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Cover: Culinary Art Student Nadette Lovato

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   General Chemistry                                Adult Education............................................20

  Fascinated by forensics? Captured by CSI?         Community Education..............................21
 Enroll in CHEM 121 this fall. This class will be
 totally based on the chemistry of forensics.       Community Education Online...............33
 Work through evidence and solve problems
    related to actual crimes. In the lab, we        Professional Development &
  will look at gunshot residue, fingerprints,       Workforce Training......................................34
 blood samples, arson, explosives and other
                                                    Kid’s Kollege....................................................37
         fascinating chemical evidence.
   CHEM 121 meets Tuesday and Thursday              Community Education
  mornings at 10 am, with a required lab on         Registration Form........................................38
          Thursday afternoon at 1 pm.

Join us for the chemistry of forensics, and
    see what is waiting for you to find.
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                                                      consistent with applicable laws and policy
                                                     established by the ENMU Board of Regents.

                                                                         ART 221 U      3 Cr
                                                                         Beginning Painting I
                                                                         Introduction to painting. Basic skills in painting with oils,
ACCT 201 U     4 Cr                                                      acrylics and watercolors. Work from life, still life, landscape,
Introductory Accounting I                                                composition and thematic concepts. Additional art supplies
Fundamental accounting principles and concepts, procedures in            required.
data accumulation presentation and preparation of financial              CRN 12844 M 400-630pm            DeFoor, Bruce               117
reports. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory weekly.
CRN 12875 MW 100-245pm McCullough, John 103
                                                                         ART 231U/LU      4 Cr                          Lab Fees: $35.00
Anthropology                                                             Beginning Ceramics I/Lab
                                                                         Introduction to basic clay forming techniques including slab,
ANTH/GEOG 233 U           3 Cr                                           wheel throwing and glaze applications. Tutorial session designed
People & Cultures of the World                                           to reinforce the skills developed in ART 231.
The diverse societies that exist in various geographical areas of        CRN 12845 R 0900-1130am
the world, with emphasis on understanding relationships between                 13045 R 100-330pm             Pekelsma, Judy       117
cultural systems and natural environments.
CRN 12983                             Howard, John Online
                                                                         ART 232U/LU      4 Cr                          Lab Fees: $35.00
Art                                                                      Beginning Ceramics II/Lab
                                                                         Continuation of ART 231. Tutorial session designed to reinforce
ART 101 U     3 Cr                                                       the skills developed in ART 232.
Beginning Drawing I                                                      CRN 12846 R 600-830pm
An introduction to the basic principles, materials and skills of                13046 S 0900-1130am         Miner, Alan           117
freehand drawing from life. The course synthesizes studies in
representation, proportion, perspective, value and composition.
Additional art supplies required. (Open to non-art majors and            ART 253 U       3 Cr                            Lab Fees: $5.00
minors)                                                                  Digital Imaging
CRN 12838 T 600-830pm                Lane, Martha           117          An introduction to the fundamental concepts and features of
CRN 12839 W 0900-1130am              DeFoor, Bruce          117          image-editing computer software including production of digital
                                                                         images, use of editing and special effects tools, clip art and
ART 106 U         3 Cr                                                   scanning techniques. A working knowledge of a Windows
Design I                                                                 operating environment is recommended.
A two-dimensional exploration of visual elements, principles of          CRN 12847 M 0800-1030am              Lane, Martha             101
design and color through classroom application and
experimentation. Included is an introduction to the arts.                ART 268 U      3 Cr
Additional art supplies required. (Open to non-art majors)
                                                                         Masters Painting Class
CRN 12840 M 600-830pm               Barlow, Edward         114
                                                                         As announced. (May be repeated for credit)
                                                                         CRN 12851 T 100-330pm            DeFoor, Bruce              117
ART 131 U       3 Cr
Art Appreciation                                                         ART 293 U       3 Cr
Introductory course exploring the visual arts. This lecture course       Digital Photography
surveys the role of arts in society. Emphasis on design principles       Basic digital photography with an emphasis on composition and
and fine and applied arts.                                               design.
CRN 12841 R 400-630pm                 Barlow, Edward       105           CRN 12850 W 400-630pm              Staff                101

ART 165 U         3 Cr                                                   ART 293 U      3 Cr
Art History I                                                            Mural Painting I
Survey of the art of prehistoric and historic people in Western and      Basic techniques of indoor and outdoor mural painting applied
non-Western cultures through the 16th century with exploration           through group projects. (May be repeated for credit with
of cultural traditions in art by examining the impact of social,         instructor approval)
political and economic organizations.                                    CRN 12848 T 0900-1130am            DeFoor, Bruce         117
CRN 12842                     Pekelsma, Judy              Online

ART 206 U    3 Cr                                 Lab Fees: $25.00
Human Figure
Study of advanced drawing principles applied to the human form
and its structure. Using a variety of materials, students concen-
trate on gesture, contour and proportion.
CRN 12843 W 600-830pm                DeFoor, Bruce         117

                 Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   4                                  800-934-ENMU (3668)
Art                                                                           BIOL 113U/LU        4 Cr
                                                                              Biology for General Education/Lab
ART 293 U      3 Cr                                                           Principles of biology. Credit not applicable toward biology major
Mural Painting II                                                             or minor. Three hours lab weekly.
Advanced techniques of indoor and outdoor mural painting                      CRN 12986/12987                     Rosellie, Irene    Online
applied through group projects. (May be repeated for credit with
instructor approval)
                                                                              BIOL 152LU        4 Cr                         Lab Fees: $10.00
CRN 12849 T 0900-1130am            DeFoor, Bruce           117                General Biology II/Lab
                                                                              An introduction to subcellular and cellular mechanisms and
ART 293 U      3 Cr                                                           organizations of biological systems. Serves as an introductory
                                                                              course for students majoring in biology. Three hours lab weekly.
Photo & Painting Italy                                                        CRN 12988/ T 0830-1100am                                  120
Experience “New Beginnings” as you capture the beauty of
                                                                                   12989 Lab 100-250pm            Langley, Gina         118
Italy with painting or digital photography. Stay in a 15th century
monastery this summer from July 31 through August 14 and
paint or photograph the beautiful hilltowns of Umbria during the              BIOL 209U/LU      4 Cr
day. Beginning-to-accomplished artists will receive professional              Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab
instruction and experience a playful and enjoyable time in the                Part of an integrated systems approach covering gross human
studio. For more information and to register see www.laromita.                anatomy, histology and physiological function. This section
org or contact the instructor, or 575-               covers the musculoskeletal system and control systems including
337-1610 for more information. This course is not financial aid               the nervous system, the endocrine system and signal transduction.
eligible.                                                                     CHEM 152U/152LU strongly recommended.
CRN 13079                             Watkins, Lynette      Italy             CRN 12990/12991                     Roselli, Irene     Online

                                                                              BUS 151 U       3 Cr
                                                                              Introduction to Business
                                                                              The basic nature of business in an essentially market-disciplined
                                                                              economic system: the interdisciplinary nature of business and
                                                                              broad administrative principles governing organized human
                                                                              endeavor; Integrated study in the field of business; discusses the
                                                                              whole business culture as a dynamic social system. Basic level to
                                                                              serve students majoring in any area of the college.
                                                                              CRN 12876 MW 1130-1245pm            McCullough, John       103

