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                                                           The Perfect Blend of Family, Community and Business

                                          JULY 2008
  Alarm Systems—Do Your Homework                                                 What’s Inside...
  Before Buying                                                               3 D.L. Hopkins Senior

      by Doug Sisk, Community Relations/Crime Prevention Officer                Center News
                                                                                 Celebrate, Senior Center
  				Alarm	systems	are	a	great	crime	deterrent	for	your	home	and	               Style!
  business,	may	reduce	your	homeowner’s	insurance,	and	play	a	                5 Community Calendar
  major	role	in	keeping	your	family	safe.	The	Duncanville	Police	
                                                                              6 About Town
  Department	encourages	residents	to	take	all	the	precautions	
  they	can	to	protect	themselves	and	their	property	and	to	do	                7 Bulletin Board
  research	before	purchasing	an	alarm	system.	One	thing	to	be	                8 Property of the
                                                                                 Greener Gardens Nursery
                                                                                 and Landscaping
                                                                              9 News Brief
                                                                              10 Close Up
                                                                                 CHAMPION newsletter wins
                                                                                 state-wide prize
                                                                              11 Reader’s Digest
                                                                                 Library’s Children’s
                                                                              13 Spotlight
                                                                                   eRecycling Program
                                                                              14 Community Events
                                                                              16 Did You Know?
  aware	of	is	that	the	Duncanville	Police	Department	does	not	go	             18 Police Beats
  door-to-door	trying	to	sell	alarm	systems	nor	does	it	contract	                  Citizen Police Academy
  with	anyone	to	go	door-to-door.	According	to	city	ordinances,	
                                                                              19 FEMA
  its	illegal	for	anyone	to	go	door-to-door	selling	products	after	
                                                                                  Surviving the Storm
  6:00p.m.	Residents	should	call	the	Duncanville	Police	Dept.	
  and	report	anyone	that	is	violating	the	ordinance	and	selling	              20 Rec Room
                                                                                   Program Schedule
  after	the	designated	time.
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                                                                                City Information
		Although,	the	Duncanville	Police	do	not	sell	alarm	systems	                         Index
door-to-door,	they	do	offer	alarm	monitoring	through	the	                     Duncanville City Offices
                                                                                    General Government
Southwest	Regional	Communication	Center,	which	is	the	dis-             City Manager’s Office               972-780-5017

patch	center	for	Duncanville,	DeSoto,	and	Cedar	Hill	police	           Asst. City Manager’s Office
                                                                       City Secretary
and fire departments. They also do not go door-to-door selling         Public Information                  972-780-5043
                                                                       Duncanville JobLine                 972-780-5006
you	their	system.	You	can	learn	more	about	this	program	at	            After Hours Calls                   972-780-4959	or	call	(972)230-5248.	                                       economic Development
                                                                       Development Director                972-780-5090
			When	you	are	ready	to	invest	in	an	alarm	system,	do	your	                          police Department
                                                                       Chief of Police                     972-780-5038
homework.		Check	out	the	company	you	are	interested	in,	and	           Community Relations                 972-780-5027

get	a	few	quotes	before	you	decide.		Alarm	companies,	alarm	           Criminal Investigations
                                                                       Animal Control
sales	persons,	as	well	as	the	alarm	installers	all	have	to	be	         Police Records                      972-780-5024
                                                                                       Fire Department
licensed	by	the	Texas	Department	of	Public	Safety.		Things	you	        Fire Chief                         972-780-4920

need	to	check	into	while	shopping	for	alarm	systems:                   Assistant Fire Chief
                                                                                     Finance Department

•	Does	the	company	selling	the	alarm	system	also	monitor	it	           Director
                                                                       Municipal Court
		and	provide	maintenance	on	the	system?                               Teen Court                          972-780-5063

•	Is	the	company	local	and	where	is	the	monitoring	center	             Water Billing
                                                                            parKS & recreation Department

		located?                                                             Director
                                                                       Community Center
•	Do	they	maintain	your	contact	or	do	they	sell	it	to	another	         Senior Center                       972-780-5073

			company	to	monitor	it?                                              Special Events Coordinator

•	Does	it	have	a	cell	phone	back	up	system?                            Director
•	Do	you	need	glass	breakage	sensors?                                  Adult Services                      972-780-5052

•	Do	you	need	motion	sensors?                                          Youth Services
                                                                                pUBlic WorKS Department

•	Do	they	have	smoke	detectors?                                        Director
                                                                       Building Inspections
•	Do	they	have	medical	alert	devices?                                  Garage Sale Permits                  972-780-5040
                                                                       Health Officer                      972-780-4963
                                                                                 commUnitY inFormation
                                                                       Radio                                     1250 AM
                                                                       Television         Charter Comm. Cable Channel 26
                                                                                Special intereSt nUmBerS
                                                                                       License Plate Renewal
                                                                       Dallas County Govt. Center           214-653-7811
                                                                                       Community Assistance
                                                                       Duncanville Outreach                972-296-4986
                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce
                                                                       Chamber Offices                     972-780-4990
                                                                            mayor & city council phone numbers
                                                                       Mayor - David L. Green          972-780-0348
                                                                       At-Large - Dorothy Burton       972-296-8844
                                                                                   (Mayor Pro-Tem)
                                                                       District 1 - Ken Weaver         972-780-9810
                                                                       District 2 - Scott Cannon III 972-298-8098
                                                                       District 3 - Paul Ford          972-296-9000
                                                                       District 4 - Grady Smithey      972-298-2775
                                                                       District 5 - Johnette Jameson 972-780-8887

