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									                       Express News
                                                                                     Serving Car Wash Operators In
                                                                                Alaska • Arizona • California • Colorado •
                                                                                  Hawaii • Idaho • Montana • Nevada •
                WESTERN CARWASH ASSOCIATION                                      Oregon • Utah • Washington • Wyoming

       8119 Somerset Blvd., Paramount, California 90723 • (800) 344-9274 • •
       Volume 13 Number 2                   Published for WCA Members Only                          February 2007

                                President's Message
                                               By Randy Cressall, President

                   S   B 1468 extended
                         the California
                   Car Wash Registra-
                                           unknowingly        harming        our
                                           environment. They do this every time
                                           they wash their cars in driveways or
                                                                                       Now that we have the ear of local
                                                                                       government, we all need to participate
                                                                                       in the Charity Car Washing Program.
                   tion bill AB 1688 to    when participating in charity               The problem continues to be not enough
                   January 1, 2010.        fundraising car washing events held on      WCA members declaring themselves as
                   As we have in-          parking lots.                               Charity Friendly so they can be
                   formed you previ-                                                   identified that way in the Locater
                   ously, conveyor car     We have notified both WCA members           Service on the WCA website. There
                   wash operators who      and non-members in Northern                 are many variations to offer charity
                   have employees          California of a meeting being held          carwash opportunities at your wash.
working and/or polishing cars are          jointly with Sacramento County, San         They all benefit you and your wash with
subject to fines and penalties of $100     Joaquin County, and the cities of Ceres,    profitability as you gain new and loyal
per day up to $10,000 if not registered    Citrus Heights, Folsom, Galt, Modesto,      customers. You benefit, the charity
by December 31, 2006.                      Rancho       Cordova,       Roseville,      benefits, your community benefits, and
                                           Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, and West       our environment is protected. Please
The Economic & Employment                  Sacramento. We have presented our           consider developing and offering charity
Enforcement Coalition in conjunction       Charity Car Washing Program to these        carwash opportunities at your wash.
with the California Labor & Workforce      government agencies and they are now        It’s a WIN / WIN / WIN for everyone.
Development Agency currently is            ready to implement the program within
making sweeps throughout the state.        their jurisdictions. The meeting will       Charity car washing programs are
It is important that your facilities not   be held February 15, 2007 in Folsom,        quickly becoming a major factor in the
only have your payroll records and         CA (see article in this issue). If your     West. For instance, the Puget Sound
safety features required by Cal OSHA       carwash is located within or near the       Car Wash Association in Washington
in place, but you are registered in        communities listed, then we encourage       has had a program in place for several
accordance with SB 1468. While we          you to make every effort to participate     years. We also had an inquiry recently
continue to believe there can be           in our program, There is a benefit to       from a government agency in Utah.
legislation that will amend and            your community, your environment,           We cannot miss a beat. When local
improve current rules being                and you as a local business person.         government agencies contact us about
promulgated by the Department of           Don’t miss this important meeting.                      See RANDY on page 8, column 2
Labor Standards Enforcement, it is
the law and you must comply.
                                                                   WCA HAS MOVED!
Here is an opportunity for you to work
with local government agencies that
have recognized how our industry
                                           T  he WCA offices have moved to a new larger location so that we can serve you
                                              better. Effective February 1, 2007, WCA’s new headquarters address and
                                           phone numbers are:
conserves the natural resource of water
and also prevents wastewater from                         8119 Somerset Blvd. • Paramount, CA 90723
entering our storm drains and going                        Office: (562) 633-9274 • Fax: (562) 633-9555
directly untreated into local waterways.
This is required The Clean Water Act       The toll free number of (800) 344-9274 remains the same as do the extensions of
of 1972 as amended in Phase II             each of our staff members:
(December 8, 1999). The WCA has
worked diligently with these agencies              1 – Sharon • 2 – Sam • 3 – Maria • 5 – Jerry • 6 – Chuck
to demonstrate our willingness to
partner with them to provide ongoing       Please change your records accordingly. Be sure to stop by for a tour of our new
education and information to               facilities, which include a large conference room suitable to hold committee meetings.
community residents who are
  2                                                      WCA Express News                                            February 2007

                          Charity Car Wash Program On The Move!

