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Vo l u m e 8 , I s s u e 8                                                                        May - June               2008

                                   FROM THE DESK OF                                  accomplishments is far too great to name them
IN THIS ISSUE                                                                        all, but considering this list reminds us of the

From the PTSA President       3
                                   Nancy Neu                                         many ways there are to excel and contribute.

                                   Principal                                         Redwood students also continue the tradition
Social Host Ordinance         4
                                                                                     of excellent academic performance by achiev-
                                   As we come to the close of another school
Volunteer Opportunities       5                                                      ing exceptional scores on Advanced Placement
                                   term, it seems only fitting to reflect on those
                                                                                     exams, SATs, STAR tests, California High School
Post to Go Online             5    things that have been memorable. Through the
                                                                                     Exit Examinations, and a host of other tests.
Redwood Foundation            6    challenges and celebrations that we have expe-
                                                                                     The list of seniors who have been accepted into
                                   rienced as a school community, the commit-
Senior Academic Honors        7                                                      colleges and/or are receiving scholarships con-
                                   ment and focus of students, staff, and parents
                                                                                     tinues to grow.
Senior Athletic Honors        8    continue to impress me. Thank you for making
                                   Redwood High School an exemplary school.          As I mentioned, Redwood parents are integral to
Redwood Scholarship Fund      8
                                                                                     the success of our high school. Thank you for
                                   This year we were honored with an invitation
Safe & Sober Grad Night     9-10                                                     your generous donations of time and financial
                                   to apply for Blue Ribbon School status—this is
Grad Night Donors            10                                                      support.Your support is literally visible as the
                                   a national recognition and a tremendous
                                                                                     construction of the new student lunch plaza
Grad Night Gift Donors       11    reward for our efforts. As we completed the
                                                                                     begins. The Redwood High School Foundation
                                   application, it was clear that Redwood contin-
Teen Summer Reading          11                                                      raised over $650,000 and has allocated funds for
                                   ues to build community and foster respect.
                                                                                     technology, beautification projects, drama, art,
The IB Program               12    Working together, we have refined programs to
                                                                                     science, math, and social studies equipment. The
                                   both support and challenge our students. We
Teacher News                 12                                                      PTSA has continued the Staff Appreciation pro-
                                   have explored ways to enrich our students’
Parent2Parent                13                                                      gram, which has been warmly embraced. The
                                   experiences and bring them real world applica-
                                                                                     Benchwarmers continue to support all athletic
Campus Improvement           13    tions through performances, lab experiments,
                                                                                     teams in multiple ways and also the athletic
                                   simulations, and guest speakers.
Staff Appreciation           14                                                      trainer position. Just as important, our parents
                                   We have provided valuable learning experi-        have put in hundreds of hours volunteering in
Redwood Rocks Thanks       15-17
                                   ences and programs for all students at every      the areas of campus beautification, registration
Foundation Donors          18-22   level. Our Peer Resource counselors continue to   of new students, newsletter production, team
Calendar                   24-25   be in demand throughout the community.            parents, site leadership committees, PTSA proj-
                                   Redwood students worked with local agencies       ects, campus tours, library assistance, and other                    to bring the Every 15 Minutes program to the      tasks too numerous to mention.                student body. The Redwood drama company,
                                                                                     Parents also gave their time and support by
                                   EPiC, successfully participated in the
                                                                                     attending our Open House on April 3 – if you
                                   Motherlode Festival, and our athletes continue
                                   to rake in recognition and awards. The list of                                Continued on next page
   REDWOOD POST                                                                                                   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

From the Desk of Nancy Neu, cont.

 were able to attend you had an opportunity to meet the Redwood           Work with your teen to find his or her strengths. This can lead your
staff and view the amazing work of our students. I am always              teen to join one of the many clubs and/or sports teams at Redwood
impressed with the number of parents and guests who attend this           that will bring new friends, build confidence, and develop skills.
event; attendance at Open House and other school events under-            Think of the transition from middle school to high school as a
scores the Redwood community’s support of our school, our stu-            process and allow your teen the time needed to make an adjust-
dents, and our programs. This support, as well as the hard work of        ment.
our staff, motivates our students, and affirms their successes.
                                                                          In the final analysis, it is the student body that makes a school what
Additionally, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to two   it is. The students at Redwood have made ours an outstanding place
of our staff members: Math teacher Julianne Schrick won a Golden          that is exciting and vital. Redwood is a school we can be proud of. I
Bell Education Award for excellence in teaching, and Nancy                sincerely believe that this school is as fine an institution of learning
Malcolm, counseling secretary, was honored as the California School       as you will find anywhere in our state or nation.
Employee Associations Member of the Year.
                                                                          To conclude, I would like to give special recognition to the Class of
As the school year winds down for our students, the class of 2012         2008. They are an exceptional group of young men and women. I
eagerly anticipates the start of high school. To the parents of our       wish them well in their post-secondary experiences and look for-
incoming freshmen, I would like to welcome you to our school and          ward to being a part of their commencement exercises on Thursday,
share a few tips to help make the transition to high school a little      June 12, at 4 p.m.
easier for your students:
                                                                          Thank you again to the students, staff, and parents for their contri-
Encourage attendance at high school orientation meetings. This is a
                                                                          butions that made this a successful school year. As the year draws to
fabulous way to become familiar with the school, meet new (and
                                                                          a close and summer approaches, it is my sincere wish that you find
old) friends, and start the school year off on the right foot.
                                                                          your own gardens in full bloom.
Point out the positives about high school, such as choosing your
own courses from a broad range of electives, meeting new people,          Have a grand summer…See you in August! I
and having more challenging classes.

Our Thanks to PTSA President Barbara Solomon
It is with deep, heartfelt gratitude that I thank Barbara Solomon for     successful. She served on the RHS Foundation for two years, and
her many valuable contributions and years of service to Redwood.          was highly instrumental in bringing the concept of a lunch plaza to
This is Barbara’s last year serving on the PTSA Executive Board as        fruition. She has been involved in every step including the planning,
President. Barbara has held just about every PTA office possible          development, and construction of the Lunch Plaza. One of Barbara’s
since her daughter entered kindergarten in 1993. At Redwood she’s         main achievements has always been parent communication. She was
been parliamentarian, vice president for two years, and president.        the driving force behind the development of the PTSA website and
One of her biggest contributions to the community has been the            she established an electronic newsletter to the parents from the
development of an integrated substance abuse education program at         PTSA. I cannot thank her enough for all the valuable contributions
Redwood. She’s worked collaboratively with MCOE to help bring             she has made over the years. We wish her much luck in her new
outside agencies to speak to 9th and 10th grade students about drug       endeavors and want her to know that she will always be a part of
and alcohol awareness, as well as speakers for the Parent Education       our GIANT family.
nights. Over the years, Barbara was highly involved with the Every
                                                                          – Nancy Neu, Principal I
15 Minutes Program and was part of what made that program so                                                                                    2
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                              M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