                                                                           is a monthly publication of the City
                                                                           of Duncanville. For information, call
                                                                           the City’s Community Information
                                                                           Office at 972-780-5043 or e-mail at
                                              July 2008 CHAMPION   2
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 			The	Duncanville	Police	Department	urges	citizens	to	use	caution	and	be	aware	of	persons	
 coming	to	their	residences	selling	alarms	or	for	alarm	repairs.	All	alarm	companies	are	required	
 by	law	to	be	licensed	by	the	Texas	Department	of	Public	Safety.		You	can	use	the	links	below	to	
 check	the	status	of	a	company	and	see	if	the	person	you	are	dealing	with	holds	a	valid	license	
 under	the	company	they	represent.
 			The	Texas	Department	of	Public	Safety	website	for	checking	licensed	alarm	companies	and	
 individuals	working	for	that	company:		
 and	for	licensed	installers:	
 			The	Duncanville	Police	Department	urges	you	if	you	have	someone	contact	you	about	alarms	
 and	you	did	not	request	it	or	if	they	do	not	have	their	license	from	the	Texas	Department	of	Pub-
 lic	Safety	to	call	the	police	immediately	(972)	223-6111.		
    Any question or other concerns you can contact Officer Doug Sisk, Crime Prevention / Com-
 munity Relations Officer, (972) 780-5027,
‘Celebrate, Good Times’ at the Senior Center
 by Elaine Ham, D. L. Hopkins Senior Center Director

   We’ve	all	heard	news	stories	about	how	many	people	are	living	to	the	age	of	100	years	old	and	
older.		In	fact,	they	say	that	it’s	not	really	much	of	a	news	story	nowadays	because	it	has	become	a	
commonplace	occurrence!
		Well,	tell	that	to	someone	who	has	lived	to	celebrate	
their	100th	birthday!		Or	how	about	a	company	who	
has	consistently	provided	a	service	or	a	product	to	
it’s	customers	for	100	years!		In	2007,	Blue	Bell	Ice	
Cream	celebrated	100	years	of	being	the	best	little	
creamery	in	Texas.		So	at	Hopkins	Senior	Center,	we	
celebrated	their	birthday	and	ate	homemade	vanilla,	
butter	pecan,	and	pralines	and	cream	ice	cream	until	
we	couldn’t	eat	anymore!
			And	in	2008,	Mrs.	Baird’s	Bakery	is	celebrating	their	
100th	birthday.	So	once	again,	we	get	to	celebrate!		On	
Wednesday,	July	16th	at	lunchtime	the	D.	L.	Hopkins	
Senior	Center	will	be	serving	a	special	lunch	using	
Mrs.	Baird’s	products.		
			We	love	celebrating	at	Hopkins	Senior	Center!		Of	
course,	we	will	celebrate	Independence	Day	on	Thurs-
day,	July	3rd	at	11:00	am	with	a	rousing	patriotic	sa-
lute	presented	by	our	Goldenaires	choir,	Plungerettes	
drill	team,	Lady	and	the	Tramps	band,	and	our	newest	
musical	group,	the	BG’s	guitar	class.		Great	music	and	dancing	will	be	followed	by	hot	dogs	and	
watermelon.		Make	sure	you	make	your	reservation	early	by	calling	(972)	780-5073.
         July Community Calendar

     4                                 9                                  14
                                                   Teen Court @ 5pm                      Planning & Zoning Commmis-
              City offices closed.
                                                   at City Hall, 203 E.                  sion meeting @ 7pm at City
              Stars, Stripes &
                                                   Wheatland Rd.                         Hall, 203 E. Wheatland Rd.
              Sports Festival at
                                                                                         DISD Board Meeting @ 7pm at
              Armstrong from 4pm
                                                                                         the DISD Technology Center
              to 10pm.

   15                                           17-19
                   Duncanville City
                   Council Meeting @                                             Duncanville Community Theatre
                   7pm at City Hall, 203                                         production of “Leading Ladies” at
                   E. Wheatland Rd.                                              106 S. Main St.; (972) 780-5707;

    23                                          24
                       Teen Court @ 5pm                          Friends of Duncanville Public Library
                       at City Hall, 203 E.                      @ 7pm at the Library, 201 James
                       Wheatland Rd.                             Collins Blvd. Meeting Room #3

   24-26                                                                        28
                                                                                                 Planning & Zoning
                                              Duncanville Community The-
                                                                                                 Commission meeting
                                              atre production of “Leading La-
                                                                                                 @ 7pm at City Hall,
                                              dies” at 106 S. Main St.; (972)
                                                                                                 203 E. Wheatland

July 2008 CHAMPION 5                                Report service requests or apply for jobs online at
About Town   So far summer has been a blast! The City of Duncanville
             hosted the Wes Jespersen Way Street Dedication,
             Juneteenth Celebration and Summer Concert Series.

