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									                                                  HCS HERALD
                                           A weekly newsletter of Heritage Christian School
                                             P. O. Box 400 Jordan Station, Ontario L0R 1S0
                                                905 562 7303 (office) 905 562 0020 (fax)
                                                     WEBSITE: www.hcsjordan.ca
                                                             April 8, 2011

                We’re looking forward to greeting our senior supporters next week Friday for Grandparents
                Day. We’ve prepared an excellent program for your enjoyment and we can’t wait to present
                it to you. See you next week, D. V.

                                                         HCS Calendar
April 9       GST Auction                                                 May 2 & 3      Secondary Work Days
April 11      Hep B vaccinations                                          May 2-5        French 12 To Montreal
              Supermarket Orders Due                                      May 3          Gr. 3B to Albright Manor
April 12      Gr. 4B to UMH                                               May 4          Jr. Div. Sports Day
              Redeemer Science Fair                                       May 5          Gr. 7&8 Speech Contest
April 13      Elem Pizza Day                                              May 6          Secondary Choir Festival
April 15      Grandparents Day                                            May 9          Promotion Comm Mtg, 8 p.m. at Vandermeulen‟s
              Secondary Progress Reports                                  May 10         Gr. 2B to United Menn. Home
April 18      PTA Meeting                                                 May 13         Primary Div. Book Character Day
April 19      Gr. 4A to Shalom Manor                                      May 14         Volleyball Fundraiser
              Sec. P/T Conferences                                        May 17-20      Secondary Trip Week
April 20      Secondary Chapel                                            May 17         Gr. 5A to Shalom Manor
April 21      Elementary Assembly                                         May 19         Gr. 9 to Toronto, Gr. 11 to Niagara Falls
              Supermarket Pick Up                                         May 20         Elementary Field Day
              Secondary Wacky Hair Day                                    May 23         Victoria Day
April 22      Good Friday                                                 May 26         Gr. 1B to Lookout Point
April 25      Easter Monday                                                              Membership Meeting
              Fundraising Meeting                                         May 27         Gr. 6 Hike
May 2         Secondary EdComm Meeting                                                   Gr. 4B to Dundurn Castle

                                    Grandparents Day 2011 Volunteers
Bakers: Please have 2 doz. cookies~squares at the school by 9:00 am on Fri. Apr 15
Lisa Antonides, Darlene Bax, Lisa Bok, Sonja Bosch, Mary Bosman, Linda Brouwer, Lydia Bruining, Marlene Dasselaar, Sheryl
DeKlerk, Joanne DeKorte, Connie DeRoche, Nikki DeVries, Kathy Emmanuel, Marcia Fennema, Patricia Huizenga, Sharlene
Huizinga, Stephanie Grin, Doreen Groen, Anna Groen, Carolyn Groot, Pam Heida, Joanne Heikoop, Amanda Hol, Karen Kamphuis,
Lori~Ann Kemper, Connie Kiers, Christine Klyn~Hesselink, Wilma Kuivenhoven Marlene Langendoen, Nicole Larson, Becky
Lindenboom, Janet Pennings, Cheryl Pols, Nada Prinsen, Rachelle Roelofsen, Kelly Slingerland, Sandy Stares, Yvonne Struyk, Dinie
Tamminga, Vanessa Terlouw, Cornelia Terlouw, Melissa Tigchelaar, Lori Tuinstra, Saskia vanBarneveld, Shirley Vandenbrink,
Charlene VandenEnde, Karin VanderMeulen, Alida VanderMolen ,Linda Vanderwetering, Evelyn VanDyke, Caroline VanDyken,
Janet VanHuizen, Liz vanSteekelenburg, Laurie VanVliet, Gesine VanVliet, Adriana Veld, Miriam Verburg, Marita Wagner, Theresa
Wagter, AnnaMarie Wassenaar, Marnie Werdekker
Thurs. Apr. 14 1:00~3:00pm ~ help in kitchen with food prep and/or set up in gym
Lisa Antonides, Lisa Bakker, Glenda deSchiffart, Angela Hagen, Marlene Linzel, Liz vanSteekelenburg
Fri. Apr. 15 9:30~12:30 pm ~help with coffee service & lunch prep*
Joanne DeKorte, Boukje Elgersma, Michelle Gerritsen, Elaine Korvemaker, Jeanette Otten, Fran Tigchelaar, Harriet Vaisanen, Linda
Fri. Apr.15 11:30~2:30pm ~serve lunch & cleanup*(please bring a soup pan & ladle)
Joanne DeKorte, Hannie Fledderus, Renee Jacobi, Charlene Nieuwenhuyzen, Leanne Otten, Kerrie Radsma, Sheri Sinke, Sheila
All those helping for the day are asked to park in the arena parking lot.