W      CA’s Charity Car Wash Program
       is starting to spread rapidly
throughout our Western Region. For
                                                       that is taking action in helping
                                                       to keep local waterways clean
                                                       and in conserving water.
                                                                                           WCA has scheduled a presentation of
                                                                                           our Charity Car Wash Program to both
                                                                                           WCA members and non-members in
several years we have promoted this                •   All of the above is better          Folsom, California on February 15,
program among WCA members                              advertising than money can          2007. The counties of Sacramento and
because local governments were going                   buy in any publication!             San Joaquin and the cities of Ceres,
to be fined if they didn’t stop                                                            Citrus Heights, Folsom, Galt, Modesto,
wastewater from entering storm drains          We knew it was only a matter of time        Rancho       Cordova,        Roseville,
that goes UNTREATED directly into              before cities and counties started          Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, and West
their local waterways. Why would local         contacting the WCA office looking for       Sacramento are co-sponsoring this
governments be fined? Phase II                 an answer to this problem. Local            meeting. Our Charity Car Wash
implemented December 8, 1999 of the            government officials don’t want to stop     Program has already been presented to
Clean Water Act of 1972 mandates local         their local organizations from raising      these government agencies and they are
governments to make sure only rain             money through fundraising car washes.       ready to start promoting it to their local
goes down the storm drain.                     Their own daughters, sons, nieces,          organizations.
                                               nephews, and grandchildren are in
What are the benefits to you – the car         these local organizations. WCA’s            The purpose of our February 15 th
wash owner – from participating in this        Charity Car Wash Program provides           meeting is to have interested WCA
program?                                       the perfect answer!                         member and non-member car wash
                                                                                           owners meet with officials from these
      •   You will become known in your        The time has come! WCA is now               cities and counties so they can learn
          community as a company that          receiving calls from local government       more about the program and then
          are helping local children and       agencies wanting to know about our          declare themselves as Charity
          organizations raise much-needed      Charity Car Wash Program because            Friendly.
          funds to keep their programs and     they recognize it serves two very
          organizations open.                  important purposes for them: 1) Car         Remember — The Clean Water Act of
      •   As a result of car owners local      wash wastewater in professional car         1972 is a national Act. WCA has
          to your community having             washes goes into the sewer system           already received an inquiry from a
          their cars washed at your            where it is treated before entering local   government agency in Utah and we
          professional car wash during         waterways; 2) Professional car washes       soon will be receiving more from
          the charity car washing events,      use less water per car wash than cars       agencies in all of our Western Region
          many of them will return to          washed in driveways or on parking lots,     states.    Go to our website at
          your car wash in the future          thereby conserving precious water. and enter the Members
          because you help local children                                                  Only section. Locate the article on our
          and organizations. This              WCA’s problem now is that not enough        Charity Car Wash Program in the
          increases your business by           WCA members have notified our offices       News Articles column (lower left of
          gaining loyal new customers.         to list them as Charity Friendly in         Home Page) and open it to review the
      •   You will become known in your        the Locator Service portion of our            See CHARITY CAR WASH on page 3, col. 3
          local community as a company         website. Government agencies refer
                                               their local organizations to this part of
                                               our website to locate car washes that
      WCA Express News                         have agreed to hold charity fundraising        WCA Express News
  The WCA Express News is a twice-quar-        car washing events at their facilities.          Contacting the WCA Office Staff
  terly newsletter published by the Western    Even though the Charity Car Wash                   NOTE OUR NEW NUMBERS!
  Carwash Association. Executive Di-
                                               Program has been a WCA member
  rector/Publisher is Sam Olivito, 8119                                                      Call (562) 633-6928 or our toll free num-
  Somerset Blvd., Paramount, CA 90723,         benefit all these years, we have had no
                                                                                             ber (800) 344-9274 and then press the
  (562) 633-6928, (800) 344-9274, Fax (562)    other option but to open the program to       appropriate extension number when
  633-9555, E-mail             non-members. We need to greatly               prompted:
  Editor is Chuck Chatham; Published by
                                               increase the number of Charity
  Olivito & Associates, address and                                                                 Sharon Olivito - ext. 1
  phones same as Editor. Information in        Friendly car washes on our website as
                                                                                                    Sam Olivito - ext. 2
  this newsletter is from sources deemed       soon as possible. When enough WCA                    Maria Montes - ext. 3
  reliable but cannot be guaranteed. Ex-       members have declared themselves as                  Jerry Jeffe - ext. 5
  perts in the fields of taxes, law or other                                                        Chuck Chatham - ext. 6
                                               Charity Friendly, we will close the
  specialties in your state should be con-
  sulted before implementing any sugges-       program to non-members.
                                                                                             Fax number is (562) 633-9555.
  tions given in this newsletter.
February 2007                               WCA Express News                                                       3

                                                         Legislative Report

   2007 Calendar
     of Events
                                  A     s previously reported, several
                                        states adopted increases in the
                                  minimum wage effective in 2007. The
                                                                              of the costs paid for by private