                                                 July 2008 CHAMPION   6
      Community Bulletin Board
                                          to LELL ATULATIONS
                              ou  r      being th ND TURNER f
          oP    ub licize Y                      e
                                        the Dunc first teen reade
Want t Event?                                    anville P
                                                           ublic Lib of
                    can pu blicize
                                          complet     Program rary
            w you             ion?                 e 100 h       to
Did y ou kno ent on televis                                 ou
comm   unity e
                                                 reading! rs of
                        ons allo
                     icati            an-
          rC ommun ations to run 11.
 Charte ity organiz             8 and
 com   mun         on c hannels ation                 Need H
                                                             elp Pay
          ements r Communic d
  nounc Charte                  t. an                     Electric ing Your
  Vis it the      6 E. C enter S nd spread                         Bill?
   Offic e at 20 event form a
             te the           vent!                    Duncanv
   comple about your e
             rd                                    tries pro ille Outreach Mi
    the wo                                                    vide               nis-
                                                     bill paym s one-time elec
                                                  need wh ent for person’s ric
                                                            or                    in
                                ants              75116 a eside in area co
                                                             nd 7513             d
                  unc anville W                   informat             7. For m es
    The City of D U!                                        ion
                                                   ville Out , contact Dunca
                 YO                                          reach M             n-
                                 ncil is                              inistries
                         City Cou ions                   (972) 29
                                                                   6-4986. at
                canville           t
       The Dun cepting applica nd
                  ac                sa
      currently the City’s board n
                 on               atio
      to serve ions. The applic         08.
         c ommiss iday, July 18, 20 e
                  s Fr                 pag
       d eadline i are available on tter.
                 ons                 sle
       Applicati dition of the new t the
                is e                tac
       28 of th information, con 5017.
        For more ary at (972) 780
        City Sec

                                                                   July 2008 CHAMPION   7
Property	of	the	Month
        was recognized by the Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board as the
“Property of the Month” for July. Thank you, GREENER GARDENS NURSERY AND
               LANDSCAPING for “Keeping Duncanville Beautiful!”

                                                                     July 2008 CHAMPION 8
:News Briefs:

                July 2008 CHAMPION   9
Close UP
Wins State-wide
   The	City	of	Duncan-
ville official newsletter,
CHAMPION,	was	rec-
ognized	as	the	Silver	Star	win-
ner	at	the	Texas	Association	of	Municipal	
Information Officers (TAMIO) annual TAMI Awards
held	June	13,	2008	in	San	Antonio,	Texas.
			The	TAMI	Awards	represents	the	culmination	of		a	year’s	
work	of	projects	that	include	newsletters,	electronic	newsletters,	
website,	marketing	campaigns,	Public	Service	Announcements,	
special	events	and	recognizes	leading	cities	for	their	contribu-
tions	in	those	areas.	
			According	to	TAMIO	President	Sharon	Logan	of	Coppell,	
2008	was	a	record	year	for	the	number	of	entries	for	the	TAMI	
Awards	with	entries	pouring	in	by	the	hundreds	from	all	over	the	
state.	The	CHAMPION	newsletter	placed	second	in	the	electron-
ic	newsletter	category.	
  Tonya Lewis, Public Information Officer for the City of Dun-
canville,	said	extremely	honored	by	the	Silver	Star	designation.
			“I	consider	it	a	great	honor	to	be	named	as	one	of	the	best	in	
the	State	of	Texas,”	said	Lewis.	“This	award	reinforces	the	pride	
and	honor	that	I	feel	being	part	of	such	a	great	city.	I	am	glad	
that	we	can	continue	to	highlight	the	many	positive	things	occur-
ring	in	the	City	of	Duncanville.”
		Lewis	said	the	award	holds	even	more	value	to	her	because	it	
was the first time, she has entered it in an awards competition.
			“I	hope	citizens	are	proud	when	they	read	the	CHAMPION	
knowing	that	they	have	accessto	an	award-winning	publication,”	
said	Lewis.	“This	award	further	illustrates	why	the	City	of	Dun-
canville	is	truly	the	City	of	Champions!”

                                                     July 2008 CHAMPION   10
                    READER’S DIGEST
    Texas Reading Club Jubilee: Celebrating 50 Years

Duncanville Public Library programming celebrates 50 summers (1958-2008) of present-
ing prizes at Texas libraries to reward reading experiences. The public is invited to enjoy
free Tuesday evening entertainment and daily afternoon activities during the months of

As always, Rhyme Time is on Monday and Story Time is on Thursday mornings at 10:15.
Lectura en Espanol continues at 5:30 p.m on Thursdays. The full calendar of events
includes bee experiments, clowns, crafts, puppets, yoyo demonstrations and musical

Reading/listening logs are available at the library until July 23. Incentives for completing
logs are provided by Dr. Pepper Star Ice Skating Center, Sonic, Pizza Hut, Whataburger,
Ringling Bros Circus and the Friends of the Duncanville Public Library. Until July 31, gift-
books, food coupons and free passes are awarded when the completed log is presented
to the librarian on duty.

