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          Where did March go? It’s really starting to seem like                                                                                                               Features
          the end is nigh - for the season at least. People seem                                                                                                              P10 Global Warming
          to have amped up their party levels a lot but are still                                                                                                             P16 English Medical Centre
          managing to make it out on the hill the next morning, a
          sure sign that things are coming to a close.                                                                                                                        P22 Greeneye Challenge

          However, it’s not over yet and there’s a lot going on                                                                                                               Regulars
          in April. The Greeneye Rally and the Jump for Jesus                                                                                                                 P4 Henry’s Avalanche Talk
          Rider’s Aid are both things you should get involved
          in before heading off and, of course, there are the                                                                                                                 P6 Kit Review
          infamous World Monoski Championships hosted by                                                                                                                      P8 Planks photo comp page
          TME coming up on the 20th and they’re a pretty big                                                                                                                  P12 Where do I get?
          deal.                                                                                                                                                               P13 Directory
                                                                                                                                                                              P14 What’s on guide
          Anyways, make the most of what’s left, it’ll be over
          before you know it.                                                                                                                                                 P21 Sport listings
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                                                                           SNOW-DUKO                                                                                          P34 Tilly
                                                          Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3-by-3 box
                                                                contains one of each of the 9 ski-themed icons.

                                                                                                                      Stuck? For help and hints ask someone clever.
          Stuck? For help and hints ask someone clever.
                                                                                                                                                                                  RS Mar
                                                                                                                                                                                    Ken k Beat

                                                                                                                                                                                       e Ez    tie
                                                                                                                                                                                     B      ej
                                                                                                                                                                               Dr A en Pryo koye

                                                                                                                                                                              Hen lex Coc r
                                                                                                                                                                                   ry        k
                                                                                                                                                                              Fred Schnie roft
                                                                                                                                                                             Math   die S    wind
                                                                                                                                                                                  ilde tanford
Cover Photo by Steph Ede                                                                                                                                                               Rec


                                                                                                                                                                                            O    RS
                                                          06 74 75 52 36

                                    in succession after a snowfall,
                                    the top snow layer begins to
                                    form a crust that gets deeper
                                    and stronger after each melt
                                    allows free water to drip down
                                    and re-freeze during the night.
                                    Any given ‘melt-freeze’ layer
                                    becomes stronger with each
                                    cycle of melting and freezing
                                    due to the deeper penetration
HAT Snow report for 26              of each melt during the day,
March to 1 April                    which then adds more depth
                                    to the potential frozen layer at
The forecast for this coming        night. If untouched, the top of     –2 degrees (or lower) at 2000
week: snow this Saturday night      this frozen layer is smooth and     m if your going to be skiing
through Monday then sunny           solid first thing in the morning,   at 2000m and above. This
for the rest of the week with in-   then it becomes progressively       will allow the melted parts of
creasing temperatures towards       softer as the warm sun and in-      the layer to freeze solid again
the middle of the week. Which       creased temperatures melt it as     from that altitude up. Then, in
means good powder on North          the day goes by. This process       the morning, you look to get
facing slopes (but remem-           starts on east faces because        on the east facing slopes first
ber there will still be a lot of    they get the sun first thing in     thing, 9 AM, because the sun
instability on these North’ish      the morning, then south, then       rises in the east and therefore
facing slopes – see blog posts      west (north faces at 2500 me-       those slopes get the sun first.
of accidents in the French Alps     tres don’t normally get a melt      Then you move to south facing
from last week www.henrysav-        freeze layer on them until late     slopes, then west. Do this right                   April due to lack of sun).          and get some of the best skiing
                                                                        of the season.
At the same time that the snow      For good skiing!
is nice and soft on the North                                           Aside from a night that is not
slopes the snow will be ‘trans-     The trick is, after a couple of     cool enough, the only thing
forming’, melting and freezing,     good melt-freeze cycles have        that gets in the way of great
on all other slopes – this means    created a solid layer on a          spring skiing is the nasty ruts
that there will be some great       slope, you need to get on that      in the snow that people leave
spring snow by Wednesday or         slope when the snow surface         behind because they either ski
Thursday if you know where to       is smooth and solid with only 2     spring snow slopes (slopes
go and when. So this week’s         or 3 cm’s of soft melted snow       that get lots of sun in spring:
snow report is dedicated to...      on top (these are generally         E,S and W) before the melt-
                                    slopes that have been in the        freeze layer has formed or they
SPRING SKIING, Ski the              direct sunlight only for an hour    ski the slopes too late when
Smooth                              or so e.g. an East facing slope     they are too soft and mushy.
                                    at 9 or 10). Then you need to
Understand the ‘melt-freeze         get off those slopes when the       Have Fun, Be Safe
cycles’ and have fun with           snow surface begins to get
spring snow!                        too soft and mushy or you’ll        Henry
                                    start breaking through, which is
Off-piste spring snow is one of     dangerous for your knees. AND       The HAT week.... Come and
the best things that the North-     the slope may be unstable           discover how off piste condi-
ern French Alps has to offer.       due to all the melting - then       tions change during the week
With lift access to all slope       avalanches can be a problem         at the talk on Tuesday @ Dicks,
orientations: east, south, west     on these sunny slopes.              5pm.
and then north, you can find it                                         Wednesdays are Beeper train-
and have fun with little effort.    Tip of the week                     ing 2pm €40 AND ‘The Talk
                                                                        on the Snow’ is Thursday @
Melt-freeze Cycles                  After a solid melt-freeze layer     2pm where you get to put all
                                    has formed and there has been       the theory in to practice during
Once new snow melts in the          a good melt during the day, it      a gentle ski off piste. Book
sun and heat during the day         needs to freeze well the night      on snow in advance with Kj
and then freezes at night (1        before; the ideal is a cool clear   0629213300
melt-freeze cycle) a few times      night with minimums of
If you’ve been in the pub and heard a really, really loud female Australian voice and
wondered who it belongs to, wonder no more.

                                  When do you work?                  Who are you living with?
                                  I work for a local nanny           Good mates of mine from
                                  agency. So does my room-           back home: Johnny, Brit and
                                  mate John. He’s a pretty           Em. I used to live with Jae
                                  sweet manny.                       who played apres at VSpot
                                                                     and another girl named Bec,
                                  You’re kinda known for your        but they both went back to
                                  tattoos. How many have             Aus for uni.
                                  you got?
Hey Ash, how many seasons         11, last time I counted.           You still in La Daille?
have you done now?                                                   Yeah, but I’m over La Dive.
This one’s my second.                                                Centre of town for me next
Ski or board?
Board.                                                               Any plans for summer?
                                                                     Travel and drink. Last sum-
What kind of board have you                                          mer I went to Portugal and
got?                                                                 Eastern Europe on the cheap.
I got one when I was in Cana-                                        Something like that could
da for about a hundred bucks                                         work for me again this sum-
but it was a bit too big for me                                      mer.
so when I found one in the
poubelle this year that fit me                                       Have fun, cheers for sitting
better I gave the other one to                                       down with us.
my mate. They’re both pieces
of s**t, but free is good.

How long have you been            What was the first one you
riding?                           got?
On and off for 10 years, but      I got my first one at 17. It’s
not very much. I hadn’t really    a hibiscus my dad never
done much before last year.       respected.

                                  Um...ok. Your pretty into
                                  your art as well aren’t you?
                                  Yeah. I really like drawing,
                                  painting and tattoing.