                                      FROM THE PTA PRESIDENT
   PTSA Executive Board
   Barbara Solomon, President         Dear Redwood Families,
   Susan Miltner,
     Executive Vice-President         It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the wonderful staff, administration, student body, and
   Jeannie Perry, Vice-President      parent community at Redwood! In particular, I have enjoyed working with Principal Nancy Neu.
   Tish Borden, Treasurer             She helps make this large suburban high school a wonderful, welcoming, and lively community for
                                      students, staff, and parents. The campus bustles from early morning to late evening with classes,
   Jody Coker, Secretary
                                      workshops, sports events, plays, concerts, meetings, and other events. Under her leadership, the
   Cindy Brown, Auditor
                                      school has become increasingly strong in academics, sports, and the arts, as well as mindful of the
   Nora Kovach, Parliamentarian
                                      struggling and special needs students. She has helped the school win numerous awards in recent
                                      years, and she is working hard to qualify the school for the IB program. And she does so with effi-
                                      ciency, quiet calm, a smile on her face, and an unsurpassed gift for working with people.
Upcoming Meeting
                                      PTSA’s biggest accomplishment this year is the new Redwood Lunch Plaza. Thanks to the generous
PARENTS, TEENS and the LAW            support of parents, staff, the Redwood Foundation, and the community, we completed fundraising
Wednesday, May 21, 2008               for the Plaza at Redwood Rocks! 2008. The Plaza is currently under construction, and if all goes
7 to 9 p.m.                           well, it will be completed in time for Graduation 2008. Thanks to the school administration, the
Learn more about teen and parent      District Facilities/Modernization Staff, and the Board of Trustees for supporting and fast-tracking
rights and responsibilities and the   this project. Thanks to my wonderful fellow Lunch Plaza Committee Members, Eladia Laines, Laura
Social Host Ordinance from the        Edwards, Robin Moller, Nancy Neu, and BJ Martin, for designing and dogging this project! The
Marin Bar Association. This event     Lunch Plaza will provide a lovely, shaded outdoor venue where students can eat, hang out and
will be held in Hollis Hall at the    study, in addition to serving as the site for school and alumni committee receptions. It will greatly
Marin County Office of Education,     enhance the Redwood campus.
1111 Las Gallinas, in San Rafael      Thank you to Jeannie Perry, Vice-President, for organizing a varied and vital Parent Education
from 7 to 9 p.m. Topics will          Program for the second year in a row. In particular, the programs Understanding Teen Boys with
include: Marin County’s Social        Brenda Bercun, and Underage Drinking with Gary Najarian, were memorable.
Host Ordinance – Civil and
Criminal Consequences; Drinking       Thank you to my other Board Members (Exec VP Susan Miltner, Treasurer Tish Borden, Secretary
and Driving During Prom and           Jody Coker, Auditor Cindy Brown, Parliamentarian Nora Kovach) for quietly and competently carry-
Graduation Season; Sex and the        ing out their duties. I have enjoyed working with all of them.
Law; and Cyberspace, Teens and
                                      In connection with Redwood’s Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program, I would like to thank
the Law. For more information or
                                      Principal Nancy Neu, Carol Eber of the District Office, and Jessica Skieresz, Redwood’s Peer
to RSVP, please contact rgaspar@
                                      Resource Teacher, and all her students, for helping me present a strong and effective program this or call 499-1314.
                                      year. Hopefully next year will be even better, under the leadership of the new VP Susan Morrow.

                                      Thank you to all the PTSA Committee Chairs for doing their jobs without pay and often without
                                      thanks. We know who you are and we appreciate all that you do for the school! In particular, I would
                                      like to thank the dedicated chairs of Redwood Rocks!, Eladia Laines and Laura Edwards. I would
                                      also thank the hardworking campus improvement team, Maija Norstad and Lindy Flemming, and
                                      the staff appreciation gift team, Ann Gordon and Susan Livingston. Thanks to our peerless
                                      Directory Chair, Donna Broughan, and our loyal Membership Chair and Sophomore Parent

                                                                                                              Continued on next page       3
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                 M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

From the PTSA President, cont.

Evening hostess, Carolyn Grey. Thanks to our over-qualified Website     If I left anyone out, I apologize. It takes a large and strong team to
Manager, Jeff Slavitz, and our overworked Grad Night Chairs, Susan      coordinate and carry out all the PTSA activities at this school. I
Mitchell and Marlene Foster. Thanks to PTSA Hospitality Chair           hope you made it to the last PTSA meeting/Spring Potluck on May
Kappy Reed for her elegant and tasty treats and decorations. Thanks     8. Thank you for everything that you do for this school, as you help
to former staffer Sue Chelini for continuing to lead Redwood Tours      make Redwood the wonderful place that it is!
in her retirement, and thanks to Barbara Gossell and Ellen Karel for
                                                                        I wish all the best to next year’s PTSA Board: President Susan
their effortless leadership of the Library team. Thank you, Danelle
                                                                        Miltner,VP of Parent Ed Marinda Lobos,VP of Drug & Alcohol
Leong, for helping with Back to School Coffee, Sophomore Parent
                                                                        Awareness Susan Morrow, Treasurer Tish Borden, Secretary Cammie
Social, Sophomore Potluck, and Student Activities. Thanks to Anne
                                                                        Hinshaw, Auditor Rita Dulebohn, and Parliamentarian Nora Kovach.
Gilberg for hosting the Freshman Parent Evening. Thanks to Anne
Doyle and Cynthia Peterson for organizing the Staff Appreciation        Farewell,
Lunch. Last but not least, thanks to our excellent Post Editor Lauren
Howard and Designer Jay Gilman, for improving the readability and       Barbara Solomon
content of this publication! And thanks to the Post mailing team of     Redwood PTSA President I
Linda Malatesta, Susan Wirta, and Pat Klansko.

Change is Underway: The Social Host Ordinance

          ith one exception, all of the towns in Marin have             tend to binge drink, and they do so at a higher rate than elsewhere
          passed a Social Host Ordinance, and the one town              in the state or the country. This binge drinking trend is dangerous
          remaining is about to do so. What is this phenomenon          and needs to be changed. Gary was responsible for obtaining the
and why is it happening?                                                recent federal grant to study and reduce binge drinking in the Tam
                                                                        School District. There will be more information on this issue in
The Social Host Ordinance is designed to close a loophole in current    September 2008.
laws and to crack down on underage house parties, the location
where most Marin County youth obtain and consume alcohol.               In addition to the Ordinance and the federal grant, Gary is leading
Under the Ordinance, a party host who provides alcohol to under-        two campaigns designed to reduce underage drinking. First, reduce
age drinkers (under 21) may be issued a civil citation (in some         youth access to alcohol by training retail and service establishments
towns a civil or criminal citation) and be subject to a hefty fine.     to not sell or serve alcohol to teens and underage adults. Second,
When the party host is under 18, the party host’s parents may also      reduce the appeal of alcohol by teaching adults to model responsible
be cited and fined, even if they are not present at the party.          (i.e. moderate and not constant) use of alcohol. Moreover, teach
                                                                        youth about media literacy and figure out ways to combat the alco-
PTSA Guest Speaker Gary Najarian, Marin County Alcohol, Drug            hol industry’s highly orchestrated campaign to appeal to youth at a
and Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, has spearheaded a novel             very young age. (For examples, go to
approach to Marin County’s underage drinking problem. Along with
                                                                        Gary’s approach models the one taken by tobacco control advocates
other youth advocates, he has been pushing for environmental
                                                                        during the 1990s, which resulted in strict smoking laws and clamp-
change in the appeal and accessibility of alcohol to Marin County
                                                                        downs on sales campaigns and vending methods designed to
youth. The Social Host Ordinance is an important first step.
                                                                        encourage youth smoking.
Youth drinking rates in Marin County are higher than the rest of the
                                                                        Wake up, parents!
state and the country. Not only are the rates higher, but the way our
youth drink is dangerous. When Marin County youth drink, they           – Jeannie Perry, VP, and Barbara Solomon, President, PTSA I         4
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                     M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8


Volunteer Opportunities for Summer/Fall ‘08
Parent involvement is the leading indicator of student success in school.   • Help with Redwood HS summer mailing in June.
                                                                            • Distribute schedules first day of school in August.
PTSA Positions still available:
Contact Susan Miltner at 261-0318,                 Contact Sally Robert at 945-3622, to:
• We need a Chair for the Freshman Orientation Lunch held in                • Assist with “RIGHT STUFF” sales & distribution in August;
  August. This is a fun job where you provide a lunch of pre-                 shifts available from 7:45-11 a.m. or 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
  made sandwiches, water, cookies, and fruit to the incoming                • Verify athletic participation forms in August.
  freshman class. You will meet eight parents who will assist you           Contact Margie Reis at 927-3635,
  at the lunch. You get a chance to see the freshman class.                 • Help with Photo Day, August 15.
  This is a fun job!
                                                                            Contact Antoinette Snyder at 927-2161,
• We need a second person to be Freshman Parent Coordinator. We             • Help with PTSA summer mailing in July.
  already have one parent signed up. This job involves planning a
                                                                            Contact Rhonda Giannini at 945-9668,
  freshman parent social. Principal Nancy Neu and the VP of the
                                                                            • Help with the Freshman Orientation Lunch
  freshman class attend this fun event.
                                                                            Thank you for your time and energy!
Redwood HS Summer/Fall volunteer positions available:
Contact Sam Miller at 945-3620, to:                         – Susan Miltner, PTSA Executive Vice President I

The Post is Going Online for ‘08–’09
After much deliberation, the PTSA has decided to make the Post an           How the online system will work
online publication. The reasons for this change are many: environ-          An email will be sent out to all parents at the beginning of each
mental concerns (yearly savings of about 120,000 sheets of paper,           month with a hyperlink to the online Post.You will also be able to
plus print cartridges), monetary savings (the cost is $15,000 per year      access the Post via the PTSA website, For those
to publish and mail), reduction in volunteer time (2 days per month         families that would still like to have a paper copy mailed, please fill
to ready the Post for mailing), and information disseminated in a           out the form and send it to the address below.
more timely manner.With this change, the PTSA will have additional
financial resources to offer more educational programs for the stu-         Contact Susan Miltner at susanmiltner@, 261-0318
dents and parents, as well as a higher level of support for teachers.       if you have comments or questions. I

To request that the Post be mailed to you, return the form below to Linda Malatesta, 351 Chapman Dr., Corte Madera, CA 94925

    Please mail me the Redwood Post each month.

