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									                             Binfield Beacon
                                                 July/August 2011
                                                      Sunday    31st July
                  Services at                          8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
           All Saints and St Mark’s                   10.00am   Songs of Praise at All Saints Church
Sunday     3rd July                                    6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church
8.00am     Holy Communion at All Saints’ Church
                                                      Sunday    7th August
10.00am    Family Communion at All Saints’ Church
                                                      8.00am    Holy Communion at All Saints Church
6.30pm     Evensong at All Saints’ Church
                                                      10.00am   Family Communion at All Saints Church
Monday     4th July                                    6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church
9.30am     Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church         Monday    8th August
Tuesday    5th July                                   9.30am    Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church
1.45pm     Under Fives at St Marks Church             Thursday 11th August
Friday     8th July                                   10.15am Midweek Communion at All Saints
10.00am    Open Door at St Mark’s Church              Sunday    14th August
Sunday     10th July                                   8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
8.00am     Holy Communion at All Saints’ *            10.00am   Family Communion at All Saints Church
10.00am    Family Communion at All Saints’ *           6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church
* Services will be taken by The Venerable Norman      Monday    15th August
Russell, Archdeacon of Berkshire                      9.30am    Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church
6.30pm     Evensong at All Saints’ Church
                                                      Sunday    21st August
Monday     11th July                                   8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
9.30am     Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church         10.00am   All Age Service at St Mark’s Church
Thursday 14th July                                     6.30pm   Choral Evensong at St Mark’s Church
10.15am Midweek Communion at All Saints               Monday    22nd August
Sunday     17th July                                   9.30am   Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church
 8.00am    Holy Communion at All Saints Church        Tuesday   23rd August
10.00am    Family Communion at All Saints Church      12.00     Silver Service at St Mark’s Church
 6.30pm    Evensong at All Saints’
                                                      Sunday    28th August
Monday     18th July                                   8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
 9.30am    Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church         10.00am   Family Communion at All Saints Church
                                                       6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church
Saturday   23rd July
7.30am     Men’s Breakfast at St Mark’s Church        Monday    29th August
                                                       9.30am   Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church
Sunday     24th July
 8.00am    Holy Communion at All Saints Church        Sunday    4th September
10.00am    Holiday Club Service at St Mark’s Church    8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
 6.30pm    Evensong at All Saints Church              10.00am   Family Communion at All Saints Church
                                                       6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church
Monday     25th July
 9.30am    Time of Prayer at St Mark's Church         Thursday 8th September
                                                      10.15am Midweek Communion at All Saints
Tuesday    26th July
12.00      Silver Service at The Red House            Sunday    11th September
                                                       8.00am   Holy Communion at All Saints Church
                                                      10.00am   Family Communion at All Saints Church
                                                       6.30pm   Evensong at All Saints Church

                     Church Office 421079 binfield.church@hotmail.co.uk

              SUMMER FETE                                                                                      Urgently Required
                       Saturday                                                                   Room needed for quiet,
                                                                                                 mature, Christian lady in
                       2nd July                                                                   Binfield or surrounding
                                                                          area. This lovely lady, originally from Germany
                 Binfield School                                         has lived and worked in and around Binfield for
                    11am to 3pm                                                many years and would like to move to
           John Nike Ski Slope Sno-Tubing                                somewhere quiet and rural if possible. Willing to
                   Obstacle Course                                        pay small amount of rent. References available.
    May-Pole dancing, School Choir, Dance Energy                                   Please contact Michaela Koch on 0776 1149473
displays BBQ, ice creams, cream teas, home-made cake
                stall, Pimms and beer
                Grand Summer Raffle
 Plus lots of stalls, activities, and more! Please come along,                        Thames Valley Police
                   have a great day out and                                          Have Your Say Meeting
           help raise funds for your local school
                                                                        21stJuly at 1430-1600 at Binfield Parish Office.
                                                                        24th August at 14::30 at George’s Coffee Shop
                                                                                        Binfield Parade
                                                                        Gary Clarke PCSO for Binfield and Farley Wood

                                                                                                         The Hollies
                                                                                                       Children’s Centre
                OPEN DAY                                                     Are you pregnant or a mum or dad with a child under 5?
          Monday 11th July 2011                                                         The Hollies Children’s Centre is here for you!
                                                                          We don’t have our own building…. we run services from local community buildings
       10 am – 12pm @ Jocks Lane                                                                            instead.

                                                                                 We are at The Binfield Club every Wednesday 1 – 2.15pm.
We provide a friendly and well-equipped environment for young
                                                                                                  We offer: Bumps and Babies groups,
      children to meet, have fun and learn through play.                                            Baby Massage and Yoga Classes,
                                                                                             Parenting courses and family support and advice,
       Soft play area for developmental movement play                                                      and much more……
          Age appropriate Information Technology
                                                                                If you would like to know more about what we can do for you and your family,
           Outdoor play areas, messy play, cooking                                       or to find out more please call the centre on 01344 317020.
    Optional swimming lessons, Healthy snacks provided
                    Friendly, qualified staff
        Happy to change nappies/pull-ups if required
 Wherever you live, Binfield Pre-School welcomes children
                        aged 2- 5 years                                                  Duffys Londis
               For more information please visit                             One Year Anniversary
                                                                             Party in the Car Park.
                                                                         Saturday 16th July 10am-2pm
                                                                              Free food and entertainment.
                                                                             All monies raised being donated
                                                                                  to Binfield pre school

                                TENNIS OPEN MORNING SUNDAY JULY 10TH
                                                                 10.00 - 13.00 hrs

             Come and join in/find out more     Contact:Mr T.Usher 01344/487514 tim_usher@yahoo.co.uk
    From The Registers

              1st May
  Isabel, Finn & Laura Hogevold
          Charlotte Mason
              12th June
     Maddison Carson-Long
          Elliott Beasley
             26th June
             Ava Pash
       Lydia Grace Butcher

               4th June
Charlotte Knibbs and Craig Stevens
              11th June
Katie Birchall and Martin Cromwell
             18th June
     Emma Cox & Nick Page
              21st June
Roger Karlsson and Jo-Ann Brown
             25th June
 Lisa Sellwood & David Thwaites
 Sarah Tyrell and Glen Plowman

            13th June                Isabel & Finn Hogevold    Charlotte Mason
      Ann Rosemary Towell

             28th May
        Tracey Hargreaves
         Rebecca Chessun
           Peter Brown
          Robert McLean
           Jane Holmes
           Alex Maberly
                                     Maddison Carson-Long       Elliott Beasley
      Sarah Traynor (received)

Communion before Confirmation:
       Georgina Corp
        Jessica Muller
     Katherine Hesling
       Sophia Hesling
       James Hesling
        Rachel Hains
                                          Ava Pash            Lydia Grace Butcher
                                                                Complete                LOOKING TO EXTEND YOUR HOME?