                                  U.S. House of Representatives recently      We will provide you with more detailed
                                  approved a $2 increase that would be        analyses of all health care plans as soon
 FEBRUARY 2007                    implemented over a two-year period.         as more details become available. WCA
 27 — General Membership          The U.S. Senate will take up the
 Meeting,           Peterson      legislation in the near future. President
 Automotive Museum, Los           Bush has said he is inclined to sign the     CHARITY CAR WASH - from page 2
 Angeles, CA. Program topic:      legislation.
 Complying With California                                                    program. Then contact Chuck
                                  2007 could be the year of health reform.
 Labor Laws So Your                                                           Chatham         at     cnchatham@
                                  California      Governor        Arnold
 Business Won’t Be Shut           Schwarzenegger recently unveiled a or by calling
 Down! Presented by the           sweeping, bold plan that would cover        him at (800) 344-WASH (9274) ext. 6
 Economic & Employment            6.5 million people who lack health          and tell him to show you as Charity
 Enforcement Coalition (EEEC)     insurance. The Governor emphasized          Friendly on the website.
 and the California Labor &       that financing it would be a “shared
                                  responsibility," meaning that private       We’re positive you won’t be sorry. And
 Workforce       Development
                                  employers with ten employees or more        your local community benefits as well
 Agency.      You’re not in
                                  would have to provide health insurance.     as you.                             WCA
 California and you think this
 doesn’t apply to you?            Private employers would also be
 Remember — quite often,          assessed a tax (some call it a fee) with
                                  the proceeds going into a fund to help
 California leads the way. Your
 state could be next!
                                  pay for health insurance to employees                      Happy
                                  where the employer fails to offer
 MARCH 2007
 25 – 28 — International          On January 12, the Washington State
 Carwash Association’s Car        Blue Ribbon Commission on Health
 Care World Expo, Las Vegas       Care Costs and Access issued a report                        Day!
 Convention Center. Go to         saying that every person in          Washington State should be covered by
                                  health insurance by 2012, with some
 APRIL 2007
 24 — General Membership
 Meeting, Utah
 24 & 25 — Board of Directors                          WCA’s Only
     Meeting, Utah                              Endorsed Insurance Carrier

 AUGUST 2007                              e are hearing rumors that some insurance companies are saying
 7 — General Membership                   that their insurance programs are endorsed by the Western
 Meeting, State of Washington         Carwash Association. The purpose of this article is to clarify this point.
 7 & 8 — Board of Directors
 Meeting, State of Washington         WCA HAS ONLY ONE ENDORSED INSURANCE CARRIER, AND
                                      THAT IS THE WESTERN CARWASH INSURANCE AGENCY
 7 – 9 — 26th Annual                  THAT THEY ARE ENDORSED BY WCA, BE AWARE THAT THIS
 Convention & Trade Show, Las         IS NOT TRUE. IF AN INSURANCE CARRIER OTHER THAN
 Vegas Hilton Hotel                   WCIA TELLS YOU WCA ENDORSES THEM, WE WILL
                                      APPRECIATE YOUR NOTIFYING WCA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                      SAM OLIVITO AT SAM@WCWA.ORG OR BY CALLING HIM AT
                                      (800) 344-WASH (9274) EXT. 2.
 4                                                    WCA Express News                                       February 2007

                                                                    Administrative Office:
                                                                    8119 Somerset Blvd. • Paramount, CA 90723
                                                                    (562) 633-9274 • (800) 344-9274
                                                                    Fax (562) 633-9555
                                                                    Email: •

                                                                    Sam Olivito
                                                                    Executive Director   New Address
January 24, 2007




The Western Carwash Association is printing a new Membership Roster for the 2006/07 year. It will
contain the names, addresses, owner’s names, telephone numbers and email addresses of all mem-
bers of the WCA. This directory, in booklet form, will be in use and frequently referred to by mem-
bers throughout the year. To cover the cost of publication, and to give you, the suppliers and manu-
facturers exposure to our members throughout the year, we are offering a limited number of
advertising pages in the 2006/07 Roster.

The page size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, and is the ONLY SIZE advertisement, which will be accepted. Pages will
be assigned on a First-Come First-Serve basis, with assignments confirmed upon receipt of payment
and ad copy. Ad copy will only be accepted in the following file types: PDF, TIF, EPS or Illustrator
with fonts outlined. A hard copy of the ad must be submitted with file. Full payment is
required at the time the ad is placed.

       Inside Page ........................ $400.00                      Inside Back ........................ $475.00
       Inside Front ....................... $475.00                      Outside Back Cover ......... $550.00

The Deadline to receive your ad for publication is Monday, February 12, 2007. To
assure desired space, submit ad with payment as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or should require any additional information, please contact Sharon Olivito
at (562) 633-9274 or (800) 344-9274.


