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									       “Been there,                                                                          RELOCATION SPECIALISTS
        Done that”
                                          “I thought I was going to have to get a
                                         girlfriend this semester!”
  “The best word to describe my
first month or two in                    --Paul, 3rd Semester
Guadalajara would be
“disoriented.” Ultimately, my
schoolwork suffered as I tried to
furnish my apartment, figure              “12 phone calls, 6 missed appointments,
out how to pay bills, where to           20 days of frustration and 5 hours of
get food, laundry, internet, seek
out entertainment, deal with the
international affairs office at
                                         driving around aimlessly…This is my story,
                                         which is not uncommon of trying to get
                                                                                             2 Girls & a Guide
UAG and blah, blah, blah. And            my cable and internet installed. If only 2
because I didn’t speak Spanish           Girls & a Guide was around when I was
that well, the difficulty was            setting up my apartment, I would have
three-fold. Even after a year, I         had less stress and more time to study. I
still feel overwhelmed at times.
                                         know this service will change your
  “I think that you would be             life…you won’t regret it!
doing yourself a huge disservice
not to utilize the service created       --Bridget, 3rd Semester
by these wonderful women. I
wish that I would have had the
opportunity to bypass a lot of
the frustrations that come with
moving to a new place, so that I
could focus on the most
important reason why I
came…to study medicine. Give
it a try. Believe me, it’s worth
                                                    2 Girls & a Guide                        Semi-professional guides to
--Matt, 3rd Semester
                                                                                             the city for a stress free
                                               RELOCATION SPECIALISTS                        transition
                                                         Hillary Hickland and
                                                             Emily Navarro
                                                          Phone: 3641-9086                   Tel: 3641-9086
                                                             Price List
              We Can Help
                 You!                    “The Guide to Guad”              100 pesos
                                         by Hillary Hickland and Emily Navarro
                                                                                                                 Order Form
                                                                                                  Item # Description                         Price Subtotal
Don’t be as lost as we were. As
wives of med students and residents
of Guadalajara for over a year. We
                                                        Prices Per Month
have become super navigators. In         * Prices do not include fees, products, or additional
light of the obstacles we faced we
are offering the following services to   Getting Started Package                      800 pesos
ease your transition.
                                         We will provide transportation and guidance as you                                           Order total:
 I. “The Guide to Guad”- A guide         file and register for your visa, apartment search,
    book customized for the new          furnish your living space, set up internet and cable
                                         connections, telephone service, and utilities, inc.                                               Shipping:
    medical student providing useful
                                         gas and electricity, helping you communicate along                                                   Total:
                                         the way.
 II. Getting Started – As a new
     resident many challenges will
                                         Services Throughout Year                     500 pesos

     arise in establishing your new      We do your weekly grocery shopping and deliver
     home. Our services will save        them to your house, make bill payments, and take
                                         your laundry to a local service.                         Email:
     you time, money, hassle, and a
     lot of running around.                            Individual Services                        Phone

 III.    Through out the Year –          Grocery Shopping                             300 pesos
     Time is valuable as a medical
     student. We are here to             Bill Payments                                200 pesos
     eliminate the stressors of          Laundry Pick up and Delivery                 200 pesos
     maintaining a home.                                                                                        2 GIRLS AND A GUIDE

                                                          Weekly Prices                                             Hillary Hickland and
                                                                                                                        Emily Navarro
                                                                                                                    Phone: 3641-9086
                                         One Bad Week                                 150 pesos
                                         For times when you need a week off. We will
                                         provide the stated monthly services for one week.

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