                                  I’ve got a full tattoo kit in my
                                  flat and give my mates and
                                  other people tats a fair bit.
Taken by Ruth Hutchison
Each week The Mountain Echo hosts a Photography Competition. It’s sponsored by the kind
people at PLANKS, and the winner will win PLANKS merchandise, so get your camera and get
out there - there’s no theme and previous winning shots have ranged from huge Big Day Out
sequences, to paragliders coming in to land. If you don’t enter, you can’t win!

If you have a better picture sitting on your camera, it’s not much use to us there!
Please send all your entries to:

                                                                                                         been trying out an innovative stop-gap measure
                                                                                                         by covering 15 acres of their glacier in a reflec-
                                                                                                         tive white fabric. The melting rate of the glacier
                                                                                                         has slowed to the point that other glaciers in
                                                                                                         Austria and Germany are now being similarly
                                                                                                         bundled up. Scientists from the University of
                                                                                                         Innsbruk have been experimenting with different
To say that global warming is       not seem like a whole lot it      In some aspects having some        fabrics and have found a white fleece that re-
the subject of much debate is       is estimated that out of the      resorts close down wouldn’t        duced glacial melt to 6 centimeters, compared
an understatement. The very         599 large ski resorts across      necessarily be a bad thing for     to nearly 30 centimeters of melt in uncovered
fact that CO2 emissions are         the Alps only 500 would have      Val d’Isere. Shardul Agrawala      areas.
causing our environment to          enough snow to remain viable      of the OECD’s environment
heat up still isn’t a universally   if this does indeed occur.        directorate said: “The Alps ac-
accepted fact even though                                             counts for a significant share
scientists have been specu-         Scientists from Zurich Uni-       of global tourism. There will
lating about the long term          versity have been studying        be winners and losers from
effects of burning fossil fuels     glaciers in specific regions of   climate change. The resorts
since the late 19th century.        the Swiss Alps for some time      which lie at lower altitudes
                                    and have found that 10 of 31      may lose out as their snow
In 1896, towards the end            ice bodies in the Simplon area    reliability falls, and they lose
of the Industrial Revolution,       have vanished completely in       visitors, or have to invest
Swedish scientist Svante            recent years.                     more in snow-making. Then,
Arrhenius published the first                                         the relative attractiveness of
paper linking modern industri-      According to the Organisation     high altitude resorts increas-
al methods to climate change.       for Economic Co-operation         es.”
This was followed in 1906 by        and Development the Alps
French botanist and member          see about 80 million visitors a   While we may end up win-
of the French Alpine Club,          year and generate a revenue       ning economically, nature as
David Martin, noticing lichen       of over €50 billion annu-         a whole might be losing. Yet,
growing in Alpine places that       ally. Obviously, skiing is big    there are some people trying
it should not normally be and       business and is immensely         to stem the tide.
he published an article en-         important to the livelihoods of
titled ‘Are these indications of    thousands upon thousands of       The owners of the Pitzal Gla-
a coming change in climate?’        people.                           cier ski resort in Austria have

