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                                                Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                           North Yorkshire
                                                                               YO17 6RT
                                                                     Tel: (01653) 697777
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                     Eden Camp
                      Pack 2011
               Contains: Welcome Letter, Eden Camp History, Prisoners’
               Choice Menu, Set Meal Menu, Eden Camp Gift Shop
               Resource List, Eden Camp Risk Assessment and Eden
               Camp Leaflet
                                                                        Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                   North Yorkshire
                                                                                                       YO17 6RT
                                                                                             Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                            Fax: (01653) 698243

                                                              Page 1
           Thank you for your interest in Eden Camp.

           This pack contains information which should provide you with all you need to know regarding the
           organising of an educational visit to our museum. However, should you require any further
           information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

           Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is open for educational visits on a daily basis from the
           second Monday in January, up to and including the 23rd December, from 10.00am until 5.00pm with
           last admissions at 4.00pm.

           There is no real limit to numbers, but if other schools are visiting on the same day we do restrict total
           numbers to 500 children per day.

           We are very popular with school and educational groups and therefore insist that groups are pre-
           booked in advance. In order to make a booking, we ask that you telephone us first to check on
           availability. Once a booking has been made verbally, we then ask you to write and confirm by either
           post, e-mail or fax. We do not require a deposit, but do ask that bookings are confirmed in writing as
           soon possible once the verbal booking has been made. We do require that you make full payment, by
           cash or cheque, on the day of your visit.

           We consider the museum to be suitable for children aged 5 years and upwards. The lay out of the
           museum allows groups to explore on their own without the need for us to employ guides. This also
           means that groups can pre-plan and pre-determine the specific huts and exhibitions which they wish
           to concentrate on if a full tour of the site isn't feasible because of time restraints. We normally advise
           three to four hours for a full visit. As we do not employ guides, we do insist that teachers/parent helpers
           supervise children at all times. We allow adult supervisors in free on a ratio of 1:5, but insist on a
           minimum of 1:10 for supervision purposes.

           We try to stimulate all the senses (sight, sound, smell and touch) within our displays and exhibitions in
           order to make all our visitors believe that they have been transported back in time to the war years. We
           have the largest, the most comprehensive and the most realistic display of social history for the 1939-
           1945 period in the country.

           Our museum is split into two distinct parts. The first half relates to the war in Britain - The Home Front,
           whilst the second half covers the military and political events worldwide. We also have additional
           exhibition huts that relate to the WWI period and post-1945 conflicts.

           A copy of our camp leaflet which contains a map of the site, is provided for each person on the day of
           your visit.

           A Teachers’ Resource and Learning Pack, which has been cross-referenced to the National
           Curriculum containing fact files, work sheets and teachers notes is available for £5.00 each. The pack
           can be purchased on site or by mail order. We ask for a contribution of £1.99 towards p&p. Purchasing
           one pack gives the visiting party the right to photocopy or duplicate the pack for the day of their visit.
                                                                              Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                         North Yorkshire
                                                                                                             YO17 6RT
                                                                                                   Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                                  Fax: (01653) 698243

                                                                  Page 2
           We have a Puppet Theatre on site which we specifically book for school groups on the day. The show lasts for 20
           minutes, and covers songs of the 40s in a puppet format. Dependant on weather conditions, we also have a
           junior assault course which is made available to children up to the age of 12.

           Eden Camp is a safe and secure environment (our barbed wire perimeter fence and watch towers aren't just there
           for aesthetic purposes!) and we receive approximately 100,000 school children a year. Having so many children
           on site, we obviously take the subject of Health and Safety very seriously. In the present climate, where many
           heads and teachers are concerned about taking children on school outings, we are confident that we offer one of
           the safest and yet most exciting educational facilities in the country. Our site is routinely inspected by the Health
           and Safety department of our local District Council and our staff are well trained to ensure that a safe
           environment is maintained at all times. A copy of our educational visit Risk Assessment is available on our
           website and is included in our Education Resource pack.

           We are also geared up to providing for the needs of large numbers of younger visitors in many other ways, even
           down to sensible pricing in our gift and catering outlets.

