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      Superintendent of Schools                                                                  School Counselors
      Mr. Paul K. Smith                                                                     Mrs. Debra Huntington
                                                                                               Mrs. Eileen Melody
      Mrs. Karen E. Adamson                                                                   Director of Curriculum
                                                                                               Mrs. Claudia Danna

                                      Bolton High School
                                            72 Brandy Street
                                           Bolton, Connecticut
                                         (860) 643-2768 Fax (860) 645-8374
                                                 School Code: 070038

                                             MISSION STATEMENT
   Bolton High School believes in the development of capable, ethical, thoughtful, and responsible citizens and is
committed to providing a secure educational environment in which all students can discover and work toward achieving
their maximum potential.
   Bolton High School strives to foster the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and positive attitudes required for life long
learning. The cornerstone of this process is high quality instruction, which encourages critical thinking, problem solving,
and the application of learned skills and knowledge.

                                                  SCHOOL FACTS
   Bolton High School is a four-year, comprehensive public high school with an enrollment of 296 students in grades 9-
12. The School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. There are 67 students in the
Class of 2009 and the average class size is fifteen. Students are encouraged to pursue courses with academic rigor and
intellectual challenge. The faculty consists of thirty-two full-time and nine part-time instructors with 95% holding at least
a Master’s degree. Bolton High School prides itself on a personalized educational experience with individualized
                                                 Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2010
Bolton High School graduation requirements are among the most rigorous in the state of Connecticut. In addition to academic
requirements, each student is required to complete 30 hours of community service and a Senior Demonstration.

          Credit Distribution                                       Academic Performance                              Product Based Performance
             Expectations                                               Expectations                                         Expectations
    English                             4     credits              Response to Literature*                              Education/Career Portfolio
    Social Studies                      3     credits              Persuasive Writing*                                  Community Service
       (1 credit in U.S. History required Jr. year)                Numeric Problem Solving*                                  (minimum - 30 hours)
       (1/2 credit in Civics required Sr. year)
    Mathematics                         3 credits                  Scientific Problem Solving*                          Senior Demonstration
    Science                             3 credits                  Oral Communication                                   Health/Physical Education
    Vocational or Fine Arts             1 credit                   Technology/Information                                Portfolio
    Phys. Ed. / Health                  1 ¾ credits                 Literacy
    Electives                           6 ¼ credits                Arts/Aesthetic Literacy
    TOTAL                               22 credits                 * Corresponds to Connecticut Academic
                                                                      Performance Test (CAPT) Sections

                 Advanced Placement Scores                                                                            Curriculum