Although the trend towards                                                                               Unfortunately, this quick-fix doesn’t really get
a warmer climate may have                                                                                to the root of the problem. Ultimately, it’s up to
been a long time in the mak-                                                                             us to try and reduce our impact on the environ-
ing it’s in recent years that                                                                            ment in any way that we see fit. If you’re unsure
it has really started to af-                                                                             of how you feel on the subject take a look at
fect the Alps. According to                                                                              films like the Academy Award winning docu-                GREAT ATMOSPHERE
the New York Times in 1980                                                                               mentary An Inconvenient Truth starring ex-Vice              GREAT SERVICE
75% of Alpine glaciers were                                                                              President of the United States, Al Gore. We’ll
                                                                                                         leave it up to you to decide if global warming is           OPEN 3PM - 2AM
advancing, while today 90%
are receding. New studies                                                                                a real threat, or just a wild goose chase for the         APRES SKI SPECIALS
suggest that global warming                                                                              elusive Manbearpig.                                     COMPLIMENTARY NIBBLES
in the Alps in advancing twice
as fast as the global average                                                                            If you end up deciding to join team green the
                                                                                                         Vie Val d’Is association is having a ‘Green Party’   LOCATED OPPOSITE THE ESF OFFICE
and that the average tempera-
                                                                                                         at the Moris this Sunday to raise money for an         NEXT TO THE HOTEL ORMELUNE
ture could raise by 1˚c in the
next 10 years. While 1˚ might                                                                            ecological charity called Ecomove.
ENGLISH BREAKFAST :     Full English Hangover cures at Danois.
PARAPENTING:            Stephane @ Fly VIP:
CURRY (EAT IN) :        Bananas. Chef trained in the UK. Hot hot hot.
PHONE/SIM CARD :        Philips Shop opposite the Tourist Office in main square.
                                                                                                    ENGLISH MEDICAL
A GAME OF DARTS :       Le Pub in the Galerie des Cimes.                                            CENTRE:                        VIDEOS/DVDS
TO/FROM THE AIRPORT :   Contact Europe Transfer for a great deal. Tel:                      Hire available at the Philips
                                                                                                                                   Shop (in the square by the
GOURMET BURGERS :       The Moris Pub have the crown                                                PISTE SECURITY/                tourist office) – To start an
PIZZA DELIVERY :        Flash Pizza Open from 6pm Tel                                SKI PATROL :                   account you will need to
                                                                                                    Tignes –        bring your passport and
KARMA :                 Yoga with Charlotte in the Village des Enfants: Mon 8pm, Wed 6.30pm         Val D’Isere –   pay a deposit.
FLOWERS :               Val Flore (Inter-flora). Send Mum some flowers.
KARTED OFF :            Ice karting is extremely fun. Tel:                           MEDICAL EMERGENCY              PHYSIOTHERAPY
                                                                                                    (OUT OF HOURS):                Progression
TOFFEE VODKA :          Le Lodge, Le Petit Danois, Pacific...In that order.                         Dial 15 from a landline or     Physiotherapy and
FREE WIFI :             Bananas, Le Graal, VSpot.                                                   112 from a mobile phone        Massage -
                                                                                                                                   06 27 38 56 46
KEYS CUT :              Andy Borasso mobile service for 6+ keys. Tel: 06.74,73.92.41                AVALANCHE SAFETY:
HEAD CAM :              Philips Shop opposite the Tourist Office in main square.                    HAT run weekly avalanche       Bonne Sante: 0479060727
                                                                                                    safety talks as well as
TAKE AWAY CURRY :       4 Seasons have a great range.                                               excellent beeper               REFLEXOLOGY/MASSAGE/
LATE NIGHT GRUB:        P’tit Creux for Pizza, Le Graal for Burgers, Dicks for Pies                 training courses               PILATES
JACKET POTATOES:        Overground Sandwhich Shop on the high street, next to Underground           THE BASIC TALKS                Progression Physiotherapy
                                                                                                    Where? Dicks Tea Bar           and Massage -
ON HILL PHOTOS:         White Focus                                                  Tuesdays 17:00 - 18:30
NAILS DONE/COSMETICS:   Monika Linczewska, certified nail tech & Avon distributor.   Cost? €7.50 on the door,
                                                                                                    €6 in advance.                 Sarah Sissons:
                                                                                                    How to Book          
                                                                                                                                   Bonne Sante:
                                                                                                    RADIO VAL 96.1       
                                                                                                    Tune in everyday
                                                                                                    on Radio Val at 8.05am,        SKI SCHOOLS
                                                                                                    8.45am, 9.15am, 10.15am,       Progression Ski &
                                                                                                    5.30pm, 6.30pm and             Snowboard School:
                                                                                                    7.30pm for your weather,                  Saturday March 26 til              visit at the Tourist Office be-
                                                                                                    ski info and local news        Evolution 2:     Saturday April 2nd                 fore Monday 15h - 10 places
                                                                                                                                                                   Altigliss Challenge - The          available. Free.)
                                                                                                    update in English. New         Oxegene:         greatest student skiing            Wednesday 30th
                                                                                                    this season, every Monday      MistyFly:        competition in Europe, for the     Free Snake Gliss Activity.
                                                                                                    and Thursday, tune in          The Development Centre:         1st time held in Val d’Isère,      17h45. Savonette Nursery
                                                                                                    at 7.10pm for your one                  with a dedicated village built     Slope. Fun for all the family,
                                                                                                    hour show in English with      British American Val            at the bottom of the Face of       between friends. Interlock-
                                                                                                                                                                   Bellevarde. Over 700 students      ing sledges. Children from 4
                                                                                                    Froggy Fred! On air,           D’Isere Ski School:             will be in Val d’Isère on this     years old.
                                                                                                    96.1FM and online www.                  occasion. Many activities all      Thursday 31st
                                                                                                       New Generation:                 week, starting with the torchlit   -Guided Tour of the resort, in
                                                                                                                                           descent, fireworks and con-        english. 11h. In front of the
                                                                                                                                                                   cert by Kelly Starlight on the     Tourist Office Board.
                                                                                                    CINEMA                         Pro Snowboarding:               snowfront at 19h30 on Sat-         -Festive Thursdays. From
                                                                                                    Cinema schedule available                  urday. Much more happening         18h. Tourist Office square.
                                                                                                    in the ‘Around Town’                                           daily at the Altigliss Village.    Concerts, free hot mulled
                                                                                                    section. Films in both         TOURIST INFORMATION             Monday 28st                        wine, street entertainment.
                                                                                                                                                                   Winter Market. 9h - 19h. Val       Friday April 1st
                                                                                                    English and French and         Office de Tourism, located      Village.                           -Free Yooner Activity. 17h45.
                                                                                                    usually on bad weather         at the main roundabout.         Tuesday 29nd                       Savonette Nursery Slope.
                                                                                                    days there is a showing at     Open 7 days a week from         Backstage in Val d’Isère.          Fun for all thie family,
                                                                                                    2.30pm                         8:30 am until 7:30 pm.          13h50. Solaise Ski Patrol Of-      between friends. Sledges.
                                                                                                                                                                   fice. (It is compulsory to sign    Children from 9 years old.
                                                                                                                                                                   up in advance for this free
                                                                                                    SWIMMING POOL/
                                                                                                    SAUNA/GYM                                                      English Films
                                                                                                    Brand new fitness complex                                      Sunday 27th. 18h and               Starring Colin Firth and
                                                                                                    Oxygene opened last year                                       21h. The King’s Speech.            Geoffrey Rusk.
                                                                                                    at the botton of the Face.
                                                                                                    It features a weight room,
                                                                                                    2 pools, saunas and a
                                                                                                    climbing wall.
                                                                                                                 Underground: DJ Chris S from Monaco.
SATURDAY 26TH                        Backgammon games going all
                                                                          double house spirits and wine for
                                                                          the ladies, body shots off Jules &
                                                                                                                 MBC: Les Brouzes fait du ski!
                                                                                                                 Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free Nibbles &
Dicks Tea Bar: SEASONNAIRE           Cafe Face: Girly Night Man           Jono, your choice!!!
SATURDAY CLUB -                                                                                                  Pimms o’clock
Seassonnaires and Cheese             Party -Dress like a dude.            VSpot: MASSIVE DJ BATTLE -
night... Done!                       VSpot: 2 FOR 1 basic beer
                                     4-6pm, 2 FOR 1 cocktails 9-11
                                                                          SEE AD FOR DETAILS!!!
                                                                          Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from             THURSDAY 31ST
Le Graal: DJ Guim plays for the      Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free      4:30-7:30, €3 pints, €2 soda/          Dicks Tea Bar: RNB Night - A selection of the
ladies all night long. Champagne     Nibbles & Pimms o’clock              juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from         finest RNB and HipHop tunes.
€4 glass, €6 fishbowl, €55 bottle.   Underground: DJ Chris S from         4:30-10:30, House 10:30-late           Saloon: €4 PINTS AND SPIRIT MIXERS 8-11
Saloon: ARE U READY FOR              Monaco.                              Victors:241 cocktails from             Le Graal: Altigliss - Duo Carre ou Cash. DJ’s
SALOON MELTDOWN PRICES??                                                  8 UNTIL MIDNIGHT!!!!                   Guim and Chris S from Monaco