        DEVROK                                                  Property
          Property Maintenance              Contact Andy McDonald for all aspects
                                                of Building / Maintenance Work               PLANS DRAWN & SUBMITTED
             (Internal & External)                          including:                     PLANNING PERMISSION APPROVAL
     GARDENING/LANDSCAPING/PATIOS              • Carpentry         • Kitchens              BUILDING REGULATION APPROVAL
           GENERAL PLUMBING                    • Electrical        • Bathrooms              LOFT & GARAGE CONVERSIONS
        BATHROOM INSTALLATIONS                                                               FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION
                                               • Plumbing          • Sofits/Fascias
             WOOD FLOORING                      Mobile         07966195390
           FITTED WARDROBES                                                                 Tel:      01344 300684
               GENERAL DIY                      Landline       01344 482066                 Mobile: 0777 1724004
                                                Email     ajmcdonalda@aol.com             Email: info@j-s-designs.co.uk
                                                        Free Estimates
    CALL COLIN (M) 07783 370739                                                                 www.j-s-designs.co.uk

                                            & EXTERIOR

                                             NIK STEPHENS
                                                                  & INDUSTRIAL
                                                                                       B       INFIEL
                                                                                               Heating & Plumbing   D         205477
                                                                                          Heating System Design & Installation.
                                                                                              Boiler Repair and Servicing.
                                                                                      Gas Appliance Installation, Repair & Servicing
                                                                                          Bathroom, Shower Room Installation
                                                                                                 Landlords Certificates.
                                             Painting & Decorating                        Extension and New Build Installation
                                                                                                      Fully Insured
                                                                                           Quality work at a reasonable cost
                                                                                                  Call Steve Kindred on
                                            Mobile: 07866 286113                            01344 641989, 07950 390767
                                                                                                 or 07960 296707
                                                                                             For FREE Estimates and Advice

 Philip                                         Carpenter / Joiner
                                               Specialist in domestic carpentry:
                                                                                           B. W. Reed & Son Builder
                                                                                        Home: (01344) 456329 / Mobile: 07881 905201
                                               Custom made furniture                      www.bwreed.co.uk / info@bwreed.co.uk
 Briggs                                        Kitchen installation / modification
                                               Internal doors                          ▪ A family owned business
          20 Farley Copse                      Installing 'Self Assembly' furniture
                                                                                       ▪ Successfully operating for over 30 years
                                               Wardrobes / Shelves / Home offices
                                                                                       ▪ Quality workmanship & customer
   Interior & Exterior                         Wooden Flooring
                                               Wall mounting TVs
Painting and Decorating                        Boarding/Insulating lofts               ▪ Excellent reputation
                                                                                       ▪ References available
   For free estimates ring                     etc ….            Graham Taylor
                                                            Mobile 07802 262555        ▪ Contact us for further information
   01344 483410                                            Binfield 01344 423657       Providing Your Building Solutions
Mobile: 07754199591

                                           DAVID SHAILES                                    Alan Savage & Son
            Local Electrician               Plumbing & Decorating                           Heating & Plumbing
    Approved by Trading Standards
  Small jobs to full re-wires undertaken
                                            Full Internal & External                   Full Gas Central Heating Installation
                                                                                         Boiler Exchanges and Servicing
             Part P qualified                      Decorating                         Complete Bathroom Installation Service
         Contact Chris Jamieson                                                               Landlord's Certificates
     0118 326 0396 or 07860 582949
                                           Bathrooms Toilets Basins                                Fully Insured
        ChrisJ@cpjelectrics.co.uk               Radiators Tiling                               30 Years Experience
                                               General Pipework                             For Free Estimates and Advice
                                                                                                         01344 481079
                                           Phone: 0118 9345029                                           078999 50848
www.cpjelectrics.co.uk                                                                              Gas Safe Registered: 195849
Improve your core stability and
                                                                     Twtz|É VtÜá                                                    MORRIS MOTOR
achieve the perfect balance between                            YÉÜ jxww|Çzá TÇw fÑxv|tÄ                                                          “est 1979”

strength and flexibility                                                                                                                01344 487183
Group matwork classes, private small                                  bvvtá|ÉÇá                                                         07703 261891
group or 1-1 tuition,                                               Tel: 01344 483014                                          Car & Commercial Vehicle Repairs
and corporate classes available                                                                                                       All types of Welding,
                                                                                John Glew                                         MOT Repairs, Servicing etc.
Contact Sam Barnes
                                                                                     Binfield                                               Recovery
07979 812824
sambarnespilates@btinternet.com                                 eÉÄÄá eÉçvx tÇw ]tzâtÜ [|Üx                                            Collection/Delivery
                                                                                                                                       Service Available
                                                                                                                               A Family Run Business

                                                               PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE
                                                               WITH BEL’S ZUMBA CLASSES!
                                                                                                                                          fàÉ~xá YtÜÅ
                                                                                                                                               Free Range Eggs
            Great Moves                                                                         CLASSES
                                                                             MONDAYS 10.45AM TO 11.45AM
          Fitness and Yoga                                                              ***FREE CRECHE***                            Where the chicken and the egg come first!
 Come and join our friendly exercise classes where                  ST MARKS CHURCH, BINFIELD. RG42 4AH
you are welcome whatever your experience. Enjoy a                                MONDAYS 7.00PM—8.00PM                                          Order online at....
   fun efficient work out and relax with stretches                         RESULTS GYM, HARMANSWATER
           designed to help you feel great.                                     TUESDAYS 7.15PM—8.15PM                                        www.stokesfarm.co.uk
                                                                         NEWBOLD SCHOOL HALL, BINFIELD
          Monday 8 - 9pm                                                     WEDNESDAY 7.00PM TO 8.00PM
         Body Conditioning                                          ST MARKS CHURCH, BINFIELD. RG42 4AH
        Wednesday 7 - 8.30pm                                                   FRIDAYS 9.45AM TO 10.45AM
            Fitness Yoga                                                BINFIELD CLUB, BINFIELD. RG42 4DU
Binfield Memorial Hall, Terrace Rd Sth
 Saturday 9.00am - Ladies Yoga                                                             BELINDA GREGORY                             and we will deliver free to your door!
     And 10.40am—Men’s Yoga                                                                  07958 351557                                       Tel: 01189 773427
      Scout Hut, Terrace Rd Nth                                                            www.zumba.com                             Binfield Road - Wokingham - RG40 5PR
     Sarah Feazey 01344 428776

                                                                                                                               dawn ledgard events
           Lynnette Stephenson                                   Moor Cottage                                                  ♦    Superb new collection of designer
            Academy of Dance                                  Veterinary Hospital                                                   ladies clothes
                                                                                                                               ♦    Lots of famous names at discounted
             Principal: Lynnette Stephenson                              London Rd, Binfield,                                       prices, sizes 8-22
                     (RAD RTS, AISTD Dip)                                Bracknell. RG42 4AA                                   ♦    Come to one of my open house
                                                              We are your pet’s                                                     days in Binfield
                                                              GP, dentist, nurse,                                              ♦    Email your details & I will send
                                                                                                                                    you my dates
                                                              nutritionist,                                                    ♦    Organise an event for your favourite
                                                              optician, midwife,                                                    charity at my house
  ● Fully Qualified and Registered Teacher of the RAD and     consultant                                                       ♦    Come and have a coffee and browse
  ISTD ● Classes in Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap for        and surgeon                                                      ♦    No obligation to buy or pressure
  children aged 3 years+ and Adult Tap ● A warm friendly
  environment offering quality tuition with a high standard                                                                         selling!
  of pupil achievement ● Classes held at The Farley Wood              www.mcvh.co.uk
  Centre in Binfield                                                                                                               Phone dawn on 01344 454423
  Enquiries: 0118 989 2531 Email: Lsadance@tiscali.co.uk               01344 450345                                            email: dawn.ledgard@ukgateway.net