*Those serving coffee and/or lunch are asked to please dress neatly~dress pants or skirt.

General School News
GRANDPARENTS DAY: Attention                      annual Grandparents Day on Friday,                from 9:15 to 10:25 am. The children
all grandparents and seniors: Whether            April 15, 2011, at Heritage Christian             and teachers are preparing a special
you have children in the school or not,          School. You will have the opportunity             program and at noon a lunch will be
you are most welcome to attend our               to visit the children in their classrooms
served. We would love to see you            Heritage GST Auction! Saturday              questions contact Anna Groen (905-
there!                                      April 9th is the big day! Items can be      892-6987)
DVDs Available A DVD of the                 dropped off at the school from 12-3         Lovable Labels Have you lost too
grandparents day program will be            pm- please mark it with your item #.        many mittens to count? Are you tired
produced next week. If you would like       Doors open at 5:00 pm for supper, the       of rewriting names in your children‟s
to reserve one, please call or email the    auction will start at 6:00 pm. Please       clothes because it washes out? Are
office. You will need to indicate who       plan on joining us!                         you ready for a great solution? The
we can send it home with when they          Food Service Saturday April 9 GST           PTA now has a fundraiser for lovable
are completed. They will cost $5.           Auction help - thank you to everyone        labels. The fundraiser is all online.
Uniforms: Parents, please ensure            who responded, your help is                 You place an order and it is delivered
that your children are not coming to        appreciated. Kitchen Help 2 -5 pm:          to your home. It is a great, easy
school with coloured camisoles,             Linda & Rachel Slingerland. Kitchen         solution to the problem of tracking
undergarments,         t-shirts,      or    Help 3 - 5 pm : Marita Wagner, Kathy        down all your children‟s items out of
“hempies” under their white                 Emmanuel.         Dishwashers:        Art   the lost and found! All you need to do
uniform tops.          Also, we are         Veldhuizen, Bill Vlaardingerbroek.          is go to
continuing to see socks that are not        Supper Servers @ 4:30 pm- Melinda           www.HeritageCS.lovablelabels.ca and
white or navy. Thanks for your              Pouli, Joanne Heikoop, John Sikkens,        the school will receive a percentage of
cooperation in maintaining the              Liz Van Steekelenburg. Cashiers @           the profits.
uniform standards.                          4:30 pm - Andy & Laurie VanVliet.           Love to talk? New Committee -
Parking: When attending an event or         Coffee/Dessert Counter 4:30 - 6:30          Members needed: The Board has
helping out at the school, please do        pm - Harold & Lisa Antonides, Corrie        approved the formation of a new
not park at the Immanuel Orthodox           Zylstra. Coffee/Dessert Counter 6:30 -      committee to promote, monitor and set
Reformed Church parking lot. We             8:30 pm - Andrea Otten, Margaret            goals for the endowment fund at
need this parking lot as a playground       Vandermeyden, Jen Schouwenaar.              Heritage Christian School. Potential
for the primary students.                   Table Clearer 5 - 8 pm - Katrina &          committee members are individuals
Entering/Exiting HCS parking lot in         Zach Sikkens, Cliff & Henrietta             who know the basics of what an
AM and PM: For safety reasons,              VanDyken. Table Clearers 8pm - End          endowment fund is and how it benefits
please ALWAYS enter the front               - Jessica Suk, Scott Lindeboom              the school (no in depth knowledge
parking lot through the west entrance       PTA Members: Please remember to             needed -- that is why we have
and exit through the east entrance.         make 2 desserts for the GST                 partnered with Christian Stewardship
We especially need your cooperation         Auction. Your contributions are much        Services), are able to represent the
in this matter to ensure bus/student        appreciated!                                committee at membership meetings
safety.                                     TRIP Facts We have 210 families. If         and/or grandparent's day, and are
Grandparent’s Day: Parents, please          they all order $150 groceries and $50       "people-persons." The committee is
be reminded that students need to           gas each week, this earns them              expected to meet 1-2 times per
wear “program uniform” (see Parent          $187.20        and       the      school    year. Plus you'll get "GIVE" hours
Handbook) for Grandparent‟s Day.            $280.80. Grand total earned is              for        attending       membership
That means white tops for everyone,         $98,280. We have over 310 registered        meetings! If you have any questions
pants for boys, and skirts for girls.       with the program and then we could          about the responsibilities for the
Jumpers and skorts are not permitted.       earn $145,080. This is all outside          committee, please contact Pam
Also, please ensure that the girl’s         money, not out of your pocket.              Hessels at 905-386-0492. If you are
skirts are of modest length. Thank-         Now if everyone just gets on parent or      willing to join the Endowment
You for your cooperation in this            in-law to use the program we could          Committee, please contact one of the
matter!                                     earn even more. The TRIP ladies             board members.