Victors:241 cocktails from
8-10!                                MONDAY 28TH                          Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free        Moris: Apres with Mike and Ben. Livewire in the
Foret: Euro 2012 Qualifiers ...      Dicks Tea Bar: TAKE A CHANCE         Nibbles & Pimms o’clock                evening. 10 shots of flavoured vodka €15
Wales v England @ 14h00              MONDAY - TRY OUR RANDOM              !Foret: 2-4-1 Cocktails all night !!   Victors:241 cocktails from 8-10!
Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from           HOUSE SHOT FOR 3€                    Guest Landlords with Alex n’ Seb       Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from 4:30-7:30, €3
4:30-7:30, €3 pints, €2 soda/        Saloon: ACOUSTIC ALY Apres,          Doudoune Le Chalet: Apres              pints, €2 soda/juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from
juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from       €4 PINTS AND SPIRIT MIXERS           with Mullit                            4:30- 10:30, House 10:30-late
4:30-10:30, House 10:30-late         8-11                                 Doudoune: Drun Corporation             Doudoune Le Chalet: Apres Ski with DJ Johan
Doudoune: MiIXOLOGY with DJ          Le Graal: DJ Chris S from            with Mankertys & Gogo Good             Holt - Austrian Style.
NOX B - Happy funky house -
Welcome Altigliss
                                     Monaco, Altigliss -Fancy Dress:
                                     Biker’s Night
                                                                          Drum - Pro Contest Altigliss
                                                                          Pacific:Apres Ski - €3 mulled
                                                                                                                 Bananas: LAUGHING GAS EVERYDAY FROM
                                                                                                                                                                      vicky @ 4
Doudoune Le Chalet: Apres            Moris: Mullit Acoustic on apres,     hot pear cider. €11 jugs of beer,      Foret: Happy Hour all night + special offers !!
Ski with DJ Johan Holt -             Fourplay in the evening. Toffee      €3 Toasties. Free cheesy nachos        Doudoune: Party Time with Alti Gliss - DJ Marine
Austrian Style.                      Vodka shots €2.                      & dip. Open mic night from             VSpot: DJ Cash Money Breakfast digs out the
Pacific: Loads of sport- see         Radio Val: The Froggy Radio          10:30pm                                crates and brings the Alps finest collection of
sport listings                       Show on Radio Val 96.1FM. Your       Danois: 2 for U Live Apres.
                                     1 hour call-in show in English!      VSpot: Massive DJ Battle - See         LP’s and 45’s so you can groove to the best mix
Victors:241 cocktails from           Tune in or listen at Pacific Bar!    ad for Details.2 FOR 1 basic beer      of tunes from the last 50 years.
8-10!                                @7:10pm                              4-6pm, 2 FOR 1 cocktails 9-11          Pacific:Apres Ski - €3 mulled hot pear cider. €11
VSpot: 2 FOR 1 basic beer            Victors:241 cocktails from           Underground: DJ Chris S from           jugs of beer, €3 Toasties. Free cheesy nachos
4-6pm, 2 FOR 1 cocktails 9-11        8-10!                                Monaco.                                & dip. BEER PONG from 10:30pm. St. Patricks
Bananas: SEASONNAIRE                 Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from                                                  Day!
HOUR ALL NIGHT FOR                   4:30-7:30, €3 pints, €2 soda/        WEDNESDAY 30TH                         Danois: STVI apres. Acoustic Aly and Sophia
SEASONNAIRE AND A STRONG             juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from       Dicks Tea Bar: WACKY                   play live.
€2 PUNCH!!!                          4:30-10:30, House 10:30-late         WEDNESDAY - Dress as a fish to         Radio Val: The Froggy Radio Show on Radio
Bananas: SUPER SATURDAY!             Foret: Foret Pool Competition        win a free bottle of toffee vodka.     Val 96.1FM. Your 1 hour call-in show in English!
- HAPPY HOUR PRICES                  5€ entry @ 21h00                     Saloon: BBQ ON THE SNOW                Tune in or listen at Pacific Bar! @7:10pm
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SEASONNAIRES!                        Ski with DJ Johan Holt -             PLAYING, PIMMS ANYONE?                 Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free Nibbles &
Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free      Austrian Style.                      Le Graal: Tektonik Night - Dj          Pimms o’clock
Nibbles & Pimms o’clock              Pacfic: Apres Ski - €3 mulled        from Altigliss & Chris S from
                                     hot pear cider. €11 jugs of beer,    Monaco                                 FRIDAY 1ST
SUNDAY 27TH                          €3 Toasties. Free cheesy nachos      Moris: Mullit Acoustic on Apres.       Dicks Tea Bar: FANTASTIC FORMAL FRIDAY -
Dicks Tea Bar: ELECTRO               & dip. Open mic night from           Walking Free in the evening.
                                     10:30pm                              Jager Bombs €4.                        Free shots for those in formal attire.
SWING FUNDAY SUNDAY -                Doudoune: So Kitch with DJ           Victors:241 cocktails from             Saloon: SIGN UP FOR GREENEYE RAT RACE,
Swing by for a drink.                Marine L - the best of the 80’s      8-10!                                  €3.50 JAGERBOMBS.
Saloon: MELTDOWN PRICES              & 90’s                               Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from             Le Graal: Whisky Night - €55 a bottle.
PLUS €4 BOTTLES OF                   Danois: Karen Ysten Live Apres,      4:30-7:30, €3 pints, €2 soda/          Moris: Fish & Chip Friday! Apres with Mike &
CARLSBERG EXPORT                     Swedish Takeover Pre-Dicks-          juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from         Richie. Dr Bruce in the evening.
Le Graal: Altigliss - La Chasse      Party                                4:30-10:30, House 10:30-late           Victors:241 cocktails from 8-10! Formal Friday
est ouverte!!! Dj Chirs S from       VSpot: Monky Cocktail with DJ        Bar Alexandra: Kybosh plays            Pre-party - extended 241 cocktail hour!
Monaco                               Esteban                              live from 10pm!                        Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from 4:30-7:30, €3
Moris: Apres with the Mike the       Bananas: COME SEE ANNETTE            Cafe Face: NoxyNoxi - by
Legend Haywood, Bro Hekima                                                                                       pints, €2 soda/juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from
play the Eco Green party in the      ROSE MOTORBOAT HERSELF!              Nox Brockly                            4:30- 10:30, House 10:30-late
evening. 10 shots of flavoured       If you can do better than her free   VSpot: Kool Aid with DJ                Doudoune Le Chalet: Apres Ski with Mullit
Vodka €15.                           shots on us! LAUGHING GAS            DEADLOCK - come get a serving          Foret: FORMAL FRIDAY - Dress smart. Get
Victors: 241 cocktails from 8-10!    FROM 10PM                            of Funky Breaks.                       booze. Simple.
Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from           Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free      Foret: Live Music with Jake ‘n         Doudoune: BATTLE - France vs Sweden -
4:30-7:30, €3 pints, €2 soda/        Nibbles & Pimms o’clock              Sammy / ‘TOSS THE BOSS’                Marine L vs Johan Holt.
juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from       MBC: shot party - 2€ each!           22H30-23H30                            Bananas: BACHELORS CLUB - 2 for 1 on Demis
                                                                          Doudoune Le Chalet: Oxygene
4:30-10:30, House 10:30-late
Foret: Austrian grand prix           TUESDAY 29TH                         Breathe Party - Live music from        Danois: Live Apres
                                                                                                                 VSpot: Toss the Boss and win your round!
hightlights @ 14h00 / Live music     Dicks Tea Bar: CHUNKY KNIT           5pm, DJ set to follow. Just show
                                     VS LEoPARD PRINT - Wear your         up and breathe.                        DUBSIDED with DJ Esteban - Soul/Hip Hop/
with Jake n’ Sammy @ 22H00 /         finest knittedjumpers or sexy        Doudoune: Ladies Night with            House/ Nu-Disco/Electro/Broken & Bass
‘TOSS THE BOSS’ 22H30-23H30          leopard print clothes for free       DJ Marine L - Surpirses for the        Pacific: Apres Ski - €3 mulled hot pear cider. €11
Pacific: Lots of sport. 21h30        shots. & It’s girlsnight out - 1/2   Ladies!                                jugs of beer, €3 Toasties. Free cheesy nachos &
Pool League - teams of 4             price cocktails and free entry for   Bananas: CHEERLEADER                   dip. Massive Weekly Ski/Board Raffle! Collect
required. Free entry.                girls.                               PARTY - DRESS IN YOUR                  tickets throughout the week.
Doudoune:Disco Night! - Back         Saloon: REMOTE HIP HOP               SEXIEST CHEERLEADER                    Bar Alexandra: Friday Night Special. Dj
to Studio 54 with Marine L &         PARTY, DJ RALPHY,CLOTHING            OUTFITS AND WIN A BOTTLE
Johan Holt                                                                                                       Cashmony Breakfast plays funky Apres and
Doudoune Le Chalet: Apres            RAFFLE AND GIVEAWAYS.                OF TOFFEE VODKA!                       Evenin
Ski with DJ Johan Holt               Le Graal: DJ Chris S from            Danois: 2 for U Live Apres             Underground: DJ Chris S from Monaco.
Danois: 2 for U Live Apres, 80’s     Monaco, Malibu €55 a bottle.         Pacfic: Apres Ski - €3 mulled hot      French Pop-Rock group Pash Gong. From 10pm.
party, live music by 24U!            Moris: Mike & Ritchie on Apres,      pear cider. €11 jugs of beer, €3       Blue Note: Happy Hour 3-6, Free Nibbles &
Bananas: The Big Chill - half        Mullit in the Evening Vodka Red      Toasties. Free cheesy nachos &         Pimms o’clock
price G&T’s and Bloody Mary’s,       Bulls €5.                            dip. LIVE MUSIC FROM SAM
                                     Bananas: Ladies Night 2 for 1        AND JAMIE IN THE EVENING.
Spring is here and everyone               If you have a mole that has been        looking five years older and
wants to get a tan and do it              present for years but suddenly          acquiring considerable damage
cheaply. When you live in Val, the        changes then look out for the           along the way.
easiest way to do this is go up           following warning signs: Changes
the hill “just for two hours” with        in size and colour, border
no sun cream on and leather up            irregularity, asymmetry, itching        Ski resorts are expensive, but if
that face! Believe it or not, the         and bleeding. Any new mole that         you head to Casino, you can pick
sun is strong enough to burn,             appears and fits the above criteria     up some sun cream for a little less                 When skiing in bad visibility and chopped up snow,
even in March. The Ozone layer            should also be checked out.             than at the pharmacy. If you have                   one requires a ‘go for it’ attitude, while sensing
is not what it used to be and for         What are the risk factors? Skin         visitors, ask them to bring out                     what is happening under the skis by focusing on
some reason, people are still not         that is fair, with fair hair and blue   some sun cream, preferably at least                 the soles of your feet !
using sun cream. The Medical              eyes. Melanoma is also associated       factor 30. Waterproof stuff is ideal
Centre has already seen several           with the number of moles present.       as you’ll sweat when skiing.                        Amigo
cases of sunburn and April’s              Ultimately though, degree of
about to bring a whole                    intensity and length of exposure to     Remember to reapply regularly and
load more....                             sunlight is the most important          note that cream only starts working
                                          risk factor. Sun beds are               thirty minutes after you apply it.
So how do we tan? We have cells           particularly risky.                     Classically, people forget to apply
in our skins called melanocytes,                                                                                            Ski School Availability
which secrete melanin when                                                                                                    Call for up to date information!
exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
Melanin protects the skin from
exposure and is brown in colour.
                                                                                                                          Physiotherapy and Massage
                                                                                                                             Availability throughout the week
The darker your skin, the more
melanin you have. However, even
if you are dark or black skinned,
you are still at risk (albeit a reduced
risk) of cancer. Every time you
burn, you are damaging your skin
at the genetic level i.e. you are
damaging your DNA. Usually the
body’s immune system comes
round mopping up these damaged
cells. When this mechanism fails,
cells multiply out of control - this is
cancer. The skin cancer you hear                                                  cream to the neck and ears which
about commonly is melanoma.               Generally speaking there are two        become exposed at lunchtime.
The incidence of melanoma has             types of sun worshipper: The            Acquaint yourself with the “bad
more than tripled in the white            type that sits in the middle of the     mole” criteria, and see your doctor
population during the last 20 years,      half pipe for maximum reflection,       if you are worried, but prevention is
and melanoma is currently the             with factor 4 oil on and a pair of      definitely better than cure!
sixth most common cancer (4% of           Speedos; and the type who works
cancers). However, it’s responsible       on the goggle tan putting some          This melanoma was suspected
for more than 74% of skin cancer          time in on the balcony. You know        because: 1/it increased in size;
deaths. Yes, it is nasty.                 who you are! At the end of the          2/ its borders are irregular; 3/ it
                                          season you will have a tan, even if     became asymmetrical; 4/ colour
What are the signs of cancer?             you use factor 40. Take your time       has changed; 5/ it became itchy
See the picture below.                    over it, use a high factor and avoid    and began to bleed.

