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					Today in Advanced Health

  Double Seating Charts
  Story Time…..
        Qualifications:
           Personal Item in Possession Now
           Must last 1 minute, be true, school appropriate

           And reveal at least 3 personality traits

  Syllabus
  Course Procedures/Guidelines
Advanced Health

  Moderator Assignment Meeting(s)
  While In Progress:
        Relatively Quite
        Meet w/ Group-items still on docket for your project
        When you feel you’re done….Read and go over:
             3rd Quarter: Community Health Project
             Mini-Project #1 (same/different groups)
                   List Top 3 Options
        Meet in Lab on Monday (Mini-Project)
        Would we utilize 1 more day in lab???
    Day 1: Intro, Treasure Hunt, Cards
    Day 2: Syllabus, Guidelines, Intro Self
    Day 3: What is a healthy Person?
    Day 4: Concepts 1-4
    Day 5: Concept 5: Health is Complex-List
    Day 6: Health. Couple, Moderation, Intro DOH
    Day 7: Computer Lab
    Day 8: DOH Sharing
    Day 9: Concept-Lifestyle –Start Big 2 (Prevention)
    Day 10: Finish Big 2: Attitude and Behavior (Risk
     Factors, Path of Least Resistance) Review Guide
Welcome to Health Education

    Please take from the front:
      Sit Anywhere (don’t get comfy)
      Take:
          a packet (# it, skip blank pages)
          a blank sheet of paper (Make a name tag)
                Creativity Optional (Must Stand on its Own)
        Page Three
          Rip Out!/Rip in ½ along dotted line
          Do Top Portion

          Don’t Worry about Bottom Yet
Today in Health

  Double Seating Charts
  Syllabus
        Overview of Course Webpage
    Course Procedures/Guidelines
        First Homework Assignment (Kind of…)
          Folder
          Parent Contact / Guidelines

          DUE FRIDAY

    What it Means to be a Healthy Person…
Introduction to Personal
Health           Education
What Does It Mean to Be a Healthy

         Give One Get One , 4 New People
Review of Class Procedures
  Late work?
  Make-Up
  Office
  Email
  Grades
  Extra Credit
  Website
  Folder/Contact
  Cell Phones/Tardies
Define in Your Own words…

  With a partner try to verbalize a definition
   of health.
  Key Terms:
Health is more than just physical
well-being……..It is a:

 A  complete state of
   Physical, Mental,
   and Social well-
   being, not merely
   the absence of
   __________ or
The Health Triangle

          Physical Mental

Today in Health

    Review
      Definition of Health
      First Homework Assignment
          Folder
          Parent Contact / Guidelines

  Concepts of Health…
  Finish with
   Health Behavior and Health Knowledge
Computer Lab Reminder

Who’s Creative Here?

 My health is like………
Concepts of Health

 Concept #1: Health is……
  Social
  Occupational
  Spiritual
  Physical
  Intellectual
  Emotional

               Any others?
 No One Has Perfect Health!!!

          Partner Activity

         Social                     Physical


With a Partner think of 3 famous people (Actors, Musicians, Athletes, etc) that have
a health triangle that is lopsided. It could be either very positive or extremely poor.
Concepts of Health

 Concept #2:
 Health is……Holistic:
  Are of the dimensions
   of health are related….
  Not “Mutually

                  P             S

How does your physical health affect your mental health…etc.
Concepts of Health

 Concept #3: Health as a……Continuum
Concepts of Health

 Concept #4: Health is……Dynamic:
Concept #5: Health is Complex.

Health Knowledge       Health Behavior
Top 10 Reasons Why Review
Health Knowledge   Health Behavior

  1.                       6.

  2.                       7.

  3.                       8.

  4.                       9.