The library is prepared to present prizes to 1,000 participants on a first-come-first-serve
basis. Parents must be present to claim prizes. This summer is the first time the Duncan-
ville Public Library is rewarding teenagers 15-18 years for 100 hours of reading with a
overnight lock-in party at the library. The night’s activities include a mystery drama game.
Subway is providing the food. For more information contact, Youth Services Librarian
Urla Morgan, at (972) 780-5044.

                                           Story Time is presented every Thursday at
                                           10:15am at the Duncanville Public Library.

                                           Nursery Rhyme Time is presented every
                                           Monday at 10:15am at the Duncanville Public

                                           Lectura en Español presented by Hypatia
                                           Tamara Knapp every Thursday from 5:30pm
                                           to 6:00pm at the Duncanville Public Library.

                                                                              July 2008 CHAMPION   11
 Summer Activities

                           July Children’s Activity Schedule

                 Date            Time        Presenter                      Program

         July 1-Tuesday        7pm      Valerie Oliver     Whirled on a String
                                                           (Yo-yo demonstration)
         July 8-Tuesday        7pm      Maria Smith        Cool School with Ms. Maria
                                                           (Bilingual Variety Show)
         July 15-Tuesday       7pm      Maricela Allish    Marciela and Friends
                                                           (Bilingual Puppet Show)
         July 22-Tuesday       7pm      Rachel Rabouin     Books, Stories, & Songs
         July 29-Tuesday       7pm      Kathy Burks Keenan Musical Puppetry Review
                                                           (Marionette Puppets)

         July 1-31 (Except
         4th of July)
         Every Monday                 Library Staff         Nursery Rhyme Time
         Every Tuesday         2pm    Maureen Parker        Crafts
         Every Wednesday              Maureen Parker        Crafts
         Every Wednesday       2pm    Maureen Parker        Crafts
         Every Thursday               Urla Morgan           Storytime
         Every Thursday        5:30pm Olga Rodriguez        Lectura en Español


                          For more information call, Youth Services Librarian,
                                    Urla Morgan at (972) 780-5044.

July 2008 CHAMPION   12
                              SPOTLIGHT: eRecycling
Time to clean out your offices and get rid of your old, unused, non-functional electronics and do
your	part	for	the	environment!		Sponsored	by	the	Duncanville	Chamber	of	Commerce	and	ad-
ministered	by	Round2	Technologies,	on	July	15th	from	8am	–	5pm		local	individuals	and	busi-
nesses	can	bring	their	electronics	for	recycling	to	the	Duncanville	Chamber	of	Commerce	at	300	
E.	Wheatland	Rd.	We	will	accept	at	no	charge:		fax	machines,	copiers,	printers,	computers,	key-
boards,	cables/wire,	hard	drives,	typewriters,	telephones,	cell	phones,	network	equipment,	com-
puter	monitors,	VCR/DVD	players.		*We	will	also	accept	CRT	televisions	for	a	$10	charge.	You	
need	not	be	a	Chamber	member	to	participate	in	this	recycling	program.		For	more	information	
contact	the	Duncanville	Chamber	of	Commerce	at	972-780-4990	or	Keep	Duncanville	Beautiful,	
Mary	Jones	at	972-780-5090.
                                                                              July 2008 CHAMPION   13
C o mm u n i t y
         Event s
Stars, Stripes & Sports Festival
                    Friday, July 4, 2008 at Armstrong Park
                    9:00am—Lions Club Parade
                    4:00pm & 5:45pm—Nickelodeon Game Lab
                    7:30pm—Peformance by “Inside Out”

 For more information, see the
 flyer on the next page or call
 (972) 780-5086.                                    July 2008 CHAMPION   14   Jun
Did You Know?
Digital Television is coming
      February 2009

The upcoming transition from analog to digital television (DTV) represents the most significant
advancement of television technology since color TV was introduced. But while nearly every
new technology we use today -- including cell phones, music and radio -- has gone digital, if
you are like most Americans, you may be completely unaware of the upcoming DTV transition,
which will be completed on February 17, 2009.

The benefits of digital television are clear: crystal clear pictures and CD quality sound; more
choices through additional digital side channels – such as all weather or all traffic channels;
and the capability of high-definition broadcasting.

More than 90 percent of full-power television stations in the U.S. are already broadcasting in
digital, but few consumers are aware of it or the February 2009 transition.

In January of 2008 the National Association of Broadcasters announced that consumer aware-
ness about the digital television (DTV) transition has risen to 79%, this has doubled in aware-
ness from a year ago.