                                                                                                                                   THE BINFIELD CLUB
                                                                                                                           Come to your friendly village Club, enjoy the very
                                                                                                                            pleasant surroundings with home cooked food.
                                                                 The Farley Wood Centre – Farley Wood, Binfield -MHW
                                                                Community Centre – Martins Heron -Brownlow Hall – Newell
                                                                                                                           ♦ Enjoy home cooked food: Lunch & Evening Menu
                                                                                    Green, Warfield                          (daily except Tuesday).
                                                                                                                           ♦ Parties catered for.
                                                                      All nurseries offer an outdoor play area
                                                                                                                           ♦ Large function room available for hire at
                                                                               and lunch club facility.
                                                                                                                             reasonable rates. Even cheaper for members!
                                                                 Three and four year old children are FREE.
                                                                                                                           ♦ Disco, skittle alley & golf putting game for hire.
                                                                       Plus Three Parent & Toddlers                        ♦ Live music and dancing every Saturday and other
                                                                         MHWCA Community Centre                              entertainment most Friday evenings.
                                                                 Wednesdays 1.30pm – 3.00pm All Welcome                    ♦ Art classes held every Tuesday 10.00am - 12.00.
                                                              To receive a prospectus and arrange a visit to the           ♦ A years membership is only £15 or £5 for OAPs.
                                                                 nursery, call Sue Butler on 07970 030769
                                                                                                                               Contact the Club on 01344 420572
                                                                                                                                  And ask for the Club Secretary
                                                                     E Mail: plusthreenursery@aol.com
                                                                                                                                        VISITORS WELCOME
Fully Insured Professional Arborists                                                                   Tree Surgery
  Experienced in All Aspects of Tree Care
                                                                                                       Garden Maintenance
     Crown Lifting & Thinning
         Stump Grinding                        GARDEN MAINTENANCE                                      Stump Grinding
       Hedge Maintenance                             All aspects carried out by
                                                                                                       Free Estimates / Fully Insured
                                                     professional established in                       Family run Business
For Free Consultations Contact                                                                         Competitive Prices
                                                         Binfield for 14 years.
         01189 343400                                                                                  NPTC Qualified
    treesolutions@onetel.com                    Contact John Dagnall on
    Serving Binfield Residents                                                                         01344 425733 / 07867523823
           for 20 years
                                                     01344 481805                                      www.woodchipsltd.co.uk

 Piano Teacher                                                                                                    JMG
 Edwina                                                                                                        Security Systems
                                            Violin & Piano Lessons                          Is your home secure? Will you or your neighbours be
 Smalley                                      Music Theory Lessons                                         alerted to intruders?
   A.T.C.L.                                           One to One Tuition
                                                                                            For a free competitive quote on new alarm
Practical and Theory Tuition                                                                    systems or upgrades from existing
     50 Statham Court                                                                             Please call: 01344 423 228
                                                                                                                 07766 771 750
           Binfield                              Binfield,                                              jmgss@tiscali.co.uk
                                                 Tel: 07761 712210
  Tel. 01344 483214                                                                         OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE ON INTRUDER ACCESS AND CCTV SYSTEMS

                                            Andrea Sukhnandan M.A. PG Dip

                                                                                                 Need help with your PC?
                                                                                                  • Computer problems/error messages •
                                                                                                     Anti-Virus setup & Virus removal •
                                                                                                  Upgrades • Home/Wireless Networking •
                                                                                                   Broadband setup • Printers • Repairs

                                                                                                 • No call out fee, low rates
                                                                                                 • Friendly, professional advice, Binfield based

                                                                                                Contact David at Temple Park Solutions and
                                                                                                    quote “Beacon” for a 10% discount

                                                                                                Phone: 08456 529 129

                                                       BOYETT MAYES OF
                                                Offering friendly, professional advice to
                                                    local businesses and individuals

                                                                                                 Swain & Co
                                                    INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL                        Accountants
                                                Web: www.bml-accountants.co.uk
                                                       Tel: 01344 301616
                                                 Calbourne House, Forest Rd, Binfield               Freephone: 0800 0141205
                                                      * Regulated by the FSA
                                   Church News and Views

                                                You are invited to

The Binfield Church Fete
         Sunday 18th September 2011
             Open-air service 11.30am                                  Fete 12.15—3.00pm
  Entertainment and fun for all the family: Swing Band, bouncy slide,
 animal mini-zoo, BBQ, Pimms tent, tombola, face painting, lucky dip,
coconut shy, sweet stall, creative station, cakes and jams and much more.
Raffle prizes include: £100 John Lewis Vouchers, £100 Esporta Vouchers,
£50 Daruchini Vouchers, family pass to The Look Out Discovery Centre
                                            Please help by donating:
        Tombola and raffle prizes □ Cakes, jams and preserves □ Books, toys, DVDs □ Bric-a-brac
                               Please deliver to St Marks’ from 1st September

                                       Company sponsorship and advertising:
  Sponsor a stall—£50, advertising in the event programme-£25, Raffle, tombola and lucky dip prizes Please contact the Church
                                       Office if you would like to help this community event

                                        Help Required
 A big thank you to everyone on our Church Rotas. We really depend upon you to keep the wheels of the Church
 turning, whether it is winding the clock, cleaning the church, cutting the grass, being on the welcome team or
 preparing coffee. Your ministry is much appreciated. However, we do have some gaps and would dearly like help
 with the cleaning both at All Saints and St. Mark’s. If you could help at either place please contact Belinda Murray on
 01344 487326 for more details.
 We would also like more help with making and serving coffee and tea at both churches on Sunday mornings after the
 10a.m. service. If this is something you would like to be involved in please contact Stephanie Cann on 01344 450493
 for All Saints and Margaret Kindcade on 01344 450588 for St. Mark’s. It is a great way to meet people.
 We would like to increase the numbers of people on the Welcome Teams. If you attend any of our Sunday services
 on a regular basis and would like to help by giving out hymn books, service sheets and welcoming arrivals and are able
 to commit to about one week in five please contact the church office on 01344 421079 or speak to the
 Churchwardens before or after a Sunday service
 The distribution of the Beacon could also do with some help. If you are able to give some time once a month please
 contact Karin Murray on 01344 441777 who would be very grateful for some more help. Karin is attempting to
 update her list to ensure that the whole village is covered. If, at present, you do not have the Beacon delivered this
 may well mean your area is not covered. Perhaps God is moving you to volunteer for this valuable role.
 There is also a need for more help with grass cutting at All Saints. If you could spare some time to do this please
 phone Julian Cole on 01344 459367. The more people who help the less work it is for any one group.
 Many thanks in anticipation of a good response.
 The Churchwardens
             Children and Youth Church Activities

