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                          fraser in focus                                                                        photos pages 4-5

                           A Ne w s l e t t e r f o r F r i e n d s o f F r a s e r

 upcoming events
                                    Fraser Academy Charter
“What’s Next”
   Autism Seminar
   Thursday, December 4, 2003
                                    School Approved
   Fraser Child & Family Center     The Minnesota Department of Education                   Though a separate entity from the overall
   (612) 728-5386                   recently granted permission for the opening        nonprofit Fraser organization, Fraser Academy
                                    of Fraser Academy, an inclusive elementary         is founded by Fraser and will employ similar
“A Box of Joy”                      charter school. The vision for Fraser Academy      philosophies around parent and community
    Holiday Show                    is to be a high quality, inclusive elementary      involvement, creative teaching strategies, and
    Friday, December 5, 2003        program that meets the diverse needs of each       inclusion. St. Cloud State University, College of
    Fraser School                   child. The school will serve children with         Education, is the charter school’s sponsoring
    (612) 861-1688                  typical needs (children without disabilities)      organization.
                                    along with children who have special needs              “Having St. Cloud State University on
Family Fun Day                      related to a disability.                           board as our sponsoring organization is a great
   Thursday, December 13, 2003            “We’re very excited to be moving ahead       asset,” said Chris Bentley, start-up director for
   Fraser Child & Family Center     with plans that have been several years in the     Fraser Academy. “They will lend oversight and
   (612) 728-5386                   making,” said Diane S. Cross, president and        expertise as well as cutting edge knowledge of
                                    CEO of Fraser. “It makes sense to lend our         best practices.”
Fraser Academy Information          expertise in early childhood development into           The official approval from the State of
Meeting for Parents                 elementary school programming. Fraser’s            Minnesota means that planners are moving
    Saturday, December 13, 2003     nearly 70 years of experience helping children     forward in seeking a location for the school in
    Fraser School                   to develop to their highest potentials provides    southern Hennepin County. The timing of
    (612) 798-8349                  a great foundation for the new programs.”                         “Charter Schools” continued page 8

Fraser Academy Information
Meeting for Parents
    Thursday, January 8, 2004
                                    Nancy Booker Receives Louise
    Fraser School
    (612) 798-8349
                                    Whitbeck Fraser Award
                                    Community volunteer, Nancy Booker, was
Roll & Stroll for Fraser™           honored with the second annual Louise
     Saturday, January 31, 2004     Whitbeck Fraser Award at the 2003 Fraser
     Mall of America                annual benefit. The award recognizes a person
     (612) 798-8313                 who is devoted to enhancing the lives of
                                    people with special needs and supports the
                                    Fraser mission.
                                         Nancy has spent the past 37 years volun-
                                    teering for organizations that serve individuals
                                    with developmental disabilities. Her motivation
                                    to get involved was the birth of her daughter,
                                    Anne, who was born with Down syndrome. In
                                    1969, when Anne first attended Fraser School,
                                    Nancy became involved by raising funds
                                                    “Nancy Booker” continued page 8    Gene, Nancy and Anne Booker

     winter 2003                                                                                               Bright futures
Dear Friends of Fraser,

                              As you’ll see
                              on page three,
                              Fraser recently
                              in Community
                                                Thank You for
                                                Supporting Fraser
                                                                   raser News Bits
                                                                                                Artwork Showcases
                                                                                                Talents of Local Man
                              Enrichment        through United Way
                              Week, a
                              celebration of    A special thanks to all of you who have
                                                designated Fraser this fall to receive your
Diane Cross                   people with
                                                United Way donation in 2004. Your
disabilities enhancing their local
                                                generous gifts will help Fraser to provide
communities.                                    important services to thousands of
      While we were thrilled to participate     children, families and adults with special
in special activities during this designated    needs.
week, it strikes me that this is what Fraser         If your United Way campaign is
is about every day, 365 days each year.         coming up or currently in progress, please

