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Trail Feasibility Study


									    VOLUSIA COUNTY MPO                                                                                                  FINAL REPORT
    CITY OF NEW SMYRNA BEACH                                                                                            JUNE 30, 2009

    Trail Feasibility Study
                                   1. Introduction
                                   The City of New Smyrna                 In 2000, the Volusia                 The trail can serve as a
                                   Beach,       Florida     has           County                 MPO           link to the Sandspur
                                   previously completed a                 completed an update                  Riding     Club,     where
                                   study to review the                    to its 2020 Long Range               equestrian access can
                                   feasibility of the New                 Transportation         Plan          be provided. The club,
                                   Smyrna Beach Multi-Use                 (LRTP) for the region.               as seen in Figure 2, is on
What’s inside?
                                   Trail. The proposal was                One of the priorities that           the southwest side of
1     Introduction                 submitted to the Volusia               emerged        from      the         the corridor, a short
                                   County        Metropolitan             transportation plan was              distance       from     the
2     Project Purpose & Scope      Planning Organization                  the     “importance        of        County Fire Station. As
3     Physical Inventory &         (MPO) for review of                    providing       pedestrian           the trail system extends
                                   feasibility     prior      to          and bicycle facilities as            further beyond the limits
      Assessment of Right-of-      funding approval. This                 a means of expanding                 of this study, both along
      Way                          proposal includes the                  the travel opportunities             the utility corridor and
                                   addition of a twelve                   for county residents.”               throughout the city and
4     Trail Concept Plan
                                   (12) foot wide multi-use               The 2020 LRTP also                   county, the quality of
5     Financial Feasibility        trail and a ten (10) foot              recognizes               the         life of the residents and
                                   stabilized       trail    for          importance of bicycle                visitors will increase by
                                   equestrian use. The trail              and pedestrian facilities            accommodating
                                   is proposed to be                      as a tool for economic               activities      such     as
                                   constructed on land                    development and as an                walking,           running,
                                   owned by the City of                   expansion                  of        rollerblading, bicycling
                                   New Smyrna Beach                       recreational       activities        and horseback riding.
                                   Utilities Commission, and              for residents and visitors.
                                                                                                               This trail will provide
                                   exists today as a utility              The Volusia County Trail
                                                                                                               more opportunities for
                                   transmission        corridor.          Plan             represents
                                                                                                               recreational use as well
                                   The multi-use trail would              approximately 76 miles
                                                                                                               as an alternate form of
                                   extend from Sugarmill                  of      multi-use      trails
      The 2000 census figures                                                                                  transportation
                                   Drive to the Fire Station              throughout the County.
      show that, of those that                                                                                 throughout New Smyrna
                                   located on Pioneer Trail
    commute to work a total of                                            The 2020 LRTP describes              Beach.
                                   (2.2     miles)     and     is
                                                                          the         performance
       4.4% walk, take public      illustrated in Figure 1.                                                    The 2000 census figures,
                                                                          measures       used       to
     transportation or use other                                                                               for   Volusia    County,
                                   The proposal to Volusia                analyze and evaluate
               means.                                                                                          show that of those that
                                   County MPO discussed                   the need for improved
                                                                                                               commute to work a
                                   a longer trail extending               or new bicycle and
                                                                                                               total of 4.8% walk, take
                                   from the fire station                  pedestrian facilities. The
                                                                                                               public transportation or
                                   across I-95 to Pell Road.              measures         consider:
                                                                                                               use     other     means.
                                   This study analyzes only               bicycle and pedestrian
                                                                                                               Providing           extra
                                   the first phase, to                    injuries   per      million
                                                                                                               transportation avenues,
                                   Sugarmill Road. The                    vehicle               miles,
                                                                                                               as well as modes, will
                                   phased approach is a                   connectivity              of
                                                                                                               prove         beneficial
                                   valuable     option    to              segments, proximity to
                                                                                                               especially to this group
                                   minimize the strain on                 attractions (such as:
                                                                                                               of people, as well as to
                                   the resources available                schools, parks, civic
                                   for     this   type    of              centers,    etc.),     and
                                   construction.                          proximity to transit.
                                    1Volusia   County Metropolitan Planning Organization, 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan, Chapter 5.
PAGE 2                            TRAIL FEASIBILITY

