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					Volume 2 - 2007

                                                                                      Reaching Out
Etón at this year’s          Walter tests the   Etón reaches out to            Adrian gives us a glimpse     Latest media
2007 CES electronic show .   S350DL             Kenya with the FR250           of the Third Eye Blind        attention.
                                                through local organizations.   performance at the Fillmore
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Vegas        at CES 2007
Dynamic Sculpture Concept

The Consumer Electronics   2007 was no exception, and the Etón team was
                           there in full force. Known for its innovative and
                                                                                show staff. This momentous challenge fell mainly
                                                                                on the shoulders of the Etón trade show com-
Showcase in Las Vegas is   stylish products, Etón had an incredible challenge
                           of creating a booth that would catch the eye,
                                                                                mittee, consisting of John Smith (VP & Chief of
                                                                                Staff), Samantha Nguyen (Director of Marketing)
the annual who’s who in    welcome visitors in and turn their focus from the
                           booth to the products themselves. In addition to
                                                                                and Jesse Kearney (Director of Communications). I
                                                                                was able to sit down with Jesse shortly after the
consumer electronics.      looking good, the booth also had to be extremely
                           utilitarian to support nearly constant meetings
                                                                                success in Las Vegas and have a conversation
                                                                                with him.
                           throughout the day and the 20+ person trade

The Etón Team Effort
CES Q & A with Jesse Kearney
                                                        medium itself” in mind. Open to all sides, border-   JK: “We basically teamed up for a kick off meet-
                                                        less for everybody, combining new technologies       ing 6 months before CES. Brainstorming and
                                                        and platforms.”                                      finalization of the concept took place 3 months
                                                                                                             before our “Big Bang” at CES. Building the booth
                                                        AC: “What are some key points to remember for a
                                                                                                             itself took 5 weeks and set up took us 4 days. A
                                                        multi-brand presentation like Etón’s?”
                                                                                                             booth this size requires the teamwork of many
                                                        JK: “At Etón we have built up and partnered with     departments. Sales, Marketing, Communications,
                                                        key brands in the industry, such as Grundig (over    Product Development and of course Logistics all
                                                        half a century as the premium Shortwave radio        played an integral role in making sure we had all
                                                        company), American Red Cross (for Etón Pre-          the necessary elements on time at the
                                                        paredness & Emergency Radios) and the Porsche        right place.”
                                                        Design line of luxury radios. Each brand needs to
                                                                                                             AC: “Did the booth reach and appeal to the global
                                                        have its own presentation on the “Etón platform”.
John Smith, Samantha Pagaduan, & Jesse Kearney pose
                                                                                                             market Etón is a part of?”
                                                        The Etón booth had three different sections that
a bright smile for the cameras.
                                                        all flowed together to present each line of radios   JK: “Radio is a global medium and we at Etón are
                                                        in its own space.”                                   globally active and up to date covering USA as
AC: “So how do you like Vegas? Is this your first                                                            our home market, Canada with an office in
time here?”                                             AC: “What features did you incorporate into the
                                                                                                             Toronto, and Europe with our office in Berlin.
                                                        booth to keep the staff comfortable and happy
JK: “Every visit to Las Vegas is like the first time!                                                        Members from all of these offices were at the
                                                        during the long show hours?”
No, I was here last year for CES and did my part to                                                          booth in Vegas. Good design should not only be
set things up for Etón. Las Vegas is so dynamic                                                              functional, it also has to (especially for a booth
and has so much cooking that it seems to change                                                              concept) emotionalize and fascinate people. The
with every visit.”                                                                                           echo from customers and new Etón fans, both
                                                                                                             from other countries and here in the states, was
AC: “What was the design theme and concept                                                                   very positive. For creative people this is the best
behind the Etón booth?”                                                                                      feedback.”

JK: “Our design theme or call it our “signature”                                                             AC: “Where is Etón heading in terms of a brand/
was: dynamic sculpture. The booth is basically a                                                             product portfolio?”
statement to 20 years of Etón and the dynamic                                                                JK: “We are currently working on various fields of
change in the radio medium that has been build-                                                              technologies, soon to come and launch in July is
ing momentum over the last decade and is sure                                                                our Porsche Design Audio / Etón Radio collection,
to continue through the next. Radio has and will                                                             so stay tuned!”
emerge into various new technologies, first it is
going digital (DAB, HD radio, and satellite), second
is receiving new “channels” for broadcasting
(satellite, internet etc.). We have a very exciting
path ahead of us…..”

AC: “ How should products be displayed in a
booth and was active presentation important in          JK: “This is an important issue and one of the
the 2007 booth success?”                                most demanding during exhibitions. We created
                                                        a large recreation area with lounge and kept it
JK: “The whole booth concept featuring a major          stocked with almost “memorable” good fresh
“Bar” was to invite our guests for a walk through       food and lots of fruit. After 7-8 hrs of focus and
presentation. Not the typical island or framing of      various talks, you need some chill out space.”
products. Furthermore, a maximum openness to
all directions was achieved. When designing the         AC: “ How long was the entire design process for
booth, I tried to keep the concept of “Radio as a       the booth?”