                                                                                                                                         PHOTO BYKERI PICKETT
      At the core of all Fraser services is     consider writing in Fraser as a designated
the philosophy of inclusion – people of all     agency.
backgrounds and abilities living, working,           All you need to do is write “Fraser”
learning and playing together in one            and our address on your pledge form or
community.                                      gift-designation card, and United Way
                                                will see that your contribution is sent to
      This is demonstrated at Fraser every
                                                us. Then, please let us know that you have
day. Every day at Fraser School, children
                                                designated Fraser, so we can thank you
with and without special needs spend the        and watch for your gift.
entire day together in the same classrooms.                                                                 Artist James Levine
                                                     For more information, please contact
It is also demonstrated every day through       Paula Werner at (612) 798-8310 or
our residential programs, where our    Thank you for support-        If you’ve visited Fraser Child & Family
houses and apartments for adults with           ing Fraser through your United Way              Center recently, you may have noticed the
special needs are woven into neighbor-          giving!                                         colorful artwork donated by James Levine
hoods around the metro area. And, it is                                                         and his mother Annette K. Levine. James,
demonstrated every day through our              Asperger’s Clinic Helps                         50, has Asperger’s syndrome, an autism
                                                                                                spectrum disorder. James hasn’t let his
Community Supports Services, which              Teens Build Self-esteem
                                                                                                special needs hold him back. He lives
provide in-home assistance for families
                                                Fraser’s program for teens with Asperger’s      quite independently, driving to his full-
caring for a loved one with special needs.      syndrome focuses on positive social             time job, cooking for himself and
      As this year comes to an end, it is       emotional development. Goals are set to         managing his own finances. His love of
important to take a moment to reflect           help each youth to become more func-            drawing occupies much of his free time.
and celebrate the work that we have             tional and adaptive within their family         Over the years, James has created hundreds
done. A heartfelt thank you to each of          and other interactive settings.                 of unique pieces of art. He has allowed
you for being part of the Fraser family.             At Fraser’s Asperger’s Clinic, teens       Fraser to display some of them for visitors
Over the past year, you have provided           build self-esteem and life skills, including:   to enjoy. We thank him for sharing his
assistance through volunteer, financial         • appropriate social interaction with           talents with us and for inspiring future
and moral support. You have contributed           adults and peers;                             artists.
your time, money and ideas. You are our         • reading social cues and nonverbal
                                                  communication;                                Book Promoting
true partners in enriching the community
                                                • expressing and understanding feelings;
each and every day.
                                                • problem solving;
                                                                                                Inclusion Benefits Fraser
      From all of us at Fraser, have a          • coping strategies;                            “The People on the Corner” is a delightful
happy and safe holiday season!                  • organizational strategies; and                story about inclusion that is beautifully
                                                • daily living skills.                          written and illustrated by Leslye Orr. Orr,
     Warm Regards,                                   Program fees are usually covered under     who has been legally blind since birth, is a
                                                mental health benefits with most insur-         local performer, playwright, author and
                                                ance plans, Medical Assistance, and TEFRA.      illustrator. According to Orr, her inspira-
     Diane S. Cross                                  For information and intake, contact        tion for this book is the many children,
     President and CEO                          Christina Jacobson at (612) 331-9413.           with and without disabilities, that she has