    NAME                                                                                        NAME OF STUDENT/GRADE LEVEL

    MAILING ADDRESS                           CITY, STATE, ZIP                                  PHONE

  REDWOOD POST                                                                                               M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

A Record Year for the Foundation
We can proudly say that the ’07-’08 Foundation                                  Benchwarmers
raised a record amount of money at $650,000 and                                 The goal of Benchwarmers is to fund the equipment
set a new bar for parent participation by exceeding                             and special needs of the athletic programs at Redwood.
41%! But we’re just as proud of all the areas of the                            Approximately 20% of Foundation annual donations go
school that have benefited from Support Fund,                                   to Benchwarmers. This year the parent-run allocation
Benchwarmers, and Scholarship grants because of                                 group not only funded the Athletic Trainer, put on the
your donations. The Lunch Plaza may be the most                                 Senior Sports award dinner, sponsored the Coaches
visible result of your Foundation dollars at                                    dinner, and funded the sports tutoring program, it also
Redwood but there have been investments made in                                 met monthly and awarded another $50,000 in equip-
every department this year and over 20 sports                                   ment, tournament fees, and special needs to support
teams benefited from Benchwarmers grants.                                       20 sports teams. Redwood has approximately 750 stu-
Additionally, Sequoians is now completely funded                                dent athletes and more teams than any other MCAL
by the Foundation and Scholarship received a record amount             school, so Benchwarmers provides much needed extra funding
of money to help ’07 graduates this past fall. The following is a      for teams.
summary of the grants that your donations helped fund this
school year.
                                                                       In May of every year, a group of parents and teachers meet to
                                                                       review students’ applications for a one-time financial gift for their
                                                                       higher educations. Since its 1969 inception, the Scholarship Fund
Support Fund                                                           has helped more than 300 graduating seniors. In 2007 alone, 27
This year a group of parents, teachers, students, and administrators   outstanding seniors received a grant from the Scholarship Fund.
reviewed 45 grant requests and awarded $ 435,000 for a wide vari-      A percentage of your Foundation donations goes into this fund,
ety of classroom materials, technology, campus im-provements,          which provides deserving seniors with financial help for tuition,
guest instruction, and student programs including:                     books, and college expenses. A Redwood grant makes an enormous
New audio system for the gym, library, and 1 science classroom         difference in a student’s first year at college.
Digital darkroom upgrades
Science instructional materials, stopwatches                           Thank You
Friendship Garden benches                                              To all the parents, companies, and community donors that
Binding 50 years of the Bark                                           contributed to this year’s Annual Campaign, “Thank You”! For
Art storage shed lumber                                                those of you who haven’t yet donated – there’s still time. Wouldn’t
Guest artists for Music and Drama                                      it be great to reach 50% participation and our financial goal
World Languages computer upgrades, a display case,                     before the end of the year? August comes quickly and with it,
Fiesta Week                                                            many financial requests – so the Foundation can always use your
Yearbook camera and computer upgrades                                  donation! All donors as of June 13 will be listed in next fall’s
Computer upgrades for the Bark and Special Ed                          Annual Campaign brochure. The complete list of parent donors as
Tech support                                                           of April 25 begins on page 18 of this Post issue.
Overhead projectors for English department                             – Sara McGhie, Redwood Foundation President I
PE mats and volleyball standards
Every 15 Minutes, Peer Tutoring, Science Fair
Library Clerk
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Seniors Receive Academic Honors
Congratulations to the following seniors who have worked hard            excellence and school service. These students will be honored by
throughout their high school career and earned Lifetime                  the Sequoians at a banquet at the Embassy Suites on Tuesday,
Membership in the California Scholarship Federation and/or the           June 10, and will receive a pin and a gold (CSF) and/or silver
Redwood Honor Society. (Students whose lifetime status is pend-          (RHS) cord to be worn at their graduation ceremony. Additionally,
ing their last semester grades do not appear on this list.) Lifetime     their diplomas will bear the seals that acknowledge their stature
membership is a significant achievement reflecting academic              as life members.

 The following students have achieved           Alexander John Kamai                           The following students have
lifetime membership in both California          Elizabeth Mary Kamai                           achieved lifetime membership in
Scholarship Federation and Redwood              Mara Phylise Kijanovic                         California Scholarship Federation
Honor Society
                                                Sara Jang Kwong                                Jarrett Evan Antone
Chris Anderson                                  Marissa Paige Lambert                          Dominique Helena Christiansen
Jessica Alexandra Arlas                         James Aaron Lasky                              Matthew G. Goo
Douglas Arneson                                 Britney Kristine Lee                           Kiyon Naser Tavakolian
Sarah Lockwood Barr                             Jenna Reade Levy                               Remy Rhoades
Cadence Merrie Bayley                           Christopher David Logan                        Karen L. Whitestone
Catherine Berner                                Evan James Luxenberg
                                                                                               The following students have
Anna Bryson                                     Payton L Marshall
                                                                                               achieved lifetime membership in
Natalie Jean Caldwell                           Ryan Steven McClain                            Redwood Honor Society
Peter Harrison Cohn                             Meredith Bennett Menzel
                                                                                               Jacqueline Shaw Arko
Samantha Rose Creath                            Susanna Jessica Nordrum
                                                                                               Shannon Blake
Adam Lee Damon                                  Aaron D. Powell
                                                                                               Gabrielle Wagner Cutler
Grace DeTore                                    Emma Eleanor Rothschild
                                                                                               Alexandra Jamie Fried
Christine Donaldson                             Shayan Sayadi
                                                                                               Erin Gravley
Frederick Dopfel                                Elliott Jerome Schwimmer
                                                                                               Kelsey Camille Hartman
Nicholas Wilkerson Dugdale                      Jared Andrew Shenson
                                                                                               Emily Hsu
Laura Stephanie Elsener                         Adam Walter Shwert
                                                                                               Nicholas Edward Klansko
Jonathan Vincent Fusco                          Jacqueline Marie Snell
                                                                                               Christine Anneliese Kuehn
Emilie Michelle Futterman                       Alyssa Jean Soo Hoo
                                                                                               Albert Calvin Sandell
Morgan Elizabeth Gooding                        Madeline Rose Stafford
                                                                                               Paul Spurzem
Leigh J. Goodrich                               Nicholas Thomas Toy
                                                                                               Jhenna Voorhis        I
Morgan Claire Green                             Rebecca Hannah Weinstein
Sara Nance Helvestine                           Paul Geejun Yang

  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8


Congratulations Athletes!
Doug Arneson – Marin Athletic                    Eric Rea                                        Laura Elsener
  Foundation Award Winner, 2008                  Shayan Sayadi                                   Leslie Hayden
Brett Bechelli                                   Michael Small                                   Elizabeth Kamai
Matt Cadelago                                    William Spinrad                                 Meredith Menzel
Lloyd Hall                                       Paul Spurzem                                    Carly Morrison
Parker Haney                                     Brian Weston                                    Kelsey Pope
Brett Hoppe                                      Alex Wirta                                      Brittany Schornstein
Teddy Jones                                      Peter Yang                                      Whitney Shaw
Alex Kamai                                       Paul Yang                                       Jacqui Snell – Marin Athletic Foundation
Drew Kells                                       Jenny Anderson                                     Award Winner, 2008
Andrew Logan                                     Dominique Christiansen                          Margaret Stahl
Payton Marshall                                  Samantha Creath                                 Katie Treacy
Alex Monetta                                     Gabby Cutler                                    Jhenna Voorhis I
Ben Morrison                                     Kate Duran


