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Special Section:
Marketplace Spring 2010

Spring Conference Preview
                    The Connecting Point for Chiropractic in Washington State
                      Published by the Washington State Chiropractic Association
2   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
     Inside this Issue
 4    President’s Message                  Conference Preview
 6    Executive Director’s Message   20    Expanding Chiropractic Care
                                           with Posture
 8    WSCA Member Benefits
      Join Now!                      22    Should You Be Providing Some
                                           Kind of Nutritional Therapy in
9-13 Special Section                       Your Practice?
      WSCA Marketplace
      Spring 2010                    23    The (Preventable) Train Wreck
                                           Keeping Patients on Track
14    Government Affairs
      Legislative Update             24    Member Spotlight
17-19 Expanding Chiropractic Care    26    Medicare Q & A
      Chiropractors in Lead Role     28    WSCA Member Perks
      in Emerging National           30-32 Classifieds
      Interdisciplinary Consortium
                                     32    Ad Index
                                     34    Seminars & Events

                               Jeffery Abrams, DC                                                                  Plexus is published six times a year by the
                                                                                                         Washington State Chiropractic Association as a member benefit.
                               President, WSCA Board of Directors
                                                                                                         WSCA, 21400 International Blvd., Suite 207, SeaTac, WA 98198
                                                                                                             206-878-6055 or 800-824-4918 • Fax 206-878-8699
                              My term as your association president is at a close. This past              e-mail: wsca@chirohealth.org • website: www.chirohealth.org
                              year has become quite the journey for me into the nuances
                              of legislative procedure, working with insurance carriers,                     For display advertising rates, call Jane Rial at 541-317-4141
                                                                                                                         or email jane@rialmarketing.com
                              and changes in the profession—both statewide and national.
                              Much of the central theme in these areas has been about                                        For classified advertising rates,
                              evidence-based medicine. As healthcare costs have gone up,                                 call 206-878-6055 or 800-824-4918
     consumers and government are looking to see exactly where their dollars are going                                            Editorial Board
     and if the services provided are efficient and reasonable to the care needed.                  Lori Bielinski, Executive Director                        Douglas Long, DC
                                                                                                    Shawn Gay, DC                                          Doug Nordstrom, DC
     The Physical Therapists have worked hard to try and get their spinal manipulation bill         John Huber, DC                                         Kenneth Shotwell, DC
     passed, but the legislature is just not convinced that there is enough credible evidence
     that PTs have the proper training to be able to provide such an advanced procedure.                                                   Writers
                                                                                                                               WSCA Staff & Volunteers
     This is not to say that they won’t be able to achieve this training and get this legislation
     passed in the near future, but for now evidence is on our side.
                                                                                                                           Editor, Layout & Design
     I cannot stress enough just how important our association is to the profession. The            Jane Rial, Rial Marketing Communications                          541-317-4141
     WSCA is it! We don’t have any other chiropractic organizations in the state, let alone
     one that has such strong relationships with our legislators! This is relationship building                               WSCA Staff Members
                                                                                                    Executive Director &                                      Lori Bielinski, LMP
     at its best.                                                                                   Government Relations Director
                                                                                                    Administrative Assistant                                         Shaka Forest
     Our board of directors is an amazingly talented group of doctors who have                      Program Director                                                    Bud Green
     spent tremendous amounts of time volunteering on your behalf. They’ve braved                   Finance Manager                                                  Aloria Mercer
     snowstorms, flooding, and 100+ degree heat just to make it to the meetings and events.         Membership Director                                               Jen Norlund
     Our relationships are built on dedication to the betterment of the profession and duty                                WSCA Board of Directors
     to provide top-notch care to our patients. I can’t thank them enough for their numerous        President, Jeffery Abrams, DC                                   206-789-5704
     contributions—both financial and volunteer.                                                    President-Elect, Diane Sherwood-Palmer, DC                      206-242-3700
                                                                                                    Past President, Shawn Gay, DC                                   360-435-3900
     I would particularly like to thank Drs. Tim Day and Dan Briggs for their many years            COCSA Representative, William Pratt, DC                          509-782-1312
     of service to the board. Dr. Day represented the 5th Congressional District and Dr.
                                                                                                                             WSCA Board Members
     Briggs represented the 4th Congressional District. It will be tough to fill their shoes        Larry Bain, DC                                                  360-694-1575
     and incoming board members Dr. Tom Hurst and Dr. Mark Jones have their work cut                Randy Baze, DC                                                   425-251-5715
     out for them!                                                                                  Daniel Briggs, DC                                               509-735-1109
                                                                                                    David Butters, DC                                              206-723-2820
     I would also like to welcome your newest president-elect Dr. Lorri Nichols. She has            Timothy Day, DC                                                 509-535-3038
                                                                                                    John Emde, DC                                                  360-424-3900
     previously served on the Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission, as well as the             Phillip Kriss, DC                                               425-432-4621
     Medicare Review Board. She currently has a practice in Federal Way.                            Michael Long, DC                                                253-473-0300
                                                                                                    R. Bradley Ulrich, DC                                          425-893-9200
     But in the meantime, I wish Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer all the best as she leads
     the association through the next term. You’ll need time, luck, and a good dose                 It is the policy of the WSCA to produce publications for the following
     of patience!                                                                                   purposes: to keep the membership informed on issues of concern and
                                                                                                    current news; to improve communication and cooperation between members
     To the profession, it has been an honor serving as your president. I may be handing            of the profession, and between the profession and the WSCA; to promote
                                                                                                    and advance the activities, goals and objectives of the WSCA; to provide a
     over the reins of leadership to another, but I will still be around. I’m always just a         forum for input and exchange regarding the direction of healthcare and the
     phone call away if you need me.                                                                chiropractic profession; and to provide a venue for promotion of the WSCA’s
                                                                                                    corporate membership while providing financial support to the WSCA.

                                                                                                                         Display Advertising Policy
                                                                                                    It is the policy of the WSCA to extend display advertising opportunities in
                                                                                                    Plexus only to those companies and/or individuals who choose to affiliate
                                                                                                    with the WSCA as Corporate Members. DCs who maintain outside business
                                                                                                    interests in addition to their chiropractic practice are invited to increase
                                                                                                    their involvement as Corporate Members and thus enjoy the privilege of
                                                                                                    advertising their products in Plexus.

                                                                                                                             Editorial Submissions
                                                                                                    Submit news releases, articles and photos for consideration by email to:

                                                                                                             Printed with recycled paper

 4       w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
ExECutivE DirECtor’S MESSAgE

                                Lori Bielinski, LMP
                                WSCA Executive Director & Government Relations Director

                               “Collaboration” takes on many definitions for
                               us. In my world, as your lobbyist, there are so            An upcoming example of great collaboration includes
                               many instances where we can work together. As              an event on April 10, 2010 by the Grays Harbor
                               your executive director, collaboration takes on            Chiropractic Society, who will hold their 2nd Annual
     an entirely different approach. For you as a practitioner, collaboration has
     yet another meaning.
                                                                                          Crab Feed with proceeds to fund the Washington
                                                                                          Chiropractic Trust. More information can be found at
                                                                                          www.chirohealth.org or contact Dr. Doug Pierce
     Collaboration can mean something as raw as “keep your friends close
     and your enemies closer.” This year for example, the legislature proposed            at: 360.532.0888.
     bills that included a creative mechanism for allowing health insurers to
     sell across state lines. That legislation would have allowed a large number       Doctor Collaboration
     of policies into Washington that would not have had to comply with the            Your role as a collaborator at the provider level, is much different than the
     “Every Category of Provider” law. In this case the business community             role you should expect by your association. Your job is to collaborate with
     supported the bill, but the insurers and providers did not. Therefore,            other providers who share the same goal of providing for the health and
     an organized collaboration of these groups has worked to stop that                wellness of your patients. Reaching across disciplines for the common
     legislation. Given that session is not over at the time this article is being     goal of your patients expands your knowledge and that of your patients.
     written, we are unable to tell you that outcome, but collaboration at any         Allowing for an openness of communication creates better results.
     level increases our odds of accomplishing our goal.
                                                                                       This year’s challenge will include collaboration with legislators and
     Executive Director                                                                candidates. Your efforts will need to come in many forms—financial
     Collaboration is much easier, but comes at many additional levels. For            contribution, volunteer time, and of course, the positive energy necessary
     instance, collaborating with chiropractic societies throughout the state is       to win. At the top of that list will be the re-election of Rep. Tom Campbell,
     easy and natural. Working with other state associations shares the same           DC. You will NEED to carve out of your schedule all three components
     goals, but due to state law differences, while it is natural, it isn’t as easy.   to do just that: win.
     Chiropractors collaborating at the national level have a long history of
                                                                                       So as you can see, collaboration takes on different meanings and can be
     being somewhat inconsistent, but share the same preferred outcome.
                                                                                       gentle or extremely direct. Knowing when to apply efforts at each level is
     Because of the differences state-to-state, it makes national goals a bit
                                                                                       why you have an association—to keep a hold on each of the tasks required
     more challenging both at the local and national levels, which delays
                                                                                       to win and to direct when you need to take action.
     positive outcomes for chiropractic and patient care.

                  Contributions to                                                                Contributions to the
               Rep. Tom Campbell, DC                                                            Washington Chiropractic
                  can be made to:                                                                Trust can be made to:

         Committee to Elect Tom Campbell                                                                    WCT
                  PO Box 443                                                                            PO Box 77627
            Spanaway, WA 98387                                                                    Seattle, WA 98177-0627

 6       w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
WSCA Member Benefits
Top Reasons to Join Now!
youR pRo-ChIRopRaCTIC                      TRusTeD                                  sTaTeWIDe
VoICe foR                                  legal Tools                              MaRkeTIng
posITIVe Change                            WSCA Legal Counsel Peick|Conniff,        pRogRaM
Through strength and unity, WSCA is        P.S. offers WSCA members a bevy of       Two years ago, the WSCA launched
your powerful voice affecting positive,    benefits including free phone calls or   a statewide marketing program that
pro-chiropractic change. WSCA stays        emails with straightforward answers      benefits ALL WSCA members. The
on top of industry and policy issues       to business and healthcare law issues.   WSCA advertises the benefits of
and works fiercely on your behalf          WSCA members also enjoy discounts        chiropractic on KIRO Mariners Radio
to represent and protect your best         on everything from legal forms to        which reaches all of Washington and
interests, keeping you informed every      confidential consultations.              parts of Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon.
step of the way.
effeCTIVe                                  publICaTIon
lobbyIng poWeR                             You’ll receive Plexus, the WSCA’s
                                           bi-monthly award-winning membership
WSCA employs a full time lobbyist          magazine – providing the latest
to fight the battles in our state          in chiropractic news, information
legislature that threaten chiropractic’s   and events for chiropractors across
inclusion and recognition in our           Washington State, with insider updates
healthcare system.                         on actions that affect chiropractic.

                                           fRee ClassIfIeDs                         fRee RefeRRal
                                           WSCA members are eligible to             seRVICe
                                           place a free ad in any two issues of     WSCA provides chiropractic referrals
                                           Plexus each calendar year. All ads       to the general public by phone,
                                           also appear on the WSCA website,         email and our website. Only WSCA
                                           accessed all over the country by more    members receive referrals from our
                                           than 1,500 visitors each month!          office to yours!

                                           aCCess To ChIRopRaCTIC
                                                                                    saVIng$ on
                                           pRoDuCTs &                               ConTInuIng eDuCaTIon
InsuRanCe InDusTRy                         seRVICes                                 Through continuing education credits
RelaTIonshIps                              As a WSCA member, you have access        at statewide conferences, local
Through direct relationships we’ve         to special benefits through the nearly   seminars, online education and
established with insurance providers,      100 companies who support the            special events, WSCA works hard to
WSCA works continuously to facilitate      association as Corporate Partners.       bring you the very best speakers and
dialog, progress and improvement in        Many offer discounts and reductions      seminars to ensure you stay current
chiropractic coverage, benefits and        on their products and services.          with the latest research, knowledge,
care for our citizens.                                                              skills and ideas. Best of all—WSCA
                                                                                    members receive discounts on WSCA
                                                                                    sponsored seminars and events.

WSCA provides legal evaluations of
network and insurer provider manuals
and agreements for members to
review prior to signing contracts.

           Not an Active Member? • Join today! • Apply online at www.chirohealth.org
           Washington State Chiropractic Association • 800.824.4918 • 206.878.6055
                   We urge you to support these Corporate Partners by giving them every consideration on your buying decisions.
                  We particularly applaud those who demonstrate a superior commitment through these advanced partnership levels.
                                    Leadership–the highest level  Platinum–a superior level   Gold–a step above

ALLIED HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS                             ATTORNEYS                                                 Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S.
   Spine Institute Northwest                              Adler Giersch, P.S.
                                                                                                               Joseph E. Pendergast III / Morton T. Hardwick
www.drkamson.com                                        www.adlergiersch.com
                                                                                                               Tel: 425.228.3860 Fax: 425.226.4988
Solomon Kamson, MD, MHA                                 Richard Adler, Attorney
                                                                                                               555 South Renton Village Place, Suite 640
Tel: 425.486.1000 Fax: 425.939.5220                     Seattle: Tel: 206.682.0300 Fax: 206.224.0102           Renton, WA 98057
22121 20th Avenue SE #101                               333 Taylor Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109
Bothell, WA 98021-4450                                  Bellevue: Tel: 425.643.0700 Fax: 425.643.8038          Hardwick & Pendergast’s personal injury attorneys
                                                        14710 SE 36th Street, Bellevue, WA 98006               have been providing first-class service to clients
Spinal diagnostic, cervical and lumbar treatment that   Everett: Tel: 425.338.7700 Fax: 425.337.1994           in South King County for over 35 years. They
supports long-term chiropractic care. Weight-bearing    4204 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98203                     understand the need to deal with the trauma of being
MRI will soon be available to assist validation of      Kent: Tel: 253.854.4500 Fax: 253.854.4824              injured and to focus on healing, without outside
chiropractic care. The facility also is the location                                                           interference and complications.
for the Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine
& Surgery.                                              Richard H. Adler and his partners John R. Alexander
                                                        and Betsylew R. Miale-Gix are among the                   Law Offices of Morris H. Rosenberg, P.S.
                                                        Association’s strongest advocates. They are a          Tel: 206.903.1010 Fax: 206.682.0401
Cascade Interventional Pain Center                      pro-chiropractic plaintiff personal injury law firm    705 2nd Avenue, The Hoge Bldg., Ste. 1200,
www.cascadepaincenter.com                               that provides legendary services to clients and        Seattle, WA 98104
Jay Iyengar, MD                                         healthcare providers.
Tel: 253.627.2666 Fax: 253.627.8661                                                                            Morris H. Rosenberg represents injured persons
1818 S. Union St., Suite #1A, Tacoma, WA 98405             Graham Lundberg & Peschel                           in securing a fair recovery through negotiation or
                                                        www.glpattorneys.com                                   litigation with insurance companies.
Cascade Interventional Pain Center is dedicated         John Graham, Scott Lundberg,
to the use of Interventional Pain Management            Brian Peschel & Ken Golden, Attorneys                     MW Injury Resolutions
techniques to alleviate patients’ pain problems. These North Sound: Tel: 800.422.4610
procedures are performed in a fluoroscopic suite        South Sound: Tel: 800.273.5005
using state-of-the-art x-ray equipment.                                                                        Jean Magladry and Charlotte Weigel, Attorneys
                                                        Fax: 206.448.4640                                      Tel: 425.637.3096 Fax: 425.637.0555
                                                        500 John St., Seattle, WA 98109