                                         LE GRAAL:                                 MORIS PUB:
                                         One of the smartest nightclubs            Legendary by name and sheer time
                                         in town and the most chic after           in existence, this is a great place for
                                         hours venue about complete                après, a quick burger and there’s
BANANAS:                                 with a flashing dance floor. Free         rockin’ live bands into the night.
Their superb position by the Solaise     shuttle bus 10:30pm - 4:30am: see
lift makes this bar/restaurant a great   opposite page for details! New            BLUE NOTE:
après ski position and lunchtime         this season is an all night burger        Located next to the hotel Omelune,
stop. Free WiFi. By night it turns       bar serving up great burgers, fries       opposite the ESF office.
into a haven for chalet girls with       and American sandwiches. Free             Serving up all your classic drinks
laughing gas served up at the bar.       wi-fi makes it a great place to hang      to a mixture of jazz and funk.
Need we say more?                        out for a burger before the crowds        Atmospheric and friendly with free
                                         show up (about 10:30pm-1am).              nibbles and specials at aprés
SALOON:                                                                            (3pm-6pm).
Located on the slopes and in town        LE PETIT DANOIS:
at the same time, this place is a        Offering good all round service. Will     DICKS TEA BAR:
good meeting spot during the day         create your hangover at night with        Located in the centre of town,
and party spot at night. Après ski       the highly intoxicating Red Erik and      does this place really need an
is wedged in the middle with live        scandie fun but cure it the next day      introduction? Open from 11am -
music and even a ski attendant.          with a full English breakfast. It also    5am. Under new ownership. Fresh
                                         serves food until 10pm.                   changes include a new layout,
CAFÉ FACE:                                                                         and advanced lighting and sound
Located in the centre of town,           VICTORS:                                  systems. Drinks promotions every
this is a cosmopolitan bar with          Located above the Spar                    night from 11pm – 12pm.
live music from five. Hourly beer        supermarket. If you like a cocktail or    Now taking bookings for VIP Tables.
prices from 4pm going up 10              two this is the place. Scandinavian
cents an hour until 10pm and free        run, their restaurant offers a            FORET
gastronomic finger food.                 great menu.                               With a variety of live après
                                                                                   music, La Foret is guaranteed to
VSPOT:                                   UNDERGROUND CAFE:                         soundtrack your holiday or season.
The Vspot Bar and Shop is located        A Sleek basement bar situated             Their plasmas show a variety of
above the Val d’Isère cinema,            right in the center of town. Located      different main stream sporting
opposite the bus station. A smart        under the old Warm-up it’s got a          events. Try the homemade hot
looking modern bar with a funky          modern New York feel and has              chocolate, vin chaud and soup all
twist. With a brand new pool table,      some of the best cocktails in town.       ideal to warm you up after a hard
free wifi, apres-ski happy hour          It’s sister restaurant is just above it   day of skiing.
4-6pm - 2 for 1 beer, basic. Cocktail    on the corner.
happy hour 9-11.                                                                   THE LODGE:
                                         FOLIE DOUCE:                              Located below the fantastic Lodge
LA TETE DE SOLAISE:                      Located on the mountain on the ok         Restaurant (best fondue in the
A trendy glass bar with retractable      Orange, this pace creates one hell        valley!) This place goes off on
roof, panoramic views and a huge         of a party up there with live DJ’s        the right night with live DJ’s (see
sun deck. With live music every          and singers mixed together.               ‘What’s On’). Well worth a look.
afternoon it offers a perfect spot for
an afternoon stop or an early apres      BAR L’ALEXANDRA:                          MBC:
ski drink. Located at the top of the     Located near the post office and          Located next to Dicks Tea Bar
Solaise Express chair lift.              run by the fanatic Kiwi Phil.             this is the new breed of club
                                         It’s the best pool venue in town.         in Val d’Isère. Incredibly stylish
DOUDOUNE:                                There’s also a top level sound            and beautifully designed, this
The newest nightclub in town,            system so Phil and his antipodean         sophisticated basement bar
with the best soundsystem and            friends will be throwing some loud        nightspot is an escape from the
lightshow in the French Alps.            parties. Great for big groups.            beer-swilling masses and open and
Designed by Patrick Jouin. This is                                                 friendly to all. Open 10:30pm-4am
definitely the place to go if you want   PACIFIC:
an unforgettable night. Located just     Just past second roundabout in the        LE PUB:
after the tunnel; Rond Point des         centre of town. The Pacific is home       A warm & cosy bar located in the
Pistes, under the Solaise Express, it    to many a key worker. With seven          Galerie des Cimes past Oxygene.
opens at 23.00 with a free Bus until     plasma screens playing most sport         This is a great place to avoid the
06.00 Tel: 0664 687 727                  from around the globe, this is THE        crowds, relax, play a game of darts
                                         place to watch sport. The Raffle on       and enjoy some great music.
                                         Friday with skis and boards up for
                                         the taking is not to be missed.
                                    BANANAS                                                                                         Brought to You By Pacfic Bar
QUIKSILVER                          Situated at the base of the                                              Samedi/Saturday 26 Mars/March              Samedi/Saturday 02 Avril/April
Part clothing store, part           nursery slope, this Val d’Isere                                          16h00 WALES v ENGLAND Euro 2012            13h45 WEST HAM UTD v MANCHESTER UTD
American diner, it’s actually       institution has a Mexican            4 SEASONS                           17h00 SRI LANKA v ENGLAND WC Cricket ¼ F   14h00 FINAL World Cup Cricket
located inside the Quiksilver/      themed menu with nachos and          Situated in L’Alexandra (next to    17h45 BULGARIA v SWITZERLAND Euro 2012     16h00 WIGAN v TOTTENHAM
Roxy shop just up from the          fajitas on offer. Chef Pascal        the post office), this restaurant   19h30 EDINBURGH v OSPREYS Magners          16h00 STOKE v CHELSEA
main roundabout in town.            is back this year with his           offers a great alternative menu,    20h00 GERMANY v KAZAKHSTAN Euro 2012       16h00 WEST BROM v LIVERPOOL
Superb burgers, wraps, salads       outstanding curries. They also       including Wraps, Curry, Thai, in    20h45 REP IRELAND v MACEDONIA Euro 2012    18h30 ARSENAL v BLACKBURN
and shakes; this place is open      do a great line in burgers in a      a fresh relaxed atmosphere. Eat     Dimanche/Sunday 27
from 9am-10pm and you can           truly unique environment and         in and take away, it’s open for     14h00 BRAZIL v SCOTLAND
browse through the store while      a 3 course Tex-Mex meal for          lunch midday till 2pm weekdays      14h30 DRAGONS v LEINSTER Magners
you wait for your food.             18€. A great place for lunch or      and open for dinner 6:30pm till     16h00 HUDDERSFIELD v NOTTS COUNTY
                                    dinner. (0479060423)                 11pm 7 days.                        18h35 LLANELLI v TREVISO Magners
VICTOR’S                                                                                                     Mardi/Tuesday 29
This place has always been          MORIS PUB                            LE BISTROT DES CIMES                17h00 SEMI FINAL World Cup Cricket
better known as a bar. But, if      Hard to miss at the top of           Located inside the Galerie des      20h45 N. IRELAND v SLOVENIA Euro 2012
you can bear to walk all the        the town centre. It operates         Cimes opposite the main coach       20h45 ENGLAND v GHANA Friendly
way past it, you’ll find Victor’s   a burger kitchen from 4 -            stop, this quaint restaurant is     20h45 GERMANY v AUSTRALIA Friendly
‘Dining Club’ offering a host       9pm, serving home made               run by the lovely Isabella of       20h45 IRELAND v URAGUAY Friendly
of International cusine. They’ll    gourmet burgers with a range         les 3 Bises fame. The sister        21h00 FRANCE v CROATIA Friendly
have your taste buds jangling in    of toppings from a straight          restaurant of 1789 they serve       Mercredi/Tuesday 30
no time. (0479060652)               cheese burger to the Mexican         the same high standard of food      17h00 SEMI FINAL World Cup Cricket
                                    with sour cream. The portions        with a varying menu to suit         Vendredi/Friday 01 Avril/April
LE PETIT DANOIS                     are huge; and don’t miss their       most taste buds. Definitely not     21h00 LEEDS RHINOS v WIGAN RL
Open for food all day from          ever popular fish and chip night     one to overlook. (0479061797)
10am to 10pm serving                every Friday.
traditional breakfasts, the                                              LA TETE DE SOLAISE
Danois also serves pies, hot        FLASH PIZZA                          This panoramic mountain
dogs and great wraps, salads,       Better known for its delivery and    restaurant offers great views
curries burgers, steaks and         take out service, it also offers     and all day sun. Choose from
pastas. Located in the centre       an eat-in service with a relaxed     the superb A la carte Glass
above the bus stop roundabout.      atmosphere and super friendly        House restaurant or full self
(0479062797)                        service. It is located next to the   service with pizzeria. Located
                                    Galerie des Cimes in the centre      at the top of the Solaise
BAR JACQUES                         of town. (0479419606)                Express Chairlift, access also
In the middle of town Bar                                                by cable car.
Jacques is a great, cosy, family    LE LODGE
run restaurant with a menu          Right in the centre of town          LOOP
focusing on food from south-        this is a great place to eat         Located at the foot of the
western France and the Savoie.      in a vibrant atmosphere. It’s        slopes in the centre of Tignes
Fantastic Foie Gras and the         always busy so book ahead. It        Le Lac, Loop is a perennial
best Cassoulet you’ve ever          has been The Echo’s favourite        favourite for tourists and
tasted. (0479060389)                fondue venue since forever and       seasonnaires alike. When
                                    they do set menus, steaks, and       the sun shines, there is no
FOLIE DOUCE                         pizzas. (0479060201)                 better place than the terrace
Located on the mountain on                                               overlooking the lake and peaks
the ok Orange this mountain         TIGNES CUISINE                       to kick back with a gourmet
restaurant offers a full range      Based on the slopes at Tignes        burger and refreshing beer.
menu in a luxury environment.       Le Lac you can ski to their          (0479091589)
Eat inside or out and soak up       south facing terrace for fast and
the party atmosphere up there.      fun asian cuisine. They steam
                                    fry their dishes to ensure the
                                    fresh ingredients remain healthy
                                    and tasty.