Go to the WCA website at and locate the "News Articles" section in the lower-left of the Home Page.
Open the article titled "Advertise in WCA's 2006/007 Membership Roster" and download all costs and forms.
  February 2007                                      WCA Express News                                                     5

                                                        General Membership
 WESTERN CARWASH ASSOCIATION                                                     at the
 8119 Somerset Blvd.
 Paramount, CA 90723                         PETERSON AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM
 (562) 633-9274 • (800) 344-9274
 Fax (562) 633-9555
                                            6060 Wilshire Blvd. (at Fairfax), Los Angeles, California
 E-Mail: •                         TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2007
 Sam Olivito, Executive Director

                     See some of the

                        in the world!

                           The important topic that will be covered during the meeting is . . .

                   COMPLYING                       LAWS
                   SO YOUR BUSINESS WON’T BE SHUT DO WN!
                           BUSINESS               DOWN!
                                                Presented by
                                         DAVID DORAME, Director of the

6:00 - 6:30 p.m.         RECEPTION

Your early response will allow us to make a guarantee that is realistic and also try to accommodate a few walk-ins. No cost to
members who pre-register and attend; however there will be a $30.00 charge for no shows, non-members, and walk-ins. RSVP
NECESSARY. Only pre-registratioin will guarantee your seat. Pre-registration and cancellation deadline is February 23,

Car Wash/Company ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _________________________
Phone ( ) _________________________ Fax ( ) ______________________ Email ______________________________

LIST NAMES OF ATTENDEES BELOW                                                   Don’t miss this opportunity to tour the
_________________________________________________________                        PETERSON AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM!
_________________________________________________________                         Vendor Table Tops NOT Available
                                                                                   Charity Car Wah Meeting in Folsom . .
                                                                                   ing at the Petersen Auto. Museum . . .
                                                                                   February General Membership Meet-
                                                                                   Advertise In Our 06/07 Roster . . . . . .
                                                                                   WCA's Only Endorsed Ins. Carrier . . .
                                                                                   Legislative Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                   2007 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                   Move! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                   Charity Car Wash Program On The
                                                                                   WCA Has Moved! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                              1    President's Message . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                             Pg.               Inside This Issue

                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2007
         Service                                                                    Paramount, California 90723
      Boldt Mailing                                                                     8119 Somerset Blvd.
                                                                                    Western Carwash Association
   FIRST CLASS                                                            Express News
                                                                          Express News
                                                                          Express News
                                                                          Express News
                                                                          Express News

  6                                                   WCA Express News                                                      February 2007

 Charity Car Wash                           all the pertinent information.                former governor during the last
                                                                                          legislative session. The WCA and the
 Meeting in Foslom,                         If you can attend, fill out the               Rocky Mountain Car Wash Association
  CA This Month                             Registration Form and fax it to WCA's
                                            new fax number - 562-633-9555. WCA
                                                                                          are jointly funding a major legislative
                                                                                          effort to seek passage and signage of
Two county governments and 11 city                                                        this important environmental effort in
                                             RANDY - from page 1                          the new Colorado legislative session.
governments have accepted WCA's
Charity Car Wash Program and want                                                         The Association and I are firmly
to implement in within their                our program, we have to have enough           committed to supporting these efforts,
jurisdictions. They are the counties of     car wash owners already identified as         which in the long run, preserve our
Sacramento and San Joaquin, and the         Charity Friendly. WCA members who             environment for future generations and
cities of Ceres, Citrus Heights, Folsom,    want to be identified as Charity              mean more loyal customers for car wash
Galt, Modesto, Rancho Cordova,              Friendly on the WCA website need to           operators who participate in these efforts.
Roseville, Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy      contact Chuck Chatham at
and West Sacramento.                          Don’t forget to attend our February 27th
                                            or by calling (800) 344-9274 ext. 6 and       most interesting, informative and
The County of Sacramento (CA) has           tell him.                                     entertaining General Membership
arranged for us to present our Charity                                                    Meeting at the world famous Peterson
Car Wash Program to car wash                Lastly, we cannot forget about the            Automotive Museum in Los Angeles,
operators to get as many of them to         united efforts for our legislative goals.     CA. There will be a tour of all the classic
declare themselves as Charity Friendly      The one that comes to mind is in              cars and motorcycles with a dinner and
so they can begin referring local groups.   Colorado. They had legislation that           very informative program put on by the
The meeting is February 15, 2007 in         would outlaw car washing in                   Economic & Employment Enforcement
Folsom. Go to the Events Page of our        driveways. The measure was approved           Coalition and the California Labor &
website at and download        by both houses but was vetoed by the          Workforce Development Agency. WCA

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