)                                                                                           said.                                          tent, staffs and editors.
                                                                                                           "At La Voz, we are few, but we

                Union pickets RC                                                                      work well," she said. "I hope these
                                                                                                      prizes serve to encourage more
                                                                                                      Hispanic journalists and more
                                                                                                                                                        Archdiocese of Miami
       Holding posters that showed car-                ing petitions that asked the United            Hispanic publications in other
    icatures of businessman Victor                                                                                                                       The Pastoral Center announces
                                                       Farmworkers of America (UFW)                   dioceses."                                       that Archbishop McCarthy has
    Posner and urging the public to                    union to represent them. The                       About 30 Catholic newspapers in              made the following appointments:
    boycott the products of his Royal                  workers were replaced by others                the United States publish columns or               The Reverend Monsignor
    Crown Company, a group of farm-                   who were not associated with the                sections in Spanish. Award selections            William Dever — to Pastor. St.
    workers demonstrated in front of                  Union.                                          are made from these entries. The                 Helen Church, Fort Lauderdale. ef-
    the R.C. Cola building in.-Miami                    * Mattas'-Cruz; representative of            general excellence category Is'bperi on-"         fective June 21,1986.
    Beach recently to protest what they               the UFW, said that on various oc-              ly to magazines, newspapers or news-             - The Reverend William Etbert —
    called Posner's unfair labor prac-                casions the union has fried to                 letters — national and diocesan —                 to pursue higher studies, effective
    tices.                                            negotiate with R.C. Cola to raise              which are published entirely in                   August 13.1986.
       Gene Newman, 45, holding one                   the wages of farmworkers. But the              Spanish. Currently, there are nine.                  The Reverend John Hartley, OMI
   of the posters, said, "We're not try-              company says it has nothing to do                   In addition to general excellence,           — to Administrator, St. Stephen
   ing to destroy Posner but to make                  with them. Instead, it allows                  La Voz also won first place in each of           Church, Miramar, e f f e c t i v e
   him understand that we're also                     Adams Packing to hire non-union                the following categories:                        September 2, 1986, upon nomi-
   human beings."                                     workers and pay them 55 cents for                   • Best news report: For Cantero's           nation by his Superior.
       Newman and 400 others lost their               every 90-pound basket picked,                  "It's Our Church," a report on the 3rd              The Reverend Francis Flanagan.
   jobs with Adams Packing Assoc, a                   rather than the 92 cents a basket the                                                           OMI — to Associate Pa9tor, St
                                                                                                     National Hispanic Encuentro;                     Stephen Church, Miramar, effec-
   subsidiary of RC Cola, after sign-                 union is asking for.                                • Best article: For Ligia Guillen's         tive September 2,1986, upon nomi-
                                                                                                     "To be Christian in Cuba is a chal-              nation by his Superior.

                                     i priest remembers singer Kate Smith
        By Marjorie L. Donohue                        director of the Substance Abuse Divi-          O'Sullivan added. "She was a deeply
          Special to The Voice                                                                                                                      beautiful voice.
                                                      sion of Catholic Community Services,           religious woman who walked with                   "Kate Smith had a deep and abiding
   While Americans throughout the                     recalled his first meeting with her in         God and Christ every day of her life."
nation mourned the death of singer                                                                                                                  love for America and her appreciation
                                                      1964, when he served as an associate           Although she was very depresssed               of this great country was one of the
Kate Smith on June 17, one priest                    pastor in Sacred Heart Church, Lake             after Collins' death, she "found con-
from Miami felt a personal loss with                                                                                                                great themes of her life. Her inspiring
                                                     Worth.                                          solation in her faith and was a bubbly         presence will be sorely missed by a
the news of her passing.                                 "She had a condominium on the               woman full of life and good cheer," he
   Father Sean O'Sullivan, presently                                                                                                                country which badly needs someone to
                                                     ocean " he recalled, "and came there            said. "Her presence dominated every-           sing its praises," Father O'Sullivan ad-
                                                     to live after the death of her manager          one in the room because of her great           ded.
                                                     and close friend, Ted Collins, whom             personality and when she would occa-
           Give-a-Gift                               she greatly admired because of his
                                                     deep faith and adherence to
                                                                                                     sionally sing a hymn during the Sun-,
                                                                                                     day Liturgy at Sacred Heart Church,
                                                                                                                                                       At age 58, the 79-year-old singer,
                                                                                                                                                    who was best known for her singing of
                                                                                                                                                    "God Bless America," was baptized in
           Send a subscription to:                   Catholicism. She attended Mass at               parishioners would be standing three-          St. Agnes Church in Lake Placid,
                THE VOICE                            Sacred Heart Church and joined the              deep in the parking lot to hear her            N.Y. where she had a summer home.
       P. 0. BOX 381059, Miami, FL 33238             convert class I was conducting weekly
                                                     for a period of three months."
Name:                                                   According to Father O'Sullivan,
                                                     Miss Smith was hot baptized as a child                                             The Most Modern of Midways
                                                     although her father was a Catholic and
                                                     her mother was a Presbyterian. At the
                                                     conclusion of the classes, she asked to
                                                                                                                             L                 May to October
                                                                                                                                             Contact Ohio Office
                                                                                                                                            2135 Massillon Road
                                                                                                                                                                        October to May
                                                                                                                                                                     Contact Miami Office
                                                                                                                                                                   12777 N.E 14th Avenue
                                                                                                                                             Akron. Ohio 44312       Miami. Florida 33161
City                    Zip                          be baptized.                                                                          Phone (216) 644-5768     Phone (305) 891-3328
                                                        "Religion came easy to her," Father
                                       ' You can depend upon'
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                                                                                                                              Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986 / PAGE 9
St. Gregory's Frank Marciante, who placed first in several of the track and field events, strains to
finish the 100-yard dash ahead of his classmates. At right, ChristopherAlvershine, a first-grader at St.                                                               «   •

Gregory's, exerts a similar effort to throw the softball as far as he can. (Voice photos/A.R. Soto/B. Ken-

             Go /orit!                                                            First thru fourth-graders
                                                                                  compete in track and field
         It started out as a kind of competition between coaches. Whose athletes were
         better? St. Gregory School's athletic director Mike Higgins claimed his were.
         But his wife, Lisa D'Addio Higgins, physical education teacher at St. David
         School, disagreed. Then they realized there were no track-and-field compe-
         titions for students in first through fourth grades, so they decided to organize
         their own. Last Saturday, at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauder-
         dale, about 50 of their students (with cheering parents in tow) showed up to
         compete in several events: running long jump, standing broad jump, softball
         throw, 50-yard dash and 100-yard dash. Ribbons were awarded to the three top
         finishers from each grade in each event, but everyone got an honorable
         mention at the end. D'Addio Higgins said the all-volunteer meet was so
         successful she and her husband are planning to make it an annual event and
         invite participants from other Broward elementary schools.

                                                               Alejandra Hering, a first-grader from
                                                               St. Gregory's, breezes through the
                                                               finish line during the 50-yard dash
                                                               while her classmate (left) Anna
                                                               DiMarco holds up award ribbons.         A. St. David's fourth-grader takes a stab at the running long
                                                               (Voice photos/B. Kennedy/A.R. Soto)     jump. (Voice photo/A.R. Soto)

         Thanks, America!
                                                           Operation Pedro Pan 'kids' hold reunion,
                                                           make plans to help today's refugees
            By Ligia Guillen                 decades ago, they gathered at Boys-         feared they might never see their sons Miami "camps" or group homes. The
           La Voz Staff Writer               town June 18 to say "Thanks,                and daughters again, but accepted that "Thanks, America" picnic was cele-
                                             America."                                   risk as the price of freedom.          brated in one of them, known then as
    The rain fell hard and heavy all day,                                                                                       Matecumbe, now as Boystown, a
  but it didn't dampen the spirits of      The carnival-style reunion brought              Between 1960 and 1964, Operation Catholic shelter for dependent boys.
  about 200 party-minded Cuban- together men and women who, in the                       Pedro Pan (Spanish for Peter Pan)
  Americans and their families. Bringing early 1960s, arrived in this country as         brought about 7,000 unaccompanied        Msgr. Bryan Walsh, the Irish priest
  umbrellas and memories of two children alone, sent by parents who                      Cuban children, ages 7 to 19, to five                 (Continued on page 17)

PAGE 10 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27, 1986
THE VOICE                                     Miami, Florida                                           Friday, June 27,1986                                  PAGE 11