 Figure 1: Project Location Map
TRAIL FEASIBILITY                                                                                         PAGE 3

                              2. Project Purpose & Scope
                              The following sections        long,           beginning      Trail Concept Plan
                              provide an overview of        northeast       of     the     The field analysis and
                              the Scope of Work             intersection of Ingam          mapping were used as
                              completed        for this     Road and State Road            a base for the planning
                              feasibility study.            44, and stretching to a        of              proposed
                                                            point just east of North       construction elements.
 The goal of this study is    Study Purpose
                                                            Samsula     Road.      The     Mapping         of      the
                              This study evaluated the
     to determine the                                       portion of the utility         proposed          corridors
                              eastern portion of the
   feasibility of the trail                                 corridor            under      identified
                              New Smyrna Beach
 considering items such                                     consideration for use in       environmental          and
                              Utility Commission utility
     as project need,                                       this study begins at the       natural          features,
                              corridor for use as multi-
                                                            County     Fire    Station     surrounding land uses,
 support of jurisdictional    use trail right-of-way.
                                                            (about one (1) mile east       surrounding         roads,
  planning studies, and       The goal of this study is
                                                            of the eastern terminus        community
    construction cost         to      determine     the
                                                            of the corridor) and           developments           and
                              feasibility of the trail
         estimates.                                         extends to Sugarmill           assets, and construction
                              considering items such
                                                            Drive, an approximate          element locations. The
                              as      project    need,
                                                            distance of 2.2 miles.         final graphics include
                              support of jurisdictional
                                                                                           notes, diagrams, and
                              planning studies, and         Upon review of the
                                                                                           callouts identifying the
                              construction         cost     previously       published
                                                                                           trail, access points, trail
                              estimates.                    studies, a field review
                                                                                           features,       mitigation
                                                            and        analysis     was
                              Physical Inventory &                                         efforts (if any), and
                                                            conducted         of    the
                              Assessment of Right-of-                                      enhancements             to
                                                            proposed corridor. This
                              Way                                                          natural, cultural, and
                                                            analysis          provided
                              The New Smyrna Beach                                         historic features.
                                                            information that was
                              Trail Report (Summer
                                                            used to make specific          A concept plan of the
                              2002), GIS maps, and
                                                            recommendations          for   trail project area was
                              the     white     paper
                                                            construction,        safety,   prepared and includes
                              prepared by the City of
                                                            signing, and access.           all of the features listed,
                              New Smyrna Beach
                                                            Also identified were           as well as any other
                              regarding this trail and
                                                            potential locations for        proposed
                              the Cross Volusia Trail
                                                            connections to public          enhancements.
                              were reviewed to assess
                                                            facilities, parking areas,
                              the physical inventory                                       Financial Feasibility
                                                            and connections to
                              as it relates to the                                         Detailed estimates for
                                                            other facilities that are
                              proposed                                                     construction          were
                                                            part of the bicycle and
                              improvements.         GIS                                    prepared based on
                                                            pedestrian network.
                              databases were utilized                                      American       Disabilities
                              to create mapping for         New Smyrna Beach               Act (ADA) compliance,
                              the project and were          Utility       Commission       Florida Department of
                              supplemented         with     corridor     maps     and      Transportation
                              local, municipal and          municipal            land      standards for design,
                              county data.                  development         plans      the City of New Smyrna
                                                            were utilized to review        Beach Standards and
                              The Utility Commission’s
                                                            the     alignment     and      past construction bids
                              corridor consists of right-
                                                            identify      neighboring      for the construction of
                              of-way ranging from 60
                                                            property owners.               related projects.
                              – 110 feet and is just
                              over seven (7) miles
PAGE 4                                 TRAIL FEASIBILITY

 Figure 2: Riding Club and Bus Stops
TRAIL FEASIBILITY                                                                                            PAGE 5