2       Special needs
met over the years. A significant portion      Community Enrichment Week Highlights
of the proceeds from sales of “The People      Contributions of People with Disabilities
on the Corner” benefits Fraser. To order,
please call (612) 798-8349 or visit            Imagine men, women and children out in                Community Enrichment Week and click on products.          their communities with bright yellow bags        provided a perfect venue for the adults
                                               reading, “Working Together With People           and children who live at Fraser’s group
Disney Partners with                           of All Abilities,” and filling them with         homes to highlight how they make their
Roll & Stroll for Fraser™                      raked leaves, debris from parks or dona-         neighborhoods better and contribute
                                               tions for local food shelves. This is exactly    meaningfully to their communities. They
Mark your calendars for the fourth             what occurred across the state of Minnesota      were assisted throughout the week by
annual Roll & Stroll for Fraser™ on                                                             direct service professionals and program
                      Saturday, January 31,                                                     coordinators, just as they are assisted on a
                      2004, at Mall of                                                          daily basis. Congratulations and thanks to
                      America. Radio Disney                                                     all who made this week such a great success!
                      has signed on as our
                      media partner and                                                         National Music Therapy
                      will add to the
                                                                                                Conference Comes to
                      excitement of the
                      event by providing                                                        Minneapolis
                      Disney characters,                                                                                     For the first
prizes, games, and entertainment as                                                                                          time in more
participants stroll around the mall.                                                                                         than 20 years,
      This fundraising walk is an opportu-     Evelyn House participants Anda, Janet, Pat,                                   Minneapolis is
nity for Fraser families and friends to        Emmaly, Judy and Melissa.                                                     hosting the
socialize while showing their support for      during Community Enrichment Week,                                             national
Fraser. Former and current clients,            October 19 through 24, 2003.                                                  conference for
parents and children, and people with                Community Enrichment Week is                                            music therapy
special needs are encouraged to attend.        an annual event that takes place during                                       professionals.
The walk takes place before the mall           Disability Awareness Month. It is the                                         The conference
opens to the public, so you’ll get a great     brainchild of the Association of Residential              PHOTO WAYNE MARTIN
                                                                                                                             includes more
parking place and won’t have to worry          Resources in Minnesota, a group that                                          than 100
about mall crowds.                             Fraser partners with for a variety of            sessions, including recent research,
      Roll & Stroll is one of Fraser’s         activities throughout the year.                  techniques and technologies; musical
fundraising events which helps to make               Throughout the week, the people            performances; and interactive sessions.
up for costs not covered in service fees                                                             The field of music therapy includes
                                               who live and work at Fraser residences
(school tuition, insurance reimburse-                                                           more than 3,300 professionals nationwide
                                               made remarkable efforts to make their
ment, waiver fees, etc.) Your participation                                                     who provide services to a wide variety of
                                               neighborhoods a better place to live; to
is critical to the success of this event and                                                    people, including: infants, seniors, people
                                               demonstrate the contributions of people
helps Fraser to maintain our quality                                                            with disabilities, and people with illnesses
                                               with disabilities; and acknowledge the
programs and services. Donations and                                                            or chemical dependencies.
                                               critical role of direct support professionals.
pledges are welcome and accepted with                                                                Though music therapy has been
                                                     The week’s activities included:
many thanks.                                                                                    recognized as a profession since the
                                                     • gathering with thousands of
      Show your Fraser pride, get some                                                          1950s, Louise Whitbeck Fraser, was a
                                                       people to kick off the week;
morning exercise, and help make a                                                               pioneer in the field as early as the 1930s.
                                                     • raking leaves;
difference in the lives of thousands of                                                         She believed that music could provide the
                                                     • cleaning up local parks;
children and adults served by Fraser by                                                         basis for learning, and significantly
                                                     • hosting open houses;
participating in this family-friendly, fun,                                                     impact children with developmental
                                                     • meeting new neighbors and
and relaxed event!                                                                              disabilities. Today, music therapy contin-
      For more information, or to register,                                                     ues to be an integral part of Fraser
                                                     • organizing food drives to benefit
visit and click on “events”                                                      programs. Each year, more than 300
                                                       local food shelves; and
or call (612) 798-8313.                                                                         children of various abilities benefit from
                                                     • displaying and sharing information
                                                                                                music therapy services at Fraser. Fraser is
                                                       to educate others.
                                                                                                proud to serve on the committee hosting
                                                                                                the national conference.

                                                                                                                   Bright futures          3
Latin Theme Heats Up Festivities at
                                   raser’s Annual Benefit

Fraser’s Annual Benefit
More than 700 guests enjoyed a festive Latin theme at Fraser’s 23rd
annual benefit on Saturday, November 1, 2003, at Hilton Minneapolis.
Attendees were treated to a Latin-inspired dinner, a chance to bid on
hundreds of exciting auction items, and an opportunity to socialize with
other Fraser friends and families. The proceeds from this event support
Fraser programs and services for children and adults.
    Special thanks to event chair Kristin Prine and auction chair Nancy
Dalaska for the invaluable role they played in the evening’s success.
Additional thanks to Kimberly Kleis for her creative graphic design
services, and to Fraser School teacher Elizabeth Eng for coordinating the
fabulous classroom auction projects.
    Fraser would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the companies
and individuals listed below for their generous sponsorship of this event.

Platinum                                Mann Theatres, Inc.
                                        North American Communications
Design Group                                Resource, Inc.
Guidant Foundation                      Palisade Investment Advisors, LLC
Hilton Minneapolis                      PressCheck Printing & Graphics Inc.
Petters Group                                                                 Event chair Kristin Prine salsa dancing
                                        RBC Dain Rauscher                     with her father, Bud Rotter.
Rottlund Homes                          Target Corporation
Scicom Data Services                    Transit Team, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank                        Voyageur Asset Management
                                        Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.
Filtration Engineering Co., Inc.
                                            Finally, Fraser would like to
Midge Rotter                            thank all of the individuals and
                                        businesses that donated items to
Silver                                  our auction, and all of the volun-
                                        teers who donated their time and
Gregg and Rachel Anderson and
    Activstyle, Inc.
                                        energy to the planning and run-
The Ted Deikel Foundation               ning of this event.
Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota              Mark your calendars for next
Duane and Lynda Jergenson Family        year’s benefit to take place on
    Foundation                          Saturday, November 6, 2004, at
Excel Bank Minnesota                    Hilton Minneapolis. We hope to
Flint Hills Resources, LP
Flynn, Gaskins & Bennett, LLP
                                        see you there!
Goetz & Eckland, P.A.
Liza and Steven Kiwus                   *Special thanks to Shawn Kearney
Lifetouch, Inc.                         for these event photos.
Lommen, Nelson, Cole & Stageberg
                                                                              Auction chair Nancy Dalaska and her
                                                                              husband, Todd Dalaska