            Going Bananas’ planning is
            well underway and we are
            looking forward to heading
            to the jungle. I hope you all
 have a fantastic summer holiday and I
 look forward to seeing you all in


                                             Meets on the 1st, 3rd & 5th
 For children aged 6+. Practise is Tuesday’s , term time only 1:45-3:00pm in
 on Thursday 6:30-7:30pm at St.     St. Mark’s Church for pre-schoolers and    Meets on Sunday’s at St. Mark’s Church
                                                  their carers!              during the Family Communion at All Saints’
   Mark’s and sing at the 10am                                                  for children aged 3-7 (Splash) and 7-11
Family Communion Service at All                 5th July                     (Trail-Blazers)(The Hub) school years 6 - 9
Saints’. Contact Michael Hawkins "Water into wine" and farewell to
 on 411681 for more information.            those starting school,           3rd July - Splash/ Trailblazers/ Hub
                                              fun in the sun ( hopefully)       th
                                                                                10 July - Splash/ Trailblazers/ Hub
                                          Hope you all have a good summer       17th July - Splash/ Trailblazers/ Hub
                                         break and we look forward to seeing
                                                                                 24th July- All Age – Holiday Club
                                               you on 6th September
                                                                                            launch service
                                           Come along, everyone is welcome.
                                          For more information please                  Start back again on the
                                              call Tessa on 459194                         11th September

      September 4th
              We will be serving
              coffee and cakes          Meets on Tuesday’s 6.45-8pm at           For school yrs 10 + that meets on
               after the service        St. Mark’s during term time and             Thursdays at 3 Wythemede
                 at All Saints.               is for School yrs 7-9                   between 7:45-9:45pm.

  David Fawcett will also be                 5th July – Discovery eve               This term we are going to be
  giving tours of All Saints                      12th July – Chill                   continuing Youth Alpha
       after the service.                    19th July – ‘Water water           Every Thursday until 21st July
                                                                                     Next delta in Sept
 We hope you will join us!
                                       Next Xstream 13th September
                                Bill’s last letter
                                Greetings from Sunny Bognor. It feels like we are on holiday. I will never
                                forget the last days of May 2011. It was wonderful to see so many of our
                                friends at the party and at the last service. My last assembly at Binfield School
                                was also a very emotional occasion. It was great to receive the good wishes of
                                the children. They are very special to me. I want to say a big thank you to all
                                those who gave us gifts. So much thought went into what you gave. One of
                                the gifts was a book telling the story of HMS VICTORIOUS. A wonderful
                                ship and a wonderful gift. Another was a beautiful painting of Windsor that I
                                had admired in Vince and Anne’s shop many years previously. Sheena loved
                                to feed the swans in Windsor and that activity was part of the scene. Yet
                                another was an icon. A beautiful icon depicting Jesus as a vine and his
                                disciples as the branches. The bible tells us that we need to be as close to
                                Jesus as closely as if we had been engrafted into him. I preached many times
in Binfield. Underlying all of them was the importance of a relationship with God. We were created for that
relationship and true fulfilment can only come through that relationship. In the coming years we can still be
close to each other by being close to our loving Father.                   Bill

                                           Bill 's last Under Fives
                                          We made a card full of fishes from
                                         lots of Under Fives families over the
                                         past 13 years and 50 tiny cup cakes
                                           which spelt "Bill". We are all very
                                           grateful for the wonderful support
                                          for the youth in our parish which is
                                            part of Bill's lasting gift to us all
                                         and wish Bill and Sheena all the best
                                         for the

  Bill & Sheena’s last Service on
            May 29th
It was nice to see so many people at Bill
  and Sheena’s farewell service to wish
     them all the best for the future
                  The Silver Service
      Do join us for a short service followed by a hot lunch on
                                                                             We would love you to join us for a
                        Tuesday, 26th July                                        short informal service at
                      12 o'clock at The Red House                           10.00am St Marks Church, Binfield
                              Terrace Road North
                                                                            Followed by refreshments
                               and 23rd August
                      12o’clock at St Mark’s Church                 A crèche is available if you have children
                               We'd love to see you!                               Next Services
      If you have difficulties with transport please contact      8th July—Summer special - Fizz and Strawberries
               Margareta Hawkins 01344 411681                                   9th September

      MEN’S BREAKFAST SATURDAYS                                         MEN’S MONTHLY
   23 July...Celebrities                                                COUNTRY WALK
                                                                                     SATURDAY 9th July
                                at St Marks Church                                     starting at 7.45am
                             07.30 “Smell the Coffee”                          from the car park of the Binfield
                             07.45 “On the Soapbox”                                    shopping centre.
                                                                                   Duration approx 1 hour.
                             08.45 “On your Bikes”
                                                                             Be ready for rain and some mud!

        Our Speciality: BACON & EGG BAPS

                                                                        JULIAN MEETINGS
                 PCC Away Day                                                          for
                                                                       silent contemplative prayer
           Members of the PCC are attending an Away
                                                                  8PM St Catherine's chapel, All Saints Church
            Day on Saturday 23rd July to formulate and            Visitors welcome, from all churches or none..
             crystallise the Vision of our Parish and its
                                                                         MONDAY 18 JULY
         ministry. This will be vital to the recruitment of
                                                                       THURSDAY 25 AUGUST
 our new Rector as a clear Vision will help prospective
                                                                     WEDNESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER
applicants to understand the ministry of our church and
             what makes Binfield so special.                           Please help yourself to leaflets
    Watch this space for outputs from this meeting.                      www.julianmeetings.org

                Assistant Curate/Priest:                                             Treasurer:
                                                                                  Kim Swain 481993
             The Reverend Margaret Thirlwell
                                                                                   P.C.C. Secretary:
             (Wednesday is Margaret's day off)
                                                                                  Sue Green 483037
                   Assistant Curate/Deacon                                 Organist & Choirmaster:
                         Revd Sir Philip Watts                             Michael Hawkins 411681
                            Tel. 305965
                                                                           Bell Tower Captain:
                            Readers:                                         John Harper 425785
                    Elizabeth Harland 429425
                                                                        Church Office Administrators:
                        Churchwardens:                              Karen Marshall & Suzy Deering 421079
                       Jan Watts 305965                              Email: binfield.church@hotmail.co.uk
                      David Fawcett 422495                          All Enquiries for Baptisms and Weddings
                           Youth Minister:
                                                                             Church Web Page:
                            Kat Allwright
                                                                                                                                                                   Patricia Procter Pilates Instructor
                       Lynn Crawford                                                                                                                                Offering mat-based classes catering
                     MAFHP, MCFHP, MABSports                   CHIROPODIST                                                                                            for small groups of five people.
                       Tel: 01344 643000 or                                                                                                                     Any level of fitness and abilities catered for.
                            07734 180626                         Helena. S. Gold                                                                                  Functional training given for pregnant
                                                                                                                                                                           and post natal mothers.
                                                                        (M.S.S.Ch., M.B.Ch.A.)                                                                    Functional training for specific muscle
  •         Callus/corn removal, fungal
            infections, verruca                              Registered Member of The British                                                                      imbalances due to sports and medical
  •         Routine nail care                                Chiropody & Podiatry Association,                                                                                   conditions.
                                                                                                                                                                      Some of the benefits of Pilates
  •         Biomechanical assessment,                         and Health Professional Council                                                                    Improves posture, Strengthens and tones
            orthotics                                            Modern fully equipped surgery                                                                 muscles, Improves circulation, Reduces stress,
  •         Diabetic foot care                                       Ample free parking                                                                                   Beneficial for back pain
  •         Paraffin wax treatments,                                                                                                                                  Contact=Pat on 07904 431280
  •         medi-pedi                                           Tel: 01344-459371                                                                               E-mail=pat@patriciaprocterpilates.co.uk
  •         Sports and remedial therapy                                                                                                                        Website=www.patriciaprocterpilates.co.uk.