                                                                              BUS 201 U    3 Cr
                                                                              Business Communication
                                                                              The vital role of effective communication in business and
                                                                              development of skill in business writing with emphasis on prepa-
                                                                              ration of letters and reports; presenting information in a logically
                                                                              organized and acceptable form. Examines theory of
                                                                              communication, principles and techniques of effective business
                                                                              writing and verbal and non-verbal participatory looks at the
   Spring 2009 ENMU-Ruidoso Faculty & Student Trip to Italy                   interviewing process.
                                                                              CRN 12877                    LaCounte, Cheryl              Online
Biology                                                                       BUS 210 U      2 Cr
BIOL 110U/LU         4 Cr                                                     Employability Skills
Intro to Wildlife & Fisheries Sci/Lab                                         This course is designed to help students and potential employees
Introduction to fundamental principles of animal populations,                 recognize and develop positive personal qualities in preparation
communities and ecosystems, as well as the conservation and                   for successful employment. Focusing on communication skills,
management of wild animals and their habitats. Scheduled field                including interviewing and resume preparation, customer service
trips to local sites of interest in wildlife management. Emphasis             skills, effective interpersonal skills, productivity, ethical
on field identification and record keeping.                                   standards and career development in demand by employers.
CRN 12984 S                                                                   CRN 12906 TR 100-330pm               Moore, Dawnn             114
      12985          0830-1250pm        Cordova, Larry     118                Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)

Lab Fees: $15.00

                  Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities
BUS 234 U     3 Cr                                                        FCS 239 U/LU          5 Cr
Launching a New Business                                                  Curriculum Development & Implement I/Lab
Learn the process and activities that must be performed before            Development of appropriate experiences and learning
launching a new business venture. The course will guide the               environments for young children through integrated content and
student through the process of analyzing potential customers,             curriculm based on social, cognitive, physical and emotional
the forces of competition, financial projections and the impact of        areas of development. Prerequisite FCS 221.
the economic climate. This course will lead the student through           CRN 13159/13160       TBA-am                Staff
the process of recognizing an opportunity, testing a business
concept and communicating the business opportunity to potential
investors and lenders.                                                    FCS 240 U/LU          5 Cr
CRN 12880                   Byrnes II, Malcolm            Online          Curriculum Development & Implement II/Lab
                                                                          Development of appropriate experiences and learning
BUS 241 U     3 Cr                                                        environments for young children through integrated content and
Business Mathematics                                                      curriculm based on social, cognitive, physical and emotional
Application of the principles of mathematics in solving business          areas of development. Prerequisite FCS 221, 239/L.
problems, including: working with checking accounts,                      CRN 13163/13164 TBA-am                      Staff
percentages, invoicing and discounts, markup and markdown,
payroll, inventory, simple and compound interest, present and
future value, taxes and business statistics. Prerequisite: MATH           FCS 265 U            3 Cr
100 or equivalent.                                                        Guiding Young Children
CRN 12881 TR 1130-1245pm             McCullough, John        103          The teacher’s use of appropriate guidance to support the

                                                                          development of self regulatory capacities in young children.
                                                                          Indirect guidance in the classroom environment. Prerequisite
                                                                          FCS 221
CHEM 121U/LU         4 Cr                                                 CRN 13166              TBA-am                Staff
Survey of General Chemistry/Lab
A one-semester course in basic principles of general chemistry
and its application. Prerequisite: Math 107 or one credit of high         Communication
school algebra with a grade of C or better within the last five           COMM 101 U       3 Cr
years. Lab techniques to accompany CHEM 121. Three hours                  Interpersonal Communication
lab weekly.                                                               The development of communication skills necessary for effective
CR 12992/ TR 1000-1115am                                                  interaction with persons on an interpersonal level and in small
      12993 R 100-250pm              McCaw III, Jack        118           groups; theoretical dimensions of interpersonal communication;
Lab Fees: $10.00                                                          provides opportunities for practical application.

Child Development
                                                                          CRN 12885 W 630-900pm                Knight, Frederick     103
                                                                          CRN 12886                            Howard, John         Online

FCS 107 U         2 CR                                                    COMM 102 U            3 Cr
Health, Safety and Nutrition                                              Public Speaking
                                                                          Training in the composition of informative and persuasive
Strategies of promoting physical and mental health, appropriate           discourse with emphasis on the use of evidence, reasoning,
nutrition and safe environments of young children.                        delivery skills and audience analysis.
CRN 12962 T 700-845pm               Kashmar, Mark        116              CRN 12887 T 100-330pm               Knight, Frederick     103

FCS 220 U         2 Cr
Professionalism in Early Childhood                                        Computer Technology
An examination of the code of ethics, advocacy practices and              CAS 101 U     3 Cr                              Lab Fees: $5.00
current issues of the early childhood profession.                         Basic Computer Skills I
CRN 13154 MTWRF              TBA-am           Staff      TBA              Development or upgrading of the techniques of touch
                                                                          keyboarding and introduction to Microsoft Word through the
FCS 221 U           3 Cr                                                  creation of basic business documents such as letters, interoffice
                                                                          memorandums, tables and reports.
Child Growth, Development & Learning                                      CRN 12882 TR 400-515pm             Higdon, Debra            101
Physical, social emotional and cognitive growth and development
of the child from conception to age eight, includes observations
of children.
CRN 13080 W 700-930pm               Kashmar, Mark          116

                  Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities
                                                                          6                                  800-934-ENMU (3668)
Computer Technology                                                       CNST 222 U       3 Cr
                                                                          Drafting for Constructors
CAS 263U/LU      4 Cr                               Lab Fees: $5.00       An introduction to the terminology and methods used to produce
Microsoft Word/Lab                                                        simple drawings needed by contractors.
Emphasis on today’s most widely-used business word processing             CRN 13021 F 0950-1220pm            Blank, Larry         111
software: Microsoft Word. Students will progress through basic
to intermediate levels of document creation and manipulation,             CNST 242 U        3 Cr                        Lab Fees: $50.00
mail merge, graphics and a basic introduction to desktop                  Residential Building Cnst II
publishing. This lab is designed for students seeking                     A continuation of CNST 141 including more advanced wall
Microsoft Certification in Word by utilizing an assessment                framing techniques and roofs.
manager software to prepare for the exam. It includes sample              CRN 13023 F 130-400pm            Blank, Larry        110
exams and tasks, records how students complete each task and              Meets 8/19-12/12/2009
grades student results.                                                   CRN 13037 TR 330-600pm           Blank, Larry        111
CRN 12883/ 12884 TR 200-345pm Higdon, Debra                101            Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)

CS 123 U    3 Cr                                                          CNST 289 U       4 Cr
Programming Fundamentals                                                  Internship Training
Concepts and programming techniques fundamental to the                    This internship is required to complete the AAS in Construction
practice and theory of computer science: I/O, operators and               Trades. Students working in a related field may receive one credit
expressions, control structures, functions and arrays.                    per 60 hours of approved job experience. Job approval is
CRN 13096 M 400-630pm                Miller, Stephen      101             determined by instructor/departmental review and course credit
                                                                          may require additional projects or assignments.
IS 151 U   3 Cr                                      Lab Fees: $5.00      Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required.
Basic Computer Skills                                                     CRN 13024                            Blank, Larry
Microcomputer operations; terminology, concepts and
applications including Microsoft Access, Excel, Internet                  CNST 293 3 Cr
Explorer, PowerPoint and Word. Students who do not have a                 Introduction to AutoCAD
working knowledge of the computer keyboard and mouse should               This hands-on course is designed to teach the student how to
take CAS 101 before registering for this class.                           begin using AutoCAD to create house plans. AutoCAD is the
CRN 12888 T 600-830pm              Staff                 101              industry standard computer automated design software for
CRN 12889 W 0800-1030am            Miller, Stephen       101              architecture, but course content can be applied to engineering as
IS 241 U     3 Cr                                                         CRN 13120 M 600-830pm                Younger, Mark RHS
Intro to Web Development
Basic fundamentals of Internet related technologies and their
impact. Effective design of World Wide Web pages using current            Criminal Justice
www publishing language. Prerequisites: CIS 151 or consent of             CJ/SOC 102 U        3 Cr
instructor.                                                               Intro to Criminal Justice
CRN 12891 R 600-830pm               Miller, Stephen       101             Analysis of law and society with emphasis on the police,

