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									                                                         WINTER 2003-2004

Seventh Grade Produces Jason and Argonauts
     By By Philip Medalie          finds several people who need
        The new seventh grade      his help and puzzles that need
opera,      Jason    and     the   to be solved.
Argonauts, was performed by J-            The songs in this play are
1 and J-4. The songs for the       Chiron’s Lullaby, Hera and
play were written by J-1, J-4,     Athena, We Sing as We Leave
and A-3. This opera is about       Colchis, We’re Off to Get the
Jason, the rightful heir to the    Golden Fleece, Medea’s Evil
throne, whose father has been      Trick, Somewhere in this Land,
imprisoned by Pelius, who has      Doom, and We’re Brave Men
taken over the kingdom. Jason      from Greece.
confronts Pelius and Pelius               The main characters are
says,” You may have the throne,    Jason, Pelius, Hera, Athena,
but first you have to bring back   Aphrodite, Medea, Chiron, and
the Golden Fleece from the land    Phineus. The minor, but still very
of Colchis.”                       important, characters include
        So Jason sets out on the   the Argonauts, the Harpies, the
quest. Along Jason’s quest, he              (Continued on Page 2)       Jason and Argonauts was presented on January 20, 2004.

Don’t Be a Bully at School                                              Chem For Kids Amazes, Entertains
     By Ellexis Krum and                         school life and
                                                                              By Cheryl Machey            the rest of us. Then, the
        Lizzie Helsel                            how he was bul-
                                                                             and Vanessa Knecht           teacher put fire on the paper,
                                                 lied. He also so
      On Dec. 12, Quay Hanna                     talked about when             On January 9, 2004,        and the word became visible.
came in to speak about bullying.                 he was in high         the sixth graders                        In the next presenta-
He talked about his middle                       school and how he      attended a “Chem for                     tion, the teacher put a
                                                 used to bully peo-     Kids” assembly, which                    can on a stick. One of
                                                                        was presented by the                     the high school stu-
 What’s Inside?                    ple. After talking about those
                                                                        high school chemistry                    dents put fire on the
                                   things he told us how he real-
 Washington Trip      Page   2     ized he was wrong. Also that         club of the same                         bottom of can, and it
 Martin Luther King   Page   3     what he was doing was the            name. The theme for                      shot off into the crowd.
 Three Doors Down     Page   4     same thing that happened to          the assembly was the                     An exciting presenta-
 Potter Video Game    Page   4     him in middle school. He told        “science of fire”. One of the     tion involved taking a balloon
 Finding Nemo         Page   5     many stories about his life. He      presentations included having     and hitting it with a torch. The
 Editorial Opinions   Page   6     wrote a book about it. So from       Kris, a sixth grader, write the   balloon, which contained
 Swimming Otters      Page   7     what you learned, please don’t       word “atoms” on a piece of        some gas other than air,
 Fun and Games        Page   8     bully!                               paper. But it wasn’t visible by   exploded. The sixth grade stu-
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S-Team Visits Washington, D.C.
     By Blake Rosenberg            such as the Vietnam, World War
       On the crisp cool morning   I and World War II. The solider
of November 8th some students      who guards the tomb only takes
and teachers from the S-Team       21 steps each way to represent
went to Washington, DC, for an     the 21 gun solute, and he car-
exciting day of fun. The first     ries a gun with a bayonet.
thing we did was leave the         After leaving the cemetery, we
school at 5:30 am. Once we left,   went to the Smithsonian in
some people went right to sleep,   Washington, DC with Mr. Fiedler
including Mrs. Benshoff. The       and Mr. Chamberlain. I first went
bus came alive around 7:30 in      with Mr. Chamberlain to the
the morning. We got breakfast      American Museum of Natural                                                                           S-Team Photo
around 8:30 at a McDonalds in      History where we went to look at
                                                                                    S-Team students outside the White House.
Maryland. After eating, the        rocks and minerals. Later we
teachers put on the movie          were able to look around on our        our own for about for 30 min-       four parts each with waterfalls.
Holes, a number of people          own. My group went to eat              utes. Plenty of people went         There are quotes of Mr.
watched the movie but others       lunch, which was very expen-           down to the music store to look     Roosevelt on the walls around
talked a lot.                      sive.                                  at musical instruments, and oth-    the waterfalls. Many people
       Once we left McDonalds,             After eating we went to        ers departed to look at gift        stood on little rocks that went
we drove to Arlington National     the National History Museum            shops.                              under the waterfalls, and many
Cemetery, where we saw John        with Mr. Fiedler. We learned                  We then got together with    others were taking pictures of
F Kennedy's grave and Robert       about George Washington, and           the whole group and went to the     their friends standing in front of
Kennedy's grave. After looking     we even saw his clothing that he       Vietnam Memorial. The Vietnam       the waterfalls.
around we went to see the          wore in the army and the tent          Memorial is where names of                  After all the fun we had, it
changing of the guards at the      that he slept in. We also saw the      people who died fighting in         had to come to end. Yes, you
Tomb of the Unknown Solider.       flag that flew over Fort McHenry.      Vietnam are put on marble.          guessed it; it was time to go
The Tomb of the Unknown            It was behind glass because it is      What I and others noticed was       home. So we got on the bus and
Solider represents all the sol-    being repaired. Shortly after Mr.      the marble was warm to the          watched the movie Monster's
diers who died in all the wars,    Feedler let us walk around on          touch even at dark. Did you         Inc. and Finding Nemo. After
                                                                          know that there are more than       that we went to eat dinner in
                                                                          400,000 people's names are on       Maryland. After dinner some
                                                                          the marble wall?                    people talked and some went to
                                                                                 We also visited the          sleep. These were just some of
                                                                          Korean War Memorial and the         the amazing things that we did
                                                                          Lincoln Memorial. Afterwards we     in Washington, DC.
                                                                          boarded the bus and we went to
                                                                          the Roosevelt Memorial. There
                                                                          we got to see a memorial built in   Seventh Grade
                                                                                                              Produces Jason
                                                                           Chem For Kids                      (Continued from page 1)