3. Physical Inventory & Assessment of Right-of-Way
A physical inventory                                           various forms of native
and assessment (via            Physical Description            vegetation and wildlife.
field review) for the          The corridor for the
                                                               Grade crossings will exist
corridor was conducted         multi-use trail begins at
                                                               along the trail as it
in order to document           the County Fire Station
                                                               crosses over two (2)
present      conditions,       near Newcomb Street
                                                               streets, Pine Avenue
assets, and obstacles          and continues west to
                                                               and Glencoe Road.
throughout the area.           Sugarmill    Drive.       The
Topographic and soils          previous studies have           Several VOTRAN bus
maps were used to              identified               that   stops exist just south of
supplement the field           discussions            have     the corridor that could
reviews.                       occurred leading to the         create      an      ideal
                               possible relocation of          opportunity for persons
One field review was
                               the existing fire station       wishing to access the
conducted                to
                               facility,  leaving        the   trail  without      using
determine              the
                               building available for          personal transportation.
conditions along the
                               use as a trail facility. The    The locations of the
proposed corridor. The
                               land on which the fire          nearest bus stations are
field      review      was
                               station sits includes a         shown in Figure 2.
conducted on August
                               building and a wide
18, 2005. The following                                        The multi-use trail will
                               expanse                    of
persons attended the                                           also cross a tributary
                               undeveloped             land
field      review     and                                      stream from Turnbull
                               which could be used as
represented            the                                     Creek. The crossing of
                               a trail head or provide                                       Figure 3: County Fire Station
respective entities:                                           the stream will require
                               parking access for the                                        and adjoining lot
• City of New Smyrna                                           construction of a small
                               trail. The County Fire
   Beach        –     Mark                                     bridge. The stream will
                               Station and surrounding
   Rakowski                                                    also pass along the side
                               land can be seen in
• HNTB Corporation –                                           of a private lake along
                               Figure 3.
   Luis Diaz, Kate Brady                                       the north side of the trail
                               As the utility corridor         near Otter Boulevard.
Based        on        the
                               continues west, the land
discussions among the                                          Approximately       one-
                               available      for    the
participants,     it  was                                      quarter mile west of the
                               proposed multi-use trail
determined that the                                            Fire Station is Sandspur
                               is approximately 100
best alternative for the                                       Riding      Club.    This
                               feet wide with utility
multi-use trail was to                                         equestrian        facility Figure 4: Typical look of
                               poles running generally
create a twelve (12)                                           creates an opportunity utility corridor
                               down the centerline,
foot      asphalt     trail                                    for semi-public access
                               similar to that of Figure
through      the     utility                                   and a trail head for
                               4. This corridor initially
corridor and a 10’                                             equestrian users.
                               existed as the City’s first
stabilized     trail    for
                               railway (the old Orange         The other main feature
equestrian use.
                               City Blue Springs to New        of the existing corridor is
A          photographic        Smyrna Line). The rails         the presence of a
inventory of the corridor      have      since     been        historic black cemetery,
is presented here to           replaced      with    the       the Glencoe Geiger
provide                an      addition of the utility         Cemetery.       Currently,
understanding of the           poles. The corridor is          the      cemetery        is
physical features of the       lined with trees and            patrolled by city police
   PAGE 6                                                                                        TRAIL FEASIBILITY