In 2009, 33% of the Senior Class and 26% of the Junior Class sat                           Bolton High School offers an extensive array of curricular and co-
                                                                                           curricular courses and programs to challenge its diverse student
for a total of 54 tests, representing 8 different Advanced
                                                                                           population. Students can choose from academic and fine arts classes,
Placement Exams.                                                                           vocational and technical experiences, internships, and cooperative
         - 80% scored 3 or better.                                                         work experience. Courses are divided into four levels of study and are
         - 46% scored 4 or better.                                                         designed to meet the individual student’s needs. In addition to
         - 27% scored 5 or better.                                                         Advanced Placement, University of Connecticut ECE courses, and
                                                                                           Manchester Community College “Career Pathway” courses,
In the last five years, 26 BHS students have been recognized as                            opportunities exist for students to take accelerated courses at area
AP Scholars by the College Board. Seven students have been                                 magnet schools, including the Greater Hartford Academy for
recognized as AP Scholars with Honor or AP Scholars with                                   Math/Science and the Arts.
                                                                                           Students who pass all of the Bolton High School graduation
                                                                                           requirements having achieved the highest rating in each of the scoring
              AP EXAMINATIONS— MAY 2009
                                                                                           rubrics and earn a minimum of 50 hours of community service, receive
                   Class of 2009 and 2010                                                  the diploma “With Distinction.” Twenty-six members of the Class of
Score Distribution      5        4       3                         2          1            2008 received this honor.
Calculus AB             1        3       1                         2          -
English Literature      1        3       3                         -          -
European History        5        -       -                         -          -            Course Offerings – AP & UCONN ECE Levels
French                  1        -       -                         -          -
Music Theory            1        -       -                         -          -             Advanced Placement            University of Connecticut
Spanish                 1        1       -                         1          2             English Literature            Early College Experience
                                                                                            United States History         UConn ECE/AP European History
Studio Art 2D           -        -       2                         1          1                                           UConn ECE Environmental Science
US History              5        3       10                        1          -             Spanish V                     UConn ECE/AP Biology
                                                                                            French V
                                                                                            Physics                       Students have access to
                                                                                            Calculus AB                   additional AP courses through
                                                                                                                          Virtual High School
                                                                                            Studio Art 2D
                           SAT Mean Scores                                                  Studio Art 3D
                                                                                            Music Theory
   SAT Mean Scores:                     2007            2008       2009
   Verbal (Reading)                      544             525        547
   Mathematics                           538             511        557                                    Course Offerings – Honors Level
   Writing                               543             546        549
                                                                                           Honors Level
                                                                                           Freshman English                      French IV
                               Course Levels                                                                                     Spanish IV
                                                                                           Sophomore English
                                                                                           Junior English                        Latin IV
Advanced Placement (AP) & UCONN Early College Experience                                                                         Science 9
(ECE) - The most competitive college preparatory classes                                   British Literature
                                                                                           Geometry                              Biology
Honors - Very competitive college preparatory classes                                      Algebra II                            Chemistry
College Preparatory - Preparation for college and other educational                        Pre-Calculus                          Physics
opportunities                                                                              College Math Topics                   World History & Cultures I
General - Moderately difficult courses                                                     Concert Band                          World History & Cultures II
                                                                                                                                 Independent Study in Art
                                         Class of 2009 – GPA                                               Academic Expectations
                                                                                            The Bolton High School graduate…
                       4.300-5.000                                                             reads actively, critically, and competently for a variety
                                                                                                of purposes and communicates literal, interpretive, and
                                                                                                critical understandings in clear expository, narrative, and
                       4.000-4.299                                                              descriptive writing.
                                                                                               writes effective persuasive essays by taking a clear
      Cumulative GPA