HCSS Work Days Once again this              spend at least 10 hours each week           HCS Fundraiser – Volleyball
spring, secondary students and              doing the program and need to count         Tournament Saturday, May 14.
teachers will be working to raise funds     on the membership for a few moments         Now is the time to get a team
for the expansion project – specifically    of organization. Even Tim's earns the       together! Get a group of friends,
Secondary Gym Sports Equipment.             school 5% ($1.52 x 52 weeks X 3 =           family or neighbours together for a
Could you use some help with spring         $237.00 this earns you almost $5 and        fun day of volleyball. There is a
cleaning either inside your house or        the school $7.50 that is just 3 coffees a   minimum of 6 players per team with
outside in the yard? Could you use          week for a year.) Keep in mind also         minimum 2 female players on a team.
some extra hands for cuttings or            that you need to use the program all        Recommended age to play is 16 years
potting in the greenhouse? Could you        year long, even in the summer and           and up –team discretion. Cost per
use some help in the office? This year      during the holidays. We would love a        person is $25. Sign up is limited to 12
the HCSS Work Days are Monday,              holiday too but then the school loses       teams so get your team submitted
May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd. If            out. Place your orders today!!              early! There will be a mystery prize
you‟d like to hire some help or if you      SUPERMARKET:              Order Forms       for the winning team. Please contact
have any questions, please direct them      have been sent out. We hope you all         Mike Vrugteveen for more details or
to        Mr.        Huizenga          at   had a chance to look them over. Just a      to sign up your team. Mike – 905-
vpsec@hcsjordan.ca or call the office.      reminder that order forms are due           892-5887 or mike@niagarapallet.ca
                                            Monday, April 11th! If you have any
General Elementary News                    special sounds as well as work at          Grade 1B –Miss Boonstra Greetings,
Junior Division: Cozy-up and Read          using all our skills in reading and        Parents: Memory Work: Ps. 145:20;
– As part of our BookWorm Reading          writing!      Memory        work     for   Mon. gym, library, Thurs. gym; Per
Incentive program at HCS we will be        Wednesday        is      Psalm     23:1.   son of the Week: Taylor Bosch, In
setting aside an hour on Friday, April     Kindergarten B – Mrs. Harsevoort           Bible we will continue to learn
15 for Gr. 4-6 students and teachers to    1. Thank-you for supporting our            about Daniel and will begin our
pull out a chapter book. Students are      Reading Incentive Program. So many         Easter Unit. A new Math letter went
permitted to bring one stuffed             of you returned completed Record           home today. We are looking forward
character OR a blanket for the             Sheets. I hope you continue to enjoy       to our next unit on Birds. Thank you
afternoon read, but it needs to be         the daily reading habit. 2. If you have    for sending in 2L pop bottles. We
reasonable size to keep our classrooms     not yet returned your child's report       hope to use them soon in our gym
clear for Grandparents Day. Let‟s          card, could you please send it to          class. We will be having an Easter
cozy up to a good book.                    school? Thanks. 3. Please remember         Assembly         on Thursday,       Apr.