        do you suffer from…
Lower back pain                Arm or shoulder pain                     Homeopathy                                                                                     CHIROPODIST
Leg/buttock pain               Sports injuries                    At the Physio Studio, Binfield
Neck pain                      Whiplash associated          Safe, Gentle & Effective for All the family                                                                      HO M E VI S IT S
Headaches/Migraines            disorder                              Skin Conditions, Allergies                                                                       £5 discount off of your
                                                                  Asthma & Respiratory Problems
                                                                  Pregnancy, Childbirth & beyond                                                                         first appointment
                                                                  Persistent / Recurrent Conditions                                                                   Routine nail care, ingrown toenails
Mobile chiropractic health care available in the                       Headaches & Migraines                                                                          Corns, hard skin, nail deformities
Berkshire area; taking chiropractic health care to you                 Colic, Teething, Fevers                                                                        Diabetic footcare & advice
Save, effective treatment, fully qualified, award                      And Much, Much More
winning chiropractor
                                                                                                                                                                      Nail & skin infections, foot massage
                                                                I’m also a qualified reflexologist
Contact me today to book a gentle, effective treatment                                                                                                           Mrs Laure Moore MSSCh MBChA
that really works.                                                      Linda Cooke RSHom                                                                      British Chiropody & Podiatry Association &
Mark Spriggs (MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic)                   The Physio Studio, Binfield                                                                       Health Professions Council registered
                                                                    Tel : 07713 12 65 64
(Mobile) 07737 186116
                                                              www.lindacookehomeopathy.co.uk                                                                         Freephone 0 80 0 0 19 4 7 50
(email) mark@bracknell-chiropractor.co.uk                                                                                                                              Mobile 07 9 68 48 8 27 1
Fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council,
Full member of the United Chiropractic Association                                                                                                                   www.premierfootcare.co.uk

                   WARFIELD                                                                                                                                    `
                  OSTEOPATHY                                                         The Hollies
            For the treatment of:                                                   Children’s Centre                                                                     Frame Studio
             Back and neck pain/stiffness
             “trapped nerves”
             Shoulder pain/stiffness                            Are you pregnant or a mum or dad with a child under 5?
              Hip/knee /foot problems                                                The Hollies Children’s Centre is here for you!
              Minor Sports Injuries                              We don’t have our own building…. we run services from local community buildings instead.

              Individual treatments—manipulation                                 We offer: Bumps and Babies groups,
            (“cracking”)     optional                                              Baby Massage and Yoga Classes,                                                    Bespoke framing. Personal
                                                                            Parenting courses and family support and advice,
             Gentle “cranial” treatment                                                   and much more……                                                           service, high standard. LOW
                     Pilates, Sports Massage                                                                                                                       prices. Visit the Binfield studio.
                                                                            We will be at Newbold Church every Wednesday
                                                                                       Morning from 10 – 12noon.
              Near TESCO County Lane                                      Please pop in and see us we will be glad to see you.
                                                                                                                                                                   Ring Victoria on 01344-420123
               Michelle Henfrey MBA MSc DO                           If you would like to know more about what we can do for you
                                                                               and your family, or to find out more please                                          framing@spinneyhouse.co.uk
                  Registered Osteopath                                              call the centre on 01344 317020.

              01344 452432/07941 107290
                  Medical Insurance accepted

                                                                                                                                                                         HEAT CARE
                                                                                                                                                              GAS CENTRAL HEATING SPECIALISTS

                                                                                                                                                            • BOILER SERVICING & REPLACEMENT
                                                                                                                                                            • CENTRAL HEATING REPAIRS &
Pamper Time for YOU                                       Children’s Dentistry FREE                                                                          INSTALLATIONS
    Ensuring You Look and Feel                                  Ensuring Your Child’s Smile                                                                 • PLUMBING SERVICES
           Young and Refreshed                                           For Years to Come                                                                  • LANDLORD CERTIFICATES
                                                                                                                                                            • FREE ESTIMATES & ADVICE
Ring Today on:                                            Ring Today on:                                                                                                                             232315

                            08443 756 332                                                            08443 756 332                                           30 Years Experience * Gas Safe
email smiles@appledore.co.uk                              email smiles@appledore.co.uk                                                                                 Registered
www.appledore.co.uk                                       www.appledore.co.uk                                                                                All Work Guaranteed & Insured
Forest Rd, Binfield, RG42 4HL                             Forest Rd, Binfield, RG42 4HL                                                                        Tel. 01344 884080 or
                                                                                                                                                                   07860 159812
                     PETER RENOUF                                                                                                      N.E.N BUILDING
                                                                                D.I.Y. DEREK
                       RENOVATIONS                                                                                                        SERVICES
                                 KITCHENS                                                                                    Alterations, renovations, plastering
                                                                   We work in all areas of D.I.Y.                               decorating, patios, brickwork
                                BEDROOMS                                                                                         general building work and
                                                                 Quality Work you can trust
                                                                                D.I.Y. Derek,                                           maintenance
                                                                                                                                                   EST : 16 Years
                        (01344) 4 5 4 6 0 5                                  28 Makepiece Road,
                                                                                                                                          Please ring for quote:
                      (Mobile) 07512 585584                                      Priestwood,
                         Prenouf@tgis.co.uk                               Bracknell, Berks. RG42 2HJ                                     01344 883063 /
                                                                          Telephone: 641143                                               07754249613
      PROPERTY MAINTENANCE                                               Mobile: 07808 062627
                         24-hour emergency repairs