A Great Way to Honor Students and Staff

      here is a unique and meaningful way to honor Redwood               beyond. Grants ranged from $250 to $10,000, and every single one
      teachers and staff who have made a difference in your stu-         was greatly appreciated by its recipient.
      dent’s life, especially if your student is graduating. And it       Here’s what some graduating seniors had to say:
benefits college-bound Redwood students. It’s the Redwood
                                                                         “ I am very grateful for this award. . . it would have been a struggle
Scholarship Fund!
                                                                         to advance my education without it.”
Since 1969, the Redwood Scholarship Fund has helped more than
                                                                          “ I have been really worried about how I will be able to pay for col-
300 graduating seniors pursue their dreams of higher education.
                                                                         lege. This scholarship is a great turning point for me, as well as a
With your gift this spring, you can say “thanks” to a special teacher
                                                                         fantastic way to end my education at Redwood.”
or staff member here at Redwood. Then, your tax-deductible gift
will go to a deserving senior to help with tuition, books, and college   “The bottom line – the scholarship I received from Redwood
expenses. A portion of your annual gift to the Redwood Foundation        changed my life.”
also goes to scholarships. For scholarship recipients, these funds
                                                                          Help us make that critical difference for a Redwood senior
help bridge the gap between being accepted to college and being
                                                                         and say thank you to your favorite teacher or staff member
able to go.
                                                                         at the same time. Please contact Veronica Tunucci at
 In 2007, the Scholarship Fund awarded $55,000 to 27 outstanding, 924-6793 or Debby Sagues at
seniors, who went on to colleges and universities in California and, 455-9915. I

REDWOOD POST   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                            M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Ride the Wave

                                                                   Grad Night T-Shirt Contest
                                                                   The Grad Night Committee would like to congratulate Mel Huth for
                                                                   winning the Grad Night T-Shirt Design Contest. Her winning design
Thursday, June 12
                                                                   will be used on all the T-shirts that will be given out to all graduates
9:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.                                                attending Grad Night on June 12. Mel’s winning design will also be
Mt. Tam Racquet Club                                               featured on the Grad Night invitations. The Grad Night committee
Tickets are $50 through May 31.                                    would also like to thank the other talented senior artists who sub-
Questions? Contact Email Ticket Sales Chair Susan Bryson           mitted designs: Steve Pennington, Henry Gunderson, Amber de
at                                                Joya, Christine Kuehn, and Marissa Lambert. I

Thank You Grad Night Donors
Everett Ai, MD                    Saundra and Kevin Fickenscher    David Lowenberg, MD                   San Rafael Elks Lodge #1108
Cecil Banks                       Brenda Fischer                   Todd Magaline                         Lynn Tripp Scadden
Pamela and Philip Bartlett        Carol and Bernard Fried          Mail Boxes Etc. 2032                  Jacquelyn Schafer
Rhonda and Richard Beaumont       Barbara Garfin                   Sandra Esposito and Henry             Dana and Hal Schornstein
Boardwalk Market                  Ghilotti Bros.                   Malasky                               Sharks Deli
Elizabeth and John Boland         Goodman’s                        Margaret and Ralph Marchese           Lucy and Carlos Shelton
Bon Air Shopping Center           Catherine Goshay                 Marin County Deputy Sheriffs          Beverly and Mark Shwert
Robert Bonneau, MD                Mitchell Green                   Assoc.                                Marian Sichel
Alison and Robert Brown           Robert E. Griffin, DDS           Marin Luxury Cars                     Noreen and Paul Slivon
Betty and Roger Chanteloube       Judith and Jonathon Groesbeck    Kristine Kelley and James             Carla and Robert Small
Justin Char                       Donald Guttman, DDS              Martling                              Margie E. Smith
City of Belvedere                 Hall Middle School PTA           Susan Miltner                         Sharon Staley
Heidi Caldwell                    Anita Hansen                     Kathy and Mark Mindham                Sharon Stothard
Trudie Coker                      Teresita Heath                   Ann and Vincent Mulroy                Town of Ross
Randall Cooper                    Robert Hershy                    Sandra Myers                          Veronica Tunucci
Corte Madera Women’s Club         Lauren Howard                    Janie and Mark Newman                 Tara and Charles Voorhis
County of Marin                   Sandra Mausner and William       Jan O’Brien                           Dorothy and James Wells
Ellen Cutler                      Huth                             Shelley and Robert Ott                Elyse and Baron Weinstein
Deborah and Joel Damon            Carol and Olvind Jahnsen         Cynthia Peterson                      Daniel Winey
Ruth and Robert Dell              Elizabeth and Robert Julian      Cynthia Wollam and Earl               Susan and Henry Wirta
DeNador Marketing Design          Jillian Kantola                  Popplewell                            Woodland Sponsors
Vicki DeMenno                     Eva Killips                      Ravasio Real Estate                   Cynthia and James Zak
Camille and Dave Dibble           Helen Korniewicz                 Elssy and Leonard Rifkind             Chandra and Paul Zieff
Jon Dickinson                     Larkspur Community Assoc.        Dona Ross                             I
Joan DiFuria                      Dave Lazzareschi                 RUSDA
Costanza and Frederick Dopfel     Nora and Mark Levy               Sage Design
Sharon Faccinto                   The Lions Club of Corte Madera   Ginny and Albert Sandell                                          10
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                        M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Support Our Grad Night Gift Donors
Marti Andrews                     DJ Chinese Cuisine               Maggie and Ralph Marchese        Dona Ross
Accents Salon                     Sharon and Randall Faccinto      Marin Acura                      Royal Coach Car Wash
Ambrosia Restaurant               Fifi's Diner                     Marin Luxury Cars                Round Table Pizza
Applebee's Restaurant             Fukusake Restaurant              Marin County                     Safeway – Strawberry Village
Arch Rival                        Gala Clothes                       Sheriff 's Association           & Corte Madera
Barton's Bagels                   Golden Gate Transit              Marin Joe's Restaurant           San Rafael Elks Lodge
Baubles & Beads                   Goodman Building Supply          Marty & Bret Osborn              Scandia Family Center
Bay Club of Marin                 Grilly's                         Joyce McDonald-Toy               Scoma’s
Bechelli's Restaurant             Donald Gutterman, DDS            Melting Pot Restaurant           Bev Shwert
Benissimo Restaurant              Hall Middle School PTA           Mollie Stone                     Kathy Scott
Bob Bertram                       Half Day Café                    Ann & Vince Mulroy               See's Candies
Boardwalk Market                  Barbara Harmon                   Sandra Myers-Huyser              Shark's Deli
John Boland, DDS                  Harry's Hair Design              Noah’s Bagels                    Erika Clark Shaw
Bon Air Shopping Center           Dr. Renee Howard                 Outback Steakhouse               Sorella Cafe
Raymond Bonneau, MD               Dr Judy Husen, DDS               Pacific Catch                    Six Flags, Vallejo
Caesar's Cyclery                  Infineon Raceway                 Paradise Cafe                    Stefano's Pizza
Café Marmalade                    Deborah Jacobson                 Paradise Flowers                 Stress Management Center
Café Z                            Jamba Juice                      Painter's Place                  Subway
Cecilia’s Skin Care               Blue Waters Kayaking             Pat & Bob Ravasio                T & B Sports
Cinemarx Theatres                 Lauren Gertz                     Perry's Restaurant               Tamalpais Paint & Color
Class 5 Climbing                  Lanna Thai Restaurant            Cynthia Peterson                 Togo’s
Trudie Coker                      Lark Creek Inn                   Pizzeria Picco                   Toscalito Tire
Coquelicot                        LASERcenter of Marin             Pier 39                          Tub-Tim Thai Restaurant
Country Club Bowl                 Dieidre Lehman                   Pleasures of the Heart           Village Peddler
Courtyard by Marriott             Lindisima                        Popapery                         The Village at Corte Madera
Dave & Mikes Restaurant,          LoCoco’s Pizzeria                Ragged Sailor Framery            Waypoint Pizza
Tiburon                           Lucky Drive Brushless Car Wash   Red Devil Records                West End Café
Ruth Dell                         Luxton Optical                   Red Boy Pizza                    WipeOut Bar & Grill
Demo Sport                        Jan Luxenberg                    Riccardo's Ristorante            Yerba Buena Ice Rink
Destination Marin                 M Clothing                       Karen Righthand                  Yet Wah
DiPietro Todd Hair Salon          Mail Boxes, Etc.                 Roadrunner Burrito               Chandra & Paul Zieff I