Chocolate Bar Sale There are still         to arrange transportation for your child   21. Your child is expected to come in
around 40 families who have not yet        on Grandparents' Day and pick him or       program attire for this assembly.
paid for their chocolate bars. If you      her up from the K room at noon. 4.         Thanks
are one of them, could you please send     We started our Rhyme Time Show &           Grade 2A – Miss Nieuwenhuis Dear
the money in ASAP. The cost is             Tell. If you have any questions,           Parents! 1. We have started the Bible
$60.00 per box. Please do not send         please feel free to call me. Please        stories from the New Testament. This
cash. Cheques are made payable to          return the book on the following           week's stories were about the
HCS PTA. Stayed tuned for the top          school day, so that the next child can     temptations of the Lord Jesus and the
sellers... Questions? Call Stephanie       take it home. 5. On Friday, April 8th      first disciples. 2. We are in need of
Grin.      Thank     you     for   your    the students brought home memory           more Kleenex boxes. The children
cooperation.                               work for Easter. It's from Matthew         just keep on having all these
Field Day Re: Student exceptions for       28. Only verse 5 is due on Tuesday,        colds....looking forward to the warmer
Field Day. All students who have           April 19th.                                weather. Could you please send one
repeated a grade are encouraged to         Grade 1A – Miss Wierenga 1. Wow!           or two more boxes with your child to
participate in Field Day with their age    The reading just continues! Thanks         school. Greatly appreciated. 3.
group.       Students who do not           parents! Several bookmarks have            Memory work for next week is: Psalm
participate with their age group are not   been earned already.           That is     27: 1 and 2 and the O.T. Bible books
eligible for Master Field Day. A           encouraging. 2. Thank you also for         from Genesis to Lamentations. The
student may participate with his/her       the book orders. Another package is        spelling unit is 27. 4. The time is
class group, however, only with            coming home today. Keep the orders         going by fast. We are looking forward
permission from the parents. If this       coming, as they earn free books and        to Grandparents Day next week.
applies to your child, please inform       stickers for our classroom. 3. Ask         Warm regards!
your child‟s teacher of any changes        your child about miracles and              Grade 2B – Mrs. Boekestyn Dear
before Friday, April 15.                   wonders, usual and unusual, favourite      Parents, This week has been a tough
Primary Book Character Dress-Up            pies, nautical flags, Elijah, Elisha,      week for me as my husband‟s family
Day: An advance notice for students        Naboth, and the priests of Baal.           has mourned the loss of a loved one,
in Grades K-3 about Book Character         4.    Reminders for next week:             yet the children‟s faith is inspiring as
Dress-Up Day on Friday, May 13th.          TUES: gym clothes, library books           it has led us to talk about heaven and
Stay posted, your child‟s teacher will     and dues. WED: pizza day THURS:            our comfort in Christ. We have
be sending home the particulars for        gym clothes. FRI: memory work: Ps.         finished our “Rainbow Fish” for art
their class.                               56:3, Spelling      test    on   lesson    and they have turned out beautifully. I
Grades 2-3: We apologize for the           22. From Miss Suk: 1. We would             am impressed with the great detail that
late notice, but, we are asking if each    like to thank Mrs. Groen, Mr. C.           was put into this project. We are also
child in Grade 2 and 3 could bring         Otten, Mrs. H. VanDyk, Ella                working on Self-Portraits as we learn
along a coloured handkerchief to be        Tigchelaar's sisters, and Mrs. C. Otten    how God created our unique faces. We
worn      around     the     neck    for   for coming to our class to share their     have begun reading and studying One
Grandparent‟s Day. It doesn‟t matter       talents and instruments with us! We        Morning In Maine and once again I
what colour.                               learned a lot about the trumpet, violin,   see how much improvement there is in
                                           accordion, harmonica, and flute!           reading as your children are reading
Kindergarten A – Mrs. Emmanuel             2. Our unit on Peter Rabbit has come       with great expression and fluency. In
This week we started the Easter story      to a close and we are now reading          gym we have are starting to do some
in our Bible lessons. The Last Supper      "Big Sarah's Little Boots." 3. We          practice for track and field day. Along
tied in nicely with our Passover story     have also finished our unit on Bones       with the other grade 2 and 3 classes,
from Egypt - ask your child for            and Muscles and have just started a        we have been practicing often for
details. On Wednesday your child           new unit on Japan! 4. Ask your child       Grandparent‟s Day and we are all very
brought      home       a     storybook    about     suitcases,     Japan's   flag,   excited for Friday. Please see the note
reader. Please practice it and send it     homonym tree, planting boots in the        about      the     children     wearing
back on Monday. Now that we are            ground, Naaman's leprosy, and              handkerchiefs on Friday. We have
finished the letters we will learn some    blinded Syrians.                           also been writing poems about our
grandparents. Please remember about        Constellations in Science. Spelling        today will be much more encouraging.