                           but seems to be poorly          unlawfully by people           respected during final
                           maintained.         The         with all-terrain vehicles,     design,       construction,
                           presence of the trail           on      foot,   and     on     and maintenance of
                           alongside           this        horseback. The creation        the trail system.
                           designated historic site        of this designated trail
                                                                                          Light flooding through
                           may                spur         should help to limit
                                                                                          the corridor has been a
                           enhancements to the             these uses that existed
                                                                                          concern in the past, as
                           cemetery.                       while the land was
                                                                                          noted during the field
                                                           undeveloped. Previous
   Previous studies, for   The western terminus of                                        review. Proper design of
                                                           studies, for other trails,
    other trails, have     the trail is just before                                       the system, as well as
                                                           have indicated that
                           Sugarmill     Drive.   A                                       the        accompanying
  indicated that crime                                     crime rates, vandalism,
                           turnaround is provided                                         drainage facilities, will
 rates, vandalism, and                                     and break-ins decrease
                           for all uses to continue                                       be necessary to ensure
 break-ins decrease in                                     in areas adjacent to
                           east along the trail.                                          that flooding through
                                                           trails, based on the likely
areas adjacent to trails                                                                  the corridor and on
                           Approximately four (4)          presence of users of the
   based on the likely                                                                    nearby properties does
                           miles of the entire seven       trail system.
presence of users of the                                                                  not become an issue
                           (7) mile utility corridor
       trail system.                                       The New Smyrna Beach           after construction of the
                           lies within the jurisdiction
                                                           Police Department is           trail system.
                           of the City, while the
                                                           equipped for bicycle
                           rest remains within the                                        As previously discussed,
                                                           patrol and previously
                           County         jurisdiction.                                   the right-of-way along
                                                           has shown a willingness
                           Although the Utilities                                         the       corridor,   that
                                                           to    provide      periodic
                           Commission intends to                                          owned by the City of
                                                           patrolling of the multi-
                           eventually annex the                                           New Smyrna Beach
                                                           use trail. Unlike the fears
                           entire corridor into the                                       Utilities      Commission
                                                           of     some       property
                           City,     annexation       is                                  ranges in width from 60
                                                           owners, a trail that is
                           contingent upon the                                            to 110 feet. The trail
                                                           designed to enhance
                           prior annexation of the                                        corridor will utilize 60
                                                           and beautify the area
                           parcels that abut the                                          feet of this corridor
                                                           will promote community
                           corridor.     This     may                                     including              the
                                                           and         neighborhood
                           create the need for a                                          greenspace centered
                                                           activity that are healthy
                           cooperative                                                    about the utility poles.
                                                           for the population.
                           maintenance                                                    Fencing       should    be
                           agreement        for    any     The trail will be off-limits   added to both sides
                           maintenance necessary           to motorized vehicles          along the length of the
                           along the trail.                except those providing         corridor to limit access
                                                           maintenance of the             to the trail and to
                           Many             private
                                                           system,        emergency       prohibit      access    to
                           residences exist along
                                                           services, maintenance          private lands. Those
                           the length of the trail.
                                                           of the utility corridor, or    private      lands    with
                           Based       on    public
                                                           those      with     access     easement access will
                           involvement programs
                                                           easements, creating a          have       gate     access
                           implemented in the
                                                           serene       place       for   through the fence.
                           2002    study of this
                                                           outdoor          activities.
                           corridor,      property
                                                           Currently some property
                           owners raised concerns
                                                           owners have access
                           regarding       security
                                                           easements       to     their
                           along     the  corridor.
                                                           property through the
                           Based on the field
                                                           utility corridor area. All
                           review, the corridor is
                                                           easements        will    be
                           currently being used
   TRAIL FEASIBILITY                                                                                          PAGE 7

4. Trail Concept Plan
Establishing       a     trail   feasible option for use        soils should be studied in
system within Volusia            by the residents and           more       detail    upon
County        will      offer    visitors to the City of        undertaking       of   the
residents and visitors a         New Smyrna Beach. The          design of this system.
network of recreational          surrounding land uses
                                                                The     following     trail
facilities and alternative       range      from     urban
                                                                amenities are proposed
forms of transportations.        business, agricultural, to
                                                                along     this   corridor:
This trail will provide a        residential throughout
                                                                trailheads, benches and
connection to other              this portion of the utility
                                                                distance marker signs.
proposed             systems     corridor. These land uses
throughout New Smyrna            are not in conflict with       Trailheads are main
Beach,        neighboring        the proposed trail and         access areas to the trail
towns and cities and             the area should not            that typically include
throughout            Volusia    present            design      parking space, restroom
County.                          challenges that must be        facilities, and drinking
                                 overcome       prior    to     water       facilities.   As
Although most often
                                 construction.                  mentioned previously,
wide               concrete
                                                                the County Fire Station
sidewalks can serve as           Based on the current
                                                                represents a feasible
multi-use trails for biking,     equestrian use of the
                                                                and probable location
walking, rollerblading,          utility corridor and the
                                                                for a trailhead. This
etc., it is important for        close proximity to the
                                                                location may also serve
this corridor that the           Sandspurs Riding Club,
                                                                as public access with
multi-use       trial     be     the trail would offer the
                                                                parking              options
constructed of asphalt.          club     an     additional
                                                                available. The parking
The trail will be used for       amenity for its members
                                                                area can remain as
maintenance by the               and an opportunity for                                        The multi-use trail along
                                                                undeveloped land with
Utilities Commission and         riders to safely use the                                        this corridor offers a
                                                                only                 mowing
will require vehicles to         corridor for recreational                                      feasible option for use
                                                                maintenance required.
traverse the length.             activities.
                                                                                                 by the residents and
Currently                the                                Benches             spaced
                                 Figure 6 provides an                                            visitors of the City of
maintenance vehicles                                        appropriately along the
                                 overview          of     the                                    New Smyrna Beach.
travel along dirt paths                                     length of the 2.2 mile
                                 topography throughout
that       have       been                                  trail will afford persons
                                 the 2.2 mile corridor for
created over time by                                        the opportunity to rest,
                                 the proposed multi-use
the same vehicles. After                                    gather, and socialize
                                 trail. The map indicates
construction of the trail,                                  along the route. Next to
                                 a      fairly   flat   area
the amount of right-of-                                     the benches, the City
                                 throughout the corridor
way for these vehicles                                      may also want to
                                 with some minor vertical
will be limited and                                         include drinking water
                                 definition which will
therefore the asphalt                                       facilities either as water
                                 provide       a     pleasing
area can be used by                                         fountains      or       water
                                 atmosphere for the trail.
the motorized vehicles                                      stations for users to refill
using caution. Figure 5          Figure 7 indicates the their personal water
provides the proposed            soil types present in the containers.
typical section for this         areas surrounding the
                                                            Restroom facilities may
trail along with its             proposed trail. This map
                                                            not be necessary during
location through the             provided a basis for any
                                                            this initial phase of the
utility corridor.                considerations given to
                                                            utility corridor trail.
                                 the infrastructure in this
The multi-use trail along
                                 conceptual plan. The
this corridor offers a
PAGE 8                                                                                 TRAIL FEASIBILITY