The High Performance Field Radio That Says It All... with New Colors!

The S350DL is the latest in our line of S350              adapter. But what’s really beautiful about this        and outdoor FM antennas. Shortwave recep-
models. This one is definitely the best of the            clock is the size and contrast of the numerals in      tion is superb, both with the 44 inch telescopic
bunch to date. ‘DL’ stands for Deluxe Edition             the display. They really are big enough to read.       antenna or with a long-wire antenna attached to
and it definitely is Deluxe. Not only is it a Deluxe      The reception is outstanding. If you like to listen    the terminal on the back of the unit. It receives
Edition, but it’s also a great radio receiver that will   to AM talk shows like I do, you know that not all      Shortwave continuously from 3 KHz to 28000
give you hours of top-notch enjoyment in listen-          of them come in with a strong, clear signal on         KHz, with no gaps.
ing. What makes this edition Deluxe? For AM and           other radios, especially if they come from far
                                                                                                                 Shortwave depends on many factors, such as
Shortwave it has a feature called Frequency Lock,         away. But the S350DL is different. Because of
                                                                                                                 time of year, time of day and where we are in
that locks it on to the frequency you’ve tuned to         the built-in 8-inch ferrite bar antenna for AM, it
                                                                                                                 the eleven year sunspot cycle. But with the
for far longer than other AM or Shortwave radios          pulls in signals in from much farther away. Some
                                                                                                                 built-in fine tuning control, the Wide and Narrow
can. This means that there’s much less frequency          portable radios have only a ferrite bar antenna
                                                                                                                 bandwidth filters and the fully adjustable RF-gain
drift on this product than in other analog tuners.        that’s 2 or 3 inches long, but this 8 inch wonder
                                                                                                                 control, it’s a pleasure to tune in stations and
Also, for FM listening the earphone output is Ste-        is remarkable in its strength and ability to zero-in
                                                                                                                 listen to them.
reo. It’s also wider than the other editions, with a      on far away stations. For customers who wish
4-1/2 inch speaker for better sound.                      to add an external AM antenna, there’s a socket        I haven’t even talked about some of it’s other
                                                          for it on the back of the radio that permits ad-       nice features, like the separate Left and Right
This radio is big. By big I mean that it measures
                                                          dition of a long-wire antenna. And of course a         Bass control that can be used on AM, FM and
12-1/2 inches wide, 7 inches high and 3-1/2
                                                          Select-A-Tenna 541 tuned loop can be added for         Shortwave; Like the Stereo On/Off switch, Stereo
inches deep, weighing 3 lb. 4 oz. That’s because
                                                          exceptional AM performance.                            headphone socket and the fact that the radio
it has to house its 4-1/2 inch speaker, its 44 inch
                                                                                                                 comes with an AC adapter. It also has a carrying
FM and Shortwave telescopic antenna and its               FM performance is also excellent with a long, 44
                                                                                                                 strap that’s made of cloth and can be used as a
internal 8 inch ferrite bar antenna for AM. And           inch telescopic antenna. In FM, one can turn the
                                                                                                                 shoulder strap; now that’s really innovative. And
believe me, this results in excellent reception           Automatic Frequency Control circuit on or off. If
                                                                                                                 on the top of the radio is a complete band chart,
performance.                                              you’re trying to get a weaker station you’d want
                                                                                                                 showing frequencies of AM, FM and the three
                                                          to turn it off, which gives you a much better
Of course it has a built-in, full featured 12/24                                                                 Shortwave sections. If it sounds like I like this
                                                          chance of tuning it in. If one wants to add an
hour clock with alarm, sleep timer and snooze                                                                    product, you’re right.
                                                          additional FM antenna, there’s a socket on the
features; and a backlight that can be on at all
                                                          back of the radio for this too. It can accept indoor
times when it’s powered with the included AC

Walter Hess - Etón Technical Support

Global Awareness: The FR250 Reaches Out to Kenya

“A product like this is so vital in regions such as Shikokho that
do not have electricity or access to timely information.”
Eton recently donated products from the FR line         FR series can function fully without batteries,
of preparedness crank radios to the Chevy Chase         through the dynamo hand crank. Each radio fea-
Presbyterian Church (CCPC) for their mission in         tures a bright 2 LED flashlight to light your way
Shikokho, Kenya. The people of Shikokhu face            along with a red “alert” strobe beacon to notify
many issues such as: high mortality, poverty,           others of your location.                            Shikokho, Kenya
isolation and inaccessibility, lack of phones, roads,
                                                        Everyone here at Etón wishes the Chevy Chase
and electricity. This mission began in 1989 with
                                                        Presbyterian Church and the people of Shikokoho,
the construction of a clinic and has been essen-
                                                        Kenya our best. If you would like to help support
tial to this community’s survival since.
                                                        this effort please visit:
The enthusiasm and thanks over Etón’s donation
was overwhelming. As Gretchen Donaldson (Chair,
Kenya Mission Project) states, “ There was so
much excitement over the radios that we ended
up having a dinner to commemorate the gifts.”
A product like this is so vital in regions such as
Shikokho that do not have electricity or access to
timely information.