program uniform for Grandparent‟s          will Lesson 26 next week. Our              Students can look forward to a much
Day. I hope you all have a wonderful       Grandparents Day practices are going       more relaxed week next week!
weekend! Reminders for next week:          well. We are really enjoying the           Coming up next week: Monday:
Monday: Girl‟s show and tell, Library      songs we have learned. The halls           phys. ed., library books due Tuesday:
Friday: Boy‟s show and tell,               seem to be filled with "whistling!"        UMH trip (PROGRAM UNIFORM),
Grandparent‟s Day, Spelling Test 27,       Grade 4A – Mrs. Baartman The               library Wednesday: phys. ed.,
Memory Work: Col. 3:13-14 (sorry,          students in Grade 4A had quite the         Thursday:           MW          Hebrews
my mistake with Galatians last week)       "wacky" hair on Wednesday! It's            11:1,4,5,7,8,11,17 (tested orally),
Grade 3A - Mr. Wensink Greetings.          always great to see the effort and         spelling test lesson 27 Friday: GP
Oral presentation on a fruit or            enthusiasm put into the creation of        Day (PROGRAM UNIFORM), cozy
vegetable have all been very well done     their hairstyles! Next week will be        up and read in the afternoon (bring
with just a few still to complete. Many    busy yet exciting preparing for and        books, pillows etc..)
interesting facts are being clearly        practicing for Grandparent's Day. As a     Grade 5A – Mr. Jansen The students
presented.      Grandparent's       Day    result, there will be no memory work       performed well on the Bible test this
practices have been a whistling great      next week. Instead, students will be       week. We have finished another math
time. We're almost ready for Friday,       expected to memorize the words for         unit on multiplying and dividing
but are the grandparents ready? Our        "Bless This House." Each student has       fractions; the test will be on Tuesday.
plant studies continue for 2 more          a copy of this song at school. Parents,    The students can prepare by doing
weeks as we learn so much about our        please remember that you child needs       some questions from the review
Creator's design. In Math we began         to wear program uniform on Friday.         lesson. The recorder test next week
Measurement.        Look       for    an   Friday afternoon the Jr. Division will     will be based on song #107, “Frere
introduction    sheet      along    with   participate in Cozy-up-and-Read; all       Jacques”.      The book talks and
completed work, tests and more             students will need to ensure they have     newscasts will be done on Tuesday by
information on Monday. For our Bible       their silent reading books at school for   Micah V., Garrett B., Julia C., Harm
memory we will have a fill in the          that afternoon. We will have a Bible       Jan D., and Peter D. The memory
blank test of the key words from           Test on Thursday on the stories #53-       work for next week will be Psalm 98:
Matthew 5:3-14. (the Beatitudes, salt      63. A review sheet will be in the duo-     3-4.
and light) In Bible, we are learning of    tangs on Monday. Next week's               Grade 5/6 – Mr. Kemper Greetings!
