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05-75 Units of Study K1


									Activity Activity: Introduction to Units of Study, A Grade K and 1 Writing
TLC Points: 10       Date: 12.15.05

Date: 12/15/05
           Teaching & Learning Cooperative
                        Proposal for Individuals or Groups of 2-4

PROPOSAL FACILITATOR:        Peggy Diemer Boyd      WORK LOCATION:     Adobe Bluffs

PHONE: 672-3600                   EMAIL: PDIEMER@POWAYUSD.COM
PARTICIPANTS: All   Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers, Limit of 25 participants

START AND END DATES:    1/31 – 6 - 6

                                           WRITING, OR MATHEMATICS)
                                       X PROFICIENCY FOR ALL STUDENTS ACROSS ALL
                                        GRADE LEVELS AND CONTENT AREAS AS MEASURED
                                        BY STANDARDIZED STATE MEASURES (CST, CAHSEE)
                                      INCREASED ACCESS TO RIGOROUS CURRICULUM
                                        & COURSES FOR ALL STUDENTS (AP CLASSES, A-G)
     To create a cross district dialogue and staff development focused on writing
       curriculum for Kindergarten and First Grade Students. The catalyst for this work
       will be the piloting of Units of Study for Primary Writing: a Yearlong Curriculum
       developed by Lucy Calkins. Specific work will be the targeted toward the
       following units: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing, The Conferring
       Handbook, Launching the Writing Workshop, Personal Narrative Writing,
       Writing For Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies, The Craft of Revision,
       Authors as Mentors, Nonfiction Writing, and Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny
     With the development of this curriculum and other resources, we hope to gain a
       better understanding of the writing process in Kindergarten and First Grade.
       Through research, instruction, reflection, and collaboration we hope to establish a
       writing skills and a focused writing program that allows us to obtain the skills
       needed to be effective writing teachers.
Other resources we will use:
About the Authors: Writing Workshop with Our Youngest Writers by Katie Wood-Ray
Staff Development CD, included in Units of Study. Conferring with Writers, Video by
Shelly Harwayne and various reproduced reference materials.

Budget: TLC will purchase one half the cost of the Curriculum ($75 X 25) = $1,875
        Participants will be required to find school funding for remaining half
        Facilitation Hourly: 40 hours X $30 = $1,200

(Use back of form or attached sheet for more space.)
Activity Activity: Introduction to Units of Study, A Grade K and 1 Writing
TLC Points: 10       Date: 12.15.05

The team will meet the last Tuesday of each month from 4:00 to 6:00 to discuss seven
units of study presented by Lucy Calkins as well as other Writer’s Workshop resources.
Each session will also include sharing of reflections regarding implementation, develop
implementation strategies for the following units and follow up reference article
assignment. The units to be covered include:
     The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing and Launching the Writing Workshop
        (January )
     Personal Narrative Writing (February)
     Writing For Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies/ The Craft of Revision
        (March )
     Nonfiction Writing (April)
     Authors as Mentors /.Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages (May)
    *We will also incorporate Katie-Wood-Ray and other resources at each meeting.

Each teacher will be responsible for reading and taking notes on all nine of Lucy Calkins
units (listed above) as well as the Katie Wood-Ray books.
Meeting time: 10 Hours

Pre-Reading, Reflection journaling, development of materials for sharing of student work
at upcoming meeting, reading of following units prior to each meeting: 10 hours

Classroom Implementation Activities:

The lessons will be developed by reading and reviewing all resources listed above as well
as reflecting on the needs of each student. Each teacher will implement the writing
workshop a minimum of four days per week which will include a mini-lesson, time for
writing, conferencing with students (writing in conferencing notebook), student sharing,
and assessment of student work to drive further instruction.

Lesson planning for new workshop models based on Units of Study (above and beyond
regular planning) 20 hours

Reflection Activities:

The teachers will reflect each individual lesson by keeping a reflection journal. Each
journal entry will have a lesson focus, lesson observation notes and next best steps. Each
teacher will also review student writing and her conferencing notebook to ensure that
each student’s individual needs are being met. We will share our individual reflections
on the lessons we have each presented in our classrooms to gain insights and develop our
year-long plan based of the results of our implementations.

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