     Emma Roberts DC BSc GCC                                                                                                             Clearview
      Registered Chiropractor
                                                                                                                            Counselling Services
  14 years experience serving patients in                                                                                   “Clearing the issues with a View to the Future”
   Binfield and the surrounding areas.
                                                                                                                               Mary-Anne is an experienced and qualified
      Trained in McTimoney/Corley                                                                                               Integrative Counsellor and member of the
     techniques and Upledger/Barral                                                                                         B.A.C.P.. She provides confidential Counselling
           craniosacral therapy.                                                                                            and Psychotherapy for a wide range of life issues.
                                                                                                                            Daytime and evening appointments are available.
       Also qualified in the treatment of                                                                                   For fuller details on this local service and general
     animals. manipulation, massage, ultra-                                                                                  information on counselling, visit her webpage:
       sound and orthotics consultations.
          Contact: 07770 933086                                                                                                         New Year Special Offer: 7 counselling
                                                                                                                                              sessions for the price of 6*
     Medical insurance registered BUPA, AXA etc.        Christina Goble                                                        (Please quote Binfield Beacon *when paid for in advance)
                                                        Independent Phoenix Trader 15612
                                                        07831 406004 • christina.goble@btopenworld.com
                                                                                                                                  Ring/text: 07917611807

                                                                                           SEAMSTRESS &
 We offer:

       Regular weekly domestic cleans
                                                                                                                            Curtain Solutions
 •     One-off spring cleans
 •     Ironing
                                                                                   Curtains, blinds, cushions, etc             City and Guilds curtain maker
                                                                                 Clothes alterations
                                                                           School PE kit monogramming                           Specialising in hand made
 We guarantee:
 •     The same cleaner every week,
                                                                           Name taping for school clothes                      curtains and Roman blinds
                                                                              ........the list is endless!
       familiar with your requirements
                                                                   All types of sewing undertaken                              Supplier of Villa Nova fabric
 •     You can select as many hours as
       you need (£12 per hour)                                                                                               For all your curtain requirements
 •     Pet friendly cleaners—we love
                                                               Please contact Alison Collett:
                                                                                                                                       Call Julie on :
       animals!                                                                 07876 591 411
               Tel: 01344 350259
                                                                                                                                       07810 690 939
                                                                               or 01344 455301                             Julie_curtainsolutions@hotmail.co.uk

     Binfield Garden Club
                                                                                                                                        Binfield Toddlers
  We meet on the first Thursday
                                                                                                                                    Come along and join the fun
        of the month at 7pm in the
          Binfield Memorial Hall.                                     Give your child a great                                 Wednesday 1.30pm till 3.00pm
                                                                                                                                          TERM TIME ONLY
There is usually a speaker about an aspect of                        Binfield Pre-school start!                                        Binfield Memorial Hall
gardening, a raffle, refreshments and time to                We provide a friendly and well-equipped environment for
chat with friends. We welcome visitors, so                    young children to meet, have fun and learn through play.      Baby corner, craft table, outside play area
                                                             Wherever you live, Binfield Pre-School welcomes children
      come along to our friendly club.                        aged 2 to 5. Ofsted Approved, PLA Member, Registered                Lots to keep little ones busy
 Membership £16 p.a. Visitors £3 per meeting
                                                                      Charity, Registered for Funded Children                          Snacks and drinks
                                                                       Binfield Memorial Hall: 01344 862729
                                                                        Jocks Lane Pavilion: 01344 862500                       Coffee/tea and homemade cakes
                                                                             www.binfieldpreschool.net                      For more info call Jen on 01344 867913

ALAN BRIGHT            Home Improvements       General Builder                                                           Home 01344 454537              Mobile 0771 0740230

Dusting Diva’s         Cleaning Services - Most Days available, references if needed. Please call                                           01344 311844 or 078997 44881

Piano Tuning &         S. Benham MPTA 35 Arundel Road, Woodley, Reading RG5 4JP                                                                       0118 969 3729
Minor Repairs

WILKINSON              All types of roofing undertaken. Warfield based company. Free estimates & advice                                    01344 455144 or 07776 017818
                            BINFIELD MEMORIAL HALL
                                   1920 – NOW
 The Memorial Hall, built for the community has been a vibrant and focal part of Binfield for many years. 91
 years on from the date of construction it’s still playing an important role and is run by an enthusiastic team
 of volunteers.
 Do you know what goes on in your village hall? Come and find out. The Memorial Hall Team invites you to
 a Community Open Day when we will demonstrate and entertain you with a whole host of activities and fun.

                                   Community Open Day
                                 Sunday 11th September 2011
                                     12.00 – 4.00 pm

                                       BJK             Beauty Therapy
                                                                                                          PAINTING &
                                  Facials - Elemis skincare range
                                  Manicures/Pedicures - OPI nail products                                DECORATING
                                  Sports Massage
                                  Eyebrow shaping/Lash tinting
                                  Friendly professional service –over 20years experience     RELIABLE & PROFESSIONAL
                                  Located in the centre of Binfield Village – easy parking
                                  Evening and weekend appointments available
                                  Beverley Kitching                                                TEL: 01344 422 876
                                  BABTAC ITEC over 20 years experience
                                                                                                  MOBILE: 0776 879 7587
                                  01344 423876 07845 086129

                                                                                              Graham Sawyer General
                                                                                                 Building Services
                                                                                             Extension         Renovations
                                                                                                  Plastering    Rendering         Tiling
                                                                                             All Brickwork     Groundwork’s        Patio’s
                                                                                             Driveways    Carpentry     Roofing
                                                                                             All Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating

                                                                                             07783078801 or 01189695553
                                                                                             Ring for a free quote EST 1990