  5.                       10.
Today in Health
  Extra Credit?
  Review
        Concept # 2-5
  Health Knowledge & Health Behavior
  Computer Lab-Tomorrow
  Determinants!!!
  Personal Health Inventory:
   Wellness Wheel-Due
Computer Lab Reminder

Wellness Wheel Assignment
               Always true (3)
  Collecting       Very Often True (2.5)
  First Page            Usually True (2)
Don’t Forget
  on Back
  Due Date:
Determinants of Health Assignment

  Announcement-LockDown Procedures…
  Due Tomorrow
  Questions????
  A+ Paper
        Define
        Examples
        GR/SP
Top 10 Reasons Why Review
Health Knowledge   Health Behavior

  1.                       6.

  2.                       7.

  3.                       8.

  4.                       9.

  5.                       10.
The Healthiest Couple                                      by William Carlyon

 They brush and they floss with care every     And when at the age of two hundred and
     day, But not before breakfast of both         three they jog from this life to one still
     curds and whey.
 He jogs for his heart she bikes for her           more free,
     nerves; They assert themselves daily      They’ll pass through those portals to claim
     with appropriate verve.                       their reward and St. Peter will stop
 He is loving and tender and caring and            them "just for a word."
     kind, Not one chauvinist thought is
     allowed in his mind.                      "What Ho" he will say, "You cannot go in.
 They are slim and attractive well-dressed         This place is reserved for those
     and just fun. They are strong and             without sin."
     well-immunized against everything         "But we’ve followed the rules" she'll say
     under the sun.
 They are sparkling and lively and having          with a fright. "We're healthy"– "Near
     a ball. Their diet? High fiber and low        perfect"– "And incredibly bright."
     cholesterol.                              "But that’s it" will say Peter, drawing
 Cocktails are avoided in favor of juice;          himself tall "You've missed the point
     Cigarettes are shunned as one would           of living By thinking so small."
     the noose;
 They drive their car safely with belts well   "Life is more than health habits, Though
     in place; at home not one hazard ever         useful they be, It is purpose and
     will they face.                               meaning, the grand mystery."
 1.2 children they raise, both sharing the     "You've discovered a part of what makes
     job. One is named Betty, .2 is named
     Bob.                                          humans whole and mistaken that part
                                                   for the shape of the soul."

                     Interpretation = No right or wrong answer!!!
1st Time…The Key to Health is


             Versus Abstinence
Determinants of Health Paper

 See Rubric on Page ____
  Pick 1 Determinant YOU feel
   has greatest impact
  Brief Persuasive (About 1 ½ pages)
    Supporting Research
    Make sure to cite

    Not worried about format of citing

    1st “Polished” Assignment
Determinants of Health

 Determinant = Influence
 Group Activity:
  Provide a definition and at
   least 2 examples (related to
  You will be assigned 1
   determinant that you will
   share with class.
Nature versus Nurture

           The Jim Twins
Jim Twins

           ……
Your Task
 1.Get into groups based on what you decided was the number one
 influence (Determinant) of Health.
      a.There will be a ‘Heredity Group,’ ‘Culture Group,’ ‘Attitude
      Group’ etc.
 2.You will have 6-8 ish minutes to:
      a. Agree upon a definition that you will share for your determinant
      to the class and put it on the computer.
      b.Pull all of your examples together (from all of your papers) and
      put your best two or three next to your definition on the board.
      c. Discuss your ‘selling points.’ You should have no less than three
      selling points. (“Technology is the biggest influence on health
      d. Decide which group member will speak about which point-
      Sharing Definition, Examples, Selling Points.
Concept: Lifestyle
  The health problems that face our nation
  are, in large measure, the result of
  lifestyle decisions. The leading causes
  of premature death and illness in the US
  could be prevented through
  positive lifestyle habits.

  The individual can do more for their well-
  being than any doctor, hospital, drug or
  exotic medical device.
            What does this Mean?
Leading Causes of Death-U.S.
 The top three leading causes of death in the
   US are:
  Heart Disease
  Cancer
  Stroke
   And are mostly attributed to American’s
   lifestyle which includes poor nutrition,
   lack of physical activity, alcohol, and
   tobacco use.
Life Expectancy

   Have you given much thought to how
   long you will live?
  Life Expectancy Quiz
  Pay Attention to the
  Additional one for
   extra credit
  Print up or email me your certificate
The focus should be…..