     Patriotism and Catholics
   A Christian citizen
   needs to find ways of
   joining love of country
    with much wider
   human Solidarity
              By John A. Coleman, S.J.
      Jesuit scholar John Courtney Murray once
  reminded his fellow Americans that as Catholics
  we belong to a tradition and heritage richer, old-
  er and wider than our nation's. We belong to a
  worldwide church which makes us, in some real
  sense, brothers and sisters to men and women
  in Bolivia, Kenya and Hong Kong.
     The question then arises: How does this wider
  worldview influence the way a Catholic regards
  patriotism, the love of one's own country?
     Thomas Aquinas lists patriotism as a virtue
  under the rubric of pietas. Loyal adherence to
  one's native city-state or ethnic people (the
  modern nation-state did not yet exist in Aquinas'
  era) is akin to piety toward family and church.
  Like every loyalty short of our loyalty to God,
  patriotism always stands under dual judgment.
  First, patriotism is subordinate to our higher
  loyalties to God, and second, the ground of loyal-
  ty to any group (family, school, business, nation)
  is dependent on the intrinsic purposes and just
 goals of that group.
     We are not bound to blind loyalty toward our
  families if they are destructive of their members      agine that we can make an unmediated jump to           authentic patriotism. Apple notes that "there
 or so deeply pathological as to undermine family        becoming and being "citizens of the entire             isn't much agreement on what constitutes
  life. The obligation to national loyalty, similarly,   world" without need for a particular hearth,           patriotic or unpatriotic conduct. When people
 changes when one's nation subverts justice,             homeland, culture and national temper. This            say they are patriotic they may well mean dif-
  liberty and the common good. Since the nation          abstract view — profoundly anti-Christian in its       ferent things." It has always been this way.
 is always linked to our own fate, in these circum-      nonhistorical and anti-incamational approach —         Alisdair Maclntyre notes in his book, After Vir-
 stances piety toward the nation calls for compli-       strikes me as idealistic and naive. The Irish poet     tue, "To belong to any tradition is to engage ac-
 ance to its just laws but also active resistance to     William Butler Yeats knew better. He claimed.          tively in a lively argument about the goods of
 any unjust policies. So thought patriots such as                                                               that tradition."
 Thoreau, Emerson and Martin Luther King in the                                                                    There were ominous signs of inauthentic
  United States, Corazon Aquino in the Philippines         _. 'Piety toward the nation                          patriotism in Apple's report. For example, by a
 and Lech Walesa in PolandTThe legacy of the                                                                    margin of two to one, U:S. citizens prefer a
  Nuremberg trials passing judgment on German              ca$s for compliance To its just                      suicidal nuclear destruction (in a cataclysm that
 collaboration in Hitler's evil illustrates the same       laws but also active resistance                      will destroy other nations as well) to tolerating
 principle from another perspective.                                                                            Russian domination. Frightening, too, was the
     Authentic patriotism demands an active and            to any unjust policies. So                           statistic showing that a majority of U.S. citizens,
 critical stance. It is not a passive virtue. We can       thought such patriots as                            when asked, were willing to override the Bill of
 fail by excess or by defect. We fail by excess                                                                 Rights to deny extremist groups the right to hold
 when our patriotism is too uncritical or premised         Thoreau, Emerson and Martin                          nonviolent protests. Further, wealthier U.S.
 on an unjust disparagement of other cultures or           Luther King in the United                           citizens were very conditional in their allegiance
 infringes their inherent right to self-determina-                                                             to this country. "They were more likely than the
 tion.                                                     States, Corazon Aquino in the                       poor and uneducated to say they would leave the
     A thinking patriot knows that we have loyalties                                                           country if they could double their income."
 and obligations beyond our land to common                 Philippines and Lech Walesa                             Apple concludes his essay with an appeal for
 humanity and to a global common good.                     in Poland.'                                         a "higher" patriotism which, he claims "has
 Catholics in the United States especially, as                                                                 always consisted in constructive criticism in the
 members of an international church, should feel                                                               search for ways to improve, if not to perfect,
 these bonds of solidarity keenly. They stand in         "One can only reach out to the universe with a        what we love." Whether we like it or not* respon-
 judgment on national pride. They led our U.S.           gloved hand — that glove is one's nation, the on-     sibility for our nation — for its many blessings
 bishops, through solidarity with the church in El       ly thing one knows even a little of."     .           and for its defects — is part of our destiny as
 Salvador, to question current governmental                 The dangers in excessive, chauvinistic patriot-    U.S. citizens. Through authentic patriotism we .
 policies. Making an absolute out of national            ism are real, persistent and in need of constant,     can call it to its highest ideals and destiny.
 sovereignty or self-interest is sinful. I look each     critical monitoring. We do well, as Christians, to        On occasions when I have lived abroad,
 day on my wall at a poster I brought from the           underscore the conditioned nature of our loyal-       especially when I have been in contact with
 Vicariate of Solidarity in Santiago, Chile. The         ties to the nation. They are always "under God"       American missionaries — in Zambia, Bolivia and
 poster shows mothers holding placards asking,           and under the judgment of justice. We belong to       Chile — I have always come back both more
 "Where are they?" — their missing children mur-         a worldwide church whose saints, past and pre-        aware of just how American I already am and am
 dered by a bloody regime. As a Catholic I feel          sent, have had to choose between God and              destined to remain (often more proud of some of
 ties which bind me to those mothers. As a               Caesar. But we equally make a major mistake if        our American traits) and convinced of the need
 patriot I am ashamed of the ways the U.S.               we pretend that patriotism is always or usually       for an active, critical patriotism informed by my
 government helped the Pinochet regime to power          dangerous. Patriotism is also a duty, a genuine       deepest loyalties as an American Catholic
 and supported it until quite recently.                  virtue and a moral good by building community         citizen. Tied both to our nation's highest pur-
     Only airy abstract thinkers, however, will im-      for national purpose and for relating to the wider    poses and to membership in a worldwide church,
                                                         world.                                                Catholic patriotism will always look for ways to
    Jesuit Father John Coleman, a sociologist, is           A thoughtful article in the New York Times         join authentic patriotism to a wider human
  professor of religion and society at the Jesuit        Sunday magazine by R. W. Apple Jr. entitled           solidarity.
  School of Theology, Berkeley, California.              "New Stirrings of Patriotism," raises the issue of                    (Reprinted from Maryknoll Magazine)

                                                         —Freedom quotes —
      "The Fourth of July is a day to give thanks to God,
   for all that our forefathers accomplished and a time to                               "I'll just tell you what I am going to do. I am going to
   renew the national effort on behalf of the poor and                                fast that day, keep away from the hoopla and observe
   homeless. Especially this year, as we celebrate the                                the day the way Christians ought to. It should be a day
   restoration of the Statue of Liberty, I think we should                            of repentance and atonement for everything, like Yom
   again celebrate-the^aenievements of the past 210 years                             Kippur is for the Jews. The current crimes are, of course
   and also address the many challenges needed to im-                                 Nicaragua and El Salvador, the arms race, neglect of
   prove our way of life — a greater measure of world                                 the poor and the homeless. The list is pretty large."
   peace and a higher level of economic and social justice                                                                      —Rev. Daniel Berrigan, S.J.,
   for more people."                                                                                                               Anti-war activist, writer
                                    —Bishop James Malone, president,
                               National Conference of Catholic Bishops
  Will 'Lady' survive
  another 100 years?
    At this time when we are about to commemorate the refurbished image of
 our Statue of Liberty, and in so doing celebrate those symbolized liberties, it
 should be worthwhile to ask ourselves where those liberties are taking us.
    What kind of nation is Lady Liberty presiding over and what kind of nation
 will we be when the Lady is another hundred years old?
   We have discussed here before the neutering of our value system by
 sanitizing any religious values from the public institutions.
   Now ColumfiS magazine has devoted a whole issue to the secularization
 of America. It makes devastating reading.
   One author chronicles the American Civil Liberties Union assault on
 religious expression in our public institutions, arguing that ACLU is the
 chief architect of the secularization of America's soul. The article describes
 how Rep. Henry Hyde, after sponsoring abortion-restricting legislation, was
 spied on by the ACLU which searched his mail, observed him going into

                             Voice editorial
 church, receiving Communion and reading the Bible. ACLU used this in
 court to challenge his legislation as being a breach of church and state.
 ACLU lost in this instance, apparently oblivious to the irony in the use of
 such Gestapo tactics by a "civil liberties" organization.
   However, the article also lists numerous successful ACLU court cases
 chipping away at religious content in public life.
   The magazine, in other articles, also cites the tremendous destruction of
 values in the entertainment media and the public schools, both of which are
 the great molders of America's youth who spend most of their time in the
 grips of one or the other.
   And the government itself is cited as a major part of the problem,
 fostering anti-family legislation that rewards non-marriage, penalizes parents
 who want to educate their children with religious values, helps in the
 destruction of unborn life, and in many other ways advances the myth of
 value-free laws.
 - America is still the greatest nation on earth, and perhaps the best single
 hope for a future world that can move forward in peace and mutual
 cooperation toward conquering poverty and need. But the mantle of that
 kind of leadership carries with it a great burden that can be borne only on a
 foundation of rock-like character. Such character flows not from the shifting
 sands of selfish individualism but a hard belief in God-oriented values.
 George Washington was not sectarian in his orientation but was firm in his
 belief in God and thus was able to weather every hardship of frostbite and
 hunger at Valley Forge when others would have quit.
    As a nation we must not segregate all religion frorrrour nation's                     But with open acknowledgment of our spiritual reliance, this nation can
 institutions or we will eventually segregate our nation's soul to the ghetto of        be the guiding light of the world, as symbolized by the torch in the hand of
 failed societies.                                                                      the Lady whose one-hundredth year we celebrate this coming week.