the events leading up to Good Friday       Spelling Test #27 will be on Thursday      There are several tests and quizzes
and Easter. Our Spelling is Unit 28        rather than Friday. Also, students will    next week so students should do their
and our recorder song for this week is     have a Recorder Test on S#36 on            best to be well-rested and well-
#24, "Hush Little Baby". Our students      Thursday. A reminder that our              prepared. We are looking forward to
have some creative and colourful art       upcoming Service Trip to Shalom            Grandparents' Day on Friday. The
on display in the hall and classroom to    Manor in on Tues.Apr.19th. Have a          students are doing a fine job during
get ready for Friday, and our 103          wonderful weekend!                         practices. In Bible, we are nearing the
plants are growing well. (as are their     Grade 4B – Mrs. Zwiep Greetings,           end of a unit; therefore, students
caregivers) Blessings.                     Parents! Another enjoyable and             should begin reviewing for a test on
Grade 3B – Miss Petersen Students          productive week has flown by in our        the week of the 18th. Students will be
are looking forward to visiting and        classroom. Students enjoyed a few          coming home with home packages on
performing for their Grandparents on       afternoons of sunshine after the           Friday. The first sheet needs to be
Friday. You may have heard them            gloomy weather we have been having         signed and I would like the tests and
“whistling while they work” around         lately. Thank you to all the parents       quizzes returned to school in the
the house!  Students did a lot of         who volunteered to drive for our           envelope provided. Information about
excellent work this week, despite          UMH service trip on Tuesday. If I          the Grade 6 hike has also come home.
some grey, dull days. Let‟s keep up        confirmed that you were driving in         You are free to join us for the hike. On
the momentum, Grade 3! Reminders:          your child‟s agenda, please look for a     Monday, Mr. Enter will be coming to
Monday: Library Books Friday:              details note that went home today.         our class to begin a unit on Plants.
Bring a handkerchief.           Program    Please note that the inclusion of the      Reminders: Mon-Sp. Pre-test (26),
Uniform for Memory Work Quiz on            date for our class trip in the last        Library. Tues-Gr. 5 Math Test, H.
Ephesians 6: 17 and Recorder Test on       newsletter was to mark your calendar       Packages due. Wed-Gr. 5 Grammar
Song #29 “Ode to Joy” Timestables:         only.     Driver forms for Dundurn         Test, Gr. 6 Grammar Quiz, Pizza Day.
Please continue to practice tables 0-9,    Castle will not be sent home until the     Thurs-Gr. 6 Math Test, Spelling Test
regularly!! Keeping tabs on your           middle of May. Drivers will be             (26), MW (Eph. 2:3-4). Fri-
child‟s math drill scores will give you    “picked from a hat” in order to ensure     Grandparents' Day. Have a wonderful
an idea if more practice is necessary.     fairness. Students worked hard on          weekend!
From Mrs. Korevaar Thank you all           their math tests this week. Did you        Grade 6A – Mr. Enter Coming up
so much for your gifts, cards, and         see the grammar quiz that came home        next week: Mon. – Home Package
well-wishes for my birthday this past      on Thursday? Most students did very        due; Justice System with Mr. Kemper;
week. Next week our Bible stories          poorly on this quiz. After some extra      Tues. – Library, BookTalk (BritH,
will be about Easter. We will              explanation, practice and review,          RN, IM); Speech Research due; Fri. –
continue to work on Stars and              hopefully the results of their unit test   Memory Work (Luke 21:7-19);
Spelling Test (L.28). Because we will     Grade 8A – Mr. Blokhuis Our next           proved he ever had a mole removed? I
not be ready to begin Speeches by         memory work is Esther 4:14. We are         wonder if he ever taught a class,
April 19, we will advance the             on lesson 20 in spelling. A Bible test     just how to find the molecular mass.
upcoming Newscast schedule until we       on the Restoration is set for Thursday.    Well my students have never had so
are ready to begin presenting             Remember to learn the Grandparents         much fun since, they‟ve learned about
speeches. This round of Newscasts         Day     songs     and     bring    your    isotopic abundance. For these poems I
will be the last Newscast / BookTalk      construction-theme gear. From Mr.          will say- “This teacher repents”,
presentations of the year. Upcoming       Verburg Next week Wednesday we             though I could blame molecular
Newscasts for April 19 (KS, BG,           plan to have a history test on             elements. I‟m just following laws of
BRENH, RN, TS).                           Confederation. In science we will          constant      composition,      teaching
Grade 7A – Mr. Vander Deen                wrap up our unit on Heat and Matter,       quantities in Chemistry- that is my
Memory Work: Proverbs 2:1-3. Here         and in Phys Ed we will play some low       position!