4      Special needs
                             F            eel the Rhythm!

Volunteer greeters Ellen Bretheim and
Jessica Ferris welcome guests.

                                              L to R: Elizabeth Eng, Kim Gregg, Priscilla Weigel, Melissa
                                              Robb, Amy Abraham

                                              Fraser School classroom projects were popular silent auction items.

                                                                                                                    Dancing to the Latin beat.
Latin orchesta Sabor Tropical heated up the
dance floor.

                                                                                                        Thank you
                                                                                                        for helping to raise
                                                                                                        $160,000 for Fraser

                                              L to R: Lynda Jergenson, Duane
                                              Jergenson, Michael Jergenson,
                                              Tami Wold, Peter Wold

                                              L to R: Diane Denison, Robert
                                              Brown, Melissa Albay, Steve
Fraser board member Peter Robb and board      Kowalke, Shawn Kearney
chair Jeanne Crain.

                                                                                                                       Bright futures        5
    Leave a Legacy…                          A Time to Give Thanks
    One Book at a Time
                                             This is the time of year when we traditionally express thanks. It’s also a time to pause to
    A retired teacher once said, “My         thoughtfully consider our plans for the year ahead and for the future. As a result, it can also
    estate will never be large enough to     be a time to consider sharing our good fortune through year-end charitable giving.
    build libraries, but it will be large
    enough to buy books for a library.”            In these times of tremendous state          funds), real estate or retirement plan assets
                                             and federal budget cuts, a significant            can also make a significant impact while
    When you leave a legacy through          economic downturn, and continually                providing you with extra tax savings.
    charitable giving–using tools like       rising expenses, it has become increasingly             Planned gifts, such as those made
    wills, insurance policies and IRAs–      more difficult for organizations, like Fraser,    through beneficiary designations in wills,
    you give wings to your lifelong          to meet the financial demands of programs.        life insurance policies, retirement accounts,
    dreams. You truly change the world,            Simply put, we need your help! As           life income agreements or other estate
    in ways large and small.                 you’re thinking of your year-end gifts,           planning vehicles enable donors to leave a
         One of the simplest ways to         please consider Fraser. Financial support         lasting legacy of support into the future.
    make a significant gift is to name       will help us to sustain the highest quality             Finally, in-kind gifts, such as car
    Fraser to receive all, or a portion,     programming for children and adults               donations, also provide a significant
    of an existing or new life insurance     with special needs and their families.            source of revenue for Fraser. Please see
    policy. It’s a perfect time of year to   Fraser’s giving options allow donors to           the notice on page 8 newsletter for details.
    consider this type of support as         choose the best method for them.                        Please contact Paula Werner at
    many employers are holding open                Gifts of cash (by check or credit card)     (612) 798-8310 or for
    enrollment periods for 2004 benefits.    are the most common way of providing              more information on any of the giving
         In three easy steps, you can        financial support for Fraser. Gifts mailed        options. As the year draws to a close, let
    make a difference in the lives of        by December 31, 2003, qualify as an income        us all take time to reflect and give thanks.
    children, adults and families with       tax deduction for 2003. (An envelope for          On behalf of the thousands of clients and
    special needs.                           gifts is enclosed for your convenience.)          families we serve each year, thank you for
                                                   Gifts of appreciated assets, such as        your support of Fraser.
    1. Get the proper “Designation of        securities (like stocks, bonds and mutual
       Beneficiary” form from your
       insurance agent or benefits
                                             New Programs Expand Service Options
    2. Fill in Fraser’s name and address
                                             Fraser has expanded its services to include       connections. RDI focuses on developing
       (2400 West 64th St., Minneapolis,
                                             several new program options.                      fundamental skills that help the child to
       MN, 55423) on the appropriate
                                                  Our new Auditory Integration Training        be successful at forming friendships. The
                                             (AIT) program, designed to address a              skills increase in complexity as the child
    3. Let us know of your gift so that      variety of skills in children and adults, is      progresses in the program. RDI is pro-
       we may thank you!                     now available at Fraser’s Richfield location.     vided at Fraser Child & Family Center by
                                             AIT uses a special music that retrains the        the only RDI-certified professional in
         For more information on             auditory system. Benefits may include an          Minnesota.
    making a planned gift to Fraser,         increased attention span, improved speech               Certified TEACCH trainer, Brigitte
    please contact Paula Werner at           and language skills, improved cooperation         Frederick, Ph.D., has recently joined the
    (612) 798-8310 or      and social interaction abilities, as well as      staff at Fraser Child & Family Center. She
    All inquiries are confidential. Thank    decreased aggression. Typically, participants     is available for TEACCH consultations with
    you for your thoughtful consideration.   listen to the special music for 30 minutes,       schools and families, and also provides
                                             two times per day, over a 10-day period.          consultation related to the structured
                                             AIT is considered an educational service,         teaching model in the ECCID day
                                             therefore it is a self-pay or waiver service.     treatment program.
                                                  Relationship Development Interven-                 If you would like to learn more about
                                             tion (RDI) is a developmentally-based             any of these new program offerings,
                                             program that helps children who have              please contact our intake coordinator at
                                             autism spectrum disorders to build social         (612) 331-9413.