                                                                                        SS-24 and the SS-25 (in violation of          Even worse, since the Soviets and
 Catholic cemetery                          Archbishop right                            the SALT II), et al.                       their cronies are notorious for break-
 provides service                           on clinic issue                                Furthermore, I do not share her
                                                                                        view that it is myth-making to con-
                                                                                                                                   ing agreements, the chances are
                                                                                                                                   good that they will default on these
                                            Editor:                                     sider the Soviet Union an "evil em-        loans and the American people will be
                                               I wish to commend Archbishop Mc-         pire." Especially when you consider        stuck with the losses. Either the
    I am disappointed in the recent         Carthy for his clear and concise stand      that the Soviets starved to death at       depositors will lose their money or
 advertisement-type article appearing       on the school-health clinic issue as        least seven million Ukrainians in the      the taxpayers will have to foot the bill
 in The Voice, describing the "Catholic     printed in the Miami Herald June 12th       1930s, killed over one million Afghans     to cover federal insurance. Many
 section of Woodlawn Park Cemetery,         "Readers' Forum."                           since their 1979 invasion, broke           billions of dollars are involved and
 South." The article promotes what             One might wonder why more of the         Solidarity in Poland, probably put the     every taxpayer will feel the bite. So do
 this non-sectarian cemetery bills as a     laity do not express themselves like-       contract out on the Pope, massacred        something about it.
 Roman Catholic Section, a claim            wise in the secular press on moral          269 innocent civilians on KAL 007,                        —Cornelius U. Morgan
 which has caused confusion and con-        matters. Some of us have tried and          and failed to inform anyone for three                               Baltimore, Md.
 cern among those seeking burial in a       have done so but the Herald appears         days after having the world's worst
 cemetery owned and maintained by
 the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami.
                                            to ignore our letters but does not
                                            hesitate to print contrary views at
                                                                                        nuclear disaster.                          Irreverent tide
                                                                                           While I agree with Sr. Ma^y Evelyn
     The Archdiocese of Miami operates      times.                                      that we should strive to make "war         sweeping country
  two cemeteries: Our Lady of Mercy, in        Anyhow, it took the Archbishop to        obsolete," we must realize that our        Editor:
  Miami, and Our Lady Queen of              put the point across to the secular         highest priority as a nation is to            A rising tide sofirrfevferehce -is
                                            public on this particular matter.           preserve our freedoms. Winston Chur-
  Heaven, in Fort Lauderdale. Both                                                                                                 sweeping our country.1 I refer to the
  cemeteries are being continually                                   —G.N.Pitzen        chill said it best when he stated, "If a   boldly increasing use of cussing;
  renovated and developed to serve the                                      Stuart      country ever places a higher value on      mockery and blasphemous scripts of
' Catholics of South Florida with tradi-                                                 peace than ,it does freedom, it will      film, stage, TV shows and even news-
  tional ground burial as well as crypt     Soviets are ones                            probably lose both."                       casts, depicting all manner of anti-
  burial in Chapel and Garden                                                                                —Scott D. Lofman      God and anti-Christ fiction.
  Mausolea. As non-profit entities, the     double-talking                                                               Miami        Of, course, there is nothing new
  Archdiocesan Cemeteries provide           Editor:                                                                                about blasphemy arid sacrilege. They
  Catholics reasonable and economical          In a recent Voice interview, Sr. Mary    American banks                             are the devil's own language — or the
  burial. A single mausoleum crypt in
  the "Catholic" section of Woodlawn
                                            Evelyn Jegen of Pax Christi implied
                                            that the United States is not nego-         helping Soviets?                           ravings of the mentally ill. But when a
                                                                                                                                   supposed-to-be respectable ABC
  South sells for $4,450 with 10.85 per-    tiating "in good faith" with the Soviet     Editor:                                    reporter like Peter Jennings in his
  cent financing. A comparable crypt at     Union at the arms control talks.               The American people are financing       May 20th broadcast closes his pro-
  Catholic Cemeteries is offered for           If she were to look at the facts and     the Soviets and their satellite nations    gram (taped in Miami) thanking local
  $2,450 with 72 months to pay and no       not the rhetoric, however, she would        in their expansionist movements            TV stations and city officials for the
  finance charges.                          find that it is the Soviets who do not      throughout the world.                      courteous welcome and ends up star-
                                            negotiate in good faith as evidenced           How can this be? The Soviets and        ing at the heaven with a cynical thank
   When Catholics are faced with the
                                            by the lack of free elections in Poland     their cronies can't afford these proj-     you to that "character" up there for
decision of selecting burial location,
                                            (in violation of the Yalta Agreement),      ects on their faltering economy so         holding off the thunder and rain, one
the Catholic Cemeteries of the Arch-
                                            the internal exile of Sakharov (in viola-   they borrow the money from                 feels that all natural reactions of rev-
diocese provide a sacred enclosure of
                                            tion of the Helsinki Accords), the use      American banks at lower rates of in-       erence and sense of propriety have
dignity and beauty reflecting our faith
                                            of child-maiming toy bombs in               terest than we Americans can borrow.       been reversed. For when you give God
in the resurrection.
                                            Afghanistan (in violation of the            But this money belongs to the              such a cheap second place, with
           —Father Kenneth D. Whittaker     Conventional Weapons Treaty), the           depositors and so we Americans are         cynical derision you give Him no
               Archdiocesan Director of     deployment of two new Intercontin-          financing the Sovietization of our         place at all.          —Edward Starks
                    Catholic Cemeteries     ental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMS) — the      world and our own destruction.                                       Buffalo, N.Y.
PAGE 12 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986
    The index
        of                                                              Lost children
                                              Last Sunday I heard a thought-provoking sermon on
    forbidden                              the subject of why so many youths are rejecting the
                                           church. The priest said that our children are not being
                                           taught to "know God." He used an analogy to get at the                   BY
      books                                 root of the problem, as he sees it.
                                              "Many of you work in the business world," he said.
                                            "You know that marketing and selling products requires
   Q. I am a convert of several years to
the Catholic faith. A few days ago a       strong visual images. The same is true with God. Our
friend (Catholic all his life) mentioned   children need an image of God in order to know him."
something I never heard of before, the        After Mass, the priest told me that sometimes he
Index of Forbidden Books. Is there         wishes he could talk the way the fundamentalist preach-           We must be honest in asking ourselves what children
such a list of forbidden books? What       ers on television do. "I wish I could allow myself to show     get at church. On Sundays they sit through Masses that
does that mean? (Pennsylvania)             excitement and emotion. The message of Jesus is                often have little meaning to them and hearsermons they
                                           ecstatic. But the people don't want to hear that," he          don't relate to since they have little to do with their daily
                                           said.                                                          lives.                      •      ' .      *
                                               I'm afraid he's right. The more educated society has          Most parishes do little to involve kids in Christian
                       BY FR.              become, the more we shun our feelings in favor of ra-          work to help the poor, the sick or the needy. How many
                                           tional analysis. And the richer we've become, the more         parishes have ongoing programs to help with drug
                       JOHN                we relate to things instead of spiritual values and pas-       abuse, teen pregnancies, teen depression and lone-
                      DIETZEN              sion.                                                          liness and despair?
                                              Do we expect our children and youth, who have not              The reality is that when our children go off to start
                                           yet reached an intellectual maturity, to be drawn to the       their adult lives, many leave the church. When they
                                           church for its intellectual appeal? Perhaps we should          decide to marry, many still want a church wedding. This
                                           stop and ask ourselves: What are we really offering our        could be a perfect time to welcome them back into the
                                           yong people today?                                             fold.
  A. Almost from the beginning, the           When I was growing up, the power of the church's               But, increasingly, these young couples are meeting
Catholic Church has recognized that        authority was so deeply woven into the fabric of our           with judgment against them. A young woman came to
what people read has enormous              lives that the church had a great hold on an emotional         me in tears just today because a priest told her she
potential influence, for good or bad,      level.                                                         could not have a Catholic wedding simply because she
on their faith.                               That is no longer true today. And nothing of equal          was not officially registered with any parish.
                                           emotional appeal has been put in its place to bind young          There are many complex reasons why the church is
   For example, this is one reason         Catholics to the church.                                       losing young people. We owe it to them to examine what
Christian people were always so care-         If Christ's teachings are to have any meaning to our        we are doing wrong.
ful,that translations and copies of the    children, there has to bean emotional appeal in addition          The real tragedy is that our children need the church
Sacred Scriptures were as accurate         to the intellectual. They have to feel the joy and peace of    — even if they are too young to realize it now. Everyone
as humanly possible. Among the             Christ.                                                        of us eventually reaches a point where life on earth only
most colorful documents we possess            But how canthey if we are too sophisticated, rational       makes sense through faith in God.
from early Christian centuries are let-    and modern to express the true excitement of Christ's             Without the necessary foundation, I'm afraid that
ters that flowed between the early         message? And how can they feel it if the church isn't          many of our children will reach that point as adults, only
theologians and saints arguing over        touching our children's real emotional needs?                  to find themselves lost in a sea of despair.
the most appropriate translation of a
word in the Bible.
  By the fifth century this concern
was already shown toward other
writings and what later became the In-
dex of Prohibited Books came into
                                             Sexaholics Anonymous
   This was simply a list* of books        '" About" a yearago 1 received a rettertrom a 30-year-old
relating to religion, Christian religion   man from the mid-West who was deeply troubled about
particularly, that members of trie         his sexual promiscuity. He felt he had lost all control of
church were not to read without suf-       his life. His room was cluttered with pornography. He                   BYFR.
ficient preparation and background.        was spending over $5,000 a year on prostitutes, and his              JOHN CATOIR
                                           self-respect was at an all-time low.
   The index continued, in one fashion
or another, up to our time. Gradually,        I phoned him, and we had a long chat. "You can't put
particularly in this century, this sort    out a fire with dry wood," I said. "If you are serious about
of prohibition against printing, selling   recovering your sanity, you will have to rid your room of
or reading certain books was greatly       all the porn and eventually try to clean your mind of it
mitigated and now is repealed alto-        too." Then I began speculating. "Why not go to some            lusted after. We became true addicts: promiscuity, adul-
gether. The new (1983) Code of Canon       Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? Even though you                 tery, dependency relationships and more fantasy. We
Law contains no provision for such a       have a different problem, just being among them might          were addicted to the intrigue, the tease, the forbidden.
prohibition of books.                      help you to draw strength from their courage." He              This produced guilt, self-hatred, remorse, emptiness
                                           agreed to try it.                                              and pain, and we were driven ever inward away from
   Approval by proper church authori-                                                                     reality, from love* lost inside ourselves... but we dis-
ties is still required for certain types     Some months later I got a letter from him explaining         covered we could stop... that sex indeed was optional."
of publications either before or after     that at an A.A. meeting he learned about S.A. (Sex-               I recently received this note from him, "I'm entering
they are printed. These include mainly     aholics Anonymous) and was attending their meetings            my fifth month into the journey of discovering who God
editions of the Bible, liturgical and      regularly. He said there were about 12 chapters in towns       meant me to be; it is a very enlightening journey filled
devotional books and books intended        and cities within driving distance of him. I had never         with many obstacles which do not nearly seem as insur-
to be used as texts for religious          heard of S.A. and asked him for more information.               mountable as before."
instruction (see especially canons                                                                           I think he's making wonderful progress. If you would
824-828). These provisions are consid-        He sent me a brochure, and this is what they say            like more information on S.A., write to S.A., P.O. Box
erably less restrictive than in previous   about themselves: "Sexahofics Anonymous is a fellow-           300, Simi Valley, Ca. 93062. As in A.A., everything is
church law.                                ship of men and women who share their experience,              strictly confidential.
                                           strength and hope with each other that they may solve
   The. church,.of course, retains the     their common problem and help others to stop lusting             For a free copy of the Christopher News Notes,
same concerns for the integrity of our     and become sexually sober... Many of us felt inade-            "Human Sexuality," send a stamped, self-addressed
faith as in the past. The shift is to-     quate, unworthy, alone and afraid... we tuned out with         envelope to The Christophers, 12 E. 48th St., New York,
ward a different understanding of the      fantasy and masturbation. We lusted and wanted to be           NY 10017.
purpose of church law.
   As the Canon Law Society of
America explains: "The purpose of
this legislation has partially changed,
from a rather paternalistic attempt to
protect the faith and morals of the
                                            Time capsules                                                         By Frank Morgan
people by safeguarding them from
harmful religious publications, to a
more restrained and positive effort to
assure that those writings which ex-
press the church's prayers and
beliefs do so accurately" ("The Code
                                                                    'Eureka! I've found it'
of Canon Law: A Text and Com-                Archimedes was a Greek mathematician of the third            which to stand and a lever long enough and I will move
mentary").                                 century before Christ, who lived most of his life in his       the earth." He also invented the first elevator. It was a
                                           native Syracuse in Sicily where he was on friendly terms       hand-wound lift that was designed to carry a single pas-
   (A free brochure, "Infant Baptism:      with the royal family. One day the ruler of Syracuse,          senger. He also raised water from a lower level to a
Catholic Practice Today," is available     Hieron, asked him to determine if the royal crown was          higher level with his "Archimedean screw."
by sending a stamped, self-addressed       pure gold or alloyed with silver. Archimedes was per-
envelope to Father Oietzen, Holy           plexed until one morning in the public baths he sud-             And when the Romans attacked Syracuse by sea in
Trinity Church, 704 N. Main St.,           denly realized that pure gold would displace a different       214 B.C., Archimedes installed a giant concave mirror on
Bloomington, III. 61701.)                  amount of water than silver. He rushed from the baths,         the shore. He placed the mirror so that it magnified the
   (Questions for this column should       naked, to his home shouting, "Eureka!" (I have found it!)      sun's rays, then focused them on the Roman ships
be addressed to Father Dietzen, Holy                                                                      which ignited in seconds. But eventually the Romans
Trinity Church, 704 N, Main St.,             Archimedes also invented the crowbar. It was he who          conquered Syracuse and Archimedes died at their
Bloomington, Ml. 61701.)                   said of his crowbar or lever, "Give me another place on        hands at the young age of 25.
                                                                                                          Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986 / PAGE 13
 Tips for a concerned grandparent
    Dear Mary: I am concerned about my grandson.                                                  BY                  one. What interests or expertise does he have that
 He steals. He is 22 years old, and I strongly                                                                        you might use? Many young men, for example,
 suspect he has been stealing since he was a small                                            DR. JAMES               know a great deal about cars. Perhaps you are
 child. He thinks it is all right to steal from some                                          AND MARY                thinking about buying a new or used car or
 people and firms, but not others. I have heard my                                                                    perhaps your car needs repairs. Ask his advice on
 daughter reprimand him, but I have never heard my                                             KENNY                  the subject.
 son-in-law say anything to him. My daughter and                                                                          Sometimes grandparents would like to travel
 son-in-law left the church a long time ago, so he                                                                    but do not like to drive for long periods of time. An
 has no training in religion. I know it is only a matter                                                              adult grandchild can make an ideal traveling com-
 of time until he gets into real trouble. Is there any-                                                               panion. A young adult grandchild might be eager
 thing I can do?—Ohio.                                        discipline. Perhaps that is why you have not heard      to drive and might enjoy taking a trip with you.
                                                              your son-in-law "reprimand" him. It is doubtful             Your own knowledge of your grandson can sug-
   The problem you pose applies not only to grand-            that a reprimand would be effective with an adult       gest other areas which might bring you together.
parents, but other relatives and close friends when           child. You, as a grandparent, have even less            Share information with him. Share experiences
they see a difficult situation within a family. What          responsibility for his behavior than his parents do.    with him. Let him know that you think he is a ter-
can you do? What should you do?                                  Since your facts may be doubtful and your            rific person.
   First, be very certain of your facts. How do you           responsibility non-existent, it is not your business        In short, ignore the whole matter of stealing, a
know your grandson steals? Have you observed                  to take action regarding your grandson's behavior.      matter you cannot and should not get involved-' \
him personally? Has he told you all about it? All of          And it is even more doubtful that you would be          Instead, act like a grandparent. Let him know v .
us, when we talk about other people, have a                   able to take effective action if you did try.           you are interested in him, you care about him and
tendency to emphasize or exaggerate the point we                 Is there anything you can do? Certainly. You can     you think he is wonderful. In the long run, he just
are trying to make. Unless you live within the                act like a grandparent. Grandparents believe that       might measure up to your opinion.
immediate family, you are not likely to get the               their grandchildren are the most beautiful people
facts of a situation with complete accuracy.                  on earth. Grandparents are interested in their            Reader questions on family living and child care
  Second, supposing that your grandson does                   grandchildren's activities and are proud of their      to be answered in print are invited. Address ques-
steal, there is very little effective direct action that      achievements. Grandparents Jove their grandchil-       tions to the Kennys, Box 872, St. Joseph's College,
you can or should take. Your grandson is an adult.            dren unconditionally, just for being themselves.       Rensselaer, Ind. 47978.
Even his parents are not responsible for his                    Your grandson is a young adult. Treat him like                         (NC News Services)