                                                                           (Continued from page 1)            Sons of Boreas, and King Aetes.
                                                                           dents were very excited by         All songs have been supervised
                                                                           the presentation. They are         by Mrs. Hower.
                                                                           looking forward to having                 The eye-catching artwork
                                                                           exciting science classes with      in the form of background, cos-
                                                                           Mr. Criswell in the high           tumes, and props were all creat-
                                                           S-Team Photo    school.                            ed by J-1 and J-4 students and
   The Washington Monument is reflected in the tidal pool.                                                    supervised by Mrs. Heddings.
 How Teams Got                                                                                                        News / Page 3
 Their Names
     By Lizzie Helsel and
         Ellexis Krum                Remembering Martin Luther King
        When you got to                    By Ellexis Krum and                                               ity, which enabled him to effec-
 school this year, did you                        Lizzie
                                                                                                             tively express the demands of
 notice that your team and                   Martin Luther King was                                          African Americans for social jus-
 other teams had names?              the head of the civil rights move-                                      tice. King's eloquent pleas won
 We asked one teacher of             ment, but before he was just                                            the support of millions of people-
 each team what their team           another African American. He                                            blacks and whites-and made
 name was and why.                   was treated wrongly like many                                           him internationally famous. He
        First, we asked              of the other African Americans                                          won the 1964 Nobel Peace
 Mrs.Ladonis of the O-team.          before him.                              Dr. Martin Luther King         Prize for leading nonviolent civil
 They are the ounces.                        Dr. King was born                                               rights demonstrations.
 Ounces are snow leopards.           January 15, 1929 in Atlanta,         Avenue Baptist Church in                   King's birthday was the
 The kids on the O-team              Georgia. He had a brother and        Montgomery, AL. He married         second birthday to be recog-
 picked out that name and            sister. He was a very bright stu-    and had four children: Yolanda,    nized by America. The first was
 did research on the topic.          dent. In high school he skipped      Dexter, Martin, and Bernice.       George Washington. He did so
        `Second, we asked            9th and 12th grade. He then                 He first became interest-   much to help the African
 Mrs.LaCroix of the K-team           decided he wanted to be a min-       ed in civil rights when the Rosa   American people. That's why we
       (Continued on Page 5)         ister. After college,         King   Parks story came to be. King       celebrate his birthday as a
                                     became pastor of the Dexter          had a magnificent speaking abil-   national holiday in January.