                                                                                                                                                                  Everyone likes to go big, but it doesn’t always pay off. The White
                                                                                                                                                                  Focus Nailed or Failed feature is our tribute to the guys & gals who
                                                                                                                                                                  push themselves (and their luck) to impress the rest. All you have to
                                                                                                                                                                  do is guess whether they land it or slammed it! You’ll find out in the
                                                                                                                                                                  next issue of the Echo.

Spring is once again upon
us and, as it has been for the
last 7 years, it’s time for the                                                                                    Craig pulled out this huge backflip in
Greeneye Challenge Rally. If                                                                                       the park and it paid off...
the name ‘Challenge Rally’
sounds a bit unfamiliar to you
it might be because pretty
much everyone refers to it as
The Rat Race. If the name
‘Rat Race’ makes you think
back with fond memories to
the 2001 movie starring Cuba
Gooding and Whoopie Gold-
berg then you have horrible       Entry for your team of 5 is just    It’s also pretty helpful to
taste in movies and you need      €10 each and when you put           wrangle yourselves a French-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This Week...
to keep reading this in order                                                                                                                                                                                     Martin is back, and this week he’s
                                  that up against the amount of       speaking team member as                                                                                                                     stepped up to the Oakley box, but can
to get with the program.          gear to be givenaway (Scott         the Pisteurs or other people                                                                                                                he ride out?...
                                  skis, Greeneye outerwear and        on the hill may be able to help
The Challenge Rally is just       clothing, champagne/booze           you out.
that: a rally race to various     and a day’s hosting from
checkpoints around Espace         Scott Dunn) not to mention          The rally is a whole lot of fun     If you fancy having a shot at Nailed or Failed then contact White Focus
Killy and usually ends at Sa-                                                                                to hook up with them on the mountain. Why wouldn’t you? It’s free!
                                  the sheer levels of hilarity        and a great way to spend
loon (although we have insider                                                                                     Call +33 637 257 190 or email
                                  involved, it’s a pretty good        some quality time with your
information that suggests the     value.                              mates and the mountain be-                                                                                                        
finish may be somewhere else                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                      fore the season winds down,                                                                                   

this year).                                                                                                                                       