                       Life with a moody person
    "I had a terrible weekend," a wife said. "My hus-                                                                   allow her to make them miserable just because
 band was moody the entire time. He slumped                                                                             she is.
 around and groused at me and the kids. But you                                                                             Another way of dealing with it is to confront bad
-know what really bugged me?                                             BY                                             moods openly. "Look, I'm not the one who chewed
                                                                                                                        you out at work or who stole your equalizer. If
    "When someone dropped in on Saturday and                          DOLORES                                          you're going to take it out on someone, look else-
again when we went to church on Sunday, he was
 charming and cheerful. Then when we were alone                       CURRAN                                            where." This response tells the moody person that
 he went right back into his bad mood."                                                                                 he must go to the source for relief not to innocent
    She speaks to a familiar pattern — the person                                                                       parties.
who falls into temporary moodiness at home. He                                                                              Naturally, there are times we should be sen-
 or she is pleasant outside the home but isabearto                                                                      sitive to situations that caused a loved one tem-
 live with when in a dark mood.;                               callyrmoody pefsons: who.create family: tension/:,!   •: porary depression,^ That's, what- ;betno^. fafn#y is-- al I
                                                              These people often use their behavior to get atten-      about. But if one member is.crtronically moody and
    Moodiness is tough on families. The moody per-            tion and to control others. They assume the family        uses his bad mood to manipulate the family, it
 son withdraws, answering in monosyllables or not             will accommodate them and the grumpier they:              becomes destructive and childish.
 at all, refusing to be pleased. And the family tip-          become, the more the family accommodates them.               Dr. Peter Purpura, a Long Island psychologist,
 toes around trying to find the cause.                         It becomes a family game, with the pouter always        says, "A partner's withdrawal conveys the sense
    "I have to play search and destroy when he's in           winning.                                                 that you don't exist. It is a quiet, sullen accusation
 one of his moods," a woman said. "When he's mad                  How, then, do families deal effectively with a       that you and the world have failed to make him
at his boss or the dog, why does he take it out on            chronically moody member? By acknowledging               happy."
 us?"                                                         and then ignoring her. By saying something like,             Mood control is learned in childhood. That's
    It isn't always the husband, of course. Wives             "We'll stay away from you, dear. We can see you're       why we must not reward children who use moods
 and kids, particularly teenagers, can lapse into             having a bad day."                                       to manipulate others. We must teach them that we
 sullen silence and daylong frowns. When this hap-                This response puts the responsibility where it       are not going to allow their moods to.affect us. In-
 pens, the rest of the family usually takes it per-           belongs, on the moody one, not on the family. It         stead of trying to make them happy we can en-
 sonally. "Why is she mad at me?"                             tells that person that she's the one with the prob-      courage them to find their own way out of bad
    The moody person may be depressed for no                  lem and that the family will cooperate by staying        moods.
 identifiable reason. He just doesn't want to be              away and refusing to kowtow to the bad mood.                 If we permit their mood to sabotage family har-
 happy. When others try to cheer him up, it deepens               When the moody one is ready to interact              mony, we are teaching them to be moodyspouses.
 his gloom.                                                   pleasantly again, the family will be there, but          And future families will inherit the problem.
    All of us are moody at times. But it's the chroni-        they're giving notice that they are not going to                           (Alt Publishing Co.)

Family matters
                                            Widowed and single again
             By Sister Virginia McCall                        emerge, life takes on a new beauty and meaning.        spouse would have wanted. Sometimes they cor.
         Director of Ministry to Separated                    Inner resources begin to surface which may have        tinue to see or to hear their departed partner. This
         and Divorced, Family Enrichment                      been hidden throughout the marriage. These are         is a most common and real experience.
                      Center                                  the resources so necessary to the development of           Mildred once told of looking up towards the
                                                              a single-again self image.                             door and seeing Charlie come towards her and
   It is extremely difficult for the widowed person             The widowed person often resists these signs         then suddenly disappear. She couldn't understand
to regain a sense of direction and meaning                    of emerging independence at first. The shock of        what was happening and it disturbed and frighten-
because of the intensity of the loss of one who is            the death often leaves one numb and unable to ab-      ed her. It was only in sharing this experience that
most significant and loved. Part of this struggle is          sorb the immensity of what has happened. There         she discovered this was a common happening.
often the acceptance Of oneself as a single person            must be time to mourn the loss of the spouse.          She wanted Charlie back so badly and thought
after years of being part of a couple.                           But the time comes when one must move on,           about him sooften that there were times she could
                                                              which isn't always easy. Often there are feelings      actually see and hear him.           >
  A single-person identity doesn't appear over-               of guilt when one thinks of going out on ofte's           There came a time when Mildred had to bury
night, but slowly emerges from events of life dur-            own, of making a new life for oneself. These feel-     Charlie... not only physically but emotionally.
ing the first weeks and months of living alone.               ings need to be admitted and seen for what they        While not denying her love :$or him and a very real
Ever so gradually small, insignificant actions                are,., burdening, yet unrealistic.                     presence which she felt, Mildred had to say,
begin to move one towards a new sense of being.                 Certainly, as one begins to grow as a single per-    "Charlie, you're dead. I miss you terribly. I want
One becomes aware that the sun does continue to               son he or she is in no way denying the joy, comfort    you to be with me but the reality is that you are
shine; I can see new life begin to take form all              and companionship felt "while in the presence of       not. So I wilNet you go."
around me after the barrenness of a long winter;              their spouse. It is merely another way of contin-         This was a difficult thing for Mildred to do, Yet it
mastering a task (cooking a meal, balancing a                 uing through life seeking new options for growth       enabled her to accept the finality of Charlie's
checkbook) that was formerly done by my spouse;               and happiness while at the same time cherishing        death. She still thought of him and their happy
or simply being able to enjoy time alone without              the past.                            .                 times together, but she was able to go on with her
feeling lonely-                                                  Many times the widowed person tends to make         life, to grow through the experience of her loss
   As one begins to see these awarenesses                     decisions in the light of what their deceased          and to be at peace with herself.
PAGE 14 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986
Does lamp of Iiberty shine on TV?
  A Catholic TV critic's meditation oh                                                                                             build-ups — it so pollutes the atmo-
the Statue of Liberty, which will be                                                                                               sphere that freedom 'Cannot be
the focal point of Fourth of July                                                                                                  breathed.     .              *
celebrations next week:                                                                                                              • "The wretched refuse of your
  • "Give me your tired, your poor,                                                                                                teeming shore. Send these, the home-
your huddled masses" — On televi-                                                                                                  less, tempest-tossed to me" — How
sion, people are rarely tired or poor or
                                                                                                                                     7 lift my lamp beside
                                                                                                                                     the golden door' —or
                           BY                                                                                                        is Mat golden arches?
                         BREIG                                                                                                     does TV treat people who aren't
                                                                                                                                   blond, thin and perfectly toothed?,
                                                                                                                                    Does it even show such folks?
                                                                                                                                      Foreigners, on the tube, are usually
                                                                                                                                   the enemy. Cliches and stereotypes
 huddled together to ward off cold or                                                                                              abound. Italians are crooks, French
fright or danger. Occasionally, a                                                                                                  women are morally loose, Germans
special will explore the plight of the                                                                                             are stiff-backed martinets, Hispanics
homeless, but, usually, we see the                                                                                                 are lazy.
columned homes of the Ewings and.                                                                                                     And you can look a long time
Colbys.                                                                                                                            before seeing anyone on television
   If people get tired on TV, it's •from                                                                                           who is from Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti
cheating eaGh other or cheating on                                                                                                 or El Salvador, four nations which
each other. No one works. Cliff Hux-                                                                                               have sent a lot of new Americans to
table lounges; detectives like the                                                                                                 us from their teeming shores.
Brothers Simon seem to put out effort                                                                                                 • "I lift my lamp beside the golden
in five-minute spurts; businessmen                                                                                                 door" — Or is that golden arches?
and women have endless hours for                                                                                                      The latest TV innovation is the
barbecues and'sailing in yachts.                                                                                                   15-second commercial so that even
   As for poverty, when was the last                                                                                               more ad messages can be beamed at
time you watched a regular series                                                                                                  us every day. This constant drumming
about poor people? Shows like "San-                                                                                                on bur minds, like a leaky faucet,
ford and Son" or "Good Times,"                                                                                                     anesthetizes us to any other input.
which focused on the lower economic                                                                                                We concentrate only on the buy-buy
"masses," have gone into rerun obli-                                                                                               theme and ignore the materialism it
vion. In their place have come the rich                                                                                            inspires.
and famous.                                     SPACECAMPERS — Kate Capshaw, center, plays an astronaut who pro-                      Dp we own enough? Are we pretty
   • "Yearning to breathe free" —               vides guidance for a group of bright teenagers, who through a mis-                 enough? Will we be accepted in this
Freedom is becoming more and more               adventure, end up on a space voyage. The USCC rates the wholesome film,            car or that one?
associated with violence in the media           "A-1," general patronage, and calls it "interesting entertainment..." (NC
                                                                                                                                      As you watch the Statue of Liberty
and the Rambo-ism of films will soon                                                                                               celebration, I'd like you to keep in
spill over into more TV shows like                                                                                                 mind that, as great as television is
'The A-Team." Hulk Hogan, he of the          convents as well as in flattening grap-   and sick and aged and disabled are          when it brings us something like that,
massive chest which puffs out even           piers?                                    pushed aside because there is no            it can also work against what the
farther wnen near a flag; pummels Ira-          Did> America nurture freedom in        money left for them?                        Mother of Exiles stands for. Even
nians and Russians to the delight of         order to ignore the pbor and tired          America is not great when it whips        more so, it can work against what
screaming fans. Do people take that          while more and more billions are          midgets. It is great when it cares for      Mother Church stands for. Don't let
enthusiasm into the real world when          spent on arms? If freedom must be         the least of its citizens. When it fails    the circus dazzle you so much that
Libyans are bombed and do they feel          protected militarily, how much will it'   to do so — through'such sins as             you can't focus on reality.
that justice is achieved in flattening       suffer when the hungry and homeless       racism, abortion or excessive arms             Happy Fourth of July!