                                                                                                                                                                        WsCa Marketplace spring 2010
Folweiler Chiropractic                                                                                         11512 NE 19th St., Bellevue, WA 98004
David Folweiler, DC                                     GLP handles cases in all of Washington State with      Jean Magladry and Charlotte Weigel are
Tel: 206.523.3855 Fax: 206.523.5312                     offices in over 18 cities throughout Puget Sound       experienced personal injury lawyers. Each
10564 5th Ave NE Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98125             and offices planned in Eastern Washington. Call        recognizes the importance of chiropractic.
                                                        to find the location nearest you. GLP’s 14 attorneys
                                                        specialize in personal injury law with particular
Dr. Folweiler provides chiropractic consultations for   expertise in chiropractic. GLP also sponsors           Robinson & Kole
L&I and personal injury cases, impairment ratings       complimentary seminars statewide on a variety of       www.robinsonandkole.com
and closing examinations.                               chiropractic subjects.                                 David Robinson, Attorney
                                                                                                               Tel: 360.671.8112 Fax: 360.671.1971
Fox Chiropractic                                           Peick | Conniff, P.S.                               911 Dupont St., Bellingham, WA 98225
Darcy Fox, DC                                           www.peickconniff.com
Tel: 206.522.6339 Fax: 206.528.2152                     John C. Peick and John Conniff, Attorneys              The partners at Robinson & Kole have long
7502 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115                     Bellevue: Tel: 425.462.0660 Fax: 425.462.7203          supported chiropractic. They provide legal services
                                                        1813 - 115th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004               in connection with workers’ compensation, personal
                                                                                                               injury and Social Security disability claims.
Dr. Fox specializes in providing impairment ratings     Tacoma: Tel: 253.759.7767 Fax: 253.761.5328
and consultations for your injured workers.             Mail: P.O. Box 7933, Tacoma, WA 98406
                                                                                                               Jacobs & Jacobs
Neurology & Pain Clinic                                 Peick | Conniff P.S. has been Legal Counsel to         www.jacobsandjacobs.net
Chang B. Shin, MD, Neurologist                          the WSCA since its inception and has served the        Tom Jacobs, Attorney
Tel: 425.228.7446 Fax: 425.277.4746                     chiropractic community since 1984. The firm’s          Tel: 253.845.0577 Fax: 253.845.9060
947 Powell Ave. SW Ste 104                              attorneys provide legal services in personal injury/   114 E. Meeker Avenue, Puyallup, WA 98372
Renton, WA 98057-2975                                   wrongful death, healthcare law for providers,
                                                        insurance consulting and business.                     Jacobs & Jacobs is a five-generation family law firm
Neurological consultation services to patients                                                                 established in 1893. The firm is pro-chiropractic and
aimed at assisting the chiropractic community in           Robert A. Zielke, Inc., P.S.                        focuses on car and motorcycle injury accidents.
comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care.                 www.zielkelaw.com
                                                        Robert A. Zielke, Attorney                             Northwest Injury Law Center
Peoples Injury Network Northwest                        Tel: 206.315.9200 Fax: 206.340.1962                    www.nwinjurylawcenter.com
www.pinnrehab.com                                       600 University St. Ste. 1730, Seattle, WA 98101        Don Jacobs, Attorney
Linda LaMonte, Director of Sales and Marketing                                                                 Tel: 360.695.1624 Fax: 360.695.0422
Tel: 206.948.6721 Fax: 253.395.1171                     Robert Zielke provides exceptional legal               1405 Esther St., Vancouver, WA 98660
20640 84th Ave. S., Kent, WA 98032                      representation and defends chiropractors in
                                                        disciplinary complaints and provides legal             The NW Injury Law Center enables injured
                                                        representation in all areas of healthcare law,         consumers to choose a law firm that devotes all of
Peoples Injury Network Northwest (PINN) works           including audits and post-payment or civil fraud
closely with the chiropractic community to provide                                                             its resources to helping injury victims. The firm uses
                                                        defense, compliance, credentialing, Health Care        a team approach to make sure every client receives
supplemental care for the injured worker. They have     Data Bank responses, regulatory compliance, risk
been in business for 10 years. They are recognized                                                             excellent service and the maximum recovery on
                                                        management planning, evidence based clinical           their claim.
as experts in Industrial Rehabilitation specializing    guidelines, insurance coverage, business formation,
in Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, Physical          multi-disciplinary practice formation and purchase
Capacity Evaluations and Physical Therapy Services.     and sale of practices.
PINN is located in Kent, Tacoma and Olympia. They
welcome and encourage your patient referrals or any
questions you may have regarding their services.
 BILLING, CODING AND                                            EON Systems, Inc.                                             Seattle Medical Group, Inc.
                                                                www.eonsystems.net                                            www.smg-inc.net
 SOFTWARE SERVICES                                              Derek Greenwood, CEO                                          Bill Superak
     Medicfusion                                                Tel: 800.955.6448 Fax: 727.298.8471                           Tel: 253.874.8351 Fax: 253.661.3586
 www.medicfusion.com                                            620 Lakeview Rd., Clearwater, FL 33756                        37614 44th Ave. S., Auburn, WA 98001
 Justin Lee, DC, Owner
 Mel Rottinghaus, DC, CEO                                       EON is the maker of The Digital Office™ featuring             SMG offers Raintree Software Products, HIPAA
 Tel: 425.864.3536                                              The Practice Solution™, a complete practice                   services, billing (including electronic), internet, online,
                                                                management program, including digital sign-in;                network and computer services, training, support and
 3109 NE Norton Ln, Issaquah, WA 98029
                                                                Documentor™, a revolutionary, have-it-your-way                data conversions. With over 20 years experience in
                                                                SOAP and narrative writer; and Document Solution™,            healthcare automation, SMG is the leader in offering the
 Medicfusion offers a unique, affordable documentation          document storage and management, including x-rays.            total solution to the healthcare market. Quite
 system for chiropractors in Washington. From patient           Each is available separately. It is the solution that grows   simply, SMG provides “The Total Solution . . . You
 registration and clinical notes, to e-billing and all points   with your practice!                                           Won’t Outgrow!”
 in between, Medicfusion gives you fast, affordable
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                                                                JR Consulting
 you have access to your practice anytime day or night.
 Imagine your clinic without paperwork. Imagine                 www.jrconsulting.info
 your staff spending more time educating patients. Call         Judith Richard, President
 or email for your free online demo with one of their           Tel: 952.474.3426 Fax: 952.474.3129                           CHIROPRACTIC PRODUCTS
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 Lori Armstrong, Owner                                          a computer teacher/consultant since 1980. The                 www.footlevelers.com
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 ABS provides full spectrum billing services for                                                                              to retain a full range of motion. Through independent
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 Dr. Michael Failla, President and Owner
                                                                KMD-STAT is a full service “insourced” billing company        www.myovision.com
 Tel: 800.852.1771 Fax: 206.325.5891
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 step of chiropractic patients’ visits, scheduling, billing,                                                                  Thermography and ROM products available. Known for
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 more. Join other chiropractors across the nation by            John Angell, Owner                                            MyoVision is the choice of chiropractors worldwide.
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 CompliantCare                                                                                                                www.erchonia.com
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 Victoria Skoff, Owner                                          in-office consulting and training. Twice-yearly training      Diane Southwick, Local WA Representative
 Tel: 360.691.3108                                              seminars from a unique perspective to produce a clean         Tel: 888.242.0571
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 15515 112th St NE, Granite Falls, WA 98252                                                                                   2021 Commerce Dr., McKinney, TX 75069
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 CompliantCare is a firm that can effectively assist with                                                                     Erchonia manufactures and markets the first low level
                                                                Premiere Billing & Management
 healthcare billing and compliance issues as will as                                                                          laser to be approved by the FDA for chronic pain.
 other services.                                                www.premiere-billing.com                                      The company also has a fine line of other
                                                                Darrel Krehbiel, Owner                                        chiropractic-specific products, including Cervical,
 DocumentPLUS                                                   Tel: 425.793.4761 Fax: 425.793.9627                           thoracic, lumbar and pelvic adjusting devices.
 www.docplus.net                                                P.O. Box 5040, Kent, WA 98064
 Jonathan D. Lankford, Marketing Director                                                                                     Apollo Cold Laser
 Tel: 770.814.2442 Fax: 770.814.9988                            Improve your revenue by outsourcing your billing.             Dr. John Mishko, Distributor
                                                                The company is fully HIPAA compliant and provides             Tel: 253.677.6677 Fax: 360.275.4495
 5535 State Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022-8165
                                                                in-house consulting and seminars. See their website           1950 Pottery Ave., Port Orchard, WA 98366
                                                                for all services: www.premiere-billling.com. Call
 Document Plus provides automated forms and a                   888.533.7583 for a free quote.
 scanner that enable the collection of comprehensive                                                                          The Apollo is easy to use and harnesses ultra-advanced
 information that works with their system to produce the                                                                      laser technology. Using Apollo’s marriage of power
                                                                Roy All Solutions, Inc.                                       and wavelength, chiropractors are assured of fast,
 highest quality reports. The forms facilitate complete
 documentation and correspondence by using automated            www.RoyAllSolutions.com                                       comfortable treatments, exceptional clinical results and
 doctors’ questionnaires, clinical forms, a personal            Roy Talbot, President                                         an impressive bottom line.
 computer, software and scanner.                                Tel: 253.576.2243
                                                                2830 15th Street SE, Puyallup, WA 98374                       Cossman Rehab Tables & Equipment
                                                                Roy All Solutions, Inc. provides affordable solutions         Bob Cossman, Owner
                                                                to the chiropractic profession with services relating to      Tel: 800.682.6070 Fax: 360.687-6258
                                                                networking of computers, billing software, soap notes,        21909 NE 182nd Ave., Battle Ground, WA 98604
                                                                EMR and hand held devices. They sell and service
                                                                Medisoft, GatewayEDI, AeroMD, Focus Reports and               Bob Cossman puts his knowledge of chiropractic to work
                                                                Medisoft Training DVD, to name a few.                         in the servicing, sales and repair of chiropractic tables.

10    w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
RPS Chiropractic Tables                                  Introduction to Cranial Subluxation Workshops           LTC Global
www.rpstable.com                                         www.cranialsubluxations.com                             www.longtermcareforassociations.com
Mike Rusnak, Owner                                       John Blye, DC                                           Joel S. Allen, Vice President
Tel: 206.310.0036 Fax: 425.697.2199                      Tel: 425.775.4533 Fax: 425.775.4534                     Tel: 334.277.6802 Fax: 334.277.6803
3504 200th Pl. SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036                    6226 196th SW #1-D, Lynnwood, WA 98036                  3079-B Wetumpka Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36110

Rusnak Professional Supply (RPS) has been providing      ICS provides specialized workshops and hands-on         LTC Global offers long term care insurance to
professional chiropractic table repairs, maintenance     training in the branch of chiropractic that deals       association members and their extended families
and sales for three generations—with a focus on          with the detection, reduction and elimination of        and staff at a discounted rate. Part of its commitment
integrity, service, and professionalism. They are        cranial subluxations.                                   includes affinity support back to the association.
a dealer for Lloyd Professional Tables and Zenith
Chiropractic tables.                                                                                             OUM Chiropractor Program
                                                         MySpine Scoliosis & Posture Center
                                                         www.4myspine.com                                        www.oumchiropractor.com
Teeter Inversion Systems
                                                         Justin Lee, DC, Owner                                   Paul Heideman, Agent
                                                         Tel: 425.467.5625 Fax: 425.458.3102                     Tel: 800.423.1504 Fax: 800.453.2776
Kevin McPherson, Director of Sales
                                                         1601 116th Ave NE Ste 111, Bellevue, WA 98004           3000 Meridian Boulevard, Suite 400
Tel: 800.847.0143 Fax: 800.847.0188                                                                              Franklin, TN 37067
9902 162nd St. Ct. E., Puyallup, WA 98375
                                                        MySpine offers a fitting and bracing center
                                                        for consultation, evaluation and treatment for           OUM offers comprehensive malpractice insurances
Teeter inversion products set the industry standard in idiopathic scoliosis by utilizing the world’s only        with competitive rates, broad coverage, and an
designing and manufacturing durable, high-quality,      dynamic scoliosis brace (Spinecor) for today’s           exceptional commitment to client service.
non-invasive back and health equipment. From home- chiropractic patients.
use to clinical and commercial fitness equipment,
                                                                                                                 NCMIC Insurance Company
Teeter specializes in inversion equipment to distribute
across North America and all over the world.            Neuromechanical Innovations                              www.ncmic.com
                                                        www.neuromechanical.com                                  Tel: 800.247.8043 Fax: 515.313.4485
Thera Tek                                               Dr. Christopher Colloca, CEO & Founder                   14001 University Ave., Clive, IA 50325
www.theratek.com                                        Tel: 480.785.8448 Fax: 480.785.3916
Noel Davenport, Chiropractic Sales Representative       11011 S. 48th St., Ste. 205, Phoenix, AZ 85044           NCMIC has provided excellent malpractice
Tel: 206.781.1776 / 800.858.0250                                                                                 protection to chiropractors for more than 50 years.
Fax: 206.781.1643                                        Dr. Christopher J. Colloca founded Neuromechanical
4918 Leary Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107                    Innovations with an aim to revolutionize chiropractic   Bob Wagner Insurance, Inc.
                                                         practice infusing clinical excellence derived from      Bob Wagner, Farmers Insurance Agent
                                                         evidenced-based practice and research in its            Tel: 253.854.3883 Fax: 253.854.4040
Thera Tek is locally owned and operated, with
                                                         products and services for the doctor of chiropractic.
offices, warehouse and showroom in Seattle. Their                                                                24915 - 104th Ave. SE, Kent, WA 98030
                                                         Dr. Colloca has led hundreds of post-graduate
large buying power and large warehouse saves
                                                         educational seminars training thousands of

                                                                                                                                                                             WsCa Marketplace spring 2010
chiropractors time and money. They have been                                                                     Bob Wagner provides employment practice liability
                                                         chiropractors throughout the United States and
offering capital items, supply goods and services to                                                             coverage and a variety of other insurance services.
                                                         around the world.
the Northwest for over 25 years. They are a member
of the NMA and distributor for hundreds of brands.
Their showroom, evaluation units and financing make
purchasing easy.
                                                         FINANCIAL SERVICES                                      NUTRITIONALS
                                                         Benton and Bray, P.S.                                      Biotics Research NW, Inc.
CONTINUING EDUCATION                                     www.bentonbray.com
                                                         Brian Bray, CPA                                         Gray L. Graham, President
Athletic Spinal Fitness Institute                        Tel: 425.827.8100 Fax: 425.889.9659                     Tel: 800.636.6913 Fax: 800.863.9613
www.spinalfitness.com                                    3006 Northup Way, #100, Bellevue, WA 98004              P.O. Box 7027, Olympia, WA 98507
John S. Scherger, DC, Vice President
Tel: 360.887.8600 Fax: 360.887.0430                      Benton & Bray, P.S., (CPA to the WSCA) provides the     Biotics’ quality control program assures nutritional
                                                         chiropractic professional with accounting, tax and      products of the highest quality, purity and
19321 NE 10th Ave., Ridgefield, WA 98642
                                                         business advisory services.                             effectiveness. The company’s in-house quality control
                                                                                                                 laboratory tests and approves raw materials and
Now you can go online to study the objective science                                                             finished products for identity, activity and consistency.
of physical medicine as it relates to spinal structure   Fortune Bank
                                                                                                                 Its research allows them to develop innovative
and function, training and treatment. You will learn     www.fortunebankwa.com                                   products of tomorrow for today’s healthcare
training/treatment to enhance, restore and preserve      Scott Harvey, Professional Practice Manager             providers. Biotics is committed to bringing you the
proper global and segmental posture; now being           Tel: 206.254.7280 Fax: 206.254.0868                     highest quality that science and nature have to offer.
used by doctors, colleges and professional sports        1201 3rd Ave, Suite 700, Seattle, WA 98101
programs like the New England Patriots.
                                                                                                                    Metagenics, Inc.
                                                         Fortune Bank offers your business a unique banking      www.metagenics.com
Bowen, Inc.                                              partnership built on personalized services, a wide      Metagenics Main Office for Information
www.bowen.us                                             array of banking services, local decision-making,       Tel: 800.692.9400 Fax: 253.851.9749
James Bowen, President                                   and convenient access.
                                                                                                                 100 Avenida La Pata, San Clemente, CA 92673
Tel: 406.370-9900 Fax: 877.411.0679
816 Latigo Lane, Whitefish, MT 59937                     Waddell & Reed
                                                                                                                 Metagenics is a long-standing proponent of
                                                         www.waddell.com                                         chiropractic care. They provide a complete line
James M. Bowen, JD, combines 20 years of legal,          James and Shari Jenkins, Financial Advisors             of therapeutic, leading edge nutritional and
business and consulting background to make your          Tel: 425.774.9053, ext. 122 Fax: 425.744.0659           phytonutrient supplements.
business more efficient by minimizing tax obligations    19221 - 36th Ave. West, Suite 204
and maximizing net earnings. His educational             Lynnwood, WA 98036
program helps you lower your taxes and establish a
better business model for your chiropractic practice.
                                                         Waddell & Reed is a national financial services
                                                         organization that serves the needs of individuals,
                                                         families and businesses. They offer a full line of
                                                         financial planning products and mutual funds.
                                                         In addition, through arrangements with insurance
                                                         companies, they also offer a variety of
                                                         insurance products.

                                                                                                              More Nutritionals on Next Page
     Standard Process NW                                    Protocol For Life                                            ProPractice Partners
 www.standardprocessnw.com                                  www.protocolforlife.com                                      www.propracticepartners.com
 Jerry Linnenkohl, CEO                                      Dan Richard, Sales Manager                                   Dr. Daniel Drubin, Managing Partner
 Tel: 800.292.6699 Fax: 877.821.3179                        Tel: 877.776.8610 Fax: 800.886.1045                          Dr. Eddie Hansen, Consulting Partner
 8419 154th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052                      P.O. Box 2203, Sparks, NV 89431                              Tel: 520.575.0207 / 360.671.6710
                                                                                                                         Fax: 520.575.0206
 Proper health is dependant on balanced nourishment         Protocol for Life Balance is a GMP “A” rated quality         1363 W Stony Run Pl., Oro Valley, AZ 85755
 from all of the natural components within various foods,   line of dietary supplements sold exclusively to licensed
 Standard Process NW provides practitioners with            healthcare practitioners.                                    ProPractice Partners offers world-class business building
 the highest quality whole food nutritional and herbal                                                                   for doctors that want to build high volume, high income
 supplements available.                                     Wellness Naturals                                            practices. We provide turn key systems of protocols,
                                                            Michael S. Schiele, Owner                                    procedures and marketing.
 Anabolic Laboratories                                      Tel and Fax: 800.299.1521
 www.anaboliclabs.com                                       P.O. Box 14851, Portland, OR 97293                           Ultimate Practice.com
 Allan Wilson, National Manager                                                                                          www.ultimatepractice.com
 Tel: 800.344.4592 Fax: 480.921.2084                        Wellness Naturals is a distributor for DFN/GreensFirst,      Timothy Gay, DC, President
 429 S Siesta Lane, Tempe, AZ 85281                         the great tasting fruits and vegetable antioxidant           Tel: 866.797.8366 Fax: 760.736.9335
                                                            greens drink. We also distribute Allimax/Allimed -           1740 La Costa Meadows Drive, Suite #102
 Anabolic Laboratories specializes in high tech nutritional nature’s super antimicrobial, the answer to                  San Marcos, CA 92078
 and herbal formulations, as well as other specialty        drug-resistent infections.
 products for healthcare professionals. They have been                                                                   Dr. Timothy Gay speaks from experience, having
 serving the needs of healthcare providers for over 75                                                                   owned and operated a high-volume, well-managed and
 years and pride themselves on offering the finest quality                                                               successful chiropractic practice for 24 years. He has
                                                                                                                         developed Ultimate Practice as an innovative approach
 products on the market today.
                                                            OFFICE SERVICES                                              toward building and developing a practice through
 Bio-Genesis Nutraceuticals                                 Auto-Space.com                                               personalized consulting, practice analysis, seminar
                                                                                                                         training and action plans. Dr. Gay is a highly
 Riley Livingston, President & CEO                          John P. Lorge III, DC, Owner                                 respected and nationally recognized chiropractic
 Tel: 425.487.0788 Fax: 425.485.3518                        Tel: 425.445.8980 Fax: 425.747.5334                          author and speaker.
 18303 Bothell-Everett Highway, Suite 110                   4307 Factoria Blvd. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
 Mill Creek, WA 98012
                                                            Just as our name suggests, AutoTruck Wholesalers
 Biogenesis offers tested and safe therapeutic products,    provides wholesale pricing and purchasing
 using state-of-the-art delivery systems.                   opportunities to chiropractors as well as their              PRACTICE PURCHASE & SALES
                                                            families, staff and patients.
                                                                                                                            Professional Practice Specialists, Inc.
 Dan Malmin Health Coach                                                                                                 www.practicesales.com
 www.danmalmin.tsfl.com                                                                                                  Jeffrey Dieter, DC, President
 Dan Malmin, Owner                                                                                                       Tel: 800.645.7590 Fax: 503.961.8787
 Tel: 503.504.1684 Fax: 503.761.5367                        PATIENT EDUCATION                                            18880 NW Nelscott St., Portland, OR 97229
 9925 SE 132nd Ave., Happy Valley, OR 97086
                                                            3d-Rx, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Dr. Jeffrey Dieter has a long association with the
 Dan and his associate, Tim Cox, are health coaches         www.3drxinsight.com
                                                                                                                         profession and now provides exceptional service to help
 who represent the “Take Shape for Life” weight loss and    Justin Jackson, President                                    chiropractors with the purchasing, sale and marketing of
 health management system. They help chiropractors and      Tel: 360.909.3709 Fax: 800.817.4152                          chiropractic practices. Free evaluation of your practice
 their clients with weight loss and other health oriented   1305 SE Single Tree Dr., Vancouver, WA 98683                 by phone. Up to 125% financing. National database.
 programs that contribute to the practice’s bottom line.                                                                 No up-front fees. First class consulting.
                                                            3d-Rx dedicated to providing the highest most effective
 Darwin’s Natural Pet Products                              solutions for chiropractic care through patient education    ePractice Sales
 www.darwinspet.com                                         software. The system can be used for an effective report
 James Pendergast, Sales Representative                     of findings and to visual show patients the elements of
                                                            chiropractic care.                                           Scott Peseau, DC, Owner
 Tel: 206.324.7387                                                                                                       Tel: 360.631.1239 Fax: 425.740.0349
 1505 S 93rd St Ste BP, Seattle, WA 98108                                                                                13515 95th Ave NE Arlington, WA 98223