    Teen Summer Reading Program
   The Corte Madera Library has a great selection of books for     Our theme is: Metamorphosis @ the Corte Madera Library
   summer reading fun.                                             This summer enjoy a good book and transform yourself!
   Sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program and win prizes      Corte Madera Public Library
   such as Jamba Juice coupons and iTunes down-loads.              707 Meadowsweet Drive, 924-3515 I
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                  M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8


Come Learn About the IB Program
       he International Baccalaureate Programme is an internation-       second part of our application and an authorization visit next fall.
       ally recognized college-level program. Students who seek the
                                                                         Parents of this year’s freshmen are invited to attend an information-
       IB Diploma need to take six courses in six core disciplines
                                                                         al session in the Library on Wednesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m. Come
and an additional course called The Theory of Knowledge during
                                                                         hear about the philosophy of the program, the requirements of the
their junior and senior years. In addition, Diploma students need to
                                                                         program, and the flexibility it affords to different types of students.
write an extended essay and devote 150 hours of documented time
                                                                         There will be some time at the end of the presentation for questions
to a variety of athletic and volunteer activities.
                                                                         from parents.
The International Baccalaureate programme has granted candidate
                                                                         If you have questions, email Steve Hettleman, English Department
status to Redwood High School after reviewing the first part of our
                                                                         Chair and IB Diploma Programme coordinator-designate at shettle-
application. This status puts us on track to offer this prestigious
                                                                We look forward to seeing you. I
program beginning in the 2009-2010 year, pending review of the

Teacher News
SUMMER READING EVERYONE!                                                 Students will be able to access course materials on a computer at
There will be a summer reading assignment for all Redwood stu-           school and/or at home. Assignments, activities, quizzes, and
dents. All students will be asked to read one book from a list of        instructional materials such as the online student edition of the
choices and be ready to discuss and write about the book when they       textbook, Latin for Americans Level 1, will be accessible online.
return in the fall.                                                      Students will also be given a regular (printed) copy of the textbook.

This year’s freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will hear about it in      Students who are interested in learning more about this new offer-
their English classes in late May. Information will go out to feeder     ing can attend an informational meeting at Redwood High School
schools for eighth graders in late May. More information will be         on Monday, May 19, at 1 p.m. in Room 135. This meeting is not
posted on the website and the counseling department will have            mandatory but is intended to help students find out if this course
information over the summer.                                             could be a good option for them. Also, students can express to their
                                                                         guidance counselors their interest in signing up for Online Latin 1-
– Steve Hettleman, English Department Chair
                                                                         2, and information will be sent to them via email.
                                                                         This online course offering can be a convenient and novel way for
The Board of Trustees for the Tamalpais Union High School District
                                                                         students to learn Latin, the ancient language of the Romans.
at its April 22 meeting approved the offering of Latin 1-2 in an
                                                                         The main goal of a Latin course such as this one will be to learn to
online format. This distance learning option will be the first online
                                                                         read and understand Latin, rather than to speak Latin as a form of
course offered by the Tam district, and will enable students at any of
                                                                         interpersonal communication. In learning to read and understand
the district’s five schools to begin the study of Latin in the 2008-
                                                                         Latin, students not only learn about the history and culture of the
2009 school year. The course goals and objectives will be the same
                                                                         Romans, but they also learn about their own languages and cultures
as the traditional Latin 1-2 offering, currently available only at
                                                                         and engage in a richly rewarding and challenging subject.
Redwood and Tamiscal High Schools. The instructional materials
and methods for the online Latin 1-2 course will be electronic.          – Benjamin Schalit, I                    12
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                 M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Happy “Almost the End of the Year“
What a busy and dynamic year it has been for Parent to Parent                               All of the above could not be done without the
Connection. For those of you who are regular readers of this col-                           unflagging support of the Tamalpais District and
umn, you know that we usually feature reviews of our monthly                                particularly Carol Eber, Director of Student and
speaker’s presentation. This being the last column of the school                            Instructional Services, and Karen Mates, Director
year, we would like to share with you some of the highlights of         of Special Education. Carol will be retiring this year and we wish her
the past year.                                                          all the best and will miss her selfless energy and positive spirit.
• The school year began with Tam District’s first ever Transition       Speaking of changes, my son Greg will be graduating from Tam this
  Orientation for incoming freshmen with learning disabilities.         year, so I will “graduate” too! Linda Siegel, who is currently our data-
• Bound4College Workshop. An interactive parent/student work-           base coordinator, has graciously agreed to replace me and will be
  shop with staff who specialize in college application and place-      co-coordinator with Janet Miller for the upcoming school year.
  ment for students with learning disabilities.                         I have mixed feelings about leaving P2P; it has been a most reward-
• We began work with College of Marin to improve outreach to the        ing experience for me; the women I have had the honor to work with
  high schools. Ideas include: creating a transition summer pro-        are truly exceptional and passionately devoted to helping parents
  gram at COM to aid as a bridge to college, specifically designed      and students. I encourage you to get involved; you won’t regret it!
  for high school students. Also, work is progressing on a new
                                                                        We are currently looking for P2P Parent Representatives at Tam and
  brochure, to highlight the advantages, both financial and academ-
                                                                        Drake High Schools. Parent reps serve on the Tamalpais Advisory
  ic, of starting one’s college career at COM. We hope to get these
                                                                        Committee (TPAC), which meets monthly with the Director of
  brochures to every high school counselor in the Tam District.
                                                                        Student and Instructional Services, and Karen Mates, Director of
• This is the second year that P2P, in conjunction with Marin           Special Education, to discuss issues and concerns of our IEP/504
  County Office of Education, has sent an outreach letter with          students. We plan P2P meetings and act as a liaison to our school to
  information about Parent to Parent Connection to the parents of       facilitate communication. For more information, please email
  all the “feeder” school 8th graders who have been identified as
  learning disabled.
                                                                        Have a great summer!
• Also, for a second year, Becky Foust Pilcher has hosted a high
  school student panel to demystify the process for kids with           Sandra Tanner Mack & Janet Miller
  learning disabilities at Ross School.                                 Coordinators, Parent to Parent Connection (p2p) I

                                                                      Campus Improvement
                                                                      Continues in the Quad
                                                                      Many thanks to the eight volunteers who fertilized the daffodils and
                                                                      continued work in the quad last month. Student-parent teams included
                                                                      Dylan and Anja Laicher, Erik and Robin Moller, as well as Michael
                                                                      Patterson, Rhonda Giannini, Everett Austin and Maija Norstad.
                                                                      Our thanks to all the campus improvement volunteers throughout
                                                                      the year.
                                                                      – Lindy Flemming & Maija Norstad,
                                                                        Campus Improvement Co-chairs I                                     13
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                                  M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8


Give A Little Love … to the Redwood Staff!
It’s time for the Redwood Staff Appreciation Luncheon and we             wonderful staff. OR you can make a cash donation! We also need
are calling on YOU to show how much we truly love them!                  people to set-up, serve and clean-up (this is actually a real blast!)
The event is on Thursday, June 5th at 11:15 a.m. We will need            If you’d like to help out, please call or email
salads, sandwich meats, sandwich rolls, condiments, cheese platters,     Anne Doyle (924-5685 or
vegie platters, fruit platters, drinks, and baked goods to serve our     or Cynthia Peterson (924-5146 or I

Many thanks to the following parents who            Cyndie Fox                                    Debbie Peterson
gave lovely gifts that will be raffled off at the   Susie Gamble                                  Pat Ravasio
Staff Appreciation luncheon on June 5th!            Robin Goddard                                 Kappy Reed
Carol Aceves                                        Ann Gordon                                    Beth Runquist
Ann Arabian                                         Liz Krakow                                    Barbara Solomon
Tish Borden                                         Eladia Leddy                                  Sharon Staley
Cindy & George Brown                                Kay Lee                                       Brenda Sunseri
Susan Bryson                                        Liza Mathews-Stuhlbarg                        Cynthia Trutner
Mary Connolly                                       Lindsay Mead McCrea                           Paula Turner
Patti Doherty                                       Ann Morrison                                  Susy Vrouvas
Anne Doyle                                          Ann Mulroy                                    Susan Wirta
Laura Edwards                                       Liz Nicholson                                 Chandra Zieff
Patty Fitch                                         Jeannie Perry                                 Petra Zorn I

