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Pret A Manger
A passion for quality and service. Step into any Pret A Manger sandwich
shop and you sense a real buzz about the place. Once you choose your
sandwich and cake made with natural, preservative free ingredients, and
approach the counter to order your coffee, you are met with a happy smile
and service that is always helpful, efficient but above else, from the heart.

You notice how everyone working at      Another time a friend of mine had          The passion for quality and service is
Pret seems to have special bond         cause to complain about the apple          shared across the organisation from
with each other and how that special    juice that she had bought the day          the founders all the way to the
bond is extended to every customer      before which she had taken back to         counter. Evidence suggests that
who happens to walk in.                 her place of work to drink. Not that       decisions in head-office are made
                                        there was normally anything wrong          with the front-line in mind.
Davinder, the manager of one of their
                                        with the drink or food but on this
many shops in London, UK explains:                                                 For example, when the company
                                        occasion, the juice had gone fizzy
“It’s like an extended family here.                                                decided to withdraw their Chocolate
                                        and was off. She immediately
The thing that binds us all                                                        and Orange cake, they made sure
                                        received a heart felt apology, and
together is the companies                                                          everyone at the front-line understood
                                        lunch on the house. When she
unwavering passion for quality                                                     the reasons why. I only know this
                                        e-mailed head-office (or ‘Hudson’s
and service. It’s the customer first                                               because one time I visited the Pret in
                                        Place’ as Pret call it, not liking the
and then everything else second”                                                   Milton Keynes and I asked about the
                                        self importance of head-office) to tell
                                                                                   cake. And then I asked the same
Franck, the team leader agrees:         them about what had happened she
                                                                                   question in another Pret in Leeds.
“I love working here. There’s a real    received an e-mail back which read:
                                                                                   Both times I got the same answer –
buzz about the place and a strong
                                        Many thanks for your email.                that the combination of chocolate
team spirit. We can speak to Julian
                                        I am so delighted that the team            and orange in cake was difficult to
and Sinclair (the co founders)
                                        were so good to you. We do try             get right and they had decided to
when ever we want to. They are so
                                        and treat people as individually           stop its production because there
obviously passionate about food
                                        as possible and so it’s always             was too much waste. They then went
and service – there is never any
                                        wonderful to receive emails like           on to recommend the lemon cake.
mention of profit.”
                                        this as it lets us know we are             Pret A Manger is a sandwich shop that opened
At this point Franck notices the                                                   in London in 1986. College friends, Sinclair and
                                        headed in the right direction!
customer situation and excuses                                                     Julian, decided they wanted to made proper
himself to support other members        I will certainly pass on your              sandwiches using natural, preservative-free
                                        message over the team as well as           ingredients. The two of them had little
of staff:                                                                          experience in the world of business but they
“I’ll just nip back and help            Jonathan who is the Operation              created the sort of food they craved but
serve these customers and               Manager here. I know it will make          couldn’t find anywhere else. There are now
                                        their day!                                 about 225 Pret shops, most of them are in the
then, can I bring you another                                                      UK. They turn over roughly 200 million pounds
coffee? – on the house.”                Thanks again and have a great day.         a year and are growing steadily.

I love work          A The Thyme House,        T   01535 212327       E        W
                        90 West Lane,
                        Haworth, BD22 8EN

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