Who needs to get ready? The DTV transition doesn’t directly affect everyone – those who have
a digital tuner in their television, or subscribe to cable, satellite or telephone company televi-
sion service provider need not worry. But those who are impacted are impacted dramatically.
You need to take action if you are one of the 19.6 million households that rely exclusively on
free, over-the-air broadcasts made available through a rooftop antenna or “rabbit ears.” Even if
you do subscribe to a television service provider, you may have a television set in your sec-
ond bedroom or kitchen that is impacted. Overall, the transition will directly impact more than
69 million television sets.

Fortunately, navigating the transition is easy. You have only to follow one of three simple steps
to make sure your family continues to receive free, over-the-air television:

1) Purchase a DTV converter box that will convert the digital signal into analog for an existing
analog television set. The DTV converter box, sometimes referred to as a set-top box, is an

                                                                                July 2008 CHAMPION   16
  continued from page 16

electronic device that makes the new digital signal viewable on an older analog television
set. Converter boxes are now available for purchase at most major electronics retailers
and cost between $40 and $70. To help cover the cost of the converter box, the federal
government is offering two converter box coupons, valued at $40 each, to eligible house-
holds. Each coupon may be used toward the purchase of a single converter box, and the
coupon program will be administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce. You will still
need basic antennas in addition to the converter box to receive a digital signal on their
analog television sets, but current antennas will work the same as before. For more infor-
mation about the converter box coupon program or to apply, visit or
call 1 (888) DTV-2009.

2) Purchase a new television set with a built-in digital tuner. Another option you may
choose is to upgrade to a new television set with a built-in digital tuner. As with older sets,
you will need basic antennas that provide quality reception of over-the-air analog television
signals to pick up free digital broadcast programming from local stations. Before decid-
ing to purchase a new digital TV, make sure your current TV doesn’t have a built-in digital
tuner. Most sets sold in the last few years that are larger than 27 inches will likely have a
digital tuner.

3) Subscribe to cable, satellite or a telephone company television service provider. All of
these services will allow you to receive digital television signals on analog television sets,
as long as all the sets are connected to the service. No additional equipment is required
for consumers who decide to go this route.

While there is still time to decide how to navigate the digital television transition, it’s a
good idea to start thinking about which option will work best now. Eligible consumers will
be encouraged to apply early for the converter box coupons. If you choose to purchase a
new television set with a digital tuner, take time to learn about available options and fea-
tures and shop around for the best deal. Leaning toward a subscription to a cable, satel-
lite or telephone company television service? Then spend some time looking into which of
these services best suits your viewing needs and fits into your monthly budget.

The digital television transition is coming, and it means a better quality television experi-
ence for those who take one of the three easy steps above to upgrade. But consumers
who don’t take those easy steps risk losing their free television programming. It pays to
get prepared now for DTV.

Additional information about the DTV transition is available at

                                                                                   July 2008 CHAMPION   17
                                                                             Looking for a Few
                                                                            Good Men and Women
                                                                                        Citizen Police Academy Recruiting
			Are	you	intrigued	by	law	enforcement,	ever	thought	of	
being a police officer or just want to walk on the other side of the law?
			The	Duncanville	Police	Department	is	making	it	possible	through	its	Citizens	Police	Academy,	which	
gives	people	that	live	or	work	in	Duncanville	an	opportunity	to	learn	more	about	the	police	that	serve	
			The	Duncanville	Police	Dept.	is	about	to	convene	its	38th	session	of	the	Citizens	Police	Academy.		In	
the	past	19	years,	the	Duncanville	Police	Department	has	had	more	700	participants	for	this	11-week	
course.	The	Citizen	Police	Academy	(CPA)	is	a	great	opportunity	to	learn	about	law	enforcement	from	
the	inside	out	and	classes	include	DWI	Investigation,	Criminal	Investigations,	Patrol	Procedures,	Police	
Administration, Family Violence, K-9 Unit, Tactical Team, and Traffic Stops.
			Former	CPA	graduates	started	the	Duncanville	Citizen	Police	Academy	Alumni	Association	and	will	
provide	refreshments	for	the	class	during	each	break	period.	
Each	class	is	held	on	Tuesday	evenings	from	7:00p.m.	to	10:00p.m.	beginning	September	9,	2008.		
			“The	best	part	about	the	Citizen	Police	Academy	is	that	there	are	no	tests	and	it	is	absolutely	FREE,”	
said Doug Sisk, Community Relations/Crime Prevention Officer. “We encourage and welcome every-
one	to	come	by	the	police	department	and	pick-up	an	application	and	enjoy	an	11-week	course	that	will	
is	so	interesting	it	will	pass	before	you	know	it.”	Applications	are	available	at	the	Duncanville	Police	
                                                                        Department	located	at	203	E.	
                                                                        Wheatland	Rd.,	Duncanville,	TX	
                                                                        75116.	Direct	question	to	Crime	
                                                                        Prevention/Community	Relations	
                                                                        Officer Doug Sisk at (972) 780-
                                                                        5027 or dsisk@ci.duncanville.
                                                                                                “I was a two-time graduate
                                                                                                of the CPA. In both cases, I
                                                                                                gained a new perspective and
                                                                                                profound respect for the men
                                                                                                and women in the Duncanville
                                                                                                PD and count many of the of-
                                                                                                ficers on the force among my
                                                                                                very good friends. Our Police
                                                                                                force is exemplary.
The CPA class covers special units in the Duncanville Police Dept. such as the Tactical Team,   -Earle Jones, Director of Economic Devel-
which is pictured above.
                              Weathering the Storm:
                                  Keeping Safe in a
  Thunderstorms can be scary and at
times—dangerous. However, FEMA has
tips that can increase your safety and
decrease damage to your property.

