The Conscious Mind by ert554898


									                                The Conscious Mind

When you say I see, I hear, I smell, I touch; it is the conscious mind that is saying this.
It is the force governing the 5 senses. It is the mind in which you do business. It
controls to a great extent all of your voluntary muscles. It discriminates between
right and wrong, Wise and foolish. It can plan ahead and get things done as it
planned. Or it can drift along haphazardly, a creature of impulse or events. Though it
is only through your conscious mind can you reach the subconscious and the super
conscious (universal mind, God or whatever you would like to call it. Your conscious
is the watchmen at the gate. It is the conscious mind that the subconscious looks for
all of its impressions. To manifest we must have the team work of conscious mind and
the subconscious mind, through which we impress the super conscious (Universe,
God). You can not expect results from the subconscious when the conscious mind is
full of fear, doubt & worry or when it does not know what it wants. As Emile Coue’
puts it, “The conscious can put the subconscious mind over the hurdles. In addition,
in contrast to the subconscious mind, the conscious (objective) mind does not hold
memories for long, but it has reasoning capability. It is also responsible for logical
reasoning and objective decision making.

                              The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a repository of our memories. Emotionally powerful
memories in our subconscious create blueprints that become the basis for unconscious
behavior. The subconscious mind does not have reasoning capability. But despite its
lack of logic and reasoning, the subconscious is the most powerful driving force in our
actions. The subconscious is responsible for spontaneous emotional reactions such as
crying, laughing, loving, or hating, regardless whether they are logical or illogical.
These reactions are the result of programming by our parents, teachers, religion,
politics and society. The subconscious mind only acts based on these programs
without questioning their logical or illogical contents. It is timeless and does not
operate in the context of time and does not recognize past or future. From the
moment of birth your subconscious mind runs your body like a locomotive engine. It
supervises all of the intricate process of the blood, of digestion, of assimilation, and of
elimination. It repairs, it operates, it has almost unlimited powers. It occupies the
entire human body and when not opposed, it has absolute control over all of the
functions, conditions and sensations of the body. While the conscious (objective) mind
has control over all of our voluntary functions and motions, the subconscious mind
controls all of the silent involuntary functions, controls the actions of the heart in the
circulation of the blood, the function of the lungs, and all cell life, cell change and
development are positively under the complete control of the subconscious mind. It
can see without the use of the physical eyes. It perceives by intuition. It can read the
thoughts of others. It reveals to us the things that the conscious mind has no
conceptions have occurred. So it is important to impress the subconscious mind with
positive self talk, positive actions and acknowledgement of accomplishments. It heals
the body and keeps it healthy, if it is at all encouraged. By encouraging the
subconscious mind through conscious living and consciously writing of your desires,
goals & accomplishments and consciously scratching them off once accomplished, the
subconscious takes control and the conscious (objective) mind becomes secondary.

                The Super Conscious (Universal Mind, God)

Finally the super conscious or God within; the super conscious is a part of your mind
that is in contact with the universe/God and the super conscious of others.

                   “The kingdom of God is within you”
                                                    Luke 17:21
 It is now evident by now that in order for you to be able to manifest what you desire
in the world, you need to have a great rapport and clear communication with the
super conscious.

“ The conscious mind has to impress the subconscious before the subconscious can
contact the higher self for the manifestation of desires. This is basically how prayers
work. But we all know, not all prayers are answered. Why is that? My belief is that it
is because or conscious (thinking mind) does not shut off and therefore we never
reach the super conscious.

So this is the reason that I began to search for ways to quiet the conscious (objective)
mind and to strengthen and impress the subconscious mind. The following techniques
have been very successful in achieving the ability to take control of our minds,
consciously and subconsciously. If you follow these simple exercises consciously and
consistently for several weeks you will find a profound change in your ability to
develop will, improve concentration, reduce brain chatter and find more harmony in
life. So before we begin, I will end this with a quote from Carl Jung,
” If we don’t consciously select where we want to go, we go where our unconscious
wants us to go. So until you make the unconscious, conscious; it will direct our life,
and you will call it fate. So, in that regard most of us are on automatic pilot’.

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