are the deadlines for our speeches: the   organized games. Music:          Music     Biology 11 Gregor Mendel was an
rough draft is due April 14, the good     presentations conclude next week. On       Austrian monk who took a pea. It was
draft will be due April 21, and our       Monday presentations will be done by       purple. Then he took another pea. It
class speech contest will be May 2-4.     Melissa F. and Rachel E., Jeremy V.        was white. He crossed them, and what
Tasks III and IV for our geography        and Steven H., Maaike D. and Naomi         did he get? Ok, no „i-pod‟ jokes
project are due on April 13 as well.      B., and Taylor V., and Stacey G. The       now. He got a “one-eyed, one horned,
We have moved our Bible test to           test based on the presentations will be    flying purple-pea pull eater.” Yes,
Tuesday. Parents, keep up the good        on Thursday.                               we‟re     studying     genetics     here.
work with agendas. I have noticed a                                                  Genotypes and phenotypes, mountain
lot of improvement this week in           General Secondary News                     goats and zygotes. Recessive traits,
agenda use and in homework                                                           inheritance,         heteros         and
                                          From the Guidance Office Gr. 12s
completion.      Music:          Music                                               dominance. Alleles and hybrids,
                                          got a lot of info. this week on
presentations conclude next week. On      accepting offers, scholarships still       Punnett squares and if we blend them,
Tuesday presentations will be done by     available, OSAP, contacting the            no one cares. Meanwhile I‟m going to
Jake S. and Derrick V., Adam L. and                                                  make a cup of heredi-tea. (Hey, I think
                                          Financial    Aid     office    at    the
Glenn O., Elyse V. and Chantel H. and                                                I inherited most of these jokes from
                                          college/univ. they hope to attend, etc.
Alissa V. and Kim V.                                                                 my Dad- don‟t blame me!)
                                          Some are still awaiting offers…. not
Grade 7/8 – Mr. Grin Wow, another                                                    Bible 9 We are doing „toledoths‟ in
                                          unusual as college offers for
week flew by. We were privileged to       competitive programs are still being       groups. Working our way through the
hear a presentation by Melissa Ohden,     sent out and fully 1/3rd of university     Pentateuch. Presentations are all set to
an abortion survivor, about her unique                                               go. Following that, we hope to mosey
                                          offers don‟t go out until May. Please
perspective on the subject. It was                                                   on over to Moses and investigate his
                                          note that deadlines for accepting offers
truly an amazing story of grace,                                                     qualities of leadership as well as some
                                          are: May 2 – Community College &
forgiveness and redemption. Ps. 139                                                  of the „megathemes‟ in Exodus.
                                          June 2 – University. Students were
speaks so wonderfully about the           advised Not to wait until the last day     Hopefully we will get to the Israelite
sanctity of life. We have also begun      and to ensure, when accepting an           exodus and some of the hardships they
our study of the Church in history                                                   had to endure along the journey. It
                                          offer, that they print off the
focusing on the Church's faithless                                                   would be nice if we could interview
                                          confirmation number or email
response before the Reformation. Next                                                the Israelites about the exodus,
week, we will focus on the man,                                                      wouldn‟t it? Then again, they‟d
                                               OSAP presentation will be
Martin Luther, as he was used by God                                                 probably all go into denial.
                                          here at school on April 28th. All gr.
to re-form and realign the Church                                                    Mr. Huizenga
                                          12s are encouraged to attend.
back to the Truth. The outline for the                                               Biology-12 Students may be a bit
                                               Community Service – though
persuasive essay is due on Monday                                                    nervous       about      their     group
                                          most of our 12s have contributed far
and then writing the first draft may                                                 presentations. That‟s o.k., we‟re also
                                          more than the required no. of hours,
begin. A Math test covering chapter                                                  studying the role of the nervous
                                          many have not yet handed in their
nine is scheduled for Wednesday. If                                                  system.