FEMA Safety Tips

To Prepare for a thunderstorm, you
                                                    • Secure outdoor objects that could blow away
should do the following:
                                                    or cause damage.
                                                    • Shutter windows and secure outside doors. If
• Remove dead or rotting trees and branches
                                                    shutters are not available, close window blinds,
that could fall and cause injury or damage dur-
                                                    shades, or curtains.
ing a severe thunderstorm.
                                                    • Avoid showering or bathing. Plumbing and
• Remember the 30/30 lightning safety rule:
                                                    bathroom fixtures can conduct electricity.
Go indoors if, after seeing lightning, you can-
                                                    • Use a corded telephone only for emergen-
not count to 30 before hearing thunder. Stay
                                                    cies. Cordless and cellular telephones are safe
indoors for 30 minutes after hearing the last
                                                    to use.
clap of thunder.
                                                    • Unplug appliances and other electrical items
                                                    such as computers and turn off air condition-
The following are guidelines for what you
                                                    ers. Power surges from lightning can cause
should do if a thunderstorm is likely in
                                                    serious damage.
your area:
                                                    • Use your battery-operated NOAA Weather
                                                    Radio for updates from local officials.
• Postpone outdoor activities.
• Get inside a home, building, or hard top au-
                                                    Avoid the following:
tomobile (not a convertible). Although you may
be injured if lightning strikes your car, you are
                                                    • Natural lightning rods such as a tall, isolated
much safer inside a vehicle than outside.
                                                    tree in an open area.
• Remember, rubber-soled shoes and rubber
                                                    • Hilltops, open fields, the beach, or a boat on
tires provide NO protection from lightning.
                                                    the water.
However, the steel frame of a hard-topped ve-
                                                    • Anything metal—golf clubs, motorcycles, etc.
hicle provides increased protection if you are
                                                    For more safety information visit,
not touching metal.
                                                               July 2008 CHAMPION 19
                           Rec Room
                    Duncanville Recreation Center
 Children’s Programs
 Fencing is the Olympic sport of sword fighting that
 directly descends from dueling. Learn several tech-
 niques and how to use the following swords: Epee,
 Sabre and Foil. Coach/Instructor George Stone brings
 over 40 years of experience to Duncanville and is
 the co-founder of both the Fencing Institute of Texas
 in North Dallas and La Reunion Fencing Academy.
 Stone sees the importance and great benefits of offer-
 ing this to all ages and levels! Call (972) 780-5070 for
 more information or register at the Recreation Center.

 Days: Tuesday & Thursday
 Dates: Ongoing monthly
 Time: 6:45pm-8:30pm
 Cost: $30 a month (Tuesday only); $50 a month
 (Tuesday & Thursday)
 Location: Tuesday—East Gym
 Instructor: George Stone
                                                            Traditional Okinawan Karate is taught by Kris Hower-
                                                            ton, a Yon Dan, a licensed 4th Degree Black Belt in-
                                                            structor, and Brady Cooper, a San Dan, a licensed 3rd
                                                            Degree Black Belt assistant instructor. This class is a
                                                            systematic approach to developing self-defense skills
                                                            based upon Okinawan Kata. Included in the study of
                                                            Kata is a strong emphasis on kicking, striking, pushing,
                                                            pulling, throwing, rolling, falling and wrestling skills.
                                                            Awareness skills and how to deal with bullies are also
                                                            taught. For more information, call the Recreation Cen-
                                                            ter at (972) 780-5070. To join this Karate class, you
                                                            must be 7 years of age!

                                                            Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
                                                            Dates: Ongoing monthly
                                                            Time: Tuesday/Thursday—7:15pm-8:30pm &
                                                            Saturday— 9:00am-10:30am
                                                            Costs: $40 child (ages 7-16); $50 adult per month
                                                            Location: Aerobics Room and West Gym on Saturday
                                                            Instructor: Kris Howerton
July 2008 CHAMPION 20
                                                        Texas Dance and Cheer
                                                        Be the best you can be. Learn Chants, Cheers,
                                                        Jumps, Pom routines and Cheer Dances in this
                                                        award-winning program. Enhance your dance and
                                                        cheer skills in an exciting positive and encour-
                                                        aging atmosphere. Participate in special events
                                                        throughout the year. Class begins June 7th &
                                                        12th. A one-time $12 registration fee is due prior
                                                        to registering.