Valentine’s Day: A Lovely Tradition                                         Middle School Library Makes Additions
       By Nicole Benson                                                                                      Vande Velde who wrote Heir
                                     secret.                                     By Julie Traver and
       Guess what holiday               Another legend is that when               Barbara Weaver             Apparent.
comes      up    in    February?     Valentine was in prison he fell in                                              There is also a new
Obviously it is Valentines Day. It   love with the jailors daughter          The library has some new        rule that some seventh
is not a                             and he wrote a valentines greet-        arrangements this year like     grade students have to be
huge holi-                                               ing to her          the DLC reference room,         aware of: a new pass sys-
day to me                                                which was           that's because Miss Rhinard     tem that is being piloted by
but it might                                             right before        moved to the                                       the J-team.
be big to                                                he died.            old DLC ref-                                          There is
some peo-                                                       When         erence room                                        a new staff
ple.                                                     Valentines          to       make                                      member
       I n                                               Day started,        room for a                                         working in
the eigh-                                                p e o p l e         new seventh grade teacher       the library. Her name is Mrs.
teenth cen-                                              wrote notes         Mr. Madden.                     Long. Mrs. Long only works
tury,    the                                             by hand, but                There are some new      in the mornings because she
f i r s t                                                after a while       activities going on with the    took Mrs. Schrader's place
Valentines                                               p r i n t e d       fifth and sixth graders. One    and teaches in the after-
Day     was                                              cards were          new thing that Mrs. Dysart is   noon. Mrs. Schrader now
celebrated.                                              made. Many          doing is a walking club with    works with Mr. Sander's in
This was a                                               cards are           Mrs. Stone.                     the Tech Room.
Christian                                                sent each           There are some new authors              The last thing we
and ancient Roman tradition.         year. According to the Greeting         in the library this year like   have for you is a new web-
This holiday could also be called    Card Association, there are             Steve Alten who wrote Meg       site for you to try out:
St. Valentines Day, and there        around one billion cards sent           and Trench, Emily Rodda         www.find-it-all.net
was an actual person named           each      year   This     makes         who wrote the Deltora Quest     Username: msbluejay
Valentine. He was a priest who       Valentines Day the second               Series, Phylis Reynolds who     Password: blue jay
was served during the third cen-     largest, card sending holiday of        wrote the Alice Series, and             It won't work if you
tury in Rome. He performed           the year. Are you going to send         last but not least, Vivian      use capital letters.
marriages of young lovers in         Valentine cards this year?
Page 4 / Entertainment

Winter Days Require Indoor Diversions ...
                                                                            Harry Potter Game Challenges Video Gamers
                                                                                By Philip Medalie and          you proceed you learn differ-
                                                                                    Adam Temple
                                                                                                               ent spells like Flippendo and
                                                                                    This game is about         Incendio. Throughout the
                                                                             one of the most popular wiz-      game you'll have to do many
                                                                             ards of all time, Harry Potter.   challenges. If you like Harry
                                                                                    The game goes along        Potter books and games,
                                                                             with the movie pretty well. As    you should buy this game.

 Previous 3 Doors Down CD              Newest 3 Doors Down CD
       By Philip Medalie             Away from the Sun, Here with-
      This popular band has          out You, When I'm Gone,
made two CD's.                       Dangerous Game, and Ticket to
      This new CD, Away from         Heaven. If you like rock and roll
the Sun, has many songs on the       then I think you should buy this
most requested list including:       CD.