Construction Trades
                                                                          prosecution, the courts, corrections, and probation and parole.
                                                                          CRN 13010                   Riggs, Jennifer            Online
                                                                          Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
CNST 121 U      3 Cr
Blueprint Reading                                                         CJ 233 U      3 Cr
An introduction to the various architectural drawings and                 Juvenile Justice
symbols with emphasis on extracting information and                       A comprehensive overview of the contemporary juvenile justice
specifcations from drawings. Prerequisites: CNST 101                      system. Analysis of the philosophical aspects as well as the
CRN 13149 MTWRF 230-330pm Staff                          111              challenges and changes to the prevailing juvenile justice system.
                                                                          The New Mexico Children’s Code is compared to policies and
CNST 141 U        3 Cr                             Lab Fees: $50.00       laws in other states.
Residential Building Construction                                         CRN 13015                 Riggs, Jennifer              Online
An introduction to terminology and methods used to construct              Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)
residential footings, foundations, stem walls, floors and walls.
CRN 13036 TR           330-600pm Blank, Larry              111            CJ 289U           3 Cr
Fall I (8/19-10/9/2009)
                                                                          Criminal Justice Internship
CNST 205 U      2 Cr                                                      Must have 180 clock hours of acceptable work experience.
First Aid w/CPR                                                           Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required.
A thorough overview of first aid skills and knowledge including           CRN 13214                  Riggs, Jennifer
CRN 13022 F 0800-0940am             Staff                111

                  Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities
Culinary Arts                                                            Economics
HTCA 151 U        3 Cr                                                       ECON 221 U        3 Cr
Intro to Culinary Arts                                                       Principles of Macro Economics
An overview of a career in the culinary arts field. Introduction             Interrelationships involving inflation, unemployment, gross
to the history of the industry, kitchen and cooking terminology,             national product, taxes, government spending and the domestic
commercial kitchen equipment and atmosphere and basic food                   and world monetary systems.
handling and preparation.                                                    CRN 12893                  Wills, Kimberly            Online

                                                                             Emergency Medical
CRN 13039 MTWR               0900-1130am       Mauler, James
Meets 9/14-10/9/2009                                    114
                                                                             EMS 101U/111U/LU   8 Cr          Lab Fees: $30.00
HTCA 260 U       1 Cr                                                        CPR/EMT-Basic/EMT Basic-Practicum
Sanitation and Safety                                                        Covers the principles and techniques of basic cardiac life support,
The primary focus of this course is on foodservice sanitation and            prudent living, risk factors and actions for survival. Students will
foodservice safety. The student will learn food handling practices           also acquire skills in airway and breathing management using
to avoid food borne illness of guests and employees, proper                  adjuncts, use of an automatic defibrillator and initial management
reactions if an incident should occur and provide and cultivate              of life threatening situations. Provides an introductory survey
a safe working environment for all employees and guests.                     of emergency medical services with emphasis on intermediate
Concurrent enrollment: HTCA 270.                                             care, aid and transportation of the sick and injured. Local EMS
CRN 12907 MTWR              0900-1130am       Williamson, Curtis             facilities will be used for application and practice of skills
Meets 10/12-11/6/2009                                  114                   learned and will provide field and hospital experience in EMS.
                                                                             Upon completion, students are eligible for Basic Life Support
HTCA 262U/LU        4 Cr           Lab Fees: $50.00                          Certification by the American Heart Association. *This course
Culinary Arts-Food Preparation/Lab                                           has required Precourse work which must be successfully
This course is designed to prepare the student for a career in               completed. (May be repeated for credit)                  CRN
the hospitality and tourism food service management field.                   13026/ SU           0900-100pm
It will involve discussions of various styles of cuisine and                   13027/13028                          Wolfe, Clinton          116
proper methods of food and equipment handling. Included is
an introduction to kitchen design, workflow, techniques and
applications of basic food production principles.                            EMS 293 U     2 Cr
CRN 12909/ MTWR                                                              Combo Refresher
      12910        0900-1230am       Mauler, James                           Reviews and updates the knowledge base and skills of the
Meets 11/9-12/11/2009                                    114                 currently certified EMT-Basic and Intermediate.
                                                                             CRN 13034 FSU                      Wolfe, Clinton        TBA

HTCA 270 U     2 Cr
Beverage Mngmnt Alcoholic & Nonalcoholic
This course provides the fundamentals of identification,
production, purchasing and service of spirits, wine and beer                 ENG 100U/LU         4 Cr
products. Emphasis is on developing plans for marketing, menu                Basic English Skills/Lab
developing and cost. Concurrent enrollment: HTCA 260.                        Developmental course designed to improve writing skills by
CRN 12908 MTWR             0900-1130am        Mauler, James                  focusing on the fundamentals of sentence structure, correct usage,
Meets 10/12-11/6/2009                                  114                   grammar and punctuation. This lab offers self-paced computer-
                                                                             assisted instruction designed to reinforce the English and writing
HTCA 293 U             2 Cr                                                  skills developed in ENG 100. Credit not applicable toward
Sanitation I                                                                 degree requirements.
The primary focus of this course is on food service sanitation.              CRN 12911/ TR
The student will learn food handling practices to avoid food                        12912       0830-1015am       Sweet, Linda          101
borne illness
CRN 13168 MTWRF 1030-1130am                Staff             TBA             ENG 101U/LU        4 Cr
                                                                             Developmental Writing/Lab

Deaf Studies
                                                                             A transitional course between ENG 100 and ENG 102. Examines
                                                                             the writing process from simple paragraphs to the essay by
                                                                             exploring topics, creating topic sentences, organizing details and
DS 101 U     3 Cr                                                            revising. Students incorporate reading skills into the writing
American Sign Language I                                                     process and will summarize, critique, and evaluate essays as
Interactive approach to ASL by use of vocal and non-verbal                   a means for revising their own work. Includes a review of
instruction. Develops basic sign vocabulary. It is recommended               grammar, usage, punctuation and sentence structure. Tutorial
that students take DS 110 before or concurrently with DS 101.                session designed to reinforce the writing skills developed in ENG
CRN 12963 M 700-930pm               Kashmar, Mark        116                 101. Credit not applicable toward degree requirement.
                                                                             CRN 12913/ MTWR             1045-1145am       Dildine, Dana 101
                                                                                  12914 TR               1145-1245am       Dildine, Dana 101
                                                                             CRN 12915/ MW               200-345pm         Sweet, Linda 101
                                                                                  12916                                    Sweet, Linda 101
                 Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   8                                       800-934-ENMU (3668)
English                                                                    French
ENG 102 U     3 Cr                                                         FR 101 U     4 Cr
English Composition                                                        Beginning French
Sentence and paragraph grammar; literary models; writing                   Development of speaking, reading and writing skills and
narrative, persuasive and expository papers; enhanced critical             introduction to linguistic structures in a cultural context.
thinking and writing skills.                                               CRN 12972 MW 300-445pm                Shinaberger, Heidi     116