                         Author probes women's poverty
  WOMEN AND CHILDREN LAST:                   bined statistics with first-person ac-    amples of how budget cuts and               the children, adding a major factor to
THE PLIGHT OF POOR WOMEN IN                  counts from women to present an eye-      administration attitudes have under-        their economic situations. Both con-
AFFLUENT AMERICA, by Ruth Sidel.             opening, sometimes moving account         mined the support system for women          tend that the United States has the
Viking Penguin Inc. (New York, 1986).        of the realities of being a female head   and children.                               capacity to provide the necessary
236 pp., $16.95.                             of household in a society which tradi-       Many of Sidel's statistics and con-      support in these situations.
       Reviewed by Barb Fraze                tionally treats women — especially        clusions are similar to those in the          This book will open eyes, cause
          NC News Service                    poor women — as second-class              section on poverty in the third draft of    debate — perhaps even trigger some
  "Women and Children Last" is a             citizens. The statistics dispel myths     the U.S. bishops' pastoral letter on        action by those concerned with the
powerful, well-researched study of           and add perspectives to the way           the economy. Both contend that wage         poor. It is "must" reading for anyone
the special poverty predicament fac-         some people might view poverty.           discrimination is a major factor            involved in social justice or develop-
ing millions of women in the United             She makes no effort to hide her        behind the high rates of poverty for        ment work and recommended for rais-
States.                                      disgust with the social policies of the   women.                                      ing the consciousness of all.
  Ruth Sidel, a sociologist, has com-      - Reagan administration, citing ex-            Both point out that when marriages          Ms. Fraze is assistant foreign edi-
                                                                                       break up, in most cases it is the           tor of National Catholic News
     Humanitas winners named                                                           women who take responsibility for           Service.

   LOS ANGELES (NC) — The writer             Educational and Cultural Institute
of the CBS-TV drama " D o You                headed by PauliSt Father EHwood
 Remember Love?" about a family cop-         Kieser.                                              KEY BISCAYNE BOAT RENTALS, Inc.
ing with Alzheimer's disease was trie           "Do You Remember Love," a two-                                           (U-Driveit)
top winner of the 1986 Humanitas             h o u r d r a m a , w o n t h e $25,000
.awards for most fully communicating         Humanitas prize. Written by Vickie                                3301 Rickenbacker Causeway
human values that enrich the viewing         Patik, it was the story of a family ex-                              Key Bicayne, Fl. 33149
public.                                      periencing the power of love when                  (By Old Rusty Pelican Restaurant at Marina Biscayne)
   Episodes of CBS-TV's "Cagney and          one of its members is afflicted with                  Boats available from 14' to 24', 6 H.P. to 115 H.P.
 Lacey" and NBC-TVs "The Cosby               Alzheimer's.                                     Skiffs, Whalers, Open Fisherman, Bowriders, Cabin Boats,
S h o w " were also among the winners.           Robert Eisele won the $15,000 prize                    Waterski, snorkle equipment available.
   The Humanitas awards, which were          for prime-time, 60-minute teleplay for                     Maps, coastguard equipment provided.
announced, are given annually to tele-       "Ordinary Hero," an episode of the
vision writers by the Human Family           "Cagney and Lacey" series.                  Amex«Master-Cara             Call: 361-1024                       •Visa»Choice

    751-4429             A TOUCH OF CAPE COD ON BISCAYNE BAY              On The
                                                                         79th St.
                                                                                                         „        Caution*
                                                                     CLOSED MONDAY
                                                                                                            O'Sheas' can be habit
                                                                                                            Take only as directed*
       SEAFOOD RESTAURANT                                                                         DIRECT YOURSELF TO 1081'BALD EAGLE DRIVE ON MARCO ISLAND.
   MAINE LOBSTERS                                                                                 YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO S.W. FLA. 'TIL YOU'VE BEEN TO O'SHEAS'.
   CLAMS AND OYSTERS     COCKTAIL                                                                  OFFERING LUNCH, SUNDAY BRUNCH, COCKTAILS, LITE DINNER.
   NEW ENGLAND SEAFOOD    LOUNGE                         Our 39th Year                                   FULL DINNER OVERLOOKING MARCO BAY. 394-7531