Club Days:
Drama, Exotic Pets, Football, Web Pages,
Chess, Cats and More Interests Explored
    By Cheryl Machey and             Winsor Pilates, Drama, Exotic
      Asheley Karchner               Pets, School Improvements, Cat
       “What is club day”, you all   Crazy, Odyssey of the Mind,
ask?                                 C.A.R.E. Club, and Student
       Well we have some             Council.                               The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets video
answers for you!                            All of these clubs, which       game features spells, action and follows the story from
       Club Day is for the fifth     meet last period during school,        the book closely.
and sixth grade only, and it is      are all run by the fifth and sixth
every other Day 6. It is like a      grade teachers plus some other
mini-course, so it is non-aca-       teachers such as:
demic.                                      Mr. Kurelja, Mrs. Myers,      Mystery By Frank Peretti:
       All fifth and sixth grade     Miss Haus, Mrs. Aten, Mrs.
students must be involved, and       Dysart, Mrs. Nebel, Mrs.             The Veritas Project: The Hangman’s Curse
they do not get a grade for it.      Heddings, Mrs. Wierman, Mrs.         Brings a Family of Slueths to Ghostly Truths
       What kind of clubs are        Moran, and many more.
there?                                      Why is there Club Day?               By PhilipMedalie              a ghost called Abel Frye.
       Some of the many are                 Club Day gives students                                            Soon more and more students
Walking, Checkers, Hunting,          something fun to do that they               This interesting horror       start hallucinating and the other
Puzzle, Create Your Own              have an interest in. It is an        book is about a family of crime      students think a group of freaky
Webpage, Craft, Scrabble,            experiment by the teachers to        solvers who work for the govern-     witches are doing it.
Model      Building,    Strategy,    introduce the fifth and sixth        ment.                                       If you want to find out
PowerPoint, Decorative Gift          grade students to nonacademic               One of their cases            what is causing the hallucina-
Bags & Cards, Chess Club,            classes and get them ready for       involves extreme hallucinations      tions you'll have to read this
Counted Cross Stitch, Football,      minicourse.                          at a school supposedly including     book.
                                                                                                  Entertainment / Page 5

... as Outside Temperatures Fall                                                                         How The Middle
                                                                                                         School Teams
Finding Nemo Becomes a Very Popular Fish Tale                                                            Got Their Names
                                                                                                         (Continued from page 1)
        By Adam Temple and
           Philip Medalie
                                                                                                         and they have no name. Next,
       This popular movie is about                                                                       we asked Mr.Sharrow of the
an underwater adventure of three                                                                         B-team. They        are    the
fish; Dory, Nemo, and Marlin.                                                                            Blizzards. To get Blizzards,
       Dory is a very annoying fish                                                                      they asked the kids and they
because she can't remember any-                                                                          narrowed it down to Blizzards.
               thing until Marlin                                                                               After that, we asked
               comes along.                                                                              Mrs.Kunec of the L-team.
                      Nemo, the son                                                                      Mrs.Kunec and Mr.Pecora
               of Marlin, is a clown                                                                     picked the Lightning Bolts
               fish who gets cap-                                                                        because they thought that it
               tured and taken to be                                                                     was a cool and different.
               put in a fish tank in a                                                                          Then,     we     asked
dentist's office. Marlin is a wimpy                                                                      Mrs.Reichart of the U-team.
fish who tries to rescue his son.                                                                        They had Uniques and
       Other characters like the                                                                         Unicorns in mind but don't
three sharks who try to eat Dory and                                                                     have an official name yet. If
Marlin and Crush the Turtle who                                                                          you would be kind enough to
helps them find Australia are also                                                                       suggest some names, they
important to the movie.                                                                                  would appreciate it. Next, we
       If you want to find out the                                                                       asked      Mrs.Wagner     and
ending of this movie you'll just have                                                                    Mr.Quick of the E-team.
to buy it now on DVD or video.                                                                                  They don't have a
                                                                                                         name, but they have a joke
Poll from the Hall                  AFV:                                                                 name, "The Eagles". Later, we
                                    America’s Funniest Home Videos Offers Laughs                         asked Mrs.Gill of the J-team.
        On the TV show Fear                                                                              They had the name the Jets.
                                         By Adam Temple and
 Factor, we see people eating               Philip Medalie
                                                                      Bergeron is almost as funny as     They picked this name
 all kinds of weird things in                                               the videos people send       because they thought it was a
 order to win a contest. Here               This is a comedy                in. Sometimes he uses a      cool name. Then, we asked
 are things that some people        show where people can                   computer for special         Mr.Schwartz of the A-team.
 consider to be food. Really!       send videos into the show               effects like putting his     They are the Albatrosses.
 What would you rather eat --       and the funniest video gets             face on other people's              They picked this name
 BLEU     CHESSE,       DEER        either ten thousand dollars             faces so it looks like his   because it was a cool word
 HEART, SUSHI, LIVER, or            or one hundred thousand                  own video. If you like      with an interesting meaning.
 PICKLED PIGS FEET? That's          dollars.                        Tom      comedy you should           After that, we asked students
 what we asked 50 people                    The host, Tom         Bergeron   watch this show.            from the Y-team. They don't
         (Continued on Page 8)                                                                           have a name. Last, we asked
                                                                                                         Mrs. Benshoff of the S-team.
Teacher Trivia Name Answers
                                                                                                         They refer to themselves as
 Teacher Trivia   3. Edward
 Answers from     4. Jean                                                                                the S-team but have the
 Page 8:          5. Charles                                                                             superman logo. So there are
                  6. Ann                                                                                 some interesting team names
 1. Joseph        7. Michael                                                                             from CCMS!
 2. Lorraine      8. Marie
Page 6 / Editorial