           All our exhibition huts are accessible to wheelchair users, and we have audiotapes and Braille sheets for the
           visually impaired. The use of special lighting, sounds effects and even smells help to bring our life size tableaux
           to life and stimulate all the senses.

           As well as disabled toilets, we have a first aid room on site and a number of our staff are trained first aiders,
           however, we do suggest that school groups should always have their own first aider.

           The walls of our Mess Huts, which are allocated to schools, free of charge, for use as indoor pack lunch eating
           areas and classrooms, are lined with letters from school children telling us how much they enjoyed their visit.
           Teachers tell us an hour at Eden Camp is worth 10 hours in the classroom and that they have never known their
           pupils to be so enthusiastic or motivated about a topic following a visit to our museum. We are also frequently
           telephoned by parents asking what is it that we do, as they cannot understand why their children want to return to
           visit a museum about the war. We certainly value school children as customers, as many of them persuade
           parents and grandparents to bring them back during weekends and school holidays.

           Please check out our comprehensive website for more information about our museum and we do hope you
           would very much consider Eden Camp to be your next school trip destination.
                                                                        Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                   North Yorkshire
                                                                                                       YO17 6RT
                                                                                             Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                            Fax: (01653) 698243

                                                 Eden Camp History
                                                              Page 1
           In early 1942, a small contingent of Army personnel, under the command of a Sergeant, arrived at
           Malton, midway between York and Scarborough in North Yorkshire. Their task was to construct a
           barbed wire enclosure and erect tents to house the steady flow of enemy prisoners of war captured in
           North Africa. The site was named Eden Camp and the first inmates were two hundred and fifty Italian
           prisoners. These prisoners were put to work constructing a larger permanent camp, consisting of
           forty five huts. The Italians were at the Camp from 1942 to 1944, then the Germans from 1944 to
           1948. While at the Camp the prisoners worked on the local farms under the control of the War
           Agricultural Officer.

           In 1986, local business man Stan Johnson discovered that POW Camp 83 was still generally intact
           and that thirty five of the original huts were in roughly the same condition as when the last of the 1,200
           inmates left for the 'Fatherland' in 1948. Mr Johnson bought the site and initially invested £750,000 to
           create, within the original Camp, the world's only Modern History Theme Museum.
           The huts have been re-equipped to tell the story of The People's War, the social history of life in Britain
           from 1939 to 1945. So many Museums simply display exhibits in cabinets and on walls and are pretty
           dull affairs, but not Eden Camp. Realistic tableaux, with moving figures, authentic sounds and smells
           have been created to "transport you back in time". In one scene there is a living room of a typical
           wartime home in Britain. The family are seated in front of the fire, listening to the radio as Chamberlain
           announces "the declaration of war". You see the man move his arm to adjust the wireless set, the
           woman breathes, the tin bath sits in front of the flickering fire and the scene comes alive.

           Each hut covers a different aspect of the story, starting with the rise of the Nazi Party, Hitler and The
           Outbreak of War. Other topics include: Rationing, the Utility Scheme, 'Save It' Campaigns, Evacuees,
           Propaganda, Home Guard, Home Front, The Blitz, Air Raid and Gas Precautions, Animals at War, The
           Street at War, Women at War, The Land Army and Timber Girls, The Munition Factories, The Observer
           Corps, The Auxiliary Fire Service, The WVS, The Red Cross, Civil Defence, The Rescue Services,
           The Bevin Boys, etc.
           Other huts have been allocated military themes War at Sea and U-boats, LDV & The Home Guard,
           Bomber Command, Path Finders, R.E. & R.A.F. Bomb Disposal, S.O.E., Escapers and Evaders,
           Resistance, Women at War, The life of a Prisoner of War etc.

           From 1990 to 1995 a series of huts were opened, creating a "Museum within a Museum". In these
           huts the military and political events of the Second World War around the world are covered in detail.
           Scenes such as Dunkirk, The War in the Desert, War at Sea, The Dambusters, The Great Escape, D-
           Day, V.E. and V.J. Days etc can be found along with displays covering The Holocaust, The Middle
           East, The Far East, Italy, Europe etc. During 1992 a prefab was reconstructed on site which is an
           excellent example of the post war housing efforts.
                                                                       Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                  North Yorkshire
                                                                                                      YO17 6RT
                                                                                            Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                           Fax: (01653) 698243

                                                Eden Camp History
                                                             Page 2
           Additionally a dig for victory garden was created and a Garden of Remembrance.

