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									                                                        GASTON ACURIO

Profession:          Peruvian Cook
Education:           MADRID & PARIS
Age:                 42
Married to:          ASTRID GUTSCHE
Daughters:           KIARA E IVALU
Hosts the Show:      AVENTURA CULINARIA

MISSION:      Taking peruvian gastronomy to the World via peruvian concepts
and trademarks. Globalizing Peruvian customs so that the World consumes
what peruvians have invented, not only as primary resources but, foremost, as
exclusive products such as pisco sour, tiradito, cebiche, huancaina. All of this is
done in order to generate a new value for the Peru trademark in general.

Operating Trademarks.-

Cocina peruana

High end peruvian restaurant. Its mission is to be an ambassador of peruvian
cooking at the highest level. It aims to compete with the best restaurants in
every city where it opens so that it can lead the way to further peruvian
restaurants and concepts.

Cities where Astrid y Gaston Operates.
Lima, Santiago, Quito, Bogota, Caracas, Madrid, Buenos Aires and México DF.

Cebicheria Peruana

Restaurant under the generic, cebicheria brand, that is, next to Astrid y Gaston,
the second slip that should open the way for Peruvian gastronomy at the
highest level so as to facilitate the advancement of all Peruvian concepts
around the World and, therefore, the globalization of the exclusive Peruvian
products, the exportation of our culture and, in sum, elevating our country
trademark in general.

Cities where La Mar Operates
Lima, México Df. (three locations), San Francisco CA, Sao Paulo and Santiago
de Chile
Bistro Peruano

In the family restaurant segment, Tanta is a typical café, bakery and
international delicatessen where all flavors are strongly intertwined with Peru;
this explains the Peruvian bistro description. It’s a trademark that has
international market access that is facilitated by the previous success of Astrid y
Gaston or La Mar.

Cities where Tanta Operates
Lima, 4 locations and Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Parrilla Peruana

Panchita is the place of Peruvian BBQ. Home of our anticuchos and
showcasing Peruvian cuts and typical Peruvian cooking methods, Panchita is a
place where fun meets the Peruvian Grill.

Cities where Panchita Operates

Jugería Peruana

Based on the “juguero” of peruvian markets as an alchemist and the combined
flavoured juices displayed on their blackboards as stellar products, the concept
of Jugería peruana was created based on five our most emblematic fruits,
lucuma, cherimoya, granadilla, tuna and mango. With them a world of fantasy
and flavour is set within a language of mucho humor, a great design and the
highest standard of service aimed at making the market of fruit juice a viable
alternative to the ever growing coffeehouse market. Within the trademark
portfolio this is the healthy alternative for Peruvians, without sacrificing flavour
or fun.

Cities where La Pepa Operates

Cocinas Regionales Peruanas

Chicha is a high end restaurant chain tailored to Peruvian provinces which
mission is to rescue the best local ingredients and their hidden most
gastronomic traditions to put them in a scene and a space that seeks to be an
icon and a new quality standard in the city it is located at. This year we

Cities where La Pepa Operates
Cuzco and Arequipa
Trademarks Opening this year.

Chifa Peruano

In Lima there are 2,000 chifas (Peruvian Chinese Restaurants). All of them
serve great food but have serious conceptual deficiencies. This is why we have
developed this chifa with a great decoration, great ambiance, unmatched
service and with the same food of the Peruvian Chifa which is embellished by
little sparks of creativity.
The inauguration is set for 2009. Its intended to revive the concept of the
neighbourhood chifa in Peru and to internationalize as chifa all Peruvian
Chinese food.

Chicón De Los Andes

Finally we have started the creation process of the first Nativa Hotel in the
“Quebrada de Chicon” in the sacred valley of the incas. There we will build the
first luxury boutique hotel that will, additionally, be 100% ecological. A hotel
owned orchard that will be administered by Chicon’s own comuneros, a place
with no walls that can send isolation messages to the community. The Hotel will
develop a residue treatment plant and the elaboration of its own mineral water
to avoid the consumption of glass.
Hotel Nativa will be home to the best service of the country, the most coherent
design with its surroundings, the best cuisine using 100% of the zone’s
produce. The community will be benefited with a percentage of sales and with
the promotion of a new standard in the region where extreme comfort and
luxury live hand in hand with a solid respect for the environment, customs and
people that historically own the area.

Social Projects.-

Cooking school promoted by our organization. All the professors belong to our
organization. The best culinary teachings directed to young men and women
that come from new Pachacutec, one of the country’s most impoverished
zones. There young men and women are learning not only to be great cooks
but also to be leaders and examples in their community that we all can be

Due to the earthquake and via many different promoters, we developed a
restaurant school in Pisco aimed at young pisqueneans that want to take
advantage of the growing hotel development of the Paracas area with teachings
that use the natural resources of the area in a restaurant that aspires to set a
new standard of quality in the area.
Thanks to this agreement, SENATI committed itself to open 10 cooking schools
in all Peru while the association opens its doors to students as interns and to
teachers in order to have them be permanently assisted. APEGA will also
intervene in the study plan design. The first school opened in 2008. The first
school for waiters should open this year, in order to guarantee the future of
service in Peru as a vacation destination.


December 2007      In favor of reconstructing the San Andrés Pier after the
                   2008 Earthquake
Septiembre 2008    In favor of Remodelling the Market of Surquillo

September 2008     First Lima International Gastronomic Fair “Peru Mucho

September 2009     Second Lima International Gastronomic “Mistura 2009”


      Cocina Casera para los tiempos de hoy.
      Aventura Culinaria
      First Colection La Cocina de Gaston Acurio.
      Second Colection Las cocinas del Perú por Gastón acurio.
      Gaston Acurio: 500 años de fusión


2007               IPAE 2007,

2008               Madrid Fusión, Homage to Defenders of the Planet’s
                   Summun, Award to Peruvian Top Restaurants
                   Premio Luces, Best Gastronomic Book
                   Premio Luces, Best Gastronomic TV Show

2009               Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, World’s Best

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