Skate or Die!
Stereotypes Obscure the Truth About Individuals and Their Deeds
     By Helen LaFata and              way they dress." Kenny says          "People watch me in the stores            football or any other contact
      Asheley Karchner                that people consider him to be a     as if I'm going to steal some-            sports"
                                      skater.                                                   thing, and                   Keith W. who plays foot-
        Skate or die! Yeah, we've     Well, he                                                  at school            ball another dangerous sport
all heard this or at least some       d o e s                                                   teachers             says that he too thinks stereo-
other type of stereotype com-         skate, but                                                definitely           typing isn't cool. "People don't
ment.                                 that does-                                                treat me             treat me as bad though because
        Oh, and for those of you      n't mean                                                  d i ff e r e n t .   I'm a jock, and even if I don't like
who don't know what stereotype        that's all                                                When             I   being labeled, I am and it's stu-
means, it means a person,             he is. He                                                 first meet           pid! I feel bad because some-
group, event, or issue consid-        a l s o                                                   them, they           times teachers treat me better
ered to typify or conform to an       enjoys lis-                                               think that I         because I support the school,
unvarying manner or pattern,          tening to                                                 am trouble           and some of my friends get in
and lacking any individuality.        music and                                                 because of           trouble for the very same things
Well, I'm sick of it, and I'm not     hanging                                                   what I look          that I don't get in trouble for."
the only one. As I interviewed        out with                                                  like."                       Now that you all are
different "types" of people, I        h     i   s                                                         Paul       aware of the issue, help stop it
found out that they agree with        friends.                                                  S.        says       because it's really all a waste of
me, that all this is a waste of       He says                                                   that once            time. Why do we want everyone
time.                                 that when                                                 someone              to be the same when we could
        Kenny S. is one of the        he's    on                                                even threw           be different and enjoy life? It
people we interviewed, and he         the street                                                a beer bot-          seems as though some teach-
gave me his point of view on the      or even in                                                tle at him.          ers just suspect trouble form
topic. "It's pretty stupid how peo-   his drive-                                                "Every-              those students who dress
ple think they're better than         way, people yell at him and tell     one thinks that skateboarding is          messy, out of style, or musicians
someone else because of the           him to put his time to better use.   so dangerous and it is but so is          or skaters.