                                                        Ages 4-7
                                                        Thursdays: 6:00p – 7:00p Fee: $8/class
                                                        Location: Recreation Center Teen Room
                                                        Saturdays: 1:00p – 2:00p Fee: $8/class
                                                        Location: Recreation Center Aerobics Room
                                                        Ages 8 & up
                                                        Thursdays: 7:00p – 8:00p Fee: $8/class
                                                        Location: Recreation Center Teen Room
                                                        Saturdays: 2:00p – 3:00p Fee: $8/class
                                                        Location: Recreation Center Aerobics Room
                                                        Register at class.
                                                        Instructor: Diversified Youth Services
                                                        * T-shirts & shorts are available for order at class.
                                                        Attire: T-Shirts, shorts or warm-ups and white-
                                                        soled Tennis Shoes. For more information call

“The Elect Lady” Summer Workshop
Girls become productive young ladies by learning
how to exhibit good manners, gracefulness and self
confidence. Class includes lessons on character,
listening, dressing for success, communication, table
manners, business skills and more. Call (972) 780-
4970 for additional information.

Register at the Recreation Center Front Desk
Days: July 14th -18th, 2008 M-F
Time: 10am-2pm
Ages: 9 – 18
Cost: $60 (Scholarships available but are limited)
Location: Duncanville Recreation Center
Instructor: Gena Hill
* For more information call, (972) 780-5070.

July 2008 CHAMPION 21
                                                          Self-Defense/Anti-Kidnapping Program
                                                          This program is designed to promote a high level of
                                                          self-confidence, improve self-esteem and discipline. This
                                                          class will improve the student’s social interaction and
                                                          social performance. Class meets weekly.

                                                          Ages 4 to 7
                                                          Days: Tuesdays & Fridays: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
                                                          Location: Recreation Center – Teen Room
                                                          Cost: $8/class

                                                          Ages 8 & up
                                                          Days: Tuesdays &Fridays: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
                                                          Location: Recreation Center – Teen Room
                                                          Cost: $8/class
                                                          A one-time $12 registration fee is due prior to register-
                                                          ing; register in class
                                                          Instructors: Larry Pike and William Walker
                                                          * Uniform is available but not mandatory; An Alert Child
                                                          of Texas T-Shirt is available for purchase. For more in-
                                                          formation call, 1-877-604-6697.

Distinct Dance
DISTINCT Dance members learn hip-hop, modern
dance, basic dance steps, turns, foot positions, pom
routines, and dance sequences in an exciting and
positive atmosphere. Focus is on Drill and Pom Team
or Pop style dances. Styles may vary by instructor.
Polish your moves or prepare for tryouts. A one-time
$12 registration fee is due prior to registering. Class
meets weekly.

Ages 4-7
Days: Friday
Time: 5:30pm-6:30p
Cost: $8/class

Ages 8 & up
Day: Friday:
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Cost: $8/class
Location: Recreation Center Aerobics Room
Instructor: Diversified Youth Services
* Register at class; No required uniform for the class-
room. We offer optional uniforms for purchase. For
more information call, 1-877-604-6697.                                                     July 2008 CHAMPION 22
                                                        CYSA Presents Summer Camp at
                                                        the Duncanville Recreation Cen-
                                                        Campers will jump start their imaginations with
                                                        improvisation and theater games to help them
                                                        think on their feet, math and science activities
                                                        to expand their mind, and field trips to new and
                                                        exotic places to fill their appetite for adventure.
                                                        Campers will also participate in children’s the-
                                                        ater by preparing a stage play just for you to see
                                                        at the end of summer camp! Register online at
                                                        www.christian or at the Recre-
                                                        ation Center front desk. Call Shani Scott at (469)
                                                        877-3350 for more information.
                                                        Grades: Girls and boys K-6th
                                                        Days: Monday—Friday until August 22
                                                        Location: Recreation Center – Teen Room
                                                        Cost: $65/week (price includes lunch and field
                                                        Drop off time: 7:45am Drop off (prior to 7:45am
                                                        $20); Pick up time: 6:00pm (after 6:00pm late
                                                        fees apply)
                                                        * See registration package at the Recreation
                                                        Center front desk for details

     CYSA Youth Football & Cheer
     Register for Kings Football and Cheer

     Days: Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
     Dates: June 1 through July 31
     Time: 6:30pm—8:30pm
     Cost: Football $150; Cheerleading $50
      Location: Armstrong Park Pavilion
     Instructor: Patrice Smith
     * First day of practice – Tuesday, July 1, 2008.
     Season begins Saturday, September 6, 2008;
     only 30 spots per team! Various uniforms
     packages available. Volunteers and assistant
     coaches needed. For additional information,
     call 469-877-3350.

                        Adult/Fitness Programs
Morning Yoga
Yoga is a great way to create balance in
the body through strength, flexibility, and
relaxation. This class accommodates all
levels of experience. There is a special
class, Restorative Yoga, taught the last
Wednesday of every month. Please wear
comfortable clothes, tennis shoes and don’t
forget a sticky mat. For more information,
please call (972) 780-5070 or register at the
Recreation Center.