                       3.300-3.999                                                              position, supporting that position with accurate and
                                                                                                relevant information, organizing ideas logically and
                                                                                                effectively, and expressing ideas with clarity and
                       2.500-3.299                                                              fluency.
                                                                                               understands important mathematical concepts and
                       2.000-2.499                                                              procedures and engages in complex mathematical tasks
                                                                                                and methods to solve problems.
                                                                                               has a knowledge base in the biological, earth, and
                       1.000-1.999                                                              physical sciences, understanding unifying themes in the
                                                                                                sciences, and applies the scientific principles and
                                     0          5      10       15       20          25         methods through research investigations and inquiry-
                                                    Number of Students                          based activities.
                                                                                               speaks clearly and concisely, communicating effectively
                                                                                                and accurately in meaningful conversation, so as to
                       Bolton High School Point Value Table                                     defend a position and exchange information.
                                                                                               has a fundamental knowledge of a language other than
                                                      Course Level                              English and understands and respects the diversity of
       Grade                             AP         Honors College Prep General                 languages and cultures.
                                                                                               uses libraries, as well as information and
     A+/A 93-100                         5.00        4.75       4.25     3.75                   communications technology, to retrieve, synthesize, and
     A-                  90-92           4.75        4.50        4.00         3.50              communicate information.
                                                                                               displays skillful and creative expression in the arts and
     B+                  87-89           4.50        4.25        3.75         3.25
                                                                                                evaluates artistic character and aesthetic qualities in art
     B                   83-86           4.25        4.00        3.50         3.00              forms.
     B-                  80-82           4.00        3.75        3.25         2.75
     C+                  77-79           3.75        3.50        3.00         2.50                            Social Expectations
     C                   73-76           3.50        3.25        2.75         2.25           The Bolton High School graduate…
     C-                  70-72           3.25        3.00        2.50         2.00              meets the demands of the employment market by
     D+                  67-69           3.00        2.75        2.25         1.75               demonstrating skills and the knowledge necessary for
     D                   63-66           2.75        2.50        2.00         1.50               career opportunities and options.
                                                                                                is aware of his/her post-secondary educational options.
     D-                  60-62           2.50        2.25        1.75         1.25
                                                                                                understands that each individual is instrumental in
     F                    0-59           0.00        0.00        0.00         0.00               improving the quality of life for all members of the
                                                                                                demonstrates critical, creative, and innovative thinking,
                  Connecticut Academic Performance Test
                                                                                                 while identifying and solving real-world problems.
                                                                                                understands the need and accepts the responsibility for
   The Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) is a state
                                                                                                 autonomous learning and self-direction.
  mandated program that tests all tenth grade students. Bolton High
                                                                                                demonstrates and recognizes the principles of wellness
          School 2009 percentages are indicated below.
                                                                                                 and physical fitness.
    NCLB Proficient Level State Goal Level Advanced Level
Math           94.4             69.4           29.2                                                             Civic Expectations
Science        94.5             63.0           27.4
Reading        97.2             69.4           45.8                                          The Bolton High School graduate…
Writing        98.6             82.2           47.9                                             understands and values the responsibilities and the rights
Goal Writing Score:                                   #1 in CT District Reference Group C        of United States citizenship and knowledgably
Goal Reading Score:                                   #5 in CT District Reference Group C        participates in the democratic process.
                                                                                                understands and respects the need for standards of self-
Goal Science Score:                                   #5 in CT District Reference Group C        discipline, accountability, integrity, and ethics in a civil
Advanced Level Reading Score:                         #3 in CT District Reference Group C        society.
                                                                                                demonstrates collaboration skills as a member of a team,
Advanced Level Writing Score:                         #2 in CT District Reference Group C        is able to teach others new skills, and exercises
NCLB “Proficient” Reading Score:                      #1 in CT District Reference Group C        leadership qualities and negotiation skills.
                                                                                                demonstrates the ability to work with and show respect
NCLB “Proficient” Writing Score:                      #1 in CT District Reference Group C
                                                                                                 for diverse groups of people and recognizes the need for
Scores on all 4 tests lie within in the top 25% of all CT districts.                             social responsibility and global awareness.
                     Grade Distribution and Class Rank                                                                          Community
   Grade point average, based upon a 4+ point scale, is determined by                                 Located approximately 14 miles east of Hartford, Bolton has a
   averaging the student’s weighted grades. The first class ranking is                                population of about 5,000. It is a suburban community with rural
   determined at the end of the fifth semester (during the junior year). Class                        character and a close proximity to the University of Connecticut and
   rank is updated at the end of the junior year and at the end of the seventh                        Manchester Community College.         A socio-economically diverse
   semester (during the senior year).                                                                 community, much of the working population is engaged in technical,
                                                                                                      professional, managerial, and sales occupations. Bolton has two
                                                                                                      schools, Bolton Center School, serving grades K-8, and Bolton High
                                Post Graduate Plans                                                   School, serving grades 9-12. The total district population is 883
Adelphi University               Fisher College                   St Joseph College, CT*
American International           Florida International Univ       Salve Regina University*
                                                                                                                          Additional Information