CRN 12964                           Braden, Holly         Online
CRN 12965 MW 530-645pm              Twite, Anne             116
CRN 12966 TR 0830-0945am            Braden, Holly           116
                                                                           GEOG/ANTH 233 U          3 Cr
ENG 104 U     3 Cr                                                         People and Cultures of the World
English Composition & Research                                             The diverse societies that exist in various geographical areas of
A continuation of ENG 102; applies critical thinking, reading              the world, with emphasis on understanding relationships between
and writing skills to research paper writing. In order to enhance          cultural systems and natural environments.
students interdisciplinary research, special topics may be                 CRN 12994                   Howard, John                Online
CRN 12967                             Twite, Anne          Online          GEOL 113U/LU        4 Cr
CRN 12968 TR          530-645pm       Braden, Holly          116           The Geological Environment/Lab
CRN 12969 MW 0830-0945am Braden, Holly                       116           Geological processes and hazards, resources and environmental
                                                                           problems including pollution, global warming and waste disposal.
ENG 201AU 3 Cr                                                             Materials and processes of the solid earth. For non-majors only.
Types of Literature/Short Story                                            CRN 12995/ T               530-815pm
An introduction to a literary genre. Subtitles vary by semesters.               12996 R               530-730pm          Staff       120
A. Short Story; B. Novel; C. Drama; D. Poetry; E. Science                  CRN 12999/13000            Humphries, Christina         Online
Fiction. If instructor consents, may be repeated for credit under
different subtitle. Designed primarily for non-majors.                     GEOL 151U/LU        4 Cr
CRN 13190                            Twite, Anne           Online          Physical Geology/Lab
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                                 The study of earth materials and the important internal and
                                                                           surface processes shaping the earth. A field trip is required.
ENG 211 U        3 Cr                                                      Materials and processes of the solid earth. Three hours
Introduction to Literature                                                 laboratory work per week.
Elements of the short story, the novel, poetry and drama;                  CRN 12997/12998            Holladay, Kellyne               Online

                                                                           Health & Physical Education
mythology, literary terms, basic techniques of each literary form;
practice in writing about literature.
CRN 12971 M 600-830pm                 Braden, Holly          105
CRN 13043                             Twite, Anne          Online                                                         Lab Fees: $79.00
                                                                           HPE 103 U          1 Cr
ENG 293 U       3 Cr                                                       Racquetball
Motorcycle Literature                                                      CRN 12956 TR 0900-1000am             Goetz, Thomas
Excerpts of works ranging from Robert Pirsig’s genre defining              Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                 RAC
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to Hunter S.
Thompson’s Hell’s Angel expose.                                            HPE 125 U      1 Cr                           Lab Fees: $79.00
CRN 13175 W 530-800pm             Farrington, Galen       111
                                                                           Stretch and Tone
Finance                                                                    CRN 12948 TR 400-500pm
                                                                           Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
                                                                                                             McIntosh, Cathleen      RAC

FIN 201 U           3 Cr                                                   CRN 12957 TR 400-500pm            McIntosh, Cathleen
Principles of Finance                                                      Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                RAC
Provides an introduction to financial relationships in our
economic environment stressing concepts and techniques of
financial management. Also included are the time value of                  HPE 127 U          1 Cr                        Lab Fees: $79.00
money, basic instruments of financing, financial planning,                 Aqualogix
capitalization, marketing of securities, dividend policies, financial      CRN 12949 MW 0830-0930am Lamphere, Loretta                RAC
combinations, the international dimensions and social policy.              Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
CRN 12894                  McCullough, John                 Online         CRN 12958 MW 0830-0930am Lamphere, Loretta
                                                                           Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                RAC

                                                                           HPE 134 U      1 Cr
                                                                           Intermediate Hiking
                                                                           CRN 13042 S 0900-200pm               Koenig, Robert       TBA
                                                                           Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)

                   Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   9                        
HPE 224 U
Beginning Golf
               1 Cr                             Lab Fees: $50.00
CRN 12953 T 400-600pm               Misquez, Melissa          CMGC          HIST 101 U      3 Cr
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                    Survey of Am History to 1877
                                                                            Development of American principles and ideals from the
                                                                            Colonial era through the early national period; issues in sectional
HPE 259 U       1 Cr                            Lab Fees: $50.00            divergence, the Civil War and Reconstruction.
Intro to Bowling                                                            CRN 12930 MW 100-215pm              Orozco, Cynthia         105
CRN 12942 W 400-600pm               Kannady, Jack            BOWL
                                                                            HIST 122 U      3 Cr
HPE 293 U        1 Cr                           Lab Fees: $79.00            Survey of West Civilization II
Body Pump                                                                   The Protestant Reformation and the birth of the modern world;
CRN 12944 MWF            0730-0830am         Goetz, Thomas RAC              rise of Absolutism, reactions to the rise in war and revolution;
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                    Western technology, social and intellectual history; and political
CRN 12945 MWF            0730-0830am         Goetz, Thomas                  trends to the present.
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                       RAC        CRN 12931 MW 230-345pm                Orozco, Cynthia        105

HPE 293 U       1 Cr                                                        HIST 203 U          3 Cr
Disc Golf                                                                   New Mexico
CRN 12955 S 130-330pm               Gile, Eric                 DSCG         New Mexico’s Indian, Spanish, Mexican and American epochs;
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                    internal development and problems in the State; New Mexico’s
                                                                            place in the United States.
                                                                            CRN 12932                         Orozco, Cynthia    Online
HPE 293 U        1 Cr                           Lab Fees: $79.00            CRN 12933 R 0900-1130am           Orozco, Cynthia      105

                                                                            Hospitality & Tourism
Intro to Interval Training
CRN 12952 MW 345-500pm              Crewe, Sarah                RAC
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
                                                                            HRTM 151 U          3 Cr
HPE 293 U       1 Cr                            Lab Fees: $79.00            Intro to Hospitality Management
                                                                            An overview of the hospitality industry lodging, food and
                                                                            beverage, tourism, events management, club and resort
CRN 12960 TR 1145-1240pm            Crewe, Sarah
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                      RAC
                                                                            CRN 12897 MW              100-330pm          Moore, Dawnn
HPE 293 U      1 Cr                             Lab Fees: $79.00            Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                            114
Swim for Fitness
CRN 12961 W 330-510pm               Russell, Connie                         HRTM 200 U      3 Cr
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                      RAC
                                                                            Management of Food & Beverage Operation
                                                                            Introduction to concepts related to the preparation and
HPE 293 U       1 Cr                            Lab Fees: $79.00            presentation of food and beverage products. Topics covered
Yoga Stretch                                                                will include the components of a dining room operation and the
CRN 12954 TR 0730-0830am            Russell, Connie             RAC         understanding of quality customer service; awareness of varieties
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                    of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages; purchasing, pricing and
                                                                            cost controls; and marketing.
                                                                            CRN 12904 MTWR             0900-1130am        Moore, Dawnn
HPE 293 U       1 Cr                            Lab Fees: $79.00            Meets 8/19-9/11/2009                                   114
Zumba Gold
CRN 13102 TR 1000-1100am McIntosh, Cathleen                      RAC
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
                                                                            HRTM 208 U      3 Cr
CRN 13103 TR 1000-1100am McIntosh, Cathleen                                 Managing Front Office & Housekeeping
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                      RAC         This course introduces the student to the management of the
                                                                            critical front office and housekeeping departments. Topics include
                                                                            customer service, revenue management techniques, planning,
HPE 293 U       1 Cr                            Lab Fees: $79.00            organizing and staffing. Techniques for increased coordination
Zumba                                                                       between the two functions will also be stressed.
CRN 12946 MW 400-500pm           Schiavone, Summer             RAC          CRN 12905 MW                 100-330pm       Moore, Dawnn
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                    Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                              114
CRN 12947 MW 400-500pm           Staff
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                     RAC

               Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   10                                      800-934-ENMU (3668)
Hospitality & Tourism                                                          HUM 293 U
                                                                               Native Americans
                                                                                               3 Cr
HRTM 250 U        3 Cr                                                         As Announced. (May be repeated for credit with consent of
Hotel/Resort Operating Management                                              instructor and administrative approval.)
This course includes a more detailed presentation of hotel                     CRN 12937         TBA-am            Byers, Jennifer
management in specific areas including front desk operations,                                                                          TBA
housekeeping and sanitation, food and beverage and facility
management.                                                                    Management
CRN 12898 TR 100-330pm              Moore, Dawnn                               MGT 201 U       3 Cr
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                              114                      Principles of Management
                                                                               Includes analysis of organization and systems for coordinating
HRTM 289 U          1-12 Cr                                                    use of resources. Historical perspectives as well as classic
                                                                               management function analysis.
Hospitality Internship                                                         CRN 12896         McCullough, John                      Online
A practical experience required to complete the Hospitality &
Tourism degree. Students will work a minimum of nine (9) hours
per week under the joint supervision of the cooperating firm and               Math
ENMU-Ruidoso. Consent of instructor required
                                                                               MATH 100U/LU        4 Cr
CRN 12895                           Moore, Dawnn                               Basic Mathematics Skills/Lab
Human Services                                                                 Developmental course designed for students who need a
                                                                               comprehensive review of arithmetic, including the study of
                                                                               whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportions, basic
HS 202 U       3 Cr                                                            percent, basic measurement, powers, signed numbers and simple
Intro to Alcohol & Drug Abuse                                                  equations. Credit not applicable toward degree requirements.
This course provides a broad overview of the field, including                  CRN 12917/ TR
issues of alcohol and other drugs in history and society;                           12918        100-245pm         Fleischmann, Ray      112
definitions and prevalence of alcohol and drug use, misuse and                 CRN 12919/ MW
addiction; major theoretical perspectives on the causes and
                                                                                    12920        700-845pm         Staff                 101
remedies of substance abuse; major landmarks in alcohol and
drug social policy; and the development and evolution of the
alcohol and drug abuse counseling field.                                       MATH 101U/LU              4 Cr
CRN 13012                            Gudgel, Delcia       Online               Basic Algebra/Lab
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)                                                       Brief review of fractions, decimals and percents. Operations
                                                                               in algebra, first-degree equations and inequalities, rational
HS 203 U     3 Cr                                                              expressions, exponents, polynomials, factoring. Credit not
                                                                               applicable toward degree requirements.
Biopsychosocial Alcohol & Drug                                                 CRN 12921/ TR
A comprehensive survey of the contributions of biology,
                                                                                     12922         1000-1145am      Fleischmann, Ray         112
medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other
                                                                               CRN 12923/ TR
disciplines to the understanding of substance use disorders
                                                                                     12924         530-715pm        Hemphill, Bob            112
and addictive disease. Research is presented from genetics,
neurochemistry, learning theory, socialization, and cultural views
of addiction and recovery.                                                     MATH 107 U        3 Cr
CRN 13016                            Gudgel, Delcia                            Intermediate Algebra
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                 Online              Linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials

                                                                               and factoring, quadratic equations, rational expressions, and
                                                                               graphing. Prerequisite: Sufficient ACT score or fulfillment of
                                                                               basic skills requirement.
HUM 221 U        3 Cr                                                          CRN 12977 W 530-800pm                Billingsley, Diana     105
Intro to World Humanities                                                      CRN 12978 TR 345-500pm               Hemphill, Bob          103
Classical world tradition; African, Asian, European and Native
American, including their philosophies, arts, literature and history
in selected representative works.                                              MATH 119 U            3 Cr
CRN 12935 T 100-330pm                Orozco, Cynthia        105                College Algebra
                                                                               Equations and inequalities, functions and their graphs,
                                                                               exponential and logarithmic functions, complex numbers, roots
HUM 289 U       3 Cr                                                           of polynomials, binomial theorem and sequences. Prerequisites:
Internship: Hubbard Museum                                                     Satisfactory ACT/SAT score or MATH 107 U with a grade of
Students working in a related field may receive one credit per 60              "C" or better.
hours of approved job experience. Job approval is determined                   CRN 12979 MW 1000-1115am Fleischmann, Ray               112
by instructor/departmental review and course credit may require                CRN 12980 MW 530-645pm Fleischmann, Ray                 112
additional projects or assignments. Prerequisites: Consent of
CRN 12936                            Orozco, Cynthia
                  Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   11                            
MATH 261 U      3 Cr                                                           NATR 222 U            3 Cr                      Lab Fees:
Mathematical Concepts I                                                        $15.00 Intro to Forestry Projects
The fundamental operations and an intuitive development of                     Includes tree identification, tree marking for forest and watershed
whole numbers, integers and rational numbers; elementary                       improvement, compass/global positioning systems use,
number theory; introduction to problem solving strategies;                     introduction to basic surveying and property corner location.
introduction to functions and modeling. Prerequisites: one of the              CRN 13002 M 0830-1115am               McCaw III, Jack        118
following: (1) ACT score greater than or equal to 19 / SAT score
greater than or equal to 470 or (2) MATH 101U and MATH 107U
each with a grade of "C" or better.                                            NATR 289 U           3-9 Cr
CRN 12981 MW 700-815pm               Fleischmann, Ray     112                  Internship

Medical Assisting
                                                                               A minimum of 180 hours on the job experience is required to
                                                                               complete the requirements of the AAS in Natural Resources
                                                                               degree. One credit per 60 hours of approved job experience will
MDST/PBE 102 U               3 Cr                                              be given. Job approval is determined by instructor/ departmental
Medical Terminology                                                            review and course credit may require additional projects or
The study of the pronunciation, spelling and definition of medical             assignments. Prerequisites: Completion of core requirements and
terms; building medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, word roots              consent of instructor.
and combining forms and use of appropriate abbreviations and                   CRN 13061                         McCaw III, Jack

                                                                               Nursing Assistant
CRN 13029         LaCounte, Christopher                Online

Music                                                                          NA 111U/LU       5 Cr
                                                                               Nursing Assistant/Lab
                                                                                                                             Lab Fees: $60.00

MUS 113 U      3 Cr                                                            Includes fundamental of patient care, technical procedures and
Music Appreciation                                                             ethics. Prepares the student to perform in the hospital, nursing
For non-music majors. Attempts to answer the question                          home or home care setting. Practice, especially in the hospital
“What is music?” by acquainting students with knowledge and                    or nursing home setting, utilizing techniques learned in NA 111.
appreciation of music from several cultures and times. Includes                Grading is on a pass-fail basis.
contact with music through discussion, guest artists and recorded              CRN 13031/ S 0800-1200pm
music. No previous music training is required.                                      13032         1230-500pm        Rossiter, Bonnie        112
CRN 12854 T 600-830pm              Flores, Danny           114

MUS 119 U     1 Cr
Fundamentals of Guitar
Basic guitar skills, including both classical and folk styles. For
students with little or no previous training in guitar. (May be
repeated for credit)
CRN 12852 M 530-630pm                 Kashmar, Mark           111

MUS 126 U    2 Cr
Community Choir
Performance class with emphasis on music notation, breathing,
and three/four part singing. The class will also include large
group and sectional singing. (May be repeated for credit)
CRN 12853 M 645-830pm             Flores, Danny       RHS FA102

Natural Resources
NATR 121 U             3 Cr
Introduction to Forestry                                                                Summer 2009 CNA Graduating Class

Introduction to the basic elements of forest ecology, natural
resource stewardshop and management and timber and
woodlands management practices. Field visits are required.
CRN 13170               TBA-am        Staff                TBA                 PHIL 202 U       3 Cr
                                                                               Introduction to Logic
                                                                               The nature and structure of logical thinking with concrete
NATR 201 U             3 Cr                         Lab Fees: $15.00           applications.
Mapping and Measurement                                                        CRN 12941 T 530-800pm                Cole, Roger           105
An introduction to forest land measurements, including land
surveying, mapping, tree measurement and GIS/GPS use in
forestry applications.
CRN 13001 W 0830-1115am            McCaw III, Jack       118