Days: Tuesday & Friday
Date: Ongoing monthly
Time: 10:00am-11:30am
Costs: $8 per class
Location: Aerobics Room
Instructor: Carolyn Smith
Registration Deadline: 15 minutes before class
                                                 Robix Fitness
                                                 Roseanna Needham is the creator and leader of Robix
                                                 Fitness and Yoga-Fit. Roseanna has a variety of differ-
                                                 ent classes to choose from for all levels. The mission
                                                 is to be able to offer the great benefits of fitness, dance
                                                 and yoga to the community at an affordable price and
                                                 scheduled availability. For more information, please
                                                 call Roseanna Needham at 972-515-8519. Register at
                                                 the class.

                                                 Days: Monday-Saturday
                                                 Date: Ongoing monthly
                                                 Times, Location and Classes:
                                                 Mon/Wed: Muscles in Motion—5:30-6:15pm
                                                 (Aerobics Room)
                                                 Mon/Wed: Step ‘N Motion—6:30pm-7:30pm
                                                 (Aerobics Room)
                                                 Mon/Wed: Intermediate Vinyasa—7:45pm-8:45pm
                                                 (Aerobics Room)
                                                 Tues/Thurs: Intro to Yoga—5:45pm-6:45pm
                                                 (Senior Center)
                                                 Tues/Thurs: Cardio Fusion/Circuit Express—7:00pm-
                                                 8:00pm (Senior Center)
                                                 Saturday:Yoga Ball Challenge—9:15am-10:15am
                                                 (Aerobics Room)
                                                 Costs: Walk in rate $10; 4 class ticket $30; 8 classes
                                                 ticket $40; 12 class ticket $47; 16 class ticket $57; sea-
                                                 son pass $95 (June 1—August 30).
                                                 Instructor: Roseanna Needham
July 2008 CHAMPION 24                            Registration Deadline: 15 minutes before class
The original dance exercise phenomenon! Each workout
is a fusion of dance and muscle toning movements cho-
reographed to today’s hottest music including Top 40, jazz,
country, funk, and the classics. We make all the routines
fun and easy to follow. Every class includes a gentle
warm up, 30-minute aerobic workout and 20-25 minutes
of muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights
and a stretch finale. The low-impact, high intensity workout
is a great way to start your personal fitness program. For
more information, call Sheilla (SHAY-la) at (214) 794-1765
or visit Register at the class.
Days: Monday-Saturday
Date: Ongoing monthly
Monday: Jazzercise Step—6:30pm-7:30pm (West Gym)
Tuesday: Jazzercise—6:10pm-7:05pm (Aerobics Room)
Wednesday: Jazzercise—6:30pm-7:30pm (West Gym)
Thursday: Jazzercise —6:10pm-7:05pm (Aerobics Room)
Saturday: Jazzercise—9:15am-10:15am (West Gym)
Cost: $20 joining fee
$32 per month—bank draft
$38 per month—cash/check
$75 for 2 months—cash/check
Walk-in: $8 a class (no joining fee)
NEWCOMERS’ SPECIAL: $25 off bank draft or 2-month
Instructor: Sheilla (SHAY-la)
Registration Deadline: 15 minutes before class

                                                               Dog Obedience
                                                           Do you have a rowdy rover? A non-compliant
                                                           canine? Then register him in obedience school!
                                                           In this 7-week course, you will learn to teach
                                                           your dog to walk politely at your side; sit down
                                                         on command; stay where when told; come when
                                                         you call, not jump up on you; and much more.

                                                         Day: Tuesdays
                                                         Time: 6:30pm
                                                         Location: Rotary Park, 903 W. Wheatland Rd,
                                                         Cost: $180
                                                         Instructor: Helen Caroitis
                                                         * Students MUST pre-register with Canine Coun-
                                                         selors by calling (972) 296-0459

                                                                                         July 2008 CHAMPION 25
                                                       Crop ‘Til You Drop
                                                       Crop ‘Til You Drop is the creative home of a
                                                       growing community of scrapbookers, card
                                                       makers and other crafters. Whether you are
                                                       new to scrapbooking, card making or a sea-
                                                       soned paper crafter, Crop ‘Til You Drop is
                                                       the place to be! Crop ‘Til You Drop is a class
                                                       where you can showcase your creative skills.
                                                       For more information, please contact Kim
                                                       Spurlock at (972) 298-4006.

                                                       Day: Friday
                                                       Date: July 11
                                                       Time: 6:00pm-12:00am
                                                       Costs: $10 per class
                                                       Location: D. L. Hopkins Senior Center
                                                       Instructor: Kim Spurlock
                                                       Registration Deadline: Register before
                                                       July 9

Swing Out
Learn To Swing Out with The Queen of Swing,
Lady Champagne. Get a great workout while
having fun and learning new dance moves. This
class is for all levels; advanced classes are avail-
able after completion of beginning Swing Out.
Classes are on Saturdays and go for two months
at a time. Please register at the Recreation
Center. Clases are held every Saturday. Please
register at the class.

Days: Saturday
Date: Ongoing monthly
Time: 3:15pm-5:00pm
Location: Recreation Center—Aerobics Room
Cost: $5 per class
Instructor: Lady Champagne

July 2008 CHAMPION 26

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