College                          Fordham University               Savannah College of Art*
Amherst College                  Full Sail University             Smith College*                     Bolton High School, with approximately 290 students, fosters a
                                                                                                      personalized education and boasts a comprehensive course selection
Arizona State University*        Furman University                Southern CT State University*
                                                                                                      and programs for all academic levels, as well as extensive offerings in
Assumption College *             George Washington Univ           Springfield College*
                                                                                                      the arts, athletics, and activities.
Babson College                   Georgetown University*           Suffolk University
                                                                                                     BHS students have access to online courses through Virtual High
Baran Institute of Tech          Hobart & Wm Smith College        Temple University                   School (VHS), which offers over 200 full semester courses in Arts,
Becker College                   Hofstra University               Tulane University                   Business, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Life Skills,
Bentley College *                Hunter College-CUNY              U.S. Coast Guard Academy*           Math, Science, Social Studies, and Technology. In addition, VHS
Boston University                Ithaca College                   University of Connecticut*          offers 15 Advanced Placement (AP) full year courses and 11 Pre-
                                                                                                      Advanced Placement courses.
Bowdoin College                  Johnson & Wales University*      University of Hartford
Brandeis University              Johnson State College*           University of Maine
                                                                                                     Independent Study courses fostering special interests or advanced
                                                                                                      work are available to all BHS students under the direction of a faculty
Bridgewater State College        Keene State College *            University of Maryland
Brigham Young University*        Long Island - .C.W.Post*         University of MaryWashington
                                                                                                     Specialized programs at BHS include the Learning Through
Brooklyn College-CUNY            Lyndon State college             Univ. of Mass. Amherst*             Internship program, Teen Leadership program, and CPR/AED
Bryant University                Manchester Comm. College *       University of New England           Certification beginning with the Class of 2012.
Central CT State University*     Manhattan College                University of New Hampshire        Students at BHS are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of
Clark University                 Manhattanville College           University of Hartford*             community service at BHS in order to graduate. Students have gone
CT Aero Tech                     Marist College                   University of New Haven*
                                                                                                      well above and beyond that amount. During the 2008-09 school year,
                                                                                                      the BHS student body accrued 14,424 documented hours of
College of Wm & Mary             Marymount Manhattan College      University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                      community service.
Connecticut College              New York University*             University of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                      In the last four years over 36 students have been honored with the
Cornell University               Newbury College                  University of Rhode Island*         Presidential Volunteer Service Award.
Dean College*                    Philadelphia University*         University of Richmond*            Student interest in service projects has resulted in a BHS chapter of
Drexel University                Pikes Peak Comm College          University of South Florida         Amnesty International, fundraisers for Darfur and Partners in Health.
Eastern CT State University*     Plymouth State University        University of Tampa *               Student service has resulted in awards for BHS clubs by the State
Elon University*                 Pueblo Community College         University of West Florida          Dept. of Education and for the National Honor Society by the
Emerson College                  Quinnipiac University            Western New England
                                                                                                      American Red Cross in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Emmanuel College*                Rensselaer Polytech Institute*   Worcester Polytech Institute
                                                                                                     BHS Athletic Teams have been recognized with several Michael’s
                                                                                                      Achievement Cups and teams are represented annually in the CIAC
Endicott College*                Roger Williams University
                                                                                                      state tournament. BHS boasts several All-State and All-New England
Members of the Class of 2009 were accepted at the schools and colleges                                athletes. In each of the last three years, BHS has had a Connecticut
listed above. An asterisk indicates at least one student is currently                                 finalist in the National Heisman Awards program.
attending the college or university.                                                                 The BHS Music Department has competed in nationally recognized
                                                                                                      festivals in: Washington, DC - Toronto, Canada - Richmond and
                                                                                                      Virginia Beach, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. Musicians from BHS
                               Bolton High School                                                     annually represent the school at the Connecticut All State Festival and
                                                                                                      the New England Music Festival.
                                                                                                     Bolton High School regularly hosts summer reading authors. Visiting
                                                                                                      authors have included Louise Murphy (The True Story of Hansel and
                                                                                                      Gretel), Reyna Grande (Across A Hundred Mountains), Richard
                                                                                                      Glaubman (Life Is So Good),and Da Chen (Colors of the Mountains)
                                                                                                     Bolton High School has presented at the New England Association of
                                                                                                      Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and The Center for Secondary School
                                                                                                      Redesign “Showcase of Model Programs” at Bentley College in
                                                                                                      Waltham, MA in 2007 and 2008
                                                                                                     World Language classes have traveled to Spain, Italy, and France.
                                                                                                      Science classes have toured Costa Rica and participated in “Space
                                                                                                      Camp.” The Science Department is planning a trip to Hawaii for the
                                                                                                      upcoming year.
                                                                                                     In the Spring of 2008, Bolton High School established a “Sister
                                                                                                      School” in the Shandong Province of China. Students can study
                                                                                                      Mandarin Chinese through Virtual High School and will have the
                                                                                                      opportunity to travel to China in April 2010.

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