                                          FREE CONSULTATION
    K. GIER                              HARLOWS ACCOUNTANTS
                                                         -Founded 1947-
                                         We specialise in Personal and Business
     COMPETITIVE PRICES                              Taxation, VAT,
      & FREE ESTIMATES                          Payroll, Companies and
                                                 Company Formations
 Tel: 01344 454494                           Your local firm of accountants
                                            At Lexham House, Forest Road
Mobile: 07721719836
                                           Telephone 01344 868086                                    Domestic Appliance Sales & Repairs
      “FRAMPTON”                                                                                             01344 423755
  TERRACE ROAD SOUTH,                                                                                   Geoff & Heather Tibble
        BINFIELD                                                                                         Foxley Lane, Binfield
         PARISH COUNCIL NEWS                                    clothes, toys, keys and other things after his rounds and we
            www.binfieldparishcouncil.org.uk                    are concerned that if you go back to where you left something
                                                                it won’t be there and you think it is gone for ever! We
Grants                                                          currently have a good blue hoodie for a teenager, a lovely doll
If you get this copy of the Beacon early enough you will just and bike lock amongst others. If you or you hear that anyone
have time to get your application for a grant in to the parish else has lost something, get in contact with us and you might
office for consideration at the July meeting. This year the be fortunate and get it back!
council has increased the grants budget to £10,000 in
recognition that organisations may come under increased Amanda, Roger and Janet 01344 454602
financial pressure in difficult economic times. The closing binfieldparish.council@btinternet.com
date for the July 2011 grants is 4 July 2011. Application forms www.binfieldparishcouncil.org.uk
are available form the Parish Office or by email request.
                                                                                    BINFIELD WOMENS’ INSTITUTE
Tennis Open Day                                                                     Our meeting opened as usual with the
Inspired by Wimbledon? Keen to start playing? Returning to                          singing of Jerusalem and welcoming
the sport? All these reasons to play tennis can be served by                        members and four new members. Our
attending the next Open Day at the Foxley Fields Tennis         usual monthly business followed. Our speaker was Leslie
Courts on SUNDAY 10TH JULY at 10:00:am. Members of              Grout, a well known Windsor Blue Badge Guide. Who took
the Tennis association will be on hand to welcome you, talk     us on a walk, not literally, but with slides around Victoria
to you about the club and get you started on a game. More       Windsor. George the third became very fond of Windsor and
information can be obtained form the parish office on 01344 made the castle his home. Queen Victoria together with
454602 or the BTA website http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/           Prince Albert lived there and expanded the town in many
group/binfieldtennis                                            ways. Albert was renowned helping with the poor of the
                                                                Borough, and built houses and almshouses and made work
Use of Mobile Telephones Whilst Driving                         for many people in the town. Windsor had many slums at
This offence is very common and it may be that residents are this time. There were also many well to do men in the town
not aware of the current legislation. PC Kevin Denman and that set up charities in the area. Windsor became very well
PCSO Gary Clarke have provided the following information. known and tourism in London organised outings to the town.
Driving whilst using a mobile phone is an offence which can Windsor had and still has two stations. We saw slides of
be punished by an £60 fine and three points on your licence. Queen Victoria’s funeral and the cortage at the station. We
In the event of an accident causing injury, not only does a     were shown slides of the many churches, schools, many of
driver have to live with the consequences but also will         those private and houses. Most of these houses now sell for
probably be given a custodial sentence. Current technology      high prices. An interesting evening from a well informed
allows for records to be accessed, pinpointing exactly when     guide. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th July at
and where a mobile phone is in use, so confirmation of an       7.30pm at the Memorial Hall, Jane Wheaton one of our
offence is extremely straightforward. They are always           members, who is an artist will be speaking on Botanical
encouraging responsible driving and parking and would like      Painting, with members participating, we look forward to
this issue brought to your attention.                           that.                                             Jan Vigar
The Police Point is now manned much more often and Kevin
and Gary would be very pleased for you to visit them when       BINFIELD LIBRARY NEWS
they are “in”. We still have no regular volunteer so we can’t A couple of special events are being held during the summer.
give particular times as it depends on their shift pattern. You The first is a flax weaving demonstration on Monday July 11
can always call or come into the parish office and we can pass 5 – 6.30 pm for which there will be a £1 charge. This demo
on information for you or ask for a visit if you prefer. It’s   involves taking flax leaves and making floral displays with
good that we have this police presence here and you are         them. Please contact the library if you are interested in
encouraged use their information and expertise to make our attending.
community a safer place.
                                                                CRAZY COLIN'S CHILDREN'S CIRCUS STARS
Shrubs and Bushes around our parks                              LIBRARY SHOW is for children aged 5 – 10 years old
This spring we were aware that the growth of our shrub          partaking in the Summer Reading Challenge (see separate
borders and bushes had been sporadic due to the weather and article). It will be on Wednesday 24 August 10.30 – 11.30 am
that sometimes they have grown quickly and made a hazard        and there will be a £1 charge (booking essential).
by narrowing our paths. Our Open Spaces Contractor              Bonkers, Funny Magic Tricks - lots of audience participation
attends on schedule but we can always make an extra request and involvement! Age appropriate Magic and Comedy.
if we need to. The Foxley Fields paths became a problem but
they should by now have been cut back sensibly beyond the       Our regular events in July and August are:
edge of the grass. If you see vegetation that needs attention, Drop-in for parents and carers of pre-school children
please let us know and we will organise for it to be done.      Thursday 9 – 10.15 am including during the school holidays.
                                                                The first session of the month involves stories and craft (sea
Lost Property                                                   creatures) whilst the others will be stories and bounce &
Another plug for lost property. We hope that all residents      rhyme. Tea/coffee provided for the adults, squash for
will think of us if they lose or find an item of property. Our children if required. Please note that we now ask for a small
Play Area Warden, Eric Nickless, brings us many glasses,        donation for craft materials and refreshments. Sessions will
be on Thursday 7, 14, 21 and 28 July.                                 Binfield Garden Club
The August craft will be elephants and stories will tie in with the Our June meeting was spent at the lovely garden of one of our
Summer Reading Challenge for older children on the circus           members, Louise Lusby, at Whitehouse Farm Cottage in Murrell
theme. Sessions will be on 4, 11, 18 and 25 August.                 Hill Lane, Binfield. It was a most pleasant evening, with a warm
The Saturday bounce & rhyme session will be on 2 July starting      welcome to this delightful garden simply packed with delicious
at 11 am. Under-4 year olds and their parents/carers are            plants, quirky artifacts and surprises around every corner.
welcome for a sing-along session. There will not be a session in    Relaxing and cool, with plenty of shady places to sit and enjoy
August.                                                             the pictures created by the garden. With water drip dripping over
After-school craft will be held on Tuesdays between 3.30 & 4.30     the urn and the mosaic pathways and the effective use of candles
pm, term-time only for children aged 6 – 10 years, children         and hanging lights one was led through the different “rooms”,
under the age of 8 must be supervised. Voluntary donations of       each area with a special feel or mood. I loved the summer house
50p per child are welcome to cover materials.                       and the authentic decoration of a bygone age - even the radio
Sessions in July will be on 5, 12 and 19 July.                      and crockery! Louise explained how the garden was 26 years old
The Needlecraft clinic will be on Monday 11 July from 5 to 6.30     and had grown and developed with the help of her husband,
pm will include our special flax weaving event (as above). Please   Kier, and his skills in the workshop. The Garden will feature in
come along and chat about your needlecraft problems or plans,       the first episode of “ Love Your Garden” a new series presented
don’t worry about how big they are.                                 by Alan Titchmarsh on ITV1 on Friday at 8 pm from 10th June
All three book clubs are on their summer breaks. Benetfeld and      (Louise on the 17th June ) The competition: Your best Roses
Binfield Book Groups will be resuming on Wednesday 21               was won by Belinda Thornhill, in second place, Annette Tarry,
September from 7.45 pm. The Afternoon Book Group will be            third Roy Cox, and fourth Ruth Fawcett. The roses looked
meeting on 14 September at 2.15 pm. If you are interested in        wonderful on the table under the gazebo ! Thank you Louise
joining any of these groups please come in & show your interest     and Kier, for a lovely evening and your warm hospitality. We
or contact the library for more details (01344 306663).             had a most pleasant trip to Parham House on May 18th beautiful
Our coffee morning will be held on Thursday 28 July 10.30–          House, good weather and good café! What more could you ask.
11.30 am and we will be having a reminiscence session, topic        There is a visit on the Wednesday 29th July to Mottisfont Abbey.
unknown at present. Everyone is welcome for a chat over             (for roses) The Plant Sale on Saturday raised over £400
coffee & cakes, tea is available if preferred. Please note there    towards club funds . A fantastic result ! The sunshine
won’t be a session in August.                                       encouraged lots of folk to come and buy and have refreshments,
            Margaret, Chris, Claire, Gillian, Sharon & Doreen A big thankyou everyone! The next meeting on 7th July at the
                                                                    Memorial Hall will be Lorna Rivett : Beekeeping.
                  HOME LIBRARY SERVICE                              And the competition The Annual Challenge - sweet peas.
   The Home Library Service is available to people living in the
 Bracknell Forest area, we offer a free delivery service of books, Binfield Village Protection Society (BVPS)
   spoken word cassettes/CD's and other Library loan items to BVPS is a non-political organisation whose aim is to preserve, enhance and
  housebound customers who are unable to visit the Library in protect the amenity of the Parish of Binfield and surrounding area.
  person. A member of HLS staff or a friendly volunteer will be Annual General Meeting
    assigned to them and they will select items according to the    Our AGM this year is on Thursday 30th June at Binfield
 customer's preferences or requests and will visit them every two Primary School. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Our
 or three weeks. If you would like more information on the Guest Speaker is Victor Nicholls, Assistant Chief Executive for
      service or you would like to get involved as a HLS            Bracknell Forest Council. He is going to address the subject of
                              volunteer                             the Localism Bill which is currently being debated in the House
                  please call us on 01344 352406                    of Lords. It will enter Committee stage on the 20th June, with the
                                                                    final Committee meeting due on the 30th June. There is much
                                                                    debate from all sides as to whether the Localism Bill will really
                              Roll up, roll up for an entertainment
                                                                    give local people more say in how decisions are reached by
                             extravaganza for kids – the Summer
                                                                    Councils and Councillors. Victor will be explaining what impact
                             Reading Challenge 2011, Circus
                                                                    he thinks the Bill will have in how Bracknell Forest interacts with
Stars. It’s fun, it’s FREE, it’s at Binfield Library this
                                                                    its Residents. The evening will finish with light refreshments.
summer. Parents and carers love the Summer Reading Challenge
                                                                    Site Allocation Development Plan Document Consultation
because children discover the joy of reading – and kids love it
                                                                    The Council are expected to announce their decision on the
because it’s fun! This year’s theme is all about taking to the
                                                                    housing plans at the beginning of July. The results of the
stage. Children are given a colourful cut-out circus stage to start
                                                                    residents’ survey (given in last month’s Beacon) have been
their challenge – to read six books of their choice over the long
                                                                    analysed, collated, printed and copies sent to every Bracknell
summer break. As they read, they collect stickers to complete
                                                                    Councillor, our MP Adam Afriyie, Bracknell’s MP, Philip
their stage set and help the six Circus Stars put on a show.
                                                                    Lee, Wokingham’s MP, John Redwood, senior Bracknell
Children can register from Saturday 9 July and complete by
                                                                    Council Officers, Parish Councillors and local political party
Saturday 10 September. So come in to pick up the moving image
                                                                    associations. This has been followed up by telephone calls to
membership card, read the books, collect the stickers and other
                                                                    the ascertain their personal view of the Council’s development
rewards until finally the medal and certificate are awarded on
                                                                    plan and whether they plan to support local residents’ views or
completion. Don’t forget that local school children also receive a
                                                                    continue to ignore us, the voters. It will be interesting to find
credit when they go back to school in September if they have
                                                                    out at the AGM how the Localism Bill will affect the whole
completed the scheme.
                                                                    planning process – if at all!
                                                                                                                       Claire Jackaman
1st Binfield Brownies Summer Term
The 1st Binfield Brownies would like to take this opportunity to let you know what they have been up to this term…
They started after Easter by doing their Brownie Skills badge which involved learning how to tie knots, planning a journey and,
among other things, remembering what it means to be a Brownie – thinking of others before themselves and lending a hand to
help where they can. The following week they had a great evening out, bowling at The Point.
After half term, the Brownies spent 2 weeks working towards their Wildlife Explorer badge which they really enjoyed! They made
a bird feeder to hang in the garden and spent a week watching and making notes about which birds came to visit and also any
other bugs, beetles, insects or animals they spotted near their house. The badge also involved a trip to Popes Meadow to do some
pond-dipping with a ranger from Bracknell Forest Borough Council.
They have also linked up with the 1st Binfield Rainbows as part of the Campfire Challenge and sung songs and told stories round
their own indoor ‘fire’ made from logs, tissue paper and cellophane.
During the last couple of weeks of this term, the Brownies will be doing their Healthy Heart badge, involving lots of energetic
games and fruit tasting. Please look out for their posters around the village promoting healthy eating and exercise.
If you have a daughter who is interested in joining Guiding then please get in touch with our District Commissioner, Kerry
Sutton, at guiding@thesuttons.me We cater for girls as young as 5 years and have several Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units in
the area. We will always try to find a suitable place for you.
                                                                                                            Brown Owl (Liz Hall)