           2000 saw the refurbishment and redevelopment of Hut 13, Post-WWII Conflicts. This hut covers all
           those conflicts that British military forces have been involved in worldwide since the end of the Second
           World War. The hut covers events in Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Suez, Malaya, Korea, Kenya, Aden,
           The Falklands, The Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and information is being added about the
           recent conflict in Iraq.

           The new Millennium also heralded the refurbishment and expansion of Hut 18, The War News
           Reading Room. Newspaper pages from virtually every day of the war can be browsed through to see
           what was happening between 1939 and 1945, whilst the media theme was extended to include
           different forms of communication and media presentation with a large display of radio and
           telecommunications equipment covering most of the 20 Century.
           September 2001 saw the opening of Hut 11, which takes you back to World War One. Visitors
           experience what life was like in the trenches, brought to life with realistic sights, sounds and smells.
           The second part of the exhibition is more of a traditional format with text boards and display cases
           containing documentation, photographs and artifacts that relate to all aspects of the Great War.

           2002 marked the beginning of a major refurbishment of Hut 10, Prisoners of War. This project
           incorporates the wealth of material and memorabilia that has been brought into the museum over the
           last 17 years by ex-PoW's, Guards and the civilians who befriended PoW's. The exhibition covers the
           life of both Allied (in Europe and the Far East) and Axis PoW's. It contains totally unique material and
           personal experiences and stories and we believe it to be the most comprehensive of its kind in the
           2006 saw the creation of a new Medal Room, to house our ever growing collection of medals and
           decorations. Many of the medals have been donated by the families of veterans who having
           previously visited our museum, deemed it to be the most fitting and suitable place for their loved ones
           medals to be preserved and displayed.
           For some light relief, you can visit the Eden Camp Music Hall where you can sit down and watch a
           puppet show in which some of the great entertainers of the time are portrayed. The audience is invited
           to join in and sing "We'll meet again".

           As a nationally recognized military museum we are continually forming partnerships with many
           different military and civilian veteran groups, associations and old comrade clubs. This in turn has lead
           to many organizations depositing their own collections of memorabilia and archives with us. This has
           allowed us to establish and create a number of unique exhibitions, for example Escapers and
           Evaders, Human Torpedo's, The Civil Defence and R.A.F. Bomb Disposal.
                                                                     Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                North Yorkshire
                                                                                                    YO17 6RT
                                                                                          Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                         Fax: (01653) 698243

                                              Eden Camp History
                                                           Page 3
           The forming of partnerships has also led to the museum hosting a growing number of reunion events
           which allow veterans to get together and reminisce about the good (or in some cases not so good) old
           days. These reunions are often quite emotional, with pals meeting up again and being reunited after,
           in some cases, 50 years.
           Our main all Services veterans' parade takes place in September. We also host annual reunions for
           Escapers and Evaders (usually April - May) and veterans of Palestine (October).

           The Eden Camp Chapel of Remembrance (which is located within Hut 29) has seen many
           Associations and regional branches of Associations combining a reunion with the dedicating of a
           memorial plaque or laying up of a Standard. At all other times the Chapel is open to allow both young
           and old to spend a quiet moment and reflect on everything that they have seen on site. It also allows
           families to remember loved ones that have been lost through military conflict.

           In addition to the museum's many indoor displays, we are always adding to our collection of military
           vehicles displayed around the site, these include T34, Sherman and Churchill Tanks, Scammel Heavy
           Recovery Wagon, White M16 half-track, DUKW, a large collection of artillery pieces and full size
           replica Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft as well as a V1 Doodlebug Flying bomb. Our most recent
           addition is a gun from a British submarine.
           On a number of special days throughout the year, Eden Camp becomes the temporary home of a
           number of re-enactment teams. This allows visitors to come face to face with 'German' PoWs, British
           soldiers, an American M.P. or even the great British bobby.
                                                                                 Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                            North Yorkshire
                                                                                                                YO17 6RT
                                                                                                      Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                                     Fax: (01653) 698243

                            Eden Camp Prisoners’ Choice Menu
                 The Eden Camp cafe is open from 10.00am -5.00pm. Hot meals are
               served daily, please see the board outside the canteen for details of times.