                                  Your team needs to have at          but it’s not all done for laughs.                                  
                                                                                                                                     
                                  least one girl and one boarder,     As we said earlier the prizes

                                                                                                                              
                                  but neither is really a hin-        are awesome, but what’s                                                       

                                  drance as has been proven in        really at stake is the prestige.
                                  years past like 2009 when an        Team Blue Note are the clear
                                                                                                                                                                                                        new ad monika

                                                                                                                                                                                     
                                  all-girl team took home first       odds on favorite once again
                                  place.                              as co-owner Lou has been on
                                                                      the winning team 2 years run-
                                  Obviously the event is open
                                  to both holidaymakers and
                                                                      ning, but really it’s anyone’s
                                                                                                                                                 
                                  seasonnaires, however, one                                                                                                            
                                  thing you are going to want         Start studying your piste
                                                                                                                                                                         
                                  to make sure of is having at        maps now and head over
                                  least one salty-dog old time        to Saloon before the end of                                                                              
                                  seasonnaire on your team. As        apres on Monday the 4th of                 
                                  the clues that lead you from        April to signup, and if you                
                                  checkpoint to checkpoint are        can’t make the event be sure
                                  often a bit cryptic it’s going to   not to miss the after party &
                                  be invaluable to have some-         BBQ. Also, don’t forget that
                                  one who knows the ins and           fancy dress, although option-        
                                  outs of the entire Espace Killy.    al, is definitely acceptable.

                                                                                              Hi and welcome to The Echo’s weather section, we aim to make our weather as accurate as possible, how-
                                                                                              ever, please note that at the time of writing it is Thursday, so please use it primarily as a guide.
                                         Although the Foret isn’t exactly a restaurant they
                                         serve up a variety of Pukka Pies, sausage rolls
                                                                                              Pack up the barbeques kids, it looks like we’re in for some snow this week.
                                         and some delicious homemade soups which
                                         make it a good place to grab yourself a quick
                                         feed before or during a night out.

                                                                                                  SAT             SUN             MON             TUES            WED        THUR            FRI

On the drinking side of things Foret’s got you
covered if you’re the budget minded type of
boozehound. Thursday night they’ve got all
night happy hour and they’ve got Toss the
Boss twice a week, giving you a 50% chance                                                         -3              -5               -5             -5             -5          -4             +5
of getting a free round in on your shout. With                                                    W/5km           S/5km            S/5km         S/5km          SE/5km       W/5km         W/5km
live music, a pool table, baby foot and live
sport to entertain you along with their cheap                                                      0cm            10cm             9cm            4cm            3cm          0cm           0cm
prices the Foret isn’t a place to be overlooked.

                                                                          Ben Pryor

Spending the week in resort,         Portugal’s parliament has            a movie about the life of
I’m probably better qualified to     rejected an austerity budget         Elizabeth Taylor. Its provisional
write the Insider than the News      prompting PM Jose Socrates to        title is Eight Weddings and a
this week, but here goes.            resign and making a Greece-          Funeral.
                                     like international bail-out a
There haven’t been many              near certainty. EU leaders are       A hacker who placed porn on a
quiet moments thus far (if you       meeting in Brussels to discuss       video billboard above Moscow’s
discount the silence in most of      measures to stop the Eurozone        inner ring road has been jailed
the English-speaking bars in         debt crisis from spreading.          for 18 months. The video
town when the rugby finished         Lisbon has claimed its situation     apparently created a traffic
last Saturday), and I doubt          is different to Greece and           jam... how surprising.
there will be many more before       Ireland as its debt levels are
I depart for work on Monday. In      lower and its banks are sound.       Hugh Laurie is to release a
the rare minutes not spent on        Almost all of their debt is held     blues album in May. Ignoring
a piste, in a bar or horizontal, I   by Spain, which has a higher         just how sickeningly talented he
have been reading a Groucho          budgetary deficit and double         is at everything, I’m intrigued
Marx book consisting of              the level of unemployment.           to see how he will capture
various vignettes from, and his      While there may be subtle            the spirit of the blues by
observations on, life. Thankfully    differences between Portugal,        detailing the trials of being an
he led a sufficiently interesting    Ireland, Greece and Spain, I         exceptionally rich, white man.
life to make it a worthwhile read;   think the same word can be
can’t say I would have bought        used to describe all of the          A 240 hour film by a group of
it if it had been penned by John     PIGS: buggered.                      Danish artists has been billed as
Major. When the Hollywood                                                 the longest in history. Evidently
sign was refurbished in 1978,        At least 15 people have died         none of them has had to sit
the last ‘O’ was paid for by         in Syria in clashes between          through the Phantom Menace.
Alice Cooper in his memory,          security forces and protestors
as unlikely a friendship as has      as President Bashar al-Assad         And finally, an Indian policeman
ever existed. He was also good       seeks to quell the unrest. The       has shot himself in an alleged
friends with Elton John, who         situation flared up when forces      attempt to win a bravery award.
once took him to a performance       stormed the Omari mosque,            Senior officials found Mahesh
of Jesus Christ Superstar in LA      the focal point of protests.         Rajguru’s statement and crime
in the early 70s. As the lights      Around 500,000 people have           scene suspicious, and forensics
went down, Groucho called out,       fled the violence in the Ivory       matched empty cartridges
‘Does it have a happy ending?’       Coast which continues from           found at the site to his gun. Mr
                                     the disputed election last           Rajguru initially claimed that six
The Libyan crisis continues to       November, with the UN warning        unidentified men had shot him
escalate, with Colonel Gaddafi       that the humanitarian crisis         outside a house in Jaipur, hitting
trying to bomb the rebels in         there has been largely forgotten.    him in the stomach and both
the East of the country back         It’s almost enough to make           shoulders, but then confessed
to the Stone Age. The UN             the citizens of both countries       that he had inflicted the three
Security Council has approved        long to be back under French         wounds on himself. Brave, no;
a no-fly zone over the country,      control... almost.                   pain threshold that would make
freezing of all funds controlled                                          Max Mosley blanch, definitely.
by the Libyan authorities and        Utah has become the first US
the use of military force where      state to name an official firearm,   Until next week, I’m off to go
necessary. Subsequent air            the Browning M1911. Somehow          driving on Moscow’s inner ring
strikes have neutralised Libyan      I doubt Arizona will be following    road.
air defences and troops that         suit any time soon.
were poised to advance on the
town of Benghazi, but fighting       Justin Bieber has agreed to
continues in several towns and       contribute a song to the album
the possibility of a stalemate       to raise funds for victims of
and division of the country is       the Japanese earthquake. The
rising. I imagine world leaders      move was instantly condemned
are looking for a quicker            by the Japanese government.
resolution to the situation than
that, if only to prevent Gaddafi     Following her death this week,
from giving another speech.          Hollywood are already planning

                                                                      This week in pics

                The Age Old
                Question is
                Answered                                                   Get Back in Your
                                                       Post Fondue
                                                       Coma @ Lodge
                                              hy on
                                      DJ Ralp
                                               els @
                                      the Whe
Awesome               BFFs            Dicks
                                                                      Everyone L
                                                                                 tos @
                                                                      2-4-1 Moji
                                                                      Blue Note
                                                       Like Fa
                                              ne @            on
                              Mount St
                                       . Hele          Like S                             ...Well,
                              MBC                                                         Maybe Not


                              Pulling Pants
                                                       This Never
                                                                         Solid Afro.
                                                       Gets Old

Insert ‘Ski Bum’ Joke Here

                                                  Happy Birth

                                                                        Aren’t You       Yourself
                                                                        Supposed to      at Home
                                              One Dwarf Short @         Wait For an
                                              Danois                    Avalanche?
Don’t blame us, if you don’t want the whole village to know what you’ve been up
to then you should really learn to cover your tracks better.

