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									                                              Brian E. Hall
1710 Walnut St. #229                                                                    Cell: (510) 872-7915
Berkeley, CA 94709                                                           

Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience with Java, C, and Unix seeking to secure a
lecturer position in Computer Science at the graduate or undergraduate level.

Relevant Experience Highlights:
Industry experience with:
•Network programming and protocol design
•Database programming and development
•PalmOS development and Palm hardware-level programming
•Web interface implementation with dynamic HTML/PHP
•Fast real-time graphics rendering
•Win32 programming

Lecturing experience as an undergrad at California State University, Chico co-instructing a course in
advanced Unix programming techniques. (

Additional experience with the series of popular programming tutorials known as “Beej's Guides”
which focused on network programming and interprocess communication.
( These guides are recommended reading for many
college-level courses, and have garnered significant praise:

•“This is the best thing I've found on the net! I've been looking for information on sockets for
  beginners in socket-programming, and this is exactly what I wanted! Very interesting and written
  with a great bunch of humour! You've done a great job!!!”
  --Erik Eriksson, Sweden

•“I  have found your sockets tutorial to be of the highest quality and look forward to further tutorials
  and the continuing of your IPC work. May I also say that I like your sense of humour and feel that
  it adds to the learning experience.”
  --Simon Chappell

•“Brian'swork and his willingness to share his work are real credits to CSU, Chico, the College of
  Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and the Computer Science Department.”
  --Ann Burroughs, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Computing Science,Humboldt State Univ.

Tutored computer science students at De Anza college both in and out of lab.

Knowledge of Java, C, C++, Python, Assembly, and other languages, under Unix, Linux, and most
Unix flavors.

California State University, Chico
•Master of Science in Computer Science. Graduated with Distinction, Fall 1997. GPA: 4.0.
•Bachelorof Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics. Graduated Spring 1996.
Undergraduate work at Yuba College, Marysville, CA, and De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.

Work Experience:
Freestyle Interactive, Senior Software Engineer, December 1998-Present
Created interactive Java advertising and multiplayer games for award-winning agency. Emphasis on
high-speed lightweight code, producing efficient real-time rendered graphics. Co-designed and
authored a massively-multiplayer infrastructure in C and Java. Authored online multiplayer Java
games for Sony Station. Designed and implemented Palm OS applications, as well as custom libraries
for fast blitting and infrared communication.

Hewlett-Packard, Software Engineer, June 1995-December 1998
Created software for application response analysis in C for HP's OpenView division. Investigated and
implemented techniques for non-invasive user application monitoring. Updated Internet performance
monitoring tools and wrote statistics gathering and report generating programs. Updated and
improved APIs for accessing HP's employee database. Reengineered 4GL UIs that access calling
card, cellular, and modem usage databases. Developed software to track ISDN calls for user billing.
Designed web interfaces for accessing report data online.

Node-8 Web Services, Software Engineer, May 1995-May 1996
Designed and co-implemented a web-based ordering system for a CD store, including customer and
administrative front-ends. Also authored web-based music database management tools.

Castle Rock Computing, Inc., Software Engineer, June 1994-January 1995
Implemented several TCP/IP Windows utilities using WINSOCK, including telnet, TFTP, and
BOOTP. Authored a WINSOCK library using a lower-level API.

Projects and Interests:
Implemented several cryptographic algorithms, including RC4, RC5, MD5, SHA, and the Blum
Blum Shub random sequence generator.

Experimented with the NCBI Toolkit for bioinformatics data processing, and tools for protein
sequence alignment such as BLAST.

Wide interest in entertainment and gaming, from simple single-player puzzle games to massively
multiplayer online games. Implemented a multiplayer wooden ship-to-ship battle game for Masters

Activities and Honors:
Cofounder and President of the De Anza Computer Club.
CSUC Dean's Honor List, Fall 1994, Spring 1995.

Joshua Hart
8031 Mammoth Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 792-0270

Brian Pomerantz
P.O. Box 3235
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 478-9848

Kim Askew
(415) 269-7642

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