               Light Snacks

               “Torpedo” Jumbo Hot Dog*“                                                                           £2.65
               P.O.W.” Quarter Pounder Beefburger                                                                  £2.50
               “Lord Woolton” Veggie Burger                                                                        £2.50
               “Home Guard” Cornish Pasty                                                                          £1.80
               “Victory Roll” Sausage Roll                                                                         £1.00
               Bread Roll and Butter                                                                               £0.70

               Main Meals

               Soup of “D-Day”                                                                                     £2.40
               “Peace Convoy” Chicken Breast*                                                                      £5.50
               “617 Dambuster” Stew and Dumpling                                                                   £5.50
               “Submariner’s Feast” Battered Fillet of Fish*                                                       £5.50
               “Churchill’s” Locally-made Steak Pie                                                                £5.50
               “Dig for Victory” Vegetable Lasagne                                                                 £5.50
               “Lord Woolton” Veggie Burger                                                                        £4.70
               “P.O.W” Quarter Pounder Beefburger                                                                  £4.70
               “Home Guard” Cornish Pasty                                                                          £4.00
               “Bombers” Jumbo Sausage*                                                                            £4.00
               “Doodlebug” Fish Fingers*                                                                           £3.50

               All main meals include a choice of chips* or potatoes and peas or beans.

               Desserts and Beverages
               A full range of desserts available, dependant on rationing and black market
               availability! Hot and cold drinks available, alongside a range of alcoholic and
               non-alcoholic available from our licensed bar.

                   *These products are cooked in a pure vegetable oil produced from genetically modified soya beans.
                                                                                       Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                                  North Yorkshire
                                                                                                                      YO17 6RT
                                                                                                            Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                                           Fax: (01653) 698243

                                             Eden Camp Set Meal Menu
               Set meals are available all year except from mid-June until the end of August. Depending on
               bookings, it may be possible reserve tables in the Officers Tearooms. Please note all meals are
               served from the Prisoners Canteen servery.

                     Option One - £7.50 per head (25 people minimum)

                     “Churchill’s” Locally-made Steak Pie or “Dambuster” Stew and Dumpling
                     Potatoes or chips*
                     Peas or beans
                     Choice of sweet
                     Tea or coffee

                     Option Two - £7.50 per head (25 people minimum)

                      “Submariner’s Feast” Battered Fillet of Fish* or “Peace Convoy” Chicken Breast*
                      Potatoes or chips*
                      Peas or beans
                      Choice of sweet
                      Tea or coffee

                     Option Three - £5.75 per head (50 people minimum)

                      Platter of mixed sandwiches
                      Sausage rolls
                      Salad to dress
                      Scone, jam and butter
                      Tea or coffee

                     Option Four - School Parties

                      Jumbo Sausage* or Burger                     £3.85
                      Fish Fingers*                                £3.60
                      Both served with chips* or potatoes, peas or beans and a small drink.

                     Vegetarian option available, please enquire when booking for further details.

                         *These products are cooked in a pure vegetable oil produced from genetically modified soya beans.
                                                                       Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                  North Yorkshire
                                                                                                      YO17 6RT
                                                                                            Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                           Fax: (01653) 698243

                                     Eden Camp Shop Resource List
                                                           Page 1

               Eden Camp Teachers' Resource and Learning Pack - £5.00
               A comprehensive pack to assist in a terms work based around a visit to Eden Camp.
               The pack covers from th 1930's period onwards and includes worksheets for KS2 and
               3. The pack can also be used for follow up work in the classroom.
               Eden Camp CD-ROM Resource Pack - £19.99
               A multi-media computer based package in PC format. The CD-ROM is an interactive
               tour of the museum containing images, sound files and comprehensive text relating to
               the museum.

