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Jo Boland by liuqingyan


									                            Bucketts Way STRATFORD NSW 2422
                            TELEPHONE: 02 65 588234
                            FAX: 02 65 588247
                            Mobile: 0400 407 708

11 June 2010

Dear Parents
Last Friday we held a mufti day at school to raise funds for the
Sydney Children‟s Hospital , it was wonderful to see all the chil-
dren participate on the day and also join in on the guessing
competition, how many lollies in the lolly jar. There were many
guesses but only one winner, congratulations to Kelsey Farley who was the closest with her
guess of 151. The jar contained 153 lollies. The school raised $46.50 which is excellent for such a
small amount of students.

Also in between the torrential down pours on Friday, the students and I went out and com-
menced our first survey on the bird life in and around the school. It was surprising how many
bird species we observed considering the effects of the bleak weather. We will be continuing our
survey again today before we go to see the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

On Monday Sally Pitkin began her four week practical teaching experience
here at the school. Sally comes from Newcastle University and is in her
third year of studies. She has settled in very quickly and has already
become a valuable asset within the classroom.

The P&C had their first night time meeting for quite some time and it was
nice to see some other faces (so I‟m told) at the meeting. It was decided
that the 7.00pm time slot will stay at the present moment.

On Thursday Ian Northam was here to conduct my Principal Assessment Review Schedule (PARS)
for this term. It was a very positive experience and he seemed quite impressed that things are
going smoothly and that the school and community are happy with having a permanent principal.

The Sydney Youth Orchestra was an exhilarating experience. The children completely immersed
themselves into the activities. We had a fabulous opportunity to walk around and get a close up
view of the instruments. See the special photo page on the back of this newsletter.

Have a happy and safe long weekend
Jo Boland
Principal                                         1
Year five have began to write their own narrative this week and are using a criteria as-
sessment/marking sheet as a guide. This will be their main writing assessment for this
term. We have also been working on a few spelling rules in the primary as well—”i be-
fore e except after c” and dropping the „y‟ when adding “ing/ied”.
In maths we have been helping Maddie catch up with her algebra lessons so she could
participate in this week‟s video conference with Mr. Malone. Claire and Shayne both
worked really hard on understanding the basic concepts of algebra and
seemed to enjoy lessons 1 and 2.
We would like to wish Cody all the very best for the future. We will
miss his little smiling face and his Spiderman outfit.
See you on Monday - Ms Boland

Kindergarten‟s sounds have been “w” and “y”. Year 1 have been blending “sp” and at-
tempting to write “spaghetti”. Year 2 have tried to change “lie” to “lying” and “die” to
“dying”. In maths we have been trying to see how similar
3 x 4 is to 3 x 40. So far we‟re struggling!

Indira made these 3D models in maths.
Enjoy the long weekend - Mrs Malone

Isn‟t it lovely that everyone is borrowing books and enjoying them.
The infants have been writing excellent book reviews.
Keep on reading - Mrs Robinson

Assembly Leaders: Jessie and Indira

Assembly Awards:
Primary - Maddie for an interesting story about seaweed monsters.
Infants - Cody for fabulous athleticism.

Student of the Week: Claire Maslen for improving in high jump.

Office and Mrs Costa’s Desk
Book Club Winter Sale. There are some wonderful books to buy. Order forms are
attached to the newsletter and are due in by Friday 25 June.

The lost property crate is overflowing. Please come in and check if there is any of your
child‟s clothes.
Hope you have a restful weekend See you Tuesday - Mrs Costa

The minutes from Tuesdays meeting are attached to this weeks newsletter

Next Canteen: 21st June (Order form attached)
              2nd August

Next Meeting: 10th August 7pm

Looking forward to seeing you all soon - Dani

                   Week 9                                        Week 10

  Monday 14th June                                Monday 21 June
     Public Holiday for Queens Birthday             P&C canteen
                                                     AASC - Athletics 2pm to 3pm (final)
  Tuesday 15th June
     Assembly at 2.40pm                          Tuesday 22 June
                                                     Assembly at 2.40pm
  Wednesday 16th June
     Mrs Malone @ GHS Accelerated Literacy       Wednesday 23 June
  Thursday 17th June
                                                 Thursday 24 June
  Friday 18th June
      AASC Karate 2pm to3pm                      Friday 25 June
                                                      Reports sent home
                                                     AASC Karate 2pm to3pm (Final)


Sydney Youth Philharmonic Orchestra


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