Final Drawing of the School Year on May 29
Have you been meaning to give a gift to a teacher through the Redwood    Sara and Domenic Whittles, Donna Greyling, Eladia and Michael
Staff Appreciation program? The final drawing of the school year will    Leddy, Heidi and David Minnick, Deirdre and Clark Lehman, Sheri
take place on May 29, so don’t delay. Please note your name and“Staff    and Pat Bechelli, and Carey and Chris Condy.
Appreciation Drawing”with your gift. Many parents donate gift cards to
                                                                         Gifts included credit at the Laser Center of Marin, tickets to the Magic
local merchants and restaurants, and last minute sporting, music, or
                                                                         Theatre, tickets to Blackhawk Auto Museum, tickets to the Marin
theater tickets.
                                                                         Theatre Company, Nut Tree Family Fun Packs, San Francisco Giants
You can simply bring your gift to the Principal’s Office and leave it    tickets, Century Theater movie passes, gift cards to Stellar Spa, Table
with Samantha Miller, Nancy Neu's assistant. We will then randomly       Cafe, Book Passage, Macy’s, Cheesecake Factory, Mastercard, Nordstrom,
award one of our deserving teachers or staff members your gift and       Bechelli's Restaurant, and a magnum of Chimney Rock Cabernet.
an acknowledgement will appear in the next edition of the Post.          Thank you for your continued support,
In April, the following parents contributed to the Redwood Staff         Susan Livingston and Ann Gordon
Appreciation Drawing: Kevin and Denise Jones, Tara Sullivan and          2008 Redwood Staff Appreciation Drawing Coordinators
James Horan, Cindy and George Brown, Kelly and Roger Snell,
Richard and Deborah Moskowitz, Wendy Tonkin, Beth and Rod                Ann Gordon –, 789-0726
Haden, Kelley and Steve Ryan, Jan Dutton and Fred Rinaldi, Azar          Susan Livingston –, 461-8570
and Shahrokh Sayadi, Judy Paraventi, Libby and Adam Tracy,               I                                                                  14
REDWOOD POST   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8
REDWOOD POST   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8
REDWOOD POST   M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8
  REDWOOD POST                                                                                M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Thank You…
Foundation donations received as of April 25, 2008

Foundation Giant $15,000+                    Jim & Margie Egger                   Major Donor $1,300+
Brian & Jennifer Maxwell Fund                Gus & DeeAnn Ezcurra                 Associated Students of
Philanthropist $10,000+                      Bitsa & Jim Freeman                    Redwood High School
David & Camille Dibble                       Erik & Anne Gilberg                  Everett & Katie Ai
Monica & Daniel McGue                        Kiki Goshay                          Anonymous Donor
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation in honor   Jonathan & Judy Groesbeck            Anonymous Donor
  of Jean Larette & Charlotte Townsend       Bob & Karrie Groves                  Cliff & Linda Alm
Bert & Ginny Sandell                         Christopher Guthrie                  John & Amanda Anderson
Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust                Hoimes Family                        Mike & Linda Balok
                                             Paul & Elizabeth Ireland             Phil & Pam Bartlett
Benefactor $5,000+                           Ed Jameson & Monica Burke            Ted & Terry Barton
Elizabeth & L.J. Cella                       Steve & Jill Kantola                 Greg & Susan Becker
Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Cooper                       Scott & Eva Killips                  Armand & Elaine Bengle
Jon Dickinson, M.D.                          Charles & Helen Lambert              Sally & Eric Blatt
Carolyn & Doug Grey                          Edward & Kay Lee                     Tom & Tish Borden
Jay & Dana Hagan                             Jeff & Susanne Lyons                 David & Robin Breuner
Nick & Linda Hoppe                           Josh & Kathy Margolis                George & Cindy Brown
Clark & Deirdre Lehman                       Sara & Austin McGhie                 Igor & Tatiana Cherkas
George & Susan Livingston                    Sexton, Baldwin, McInnis Family      John & Janis Chittick
James Parsons & Andrea Hong                  Jeff & Rochelle Mishkin              Carl Cox & Gilda Turitz
Vicki Peilen                                 Leif & Debbie Petersen               Cory Creath, Windy Linden &
David & Laura Perry                          Frank & Julie Pizzo                    Vicki DeMenno
Byron & Teresa Pollitt                       Mark & Kappy Reed                    Joel & Deborah Damon
Ron Rosano & Susan Morrow                    Rich Reese & Lauren Howard           Linda & Drew Deer
David & Jean Suliteanu                       Eric & Barbara Roberts               Mark & Cathy Devereaux
George & Carroll Yandell                     David & Tonia Rubin                  Joan DiFuria
Patron $2,500+                               Debby & Paul Sagues                  Brent & Sara Donaldson
Arntz Family Foundation                      Roy & Patty Shimek                   Robert & Rita Dulebohn
Allen Barr & Lynn Wellman-Barr               Karl & Scottie Spurzem               Don & Vivien Elsener
Brian & Marcia Bidwill                       Michael & Robin Stallman             Paul Finkle & Sue DeVinny
Blum Family                                  David Thompson & Maureen Broderick   Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fusco
Stephen & Ann Broad                          Adam & Libby Tracy                   Bill & Susie Gamble
Rob Bronson & Cindy Fabian                   Ignatius & JoAnn Tsang               Bruce & Joy Goldberg
Jim & Katie Burke                            Peter & Paula Turner                 Liz Gonzales & Bob Goldsborough
Alison & Jim Carbone                         Bob & Suzanne Whelan                 Garret & Sherelee Goo
Daniel & Martha Cliff                        Daniel & Iris Winey                  Jack & Catherine Goodman
Michael & Mary Connolly                      Hank & Susan Wirta                   Gary & Jennifer Hankamer
Samuel P. & Henriette Corn                   James & Cynthia Zak
Evan & Valerie Cox                           Paul & Betsy Zeger                               Continued on next page   18
  REDWOOD POST                                                                             M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Thank You…
Craig Hartman & Jan O’Brien               Jeff & Leigh Schlichting             Tom & Janice Bolles
Paul & Corinne Hartman                    Lee Schwartz & Madeline Levine       Bud Broomhead
Joel & Betsy Hausman                      Marc Schwartz & Rachel Fierberg      Bob & Derry Bunnell
Bob & Michelle Hershy                     Lyle Shlager & Andria Langenberg     Machelle Burkstrand
Becky & Steve Hlebasko                    Scott & Jennifer Sinclair            Michael Chen
Claire Horn                               Bruce & Margie Smith                 David Chernoff, M.D. & Jill Sperber
Iftikhar & Jill Hussain                   Matt & Kathleen Smyth                Margaux & Dudley DeNador
Shigeki & Keiko Ito                       Roger & Kelly Snell                  Lavey & Alix Derby Family Fund
Steve & Paula Johnson                     Joe & Sara Spero                     Ferenc & Karen Dobronyi
Joe Kells & Terry Heath                   Robert & Sharon Staley               Stephen Donelan & Jeanne Lavin
Bob & Carla Kennis                        Edward & Linda Steidle               Michael & Wendy Erickson
Steve & Pat Klansko                       Derek & Sharon Stothard              Randall & Sharon Faccinto
Robert Kokka & Rene Cournoyer-Kokka       Noel Etchepare Stubblefield          Brad & Kim Fisher
Steve & Annemarie Lechner                 Dennis Sullivan & Rose Guevara       Rick & Debbie Fisher
Alan Lefkof & Ann Gordon                  Bill & Sue Talmage                   Colleen & Chris Frasco
Cathy Kitai-Lim & George Lim              Paul & Amy Thimmig                   Karen Giorgi
Norton & Jean Lin                         Steven & Andi Thompson               Robert Goddard
Larry Litvak & June Cooperman             Rick Trautner & Tracy Flanagan       Carol Goldberg
Peter & Beth Logan                        Peter & Jeanne Tymstra               Goldeen Family
Todd & Nina Margolis                      Hugh & Donna Van Ness                Mark Goldrosen & Barbara Solomon
Vivian & Steve McClure                    Scott & Barbara Waxman               Steve & Laurie Gray
Douglas McConnell & Kathleen Taft         Barry & Elyse Weinstein              Diane Green
Edward & Denise Miller                    David Weinstock & Rose Gavin         Ed Green & Gail Bloom
Kathy & Mark Mindham                      Richard & Nancy Weiss                Mike & Libby Hatfield
Dave & Heidi Minnick                      Christopher Wheaton & Molie Malone   Jerry Hauser & Jennifer Wallace
Bob Mittelstaedt & Anita Hansen           Rod & Carol Williams                 Marty & Beth Katz
Chris & Ann Morrison                      Donald R. Wilson                     Tim & Marla Kelly
Rick Morrison & Barbara Harmon            Jeff & Stephanie Wong                Bob & Randi Kerlan
Kirk Mulligan & Nancy Atkinson-Mulligan   Alan Yukawa & Suzanne Phister        Jon & Hope Kragh
Jeff & Darice O’Neill                     Todd & Diane Ziesing                 Ken & Felicia Kramarz
Maurice & Gayle Palumbo                                                        Kreitzberg Family Foundation as recom-
Jeannie & Ken Perry                       Supporting Donor $900+               mended by the Spinrad Family
Rob & Cynthia Peterson                    Anonymous Donor                      Jason & May Lee
Steve & Martha Petrakis                   Chris & Chris Albrow                 Larry & Veronica Levy
Kevin & Kay Pope                          Peter Allen & Margaret Youngblood    Mark & Nora Levy
David & Maryanne Raynal                   Alan & Liseanne Alperin              Scott & Jackie Littman
Joette & Paul Rea                         Soori & Hossein Arzang               David & Jackie Lowenberg
Joe & Peggy Riley                         Jim & Polly Baney                    Alain F. Maestracci
Glen & Debbie Roycroft                    Lisa H. Barry                        Helen & Tony Mak
James & Sandee Russell                    Rich & Ronnie Beaumont
Scadden Family                            Rich & Marika Bergsund                            Continued on next page   19
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Thank You…
Lawrence Mansbach & Bette Caan      Paula Todd                    Neil & Dominique Halilej
Ned & Anne Martini                  Eric & Debbie Toizer          Bill Hammonds & Laurie Langer
Daniel & Nancy McLennon             Kincaid & Joyce Toy           Darrell Hawthorne & Debra Sartell
Jane M. Meill                       Todd & Gayle Travers          Bill & Melody Healy
Debra & Mark Melvin                 Kurt & Cynthia Trutner        Marc & Alyce Hinshaw
Jeff & Wendy Meunier                Veronica Tunucci              Mike & Lita Hoffmann
David & Robin Moller                Michael & Lisa Wang           Tara Sullivan & Jim Horan
Montesinos Family                   Susan Weil                    Ed & Heidi Hugo
Charles Moore                       Peter & Ellen Whalen          Karl Huie & Ghava Chung
Diane Moore                         Haley Wright Family           Bruce & Kay Jones
Rita & Anders Nattestad             Zach & Marlies Zeisler        Deana & Paul Kardel
Mark & Janie Newman                                               Jeffrey Kaufman
Bret & Marty Osborn                 Donor $500+                   Christopher & Barbara Kelly
Robert & Shelley Ott                Bruce Albini                  Roy Kissin & BZ Petroff
Charles Panfely & Judy Husen        Anonymous Donor               Hisako Kobayashi
Paraventi Jones Family              Anonymous Donor               Jim & Nora Kovach
Dirk & Claire Payne                 Kevin & Mary Arthur           Roger & Liz Krakow
Mike & Ardith Plimack               Tim Baker & Julie Glavin      P.K. Krechel Family
John & Janet Polachek               Robin Barnato                 Linda & Kevin Kreitzman
Kurt & Nancy Rademacher             Duncan & Jeanne Barr          Rick Krueger & Susan Whitney
James & Mona Helen Renney           Jim & Lisa Barton             Kenneth Kuchman
Joy & Robert Rudy                   Vasfi & Pauline Basaran       Anja Laicher
Steve & Kelley Ryan                 Pat & Sheri Bechelli          Jong & Soon Lee
Bjorn & Lisa Sandberg               Richard & Lisa Berling        Karen Lennox
Elizabeth Blende Schneider          Nanette Biers                 Joel & Polly Lewitz
Marilynn & David Schneller          Debbie & Jim Black            Steve & Anne Mahoney
Hal & Dana Schornstein              Sheldon & Michelle Bloom      Mike & Mary Malloy
David Shane                         Jo & Whitey Bluestein         James Martling & Kristine Kelley
Michael Shapiro & Gayle Shimokaji   John & Erika Brooks           Sissi & Anoush Massoumi
Mark & Bev Shwert                   Edward & Miranda Chin         John McCrea & Lindsay Mead McCrea
Mary & Charles Sink                 Larry Chu & Tasmin Pesso      Robert & Amalia Molineaux
Jeff Slavitz & Nancy Sumner         Ellen Cutler & BioSET Inc.    David & Lisa Monetta
Paul & Noreen Slivon                Pete & Jacqui DeGregory       Peter Namkung & Bonnie Ayers Namkung
Vern & Tang Smith                   Jan Diamond MD                Ron & Mikel Naso
The Spinrad Family                  Gary DiFuria                  Paritem & Nita Poonian
Paul & Ellie Stein                  Phil & Diane Dito             E. Dean Popplewell & Cynthia Wollam
David & Vicki Stolberg              Cyndy Doherty                 Chas & Sherrie Richardson
Thomas & Holly Strobel              Michael & Armelle Futterman   Robert & Inka Rosenthal
Jim & Brenda Sunseri                Steve & Lauren Gertz          Frank & Lori Ross
Heidi Swan                          Melissa Gill
Rob & Jeanette Thorson              Jeff Gunderson & Jill Ley                 Continued on next page   20
  REDWOOD POST                                                                              M AY - J U N E 2 0 0 8