 Darwin’s provides pet owners with all natural                                                                           Selling: Free appraisals, 100% confidentiality, up to
 alternatives to commercial pet food. Our products
 combine 100% natural human-grade ingredients with          PRACTICE MANAGEMENT                                          100% cash. Buying: Nationwide practice location,
                                                                                                                         pre-qualification, up to 100% financing. Call for a
 the convenience of home delivery and savings by            COACHING                                                     complimentary consultation and newsletter.
 purchasing directly from us as the manufacturer.
                                                            Chiropractic Nutz and Boltz                                  Northwest Practice Advisors
 Douglas Laboratories                                       www.chiropracticnutznboltz.com
 www.douglaslabs.com/impact/                                Brad Glowaki, DC
                                                                                                                         Jack Flynn, DC, Practice Broker
 Audrey Nordlie, Northwest Territory Manager                Tel: 562.596.9854 Fax: 562.596.9834
                                                                                                                         Tel: 800.863.9373 / 425.483.3969
 Tel: 206.679.2481 Fax: 888.245.4440                        1500 Pacific Coast Hwy Ste A, Seal Beach, CA 90740           Fax: 425.488.3646
 600 Boyce R., Pittsburgh, PA 15205                                                                                      18221 102nd Ave. NE, Bothell, WA 98011
                                                            Nutz and Boltz has been designed to create practice
 Douglas Laboratories®, an industry leader for over         fulfillment for chiropractors based on a need brought
                                                                                                                         Dr. Jack Flynn will assist you in the purchase or sale
 50 years, manufactures and sells exceptional quality       to our attention by our brothers and sisters in this great
                                                                                                                         of your chiropractic practice. With over 25 years of
 nutraceutical products exclusively to Healthcare           profession who were looking for better results or have
                                                                                                                         practical experience, he is highly qualified to appraise,
 Practitioners. Our manufacturing capabilities include      had an outright struggle to make it.
                                                                                                                         negotiate and assist in acquiring up to 125% financing
 private labeling, custom convenience packs, and                                                                         for clients.
 custom formulations.                                       Chiropractic Peak Performance Alliance
                                                            Troy Dreiling, DC, Member
 Nutri-West Pacific                                         Tel: 360.260.6903 Fax: 360.260.6903
 www.nutriwest.com                                          9418 NE Vancouver Mall Dr., Vancouver, WA 98662
 Skip Kilpatrick, President
 Tel: 800.458.7606 Fax: 253.851.1074                        CPPA provides doctors with an accelerated marketing
 5500 Olympic Dr., Ste. A105, PMB 252                       program designed to assist them in reaching more
 Gig Harbor, WA 98335                                       people they can help, and in staying in touch with their
                                                            current clients.
 Provides a complete line of nutrients—vitamins, minerals
 and other products.

12   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
RADIOLOGIC IMAGING                                          TRA Medical Imaging                                       National Injury Diagnostics
                                                            www.tramedicalimaging.com                                 www.nationalinjurydiagnostics.com
  Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)                       Sue Meland, Marketing Manager                             Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC, CICE,
www.cdiradiology.com                                        Tel: 253. 761.4200 Fax: 253.761.4201                      Owner, Chief Operating Officer
Jill Nuss, Account Manager                                  2202 S Cedar St. Ste 200, Tacoma, WA 98405                Tel: 715.833.8533 Fax: 715.839.7902
Tel: 866.942.7226 Fax: 253.942.3517                                                                                   800 Wisconsin St., Bldg. D2, MB 50
33801 First Way South, Suite 101                            TRA Medical Imaging has been serving the South            Eau Claire, WI 50701
Federal Way, WA 98003                                       Sound community for over 60 years. They have
                                                            a team of 34-board certified fellowship trained           National Injury Diagnostics is a nationwide
CDI (Center for Diagnostic Imaging) and RCW                 radiologists that includes six radiologists who           diagnostic service that was established to meet the
(Radiology Consultants of Washington) have                  specialize in musculoskeletal radiology. There are        needs that Spinal Injury Providers have for accurate
merged and are now operating under the name                 convenient outpatient locations in Tacoma, Lakewood       spinal ligament assessments. All of their reads
CDI! There are 8 centers to choose from located in          and Gig Harbor.                                           follow AMA precision compliance parameters for
Bellevue, Everett, Federal Way, Kirkland, Lakewood,                                                                   Impairment Rating. They also offer Pathology reads
Mountlake Terrace, Renton and Seattle. Choose               Vancouver Radiologists                                    with the top DACBR in the Industry, Dr. Terry R.
from High-Field MRI, Walk-in CT and Walk-in                                                                           Yochum, DC, DACBR, Fellow, ACCR.
X-Ray exams. On-site, sub-specialized radiologists
are available for consult, have special interest in         Jennifer Kammer, Director of Marketing
                                                                                                                      Pacific X-Ray Technologies
chiropractic care and welcome your inquiries.               Tel: 360.254.4914 Fax: 360.449.4984
                                                            505 NE 87th Ave., Ste. LL50                               www.pacxray.com
                                                            Vancouver, WA 98664                                       Robert Rants, Representative
  Radia Imaging                                                                                                       Tel: 253.531.4070 Fax: 253.531.6205
www.radia.net                                                                                                         908 - 125th St., Ct. E, Tacoma, WA 98445
                                                            Vancouver Radiologists, P.C. has been providing
Deborah Schauls, Marketing Director
                                                            full-spectrum professional diagnostic imaging services
Sharon Gibbons, Marketing Administrator                     to the greater Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR             Pacific X-Ray specializes in providing digital x-ray
Tel: 425.297.6238 Fax: 425.297.6250                         for 35 years. Their board certified Radiologists          equipment. This newer technology provides better
728 134th St. SW #120, Everett, WA 98024                    are dedicated to providing patient focused care           imaging, eliminates film and processing and allows
                                                            in a comfortable outpatient setting. Vancouver            images to be emailed, printed on paper and even
Radia’s board certified physicians provide                  Radiologists offers state-of-the-art technology and       saved to CDs.
professional services in diagnostic imaging,                quality medical imaging services.
interventional radiology, and vascular testing                                                                        Washington X-Ray, Inc.
and surgery. A broad range of exams utilizing               Washington Imaging Services                               Bob Larsen, President
technologically advanced equipment are provided             www.washingtonimaging.com                                 Tel: 253.939.6736 Fax: 253.939.6842
including MRI, CT, PET/CT, ultrasound, nuclear
                                                            Gary Beneze, Director of Marketing                        101 Frontage Rd. S, Pacific, WA 98047
medicine, pain management, dental imaging, breast
MRI, and teleradiology for multiple hospital based          Tel: 425.688.0100 Fax: 425.454.8911
and free standing outpatient centers throughout the         1417 116th Ave. NE, Ste. 110                              Washington X-Ray, Inc., a WSCA Charter Member,
State of Washington. For more information about             Bellevue, WA 98004                                        is a full service x-ray company specializing in film,

                                                                                                                                                                              WsCa Marketplace spring 2010
Radia, please visit them at www.radia.net                                                                             both new and used processors and equipment,
                                                            Washington Imaging Services provides state-of-the-        chemistry, service, and supplies.
Olympia Open MRI, LLC                                       art imaging services through outpatient facilities
                                                            at Overlake Medical Tower in Bellevue and the
Susan Golden, Managing Member                               Medical Center of Issaquah. Their exceptional
Tel: 360.413.9393 / 503.246.2808                            imaging quality, compassionate care and accurate
Fax: 360.413.9363                                           interpretations have made them the preferred choice
669 Woodland Sq. Loop SE, Suite D                           for radiology exams on the eastside.
Lacey, WA 98503

Open architecture, non-claustrophobic MRI with
special emphasis on diseases and problems
involving the spine. Chiropractic friendly with
payment plans for uninsured patients plus other
                                                            RADIOLOGY PRODUCTS
billing and collection support.                             AND SERVICES
                                                            Advanced Images, Inc.
Pacific Imaging Center
                                                            William Sauro, President
Jack Berry, MRI Director
                                                            Tel: 253.395.7355 Fax: 253.395.7357
Tel: 360.501.3444 Fax: 360.577.1633
                                                            13708 24th St E., Suite 5, Sumner, WA 98390
625 9th Ave., Suite 130
Longview, WA 98626
                                                            Advanced Images specializes in all types of
                                                            processor repair, and sells new and used film
Pacific Imaging is a full service MRI center featuring      processors. The company has competitive pricing
axial loading of the lumbar spine on its high-field         on all sizes of x-ray film, offers used film pick up
GE scanner. What sets them apart is their personal          and purging, and specializes in all silver discharge
service. From convenient parking to the attention of        compliance issues. They have a wide variety of
their skilled staff, they are committed to ensuring that    darkroom supplies and paper products for x-ray
a chiropractor’s MRI patient is comfortable, and that       storage as well. They’re definitely the ones to see for
the service is quick and as complete as possible. This      x-ray processor Sales and Service and Digital x-ray.
includes forwarding all images to the ordering DC
within 24 hours after the exam.

Seattle Radiologists
Nicholas Smith, Marketing Director
Tricia West, Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 206.292.6233 ext. 7607 Fax: 206.292.7764

Searad provides professional services to Seattle’s
Swedish Medical Center. Established more than 40
years ago, Searad also provides outpatient radiology
services to several large, local, multispecialty clinics.
They provide service through 39 board-certified,
subspecialty, and fellowship-trained radiologists.
                                                      Legislative update
                                                      Lori Bielinski, LMP
                                                      WSCA Executive Director and Government Relations Director

                                                       Chiropractic legislation is like fly-tape.                    Update!
                                                       Some issue or amendment that doesn’t                          At Plexus press time, our bill has passed
                            belong always seems to be stuck on our legislation and this year is                      the House of Representatives with a vote
                            no different. Our little chiropractic bill this year, SB 6487, was to                    of 97-1! Our bill is on its way to the

                            remove the sunset provision of our 2008 chiropractic fair pay bill.                      Governor’s desk, as the last stop of the
                            Even though our fair pay law isn’t due to expire until 2013, we                          legislative process, for final approval
                            can never predict how things will turn out—the longer we wait to                         and her signature.
                            make “fair pay” permanent, the harder it will be to pass. Legislators
                            have short memories when it comes to these technical matters
                            and any kind of turnover will make it even more challenging to
                            explain. The sheer volume of bills they have to read, in addition
                            to budget provisions, prohibits them from remembering important
                            details from previous years and the longer we wait, the less likely      Finally, after many, many hours of sitting in the final Ways and
                            that they would remember why we needed this protection; why the          Means Committee meeting of the session, our bill was passed
                            sunset needs to go away; and why there isn’t a study still attached      out unanimously. But the chiropractic fly-tape effect strikes once
                            to the bill.                                                             again—the wrong signature page was sent around committee.
                                                                                                     Everyone had signed the “do not pass” page by mistake. Things
                            Why isn’t there a study, you ask? Ask the insurance carriers!
                                                                                                     like this easily happen when legislators and their staff have been
                            When we had originally ran the 2008 bill, the House Healthcare
                                                                                                     working many late nights and early mornings. This is why we
                            & Wellness Chairwoman had requested that a study be put on our
                                                                                                     must always pay careful attention to progress and status of our
                            bill which would require the insurance carriers to turn over their
                                                                                                     bills. Committee staff recognized the error and quickly passed the
                            proprietary data to the Insurance Commissioner, which would have
                                                                                                     correct sheet to the members but if they had not done so prior to
                            more accurately reflected just how much they had been underpaying
                                                                                                     midnight (it was caught at 10 pm) the bill would have been dead
                            chiropractors. Since the insurers were not willing to turn over the
                                                                                                     due to incorrect process.
                            data and not willing to have to pay for the study, they had requested
                            that the governor veto that section of the bill. Governor Gregoire       We are now back on track to getting the final vote of the entire
                            did so, but she did not veto the sunset provision, which was in a        House, before we start working with the governor’s staff to ensure
                            separate section of the bill. This meant that unless we repealed that    that our bill is signed and not vetoed.
                            sunset provision, your ability to receive fair pay for certain billing
                                                                                                     The job of the WSCA is process, your job is action! Be sure to plan
                            codes that you share with other provider-types would go away.
                                                                                                     your 2011 winter to make sure that you are involved! You can see
                            This year, our bill zipped through the senate with a perfect vote,       by this short article that little bills are detailed enough, but with the
                            48-0! We have never achieved such bi-partisan support on a               physical therapists wanting to manipulate the spine they will drop
                            chiropractic bill. Over in the House, things were going along            another bill next year and we will need chiropractors from all over
                            smoothly in House Healthcare & Wellness (11-1 vote out of                the state to be involved from the campaign level beginning in April
                            committee), but when we had put in a request for our bill to be          to session beginning in 2011.
                            moved to the House floor, we were suddenly kicked into the Ways
                            and Means Committee (consideration of the cost of the legislation).
                            Since we didn’t have a fiscal note attached to the bill, we were
                            extremely puzzled as to why we would end up there. The concern
                            of the committee was the fiscal note from the original bill two years
                            ago! Our issue with this was that the fiscal note was entirely an
                            assumption that the carrier’s rates on chiropractic services would
                            dramatically increase—which would have a direct effect on certain
                            plans that are contracted through the state such as Public Employee
                            Benefits Board (PEBB) plans. The carriers have the ability to
                            decide what any providers rates are, but the state has to assume that
                            there will be a higher cost so that they can budget for the potential
                            cost increase.
                            While in this committee, the carriers had stated on the record that
                            they would like to see this study back in place. That visibly upset
                            many of the House members who were well aware that the carriers
                            had stated before that they would never support this study. There
                            was much debate over the next couple of days about the pros and
                            cons of adding a study back in; if the governor would be forced
                            to veto it again; and how it would affect our fair pay bill in the
                            long run.

      14            w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                              When You Buy Supplies from Thera Tek,
                                                        you support the
                                               Washington Chiropractic Trust (WCT)

                                                 10% of All Thera Tek Supply Sales
                                                     are Donated to the WCT

                                              If every DC in Washington State purchased one
                                             box of table paper from Thera Tek, the contribution
                                                to the WCT could exceed $45,000 in 2010.

                                                       Thank You, Thera Tek!

                                                         Contact Noel Davenport at
                                                       206.781.1776 • 800.858.0250

16   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                nd ing patient
                             pa                Ca
                          ex                     r

Chiropractors in Lead Roles in Emerging
National Interdisciplinary Consortium
John Weeks

What does this set of activities have in common?
   • Placing chiropractors and chiropractic-oriented themes in a major Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public sponsored by
     the Institute of Medicine.
   • Urging the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) to shift to a real world, outcomes agenda.
   • Educating MDs and nurses about the value of integrating services of distinctly licensed providers and not just therapies or modalities.
   • Promoting inter-professional and inter-institutional relationships between MD and nursing educators and educators from chiropractic colleges
     and other natural health fields.
   • Publishing a well-received text on chiropractic and the other licensed complementary and alternative healthcare professions with each chapter
     written by experts from the discipline.
   • Assisting educators, students and practitioners from chiropractic and other accredited natural healthcare schools in developing competencies
     and skills to practice effectively in integrated settings.
The answer is these are all accomplishments and projects of an emerging national organization in which chiropractic leadership has been prominent.