                  Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   12                                      800-934-ENMU (3668)
Phlebotomy                                                               Reading
PBE/MDST 102 U              3 Cr                                         RED 101U/LU       4 Cr
Medical Terminology                                                      College Reading Skills/Lab
The study of the pronunciation, spelling and definition of medical       Presents guided practice to help students identify and assess
terms; building medical terms from prefixes, suffixes, word roots        the different types of reading skills required in college courses.
and combining forms and use of appropriate abbreviations and             Students will learn a variety of reading/study strategies to
symbols.                                                                 apply to college-level textbooks, increase reading rate, improve
CRN 13030                  LaCounte, Christopher       Online            comprehension skills and expand vocabulary. This course serves
Physics                                                                  to reinforce the reading skills developed in RED 101. Credit not
                                                                         applicable toward degree requirements.
                                                                         CRN 12927/ MTWR             1145-1245pm
PHYS 113U/LU        4 Cr
                                                                               13035 MW              1245-145pm          Dildine, Dana 101
Survey of Physics/Lab
Important concepts in physics and their application to the
everyday world. A course designed for non-scientists with an
emphasis on conceptual understanding. A two-hour laboratory
                                                                         REL 101 U      3 Cr
designed to give a hands-on exploration of the basic concepts of         Old Testament Survey
physics introduced in the accompanying class.                            Survey of the history and religious traditions of ancient Israel;
CRN 13003/ M 530-815pm                                                   emphasis on the types of literature, cultural setting and political
     13004 W 530-730pm             Fraley, Joseph          120           and religious developments of the ancient world.
Political Science                                                        CRN 12939 MW 400-515pm               Duncan, John            105

PSCI 202 U       3 Cr                                                    REL 105 U          3 Cr
Intro to State & Local Government                                        Life of Christ
Relationship of state to the national government; functions and          The life, teachings and work of Christ as set forth in the Synoptic
powers of state; and types of municipal governments and their            Gospels.
growth and operation.                                                    CRN 12940                  Duncan, John                  Online
CRN 13009                   Nelson, Blaine             Online
Psychology                                                               SOC 101 U       3 Cr
PSY 101 U       3 Cr                                                     Introductory Sociology
Intro to Psychology                                                      General overview of the field, including basic concepts,
Psychology as the science of behavior. Physiological bases               perspectives and approaches.
of behavior, sensation, perception, learning, emotion and                CRN 13008 R 100-330pm               Hamilton, Dinah          103
CRN 13005 F 1000-1230pm Hamilton, Dinah                    103           SOC/CJ 102 U        3 Cr
Hybrid                               6 face-to-face meetings:            Intro to Criminal Justice
                               8/21;9/11;10/2;10/23;11/13;12/4           Analysis of law and society with emphasis on the police,
CRN 13006 M 530-800pm                Farah, Clara          103           prosecution, the courts, corrections, probation and parole.
                                                                         CRN 13011                   Riggs, Jennifer            Online
PSY 201 U      3 Cr                                                      Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
Child Psychology
Psychological, physiological and social development of                   SOC 215 U     3 Cr
childhood.                                                               Marriage and Family
CRN 13115 TR 530-645pm             O’Leary, Michael              103     Social aspects of family living with emphasis on mate selection,
                                                                         courtship, engagement, marriage and parenting in a changing
PSY 202 U      3 Cr                                                      society.
Adolescent Psychology                                                    CRN 13014                   Riggs, Jennifer           Online
Psychological, physiological and social development of                   Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
CRN 13013                 Hamilton, Dinah              Online            Spanish
Fall I (8/19-10/13/2009)
CRN 13019                 Hamilton, Dinah Fall II      Online            SPAN 101 U      4 Cr
Fall II (10/14-12/12/2009)                                               Beginning Spanish
                                                                         Development of speaking, reading and writing skills, and
PSY 293 U      3 Cr                                                      introduction to linguistic structures in a cultural context.
Social Psychology                                                        CRN 12973 MR 1000-1145am              Bennett, Cynthia       116
As announced. (May be repeated for credit with consent of
instructor and administrative approval)
CRN 13007 TR 1000-1115am            Hamilton, Dinah     103

                 Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   13                        
SPAN 201 U      3 Cr
Intermediate Spanish
Grammar review, conversation and reading at the intermediate
CRN 12974 TR 230-345pm           Bennett, Cynthia       116

STAT 213 U       4 Cr
Statistical Methods
Beginning course in basic statistical methodology; measures
of central tendency, variability and association; probability and
sampling distribution; estimation of parameters and testing
CRN 12982                   Luna, Kim                   Online

THTR 121 U       3 Cr
Beginning Acting
Techniques, principles of stage movements and basic problems
common to all actors.
CRN 12856 M 0900-1130am            Adamian, Paul        117

THTR 268 U           3 Cr
                                                                              Need to Brush Up On
Theatre Tech
As announced. (May be repeated for credit)
                                                                              Your Computer Skills?
CRN 12857 T 615-845pm            Spurr, Edward                    111

University Studies
UNIV 100 U          3 Cr
College Basics
CRN 13038 MW 1200-115pm                Price, Julia               112             Basic Computer Skills I
UNIV 101 U    3 Cr                                                                  (keyboarding) pg.6
Freshman Seminar
Aiding academic and social transition to the college, this required
interdisciplinary course focuses on study skills, critical thinking
and social issues for new students; exploration of campus                           Microsoft Word pg.6
resources; and community building.
CRN 12928 MW 1100-1215pm             Lynch, Joe               105
CRN 12929 TR 400-515pm               Lynch, Joe               112
CRN 13116                            LaCounte, Cheryl Online                  Programming Fundamentals pg.6
WELD 110 U
Intro to Welding
                 4 Cr                             Lab Fees: $30.00               Basic Computer Skills pg.6
Provides an introduction and orientation to the welding industry
and the various cutting processes used. The course will provide
an in-depth study of welding hazards and discuss material data                Introduction to Web Development
sheets along with common safety procedures. Weld joints and
weld positions will be studied. Students will learn the proper                               pg.6
names of the parts of a weld and be able to identify good welds
and point out defects in bad welds. Students will learn basic
metal identification and metallurgy.
CRN 13033 M 600-930pm             Mader, David       RHS IA103

WELD 289 U
Internship Training
                         1-3 Cr                                                     Enroll Today!
Practical applications in welding industry/work environment.
(May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours).
CRN 13174                             Blank, Larry
                 Transfers to all New Mexico Colleges and Universities   14                    800-934-ENMU (3668)
                        Early College Program
Qualified junior and senior high school students may enroll in the ENMU-Ruidoso Early College Program (ECP) earning
both college and high school credit. The following high schools participate in the ENMU-Ruidoso Early College Program:
Ruidoso, Hondo, Capitan, Tularosa, Carrizozo, Corona and Cloudcroft. Students must apply and be admitted to the
ECP prior to registration. For more information, contact your school counselor or speak with an ENMU-Ruidoso advisor.
Enrollment is restricted to qualified high school junior & seniors.
CNST 121 U           1 Cr                                       HTCA 293 U          2 Cr
Blueprint Reading                                               Sanitation I
CRN 13148 MTWRF         230-330pm    Sutton, Henry        RHS CRN 13167        MTWRF   1030-1130am Rigsby, Julie   RHS
                                                              CRN 13176        MTWR    1115-15pm   Staff         Capitan
                                                              CRN 13180        MTWRF   TBA-am Shafer, Rosemary Carrizozo
CNST 289 U            1-16 Cr                                                  MTWRF
                                                              CRN 13183                0800-0900am Rupp, Dawn Cloudcroft
Internship Training
CRN 13150 MTWRF         TBA-am       Sutton, Henry        RHS
                                                                NATR 121 U         3 Cr
CNST 293 U          3 Cr                                        Introduction to Forestry
Intro to AutoCAD                                               CRN 13169 MTWRF 130-330pm Shriver, David   RHS
CRN 13120 M             600-830pm Younger, Mark       RHS V202 CRN 13177 MTWR 0800-0900am Proctor, Todd Capitan
CRN 13147 MTWRF         230-330pm Sutton, Henry           RHS
                                                                WELD 110 U             4 Cr
FCS 107 U           2 Cr                                        Introduction to Welding
Health, Safety and Nutrition                                  CRN 13171 MTWRF 130-330pm    Mader, David      RHS
CRN 13151 MTWRF         TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS CRN 13178 MTWR TBA-am        Proctor, Todd Capitan
                                                              CRN 13181 MTWRF 1000-1100am Gaines, Michael Carrizozo
FCS 220 U           2 Cr
Professionalism in Early Child                                  WELD 131 U             4 Cr
CRN 13153 MTWRF         TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS Beginning Arc Welding I
                                                              CRN 13172 MTWRF TBA-am                Mader, David     RHS
FCS 221 U           3 Cr                                      CRN 13179 MTWR TBA-am                 Proctor, Todd Capitan
                                                              CRN 13182 MTWRF TBA-am              Gaines, Michael Carrizozo
Child Growth, Dev, & Learning
CRN 13155 MTWRF         TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS
                                                                WELD 289 U             1-3 Cr
                                                                Internship Training
FCS 239 U/LU        5 Cr
                                                                CRN 13173 MTWRF                     Mader, David     RHS
Curriculum Development & Implement I/Lab
CRN 13157/13158         TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS
                                                                     For more Information call
FCS 240 U/LU        5 Cr                                                    257-3007
Curriculum Development & Implement II/Lab
CRN 13161/13162         TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS

FCS 265 U           3 Cr
Guiding Young Children
CRN 13165               TBA-am      Chase, Gretchen       RHS

                                                             15                                 800-934-ENMU (3668)
Student Services
Admissions & Registration:                      Course Drop/Add:                          Overloads:
ENMU-Ruidoso is an open admissions              Course additions, deletions or changes    Enrolling in more than 18 credit hours
college. Anyone with a high school              require completion of a Change of         for the fall or spring semester or 8
diploma or GED certificate may enroll in        Registration Form available at the        credits in the summer semester is
college credit classes. Qualified junior        Student Advising Center, Room             considered an “overload.” You must
and senior high school students may             201. Course Add/Drops may also be         have written permission from an
be admitted through the Early College           processed online through Aug. 25.         advisor prior to registering for more
Program (page 15). Applications are             Verbally notifying your instructor does   than 18 credits. Additional fees apply.
available from our office at 709                not officially change your registration
Mechem Dr. or online at www.                    status. (Deadlines apply: See “Dates to                               Remember ” Fall 2009 Calendar.)           Course Changes, Cancellations and
Advising:                                       Course Withdrawal:                        ENMU-Ruidoso reserves the right
                                                                                          to make changes to the published
If you are a first-time degree-                 Deadline to Withdraw: Oct. 23             schedule or to cancel any classes which
seeking student, you must make an                                                         do not meet minimum enrollment
appointment with a student advisor              Students unable to attend class or who    requirements. Class enrollments will
before registering. Advisors will               no longer wish to attend the College      be closed when maximum class size
help you achieve your educational               must OFFICIALLY withdraw by the           has been reached.
objectives by explaining requirements;          published deadlines (refund
answering questions about classes
and programs; reviewing your past,
                                                amounts vary depending on                 ENMU-Ruidoso 2009-2010 Catalog:
                                                withdrawal dates). Withdrawal forms
current and proposed coursework;                are available at the Student Advising     The ENMU-Ruidoso Catalog is available
guiding you in educational planning;            Center, Room 201. Class withdrawals       online, at the campus bookstore or at
and helping you with academic and               cannot be processed via online            the Student Advising Center. Degree
related problems. Advisors are available        services. Verbally notifying your         plans and course descriptions are
by appointment or on a drop-in basis.           instructor does not officially change     found in the ENMU-Ruidoso Catalog.
Appointments are the best way to                your registration status.
obtain advisement. You may make an                                                        Special Services:
appointment by calling the Student
Advising Center at 257-3007 or toll free at     Course Audits:                            If you are a student with health or physical
800-934-ENMU (3668). Advisors are also                                                    limitations and would like assistance with
available on a first-come, first-serve basis.   Auditing a class means you pay for and    the registration process, please contact the
                                                attend classes, but do not receive a      Student Advising Center, Room 201.
University Skills Placement Test:               grade. Audited courses do not meet
                                                degree requirements and are not
First-time students are required to             eligible for financial aid or VA          Inclement Weather:
take the University Skills Placement            benefits. NC (Not for Credit option)      Due to extreme weather conditions,
Test (USPT) before registering. This            must be marked on the original            classes may be cancelled. Listen to
free assessment provides a baseline             registration document. Changes to         local radio stations, Albuquerque
of academic abilities and is used               registration cannot be made after the     TV newscasts and recorded
in placing students in appropriate              end of the drop/add period.               announcements on the campus
courses. If there are other test scores         (Deadlines Apply: See “Academic           phone line, (257-2120) for up-to-date
(ACT or SAT) reported within the past           Calendar” Fall 2009 Calendar.)            information. You may also go to our
12 months, students may be exempt                                                         webpage:
from taking the USPT. Non-degree                                                          or call your instructor if in doubt as to
seeking students enrolling for six hours                                                  whether classes will meet.
or less are exempt from taking the

Degree Application Deadline:
Applications for fall graduation                   Student Advising Center:
must be submitted by October 9.                   257-3007 or 800-934-ENMU
Appointments to review degree plans
are required prior to the deadline. Call             Hours: M-F 7:30A-5:30P
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an appointment.                                            Room: 201
Registration &
On-Campus Registration
You may register in person at the
                                             NM Resident In-District Tuition:
                                             Students residing within the ENMU-
                                                                                         Degree Application Deadline:
                                                                                         Applications for fall graduation
College campus, Monday - Thursday,           Ruidoso college district (Ruidoso           must be submitted by October 9.
7:30am to 5:30pm and Friday 8am-             Municipal School District) pay $28.50       Appointments to review degree plans
5pm. After registering, go to the            per credit hour.                            are required prior to the deadline. Call
Cashier’s office to make payment                                                         257-3007 or 800-934-ENMU (3668) for
arrangements and pick up your                                                            an appointment.
schedule. Please check your class            NM Resident Out-of -District Tuition:
schedule carefully. If your printed          Students who do not live within the
schedule is not what you requested,          ENMU-Ruidoso college district pay $35
return to the Student Advising Center,       per credit hour.
Room 201, to make corrections.
Registration for classes is not complete                                                    Start Your
until payment is received.                   Non-Resident Tuition:
Online Registration
                                             Students who are not residents of the         Future Today!
                                             State of New Mexico pay $35 per credit
Online registration is available for         hour up to 6 credit hours per semester.
continuing students at www.ruidoso.          Non-resident students enrolled in 7 or                                    more hours pay $96 per credit hour.

1) Click “Web Registrations”                 Senior Tuition for New Mexico
2) Enter “User ID.” Type user ID, which
is your 9-digit ENMU ID number or            A special $5 per credit hour tuition rate
your Social Security number. Your PIN        is available, by request, for New Mexico
number is your six digit date of birth,      residents age 65 or older. Enrollment
in the format of month, day and year. If     is limited to space availability and
your birthday is January 5, 1981, your       restricted to 6 credit hours or less per
PIN would be 010581. Click submit            semester. Students are responsible for
                                             payment of fees, books and other costs
3) Create a new PIN number and               associated with their class. Seniors
security question and submit (only if        enrolled for 7 or more hours pay
this is your first time to Log In)           regular tuition rates.