Etón radios provide this vital information through
AM/FM bands, TV-VHF audio reception, and
NOAA weather alert capability. A cell phone
charger allows the user to charge up their phone
so they can reach the outside world. The Etón

                                                Adrian’s Reviews

Can’t Get Away
Third Eye Blind Concert, Fillmore, San Francisco 3/13/07

The venue is a dim haze and
the flashing lights of cocktail
waitresses trays blink above
                                                            Anticipation is thick and the recurring phrases of
                                                            “Stephan said this” or “I saw Stephan here” seems
                                                            to be the topic of nearly everyone’s conversa-
                                                            tion. Referring of course to Third Eye Blind front
                                                            man and driving force Stephan Jenkins, who
                                                                                                                    The band exits for no more than a minute as an
                                                                                                                    oversized couch is placed center stage. Jenkins
                                                                                                                    returns to the microphone and upon removing his
                                                                                                                    shoes, asks his audience if they would mind him
                                                                                                                    singing a few songs from this “big, comfy couch.”
the crowd. An occasional                                    resides here along with the rest of the band, in        The crowd screams its response to this rhetorical
plume of smoke billows to the                               the beautiful city of San Francisco. Lights fade        question as he perches on the back of the couch
                                                            and the people hush as the band takes the stage         and the rest of the band takes their place on the
ceiling as my eyes inspect the                              and immediately burst into the sounds laced with        cushions. Another nearly 90 minute acoustic
scene: clatter and buzz, con-                               words that sold out two back-to-back evenings           set ensues featuring tracks from a new album
                                                            here at the Fillmore Theater.                           scheduled for a late 2007 release. After nearly
trasting black top hats on red                                                                                      three hours on stage it all ends in an explosion
                                                            Time passes and as the ambient harmonics of
velvet walls and a piano that’s                             “wounded” spread the air of melancholy across
                                                                                                                    of confetti, smoke and flashing spotlights. There
                                                                                                                    are not many bands today that have the presence
lost its saloon.                                            the crowd, a massive backdrop that spells out
                                                                                                                    to hold a crowd for three hours. Third eye blind is
                                                            “THIRD EYE BLIND” in transistor tubes begins
                                                                                                                    drowning in it and had they kept playing, these
                                                            to glow a warm orange. This backdrop pulses
                                                                                                                    people would have danced and sang until they
                                                            and fades sporadically throughout the next 90
                                                            minutes that sees 3EB tear through a majority of
                                                            their first two albums. Mixed in this hit list were a
                                                            number of unreleased songs such as the haunt-
                                                                                                                    -Adrian Caponera
                                                            ing “Persephone” and controversial “Slow Motion.”
                                                            The latter track was actually banned from release
                                                            due to lyrical content and has since become an
                                                            underground fan favorite.

 Third Eye Blind Concert, Fillmore, San Francisco 3/13/07

Etón in the Media
Etón’s Latest Media Attention makes Waves

Consumer Digest                                     Good Morning San Diego                                 Martha Stewart

One of Etón’s most recent accolades comes from      On April 22, Earth Day, the American Red Cross         Adverse weather really can affect anyone
the April issue of Consumer’s Digest. This is a     FR400 by Etón made an appearance on the                as the recent storms in the North East have
highly respected publication that scours the con-   television news show “Good Morning San Diego.”         shown. Martha Stewart’s estate in upstate New
sumer marketplace reviewing and recommending        This was a great presentation in which several         York suffered damage from winds that topped
the highest quality products. The G5 portable       eco-friendly products were highlighted. The many       90 MPH. This led Martha to run a segment on
shortwave radio, one of Etón’s latest releases,     features of the FR400 have historically been           her show with footage of the uprooted trees,
was awarded a “Best Buy” rating in the Short-       recognized for their emergency preparedness            smashed cars and downed power lines along
wave Specialty Radios category. This is a great     benefits. Lately however, a strong “green” move-       with products necessary to get through these
honor and everyone at Etón is extremely excited     ment has been building surrounding the entire          situations. Among the list of American Red Cross
to have the efforts they dedicate to creating       Etón FR Series of crank radios. Nature lovers of all   recommended items that were shown was the
quality products recognized through this achieve-   types, from Campers and Boaters all the way to         ARCFR300. A radio is essential to gather informa-
ment. Checkout the PR section on       folks that simply don’t want to pollute the earth      tion and the hand crank eliminates the need for
to read the full review.                            with alkaline batteries, have come to appreciate       batteries. Please visit and make sure
                                                    the convenience of the pollution free hand-crank       your disaster preparedness kit has all the
                                                    power of the Etón FR series.                           needed items.


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