                                                                                                                             Continued on page 18

                                                                      P l e x u s                 M a r c h / A p r i l             2 0 1 0          17
 expanding patient Care
 Chiropractors in Lead Roles in Emerging National Interdisciplinary Consortium
                                                                                                                             Continued from page 17

                              The organization is the Academic Consortium     The starting place for mutual respect is relationship. We need to be in the
                                for Complementary and Alternative Health      same rooms and get to know each other. Since its founding, ACCAHC
                                 Care (ACCAHC), begun in 2004 and             has maintained close collegial relationships with its counterpart, the
                                  incorporated here in Washington State       44 medical school-member Consortium of Academic Health Centers
                                  in 2008. The founding chair was Reed        for Integrative Medicine. The two organizations have collaborated on
                                  Phillips, DC, PhD. David O’Bryon, JD,       research, responded to each others’ papers and shared policy strategies.
                                 executive director of the Association of     In May of 2009, the MD academics hosted 45 of ACCAHC’s leaders
                                Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) is the present    for a half-day of joint meetings of their working groups followed by a
                              co-chair. Western States Chiropractic College   reception and dinner.
                           president Joe Brimhall, DC, serves on the
                                                                              Most remarkable, in part through these relationships, the MD consortium is
                        executive committee. Numerous other chiropractic
                                                                              arguing policy direction on behalf of its CAM colleagues. Listed among the
 leaders such as Christine Goertz, DC, PhD, Horace Elliott, David Wickes,
                                                                              MD’s top three priorities that it is advocating in the 2011-2015 NIH NCCAM
 DC, William Meeker, DC, MPH and Frank Nicchi, MS, DC, Anthony
                                                                              strategic plan is the continued funding of researchers from chiropractic and
 Lisi, DC are volunteers on the Board or in ACCAHC working groups.
                                                                              other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) schools.
 (See www.accahc.org for the lists of key personnel.)
                                                                                           One core area that ACCAHC’s leaders knew needed to
 The historic context that birthed ACCAHC is the patient’s
                                                                                              be addressed to stimulate better healthcare was a
 growing use of multiple practitioners, particularly when they
                                                                                                resource with quality, vetted information on the
 have complex chronic conditions. Increasingly, patients
                                                                                                  licensed CAM disciplines. Too much of the
 who see chiropractors may not only see MDs and
                                                                                                    dialogue about “integration” has separated
 PTs, but more and more a variety of other integrative
                                                                                                     therapy from practitioner, and diminishing
 practitioners. Forward-thinking educational leaders
                                                                                                      respect for the professions and the education of
 recognize that professions need to get out of
                                                                                                      the practitioners.
 their isolated silos. Developing inter-professional
 education and skills in teams are ascendant values.                                                   To meet this need, ACCAHC published the
                             The         system-wide                                                   Clinicians’ and Educators’ Desk Reference on
                             integrative       medicine                                               the Licensed Complementary and Alternative
                             movement is a subset of                                                 Healthcare Professions (CEDR). The desk
                             these larger trends.                                                  reference is being well-received. Author and
                                                                                                 integrative medicine educator Andrew Weil, MD, for
                            These forces in healthcare
                                                                                             instance, called it “a great platform for developing
 eventually brought chiropractic leaders together with
                                                                                        relationships to serve our patients.” (See sidebar.)
 their counterparts on the other four licensed complementary and
 alternative healthcare disciplines: acupuncture and Oriental medicine,       ACCAHC is a 501c3 charitable organization and by its
 naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and direct-entry (homebirth)          own policies does not engage in lobbying. However,
 midwifery to form ACCAHC. In 2005, they jointly affirmed ACCAHC’s            the organization does respond to calls from public
 vision of:                                                                   officials for information and can create white papers
                                                                              that might be useful in policy matters. A major
 “ … a healthcare system that is multidisciplinary and enhances
                                                                              involvement during 2008-2009 and two current
 competence, mutual respect and collaboration across all complementary
                                                                              activities describe how a consortium like ACCAHC
 and alternative medicine and conventional healthcare disciplines.”
                                                                              can be a significant voice for better healthcare.
 ACCAHC’s focus on education, educators and students follows the truism
                                                                              In early 2008, ACCAHC learned that the Institute of
 that practitioners who are educated together are more likely to practice
                                                                              Medicine (IOM) was planning a “National Summit
 together. Evolving a delivery system that reflects the ACCAHC vision
                                                                              on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public”
 requires shifting educational practices.
                                                                              to be held a year later. Quick research found that the
 ACCAHC is uniquely structured as an inter-professional consortium. The       planning team was only medical doctors and related
                       organization’s core members are themselves             academics. The ACCAHC board passed a resolution
                           national     organizations      representing       charging me, as executive director, to contact the IOM and
                              the councils of colleges, accrediting           educate IOM staff on the importance to the Summit’s patient care
                                agencies and certification and testing        mission of involving licensed complementary alternative healthcare
                                 organizations for the five licensed          professionals in the planning. I had the pleasure of sharing with the IOM
                                  disciplines. The ACC, Council on            that ACCAHC, the organization that charged me to call, has dues-paying
                                   Chiropractic Education (CCE) and           members from national organizations representing 350,000 licensed
                                   the National Board of Chiropractic         practitioners nationwide.
                                  Examiners (NBCE) are all members.
                                                                              The IOM was receptive. ACCAHC chair Elizabeth Goldblatt, PhD, MPA.
                                  Four leading chiropractic colleges and
                                                                              HA, was asked to serve on the planning committee. Goldblatt helped shift
                                 universities are among ACCAHC’s
                                                                              the agenda and thinking to become more inclusive. Most writing teams
                               individual college members.
                                                                              eventually included members of ACCAHC fields. The IOM’s report

18   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                                                        A Handy Desk Reference
                                                                                        on Chiropractic and
                                                                                        the CAM Professions
                                                                                        194 pages; $24.95
on the summit reflected these                                                           How long do chiropractors go to school? But is the education
themes in shifting language from                                                        accredited? Are acupuncturists involved in research? How
the MD-dominant “integrative                                                            many states are the naturopathic doctors licensed in? What
medicine” to the more inclusive                                                         do these professions view as their top challenges and
“integrative health care.” As                                                           opportunities in coming years?
noted in the article’s opening,
chiropractors were among those we                                                       The Clinicians’ and Educators’ Desk Reference on the
placed in key leadership roles.                                                         Licensed Complementary and Alternative Healthcare
                                                                                        Professions (CEDR) was created to answer these and other
ACCAHC also responded in the fall of 2009                                               basic questions providers of all types might have as they
when NIH NCCAM asked for stakeholder input on the formation of its                      learn to work with each other, or discover that a patient is
2011-2015 strategic plan, noted above. Our Research Working Group,                      seeing a new practitioner type.
whose members have been investigators on over 50 NIH grants, agreed
on key priorities across our disciplines. The group is co-chaired by Roni               An important audience is
Evans, DC, MS and was formerly co-chaired by Christine Goertz, DC, PhD,                 the conventional healthcare
who remains a member, along with Phillips, Mitchell Haas, DC, MA and                    communities. Early response
Gregory Cramer, PhD, DC.                                                                from MD academics and
                                                                                        nursing leaders has been
Again, we underscored the size of the multidisciplinary consortium we                   strong.     Authors     Larry
represent—yes, we are a huge stakeholder—before making our three core                   Dossey, MD and Barbara
points on NCCAM’s future resource allocation: research on whole practices               Dossey, PhD, RN called it
(rather than reductive trials); research on costs and cost-effectiveness; and           a “landmark achievement”
building research capacity in our schools.                                              that “removes the veil from
Similarly, ACCAHC noted that the subject of the role of chiropractors and               the licensed complementary
other licensed complementary healthcare practitioners in meeting the nation’s           and alternative healthcare
primary care needs was the subject of testimony before the US Senate last               practitioners who have won
year. The subject was also on the table, repeatedly, at the IOM Summit.                 the devotion of a significant
                                                                                        proportion of our population.”
Working with Michael Goldstein, PhD, a senior researcher with the UCLA                  Harvard’s David Eisenberg,
Center for Health Policy, ACCAHC is just now engaging a new project, the                MD chose to write a preface.
  working title of which is “ACCAHC Professions and the Future of Primary
       Care.” ACC is helping identify the three chiropractic members of the             Yet there are typically
           multidisciplinary team who will draft a white paper on the subject           significant gaps in the knowledge an acupuncturist may
             and then roll it out in a conference.                                      have about a chiropractor’s background, or a chiropractor
                                                                                        about that of a naturopathic doctor. Lead editor Elizabeth
                On June 26-28, 2009, ACCAHC will host its first major                   Goldblatt, PhD, MPA/HA notes that the “main goal is to
                 conference at Bastyr University. The themes will be shaped             foster inter-professional education so that all healthcare
                  by ACCAHC ‘s core projects which were, in turn, shaped by             practitioners will be able to cultivate clinical, educational
                   ACCAHC’s multidisciplinary leadership. The conference                and research collaborations.”
                    will most certainly have content on the primary care
                    initiative just noted, on evidence-based medicine and               The book’s main text is a set of chapters on each of the
                   enhancing the research culture of our colleges, and in a third       five licensed disciplines (chiropractic, acupuncture and
                   important area prioritized in ACCAHC’s work, regarding               Oriental medicine, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy
                  the competencies of our students and professionals for                and direct-entry midwifery). Each is written to a template
                practicing in integrative environments.                                 that includes such things as philosophy, scope, standards,
                                                                                        approach to practice, accreditation, research and integration
               Perhaps the conference’s content will appeal to some of you. If          examples. The book also includes six shorter appendices on
             so, mark the dates. If you have an interest in following ACCAHC            related integrative practice fields.
          action, ACCAHC welcomes associate members. Go to www.
       accahc.org for information. We appreciate the opportunity to share               For the information to be vetted at a high level, authors
 this ground-breaking work we believe is essential for creating the respectful          were selected through the council of colleges of each field.
healthcare teams of the future.                                                         The three on the chiropractic chapter are Reed Phillips, DC,
                                                                                        PhD, former president of Southern California University of
                                                                                        Health Sciences, Mike Wiles, DC, EdD, vice president and
               —John Weeks is a co-founder and current executive director of            provost of Northwestern Health Sciences University and
               ACCAHC. He also publishes and edits the Integrator Blog News             David O’Bryon, JD, executive director of ACC.
               and Reports (www.theintegratorblog.com), the leading medium for
               tracking policy and business developments across the integrative         For ordering information and more on the book, go to
               practice community. Weeks has worked with the WSCC leadership on         www.accahc.org. Bulk pricing is available.
               integration related topics.

                                                                          P l e x u s              M a r c h / A p r i l             2 0 1 0        19
     WSCA 2010 Spring Conference Preview

     Expanding Chiropractic with Posture
     Why Strengthening Posture is a Bridge from
     Pain Relief to Performance and Aging Well
     Steven Weiniger, DC

     The era of unlimited insurance coverage is over, but as insurance             A posture-based chiropractic practice teaches patients that moving well
     coverage shrinks, successful DCs are coaching and empowering patients         is key to performance and aging well, aligning with information from
     towards performance and wellness with posture exercise.                       other sources and professions promoting this self-evident truth. Along
                                                                                   with relieving pain, the posture-based chiropractic practice restores
     Ask a low back pain patient, or nearly any patient, about their posture.
                                                                                   motion and alignment while teaching patients an individualized daily
     You’ll find most know they have “posture issues,” Ask an athlete if
                                                                                   posture exercise program. People become more aware of their posture
     posture affects performance—or if bad form (aka bad posture in motion)
                                                                                   with exercises that kinesthetically “feel” right when they are moving
     causes injuries. Or ask an older person, especially one with health issues,
                                                                                   well, and of their adaptive motions when they’re moving poorly. “Posture
     if their posture has degenerated along with their health. They may call it
                                                                                   Consciousness”—along with initial and follow-up postural assessment
     bad posture, hunching over or slouching, but people readily understand
                                                                                   pictures—builds the perceived (and real) value of strong posture.
     the connection between their posture and their pain.
                                                                                   The trend is towards a society of empowered patients, so educating
     People know the children’s rhyme, “the foot bone’s connected to the knee
                                                                                   patients to understand posture and body mechanics encourages them to
     bone, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone . . .” and they get the
                                                                                   value posture-based services, and to potentially desire them despite a lack
     logic of mechanical posture connections. Understanding posture and bio-
                                                                                   of insurance reimbursement. We use 5 Posture Principles as concepts
     mechanics builds the perceived value essential to bridge from pain care
                                                                                   (detailed in the book, Stand Taller~Live Longer) to teach kinetic chain
     to rehab and then to wellness care. In addition, bio-mechanically educated
                                                                                   bio-mechanics to the general public.
     patients can communicate to others WHY they see a chiropractor
     regularly, and why others should as well.

                                                                                                                                           Copyright BodyZone LLC

20      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                                                       Communicating Posture
                                                                                       Use Bio-Mechanics and the 5 Posture Principles to explain
                                                                                       kinetic chain ideas to patients for:
                                                                                           • How their problem began
                                                                                           • What you observed and,
The five posture principles are:
                                                                                           • What you are going to do to help the problem
1. Motion - The body is made to move
                                                                                           • How their ADLs affect their problem, and
2. balance - Your posture is HOW you balance your body
                                                                                           • What can they do to help their problem
3. patterns - Your body moves in patterns of motion which follow the
   path of least resistance
4. Compensation (function changes) - Your body moves in the patterns                   Sample Posture Practice Patient Dialogue
   you teach it—and pain teaches it to move differently
5. adaptation (structure changes) - Changes in posture and changes in
   motion cause the body to change.
                                                                                       “   Mr. Johnson, you have been suffering off and on with
                                                                                           neck pain since that accident 5 years ago. Even though it
                                                                                           hasn’t hurt most of the time, your posture appears to have
Posture is already a concern for many, one which will grow as computer-                    adapted. When I look at your Posture Picture, the right
bound boomers age and their slumping posture degenerates into hunching                     shoulder is markedly high and your head is tilted to that
older bodies. Posture Principles are common sense and self evidently                       side in compensation, and when I palpate your neck, I note
true framework to build on what people know about their DC (someone                        chronic spasm in your trapezius and levator muscles, here
who relieves pain and makes me feel better) to give them a broader                         and here.
view of chiropractic as essential for moving well as you age. In addition                  We work with posture in this practice. Our goal is
to posture pictures for initial and follow-up exams, posture oriented                      to unlock joints which are not moving normally with
patient education repositions the pain patient towards an awareness of                     chiropractic adjustments, and then teach you specific
their postural and motion deficits, and provides a logical and intuitively                 focused posture exercises to retrain your body’s patterns
true bio-mechanical link between perceived pain and observable                             of motion. Especially since you work over a desk which
motion dysfunction.                                                                        you say has irritated your neck pain, strengthening and
Despite our differences, nearly all DCs—spine specialist to sports                         stretching parts of posture which have adapted is necessary
performance, pain-relief to wellness—agree on the importance of                            to make a change. As you feel better, we’ll show you
restoring lost segmental motion with an adjustment. DCs can ethically                      exercises to strengthen your weak areas which you should
earn credibility and respect by aligning with the “move well to age well”                  probably continue doing even once you feel better. Also, it
meme, and even promote the idea that intelligent people do daily posture                   may make sense to get adjusted occasionally depending on
exercise and choose to get adjusted to stay active and optimize wellness.                  your progress and desires. We’ll talk about that after we get

                —Dr. Steven Weiniger presents Posture Practice seminars nationally
                                                                                           you feeling better.
                                                                                       Later on, if you have helped the pain they walked in with,
                (“Integrating Chiropractic & Posture Rehab Exercise,” “Clinical        taught them postural exercises, and improved their posture
                Posture Assessment, Therapy and Exercise” and “Posture Practice        consciousness, you will have earned the credibility to effectively
                Online Courses”). His book, Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti-         tell patients about RehabCare and even WellnessCare. You may
                Aging Strategy, teaches people how StrongPosture™ exercise             even find people telling you they want to keep getting adjusted
                helps you to improve posture to stay active and pain-free.
                                                                                       while they are still under acute care because, as a patient said to
               Dr. Weiniger is Managing Partner of BodyZone.com, the online            me last week, he can “tell it makes him feel and move better.”
               source for consumer posture information and professional posture        In my experience, he is far more likely to continue under care
               practice tools and continuing education. For more information,
               visit www.BodyZone.com or call 866.443.8966.                            as a personal pay patient because he knows getting adjusted is
                                                                                       good for him—and regardless of his insurance coverage, he
                                                                                       is correct.

                                                                                P l e x u s               M a r c h / A p r i l                2 0 1 0       21
     WSCA 2010 Spring Conference Preview

     Should You Be Providing Some Kind of

     Nutritional Therapy
     in your practice?
     Dr. Doug Barnard

     Sometimes, when talking to fellow chiropractors the topic of nutritional     I believe doing some form of nutritional work is chiropractic; nutritional
     therapy will come up. Without fail I hear a wide variety of responses to     deficiencies do effect our nervous system as well as our physiology. I
     the question, “Should I be providing nutritional therapy?” It seems that     think that most of us would agree with this idea. There are many excellent
     chiropractors have strong opinions about everything and this certainly       chiropractic techniques that utilize nutrition in their assessment and
     includes nutritional therapy.                                                treatment in order to restore and maintain optimal health.
     Some of the comments I hear against nutritional therapy are things such as   Integrating nutritional therapy into your practice can be fairly simple
                                                                                  and straightforward. You might decide to start out by carrying very basic
     • “But it’s not chiropractic.”
                                                                                  nutritional products such as multi vitamins, essential fatty acids. vitamin
     • “It’s too hard to integrate into my practice.”
                                                                                  D (very important here in the Northwest) and a high quality proteolytic
     • “I can’t make any money at it.”
                                                                                  enzyme to assist in clearing one’s blood of debris and maintaining normal
     • “It doesn’t work.”
                                                                                  blood viscosity (a good idea for avoiding a stroke or heart attack). Or you
     • “I don’t like selling supplements. I’m a doctor not a salesman.”
                                                                                  might want to add nutritional products that are effective in controlling
     But I also hear more positive comments such as:                              inflammation since musculo-skeletal conditions involve the inflammatory
                                                                                  process. Inflammatory conditions are rampant in our country and
     • “Doing nutritional therapy has increased what I offer my patients and
                                                                                  conventional medicine is not really effective in this area and is probably
        I love doing it.”
                                                                                  causing more harm than good.
     • “Subluxations have many causes and nutritional deficiencies can
        certainly cause stress and dysfunction to the health of the spine.”       So, what if you really get interested in providing nutritional therapy?
     • “Nutritional therapy is generally not covered by insurance yet people      Now you are going to need a system to evaluate your patients. The
        are willing to pay for it out of pocket.                                  “Foundations of Functional Nutrition” course that is sponsored by the
     • “Nutritional therapy is needed. No one else is effectively giving          Nutritional Therapy Association located in Olympia, Wash., might be
        patients answers to many of their concerns regarding health               just the thing for you. This functional approach gives you many tools to
        challenges that are basically lifestyle driven and respond well to        perform a comprehensive nutritional exam. In order to evaluate someone
        exercise, good nutrition and managing stress.”                            accurately you need to determine: (1) Is there a nutritional deficiency
                                                                                  (2) What nutritional product will work for the deficiency and, (3) When
                                                                                  is the deficiency corrected and the patient’s bio-chemistry returned
                                                                                  to balance?
                                                                                  To me, this sounds a little like, “How do we explain to our chiropractic
                                                                                  patients what is wrong, how we can help them and how long will it
                                                                                  take.” The FFN course will give you these tools so that you can truly
                                                                                  evaluate, treat and restore balance to your patients’ physiology as well as
                                                                                  supporting spinal health.
                                                                                  The combination of chiropractic and nutrition certainly supports our
                                                                                  philosophy and vision of the ideal holistic practice. Now we have
                                                                                  something really powerful to offer our patients who are looking for
                                                                                  something that is safe and effective. Today many people are refusing
                                                                                  prescription drugs and their side effects and want something better. Not
                                                                                  to mention the profound results nutritional therapy has had on treating all
                                                                                  the lifestyle/degenerative conditions that plague modern society: Heart
                                                                                  Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Digestive problems, Arthritis
                                                                                  and the really big one, Obesity—the list goes on.