4) Click on “Student & Financial Aid”
5) Click on “Registration”                   Institutional Fee
                                             Dishonored Check Fee
6) Click on “Look for classes to Add” (if
you don’t already have the CRN#). If
you have the CRN#, go directly to Step
                                             Certificate & Degrees              $10       800-934-ENMU
7. Remember , classes with a P are in        Cap & Gown                         $15
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                                                              17                                    800-934-ENMU (3668)
Payments &
Financial Aid
Payment Options:
• Pay at the Cashier’s office with cash,
                                           Registration Cancellation:
                                           Registration will be cancelled for                  Fall 2009
check, money order or credit card.         students who have not paid their
                                           account or set up a payment plan by               Scholarships:
• Mail check or money order to:            August 26.
Cashier, ENMU-Ruidoso, 709 Mechem
Dr., Ruidoso, NM 88345.                                                                    Bridge the Lottery
                                           Financial Aid:
                                                                                       Career Technical Student
• Place check or money order in the
slot in front of the Cashier’s office.     Degree-seeking students are          Classic Industries General Contractors,
                                           encouraged to apply for financial            Richard J. & Gloria I. Lara
• Call the Cashier at 257-3016 to pay      aid by completing the ENMU-Ruidoso
by credit card. ENMU-Ruidoso accepts       Scholarship Application and/or the                  Coca Cola
Discover, Master Card and Visa.            Free Application for Federal Student              College Choir
                                           Aid (FAFSA) at
• Pay online at              Appointments for assistance in                 Construction Trades
                                           completing the FAFSA are available               Deborah Hewitt
• Set up a payment plan.                   on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-                 ENMU-Burdine
ENMU-Ruidoso offers an interest-free       1:30pm at the ENMU-Ruidoso Student
payment plan for students enrolled         Advising Center, Room 201. Students                     GED
in at least six credit hours. It divides   applying for financial aid who have                High School
the account balance into four equal        not yet been approved by the
payments due as follows:                   payment deadline must make other                Homemaker Merit
                                           payment arrangements.                             Kashmar GED
• First payment due August 26
• Second payment due September 26          Refunds:                                National Wild Turkey Federation
• Third payment due October 26
• Fourth payment due November 26                                                               NM Lottery
                                           Tuition and fee refunds will be
                                           processed after the close of late                  Optimist Club
The paperwork is minimal. Reference
addresses and phone numbers are            registration. Refund amounts vary and       Otero Federal Credit Union
required. You may call the Cashier at      are determined by the schedule below.
                                                                                          Out of State Transfer
257-3016 to process a payment plan
by mail.                                            16-Week Session                          Parent/Student
A payment plan is required if any of                  August 26 -- 100%                        Presidential
the following circumstances apply:                    September 2 -- 90%                Ruidoso Board of Realtors
• You cannot pay your account in full                September 9 -- 50%            Ruidoso Regional Council for the Arts
and need to spread payments over                     September 16 --25%                    The Title Company
the semester.
                                                                                             Working Adult
• Financial aid and/or scholarship                          Fall I                           Zia Natural Gas
awards will be paying, but the funds
will not be applied to the account                    August 26-- 100%
until August 26                                      September 2-- 50%
                                                     September 9-- 25%                       APPLY TODAY!
• An employer or other sponsor is
paying. (Written authorization is                                                   For more information on Scholarships,
required at the time of registration.)                                                pickup a scholarship guide at the
                                                            Fall II                       Student Advising Center.
Pay Online                                            October 21- 100%
You can now pay online, enroll in a
payment plan or create a financial                    October 28-- 50%                 Student Accounts:
aid refund profile at                                 November 4-- 25%                                                              257-3016 or 800-934-ENMU
                                                                                     Hours: M-F 8:00A-5:00P
Bookstore:                                                                       Book Buy Back:
The ENMU-Ruidoso bookstore sells                                                     •	 Summer book buy back is
textbooks, clothing, gift items, school                                                 scheduled July 28-31.
and art supplies, snacks and beverages.
                                                                                     •	 Help keep textbook prices
                                                                                        down by keeping used books
Book Sales:                                                                             on campus.
    •	 Textbooks go on sale August 4.                                                •	 Bring back your used
    •	 During this time, textbooks                                                      textbooks for cash. We buy
       may be charged to your                                                           books bought from other
       financial aid or included in a                                                   sellers. No receipts are
       payment plan set up through                                                      needed. Any CD’s or other
       the Cashier’s office.                                                            materials included in the
                                                                                        purchase of the book are
    •	 We ship textbooks to distance                                                    required for buyback.
       education students; please
       allow 3-4 days shipping time                                                  •	 Distance education students
       for your order. Textbook orders                                                  may also sell back textbooks
       may be placed at 575-257-3010                                                    through our website, www.
       or through email at                                                     Shipping                                                      is free!
                                           Textbook Return Policy:
                                               •	 Returns will not be accepted
                                                  without a receipt and
                                                  student ID number.
                                               •	 New books must be returned
                                                  in new condition. Shrink-
                                                  wrapped books must be
                                                  returned shrink-wrapped.
                                               •	 LAST DAY TO RETURN BOOKS
                                                  FOR A REFUND IS AUGUST 26.
                                           For distance education students,
                                           returns by mail must be postmarked
                                           by August 26.

Information                                          257-2120                        800-934-ENMU (3668)

Administration                            257-3006        GED Testing                              257-3012
Advising Center                           257-3007        Library                                  257-3014
Bookstore                                 257-3010        NM Workforce Connection                  630-8181
Business Office                           257-3011        Student Accounts                         257-3016
Community Education                       257-3012        Small Business Develop. Cent.            257-2120
                                                        19                                800-934-ENMU (3668)
English as ain Second Language
Being a non-English speaker our community
can be an overwhelming challenge. We offer free                                         GED & ESL
ESL classes designed to help all levels of speakers,
beginner through advanced.
U.S. Citizenship is NOT required!                                                       CLASSES
Call 630-8181 or 800-854-4712 for class locations.
                                                                                         All Classes are free and
Inglés Como Segundo Idioma                                                               offered day or evening
Instrucción sencilla, clases y libros gratis, grupo pequeño, ambiente                 throughout Lincoln County!
agradable, maestras bilingües. Certificado al terminar. No es requerido
ser ciudadano. Cuidado de sus niños gratis en la clases de la noche.                     Call for class locations.
Laboratorio de Computadoras-Durante este horario el sálon estará abierto para el
uso de las computadoras. Hay programas de computación para el aprendizaje de           For More Information:
inglés y usted podrá usar el Internet oescribir correos electrónicos.
                              martes y jueves 3-4:30pm                                    ENMU-Ruidoso
                                                                                      Adult Basic Education
                                                                                          707 Mechem Drive
                                                                                          Ruidoso, NM 88345
                             The GED Certificate                                                  or
Do you dream of finishing your GED, or need to brush up on reading, writing or               800-854-4712
math? Come by and take a pretest that will let you know if you’re ready, or if you
need some extra study time before the big day. Classes and tutors are available for
all levels of learners! Let our instructors help you accomplish your goals today!
Call 630-8181 or 800-854-4712 for class locations.                                    Sign up today!
Spanish GED
Si quieres tener un certificado de secundaria de los Estados Unidos
necesitas esta clase. Estudiarás cinco materias con un maestro
bilingüe y tomarás unas pruebas para recibir un certificado que te
dará más oportunidades de estudiar o trabajar en los EEUU.

                Free Tutoring
The Lincoln County Literacy Council offers trained tutors,
free of charge, for GED preparation, to improve your English
skills (ESL) or to improve your reading, writing and math.

                     Working together, success is measured one day at a time!
                                                              20                             800-854-4712 (GED & ESL)
                                                            Food, Fun &
                                                           ENMU parking lot 2-4pm

                                     Course Taste Test
                                     Lifelong Learning

                                         Register for 2
                                       Lifelong Learning
                                     Community Education
                                          Classes and
                                       get 1 class FREE!
                                          Must be 55+

            Wednesday - August 12, 2009

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