                                                                                                               Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986 / PAGE 15
                                                                                                                                                 Fr. McGrath named
                                                                                                                                                 St. Brendan principal
                                                                                                                                                   The Rev. Gerald F. McGrath, former
                                                                                                                                                 associate pastor at St. Rose of Lima
                                                                                                                                                 Church, Miami Shores, and past principal
                                                                                                                                                 of Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High
                                                                                                                                                 School, has been appointed new principal
                                                                                                                                                at St. Brendan High School in South Dade
                                                                                                                                                   A native of Norwood, N.'Y. who has
                                                                                                                                                served the Catholic community in Miami's
                                                                                                                                                northeast area for the- past 12 years,
                                                                                                                                                Father McGrath served in the U.S. Navy
                                                                                                                                                in the American Theater of Operations
                                                                                                                                                and was in the business world for four
                                                                                                                                                years prior to beginning his studies for the
                                                                                                                                                priesthood. He was graduated from St.
                                                                                                                                                Mary Seminary, Baltimore and was or-
                                                                                                                                                dained in Ogdensburg, N.Y. on May 31,
                                                                                                                                                1958. He took graduate studies at the-
                                                                                                                                                University of Ottawa where he was awart'
                                                                                                                                                ed a Master of Education degree in"
    Burning interest                                                                                                                            guidance and counselling.
                                                                                                                                                   After coming to the Archdiocese of
      There was cause for celebration recently at St. Kevin Parish in West Dade when the last payment on the                                    Miami in 1974 he was appointed associate
      school mortgage was made. On hand for the fiery liquidation of the debt were, from left: Father Ignacio                                   pastor at St. Rose of Lima Church. In
      Morras, pastor; America Novas, St. Kevin School principal; Pepe Arriola of the parish building committee;                                 1978 he was assigned as principal to Arch-
      Arnaldo Lopez and Frank Ruiz of the Ardhdiocesan Accounting office; and Bob McDaniels, president of the                                   bishop Curley-Notre Dame High where he
      school administrative council. (La Voz photo/Araceli Cantero)                                                                             made many innovations to upgrade the
                                                                                                                                                curriculum and athletic program. One
                                                                                                                                                year ago he was named assistant superin-
       St. John Vianney offers courses for laymen                                                                                               tendent for Educational Development in
                                                                                                                                                the Archdiocese School Department,
                                                                                                                                                where his efforts have been concentrated
    Saint John Vianney College Seminary is        1) Priests* religious or lay persons, who         who wish to complement their educa-         on building an endowment fund for
now accepting applications for admission             already hold a degree, and wish to ex-         tion with some of the offerings,            education to assure financial resources for
from non-seminarians.                                plore new areas or brush-up on some            which may not be available to them          Catholic schools particularly those in the
    The goal is to serve the Archdiocese of          old ones (e.g. Marxism, Social Psy-            otherwise.                                  economically deprived inner city areas.
Miami by offering academic programs to               chology, Anglo-Hispanic Christian           Since it is a fully accredited institution,
                                                     Expressions, Spanish Language             the credits are transferable throughout the
the community.
                                                     and/or Literature, English Language       United States.                                                     NOTE
  . The philosophy program is the only one           and/or Literature).                         For more information, please write to:              For our convenience It's a Date
in the area with the perspective of the rich                                                   Office of Admissions, St. John Vianney             items should be lower case beginn-
Catholic tradition. Moreover, it is a bi-         2) Degree-seeking students who wish to
                                                    major in Philosophy.         , ;           College Seminary, 2900 S.W. 87th                   ing with the name of the organiza-
lingual program (practically all the                                                           Avenue, Miami, FL 33165, or call:
courses have two sections: one in English                                                                                                         tion and including basic informa-
                                                   3) Students seeking a degree elsewhere,     223-4561.                                          tion regarding time and place.
and one in Spanish).
                                                                                                                                                  Deadline is the Monday before the
  Applicants may work towards a B.A.
degree in Philosophy or they may be non-
                                                        Dr. Romagosa attends Yale seminar                                                         Friday issues. The Voice is a bi-
                                                                                                                                                  weekly publication.
degree seeking students.                                                                       Romagosa will join a group of
  Prospective applicants may include:              Dr. Juan E. Romagosa of the faculty of
                                                 St. John Vianney College Seminary has         distinguished scholars from across the
                                                 been invited to participate in a Seminar at   country who share common interests.
                                                 Yale University-this summer. The subject        Dr. Romagosa has been a member of
 Catholic Daughters                              of the Seminar, which is sponsored by the     the faculty of St. John Vianney College               The Widow and Widowers € tab «f
                                                 National Endowment for the Humanities,        Seminary since 1982 and assists the Arch-
  hold convention                                will be an in-depth analysis of Sigmund       diocese of Miami in the evaluation of
                                                                                               prospective candidates for the priesthood.
                                                                                                                                                  Browurrt < ountv will tuve social yailicmig-.
                                                                                                                                                  even and 3rd SunJai at the Wilinn
                                                 Freud and Carl Jung world views. Dr.                                                             M.tnor.s kit. i cut ion Hall. W S I . 22nd
   The Catholic Daughters of the                                                                                                                  Dr., W'lUis Mjrmn fur men IIIFO oil!
                                                                                                                                                  564.7144 or 711 » I 5
Americas from Florida recently held their
31st Biennial convention in Winter Park
where they installed state officers and at-
                                                                Serra Club installs officers                                                         ITiriM the King i'-rthiiKc Church in Per
                                                                                                                                                  rim: invito cswvitne to aiiend an
                                                                                                                                         M-nue •••n freedom ""a1- Chris-
tended a Mass concelebrated by four                The Serra Club of Miami elected nine        64,000 more Catholics already attending            tian* and Amcru-ans" mi Julv 3 at 7.V)
bishops.                                        new officers at the annual installation din-   Sunday Mass than 10 years ago. The                 p.m.
   The Daughters had the honor of having        ner held recently at the Rod and Reel Club     Archdiocese, he said, is sending a rep-               The Quwn «f P » « J-nHernrtv «r the
Archbishop McCarthy as a guest who              in Miami.                                      resentative to Costa Rica which has a sur-         Secular Franciscan Order will haw thf
concelebrated Mass with Bishop Grady of            The new board consists of John F.           plus of priests to discuss sending some            regular monrhl> mci-iing on lulv < and >
the Orhmdo'.diocese, Bishop-Snyder pftfie       Cosgrove, President; George E. Barket,         here on a temporary basis.                         every t'.isi SunJa> of the mouth ui St.
St. Augustine Diocese and Bishop Daily                                                                                                            Richard Parish (cnlcr. TSIKJ S.W. ).<2
                                                V.P. Programs; William P. McCaughan,
of -the Palm Beach Diocese. Mrs. Jean           V.P. Membership; Eugene J. Abello,                The Archbishop spoke of the clinics in          Street, Miami, al 1 p in. A.nvnnt interested
                                                                                               public schools and said that while the pro-        is invited.
Baumgartner, a member of Court Infant           V.P. Vocations; Frank P. Pellicoro,                                                                  l h r Widow-cr club at Na1i>ilv will have
of Prague of Hollywood and a parishioner        Treasurer; James Warble, Secretary;            test was turned down, he believed a lot of
                                                                                                                                                  no inevtuivs dining the month-, nf lul\ anj
of St. Matthew Church in Hallandale, was        George Korge, Trustee, one year; William       good was accomplished in toning down                             Ihc next meeting will K-
reelected State Regent.                         M. Wolfarth, Trustee, two years; and           the original plans.                                              5. IV>«, at 7:W p.m.
   In the state of Florida there are over       James P. McCaughan, Trustee, 3 years.            Following the installation of officers,             St. Timoth) Separated and Divorced
1,000 members making up 17 courts. They          ~ Archbishop McCarthy, guest speaker,         the Archbishop was presented with a                Minntlrj meets ever} Mondiiv night ai "-Vt
are hoping to establish new courts              told Serrans of the need for continued                                                            m McIVimoc Ilali, <*XiS.W. KG Ave , in
                                                                                               check for $2,000 which the club had
throughout the state.                           support of vocations, saying that there are    pledged for the Pastoral Center.

                                                                                                                JL^owe- <_J~lartks
      T.M.                                                                                                HIALEAH

                                                                                                                                                                PALM SPRINGS
           PLANTATION                                      Becker ^                               MIAMI SPRINGS CHAPEL
                                                                                                 151 E. OKEECHOBEE ROAD                 885-3521            NORTH HIALEAH CHAPEL
                                                                                                                                                           PALM AVE; AT W. 49 STREET
          FUNERAL HOME
           Thomas M. Ralph
                                                       Funeral Home                               HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010                                    HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33012

            Judith C. Ralph                                Ron E. Becker
          Owners & Directors
                                                           Funeral Director                                        KRAEER FUNERAL HOME
         Phone:587-6888                                   Phone (305) 428-1444                                       R. Jay Kraeer, Funeral Director
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           7001 N.W. 4th St.'                            1444 S. Federal Highway                                                                                           941-4111
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                                                                                                                  "The Plummer Family
                                                                                                                                  J. L. Jr., Lawrence H.

PAGE 16 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, June 27,1986
                                             Collection profiles great Catholic history
      Builders of Catholic America, by                                 But in this collection, only a few                                              unsung." This remark begs the ques-                          history. However, segregating them
    Father Albert J. Nevins, M.M. Our                                  members of the Carroll family and                                               tion, which is: why, indeed, have those                      into a single category simplistically en-
    Sunday Visitor (Huntington, Ind.,                                  Dorothy Day represent the laity.                                                who write history not found the story                        titled "The Women" undermines this.
    1985). 250 pp., paperback, $7.95.                                     Doubtless well-meaning, Father                                               of women salient?                                                "Builders of Catholic America" is
       Reviewed by Nancy L. Roberts                                    Nevins states that "Historians have                                                Father Nevins' inclusion of four                          well-intentioned and earnest, but it
              NC News Service                                          not paid great heed to the contribution                                         women (Mother Seton, Rose Philip-                            falls short.
       This collection profiles 16 "great                              women have made to the building of                                              pine Duchesne, St. Frances Xavier                               Ms. Roberts, author of "Dorothy
    and courageous figures" in American                                Catholic America for the simple                                                 Cabrini, and Miss Day) is a welcome                          Day and the 'Catholic Worker,' "
    Catholic history. They include Father                              reason that what is unknown remains                                             step toward writing women into                               teaches journalism and history.
     Jacques Marquette, the Jesuit mis-
    sionary and explorer; Father Stephen
     Badin of Kentucky, the first priest or
    dained in the United States; St.
                                                                                  They'll give thanks byhelping others
    Elizabeth Ann Seton, founder of the                                (Continued from page 10)                                                          As he took the project to heart, so                        rector of St. Vincent de Paul Regional
    Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de                            who, with the blessing of the late                                              the "children" have reciprocated: he                          Seminary in Bpynton Beach, Fr.
    Paul and Cardinal James Gibbons,                                  Archbishop Coleman Carroll, coor-                                               has witnessed many of their marriages                         Felipe Estevez.
    who helped lead the church into the                               dinated the entire Pedro Pan opera-                                             and baptized dozens of their sons and                           The "Thanks, America" party was
    20th century</.;                                                  tion, was the extra-special guest of                                            daughters, four of whom bear his                              a tribute both to the man and the
       Maryknolf Father Albert J. Nevins,                             honor at the picnic and the watery-                                             name.                                                         country who became family and home
    editor of Diaconate magazine and                                  eyed recipient of numerous hugs and                                                Msgr. Walsh's "home away from                              when the need arose. And the picnic
    former editor of Our Sunday Visitor                               kisses.                                                                         home" also nurtured many of                                   was only the beginning, organizers
    and v Maryknoll magazine, divides the                                Now serving as executive director of                                         Miami's most prominent Cuban-                                 promised.
    bo^ into five sections: "The Black-                               Catholic Community Services, the                                                Americans — including Grand Prix
    re          .,'•'•••• " T h e   Pioneers,"       "The             Archdiocese's multi-million dollar                                              promoter Ralph Sanchez, singers                                 A recently-formed Thanks America
Emigres," "The Irish Brigage" and                                     charities agency, Msgr. Walsh says he                                           Lisette and Willy Chirino and El                              Committee will be busy returning the
"The Women."                                                          still considers Pedro Pan the most im-                                          Miami Herald Editor Roberto                                   favor by raising funds to help care for
   Occasionally he offers interesting                                 portant project of his priestly career.                                         Fabricio — and gave rise to more than                         new generations of refugee children.
anecdotes in readable prose. Unfor-                                      He lived with the boys in one of the                                         30 priestly vocations.                                           "We want to give others the same
tunately, however, the book is flawed                                 homes, San Rafael, and in doing so                                                 Among those are four who current-                          reception we got," explained Ronaldo
in several ways.                                                      became a surrogate father to many:                                              ly serve as pastors in the Archdiocese                        Barberis, secretary of the Thanks
   First, surely the "great and                                       keeping an eye on their grades while                                            — Fr. Juan Sosa, Fr. Ernesto Garcia-                          America Committee. It's the best way
courageous figures" in American                                       imparting equal doses of love and dis-                                          Rubio, Fr. Ricardo Castellanos and                            Pedro Pan's children can find to say
Catholic history include lay people.                                  cipline.                                                                        Fr. Jorge Garcia — and the former                             "Thanks."

