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					                                      Jason (Haicheng) Wang
            Flat 2, 36 Worple Road, London SW19 4EQ. Tel: 07912346816 Email:

A motivated, analytical and experienced C++ Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years experience, who adopts a
thorough, focused and a technically competent approach to all endeavours. An excellent communicator and Team
Leader with considerable experience in project management, team leading, Agile and full life-cycle development
with a proven track record of working well on own initiative, proactive approach to problem solving.
                       Nokia UK Ltd
      Designed, developed and maintained Telephony and SMS modules using C++ for Symbian OS and a
       number of famous S60 mobile phones to the global market, experimented many cutting-edge hardware and
       software technologies for the team.
      Leading a project team to implement new features. Acting as active member of Agile team, cooperated
       with other teams in Finland, USA, China and India. Took a role of Build Manager, inspecting code, test
       results and integrating of all code changes for the department.
      Trainings: Symbian Essentials, Symbian Application, OS Compatibility, Kernel and Device Driver, Agile
12/2004 – 12/2008            TEAM LEAD, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                       Visto Corporation, London (A.K.A. Good Technology)
      Worked for this multinational company, leading a Windows Mobile Client Application Development team
       to develop its cutting edge, patented, multi-lingual push email solution for mobile operators around the
       globe using VC++ and various computer languages.
      Liaised with a range of contacts including external partners, managers and team members in USA, several
       countries in the EU and China. Interviewed and provided technical training to new employees hired for
       branch offices in various countries.
      Trainings: Requirement Analysis by Thales Training & Consultancy
04/2001 – 07/2002            SOFTWARE ENGINEER,
                       Creative Technology Ltd., Beijing
      Worked for this well known, multinational company, as part of a team responsible for developing
       Broadband Internet applications using VC++.
      Liaised with a range of contacts including Project Managers and Project Team Members in a number of
07/2000 – 04/2001            SOFTWARE ENGINEER, PROJECT MANAGER
                       Beijing Mingwei New Century Ltd., Beijing
      Worked for a small company developing modules for 2 new systems, including XML generator, Web
       Browser, Instant Messenger and E-Dictionary etc using VC++ and various computer languages.
      Managed a team of 3 to 5 for the development of modules within the software system.
1995 – 2000 2003-2004 SHAREWARE DEVELOPER
                    A number of companies and magazines
      Published freeware/shareware articles on magazines (VC++ and various languages)
      Developed software modules for several companies (part time)
09/2002 – 07/2004 – MSc in Internet System Development, University of Portsmouth
09/1996 – 07/2000 – BSc in Information Technology with Physics, Beijing Union University
      Excellent Visual C++ (SDK/MFC/ATL/STL, 10+ years), Symbian C++ and Windows Mobile
      Intermediate C#, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, Python, ASP, JavaScript, HTML/Web Design, SQL Server,
       Oracle database, 80x86/8051/ARM assembly language

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       WinCE/WM, Symbian OS, Qt, S60, J2ME, COM/ACTIVEX, .Net, DOM, XML, XSLT, ADO, Server
        Push, DirectX, Multithreading, Socket, Script interpreting, Win32 Function Interception, Reverse Engineer,
        WinCE Real time device driver
       Serial Communication, FM RDS, TMC navigation, ADSL, network protocols- WAP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP,
        DNS, UDP, TCP, ICMP, SMS Stack
       Full project life cycle, Agile Scrum methodology, Extreme Programming, Test-driven
   Preferred Network List framework, Battery API, AT Commands services, solving WDP and SMP issues
    (real time multithreading solution), Dual SIM for SMS, Qt optimization
Those features have been/will be used Symbian ^3, Symbian^4, S60v3.2, v5.0 v5.2, Nokia N97, N97
Mini, N8 and other confidential prototypes
Techinologies: C++, S60, Qt, Symbian, test-driven development, Telephony, SMS Stack, AT command.
   Visto Mobile Windows Mobile client version 5.2 - 6.0 and Smart Icon 2.x (2004-2008)
Techinologies: C++, WinCE (eVC win32, Visual, C#, Python, Script engine, VBScript,
 Broadxent™ Internet Optimizer (2002). – for Creative Technology Ltd.
Technologies: VC++, ICMP, RAS etc.
 Broadxent ™ Diagnostic Tool (2001) – for Creative Technology Ltd.
Technologies: VC++, ATL, STL, ActiveX/COM, many Internet protocols (ICMP, SNMP, HTTP, PPP etc), Script
Interpreting, ADSL (PPPoA, PPPoE) etc.
 Mingwei™ ERP system (2001), a XML generator, forum and conference modules etc.
    – for Beijing Mingwei Ltd.
Technologies: VB, ASP, XML, DOM, Javascript.
 Mingwei™ Petroleum Information System (2000) which includes a Petroleum News Browser, Instant Stock
    Data Messenger and a professional E-Dictionary etc.
    – for Beijing Mingwei Ltd.
Technologies: VC++, VB, ActiveX/COM, TCP/UDP, Screen Text Capturing (System GDI API Interception),
Win32 API Hook.
 Generic FM API (2009) – enable RDS Radio and TMC navigation on Mobile Phone for free
Technologies: Windows Mobile, FM Radio, RDS, TMC navigation, Device driver, ARM Reverse Engineer.
 London Tube Map for Pocket PC (2004)
Technologies: WinCE (eVC MFC), GUI
 Fifi Chatroom Server v1.94 (2000-2004), a web based chat room server, which had over 10,000 users,
    Brothersoft rating 5 out of 5 - freeware
Technologies: Javascript, HTTP server, Server Push (like HTTP tunnel), Script interpreting, SQL Database
 Quantitative Game Monitoring System v1.0 (2003) which helps researchers to analyze PC game and
    improve game design. - MSc. Project.
Technologies: VC++, Inter-process operation, COM/ActiveX, 3D Computer Graphics, statistic arithmetic, PC
Game Theory etc. V-Modal full life-cycle project
 Virtual Local IP v1.0 (2003) virtually changes local IP address of a PC - Freeware.
Technologies: VC++, Inter-process operation, COM, Binary Interception of Win32 functions (API Hook), TCP/IP,
Script interpreting.
 Electric Field Measuring Device (2000), PCB development and 8051 microcontroller programming.
    – BSc Project.
 Winner of 2nd prize of The National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (1999, China)
 Developed and published numerous freeware/shareware between 1993 to 2000, such as webpage editor, chat
    room helper, batch file helper (DOS), Chinese display for DOS etc.
    Language Skills: Fluent Chinese and English
    Nationality/Visa: Chinese / British Permanent Resident
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Computing, Swimming, Music, Photography

References furnished upon request

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