                            However, as the trail is     been studied, and it
                            completed to include         was determined that
                            the remaining five (5)       the              favorable
The stabilized portion of
                            miles of the corridor, it    configuration           for
 the trail for equestrian   may be necessary to          construction is ten (10)
   uses has previously      make these facilities        feet wide to allow for
  been studied, and it      available. This may be       horse and carriage use
  was determined that       accomplished on the          side-by-side.          The
     the favorable          eastern end of the utility   stabilization of this trail
    configuration for       corridor at the County       will follow the same
                            Fire Station building, if    process that the Florida
 construction is ten (10)
                            abandoned.                   Department               of
 feet wide to allow for                                  Transportation utilizes for
horse and carriage use      Distance marker signs
                                                         the     stabilization    of
                            should be placed every
      side-by-side.                                      unpaved shoulders.
                            half (1/2) mile to guide
                            emergency        services    Figures 8 through 11 are
                            and to assist users in       provided      for   more
                            gauging their length of      detail of the corridor in
                            travel.                      order to convey the full
                                                         scope of the project
                            The stabilized portion of
                                                         and             necessary
                            the trail for equestrian
                                                         construction items.
                            uses   has     previously

Figure 5: Proposed Typical Section
TRAIL FEASIBILITY                       PAGE 9

Figure 6: Topographic Map of Corridor
PAGE 10                           TRAIL FEASIBILITY

Figure 7: Soils Map of Corridor
 TRAIL FEASIBILITY                                                                                  PAGE 15

5. Financial Feasibility
Table 1 provides a summary cost estimates for the design and construction of the multi-use trail. For the
purposes of potential phasing, this cost summary has been broken down into segments for both the bicycle
and pedestrian portion and the equestrian portion of the trail. A separate cost estimate of the bridge
required over Turnbull Creek is also provided in Table 1. The item number and unit of measure are based on
the Florida Department of Transportation Basis of Estimate manual. The unit prices are based on the
average costs for each pay item as provided by the Florida Department of Transportation.
The cost estimate is based on Florida Department of Transportation design for Bike Paths and Trails. The
minimum construction standards call for 4” thick Portland concrete. However, for this project, as discussed
previously, the pedestrian trail will be asphalt pavement. The proposed trail bridge will utilize a single 120-
foot span to clear Turnbull Creek and associated wetlands. The bridge section consists of two (2) 54” deep
prestressed concrete Florida I-Beams, supporting a 12-ft wide cast-in-place concrete deck. The bridge
provides a 10-ft wide trail with 1-ft wide pedestrian parapets. The bridge will be founded on 18” prestressed
concrete piles using a traditional pile-supported end bent substructure.
As shown in Table 1, the total estimated cost for design and construction of the entire multi-use trail as
detailed in the conceptual plan and discussed in this report is $1,160,886.91. The estimated cost of the
bridge is $265,836.29. The estimated cost of the western portion of the multi-use trail, from Sugarmill Drive to
Turnbull Creek, is $649,489.20 and the estimated cost of the eastern portion of the multi-use trail, from
Turnbull Creek to the Fire Station, is $245,561.42.
This project will be planned, designed and constructed with a variety of funds. The project is eligible for
federal funds that will flow through the Florida Department of Transportation and will be matched by the
City of New Smyrna Beach.
 TRAIL FEASIBILITY                                                                                                                                                                          PAGE 16