22      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                                       The (preventable)
                                                                       Train Wreck
                                                                       keeping patients on Track
Maybe you feel too busy in your practice to incorporate
                                                                       Dr. Mark Radermacher
nutritional therapy, but you firmly see the need. Take advantage
of the well-trained sales staff working for the professional
nutraceutical companies. They can help you decide what basic           When patients are “on track” with their care, they attend their spinal care
products to carry that would take little of your staff’s time while    class, they schedule all their appointments, and if they miss an appointment,
providing good, basic nutritional support.                             they make it up, and they do what you recommend they ought to do outside
                                                                       your office—thus they have the best possible opportunity to benefit from care.
Even better, contact the Nutritional Therapy Association               When patients get “off track” with their care, they don’t bother to attend their
(1.800.918.9798) and explore using one of their Nutritional            spinal care class, they schedule only some of their appointments, when they
Therapy Practitioners in your practice. Their education includes a     miss an appointment they don’t make it up, and they rarely, if ever, follow
basic understanding of chiropractic. They will add to the services     your recommendations outside your office—thus they have very little chance
you offer your community as well as improve your bottom-line.          of benefiting from care.
No matter how involved you get in nutritional therapy, it’s worth      When the patient gets “off track” with care, it is the doctor’s job to guide them
it. Nutritional therapy supports the big idea of chiropractic:         back “on track” so they might benefit. This makes sense, this is the decent thing
removing the cause and effect of subluxations. It is easy to           to do, and this is what the patient hired us to do.
incorporate into your practice and there’s a lot of help and
information available to get you started. Nutritional therapy can      Unfortunately, in some instances, many doctors take what they erroneously
be a new source of revenue for your office that doesn’t depend         believe to be the easy way out. When a patient gets “off track” with care,
on insurance companies and your patients will see you in a bigger      some doctors actually abandon the recommended care protocol by mistakenly
way, a more holistic way.                                              following the patient off the tracks. How, you might ask? When a patient
                                                                       misses spinal care class, or misses an appointment and the doctor says
Our country has the most expensive and inefficient healthcare          nothing about rescheduling and nothing about make up missers, that doctor
system in all of the industrialized nations of the world and           is actually following the patient off the tracks. When this happens, a tragic
things are getting worse. Healthcare reform is a buzzword in           train wreck occurs. With this egregious mistake, the doctor—the only person
Washington, D.C. and some reform is coming, but when and how           who could have lead in the relationship, the doctor—the only person who
it will affect chiropractic and our patients nobody knows. Why         really understands the necessity of care, the only person who comprehends
wait to find out . . .                                                 the importance of health and chiropractic, the only person who could have
A well known chiropractor in Washington state, Dr. Brian Long,         mitigated the crash itself—is not only glaringly and personally absent from the
was keynote speaker years ago when I graduated from Life West          tracks but becomes responsible for compounding the wreck itself.
Chiropractic College. The last thing he said in his address to my      This mistake surely is not the easy way out. It obviates the patient from receiving
class was, “Do not forget how powerful chiropractic is and do not      necessary care and relinquishes critical professional responsibility. Trains run
forget that making positive lifestyle changes is one of the most       on tracks successfully, predictably, and seemingly effortlessly only when they
powerful tools we as chiropractors can offer our patients.”            stay on their tracks. This is by design and not by chance. As modern doctors
I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming WSCA               of chiropractic we now have all the communication tools we need to stay on
Spring Conference.                                                     the tracks ourselves and guide the patient back on the track to a healthcare they
                                                                       can’t afford to lose. This health train, powered by communication, must also be
                                                                       created by design and must never be left to malfunction by chance.

                —Douglas A. Barnard, DC operates White Salmon
                Chiropractic Clinic. His workshop at the WSCA Spring                   —Dr. Mark Radermacher is founder of Total Practice Management
                Conference is sponsored by Biotics Research NW.                        International, LLC.

                                                                       P l e x u s                    M a r c h / A p r i l              2 0 1 0         23
     Member Spotlight
 Dr. Lori Johnson adds a Regular Level Corporate Partnership to her DC member status as an independent representative for Shaklee. The company was
 founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, DC and today is a national nutrition company offering chiropractors and their patients natural food supplements
 and herbals, backed by a 100% money back guarantee. For information, call Dr. Johnson at 360.661.1196 or email her at drphotini@rschiropractic.
 com. Her website is www.drjohnson.myshaklee.com.

 Dr. David Folweiler
 Dr. Folweiler expands his involvement by joining as a Regular Level Corporate Partner in order to offer his services as an L&I and impairment rating
 consultant. He can be reached at Folweiler Chiropractic, 206.523.3855 or by email at drdave@folweiler.com.

 The WSCA is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with ChiroTouch for a special Referral Program for our Washington State
 doctors. The WSCA will now receive a donation for each no-obligation demonstration of the ChiroTouch Total Practice Management System. To learn
 more, simply go online to http://www.chirotouch.com/support-us/?org=WSCA .

 CompliantCare Change of Ownership
 Victoria Skoff is now the owner of CompliantCare. For billing or other related questions, contact her at chiro40dad@aol.com or by email at

 New Location for MyoVision
 WSCA Gold Level Corporate Member MyoVision has relocated its main office to Seattle. The new address is 4259 23rd Ave. W. Suite 400, Seattle,
 WA 98199. You can still reach David Marcarian at 800.969.6961 or by email to barbara@myovision.com.

 Brican Corporation Ceases Operations
 Laurant Goldstein has informed the WSCA that Brican Corporation has ceased operations. To the best of our knowledge, its MediaDoc™ office
 information system has been acquired by Altermed Solutions, Inc. of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Association has requested clarification on this
 situation but has not received any further information. Doctors with the MediaDoc™ system should contact Ms. Morgan Lackey, Altermed Solutions
 Sales and Marketing Director, at 877.207.9152 / 778.374.0061 or by email at mlackey@altermedsolutions.com. Please share any information you
 receive with the WSCA.

                                         WSCA Corporate Partner Profile

WSCA Corporate Member since: 2008                                         Geographic Areas Served: PINN has three Clinic locations: Kent,
                                                                          Tacoma and Olympia. Please visit their website at www.pinnrehab.com
Year Established: 1999
                                                                          for the address and directions to their clinics.
Key Management: Tom Hall, PT, President; Colleen Doneen, Vice
                                                                          Philosophy: “Our overall goal is to provide the best quality of therapy
President, Director of Business Operations; Barbara Harrington, OTR/L,
                                                                          or evaluation available to assist clients in reaching their work and
Director of Corporate & Therapy Service Compliance; Linda LaMonte,
                                                                          daily life goals. We provide objective documentation of physical
Director of Sales & Marketing; Lee Caton, PT, Kent Clinic Manager;
                                                                          and functional limitations with validity testing. We emphasize team
Steve Haskey, OTR/L, Tacoma Clinic Manager; Lisa Lang, PT, Olympia
                                                                          coordination with the Chiropractor, Physician, Vocational Counselor,
Clinic Manager
                                                                          Case Manager, Claims Manager, and Employer to ensure successful
                                                                          progression towards claims resolution.”
Description of Business: The team of Physical and Occupational
Therapists at Peoples Injury Network Northwest (PINN) works closely       About Being a WSCA Corporate Partner: “We have found WSCA to be
with the chiropractic community to provide supplemental care for the      a wonderful association to work with and excellent resource in helping
injured worker. They have been in business for over 10 years. They are    the chiropractic profession. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity
recognized as experts in Industrial Rehabilitation specializing in Work   to be a part of this rewarding association.”
Conditioning, Work Hardening, Physical Capacity Evaluations and
Physical Therapy Services. They welcome and encourage your patient
referrals or any questions you may have regarding their services.
                                                 Peoples injury network northwest
                                      Contact: Linda LaMonte, Director of Sales and Marketing
                                   Kent 253.395.1131 • Tacoma 253.475.7466 • Olympia 360.357.7466
24   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
CorPorAtE PArtnEr                                          Welcome, new & returning Members!
SPECiAL rECognition
                                                                New Doctor Members                                Returning Doctor Members
LEADErSHiP LEvEL                                                   Max Bridge, DC                                       Perry Chinn, DC
The Highest Level of Partnership
                                                             Queensgate Family Chiropractic                         Interurban Chiropractic
Adler giersch, PS                                                      Richland                                             Tukwila
Richard Adler, Attorney at Law
Center for Diagnostic imaging (CDi)                               Michael Enstad, DC                                   Loren Miller, DC
Jill Nuss, Senior Account Manager                           Cascade Chiropractic and Massage                      A Quality Life Health Center
866-942-7226                                                             Tacoma                                             Spokane
graham Lundberg & Peschel
Brian Peschel, Managing Partner
Ken Golden, Managing Partner
                                                                    Tony Garent, DC                                George Postlethwaite, DC
206-448-1992                                               Tony Garent Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC                    Postlewaite Chiropractic
radia imaging                                                            Selah                                             Spokane
Sharon Gibbons, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
425-297-6238                                                        Robert Kreutz, DC                                 Bryan Wiebe, DC
PLAtinuM LEvEL                                               Mukilteo Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC                  Fauntleroy Chiropractic Clinic
A Superior Level of Involvement                                         Mukilteo                                            Seattle
Biotics research nW, inc.
Gray Graham, President                                                                                                     Out of State
800-636-6913                                                                                                             Seth Tyberg, DC
foot Levelers                                                                                                              Richfield, VA
Peick | Conniff PS                                        In Memoriam
John C. Peick, Attorney at Law
425-462-0660                                              Dr. Coy W. Summers
Spine institute northwest
Solomon Kamson, MD, HHA                                                       Dr. Coy W. Summers, 83, passed away on December 25, 2009 in Palm
425-486-1000                                                                  Springs, CA. He was a longtime resident of Wenatchee, WA. He was
the Zielke Law firm                                                           the son of Bill and Ora Summers, born and raised in Yellville, AR.; and
Robert A. Zielke, Attorney at Law                                             moved to Yakima, WA at age 15. He graduated from Cowiche High
                                                                              School in 1944. He then joined the U.S. Marine Corps, serving during
goLD LEvEL                                                                    World War II and was very proud to be a Veteran. After the War, he
Support Above and Beyond Regular Level Partnership
                                                                              attended Central Washington University, Washington State University
Erchonia Medical                                                              and Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, graduating in
Charlie Shanks, Vice President                                                1950. In 1947, he married Delores Shields of Yakima, the love of his
Diane Southwick, Wash. Rep.                               life. After Chiropractic College, they moved to Ephrata, WA, where they established a
Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S.                               practice. In 1957, they relocated to Wenatchee, where they started Wenatchee Chiropractic
Morton Hardwick/Joseph Pendergast III, Attorneys at Law   Clinic. He was active in the Elks Club, Wenatchee Golf & Country Club and was a 32nd
425-228-3860                                              degree Mason. He was actively involved in sponsoring and playing in many sports. He loved
MW injury resolutions                                     his profession and practiced for 38 years. He was a founding member of the Washington
Jean Magladry/Charlotte Weigel
Attorneys at Law
                                                          State Chiropractic Disciplinary Board and served on the Examining Board for 15 years.
425-637-3096                                              He received many awards and recognition, including a Fellow from the International
Medicfusion                                               Chiropractors Association. He retired in 1988, and was able to enjoy his winters with Dody
Justin Lee, DC, Owner                                     in Palm Springs. He did so much for his profession, family and friends. He was a leader in
425-864-3536                                              his profession in Washington State and the nation. He worked with the State and Federal
Doug Gaynor, Marketing Director                           Legislature helping with the initial chiropractic inclusion at the start of the Medicare
800-692-9400                                              Program. Everyone could always count on “Coy.”
David Marcarian, President                                He is survived by his wife Delores; sons Greg (Nancy) and Brad (Heidi); grandchildren,
800-969-6961                                              Michelle, Heather, Brooke, Doug, Scotty, Alex and William; his sister, Jean McKimmey of
ouM Chiropractor Program                                  Yakima; as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins.
Kiran Edwards, Marketing Specialist
robinson & Kole
David Robinson, Attorney at Law
Law offices of Morris H. rosenberg, P.S.
Morris H. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law
                                                            where in the world is
Standard Process nW, inc.                                   mike lewis, dc?
Jerry Linnenkohl, President                                 For updates, visit:
800-292-6699                                                http://web.me.com/mlewis30/MyGlobalAdventure/Blog.html

                                                            at Plexus press time, here is the latest from Mike:
                                                            I have been to the bottom of South America (please see my blog updates),
                                                            taken an Antarctic cruise and am now heading back up north a bit. I am
                                                            currently in Coihaique, Chile. I am doing more camping now, so less internet
                                                            time. My coordinates are S45.34, W72.03.
                      Medicare Q & A
                      John Huber, DC
                      Chair, WSCA Medicare Committee

                      Q. Can Sterling force a provider to accept their Medicare
                      Advantage fee limits?
                      A. Yes. Congress gave insurance companies like Sterling the             Sterling Medicare Advantage PFFS plan clients usually pay a $10
                      right to participate in a type of Medicare Advantage managed            co-pay for services that you expect Sterling to cover. If Sterling
                      care plan called Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS). Chiropractors          does cover the service, you must accept what Sterling pays in
                      cannot op-out of Medicare Advantage PFFS plans that are not             addition to the $10 co-pay and write off any balance due. If
                      limited to a provider network. Some Medicare Part C plans are           Sterling denies care as non-covered or not medically necessary
                      HMO type plans with a very limited provider panel and no out-           then you can collect up to your normal Medicare Part B fees from

                      of-network benefit.                                                     the patient.
                      When a patient presents a Sterling Medicare Advantage PFFS
                      card, you can refuse to accept the patient or accept the PFFS plan
                                                                                                              —John Huber, DC, is Program Manager of the Chiropractic
                      protocols (you can’t take care of the patient and not bill Sterling).
                                                                                                              Technician Training Program at Highline Community
                      The PFFS plan fee limits are only related to services covered by                        College in Des Moines, Wash. He can be reached at
                      the plan. While Medicare Part B covers only chiropractic spinal                         206.878.3710, ext. 3071.
                      adjustments, some PFFS plans may offer payment for some
                      additional services.

   26         w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
 Member Perks
      It Pays to Be a WSCA Member!
     WSCA Corporate Partners Offer Significant Discounts to WSCA Member DCs
     The WSCA is fortunate to have a large number of companies and individuals who partner with us. Each provides products and/or services that can
     benefit you and your practice. Below, are just a few of our partners who offer special discounts or other offers. For a complete list of Corporate
     Partners, be sure to visit www.chirohealth.org/Marketplace.

 apollo Cold laser                                        Cossman Rehab Chiropractic                            Law Offices of Morris H.
 Dr. John Mishko and Apollo Cold Laser offer              Tables                                                Rosenberg, p.s.
 WSCA member DCs a $300 discount on the retail            www.rehabequip.com                                    Attorney Morris Rosenberg has represented injured
 price of each complete unit. In addition, they will      Long-time member Bob Cossman offers a 10%             persons for over 25 years. PIP carrier abuses of
 donate $100 to the WSCA or WCT for each sale.            discount as well as many other special pricing to     their good faith obligations are intolerable and he
 The offer expires March 31, 2010, and the first          DC members of the WSCA. He is an authorized           will confer at no charge as to PIP issues. Call him
 10 sales will also receive a digital dynamometer         dealer for Chattanoga, Elite, Lloyd and many          at 206.903.1010 or email mrpi@seanet.com.
 as a “thank you.” The company also includes free         other tables, products and supplies. Bob also is a
 clinical and technical support to all its clients.       solid source for reconditioned equipment. He can
 Call Dr. Mishko at 253.677.6677 or email                 be contacted at 800.682.6070 or by email to           Northwest Practice Advisors
 johnmishko@yahoo.com.                                    Bob@rehabequip.com.                                   www.practiceadvisors.com
                                                                                                                Dr. Jack Flynn and Northwest Practice Advisors
                                                                                                                offer a 25% discount on practice appraisals for
 biogenesis nutritionals                                  EON Systems                                           WSCA members. They specialize in appraisal,
 www.bioticsnw.com                                        www.eonsystems.net                                    sale and financing and create innovative
 BioGenesis Nutritionals participates regularly           EON donates $100 back to the WSCA for each            solutions making your future a reality. Contact
 in the WSCA spring and fall conferences, and             new client who purchases one of the company’s fine    them by telephone 800.863.9373 or email
 offers show specials: Buy 3, get 1 free on any           software documentation products. These include        info@practiceadvisors.com.
 BioGenesis product purchased at the conference.          The Practice Solution™, a full-featured management
 Special offers are also listed in the company’s          software package; Documentor™, documentation
 regular e-newsletter. To get on their email list, send   software, and Document Solution™, document            Peick | Conniff, PS
 your email to contact@bio-genesis.com and ask to         management and storage. New clients must state        www.peickconniff.com
 be added to their list. More information is also         that they are members of the WSCA. Contact            John Peick, corporate counsel to the WSCA, and
 available by calling Blake E. Dowen, Director of         Derek Greenwood at 727.298.5508 or email              his partner John Conniff provide straightforward
 Marketing at 425.487.0788 ext. 118.                      dgreen@eonsystems.net.                                telephone and email inquiries at no charge.
                                                                                                                They also are pleased to offer a 10% discount
                                                                                                                on document purchases, and “DC only” website
 biotics Research nW                                      fortune bank                                          subscription. Website subscribers also receive
 www.bioticsnw.com                                        Fortune Bank offers every WSCA member DC a            10% discount on hourly rates. The offices
 Biotics Research, a charter Corporate Partner of         $1,000 discount on business loan expenses for         can be reached at 425.462.0660 or email
 the WSCA, in partnership with The Nutritional            commercial real estate purchases, the purchase        jpeick@peickconniff.com.
 Therapy Association offers member DCs a 30-day           or start-up of a practice, or to refinance practice
 free trial to an online Nutritional Assessment that      debt. For more information, contact Scott Harvey,
 utilizes a 325 subjective indication questionnaire       Professional Practice Manager, at 206.254.7280        Opus Law Group
 to determine the nutritional deficiencies of your        or by email at sharvey@fortunebankwa.com              www.opuslawgroup.com
 patient for a more bio-individual plan. Learn more
                                                                                                                Howard Stambor and his partners at Opus
 by contacting Gray Graham at 800.636.6913 or
                                                                                                                Law Group specialize in negotiating leases for
 email biotics@bioticsnw.com.                             JR Consulting                                         tenants. They offer a range of discounted and
                                                          www.jrconsulting.info                                 capped fees to DC members of the WSCA.
                                                          Judy Richard offers WSCA members $50 off              Specific details are available by calling
 ChiroTouch                                               Dragon Medical 10 and $100 off DC Talk. Free          Howard at 206.438.5250 or emailing him at
 www.chiro-touch.com                                      telephone support also is available. According        hstambor@opuslawgroup.com.
 ChiroTouch would like to thank all WSCA members          to Judy, Dragon Medical 10 is 99.5% accurate
 for their involvement and contribution to their          right out of the box. You can speak with her
 local chiropractic community by awarding every           at 952. 474.3426 or connect by email at               Rps Table Repairs
 member with an additional $250 ChiroCheck                Judy@JRConsulting.info.                               Mike Rusnak at RPS is offering a 15% service
 that can be used toward a ChiroTouch purchase.                                                                 discount for new WSCA clients and 10% discount
 Contact them at 800.852.1771 or email                                                                          for existing clients. The company also backs its
 info@mychirotouch.com.                                                                                         performance with its 90 day labor and parts
                                                                                                                guarantee. Be sure to call Bob at 206.310.0036
                                                                                                                or email him at mikerusnakrps@gmail.com.