                                                                                                                                                   21-MISCEILANE0US                          53-REAL ESTATE-PALM BEACH
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       rosaries, pens, paper, books,
                                                                                                                                                      WE PAY CASH FOR ANY KIND                    PHILIP D.LEWIS, INC.                (Especially on Church History)
                                                                                                     Call                                           OF TOOLS - New or Used-Misc.                COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES                 are desperately needed at Fla.
                                                                                                                                                              825-2381.                        NORTH PALM BEACH COUNTY                Correctional Institutions. If you
                                                                                                   758-0543                                        38-RETIREMENT HOMES-NORTH MIAMI
                                                                                                                                                                                                31 W. 20 St. Riviera Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      can help, please send material
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     to Father Manangat, St. Mary's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Church, P.O. Box 1120
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                                                                                                                                                      with activities of daily living.

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    5-PERSONALS                               once again that I never want to be sepa-          Position available this summer                              RETIRE WITH US
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                                              Who light all roads so that I can attain my
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               FOR PRAYERS ANSWERED           illusion I wish to be with you in eternal
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               Publication promised. D.P.     Glory. Thank you for your mercy toward                                                              SO-ACREAGE & LOTS
                                              me and mine. Publication promised. P.B.
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       Your turn!
               Tell the bishops about your lives
               as lay Christians in the world
             By Dolores Leckey              your experiences and hopes.                  rank or status is called to holiness.
              NC News Service                 Today I am asking you, the                 This means that God's life flows
      This article is unlike any other      reader, to write to me about your            through the places and people that
   that I have written for these pages.     everyday faith. Here are my                  make up the ordinary world of            In preparation for the 1987 world
   It carries an invitation to you, the     questions:                                   most of us.                              Synod of Bishops in Rome, the
   reader, from a committee of                                                              When we stop and listen quietly,      U.S. bishops' Laity Secretariat is
   bishops thaf 4s soliciting your views.     • In what concrete ways do you             we can see the etchings of the great     asking lay Catholics to write and
   Let me explain.                          experience the presence or absence           Christian themes in our own lives.       express their views on their every-
                                            of God?                       • • • . . .
      In 1987, the church will focus on                                                     Take, for example, Bill. He is a      day faith. (NC Sketch)
   the lives of its lay people in a           • What gives you hope? What
                                                                                         recently retired government worker.
   special way during a world Synod         does faith mean to you?
                                                                                         His wife, several years younger,         hqt tea to greet his wife's return
   of Bishops. Bishops from around            • Where do you glimpse God in              very much enjoys her job with a
                                            everyday life — in the family,                                                        from work.
   the world will meet in Rome to                                                        law firm. In the first few months of         Bill now feels anew sense of
   discuss and discern the mission and      work, friendship, marriage, widow-           his long-awaited retirement, Bill
                                            hood, parenting?                                                                      harmony with the rest of the world.
   the role of today's lay Catholics.                                                    enjoyed late breakfasts, leisurely       He has a deepened appreciation for
   And Pope John Paul II has asked             You may wish to answer one of             reading and extended visits to the       God's good and simple gifts.
   that the laity be consulted prior to     those questions. Or you may wish             library.                                     Or, consider Ellen and Jeffrey.
   this gathering.                          to answer all.                                  Then, gradually, Bill began to        Married seven years, they have a
      For eight years it has been my           Your letter, sent to the address at       long for something creative to do.        1 -year-old daughter. Jeffrey says
   privilege to serve as director of the    the conclusion of this article, will         He didn't want to mark time.             he's felt himself on the verge of a
   U.S. bishops' Laity Secretariat. In      receive consideration from the                  He turned his attention toward        nervous breakdown for quite a
   that position, I serve the bishops'      bishops'committee.                           his home and garden and found            while and blames the stresses of
   Committee on the Laity which                The Second Vatican Council                new joy in building bird feeders,        marriage, including parenthood.
   wants to listen to and learn about       stated that everyone of whatever             creating a rock garden or preparing          Jeffrey thinks he must leave the
                                                                                                                                  marriage for the sake of his health.

   Why all the interest in laity?                                                                                                 Ellen feels rejected and is tasting
                                                                                                                                  depression and fear for the first
                                                                                                                                      Although this couple is in
              By David Gibson                                                            concerned about the problems of          marriage counseling now, and Ellen
              NC News Service                                                            families, the needs of women, the        realizes that healing and strength
      The roles of the church's lay          'The people in the                          hopes of youth, the high divorce         will not come quickly, she is still
   people are attracting great interest                                                  rate, the challenges single parents      shaken to the depths. The future is
   today. But is this just the latest
                                             pews are no longer                          and other singles face. In the           so uncertain.
   fashionable trend - - a fad? Or is        viewed as mere spec-                        church, this translates into efforts         One day she said to me. "I never
   there something more behind it?           tators of actions car-                      to better understand and respond to      understood before what suffering
      In many parts of the world,                                                        the realities of family and lay life.    really is."                              •
   church leaders are consulting lay         ried out before them.'                         5. In an age when the ongoing             Ellen sees and touches
   people as part of preparations for                                                    education of adults is highly valued     crucifixion. I tell her to keep
   the 1987 World Synod of Bishops                                                       by society, the ongoing religious        identifying the places of hope in her
   in Rome on the laity. As this               2. Then there is the priesthood           education of adultsis highly prized      life: She smiles arid begins,to list
   consultative process swings into         shortage. Most church leaders '              by the church. Many laity demon-         her "bright spots-: hefMby; a' :
   action, let's take a look at a few       would agree, that the laity's                strate their desire for continuing       rare, deeply felt communication
   reasons why all this interest in the     Christian life is given birth — and          education by wanting to learn            with Jeffrey; the marriage
   laity developed in the first place.      is grounded — in the. sacraments.            about Scripture, to develop their        counselor's penetrating questions
      1. The liturgical renewal has had     With or without a priesthood                 spirituality and to explore their        which yield truth.
   a powerful impact on the way the         shortage, lay people are called to           faith together with others. All of           She asks if this is the light of the
   laity are viewed.             ,          active roles in the church. Still, the       which serves to make the presence        resurrection.
      First, the liturgical renewal         fact that there are fewer priests and        of the church's laky more strongly           "Everydayness" is the label that
   stresses the active involvement and      Religious is not unrelated to the            felt.                                    novelist Walker Percy would give
   response of the person who receives      current demand for well-trained lay             6. Finally, there is broad            those two very different kinds of
   a sacrament. This means that the         people to serve in the church.               recognition that the scope of the        stories. Stories of failure and hope,
   individual is not seen as the passive       Those are just two factors to             church's liturgy is riot restricted to   loss and love, contemplation and
   recipient of a sacrament.                consider. Briefly, here are four             Sunday morning. Instead, the             gratitude are embedded in this
      Second, the liturgical renewal        others:                                      liturgy is the nurturer of everyday      everydayness. At root, they help to
   stresses the integral role of the           3. Church social teaching stresses        life. People are encouraged to direct    illustrate the spiritual dynamics of
   entire worshiping community. This        the church's responsibility to defend        their gaze outward to contemplate        Christian faith.
   means that the people in the pews        human rights and promote                     the link between faith and their             I tell these stories only to
   are not viewed as mere spectators        conditions that foster human                 daily activities. This leads to a        stimulate your reflection on the
   of actions carried out before them.      dignity. This focuses attention on           renewed consideration of the             unique story of your home and
      This emphasis on active,              the value of the laity in the social         dynamics of lay life — for example,      family and work and friendships.
   responsible participation in the         and political arenas. Lay people, it         work and home life.                          Where, in the everydayness of
   liturgy leads naturally to a fresh       is often said, are uniquely able to                Beginning as they do with a        your life, do you find God?
   appreciation of the roles of all         foster social change through their           view of the lay life grounded in the        Please write in care of Faith
   those baptized into the church com-      roles in society.                            sacraments, all these reasons hardly     Today, 1312 Mass. Ave. N.W.,
   munity, including the laity.                4. All of society is increasingly         seem to represent a passing fad.         Washington, D.C. 20005.

                                                                                    Introduction                                  40-55) needs a new burst of energy ;
         Scriptures                                                "The Lord's power," Isaiah declared,
                                                                would be "known to his servants" (first
                                                                                                                                     God had rescued them, as he had
                                                                reading).                                                         ised. He will continue to come to their aid,
                                                                   Those whom Jesus sent out to announce                          despite any discouragement. That is the

        The reign                                               God's reign would evidence God's "power"
                                                                at work within them (gospel reading), as
                                                                would Paul, created anew by the power of
                                                                                                                                  lesson to be learned, and in words that are
                                                                                                                                  word-pictures, the sacred author brings im-
                                                                                                                                  ages of future glory to mind.

        of God is                                               God's grace (second reading).
                                                                   The final chapters of Isaiah (Ch. 56-66)
                                                                are known as Third Isaiah. They represent a
                                                                                                                                     We see a jubilant crowd, not unlike the
                                                                                                                                  images that flash across our television
                                                                                                                                  screens as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans is

        at hand                                                 time long after Isaiah's age and a period
                                                                when the exile into Babylon had ended. Tjje
                                                                captives have come back to the Promised
                                                                                                                                  reported. Then comes a group of mourners.
                                                                                                                                  In turn, we come across a bunch of children
                                                                                                                                  being nursed by their mothers.              i
                                                                Land.                              :                                After that, we see lavish treasures, gold
         Reflections on next                                       The joy of return has been lessened by                         and precious gems. Shortly thereafter, we
         Sunday's first reading,                                the realities of life. The task of rebuilding                     see a rushing stream of rippling water,
                                                                the temple and the nation has taken its toll                      which is followed by the sight of a flood.
         Isaiah 66:10-14                                        on the energies of the people. The restora-                         The images continue to "flash" before
                                                                tion promised by Second Isaiah (Ch.                               our eyes. Happy children are held in their