Table 1: Cost Estimate
PEDESTRIAN TRAIL                                                                SUGARMILL DRIVE TO TURNBULL CREEK                                       TURNBULL CREEK TO FIRE STATION
  ITEM                                    UNIT        UNIT OF
                DESCRIPTION                                      EST QTY    2009 COST      2010 COST       2011 COST       2012 COST      EST QTY   2009 COST    2010 COST    2011 COST    2012 COST
NUMBER                                   PRICE        MEASURE
104-4    Mowing                          $46.85         AC          3.8      $176.62        $181.92         $187.38         $193.00         1.4       $67.00      $69.01       $71.08       $73.21
104-13-1 Staked Silt Fence                $0.69         LF       16,547.4   $11,417.71     $11,760.24      $12,113.04      $12,476.44     6,276.6    $4,330.85   $4,460.78    $4,594.60    $4,732.44
         Clearing & Grubbing
110-1-1                                 $4,000.00       LS         0.7       $2,900.00     $2,987.00       $3,076.61       $3,168.91        0.3      $1,100.00   $1,133.00    $1,166.99    $1,202.00
         (18.2 acres)
120-1    Regular Excavation               $2.03         CY       6,322.7    $12,835.13     $13,220.19      $13,616.79      $14,025.30     2,398.3    $4,868.50   $5,014.55    $5,164.99    $5,319.94
160-4    Type B Stabilization             $1.17         SY       12,531.6   $14,662.00     $15,101.86      $15,554.92      $16,021.56     4,753.4    $5,561.45   $5,728.29    $5,900.14    $6,077.15

285-01     Base, Optional (Group 1)      $11.47         SY       12,531.6   $143,737.74   $148,049.87     $152,491.37     $157,066.11     4,753.4   $54,521.21   $56,156.85   $57,841.55   $59,576.80

        Superpave Asphaltic
334-1-11                         $42.00    TN      459.5                    $19,298.60     $19,877.56      $20,473.89      $21,088.10      174.3     $7,320.16   $7,539.76    $7,765.96    $7,998.94
        Railing (Aluminum, 42"   $44.09    LF      145.0                     $6,393.05     $6,584.84       $6,782.39       $6,985.86       55.0      $2,424.95   $2,497.70    $2,572.63    $2,649.81
        Picket Railing)
523-1-1                         $134.50    SY      114.5                    $15,397.22     $15,859.14      $16,334.91      $16,824.96      43.4      $5,840.33   $6,015.54    $6,196.00    $6,381.88
550-10- Fencing (Type B
                                 $10.50    LF     15,858.7                  $166,515.83   $171,511.30     $176,656.64     $181,956.34     6,015.4   $63,161.18   $65,056.01   $67,007.69   $69,017.92
220     Standard)
570-2   Seeding & Mulching        $0.25    SY     10,306.6                   $2,576.65     $2,653.95       $2,733.57       $2,815.58      3,909.4    $977.35     $1,006.67    $1,036.87    $1,067.98
        Grass Seed (Permanent
570-3                             $3.00    LB      378.5                     $1,135.35     $1,169.41       $1,204.49       $1,240.63       143.6     $430.65      $443.57      $456.88      $470.58
570-4   Mulch Material           $50.00    TN       8.4                       $420.50       $433.12         $446.11          $459.49        3.2       $159.50     $164.29     $169.21     $174.29
570-9   Water for Grassing       $19.57   MG       0.063                       $1.23         $1.27           $1.31            $1.35        0.024       $0.47       $0.48       $0.50       $0.51
N/A     Water Facilities        $500.00    EA         4                      $2,000.00     $2,060.00       $2,121.80       $2,185.45         1        $500.00     $515.00     $530.45     $546.36
N/A     Benches                 $350.00    EA         4                      $1,400.00     $1,442.00       $1,485.26        $1,529.82        1        $350.00     $360.50     $371.32     $382.45
N/A     Mile Markers            $150.00    EA         4                       $600.00       $618.00         $636.54          $655.64         1        $150.00     $154.50     $159.14     $163.91
SUBTOTAL BEFORE MOBILIZATION                                                $401,467.64   $413,511.67     $425,917.02     $438,694.53               $151,763.59 $156,316.49 $161,005.99 $165,836.17
101-1   Mobilization                       LS       10%                      $40,146.76    $41,351.17      $42,591.70      $43,869.45      10%       $15,176.36  $15,631.65  $16,100.60  $16,583.62
SUBTOTAL BEFORE DESIGN/CONSTRUCTION/SCOPE CREEP                             $441,614.40   $454,862.83     $468,508.72     $482,563.98               $166,939.94 $171,948.14 $177,106.59 $182,419.79
N/A     Engineering & Design               LS       15%                     $66,242.16    $68,229.42      $70,276.31      $72,384.60       15%      $25,040.99  $25,792.22  $26,565.99  $27,362.97
999-25  Initial Contingency                LS        5%                      $22,080.72    $22,743.14      $23,425.44      $24,128.20       5%       $8,347.00   $8,597.41   $8,855.33   $9,120.99
999-99  Scope Creep                        LS       20%                     $88,322.88    $90,972.57      $93,701.74      $96,512.80       20%      $33,387.99  $34,389.63  $35,421.32  $36,483.96
                                               TOTAL COST                   $618,260.16   $636,807.96     $655,912.20     $675,589.57     TOTAL     $233,715.92 $240,727.40 $247,949.22 $255,387.70

