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					Computer Equipment, Audio Visual, telephones and software.

The Division of Information of Technology has supplied the following information to assist in determining
the appropriate avenue to source computer equipment, audio visual, telephones and software. Staff must
contact the CSU Computer Shop for instances where a specific item is not mentioned.

Items to be purchased only through the CSU Computer Shop:

        Computers - desktop & laptop, tablet pc- no exceptions,
        Monitors,
        Servers,
        Printers & scanners,
        Multifunction devices (MFD) / photocopiers,
        Audio Visual ie: Projectors both fixed & portable, replacement lamps, portable screens & document
        Video conferencing units, both Desktop and Video conference rooms
        Mobile Phones

Items that must be referred to the CSU Computer Shop:

        All software, &
        External CD/DVD burners – (all computers are now installed with internal DVD burners so there
         should be no need to purchase these).

Stocked Items that should be purchased from the Computer Shop:

        Cordless presenters which have been tested and approved by the CSU Laser Committee.

The following items are now considered consumables and they can be purchased locally, however
the Computer Shop carries stock at a very good price:
    Keyboard & Mouse
    USB Hubs
    External hard disk drives,

The following are consumable and those identified are for purchased through the CSU
Stationery suppliers, CosNet. Please arrange these orders through your Admin Assistant.
        CD and DVD are available from Stores.
        Thumb drives,
        Keyboard & Mouse

Camera's, still and video, video recorders etc :

The Computer Shop would not oppose the purchase from local suppliers but often warranty is for home and
not commercial use, so the Division of Finance and the end user need to be aware of this when purchasing.
The Computer Shop purchase camera's with a commercial warranty.

Note: Some Schools/Divisions already have established relationships with vendors that offer support. The
computer shop does not wish to disrupt that relationship and it is mostly specialist equipment for SV&PA.

        Voip Telephones need to be purchased via DIT only. Staff should log a job on the DIT Service
         Desk to arrange these products.

Reviewed & updated 26 October 2010

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