                     RIDE + STRIDE 2011 – September 10th 2011
                                            "Ride + Stride", formerly known as CRoW, has become one of the most
                                            successful and popular annual fundraising events that help restore and protect
                                            historic churches and chapels across the UK.
                                            During Ride + Stride you can explore beautiful Berkshire and surrounding coun-
                                            ties and discover more about these extraordinary buildings. Churches are steeped
                                            in history and intrigue and for millennia have been centres of culture, arts and
                                            learning. Many churches are manned by volunteers who will be keen to tell you
                                            about their church as well as treat you to biscuits and refreshments!
       For information contact Clive Betteridge on 01344 450260 or clive.betteridge@berkschurchestrust.org.uk

                                                                              Bikeathon Kidz
          QUIZ NIGHT                                              for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research
     Saturday 23rd July 2011                                           24th September 2011 Saturday
     7.30pm for 8.00pm start                                            Calling all Young Bikers
    St Mark's Church, Binfield
                                                                               New Date
     We are very excited to announce our upcoming
                                                              After having to cancel our Bikeathon at the Look out
  fundraising Adults Quiz Night. Come and test your
knowledge, have fun, and help raise much needed funds      Bracknell we are pleased to give a new date in September,
   for our Pre-School. You can enter in teams of 6-8       so hop on your bikes, bring your friends, Mums and Dads
people, or you can turn up on the night and join a team.
 Tickets are £7.50 each, which includes a ploughman's
                                                             for a fun-day out, and raise some money to fight blood
     supper. There will be a licensed bar available                                  cancers.
                throughout the evening.                      Details Linda and Dave 01344 454503 or 07717 182 590
 Please contact Jo Foster on 01344 411999                                email hlindaskitchen@aol.com
    for further information and tickets.

                                               BINFIELD MEMORIAL HALL
                                               IS SEEKING A TREASURER
     The Memorial Hall has been part of Binfield for many years, plays an important role in the village and is run by an
                                              enthusiastic team of volunteers.
                                        The role of Treasurer has become available.
                        If you would like to join our team and be involved in your local community
         Please contact Mike Harlow on either 01344868086 ~ or ~ michael.harlow@ewharlowaccountants.co.uk

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