EQUESTRIAN TRAIL                                                                SUGARMILL DRIVE TO TURNBULL CREEK                                       TURNBULL CREEK TO FIRE STATION
  ITEM                            UNIT   UNIT OF
                DESCRIPTION                       EST QTY                   2009 COST      2010 COST       2011 COST       2012 COST      EST QTY   2009 COST    2010 COST    2011 COST    2012 COST
NUMBER                           PRICE   MEASURE
104-4   Mowing                  $46.85     AC        2.7                     $125.68        $129.45         $133.33         $137.33         1.0       $47.67      $49.10       $50.57       $52.09
        Clearing & Grubbing
110-1-1                        $3,000.00   LS        0.7                     $2,175.00     $2,240.25       $2,307.46       $2,376.68        0.3      $825.00      $849.75      $875.24      $901.50
        (18.2 acres)
160-4   Type B Stabilization     $1.17     SY     9,448.3                   $11,054.48     $11,386.11      $11,727.70      $12,079.53     3,583.8    $4,193.08   $4,318.87    $4,448.44    $4,581.89
570-2   Seeding & Mulching       $0.25     SY     17,178.7                   $4,294.68      $4,423.52       $4,556.23       $4,692.92     6,516.1    $1,629.02   $1,677.89    $1,728.22    $1,780.07
        Grass Seed (Permanent
570-3                            $3.00     LB      638.7                     $1,916.18     $1,973.66       $2,032.87       $2,093.86       242.3     $726.83      $748.63      $771.09      $794.22
570-4   Mulch Material          $50.00     TN       14.2                      $710.50        $731.82         $753.77         $776.38        5.4       $269.50      $277.59      $285.91      $294.49
570-9   Water for Grassing      $19.57     MG      0.107                       $2.09          $2.15           $2.21           $2.28        0.040       $0.79        $0.81        $0.84        $0.86
SUBTOTAL BEFORE MOBILIZATION                                                $20,278.60     $20,886.96      $21,513.56      $22,158.97                $7,691.88    $7,922.64    $8,160.32    $8,405.13
101-1   Mobilization                       LS       10%                     $2,027.86      $2,088.70       $2,151.36       $2,215.90       10%        $769.19      $792.26      $816.03      $840.51
SUBTOTAL BEFORE DESIGN/CONSTRUCTION/SCOPE CREEP                             $22,306.46     $22,975.65      $23,664.92      $24,374.87                $8,461.07    $8,714.90    $8,976.35    $9,245.64
N/A     Engineering & Design               LS       15%                      $3,345.97      $3,446.35       $3,549.74       $3,656.23      15%       $1,269.16    $1,307.24    $1,346.45    $1,386.85
999-25  Initial Contingency                LS        5%                     $1,115.32      $1,148.78       $1,183.25       $1,218.74        5%        $423.05      $435.75      $448.82      $462.28
999-99  Scope Creep                        LS       20%                     $4,461.29      $4,595.13       $4,732.98       $4,874.97       20%      $1,692.21    $1,742.98    $1,795.27    $1,849.13
                                               TOTAL COST                   $31,229.04     $32,165.91      $33,130.89      $34,124.81               $11,845.50   $12,200.86   $12,566.89   $12,943.90