  Which determinants do you have 100 %
  control over            A. Circle of no control

 The “Big Two”
                                B. Circle of control
Extra Credit: Opportunity II
  Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men
Prevention: The Foundation of Wellness

                   Primary prevention avoids the
                    development of a disease. Most
                    population-based health promotion
                    activities are primary preventive
                   Secondary prevention activities are
                    aimed at early disease detection,
                    thereby increasing opportunities for
                    interventions to prevent progression of
                    the disease and emergence of
                   Tertiary prevention reduces the
                    negative impact of an already
                    established disease by restoring
                    function and reducing disease-related
An Ounce of Prevention…..

 Which do we rely upon most in the US?
American Culture is Backwards…






      Prevention is better than cure.
           —Desiderius Erasmus
The Riddle: Who am I?
  I am your constant companion. I am         I am not a machine,
  your greatest helper or heaviest           though I work with all the
  burden. I will push you onward or          precision of a machine
  drag you down to failure. I am             plus the intelligence of a
  completely at your command. Half the       human. You may run me
  things I do you might as well turn over    for profit or run me for ruin
  to me and I will be able to do them        – it, makes no difference
  quickly and correctly.                     to me.
  I am easily managed - you must             Take me, train me, be firm
  merely be firm with me. Show me            with me, and I will place
  exactly how you want something done        the world at your feet. Be
  and after a few lessons I will do it       easy with me and I will
  automatically. I am the servant of all     destroy you.
  great individuals and, alas, of all
  failures as well. Those who are great, I
  have made great. Those who are             Who am I?
  failures, I have made failures.
List of Choices You’ve Made Today
                    Choices

   Bad Habits                   Good Habits
       also called
    Risk Factor(s)

                    Lifestyle

      (Sum of your decisions and Habits)
Risk Factor (s): Defined

  Any behavior
  that potentially
  threatens your
  health or the
  health of others.
This Week in Health
    Review:
        Prevention, Risk Factor (s), Lifestyle
    Tuesday
        Finish Wellness Unit                     A. Circle of
                                                  no control
    Wednesday                                    B. Circle of
        Quiz (Review/Back of Packet)             control
    Thursday
        Start Mental/Emotional Health…
  Friday: Movie (Sub Ground rules)
  Monday: Lab (Mission Statement)
How            vs.   Why

 Causes of Death      Risk Factors
 Are You Living a "Healthy Lifestyle?"
    Reeves & Rafferty studied health practices
    of >150,000 Americans…. as adhering to
    four behavioral patterns:
       Nonsmoking
       Regular physical activity (30 or more minutes per day
        at least 5 times a week)
       Consumption of 5 or more servings of fruits and
        vegetables a day
       Maintenance of a healthy weight with a body mass
        index (BMI) in the range of 18.5-25.0

In the study only 3% of the surveyed American met 4 tenets of a healthy lifestyle.
Attitude       by Charles Swindell

―The longer I live The more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
Attitude, to me, is more important than the past, than education, than
money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what
other people think or say or do.

It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make
or break an organization, a school, a home. The remarkable thing is
we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace
for that day.

We cannot change our past.
We cannot change the fact that people
will act in a certain way.
We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play the string we have, and that is our
attitude. I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me
and 90 percent how I react to it. And so it is with you. We are in
charge of our attitude!‖

  Your Words……..
  What is this about?
  What is inevitable in life?
  90/10
  Poker?
  Attitude is the father
   of Behavior
The Road Not Taken
Path of Least Resistance
When done with Quiz:

  Turn in Quiz/Scantron
  Give everyone the same
   peace that you had while
   you took your quiz
  Take a Mental/Emotional Health Unit
   Packet from up front and number it.
Group Activity:
 Determine how we follow the POLR:
  Nutrition

  Physical Fitness

  Mental Health

  Sexuality and Relationships

  Disease and Medicine

  Other(s)?

    Always a review guide
      One on back
      One online

  Save for Midterm
      & Final
  Quizzes
      Objective
      T/F, MC, Matching, etc.

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