Thank You!
Nathan & Yardena Roth                  Robert Berner & Barbara Garfien          Michael & Lisa Gallegioni
Geoffrey Rotwein & Rachel Weinstein    Bernhardt & Kamei                        Dave & Julie Gannon
Shahrokh & Azar Sayadi                 Jamie Bocci                              Jacquelyn Garman
Bob & Cris Schonefeld                  Rocky & Debbie Botts                     Joel & Kim Garrett
Reece & Susan Shaw                     Donna Broughan                           Jay Gayner & Claudia Gropper
William & Glenise Sibbern              Dan & Kathleen Buckstaff                 Peter & Patricia Gibson
Jonathan & Mary Sigal                  Robbi & John Bush                        Paul & Carin Goldsmith
Mark & Anne Slater                     Jerry & Anne Butler                      Luiz F. Goncalves
James R. Stillman Family               Kevin & Cheryl Butler                    Jim & Barbara Gossel
Jonathan & Barbara Stowe               Marsha & Harvey Celler                   Mitchell J. Green
Manuel Tarrazo & Margaret McHugh       Peter Chiang                             Donna & Philip Greyling
Townsend Family                        Sanjay & Kabita Choudhuri                Rich & Ellen Gumbiner
Anthony & Marilyn Treacy               Julie Chrisman                           Mark & Kelly Hanley
Nora Turner                            Diane Christiansen                       Michael Hart & Rhonda Giannini
Nick & Susy Vrouvas                    Cathy Coffman                            Arden & Chris Hawley
Eric Watterud                          Helene Copperman                         Julie Criscenti Heck
Marion Weinreb                         Bob & Nasealia Cornman                   Henderson Family
Matt & Lisa Wertheim                   M. Criscitiello                          Dan Hillmer & Becky Frye
Brad Wickes & Nancy Lubamersky         Ray & Kathie Cummins                     Michael & Cameron Hinshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Wrench                      Arthur & Angela Curley                   Terry Hove
Hugh Young & Maija Norstad             Kathleen Daly                            Margaret Hughes
John & Sheri Yu                        Jan & Chris Davison                      Brian & Lisa Inciardi
Mark & Linda Zanobini                  Ben & Lisa Davoren                       John & Ann Jackson
Paul Zieff & Chandra Denenberg Zieff   Heidi & Thibault de Chatellus            Edward Johnston & Gina Schnabel
Gary Zodrow & Louise Millie            Ken & Shawn DeMont                       Gary & Susie Kanter
                                       Dave & Suzy Denning                      Harvey & Mary Katz
Contributor – up to $499               Devereaux, Littman & Whalen              Jeffrey & Mindy Katz
Melba Abel                             Richard & Alison Dumont                  William Keener & Nance Becker
Active Auto Sales                      Dan & Suzie Etcheverry                   Eunmi Kim
Anonymous Donor                        Scott & Wendy Ewry                       Hyo Suk Kim
Anonymous Donor                        Dr. Mitchell Feldman & Dr. Jane Kramer   Lou & Britt La Gatta
Anonymous Donor                        George & Vickie Fernwood                 Leader Family
Danny Ashkenazy                        Brenda Fischer                           Ken & Stella Lee
Miriam & Prosper Attias                Alice Flaherty                           Matthew & Patricia Leeds
Nick & Terry Avtonomoff                Lindy Flemming                           Kris & Maryline Lewett
Arnold & Lauren Bacigalupi             Mike & Stacey Ford                       Orlando & Marinda Lobo
Jon & Buffie Ballard                   Robert & Nan Foster                      David & Diane Lovejoy
Mohammad Banie                         Vasilis & Effie Fourakis                 Nancy & Larry Lucas
Ron Baum & Kathy Sanders               George & Barbara Frazier                 Paul & Carolyn Makens
Dwight & Bonnie Bayley                 Bernard & Carole Fried
Dave & Annette Bekowich                Marcia Friedrich                                      Continued on next page   21
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Thank You!
Dan & Carrie Manza                  Danny Schwager & Stephanie Zaczek   PG&E Corporation Foundation
Rob & Kathy Margolin                Kathy Scott                         Pitney Bowes
Susan Mark                          Randy & Cindi Seitz                 Sephora
Jack Maslow & Sheryl Hausman        Kathryn Servino                     Towers Perrin
Matteo Family                       Marc & Monica Sherman               UBS Foundation
Dana McClure                        Eric & Carin Sinrod                 Union Bank of California Foundation
Joe & Anne McCormack                David & Elisa Skaggs                Visa Incorporated
Sheri Shirey McNear                 Bob & Carla Small                   Wachovia
Tom Melka                           Steve & Darci Smith                 Wellpoint
Royce & Sarah Miller                Rossana Smyth                       Wells Fargo Bank
Diana Milojevic                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Soda               I
Susan Miltner                       Fred & Prudence Starr
Dave Minoli                         Dave Stuhlbarg & Liza Mathews
Patrick Nance & Wendy Shearn        David & Nancy Sullivan
Mohsen Naser-Tavakolian             Toni Tang
Myra & Michael Natter               Bill & Bonnie Tomkiewicz
Okgwan & Fumiyo Noguchi             Peter & Laurie Treganowen
Susann & Louis Nordrum              Jani & Jennifer Vournas
Don & Sharol Oliver                 Mark Waldman
Oliver & Eve Osborn                 Lory & Suzy Wiviott
Mark & Sally Packman                David & Julie Wong
Vincent Pannepacker & Sharon Sand   Alisa Knobbe Wynd
Michael & Linda Perrella            David & Paula Zeff
Toni & Jeff Piccinini               Philip & Petra Zorn
Debbie Levy & Jared Polsky
Diana Putterman                     Corporate Matching Donations
David Rafael                        Abbott Fund
Dave & Sally Ramsey                 Bank of America
Ami & Karen Raz                     Barclays Global Investors
Lori Restani                        Chevron
Goran & Aida Ribar                  Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Louie Rios & Susan Lawson-Rios      First Data Corporation
Saul Rouda & Bean Dubin             GAP Foundation
Kirk Runner & Janis Luft            International Data Group
Sean & Sonja Saylor                 Lehman Brothers
Jacki Schafer                       Levi Strauss Foundation
William Schmetterer                 Macy’s Foundation
Catherine & William Schulte         Merrill Lynch