28      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
pro practice partners
All WSCA members are entitled to a complimentary statistical practice
analysis and consultation with Drs. Danial Drubin or Dr. Peter Hansen.
This service is valued at $175. Call 520.575.0207 or email them at
                                                                                  WSCA 2010 Spring Conference
                                                                                  April 16-18, 2010
seattle Medical group (sMg)                                                       Skamania Lodge • Stevenson, WA
SMG offers WSCA members a 25% discount on the purchase of select
Raintree Software systems which include EMR, billing, scheduling and              Keynote Presenters:
the complete practice management solution. For a limited time choose              • Dr. Mark Radermacher
either the 25% discount or a 20” Super Touch – Touch Screen Computer                Founder of Total Practice Management International, LLC
with the purchase of SMG’s complete EMR Software. In addition, SMG
offers WSCA members up to a 10% discount when using SMG Billing                   • Dr. Steven Weiniger
Services. For details, call Bill Superak at 253.874.8351 or email him at            Managing Partner of BodyZone.com
                                                                                  Plus special workshops:
                                                                                  • Dr. Kurt Larsen
Thera Tek                                                                           The Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)
Thera Tek is pleased to donate 10% of the purchase price of its products to       • Dr. David Pinkus
the Washington Chiropractic Trust. To date, this has resulted in a contribution     Medical Necessity, Documentation & Coding
this year alone of more than $8,000. The company also offers free training
and support with all equipment purchases; tables, lasers, traction. To save       • Dr. Doug Barnard
money and support the Trust, contact Noel Davenport at 206.781.1776 or              The Dollars & Sense of Nutrition in the DC Office
email him at ndavenport@theratek.com.
                                                                                  12+ CEs including CE credit for visiting exhibitors

bob Wagner Insurance
www.bobwagnerinsurance.com                                                        Register NOW–Beat the April 1st Early Deadline!
Bob Wanger and his agency will donate $25 to the WSCA for every
quote accepted for business owner policies, including employment                  Online: www.chirohealth.org
practice and liability insurance. Call Bob at 253.854.3883 or email               Or Call the WSCA at 206.878.6055 or 800.824.4918
                                                                                  Not a WSCA Member?
                                                                                  Join now and save $100 on your DC Conference Registration
Washington X-Ray
Now celebrating 25 years in business, this proud WSCA Charter                     Special room rates at Skamania Lodge start at $149 a night + applicable resort
Member and full service x-ray company offers substantial discounts on             fees and taxes. Call the lodge directly at 509.427.7700.
all complete digital packages. Bob Larsen and his associates specialize
in digital systems, film, chemistry, processors, equipment, and supplies.
Call him for details on specific offers at www.washxray.com or email
                             WSCA Plexus                                                  PRACTICES FOR SALE                            procedures, low overhead and strong new patient flow
                                                                                                                                        all point to this clinic being a great opportunity. Asking
                CLASSifiED ADvErtiSing rAtES & PoLiCiES               nEED A ProfESSionAL PrACtiCE BroKEr? Why not use                  $69,000 Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or
                                                                      Washington’s largest and most experienced? We have strong         see online, www.epracticesales.com.
             Classified advertising space is available in Plexus      demand for practices and the current practice sale market
                                                                      is stronger than ever despite the economic downturn. Call         New Listing in Kirkland, WA! Very successful practice which
             and on the WSCA website to all chiropractors in          Washington’s largest practice broker today and let’s talk. We     collected $420,000+ in 2009. New office, fantastic location,
             Washington State and WSCA Corporate Partners.            sell over 90% of all Washington chiropractic practices and        decompression machine, and nearly 5000 patient files. This
             The WSCA may accept classified ads from outside          are also available for appraisals, expert witness testimony,      opportunity is well priced and very capable of further growth.
                                                                      and valuations associated with divorce, partnerships and          New owner will have excellent 6-figure income immediately!!
             advertisers (i.e., non-chiropractors or chiropractors    legal disputes. Strictly 100% confidential. Call Dr. Peseau at    Practice is rated high in all areas of valuation. Appraisal has been
             outside Washington State) in the "DC Wanted,"            Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603.                                    performed and current owner is available for transition. This is
             "Space Available" and "Equipment for Sale"                                                                                 a great opportunity. Candidates please call OUTLOOK Practice
                                                                      nEED A PrACtiCE APPrAiSAL? Epracticesales offers                  Sales, Inc: 800.709.2757 or email: kipsarby@gmail.com
             categories. Certain restrictions apply and pre-          comprehensive appraisals for financial planning, divorce
             approval is required. Contact the WSCA for details.      settlement, legal proceedings and pre-sale discovery.             BELLEvuE, WA - 28 yr old well established practice in great
                                                                      Affordable fee of $1,000 with 48 hour completion of an            location. High traffic & visibility. Clinic offers chiropractic
                                                                      extensive 10-15 page appraisal document. if the practice is       and rehab. $546K collected in ‘08. insurance based
             StAnDArD AD rAtES                                        eventually listed for sale with Epracticesales, we will credit    practice. Call Dr. Lorge at 425.445.8980 or email at:
             Active Members - Active members are entitled             the appraisal fee towards any broker fees due at closing          drlorge@drlorge.com
             to any 30-word ad in any 2 issues of Plexus              of the sale! Strictly 100% confidential. Call Dr. Peseau at
                                                                      Epracticesales where we broker over 90% of Washington             SELLEr$ & BuYEr$ – Win/Win! First in service and sales since
             each calendar year, with concurrent coverage of          practices. 1.800.227.6603.                                        1989. Complimentary value estimate of your practice via phone
             the same ad on the WSCA website. Additional                                                                                from a highly acclaimed, seasoned chiropractic sales agent and
             advertising is offered to WSCA members at a special      AuBurn, WA - new listing! nice, long established                  consultant. Representing Sellers and Buyers. National Seller/
                                                                      1,000+ sq. ft. clinic in good retail location. Asking $98K        Buyer database. Substantial financing available. Practice
             member's only rate of $40 per ad, which includes         www.epracticesales.com.                                           Opportunities: Lakewood, Seattle and Whidbey island, WA,
             coverage in 1 issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent                                                                        California, Colorado, Kansas, nevada, oregon and texas.
             coverage on the WSCA website.                            BELLEvuE, WA - Dream practice! gorgeous well located and          Letters of recommendation on request. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
                                                                      appointed Bellevue clinic. focus on sports injuries and           If you want straight talk and great service with proven results
                                                                      rehabilitation. revenues in 09 were $700+K with very healthy      please call Professional Practice Specialists, inc. 800.645.7590,
             inactive Members - Inactive members may                  profit to owner. Steady growth every year. Call for price. Call   www.practicesales.com
             advertise with the WSCA at the full price rates of       Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,
                                                                      www.epracticesales.com.                                           WHiDBEY iSLAnD, WA – Est. 1980. Diversified. $218,000 with
             $85 per 30-word ad, which includes coverage in 1                                                                           47% NET 2008. The doctor is retiring. Wonderful staff has been
             issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent coverage on        LAKEWooD, WA - Beautiful $100K build out makes this               with the practice 18 years and is willing to stay. PriCE rEDuCED
             the WSCA website.                                        terrific office a must-see. Collections in 2009 were $900K+       to $156,000 (inCLuDing Ar’S) Professional Practice
                                                                      with huge net income! Healthy profitability comes from            Specialists, inc. 800.645.7590 or www.practicesales.com.
                                                                      significant Pi work in this diversified and massage focused
             *non-Members - Non-members, upon approval                practice. first class operation. Priced at $699,000. Call Dr.     SEAttLE, WA – 35 year family practice collecting $200,000+ per
             from WSCA, may advertise with WSCA at the rate of        Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,            year with great potential for growth. Diversified and Palmer. This
                                                                      www.epracticesales.com.                                           1,900 sq ft clinic is located in a commercial building with lots of
             $120 per 30-word ad, which includes coverage in 1                                                                          parking and great signage. Doctor is retiring. Motivated Seller!
             issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent coverage on        LAKEWooD, WA - Stellar location for this diversified              Priced to move quickly! Professional Practice Specialists, inc.
             the WSCA website.                                        practice offering DC/Pt/MD/Decompression services.                800.645.7590 or www.practicesales.com.
                                                                      Collections in the $700-$800K range with high net profit.
                                                                      real estate is also for sale and includes multiple buildings      LAKEWooD, WA – Wonderful long established Diversified
             ADDitionAL fEES                                          on a high visibility lot with plenty of parking. the owner        practice collecting about $30K+ per month with high profit.
             oversize fees                                            would like to sell the practice with the real estate. Call Dr.    Great staff, location, and parking with freeway access nearby.
                                                                      Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,            Modern office with hardwood flooring throughout. Doctor is
             Ads must be 30 words or less. Ads exceeding the          www.epracticesales.com.                                           available for a transition. Professional Practice Specialists,
             size limit will incur oversize fees for each word over                                                                     inc. 800.645.7590 or www.practicesales.com.
             30 at the following rates:                               oLYMPiA, WA - olympia’s best location! this clinic was just
                                                                      voted as one of olympia’s best clinics. Diversified, Pro          Would you like to buy or sell a practice? great
                  $.50/word for Active Members                        Adjustor, Drx decompression and massage are offered.              opportunities are available! Please see our website at
                  $1.00/word for Inactive Members                     the clinic owns the only Spinal Aid franchise in olympia.         www.practiceadvisors.com for information on each of
                  $2.00/word for Non-Members                          Collected $457K in 08’. offered at $340,000. Call Dr.             our nationwide practices available. northwest Practice
                                                                      Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,            Advisors, inc. 800.863.9373.
                                                                      www.epracticesales.com .
             Enhancements                                                                                                               FEDERAL WAY, WA - Diversified practice located in a new
             BOLD enhancement is available for $15/issue.             oLYMPiA, WA - Diversified, motion palpation, 19 year old          shopping center, well established, fully-equipped. 2,800 sq.
                                                                      established referral practice. Collected $420K in 2008            ft. clinic. 16 np/month with the doctor seeing 171 pv/week.
                                                                      with 35% overhead. Extremely high profit margins due to           Collections average $480K+ over the last 4 years! Professional
             DEADLinES                                                established procedures and systems. Asking $299K. Partial         Practice Advisors, Inc. 800.863.9373 www.practiceadvisors.com
             Deadlines for submitting a classified ad will be         seller financing available. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales
                                                                      1.800.227.6603 or see online, www.epracticesales.com.             26-year practice in tri-Cities, Dr. semi-retired, working
             on the 15th of every even month prior to the                                                                               afternoons 4 days week, 100% cash practice, low overhead.
             bi-monthly issue. Ads are placed on space available,     PuYALLuP, WA - newest listing in the portfolio! Established,      $30,000, available April, will train for smooth transition.
             first-come, first-served basis.                          1491 square foot clinic is located on busy road with              for details send email to chiro1958@hotmail.com
                                                                      approximately 45,000 cars passing each day and accessible
                                                                      to most southern Puget Sound communities. owner is re-            Associates! Dreaming of a country life with big-city income?
             Deadline                issue                            locating out of state. Collections reached $237K in 2009.         Want to bike out your door, ski or hike every afternoon
             April 15, 2010          May/June 2010                    2009 statistical monthly averages include 13 new patients,        and kayak until your arms ache? We have built the dream
                                                                      209 visits, and $24,737 in collections. Asking $175K. Call        practice and will now be globe-trotting for the next phase
             June 15, 2010           July/Aug 2010                    Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,        of our lives. this is the opportunity to walk into a successful
             Aug. 15, 2010           Sept/Oct 2010                    www.epracticesales.com.                                           and growing practice, learn technique and business
             Oct. 15, 2010           Nov/Dec 2010                                                                                       operations for six months to a year and then purchase for
                                                                      SEAttLE, WA - Brand new listing, this is one outstanding          a fair value. A golden opportunity for any Doc who values
                                                                      clinic! Perfectly located in a vibrant, population dense,         lifestyle as much as Chiropractic. Southwest WA. Email:
             ContACt tHE WSCA                                         upwardly mobile neighborhood. this approximately                  ingoodhealth@yahoo.com
             For more information about classified advertising        1,600 sq. ft. office underwent a $250K build out and it
                                                                      is a gorgeous design, warm yet luxurious and first class          ABErDEEn, WA - Busiest gonStEAD practice in the area.
             rates, deadlines and policies, contact the WSCA at       throughout. there are two associate DCs and three LMts            Doctors wants to turnkey his knowledge to you in a
             (206) 878-6055 or (800) 824-4918 or email:               in place and generating revenue for the owner who works           BrAnD nEW, fuLLY EQuiPED fACiLitY! Act quickly and you
             ads@chirohealth.org                                      35 hours per week and takes one full week per month of            can even pick your own CoLorS. Practice comes with 60
                                                                      vacation. Collections were $647K in ‘08 and are on track for      page ACCrEDitED vALuAtion from which lending bank
                                                                      $875K in ‘09. the clinic continues to grow year after year,       has already offered PrE-APProvAL with your 650 credit
             The WSCA provides classifieds advertising services       due to the perfect location and the packaging of services         score and $20,000 down. Doctor provider with regence.
             for the convenience of its members and the               and practice management. the owner is absolutely certain          Priced for immediate sale at $170K. Call Dr. Kevin Polzin
                                                                      that the new owner can master the same steps that have            at 425.999.9633. vr Business and Practice Sales. “We have
             chiropractic community. The WSCA makes no                made the clinic grow year after year. Asking $699K. Call          SoLD more businesses in the World than Anyone!”
             representations or warranties for the content of the     Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,
             ads, promises made, quality/reliability of offerings     www.epracticesales.com. PEnDing SALE!                             nortH SEAttLE - very motivated seller has rEDuCED price to
                                                                                                                                        $75K plus Ar for a 30 year old practice with recent remodel
             in all ads, adequacy, accuracy, completeness or          SEAttLE, WA - new listing. Excellent location overlooking         and HugE Parking on very Busy Street! PvA of 87.0, income
             timeliness. The WSCA accepts no responsibility for       Lake union. Small diversified, staffless longstanding             per visit of $60.58. regence and most other insurances. Doc
             errors, omissions or inaccuracies in information         practice. Asking $110K. Seller willing to request transfer        is moving out of state to retire. Call immediately Dr. Kevin
                                                                      of regence and Premera contracts to the new owner. Call           Polzin at 425.999.9633. vr Business and Practice Sales. “We
             contained in the advertisements.                         Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,        have SoLD more businesses in the World than Anyone!”
                                                                                                                                                           PRACTICE WANTED TO BUY
                                                                      SEQuiM, WA - Conveniently located between Sequim
                                                                      and Port Angeles, this diversified clinic has an excellent        Washington practice wanted. Motivated buyer, experienced,
                                                                      location and is primarily referral based. Asking $50K for         financially qualified. Diversified. Open to other techniques.
                                                                      a quick sale. Seller motivated and moving out of the area         Immediate possession. Seller option to associate post closing.
                                                                      but will stay for transition. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales   Confidentiality assured. Contact Dr. Seth Tyberg, 612.708.5225.
                                                                      1.800.227.6603 or see online, www.epracticesales.com.             styberg@hotmail.com

                                                                      tACoMA, WA - recently established sports-focused practice
                                                                      shows strong early signs with 2009 collections of $108,000
                                                                      and adjusted profit margin of 59%! Simple operation, solid

                                                                                                     TO ADVERTISE IN THE PLEXUS CLASSIFIEDS,
                                                                             QUESTIONS? CALL 206.878.6055 OR EMAIL: ADS@CHIRO HEALTH.ORg

30   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                           SPACE AVAILABLE                                to do what is needed to become a great chiropractor inside           Associate needed for a successful multi-doctor,

                                                                          our practice and then go out on their own if they like. 2 year       interdisciplinary clinic in southwest Washington. Must be
    inDEPEnDEnt ContrACtor opportunity within Bellevue                    commitment. Great pay and great team to work with. We                coachable, motivated, possess leadership qualities, and a
    Chiropractic group. our office utilizes video fluoroscopy,            focus on structurally based corrective care with a high level of     deep desire to help others. Competitive salary and bonuses.
    spinal decompression and spinal rehab. results driven                 philosophy. Please call Brad Marshall-Inman at 206.818.0724.         unique financial opportunity for long term commitment.
    practice. We will work with you. Email Dr. Wisman at                                                                                       email- baumanchiro@hotmail.com call-360.693.0400.
    drwisman@gmail.com for an office tour.                                Associate opportunity! We have just relocated our practice
                                                                          into a state of the art facility with digital motion x-ray, Drx      Associate Chiropractor Position available; Busy, Beautiful
    Silverdale Wellness Family Practice Win-win opportunity. Build        9000 decompression, CBP therapy equipment and beyond                 Olympic Peninsula practice. Great Staff, Location, Community.
    independent practice while being a member of our growing              that, a wealth of knowledge and skills to help turn you into         Salary plus Bonus potential. E mail for more information at:
    chiropractic team. In-house massage therapy, electronic charts        not just the chiropractor, but the business person you want          damondc1@msn.com
    and digital x-ray. info@silvercitychiropractic.com                    to be! We have only 1 position available for this fortunate
                                                                          new associate. We have a proven system to help you groW              ASSOCIATE DOCTOR-Arlington, WA. Seeking motivated DC for
    tumwater, great Location! i-5 & Exit 102, adjacent to                 and SuCCEED. Work in million $ practice with unlimited               busy Snohomish County office. Practice management seminars
    freeway. 1,000, 1,500, 2,500 sq. ft. or combination, $17-             potential, or spin off into a satellite facility where you can       & excellent salary + benefits. NO SPINAL SCREENINGS REQUIRED.
    $18 plus cam, or negotiate, generous tenant improvement               take the reigns as owner. Please email your resume and               Call Arlington Family Chiropractic: 360.435.3900 or fax resume:
    allowance. Call robin 360.412.8040.                                   cover letter to: drleah@meadowschiro.com 206.963.3321                360.435.1105.