                                                                                            '•-.'*' .'Jr,<   V, (••

PAGE 1B/ Miami, Flbrida / THEYOfCE                f 1986
      How to live our
                   One (ordinary) day at a time
               By Katharine Bird                    They hesitated, first to pursue
                 NC;#fews Service                their careers: Peter as a business-
         Their marriage started off              man and Susan as a librarian. Then
      ordinarily enough, a young man             they took time out to have children,
      and a young woman falling in love,         a girl and a boy. But the urge to
      marrying and taking up a new life          volunteer, to put their beliefs to
      together. In time they had a son           the concrete test, remained.
      and their life settled into a                 Finally, when their youngest child
      reasonably happy routine: Joan             was 3, Susan says they "decided
      working contentedly at home while          now is the time" and put in an
      Paul taught theology on the college        application as volunteers with their
      level.                                     church. They indicated they were
         Then the happy world of this            willing to go anywhere but their
      young couple began to fall apart as        preference was for an urban setting
      Joan began to show symptoms of             with a good school system for the
      mental illness. They consulted             children.
      several doctors and Joan received             Ten days later, the couple was
      the best medical attention.                offered a position in Jerusalem,
         But, even with medication, her          effective as soon as possible. The
      condition is only partially con-           offer came much quicker than they
      trolled and not curable. Periodically      expected, Susan says. They gulped,
      she becomes so ill that hos-               and said yes.
      pitalization is necessary until she           Moving to the volatile Middle
      improves.                                  East, far from family and friends,
         Joan's illness has dramatically         and all the familiar sights of home,
      altered the family's lifestyle. Her        brought a "radical change" in their
      husband's freedom is considerably          family life, Susan said. And they
      limited as his life revolves around        had to make important decisions on
      taking care of her. Sometimes he           how they wanted to live in a land
    * can relax a little. Other times when       where lasting peace is hard to come
      she isn't as well the cost is higher.      by.
     Occasionally, Paul has abandoned or            For the first 18 months, both
      postponed his own career plans for         parents were able to spend
      her sake.                                                                            Church social teaching stresses the church's responsibility to defend
                                                 considerable time with their chil-        human rights and promote conditions that foster human dignity. This
         The way Paul has adjusted               dren. "Leaning on each other              focuses attention on the value of the laity in the social and political arenas.
      quietly and without fuss to the dif-       helped" them overcome their               (NC photo)             .,
      ficult circumstances of his life has       loneliness, Susan said.
      brought him" the respect and                  Faced with the reality of the          advocates, they hoped to be                 from 45 different nationalities.
      admiration of colleagues and               tension that exists between the           neutral. They made it a point to            Maintaining contacts with so many
      friends. They see him, tempered by         Israelis and the Palestinians, they       make friends on both sides.                 different nationalities "blows away
      trial, growing perceptibly into a          worried about seeming to favor one          They also enrolled their children         stereotypes" about people, Susan
      more Christ-like person as he puts         side or another. As peace                 in an Anglican school with children         explained.
      into daily practice the principles he
      teaches to his students.
         Paul didn't have to look far            Thinking it over
      afield to identify where his role as a
      Christian should be fulfilled. For
      him, it was deep in the midst of
      everyday family life.
                                                       God is everywhere, in every day
         For others, identifying the ways           Sometimes people experience            where just waiting for people to get        ordinary activities of life feed into a
      to live out their Christianity may         moments of frustration because            to it. However, what is missing in          person's spiritual life and can
      mean shifting through choices,             they don't "feel" all that much like      such thinking is recognition that the       become the means of further
      taking a sharp look at where their         serious Christians. During those          Christian life can take root and be         spiritual growth.
      priorities are and deciding on a           moments their thoughts might run          built up in the context of ordinary            She encourages people to reflect
      course of action.                          something like this: .                    life.                                       on this: How is Christianity lived
         Another couple comes to mind.              "If only I could get away from            In her book, "Pilgrim in the             through the ordinary and some-
         Susan and Peter are Mennonites.         this job, and this house, and this        Parish: A Spirituality for Lay              times extraordinary things one
      Their church has long been                 city. Then I could really live as a       Ministers," Virginia Finn suggests          does?
      associated with the peace cause. Off       follower of Jesus and a good              that the daily activities people are           Such reflection can also help
      and on during the first 12 years of        member of the church."                    involved in can become their                individuals to identify "some of the
      their marriage, they talked about             It is easy to think that the real      "dowry for ministry and prayer."            religious experiences already hap-
      the possibilityj,pf going overseas as.     Christian life is "out there" some-                                                   pening" in their lives, Finn says.
      volunteers with their church.                                                           What she means is that the

mothers'; arms and'are bounced up and ^                    They asked themselves, "Why us?" Third                     owner and harvest master was God (Is
    vn upon their mothers' laps. A child                   Isaiah provided the answer. God's people                   5:1-7).
y.«th an injury is being kissed, and lastly,               failed to abide by God's law. Only a return                   Jerusalem would come to resemble God.
there is an unusual picture, to say the: least             to obedience could possibly insure that the                Like a tender mother, God would tend the
— a vegetable garden.                                      restoration, now beginning, would be                       people whom Scripture had already termed
   All this within the 18 seconds or so it                 completed.                                                 to be the "first-born" child of God (Ex
takes to cover the.reading!                                                                                           4:22), "my son.''
                                                              Jerusalem will welcome her scattered chil-
                 Commentary                                dren back to her embrace, a tender mother                     If the people would truly become God's
   At the very end of his "slide show," our                comforting her children.                .                  "servants," then would their role as God's
inspired teacher provides the lesson (v, 14b).                                                                        children become apparent to all the world.
The "power" of the Lord is something that                     Moreover, other nations, the Gentiles,
                                                           will also come streaming into the Holy City.               Only then would they prove themselves
"shall be known to his servants." God can                                                                             worthy of God's love, the love of a mother
save his people, and he will do so!                        With them, they will bring their rich
                                                           treasures, just as the captors had earlier                 for her own children.
   The key word is "servants." It throws
light on all the events recently undergone,                looted Jerusalem, and carried off Israel's                  This column is excerpted from Share the
the exile into Babylon and the dis-                        richness and resources.                                   Word, a bi-monthly reflection on the daily
appointments that were met on their return                    Like a vegetable garden, the people would              and Sunday Mass readings, which is avail-
from exile. That captivity was a bitter                    become strong and productive, no longer                   able for both home and parish use from the
experience, but it was not undeserved.                     "wilted" in exile. That image of a garden                 Paulist Evangelization Association, 3031
   It had prompted the question, "Why?"                    recalls what the original Isaiah had said,                Fourth Street, NE., Washington, DC,
Why had this happened to God's people?                     when he called Israel "a vineyard," whose                 20017.

                                                                                                                   Miami, ^pridfk.f THE V^HGE / firJdafc.June 27.. 19186./ PAGE 19
                                             'Like renovated Liberty,
                                             the space program
                                             should build itself
                                             back up again and
                                             Americans should
                                             regain their
                                             enthusiasm for it'
                                                  Josh Stottman, Liberty
                                                         contest winner
Boy pens prize
poem to Liberty
   LOUISVILLE, Ky. (NC) — When              Cape Canaveral, Fla.
the refurbished Statue of Liberty is           "I wanted people not to feel sorry
reopened to the public the July 4th         for her, but proud of her," the stu-
weekend, Joshua Stottman, a fourth-         dent said in an interview with The
grader at St. Barnabas Catholic             Record, newspaper for the Arch-'
School in Louisville, will be among the     diocese of Louisville.
national dignitaries and honored               Joshua said he combined the two
guests on Liberty Island in New York        categories by comparing the space
harbor.                                     program to the statue. Like renovated
   Young Stottman earned the trip as        Liberty, he said, the space program
Kentucky's winner of a writing con-         should "build itself back up again"
test sponsored by the National Asso-        and Americans should regain their
ciation of State Boards of Education.       enthusiasm for it.
   He will join 49 other winners for a         His teacher, Laura Reuff, said she
firsthand look at the celebration,          selected his poem to submit "because
which is to be nationally televised.       it had a lot of feeling."
The contest will also sponsor the trip
for one of his parents and his teacher.       She added that Joshua ''really
   Joshua's poem, "Our Statue:             grasped the concept" of a recent class
Teacher of Liberty," was about             discussion about the shuttle tragedy
Christa McAuliffe, the New Hamp-           and the merits of taking risks for
shire schoolteacher chosen as the first    good reasons.
ordinary citizen to fly into space.           In New York one of the winners
   The contest, open to all grade          will read his or her poem on national
school students in the state, called for   television. It hasn't been determined
a poem or essay on McAuliffe or on         who it will be, Joshua said, but he
the restoration of the statue.             isn't too concerned.
   McAuliffe and the six astronauts           "I won't be too disappointed if I       When the refurbished Statue of Liberty opens with spectacular celebrations
aboard the Challenger space shuttle        don't get to read it," he said, adding     on the July 4th weekend, Josh Stottman, a 4th grader at St. Barnabas School
were killed Jan. 28 when the shuttle       that seeing the statue is most impor-      in Louisville, will be one of the honored guests on Liberty Island in New
exploded shortly after takeoff from        tant.                                      York.

                                                                                              Fowl play on
                                                                                       We are moving soon. So I called the       "How would they tell you they were
                                                                                    moving companies and rental-truck         feeling car sick?" my husband asked.
                                                                                    firms for brochures. My favorite is
                                                                                    from a company called U-Hernia titled       "How will they feel if we stop at a
                                                                                    "Packing made easy" and subtitled         Colonel Sanders?" I tried.
                                                                                    "What to tell a paramedic when the
                                                                                    piano crushes your husband's foot."          "There are probably laws about
                                                                                                                              interstate transportation of poultry,"
                                                                                      They tell you how to organize your      spouse noted.
                                                                                    boxes, load the truck, lift your wash-
                                                                                    ing machine, plan your route. None of
                                                                                    them tell you how to move chickens.
                                                                                                                                'If the chickens stay,
                                                                                      I think I've told you about Bert and
                                                                                    Future Soup, our two urban chickens.        we stay,' they chanted.
                                                                                    My husband offered to pay the kids 89
                                                                                    cents a pound for them and make the
                                                                                    pair special guests at a pre-move bar-
                                                                                    becue. But the kids caught on and set       "These are not poultry. These are
                                                                                    up a human barricade around the           pets," said the leader of the mob.
                                                                                    chicken coop.                               There was no dissuading them.
                                                                                      "If the chickens stay, we stay," they     So I called U-Hernia this morning.
                                                                                    chanted.                                  "Do you have any special carrying
                                                                                      Yes, I confess wfc were tempted but     cases for chickens — one that will hold
                                                                                    in our hearts we knew youngest son        two and last 2,000 miles?" I asked.
                                                                                    would follow the cookie jar no matter        "Is this someone from Bleeps and
                                                                                    what.                                     Blunders?" said the man answering
                                                                                       "You know," my husband told            the phone.
                                                                                    them (the kids, not the chickens),          "Close," I said.
                                                                                    "this is not simply a matter of rolling     (Send comments to Hilda Young,
  ON A ROLL — Cindy Miller of Claremore, Okla. finds a way to show her              down the car window and letting their     Box 19219, Oakland, Calif. 94619).
  Patriotism and beat the summer heat at the same time. (NC photo by Kent           ears flap in the wind for 2,000 miles.
  Halsell)                                                                          And remember, there are no chicken          (Copyright (c) 1986 by NC News
                                                                                    rest areas along America's freeways.      Service).
PAGE 20/Miami, Florida /THE VOICE / Friday, June27,1986

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