6         Special needs
E          specially for Parents
Tips for Making                                  Moving Out…                                           Moving
                                                                                                  day arrived
Moving Out Easier                                            —by Drew’s Mom, Peggy Smith          with Drew
          When children become old enough        You can imagine, as a parent, the fear in        being very
          to move out on their own, it can       your heart when someone says, “Its time          excited and
          be both exciting and stressful.        to think about your child moving out of          me being
          Parents and child alike can            the family home.” When your child has            terrified. How
experience anxiety over the big change. For      special needs, it’s even more frightening.       will my baby
families of a child with a disability, these          For us, this started when Drew’s            be able to do
feelings are often magnified. The following      social worker suggested that we put his          all of the
tips can help make the transition smoother.      name on a list for the new Fraser apart-         things that I             Drew Smith
                                                 ments being built in Apple Valley.               had been doing for him for over 20 years!
Choosing a place to live                              We did some investigating and found         We had not been idle while waiting for
■   Check out the various housing options        that the other Fraser apartments were            the building. Drew had been doing his
    and choose the one that best matches         highly sought after and had waiting lists.       own laundry and doing a good job (his
    individual needs.                            We put Drew’s name on the list and               clothes hanging ability was questionable).
■   Use a well established housing provider.     started the waiting process.                     We knew that he would be clean, if a bit
    Are they responsive to your questions?            The actual project, with all of the legal   wrinkled.
    Do they have reliable references and         and financial concerns, took over two                 Drew could make Kraft Dinner, hot
    accurate materials?                          years to become a reality. During that time,     dogs and any number of microwavable
■   Location, location, location. Choose         Drew would alternate between being very          meals. (I did fret that he may never have a
    housing that is convenient for getting       excited to have his own apartment (as his        veggie again!)
    to social and medical services, work,        sisters did) and saying, “Do I have to move           The apartments are single person
    school, and activities. Be sure to           out?” That was a very difficult thing to         apartments, consisting of a bedroom,
    consider if the place is within walking      hear, and my gut reaction was to give him        bath, sitting room and kitchen. Small but
    distance, near a bus line, or provides       a hug and tell him he could live with us         homey. There is a caretaker in the
    other transportation options.                forever. I didn’t say that as I knew the best    building, though she is there for emer-
                                                 thing for him was to be on his own.              gencies, not for everyday situations that
Before the move                                       Finally, we heard that the building         can be worked out. A laundry room and
■   To prepare both child and parent, talk       was going to be a reality. Drew had to go        community room complete the building.
    about the change and what it will be like.   to an interview to see if he was indepen-             Drew has many good friends in the
■   Practice skills such as shopping for         dent enough to live on his own. There            building and they often hang out in the
    groceries, doing laundry, cooking            was a lot of interest in the 16 available        hallways. Through this process, he has
    meals, cleaning the house, managing          apartments and we were on “pins and              never looked back. This has been a
    the budget, and personal grooming.           needles” waiting to see if Drew would be a       wonderful experience for him. As a
■   Visit the new home ahead of time to          good match. When the call came that he           family, we are so grateful to Fraser for
    check out the accommodations, get a          had been accepted, we were all very excited.     providing Drew this great opportunity to
    feel for the area and meet the neighbors.    We went to visit the site many times and         safely live on his own.
                                                 he became more and more excited about                 Drew often comes to our house to
Moving day                                                                                        stay overnight, but he is always ready for
                                                 “his” place.
■   Determine security practices like locking         A meeting was called with all of the        us to take him “HOME.”
    the door and keeping valuables safe.         soon-to-be apartment dwellers to determine
■   Review emergency plans, including who        who would be in which apartment. Drew
    to call for help, what happens if the fire   was lucky enough to draw number one in
    alarm goes off, and when to call 911.        the order of selecting apartments. Origi-
■   Determine schedules for work, ap-            nally we thought overlooking the park in
    pointments and activities, including         the back would be nice. Then we remem-                                               ®