BRIDGE                                                                              BRIDGE OVER TURNBULL CREEK
 ITEM                                      UNIT       UNIT OF
                     DESCRIPTION                                 EST QTY    2009 COST      2010 COST       2011 COST       2012 COST
NUMBER                                    PRICE       MEASURE
         Class       II   Concrete
400-2-4                            $850.00 CY       37.8                    $32,111.11     $33,074.44      $34,066.68      $35,088.68
         Class II Concrete
400-2-5                            $950.00 CY       10.9                    $10,344.55     $10,654.89      $10,974.53      $11,303.77
         Reinforcing Steel
415-1-4                              $1.10 LB     7,744.4                    $8,518.89     $8,774.46       $9,037.69       $9,308.82
         Reinforcing Steel
415-1-5                              $1.12 LB     1,470.0                    $1,646.42     $1,695.81       $1,746.68       $1,799.08
         Prestressed Beams (FIB
450-2-54                           $220.00 LF      240.0                    $52,800.00     $54,384.00      $56,015.52      $57,695.99
         Prestressed Concrete
455-34-3                            $80.00 LF      480.0                    $38,400.00     $39,552.00      $40,738.56      $41,960.72
         Piling (18" Sq.)
521-6-1 Concrete Parapet           $120.00 LF      240.0                    $28,800.00    $29,664.00      $30,553.92       $31,470.54
SUBTOTAL BEFORE MOBILIZATION                                                $172,620.97
                                                                            $172 620 97   $177,799.60
                                                                                          $177 799 60     $183 133 58
                                                                                                          $183,133.58     $188 627 59
101-1    Mobilization                      LS       10%                     $17,262.10    $17,779.96      $18,313.36      $18,862.76
SUBTOTAL BEFORE DESIGN/CONSTRUCTION/SCOPE CREEP                             $189,883.06   $195,579.56     $201,446.94     $207,490.35
N/A      Engineering & Design              LS       15%                      $28,482.46    $29,336.93      $30,217.04      $31,123.55
999-25   Initial Contingency               LS        5%                      $9,494.15     $9,778.98      $10,072.35       $10,374.52
999-99   Scope Creep                       LS       20%                     $37,976.61    $39,115.91      $40,289.39      $41,498.07
                                               TOTAL COST                   $265,836.29   $273,811.38     $282,025.72     $290,486.49


                              DESCRIPTION                                   2009 COST      2010 COST       2011 COST       2012 COST

Pedestrian Trail, Sugarmill Drive to Turnbull Creek                         $618,260.16   $636,807.96     $655,912.20     $675,589.57
Pedestrian Trail, Turnbull Creek to Fire Station                            $233,715.92   $240,727.40     $247,949.22     $255,387.70
Equestrian Trail, Sugarmill Drive to Turnbull Creek                         $31,229.04     $32,165.91      $33,130.89      $34,124.81
Equestrian Trail, Turnbull Creek to Fire Station                            $11,845.50     $12,200.86      $12,566.89      $12,943.90
Bridge over Turnbull Creek                                                  $265,836.29   $273,811.38     $282,025.72     $290,486.49
                                                              TOTAL COST $1,160,886.91    $1,195,713.52   $1,231,584.92   $1,268,532.47
Multi-Use Trail (no bridge), Sugarmill Drive to Turnbull Creek              $649,489.20   $668,973.88     $689,043.09     $709,714.38
Multi-Use Trail (no bridge), Turnbull Creek to Fire Station                 $245,561.42   $252,928.26     $260,516.11     $268,331.59

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