                                          forms. There is one award at
you haven't returned the progress                                                    Chemistry-11        What do scientists
                                          graduation for community service so
reports yet, could you do so as soon as                                              and Moms have in common? They
                                          even if students have requirements
possible? Memory work is the next                                                    both rely upon measurements and
                                          met, it is good to still submit extra
verse of Romans 12. Have a good                                                      calculations to prepare their chemical
weekend. Music: Music presentations                                                  reactions.     Although, we probably
continue next week. On Tuesday                 Gr. 11 chats continue. Please        never thought of the cupcakes that
presentations will be done by Thomas      ask your son/daughter what was             Mom makes as being chemical
B., Rebekah L. and Erin D, and            discussed and advised.                     reactions. A test is forthcoming.
Rebecca L. and Chelsea H.                                                            Miss Kralt
Thursday‟s presentations will be done     Mr. Bosch                                  ENGLISH 10 We have finished our
by Alysha B. and Emma T., Daniel H.       Chemistry 12 Ok so the first question      unit on expository writing. The test is
and Darren O., Mariah S. and Katrina      is, Did Amedeo Avogadro ever eat an        scheduled for next week Tuesday. The
D.                                        avocado? Do you think it could be
next unit will focus on Early              Mrs. vanHooydonk
American Literature.                       World Religions 11 – After
ART 10 Sketch book assignments will        completing our study of Judaism, we
be due for Tuesday next week due to        now move on to the study of the
the class trip on Monday. Students         second monotheistic world religion –
will be visiting the Grimbsy Public        Islam. Our approach to this subject
Art Gallery. Our current unit focuses      will consist of reading the assigned
on Balance as a principle of design.       chapter, organizing notes and then
ART 11 Monday afternoon students           make       preparations      for    oral
will be on a class trip to the Grimbsy     presentations. In other words, students
Public Art Gallery. Sketch book            will teach each other and the teacher.
assignments are due for Tuesday. In        Worldview 12 – Ch. 6 of Lifeviews –
Art History we are beginning to            Positivism: “Seeing is Believing” will
examine the cultural and historical        be placed under our „study
influences of the Baroque era. Papier      microscopes‟ for observation. The
mache sculptures will be due on            philosophy of Auguste Comte, in
Tuesday.                                   particular, will be examined. How
Mr. Stares                                 does his philosophy of the dominance
Math 9 P/D Our short statistics unit       of scientific knowledge square with
assignments were due today and             the truth of God‟s Word and His
should be handed back Monday. We           directives to change our culture?
will begin some fun and games with         Mr. Verburg
linear equations after that. Tests for     Phys Ed 11 - Today the final
the last unit were handed back at the      reflections were due for the fitness
beginning of this week and showed          plan. The first part of this assignment
that a few students must recognize         was poorly done by many students and
when they do not understand a              needs more attention for the second
concept before they sit down with the      four week plan. We are also
test in hand. Encourage your child to      anxiously waiting for nice weather so
seek help when problems arise.             we can move our activities outdoors.
Math 10 P Unit 4 test was written and      Phys Ed 10 - The girls have started a
returned on Thursday. Our next unit,       unit on badminton this week. Of late
solving systems of equations, could be     the girls often are coming to phys ed
a bit challenging for some, but it can     without the proper attire and more
be figured out with a little help in the   attention to this would be appreciated.
right places. Please encourage your        Mr. Zylstra
child to ask for help when it is needed.   English 12U: Our ISU presentations
English 10 P Our short unit on essay       are now complete and we will
writing concludes with an essay which      be having a short test on the handouts
is due on Tuesday. It must be typed        late next week. Excellent work on the
and handed in on time.                     presentations! A number of students
Mr. VanDyk                                 defended interesting and unique
Bible 12: We are working on the last       perspectives on Cordelia.
part of our apologetics unit--the focus    English 9: We are well on our way
is on answering common objections to       through the reading of "The Merchant
the faith. Next week students will         of Venice." The students have
engage in an Internet research             demonstrated a very high interest in
assignment        investigating      the   the play and keep asking if they can
trustworthy nature of the biblical         read more! Keep up the good work!
manuscripts.                               History 10: Our brief study of the
Music 10: We are working through           1920's should culminate with a radio
the six elements of music which            show on Wednesday. Next week we
involves learning some theory but also     hope to start exploring the causes and
involves a fair bit of practical           consequences of the Depression.
application--where students compose
music and experiment with the various
elements of music.
History 10: We are working our way
through the        dirty thirties--and
exploring the challenges of the great

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