                                                           Following is the Redwood High School activity calendar.
                               Because dates are subject to change, we recommend confirming any important dates with the school in advance.
                                  The schedule for school dances and assembly schedule days will be published in the Post and the Twig.
                                                      Visit for the Spring sports schedule.

                                                                             May 2008

    Sunday                   Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                     Friday                    Saturday
                                                                                                                           1                           2                       2
                                                                                                     Link Crew Luncheon         Redstock (school           SAT
                                                                                                                                bands at lunch)
                                                                                                     Redstock (school
                                                                                                     bands at lunch)

                  4                          5                        6                          7                         8                           9                      10
                       AP Exams                   AP Exams                 AP Exams; CAHS            AP Exams                   AP Exams                   Beg. Drama
                                                                           Exit Exam Make-ups                                                              LTH, 7 p.m.
                                                  Beg. Drama
                       ASB Elections in HR                                                           PTSA Mtg.                  Beg. Drama
                                                  LTH, 7 p.m.              Beg. Drama
                                                                           LTH, 7 p.m.               Rm. 120, 8:30 a.m.         LTH, 7 p.m.
                                                  Board of                                           Beg. Drama
                                                                           Benchwarmer’s Mtg.
                                                  Trustees Mtg.                                      LTH, 7:30 p.m.
                                                                           Rm. 112, 7 p.m.
                                                  Kreps, 7 – 9 p.m.

                  11                         12                       13                      14                           15                         16                      17
                       Sustainability Week        AP Exams                 AP Exams                  AP Exams                   AP Exams                   Senior Ball
                       May 12 – 16                                                                                                                         Hotel Nikko, SF
                                                                           Parent to Parent          Healthy Food Fest
                                                                                                                                                           8 to 12 midnight
                                                                           Kreps, 7 p.m.             at lunch
                       AP Exams
                                                                           Pigskin Mtg.
                                                                           Rm. 120, 7 p.m.
                  18                         19                       20                      21                           22                         23                      24
                       Staff Devel. Day           Board of                 The Laramie Project       Achievement                The Laramie Project
                       NO SCHOOL                  Trustees Mtg.            LTH, 7:30 p.m.            Luncheon                   LTH, 7:30 p.m.
                                                  Kreps, 7 – 9 p.m.
                       Benchwarmer’s                                                                 Band’s BBQ Awards
                                                  The Laramie Project
                       Sports Banquet                                                                Piper Park, 6 p.m.
                                                  LTH, 7:30 p.m.
                       Embassy Suites
                       6 p.m.                                                                        The Laramie Project
                                                                                                     LTH, 7:30 p.m.

                  25                         26                       27                      28                          29                          30                      31
Drama                  Memorial Day               Fiesta Week              Concert and               Jazz Band
Senior Farewell        NO SCHOOL                  May 27 – 30              Symphonic Band            LTH, 7 p.m.
4 – 7 p.m.                                                                 LTH, 7 p.m.
                                                  Following is the Redwood High School activity calendar.
                      Because dates are subject to change, we recommend confirming any important dates with the school in advance.
                         The schedule for school dances and assembly schedule days will be published in the Post and the Twig.
                                             Visit for the Spring sports schedule.

                                                                   June 2008

Sunday              Monday                   Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday                Saturday
         1                         2                        3                         4                          5                       6                     7
                                       Board of                 Band’s Performance        FINALS – Altered                                   SAT
                                       Trustees Mtg.            Workshop                  (Thurs.) Schedule –
                                       Kreps, 7 – 9 p.m.        LTH 7 p.m.                Seniors Only
                                                                Benchwarmers Mtg.
                                                                                          Staff Appreciation
                                                                Room 112, 7 p.m.
                                                                                          Kreps, 11:15 a.m.
                                                                                          Band Performance
                                                                                          LTH, 7 p.m.

         8                         9                       10                        11                         12                      13                    14
              FINALS –                 FINALS –                 FINALS                    Last Day of School         Teacher Work Day
              All Students             All Students             (9/10/11 only)            End of 2nd Semester
                                       Senior Clearance         Senior Frolic             Senior Breakfast
                                                                                          9 a.m.
                                       Seniors pick up          Pigskin Mtg.
                                       cap & gown               Room 120, 7 p.m.          Graduation Rehearsal
                                                                                          9:45 a.m.
                                       Sequoian & Senior
                                       Awards Dinner                                      Graduation, 4 p.m.
                                                                                          Grad Night, Mt. Tam
                                                                                          Club, 9:30 p.m.

         15                       16                       17                        18                         19                      20                    21
                                                                Summer School

         22                       23                       24                        25                         26                      27                    28
                                       Board of
                                       Trustees Mtg.
                                       Kreps, 7 – 9 p.m.

         29                       30
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Redwood High School                                             Larkspur, CA 94939
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