    Unique opportunity to build your own practice in a busy               DC Wanted - We are looking for a highly motivated and                Tired of working FOR someone else but still want the support,
    established downtown Seattle chiropractic office. I am seeking        teachable new DC that wants to learn what it takes to                training and financial security? This is the perfect solution for
    a motivated and self-sufficient chiropractor with excellent           be successful. We will provide new patients, one-on-one              you! We are looking for a purpose-driven chiropractor with
    adjusting skills and a love for chiropractic and for serving          training, and mentorship to equip you to reproduce our               the desire to develop their own practice in the security of an
    others. This is not an associate position but an opportunity          success on your own in the future. Join one of the largest           established clinic in Kirkland, WA. You will have the staff, billing,
    to build your own practice with low overhead. Initial rent is         offices in the northwest. Salary and Bonus. fax or email             equipment, and team atmosphere required to be successful and
    negotiable—I am willing to help you begin your wonderful              resume to 253.473.0305 or drnicolelong@hotmail.com                   without all the stress of “doing it by yourself!” If this resonates
    and fulfilling career as a chiropractor. Please e-mail resume to                                                                           with you and your vision, send your inquiries and C.V. to
    downtownseattlechiro@foxinternet.net.                                 Dreaming of buying a practice with a fail proof transition?          drjosephkelley@yahoo.com.
                                                                          Looking for small town life with big city income? Want to
    Marysville office space remodeled/brand new with private              bike out your door, surf, ski or hike every afternoon and            incredible opportunity for an energetic Chiropractic
    receptions area and separate entrance with up to 4 separate           kayak until your arms ache? We have built the dream                  Associate in the Mill Creek / Lynnwood area. Beautiful,
    rooms available connected to the Eberle Wellness Center in            practice and will now be globe-trotting for the next                 fun, state of the art office with Digital Motion x-ray,
    downtown Maryville 360.653.7333.                                      phase of our lives. this is the opportunity to walk into             Decompression and rehab. unbeatable location. Come learn
                                                                          a successful and growing practice, learn technique and               how to run a successful practice and then we can open a
    Great Bellevue location to start a practice or transfer an existing   business operations for a year and then purchase for a               satellite clinic. Canadians ok. Call 425.422.3478 or email
    practice. Everything is taken care of for you except for you to       fair value. A golden opportunity for any Doc who values              your info to vitalchiro@yahoo.com
    grow and maintain your practice. Possible buy out of existing         lifestyle as much as Chiropractic. Southwest WA. Email:
    practice in 5 years. Call Dr. Kaplan at 425.746.7841.                 ingoodhealth@yahoo.com                                               Seattle University District- Associate needed ASAP. Our mission
                                                                                                                                               is to help as many people as possible AND have fun doing it! If
                           DC/STAFF WANTED                                Part-time associate for rehab-oriented clinic in Seattle.            you are motivated, organized and have a desire to constantly
                                                                          Spend time treating in a low volume, low stress clinic               improve, send resume to drs@ultrachiro.com.
    Associate doctor position available in our beautiful                  and have balance between work/family. Contact
    north Seattle practice. We have a solid CBP practice that             info@mobilityplushealthcare.com.                                     Associate and/or lead doctor wanted in a busy clinic system. We
    has amazing systems, procedures, support staff and an                                                                                      currently have four clinics in the Seattle area. Chinese speaking
    established patient base. Position includes base salary               ASSoCiAtE oPPortunitY in EvErEtt, WA Join one of the                 a plus. Base salary/percentage collection. Best pay package out
    plus an attractive bonus system. We are looking for a                 most successful CBP/rehab offices in the country! We                 there. Contact Dr. Chan at in8power@hotmail.com or fax your
    doctor who is a skilled manual adjuster, has excellent                are looking for a self-motivated, teachable individual               resume to 206.292-9340. www.chanclinics.com
    communication skills, is motivated and has high personal              with high personal and business ethics. Excellent training
    and business ethics. We prefer a doctor who has some                  program including all aspects of practice development and            DoWntoWn SEAttLE: Learn evidence based CBP technique
    experience with CBP and CBP certified is a bonus!                     management. Learn how to build a successful, balanced                in the shadow of the Space needle! Excellence driven
    We provide mentoring in CBP protocol and in sound                     chiropractic office utilizing powerful communications and            training program designed to give you the tools you need
    office procedures, communications and marketing for                   marketing. Previous knowledge of CBP/Pettibon a big                  for super success within this clinic, followed by all the
    personal and professional development. All inquiries                  plus but not required. Long term potential available. Past           practice skills you need to start and run your own clinic. this
    will be held confidential. Please e-mail your resume to               associate references available. Dr. Hanson at 425.418.6848           office was the only chiropractic clinic invited to 40+ Health
    drofchiropractic@gmail.com.                                           or email chiropete@comcast.net for an associate                      fairs at some of Downtown Seattle’s best companies;
                                                                          training outline.                                                    leverage our turnkey marketing to grow quickly! Amazon’s
    Looking for 2 compassionate and knowledgeable chiropractors                                                                                world headquarters opening up across the street in
    to join our team in Lynnwood, WA. Please send your resume to          Full time/ part time entry-level position available for an           2010! Call Dr. Steffen at 206.245.9637. Send email to
    info@aciclinic.com attention Dr. Zang-Greene, DC 425.285.9020.        honest, hardworking and motivated chiropractor with good             drted@lakeunionwellness.com.
                                                                          communication skills, Spanish or Russian speaking preferred,
    ASSoCiAtE PoSition in SEAttLE - iMMEDiAtE                             to join well-established practice of 17 years. Three office          Licensed associate position for busy downtown Tacoma
    oPEning AvAiLABLE energetic, principled and                           locations in Puget Sound with a good mix of workman’s comp,          office. Great energy with excellent learning opportunity.
    positive chiropractor! Call/email 425.354.8311,                       PI/MVA, group insurance, and cash. Training will include help        Great pay with benefits. Call Dr. Toler 253.377.1800 or email
    drbirdsall@southlakeunionchiropractic.com                             in developing clinical, adjusting, and doctoring skills. Great       draaront@yahoo.com
                                                                          opportunity for long-term future with Chiropractic Physicians
    Downtown Bellevue - fantastic Associate or Postceptor                 Inc PS. Salary begins at $50K a year with a $10K yearly increase     Associate Position: Live and work in the beautiful Pacific
    position. Work in one of the most state of the art wellness           for the first 5 years full time. Email resumes along with a 5 & 10   northwest. Henschell Chiropractic, PS, is located in the
    centers in WA state! great salary and unlimited earning               year plan and photo to o.lukyanov@drromero.com                       scenic shadow of majestic Mt. rainier in Bonney Lake,
    potential after 6 months drkooner@bellevuewellness.com                                                                                     Washington. Minutes from Lake tapps with great fishing
    503.860.8859 cell.                                                    BELLingHAM - Are you looking to practice in Washington               and water skiing, an hour from Crystal Mountain for snow
                                                                          State and enjoy the amazing environment it provides?                 sports and 30 minutes from the urban scene in Seattle.
    ASSOCIATE OR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR OPPORTUNITY                       Don’t spend hours commuting- EnJoY Your LifE! Live                   We are looking for a licensed DC who is ready to join
    AT TUTTLE CLINICS--Join one of the most successful offices            and work in our young, energetic community of 20,000                 our team. Mentorship available in techniques, practice
    in the country! We have 2 high volume offices located in              university, community, and technical college students. Like          management, marketing and more. Must be coachable
    Seattle and Bellevue. Please call/email: 206.291.6900,                the water? We have 3 major lakes within 5 minutes and                with leadership qualities, and have a passion for serving
    clintontuttle@hotmail.com.                                            many others just outside of town. What about the ocean?              the community. We are a positive, upbeat clinic that does
                                                                          Bellingham Bay is 5 minutes from our office and is the main          great work while having fun! train with our wonderful
    Fun, high-energy practice looking for independent contractor.         harbor that leads to the San Juan islands. if running, hiking,       team as an associate and learn how to build a successful
    Beautiful Madison Valley, Seattle neighborhood. Very                  or biking is more your style, we have the interurban trail           and balanced chiropractic office. Please send resume to
    competitive percentage and you own your patient files. Send           that connects almost everything in town. if this sounds              drhenschell@gmail.com.
    resume to avqchiro@aol.com                                            attractive to you, and you are a self-starter that is ethical
                                                                          and hard working, call us to live and work your dream.               Busy North Seattle office looking for Associate Chiropractor. Full-
    Do you want to Live and Play near where you Work? near                Salary + %. Call Dr. Hansen 360.671.1710 or email resume             time position available for the right person. Please contact Dr.
    Seattle, yet in a wooded area complete with Starbucks,                to: DocEddie@comcast.net                                             Abrams at mydoctor@abramschiropractic.com.
    PCC natural Market and every amenity you need. this is
    issaquah, nestled between tiger and Cougar mountains                  Looking for energetic associate. Serving two locations               unbelievable opportunity...an experienced DC needed
    only 30 minutes to downtown, but the gateway to the                   in King county (Bellevue and Kent).High tech office:                 immediately in desirable, high growth area Eastside of
    Cascades. Ski all day just 30 minutes from your house and             Decompression, laser and instrument techniques. Please               Seattle. Associate will earn $4K+ ins benefits 1st yr, $5K +
    attend a concert that evening. if you dream of being out of           call 206.953.7611 ask for Dr. Z.                                     ins benefits 2nd. Eventual buy in opportunity. fax resume to
    the rat race, but not out of touch, this is your opportunity!                                                                              425.391.0758 or Call Dr. Ken 206.234.2074.
    Work four days a week and spend the rest of your time with            Don’t MiSS tHiS oPPortunitY! very busy and growing
    family or friends. We are excited to find the right full time         office in Puyallup, Washington looking for an associate to           Sound Chiropractic Center is offering an excellent career
    associate to complete our team. our state of the art clinic is        help share the life changing principles of chiropractic with         opportunity for the right doctor. If you want to work and be
    heading for another banner year in our brand new facility.            the world. We are Pettibon chiropractors and love to correct         trained to run a large structurally based chiropractic practice,
    We offer great people, a supportive and fun working                   spines and teach how to as well. great opportunity for               contact me! Extensive training in technique case management,
    environment....and also money! Benefits, a starting                   future practice ownership is made for the right DC and i             patient marketing and how to run a successful chiropractic clinic.
    salary and a percentage, all structured to reward a Doc               take great care of my associates. if you are energetic, hard         Receive Five Star Management training from Dr. Noel Lloyd.
    for all of their work and keep them productive and happy              working, eager to learn and passionate about changing                Contact 206.779.3200 or email noellloyd@myfivestar.com
    for the long term. Please direct inquiries and resumes to             people’s lives, e-mail Dr. tye at drtye@comcast.net.
    issaquahassociate@gmail.com                                                                                                                KIRKLAND ASSOCIATE WANTED. Opportunity to join a successful
                                                                          SW WA: Enthusiastic Subluxation-Based, Wellness                      multi-doctor chiropractic office in interdisciplinary complex.
    Are you the next Mabel or B.J. Palmer? Are you looking to             focused Chiropractic group looking for a DC to join our              Our office is located just blocks away from the new Google
    contribute to chiropractic as C.S. Gonstead did? What did they all    awesome team. Must be open to learn, outgoing and LovE               headquarters, Microsoft, Seahawks, and other top corporations.
    have in common? (besides the obvious) “They were all trained          chiropractiC. great salary plus bonus for the Motivated!             We are looking for a doctor who is motivated, principled,
    by someone.” We would like to train you to serve to your              email onerhino@comcast.net or call 360.601.8408.                     ethical, and wants to build own practice within a structured and
    fullest capacity in beautiful WA. state, 30 mins from downtown                                                                             fun business environment. Practice management and clinical
    Portland. Email your resume to synsvollteam@yahoo.com                 WELL EStABLiSHED BELLEvuE & rEnton WA. office                        skills training available. Salary, commission, and profit sharing
                                                                          needs a great associate or independent DC, potential                 options offered. Please send resume to Dr. Carson Odegard at
    Organized, on purpose, high energy office is looking for an           partner buyout. Will beat market pay for right doctor.               codegard@u.washington.edu or Fax to Odegard Chiropractic
    associate to help Adjust, Grow and Learn in our Mill Creek, WA        gtconnie@hotmail.com 425.941.8168.                                   Associates 425.827.1941.
    practice. We are one of the best practices in the state. I would
    like to work with someone who is excited to learn and ready