Nirvana’s Legacy Lives on Despite the Shocking End of Its Leader
        By Helen LaFata               Bleach, and embarked on a                         Everything was going         touch everyone, in that he knew
                                      month long tour in the U.S. In        great until the day of April 8,          just what you were feeling and
   "Nirvana," the dictionary          September of the same year,           1994. This date was marked               wasn't scared to belt them out
defines it as "the freeing of the     the now Foo Fighter David Grohl       with the blood of beloved front          with passion. David Grohl start-
mind from all that enslaves it,"      joined the band as its                                 man,           Kurt     ed his successful band The Foo
and I agree that this band does       new drummer.                                           Cobain. Cobain          Fighters, in which he sings lead.
just that, frees your mind.                  Nirvana's second                                was found dead          This is a tough thing to do for a
        The band started in a         album        Nevermind                                 in his apartment        drummer, but he did it and con-
small town called Aberdeen,           topped the Billboard                                   from an appar-          quered it. Krist Novalselic, after
Washington in 1987. The well          charts with the hit                                    ent "self-inflicted     being in a few bands after
loved and remembered Kurt             song, Smells Like Teen                                 gun            shot     Nirvana, quit music not totally,
Cobain played guitar and sang         Spirit. The band then                                  wound."                 but for now professionally.
vocals. Krist Novaselic enchant-      went on tour in                                        This marked a                   Although Nirvana has
ed listeners on the bass, and         Australia,      Hawaii,                                shocking end to         split up, its music will carry on its
Aaron Burckard played the             Japan, and Europe. Nirvana's          Nirvana in 1994. Cobain's truth-         legacy for many generations to
drums.                                last album In Utero was also a        ful, chilling and powerful lyrics        come. In the words of Kurt
             The band known as        hit with songs like All               won him the title of "the poet of        Cobain, "It's better to burn out
Nirvana debuted its album,            Apologizes.                           our generation." He seemed to            than to fade away."
                                                                                                                 Activities / Page 7

MS Planetarium Update?
   By Blake Rosenberg and             said that he wished that he
       Vanessa Knecht                 could bring his students more
                                      often, but it takes hours to make
        Have you ever wondered        a presentation. Also, the middle
why we don't use the planetari-       school has different periods at
um much? When the                             different times, so schedul-
middle school was first                       ing    is    difficult. Mr.
built, we used the plane-                     Chamberlain said that he
tarium a lot. Many years                      teaches some classes in
ago there was a teacher                       the planetarium, but old
who taught just about space, but      equipment and little time makes
due to budget problems the            it difficult.
position was cut. Now we don't                  We think that we should
have a full time planetarium          update the planetarium, but Mr.
          We went to ask some
                                      Kurelja said that it costs too
                                      much money and the school              Central Columbia Swim
teachers what they thought
about the planetarium.          Mr.
                                      doesn't have it in its budget. We
                                      also think the planetarium             Club Otters Take on
Bennett of the elementary
school has been using the plan-
                                      should be open to the public on
                                      weekends with trained staff to
                                                                             Teams from Other Schools
etarium for 25 years. He said         work it. The teachers we inter-              By Nicole Benson             December 13 against CYC,
that he thought that we should        viewed think that the school                                              January 3 against Delaware
get new projectors, a computer        should hire a full time planetari-     The Central Columbia Swim          Valley, January 10 at Berwick,
and a laser disk player so that       um director. We think going to         Club, the Otters, can be inter-    and January 18 at Pittston, for
we could upgrade the planetari-       the planetarium for class would        esting to some people, but to      the girls, January 25 at Valley
um to teach the children better.      be a great idea, but we'll leave       others it can sound like it is a   View, January 31 at Hanover,
        Mr. Gill of the high school   that up to you.                        lot of hard work. I asked the      February 7 at Dallas, and the
                                                                             coach, Mr. Lacroix, questions      last meet on February 14 in
Ski Trip Tips for Winter Fun                                                 about the swim team and            Tunkannok. When the meets
       By Philip Medalie                                                     about him being a coach.           are over for the year, we have
                                      buddies cannot. You must also                There are 101 kids from      the championships. This year
         If you have been wanting     have the rental form signed by         ages 5 to 14 on the swim           the boys have their champi-
to go on one of the ski trips but     you and a parent/guardian and          team. They are divided into        onship on February 28th, and
didn't know all of the informa-       turned in to Mrs. Heddings. The        two groups. The two groups         the girls have theirs on
tion, here it is. The trips are       ski instructors will also make         are the beginners, B group,        February 29th.
hosted by Mrs. Heddings. The          sure that you are safe while you       and the other is experienced              Mr. Lacroix has been
bus leaves the school at 3:00,        are at a lesson.                       swimmers, A group. The B           coaching for eighteen years.
gets to Big Boulder at 4:00, and              Even though skiing can         group practices from 5:30 to       He started being a coach in
the lessons start at 4:30. You        be fun, it can be dangerous, too.      6:30 every night, and the A        1985. He enjoys being the
must be on the bus at 9:00 or         For example, you might hit a           group practices form 6:30 to       coach for the swim team. One
8:45 if the roads are icy. The bus    rock, fall down, and sprain your       8:00. These times change           of the privileges of being a
gets back to school at 10:00.         wrist. So make sure that you are       sometimes.                         coach is watching the kids
Someone must pick you up at           skiing safely.                             There are going to be nine     improve and seeing the
10:00 in the Middle School park-              At the lodge, food and         meets this year. In case you       excitement on their faces. Mr.
ing lot.                              drinks can be bought. Also skis        do not know, meets are com-        Lacroix plans to continue
         Mrs.Heddings is very         and snowboards can be rented           petitions against other school     coaching after this season. If
concerned about students being        at the lodge. The slopes range         teams. The swim team is com-       you are going to join the swim
safe on the ski trips. You must       from blue circles to green             peting against several differ-     team next summer, you will
have a helmet and a buddy to          squares to black diamonds.             ent schools. The meets are         have Mr. Lacroix as a coach.
ski/snowboard with. Helmets           Now that you know all the infor-
can be rented at the lodge but        mation you can go skiing!
Page 8 / Fun and Games