                        Statutory Rape                      Interesting Standards
                        Emelie (Lodge) has been             Overheard this week was
                        having trouble keeping her          Alexandra (Bananas)
                        numbers up of late, but her         explaining her definition of
                        latest attempted conquest           first base. She was pretty
                        was out of line no matter how       surprised to hear that her
                        long her dry spell has been.        version of first is a lot more
                        After spending a few days           like third base to most people.
                        chasing a sponsored rider she       After seeing her on-camera
                        went in for the kill only to find   antics at the GSPY Feelin
                        out he was only 16 years old.       night at Dicks we can’t exactly
                                                            say we’re shocked.
                        Keg Room Lovin’
                        A couple members of staff           Dancing on the Ceiling
                        got caught out this week            Scottish Meg has been
                        after sneaking into the keg         steadily appearing on the
                        room at Dick’s for some extra-      photo page since she arrived
                        curricular fun times.               in resort 2 weeks ago. We’re
                                                            not going to out her by telling
                        We Need a Lost and Found            you which girl she is but we
                        Section                             will say that we heard she
                        Hamish would like to offer          went into the toilet stall at
                        a reward for the return             Bananas with a guy the other
                        of his birthday cake that           night and Julian had to scrub
                        mysteriously went M.I.A.            a single footprint off the
                        from his bedroom during his         ceiling later on.
                        birthday party. The cake is
                        described as chocolate with
                        white icing and a whole lot of
                        candles on top of it.

                        ‘Jugs for Japan’ Puts the
                        FUN in Fundraising
                        Abi (Moris) has offered to
                        pose for T-Shirts in order to
                        raise money for Japan. A few
                        girls from other bars around
                        town have offered to join her
                        by posing topless. If we can
                        get 40 shirts pre-ordered the
                        girls are ready so shoot us an
                        email if you’re interested.
Another great email, straight     Save the Date
from the inbox.                   The date has been set and
Hello,                            Any Given Wednesday will
                                  take place on the 20th of
my friend had sex with Grant      April. Held in the Oakley Val-
(bouncer at saloon) and the       Park Any Given Wednesday
next morning she had this lov-    is home to the World Monoski
ley note stuck under her door.    Championships, and awe-
                                  some barbeque, good times,
Dear swedish girl,                some sick fancy dress and a
Last night was incredible,        village wide after party/fete.
never before have I had a         Make sure you book off work
woman handle my penis so          for that day, you don’t want to
well. Chiquito (what I named      miss out.
my penis), was also very
pleased and would be happy        Out of Stock                        Name: Everest
to see you again.                 Dicks has decided that Picon        Age: 2 (that’s 14 in dog years)
                                  is just too much of a concen-       Occupation:
I know that your moans will       trated orange mess to keep it       Dog
haunt my dreams and prob-         in stock any longer.                Nicknames:
ably Lex’s, they’re not exactly                                       None
quiet.                            You’re Both Old.                    Likes:
                                  Happy Birthday to Arjen and         Red Bandanas, Ice Cubes,
                                                                      Empty Soda Bottles, Running
I want you to know Philippa       Hamish who both turned 40           Around, Playing Tug o’War.
should not be a stranger,         this week.                          Dislikes:
as three in my books ain’t                                            Cuddling, Being Bored, Being
no crowd, I have the sexual       Got Any Gossip?                     Home Alone, Walking With a
competence.                       As usual, we’re writing this        Lead.
                                  with a massive hangover and         What do you look for in a
Anytime pop round to 4A1          to be honest we’re having           woman?
and you can use whatever,         trouble remembering much            I like my bitches to have a bit
bath, shower, oven, my bed…       of what we’ve overheard this        of class, but not be too
What is mine is yours but         week. So, do us a favour,           uppity. No fancy show dogs
there was some hair left in the   stitch up your mates and send       for me. Then again, I’m
plug last time… All in all come   all your dirt to                    neutered so I’ve got about as
round anytime for some of MA      val@          much sex appeal as Burns
LOVIN’!                                                               from the Moris and I don’t pull      Great V ourse
                                  The Fine Print:                                                                ,3C
                                                                                                         18 Euro Menu
                                                                      a whole lot.
Lots of love, Granty XX (ps, I    Nothing written by the Insider
have your H&M pants, naiiiice)    has been properly researched                                             Tex-Me pperitif
                                  in the slightest and is based                                                  ee A
                                  almost entirely on hearsay. As                                         With Fr veryday
                                                                                                           All day
Blue Balls                        such nothing on these pages
Austin (VSpot) has lost a         should be misconstrued as           If you have an event or activity
couple of large bets over pool    being fact. The Insider does        you’d like to promote, you’ve
games this eek and now he         not necessarily reflect the         got a special talent or you just
has to do 2 naked funi runs.      opinion of The Mountain             wanna chat to Froggy Fred in
He’d better be praying for        Echo, it’s parent corporation,
good weather and a stack-         or any of it’s subsidiaries or
                                  affiliates. In short, suck it up.
                                                                      person email
                                                                         FREE WIFI
free decent.

  Letters fromTilly
                                                                    , chalet
                                                      Eac  h week        oore
                                                      Tilly Cr r outbox
                                                       opens             he
                                                                ers of t
To:               to read echo...
Subj: Advice from the master…                           mounta
Dear Cressida,
I didn’t really have a clue who you were when I got your email but Mummy tells
me you’re some sort of cousin on Daddy’s side of the family. I think I might
have snogged your brother at a spring ball not so long ago. So that must make us
practically sisters!!
I am only too happy to impart my wisdom on you, regarding your wanting to follow
in my footsteps and become a chalet girl next season. Actually you probably
couldn’t have asked a better person. I’m something of an expert and quite a
celebrity round here as a matter of fact.
My first piece of advice is don’t, for God’s sake, ski too much. If you ski
everyday you’ll be too tired to really enjoy yourself. Don’t worry – just because
it’s called après ski doesn’t mean you have to ski first. I made this mistake when
I first arrived. Just put on your ski-clothes and get involved! One of the best
moves I made whilst chalet-girling was to hire a cleaner to do all the dirty work
for me. Gave me hours more free-time this season. I would strongly advise you to
follow suit.
Lastly, and most importantly, never be without your most useful bit of kit…a copy
of your father’s credit card is indispensible! Make sure it’s the one with highest
limit. If there’s one thing you’ll encounter out here it’s emergencies, be it not
having enough money left to get the last round in or having to book hotel because
you’ve missed the last lift back. The gold card has really been my best friend and
kept me warm on the coldest of days.
Hope that’s all useful stuff. Let me know if you need to know anything else. I’m
also jolly good at riding. Lots of Love, Tiz X

                                                                            LL E ST WITH
                                                                         FU FA
                                                                             AK         FEE
                                                                         BRE OR COF
                                                                           TEA EUROS AY
                                                                                12     TUR
                                                                                  Y SA
                                                                            E VER


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