               Eden Camp Colouring Posters - 25p each

               1. Eden Camp Collage                  10. Leyland Hippo             19. Hawker Hurricane
               2. Rescue Services at Tea Wagon       11. Amphibious DUKW           20. Churchill Tank
               3. Auxiliary Fire Services            12. Battle of the Atlantic    21. Sherman Tank
               4. Collection of Vehicles             13. Supermarine Spitfire      22. German Half Track
               5. M16 Half Track                     14. GMC 2.5 Ton Truck         23. Russian Field Gun
               6. Naval Bofors Gun                   15. Green Goddess
               7. Battle of Britain                  16. Barrage Balloon Crew
               8. T-34 Russian Tank                  17. Doodlebug
               9. Scammell Recovery Vehicle          18. The Dambusters

           Eden Camp Wartime Reproduction Posters - £1.25 each or set of 12 for £12.50
           1. Hitler/Churchill (composite)           7. Kitchen Waste
           2. Recruiting (composite)                 8. Humble Pie
           3. Keep Mum (composite)                   9. Victory Harvest
           4. Coughs and Sneezes                     10. On To Victory
           5. Squander Bug                           11. Let Us Go Forward Together
           6. Britain Shall Not Burn                 12. Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

           Eden Camp Newspaper Posters - £1.75 each
           1. D-Day                                  5. Blitzkreig
           2. Abdication                             6. Battle of Britain
           3. Atomic Bomb                            7. Hitler Dead
           4. Peace                                  8. V.J. Day
                                                                        Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                   North Yorkshire
                                                                                                       YO17 6RT
                                                                                             Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                            Fax: (01653) 698243

                                      Eden Camp Shop Resource List
                                                             Page 2

               Audio CDs
               50 Sing-A-Long Wartime Hits by The Geoff Love Banjos - £6.99
               This album contains 50 favourite wartime sing-a-long hits such as Roll Out The Barrel,
               Run Rabbit Run, Over The Rainbow, The White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again.

               Eden Camp Narration and Sound Effects CD - £3.75
               The Eden Camp CD provides a running commentary of each display hut alongside
               sound effects that are used in the museum.

               Tea Towels                                       Gifts
               Eden Camp Ration Design         £2.99            Eden Camp Pencil            35p
               Bomber Command Design           £2.99            Eden Camp Pen               55p
               Coastal Command Design          £2.99            Eden Camp Eraser            50p
               Battle of Britain Design        £2.99            Eden Camp Ruler             55p
               Hurricane/Spitfire Design       £2.99            Eden Camp Bookmark          £1.35

               Reproduction Items
               WWII I.D. Card                  50p
               WWII Ration Book                99p
               Miniature Medals (Various)      £2.99

               The Diary of Anne Frank         £6.99            Home Guard                    £6.99
               Elli - Coming of Age            £5.99            Rationing                     £6.99
               Women’s War                     £6.99            The Home Front                £6.99
               Blitz                           £6.99            Air Raids                     £6.99
               Evacuation                      £6.99            Eden Camp Guide Book          £3.99
               Prisoners of War                £6.99

               This list is a sample of what we stock in our gift shop, however, we have a much larger range of gifts
               and books in store.

               Prices are inclusive of V.A.T where applicable but do not include postage and packing. If you wish to
               mail order please call: 01653 697777 or email
                                                                            Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                       North Yorkshire
                                                                                                           YO17 6RT
                                                                                                 Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                                Fax: (01653) 698243

                                 Eden Camp School Risk Assessment
                                                              Page 1
           Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is a venue that strives for quality. Over the years we have won
           numerous awards for our high standards and customer care. We are regulated for Health & Safety by Ryedale
           District Council and are insured with the NFU for Public liability insurance. We are a member of the Yorkshire
           Tourist Board and abide by the English Tourism Council's code of practice for Attractions. We are also members
           of the Ryedale Tourism Association.

           !      There are risk assessments produced for Eden Camp, which cover a wide range of issues from the
                  training of staff to the maintenance of equipment. The aim is to make Eden Camp a safe place to work
                  and visit. The assessments are contained in the Company Handbook which is available to be seen if
                  necessary. Within this document is a Safety Policy, which includes Contingency plans for Emergencies
                  and a COSHH Assessment in relation to any potentially Hazardous Substances. You may wish to
                  contact the Local Education Authority for advice and any guidance that they feel may be appropriate for
                  such visits. The group leader should be aware of any LEA guidance.