                                                                                                                                                               continued on page 32

                                                                                                               P l e x u s                                  N o c / D e c                         2 0 0 9                   31
             renton, WA (near iKEA) - Major opportunity for an                Dr. Linda J. Burrell… 20 years experience in private practice…       2002 Sidmar Professional Hydromassage table for sale.
             ambitious doctor. Learn how to build a successful practice       Now available for the busy DC who needs time off…Firm or light       Burgundy, great condition, recently replaced motor and
             while working in a dream facility with a successful and          touch. Call 206.226.6453 (cell) or chirolinda@yahoo.com              bladder. the table is in Snoqualmie. Manufacturer’s site
             progressive staff. the clinic is 3,500 sq. ft. with state of                                                                          http://www.sidmar.com/professional.html $750 obo, Call
             the art equipment, on site massage therapist, and rehab          Certified Activator Methods relief doctor with                       425.557.8787 email info@finealign.com
             capability. the team consists of 2 DCs and 5 support staff.      rehabilitation, orthotics, and nutritional assessment
             Principle DC has 21 yrs of practice management. Clinic           subspecialties. relief work history. nCMiC insured. Stephen          2 lightly used x-ray processors (Hope and Mini Medical)
             emphasizes wellness through immediate treatment and              g. Clausen, DC. 206.282.2831 (hm), 206.605.0752 (m).                 and 26 cassettes (green and blue) for sale. Need to
             patient education. Starting salary is $4K per month bonus        sgclausen@yahoo.com                                                  sell. Make us an offer. Call Clint 425.644.5556 or email
             potential. for information or to schedule an interview,                                                                               clintontuttle@hotmail.com.
             email: scottpetettdc@comcast.net                                 Want an extended weekend? Over 23 yrs of experience Palmer
                                                                              graduate Rod Dahlinger, DC available for Friday/Saturday hours.      Equipment available first week of December. Elite vertical lift
             DC position available in Lynnwood for an on-purpose doctor       Experienced in many techniques & adjusting of all ages. Call         table, black/black, drop pieces,16 months old. $2,500 obo
             who wants to know how to get quality patients & retain them.     425.359.9986 or hfchiro@wwdb.org                                     Lloyd adjusting bench/drop pieces, blue $250 obo (available
             Call Dr. Stephanie Greenall at 206.200.0636                                                                                           now) sEMG subluxation station with thermal scanner, software
                                                                              JD Duggan DC. 17 years experience. Palmer Package, some              update, 4 years old $4,000 obo (available now) Office furniture:
             Are you great with patient care, but hate running a business?    Pettibon and instruments, firm or light touch. SRISD and Sports.     6 ft wide front desk, file/storage cabinet, corner bookcase
             We may have the perfect opportunity for you. Our practice        Willing to travel. www.DCLocum.com, DrJD@DCLocum.com,                $150 obo Wobble Chair $100 obo. Pictures upon request, all
             needs help caring for our patients. We have a progressive        425.372.8707.                                                        equipment in excellent condition. drsandhudc@yahoo.com
             multidisciplinary office incorporating Decompression Therapy,
             Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. Our          Palmer graduate with 30 yrs. experience. Skilled in many             FOR SALE: Synersy Systems, great shape, with bands, videos,
             chiropractic focus is on posture correction emphasizing          different techniques. Can handle large volume practices with         and posters. $350 each. Two of them. lrdabalos@gcpower.net
             Chiropractic Bio-Physics & Pettibon. Well developed adjusting    a positive attitude and high energy. Call Jim Victor, DC at          509.766.9966.
             and patient communication skills are a must. Solid belief in     253.848.1618.
             correction, rehabilitation and wellness care beyond symptom                                                                           tables Leander single speed 2 drops, Leander variable
             treatment also essential. Base salary, %, & benefits. Email      take a break! You deserve it! Professional vacation relief           speed 3 drops, Zenith vertiLift 4 auto drops, Zenith HyLo 4
             resume to Lyda@olympicspine.com                                  by Michael Wasserman, DC. in practice since 1982, vacation           manual drops, Zenith HyLo’s pelvic drop, Lloyd HyLo pelvic
                                                                              relief since 1990. great references. 206.523.0311, email:            drop, Hill elevation exam, Cox flexion. reconditioned By
             ASSoCiAtE oPPortunitY in DoWntoWn SEAttLE! Learn how             emseedub@hotmail.com.                                                Cossman rehab. Warranted, Half the price of new & save
             to produce, manage, and market your dream practice. Work                                                                              on shipping 800.682.6070, we service.
             along side Dr. Craig tuttle who has run a very successful        Kimberly Kohr DC, ‘92 Palmer grad. Palmer Package,
             practice for 26 years! At the end of your associate program      Activator, SOT, Cranial, Arthrostim/impulse instruments, and         X-Ray System Great Price at $2,950. Wonderfully
             you have the opportunity to purchase your practice.              nutrition. www.DCLocum.com, DrKimberly@DCLocum.com ,                 reliable. Traveling tube stand, Wall mount Tilt Bucky,
             Call Dr. Craig tuttle at 425.308.9508 Send email to              425.372.8708.                                                        Pako Processor and associated goodies. 360.649.1958
             DrCraigtuttle@YourSeattleChiropractor.com                                                                                             chiropractichealth@hotmail.com
                                                                              Locum Chiropractor available for the Tri-Cities region of
             Bellevue: Associate with potential Affiliate Partner/satellite   Washington. I live in Richland, willing to travel up to one hour                                 SERVICES
             position. Salary with incentives program. Over 23 years on the   to help out. Cheers, Dr. Max Bridge, DC. 509.628.8897.
             eastside. We are a strong philosophical based office, we love                                                                         KMD-Stat Billing - Serving the Chiropractic community for 27+
             helping people and we have a great time doing it! If you are     Natasha Whittaker-Ayers DC: Experienced locum back in                years. Provides full service billing services, affordable, direct
             looking to be part of a great TEAM...WellnessOne is the place.   Washington. Certified/proficient: Active Release, Diversified,       access to your patient data in real time, staff training & tech
             Call 425.644.8386 or email drthain@wellnessone.net               Flexion-Distraction, Gonstead, Graston, Kinesiotaping, Motion-       support. Committed to providing dedicated, professional service
                                                                              Palpation, Rehabilitation, & Thompson-drop. Some experience:         for your clinic. Contact Kathryn Dennis at 360.554.8054.
                                    DC AVAILABLE                              Activator, AK, Pettibon, CBP, & Torque-release. I will work to
                                                                              exceed your practice needs. email: tash444@hotmail.com               Kirkland Billing –“ More than just a billing service” John Angell,
             DC available for full time associate position. South King or                                                                          owner. Providing services to chiropractors from billing to in-
             mid to north Pierce county preferred. 17 years experience.                       EQUIPMENT FOR SALE/WANTED                            office consulting and training. Twice-yearly training seminars.
             Please contact Dr William Stillwell. drstillwell@hotmail.com,                                                                         Call 206.465.9405. Email: kirkland.billing@verizon.net. Now
             253.941.4122.                                                    X-ray system: 1994 summit x-ray system, 300ma full power             accepting new clients.
                                                                              with 14x17, 14x36, or tilt bucky. $7,500. Includes installation
             Associate needed for a well established clinic in federal        and 1 year warranty. High frequency system also available.                                   MISCELLANEOUS
             Way. We just moved into a beautiful new office. our clinic is    Come see all new packages in our x-ray show room. Have used
             equipped with x-ray, 3 massage rooms, 4 treatment rooms          processors, cassettes & accessories. Call Mike at 253.335.9332.      Dr. Darcy Fox is an expert in providing impairment ratings. Does
             and a full rehabilitation suite. We need someone who is                                                                               your patient still suffer from their work injuries even though at
             purpose driven, coachable and motivated to help take our         BRAND NEW HillHA90 variable height adjusting table with              MMI? Please do refer them to me. Call 206.522.5339. Offices in
             practice to the next level. We are a positive, upbeat clinic     manual pelvic drop. Gray base, blue upholstery. Never used.          Kirkland, Seattle and Kingston.
             that is passionate about our patient’s wellness. Competitive     Paid $2,700 last fall. Will sell for $2,200 and deliver up to 100
             salary, benefits, and bonuses. Call Dr. Wolf at 253.838.7300     miles from Burlington, WA. 360.855.3000.                             Auto-Space.com, LLC right Price, right Auto. new way to
             to set up interview.                                                                                                                  buy autos at (trade in) values! You want a new car give
                                                                              Everett - 3 full size Pettibon wobble chairs ($125/ea), 6            us a try 425.445.8980. With us as your buying agent your
             uniQuE oPPortunitY in MArYSviLLE, WA - Join our                  portable wobble chairs ($50/ea), 175 lbs head weights, 20            dollars buy alot more car. $100 donation will be made to
             new Pettibon/rehab office. We are looking for a self-            Pettibon head harnesses ($150 for all), Pierce Neurological          PAC for every WSCA member.
             motivated, coachable individual with high personable             Defecit Cart w/ viewbox ($75). Call Dr. Mike 425.379.6301.
             skills. Excellent training program including all aspects of
             practice development and management. Learn how to start          x-rAY HEAD CLAMPS. Previously used for Pettibon
             own practice with buy-in or partnership opportunities. Call      technique. very sturdy. good condition. Must go/Make
             425.530.8013 or email joechiro30@hotmail.com                     offer. 360.540.9075.
             gonstead Associate/independent Contractor Wanted in              DECoMPrESSion tABLE Pettibon Srt $9,500. SuBLuxAtion
             Seattle - growing gonstead office in South Seattle just          StAtion SEMg $2,000. Wobble Chairs $250 each. torque
             off of i-5 seeking motivated chiropractor to practice            release instrument never used $200. travis 509.220.0872.
             alongside gCSS Diplomate of 24 years experience. Practice
             in a 2,500 square foot office equipped with full spine x-ray     Zenith spring loaded high-low, needs small upholstery work.
             equipment, massage therapists and a fabulous office              Free to new doc, great starter table. Extra Spring. Call Dr Wilcox
             team. Begin seeing patients from day one and start your          360.352.8112.
             own office hours in as early as a month!! negotiable base
             salary plus excellent bonus system makes your earnings           Free Processor Get a free used Fischer Model K plus processor
             potential endless.        www.interurbanchiropractic.com.        when you purchase our 2001 XMA High Frequency X-ray
             206.957.7950, drchinn@interurbanchiropractic.com or              Machine. 500 Mas with wall mount bucky, includes cassettes.

                                                                                                                                                             ad Index
             Stephanie@interurbanchiropractic.com                             $8,500 sshirleydc@comcast.net or 509.922.0303.
             Associate needed! Learn to open and start your own office        For Sale: Portable table $800, BioAnalogics ElectroLipoGraph
             and once you are ready, you will be relocated to your very       $599, and other equipment and posters. All in good condition.
             own office to run and manage independently. need to be           For details and pictures: www.chanchiropracticclinic.blogspot.
             motivated, independent, hard working and very energetic.         com or email twchandc@verizon.net.
             Email chirojustin@yahoo.com for more information.
                                                                              DRX9000C Lumbar And Cervical Disc Decompression Machine.                 Adler Giersch PS .......................................... 15
             Well-established chiropractor in downtown Seattle                Assume lease for last 20 months or buy out. 1 patient per
             seeks associate. Applicants should be passionate about           month pays for lease. Call 425.822.4326.                                 Bowen Inc. .................................2, back cover
             chiropractic, fitness and nutrition. Must speak Spanish.
             one-on-one training and guidance. Excellent salary. Send         Heritage 10 Spinalator (wine color) and one portable adjusting           Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) ........... 27
             resume to drdevine@seattlechiropractor.com.                      table (brown). Contact Dr. Lorge drlorge@drlorge.com
                                                                              425.747.5657                                                             Compliant Care .............................................. 2
             BrEMErton, WA. Subluxation-based chiropractor wanted
             for expanding group practice. Seeking a healthy individual       WANTED: Hydrocollator (For massage therapy) Please call                  Fortune Bank ............................................... 16
             of high integrity who values wellness, compassion and            360.438.6001.
             professionalism. great opportunity for financial growth;                                                                                  Graham Lundberg & Peschel....................... 26
             compensation based on productivity. You focus on patient         Zenith Hi/Lo, pelvic drop, thoracic break-away, dark blue
             care, the staff handles all administration. Chiropractic         leather, new rocker arms, optional 6” extension risers. Excellent        Medical Imaging on 1st .............................. 35
             Lifestyle Center is a multi-disciplinary clinic in a new,        shape, one year warranty. $2,500. Call 360.459.8123. Cliff’s
             beautiful sustainably-built facility. Contact ron Simans at      Service. www.activatorrepair.net                                         Mercer Island Medical Imaging .................. 15
             360.698.9262 or drmegandron@comcast.net
                                                                              Used neon chiropractic sign. Call Schmidt Family Chiropractic            NCMIC ............................................................ 7
                                   VACATION RELIEF                            425.258.1969.
                                                                                                                                                       Olympia Open MRI ........................................ 3
             Eric Marsh, DC, 1989 Palmer honor graduate recently              2 X-ray View boxes in good shape for sale. Full spine 14x36.
             retired from busy family practice. Light or firm touch.          $100 ea. Please email Dr. Beasley: drsbeasley@yahoo.com                  OUM ............................................................... 5
             Excellent thompson, gonstead, Diversified techniques.            for more info.
             Will care for your practice and patients while you are away.                                                                              Seattle Radiologists..................................... 33
             EricMarshDC@comcast.net 253.740.9559                             Hi-Low reconditioned and in great shape ($1,000), Heritage
                                                                              10 intersegmental traction ($500), and Lifetimer portable                The Strategic Chiropractor ........................... 35
             www.MyBackUpDoc.com “Don’t Worry, Be Happy Now” Just Go!         adjusting table ($500) for sale. All in excellent condition, just
             When Experience Counts, Count On Me. • Primarily Diversified,    not being used. 253.376.4003.                                            TRA Medical Imaging .................................. 16
             • 1/3m with NCMIC, • Volume Practice’s Welcome, • Reference,
             • $425.per/day, $275.per/1/2day. • E-M tlcc@yahoo.com,
             206.550.9362 Greg Geer, DC.

32   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                         Seminars and Events
16-18             WSCA 2010 Spring Conference
                  at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA                                        13 &15             Practicing With Certainty
time:             Registration Friday evening, starting at 6 pm                                                Presented by Dr. Dennis Nikitow
                  Program Saturday 8 am - 4pm                                               time:              Registration 8:30 am; Program concludes at 7 pm
                  Reception 6 pm followed by Awards Dinner and entertainment                                   Lunch on your own.
                  from Savant Garden Trio                                                   Location:          May 13 in Seattle - Best Western River’s Edge/Southcenter,
Location:         Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA—a one-hour drive                                             15901 W. Valley Highway, Tukwila
                  from Vancouver. Special room rates start at $149 a night +applicable                         May 15 in Spokane - Holiday Inn & Suites/Spokane Airport,
                  resort fees and taxes. Call the lodge directly at 509.427.7700.                              1615 S. Windsor Dr.
register:         Call the WSCA at 206.878.6055 / 800.824.4918                              register:          Call the WSCA at 206.878.6055 / 800.824.4918 or register online
                  or register online at www.chirohealth.org                                                    at www.chirohealth.org
fees:             $245 WSCA DC member                                                                          A total of 35 DCs/staff in Seattle and 25 DCs/staff in Spokane
                  $345 WSCA DC non-member DC                                                                   must register by May 1st to avoid canceling this program!
                  Add $50 for payment after March 27, 2010                                  fees:              $129 WSCA member DCs; $159 non-member DCs. Both include
                  Special rates available for staff                                                            one staff member.
                                                                                                               $25 each additional staff member accompanying a registered DC.
Diversity marks the agenda for the 2010 WSCA Spring Conference. Our keynote                                    Pre-registration required. A minimum of 50 DCs in Seattle and 25
speakers:                                                                                                      in Spokane is needed.
  • Dr. Mark Radermacher, founder of Total Practice Management International, LLC
    (TPMI). He will define the defendable and replicable model he has used to guide         In this complete seminar you will learn the secrets to a high retention, family wellness
    the serious and philosophically sound chiropractor in building a scientifically based   practice where people are willing to pay for their care regardless if you choose to bill
    high patient retention practice while enjoying an admirable level of profitability.     insurance or not. Learn how to keep in balance with family, God and life. Dr. Nikitow
                                                                                            gives you the 10 steps of repositioning so you will take patients to a higher level of
  • Dr. Steven Weiniger, Managing Partner of BodyZone.com. He will focus on posture         understanding that chiropractic is for wellness, not just back pain. In addition, he covers
    rehab and biomechanics in his private clinical practice in Georgia. Attendees will      powerful things you must incorporate in the history, exam and ROF, 6 magical points
    benefit from hearing his nationally acclaimed program Integrating Chiropractic &        to cover at each re-exam to maximize retention and increase referrals and many more
    Posture Rehab Exercise.                                                                 secrets to success.                                                                   9 CEs

Saturday afternoon, choose from one of these outstanding workshops:                         20 & 22            High income Chiropractic techniques
  • Dr. Kurt Larsen on the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)                                                     Presented by Dr. Geoff Ricchio
  • Dr. David Pinkus on Medical Necessity, Documentation and Coding                         time:              Registration 8am; Program concludes at 5 pm
  • Dr. Doug Barnard on The Dollars and Sense of Nutrition in the DC Office                 Location:          May 20 in Olympia - Location to be announced.
                                                                                12+ CEs                        For information call Dr. Ricchio at 831.438.7243.
                                                                                                               May 22 in Seattle (SeaTac) - Location to be announced.
24 & 29           High income Chiropractic techniques                                                          For information call Dr. Ricchio at 831.438.7243.
                  Presented by Dr. Geoff Ricchio                                            register:          Call Dr. Ricchio directly at 831.438.7243 or register with the WSCA
time:             Registration 8 am; Program concludes at 5 pm                                                 at 206.878.6055
Location:         April 24 in Seattle (SeaTac) - Location to be announced.                  fees:              $79 WSCA member DCs; $129 non member DCs. Both include one
                  April 29 in Bellingham - Location to be announced.                                           staff member.
                  For information call Dr. Ricchio at 831.438.7243.                                            $15 each additional staff member accompanying a registered DC
register:         Call Dr. Ricchio directly at 831.438.7243 or register with the WSCA                          Pre-registration required. No walk-ins will be accepted as these
                  at 206.878.6055                                                                              programs sell out.
fees:             $79 WSCA member DCs; $129 non-member DCs.
                  Both include one staff member.                                            In this 8-hour seminar, doctors and staff will learn High Income Chiropractic Techniques.
                  $15 each additional staff member accompanying a registered DC             Presenter Dr. Geoff Ricchio applies practical lessons specifically to the Washington
                  Pre-registration required. No walk-ins will be accepted as these          chiropractic practice. Topics cover: How to Attract 40-60 New Patients Each Month;
                  programs sell out.                                                        Means to Set Up a High Income Massage Program; High Income Chiropractic Wellness
                                                                                            Programs; Collect 100% from Insurance Companies, Patients and Attorneys; along with
In this 8-hour seminar, doctors and staff will learn High Income Chiropractic Techniques.   Income Techniques for Orthotics, Nutrition, and Other Treatment Programs. This program
Presenter Dr. Geoff Ricchio applies practical lessons specifically to the Washington        will help you develop multiple streams of income so that you can work less hours with
chiropractic practice. Topics cover: How to Attract 40-60 New Patients Each Month;          greater income using passive income sources. Each seminar Dr Ricchio has presented
Means to Set Up a High Income Massage Program; High Income Chiropractic Wellness            has sold out! Doctors must pre-register.                                            8 CEs
Programs; Collect 100% from Insurance Companies, Patients and Attorneys; along with
Income Techniques for Orthotics, Nutrition, and Other Treatment Programs. This program      22                 Drugs that Don’t Work and natural therapies that Do!
will help you develop multiple streams of income so that you can work less hours with       time:              9 am - 5 pm. Lunch on your own.
greater income using passive income sources. Each seminar Dr Ricchio has presented          Location:          Hilton Hotel, Vancouver WA, 301 West 6th Street
has sold out! Doctors must pre-register.                                            8 CEs                      Tel: 360.993.4500
                                                                                            register:          Contact Biotics Research NW, Inc at 800.636.9613 or email
28 - May 27       getting Paid in a Pi Case                                                                    biotics@bioticsnw.com.
time:             12:30 - 2 pm                                                              fees:              Healthcare practitioners $125; Students $75. Register three weeks
Location:         April 28 in Mt. Vernon                                                                       in advance and practitioners can bring one staff member
                  April 29 in Renton                                                                           free of charge.
                  May 5 in Federal Way & Tacoma
                  May 6 in Everett & Puyallup                                               This one day seminar is presented by WSCA Platinum Level Corporate Partner Biotics
                  May 12 in Seattle                                                         NW. It is intended for the nutritional based chiropractic practice as well as clinicians who
                  May 13 in Bellevue & Bremerton                                            want to implement or utilize nutritional medicine in their practice.        7 CEs available
                  May 20 in Tumwater
                  May 27 in Chehalis
register:         For exact locations, call Marie Wohlert at 800.273.5005 or
                  Melissa Collins at 800.422.4610, or visit Graham Lundberg and
                  Peschel at www.glpattorneys.com.
fees:             Complimentary including lunch

Graham Lundberg & Peschel, a WSCA Platinum Level Corporate Partner, invites you to            Visit the “Seminars and Events”
this complimentary luncheon program. You’ll learn valuable insights into the proper           section of the WSCA website at
way to get paid in a PI case.                                     1.5 CEs available           www.chirohealth.org as you can
                                                                                              now register online!
                                                       PRSRT STD
                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                       SEATTLE, WA
                                                      PERMIT #9312
         21400 International Blvd., Suite 207
         S e a Ta c , W a s h i n g t o n 9 8 1 9 8


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