    transportation arrangements.                 bered that there is a lot of time spent
■   Plan ways for parent and child to keep       waiting for buses and rides, so the                 Fraser’s mission is to serve children,
    in touch and spend time together. This       apartments overlooking the front parking             adults, and families with special
    change doesn’t mean that you need            lot might be more practical. Drew chose                needs and to assist them in
    each other any less. In fact, you’ll         an apartment in the front of the building              maximizing their abilities and
    probably have even more to talk about.       and has been very pleased with his selection.            reaching their potentials.

                                                                                                                     Bright futures           7
Fraser Child & Family Center
                                                                                                                                Nonprofit Organization
Evaluation and day treatment for children                                                                                           U.S. Postage
with autism; family mental health services;                                                                                             PAID
neuropsychology services                                                                                                          Minneapolis, MN
Fraser Community Supports                                                                    ®                                      Permit #532
Family-centered support for children and adults
                                                         2400 West 64th Street
with disabilities, in their homes and communities
                                                         Minneapolis, MN 55423
Fraser Rehabilitation Services
Occupational, physical, speech, and music therapy             RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
Fraser Residential Services
Independent and semi-independent residences
for adults and children with special needs
Fraser School
Inclusive early-childhood services for children
ages 6 weeks to 6 years

general phone
visit us
Newsletter Editor
Kari Dahlstrom ......................... 612-798-8340
to update your address
Kerry Elmberg ........................... 612-798-8327

   “nancy booker” from page 1

   through a craft sale. In the mid 80s, she             inspiring others to make a positive
   and her husband, Gene, worked with                    difference in their community. Thank
   Fraser to establish the first independent             you, Nancy, for all that you have done
   living apartment building. As a result, 29            on behalf of people with disabilities.                          .
                                                                                                         write off the car
   adults with special needs moved into their
   own apartments at Sheridan Court. Later,
   she further supported these residents by
                                                         To nominate someone for next year’s
                                                         award, please visit and
                                                                                                           not the kid.
   creating the “Cub Club,” which provides               click on “volunteer.”
   independent grocery shopping opportu-
   nities.                                               “charter school” from page 1
        Over the years, Nancy has also been                                                             Donate your car, get a tax write-off,
                                                         finding an appropriate site will influence
   instrumental in developing the FORE!                                                                 and help children with special
                                                         the school’s ability to open in the fall of
   Fraser Benefit Golf Classic which raises
                                                         2004. If that timeline can be met, registra-   needs. Call the Fraser car donation
   thousands of dollars for Fraser programs.
                                                         tion for prospective students is expected      line for drop-off instructions and
   She has created a speaking group of
                                                         to take place in February. The school          more information.
   adults with disabilities who share their
                                                         plans to provide kindergarten, first grade
   stories in the community. And, through
                                                         and possibly second grade programs
   community education programs, she
                                                         during its inaugural year and to add a
                                                                                                               (612) 798-8327
   conducts seminars about readying people
                                                         grade each year as students advance.
   with disabilities for independent living.
                                                              Informational sessions for families       The Fraser Car Donation Program
        Nancy Booker truly embodies the
                                                         are scheduled for Saturday, December 13                is sponsored by:
   spirit of the Louise Whitbeck Fraser
                                                         and Thursday, January 8. For details visit
   Award which is presented in hopes of
                                                or call (612) 798-8349 to
                                                         be added to the Fraser Academy informa-
                                                         tional mailing list.

   8          Special needs

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