Can You Find the Words from the Sports World?
                                                         BALL                      GOAL                       BOW
                  THE SPORTING LIFE                      FIELD                     CAP                        BASKETBALL
                                                         SOCCER                    SOFTBALL                   VOLLEYBALL
                                                         SWIMSUIT                  SWIMMING                   STICK
                                                         FIELDHOCKEY               TENNIS                     ARCHERY
                                                         RACKET                    CHEERLEADING               BAT
                                                         ARROW                     DIVING

                                                         What is Your Favorite Holiday Gift?
                                                                By Ellexis Krum and            making noises you would prob-
                                                                   Lizzie Helsel               ably pick a drum set. Five
                                                                  We went around the           chose a drum set. We got
                                                         school and asked twenty stu-          some interesting quotes along
                                                         dents, "Out of these holiday gifts    the way, here are some.
                                                         which one would you choose?"          Jaimee Ash of A-1 said, "I
                                                         The choices where a computer,         would definitely pick the com-
                                                         a football, or a drum set. If you     puter since I don't like anything
                                                         are in to technology you would        else on the list." Cheryl Machey
                                                         probably choose a computer.           of Y-2 said, "I would pick a
                                                         Fourteen people chose comput-         drum set because I love mak-
                                                         ers. If you liked sports, you         ing noise!" The results of the
                                                         would probably choose a foot-         poll weren't very surprising
                                                         ball. One person chose a foot-        because everyone loves com-
                                                         ball. If you are a musician or like   puters!

                                                         Teachers in the Hall - The Name Game
                                                                By Lizzie Helsel and           name is___________?
                                                                    Ellexis Krum               4.     Mrs. Baker's middle
                                                                We asked teachers in           name is ____________?
Poll from the Hall                                       the hall what their middle name       5.     Mr. LaCroix's middle
(Continued from page 5)
                                      Mystery Photo:     is. See how much you know             name is____________?
                                                         about your teachers.                  6.     Mrs. Gibble's middle
walking the halls of CCMS. Four       Who do you think                                         name is____________?
per cent picked liver. Liver is an
organ found in animals. Eight         this could be?     1.
                                                                 Mr. Madden's middle
                                                                is ___________?
                                                                                               7.     Mr. Schwartz's middle
                                                                                               name is__________?
percent picked deer heart. Deer                          2.      Mrs. Dysart's middle          8.     Mrs. LaCroix's middle
heart is served pickled or baked                         name   is____________?                name is___________?
with all of the structures still                         3.      Mr. Sharrow's middle          (for answers see page 5)
inside. Eighteen percent picked
pickled pigs' feet. Pickled pigs'
feet are pigs' feet baked and
then pickled with all of the origi-
nal structures. Thirty-four per-
cent picked sushi. Sushi is raw
fish. It is served at Japanese
restaurants. Thirty-six percent
picked bleu cheese. Bleu
cheese gets its color for the blue
mold that grows in it. It is served
with wings and on salads. NOW

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