           !      School parties do not visit any high risk areas. Eden Camp is a visitor centre, which is used by the
                  General Public of all ages. There is an 'assault course' style play area on the camp, similar to many seen
                  in public parks with log walks etc and there are some military vehicles, such as a lorry, where children
                  can climb on the tailgate. These attractions are maintained to the best of our ability. The play equipment
                  is inspected by the local Health and Safety enforcement agency periodically but accidents (slips, trips
                  and falls) are always a possibility. The school should make a decision whether to restrict access to these
                  and arrange adequate supervision as necessary. It must be emphasised that primary responsibility for
                  the supervision of children on the visit rests with the teachers/helpers and every group should be
                  accompanied by appropriate members of teachers/helpers in relation to the number of children.

           !      There are numerous outside exhibits, some of which the children may climb on. The exhibits that may
                  not be climbed on are clearly signed.

           !      Normal toilet and disabled toilet facilities are provided, i.e. WC, Hot and Cold water, sink etc.

           !      There are separate defined huts where meal breaks can be taken. These areas are heated. The area and
                  time is designated to the party upon arrival.A Puppet Show can be requested if required upon arrival. The
                  time for the show is allocated upon arrival.

           !      There are no animals kept at Eden Camp, but other visitors may bring dogs which are required to be
                  under control and kept on a short lead.

           !      Any potentially dangerous areas where, for example, chemicals are stored, are locked wherever possible
                  and other areas, where access needs to be restricted, are cordoned off. Signs clearly indicate these areas.

           !      First Aid facilities and First Aid treatment should ideally be provided by teachers/supervisors and details
                  regarding specific medical problems i.e. allergy to plasters should be fully ascertained by them. First
                  Aid facilities are usually available at the Camp but cannot be guaranteed to be available at all times. We
                  rely on you to keep us informed of any potential problems if First Aid is requested. First points of
                  contact are the staff in the cafe, gift shop, or on site. First Aiders at Eden Camp are fully trained.
                                                                           Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                      North Yorkshire
                                                                                                          YO17 6RT
                                                                                                Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                               Fax: (01653) 698243

                                Eden Camp School Risk Assessment
                                                               Page 2
           !      Eden Camp staff are experienced and used to visitors. Site work (repairs etc) are carried out, where
                  possible, when there are not visitors, or in areas where the public are excluded. Segregation of traffic
                  and pedestrians is maintained wherever possible. Traffic is marshalled and defined parking areas used
                  and speed limits are in force.

           !      Please note that the staff, are allowed in free on a ratio of 1:5 for SUPERVISION purposes. We request
                  that you stress to your pupils that there are other visitors on site, not all able bodied or as agile as

           !      Please advise the pupils that, while the huts may be viewed in any order, they should observe the 'No
                  Entry' signs and refrain from shouting and running. Children not supervised and not obeying this simple
                  request will be asked to return to their coach until their school has completed their visit to our Museum.

           !      Hut 29 includes a dedicated chapel of worship and we would ask you to stress to the children to respect
                  the peace and quiet of this area.

           !      We would recommend that you make a list of the pupils on the trip to ensure that no one is left behind,
                  either at the Museum or at any other stops along the way. We have had a pupil left behind and we
                  frequently get parties arriving that do not know how many children they have with them!

           We trust you enjoy your visit and that the children learn a greater understanding of the events during those
           important war years. Please feel free to contact ourselves if you require any further information.
                                                                                                         Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum
                                                                                                                                    North Yorkshire
                                                                                                                                        YO17 6RT
                                                                                                                              Tel: (01653) 697777
                                                                                                                             Fax: (01653) 698243

       All information and prices are correct at the time this guide was published. Prices and availability of services, goods etc are subject to change. We
       recommend contacting us or visiting our website for up to date information.

       We are registered in England & Wales under registration number 1993416
       Our registered address is Eden Camp, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 6RT.
       Our V.A.T registration number is: 450 7171 65


       S.J. Johnson
       H. Johnson
       P.C. Peace

       Museum Director

       N.B. Hill

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