YO MAJESTY/ARTJAM RECORDS

             SINGLE ‘Freaks Come Out’ released 31st October on ARTJAM
                          Catalogue number: ARTJAM003

                    "While so many rappers grope vainly for realness, Yo Majesty
                         brashly flash their freakiness in your face." - SPIN

     "Imagine a J.J. Fad gone bad or Kathleen Hanna as a strip-club evangelist, and you've begun to
                      approximate Yo! Majesty's sexually empowered sound." - SPIN

                        "Sexual, Spiritual and buoyantly unrestrained." - Reax

 "They've coined a female equivalent of macho that is far removed from the hypersexualized come 'n'
                                get it attitude." - Time Out London

Welcome to the bloody lair of vampirellas, beautiful waxen girls darkly filled with sleepy death,
voodoo, alchemical flames and curling smoke. A human menagerie has risen from the chambers
of forgotten dead with twisted grimaces and febrile eyes. Strange beasts wander around;
deformed, unrefined, unfinished, weird hermaphrodite creatures with whited-out faces
hungering for blood-lust rituals.

It’s All Hallow’s Eve and Yo Majesty with their gang of Freaks have crept from the shadows to
bring you ‘Freaks Come Out’. Released digitally on October 31st, the track gears up for the
band’s second album, set for release in early 2010.

It’s an underworld of quivering shadows and silhouettes, grainy night vision and borrowed
camcorders that smacks of snuff. Filmed at producer David Alexander’s flat in Dalston, London,
and directed by Dead Kid Mike Title, ‘Freaks Come Out’ is a grimy East London labyrinth, a
carnivalesque realm of souls scratching unending nightmares on unending dark.

Expect more from Dead Kids and Yo Majesty as the Tampa girls feature on the forthcoming
Dead Kids album Dark Party. Jewel B from Yo Majesty will be joined by Dominique Young
Unique and Sam Amant later in the year for a tour starting December 4 th. Dates and venues TBC.

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