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									                             Biographical Information
Alan Kessler’s creative versatility is found in his many musical activities: cello, classical
guitar, clarinet, and music composition. Mr. Kessler has performed a variety of chamber
works and has held membership in symphonic and string orchestras. He has played in a
concert band and currently appears in the New England Guitar Ensemble and in the
Woodmont Ensemble, a Connecticut chamber music ensemble.

Mr. Kessler began cello studies in New Jersey under Professor Josef Totzauer, conductor
and string teacher from Austria. In the 1980’s, Mr. Kessler moved to Connecticut with his
wife and two children, where he took up clarinet. He joined the Westport Community Band
and continued cello under noted cellist, Kenneth Kuo.

Mr. Kessler’s performance memberships include the Nanuet New Jersey Chamber Orchestra
as Principal cellist, the Westport Community Band, the Danbury Community Orchestra, the
Woodmont Ensemble, and the New England Guitar Ensemble. Other collaborations
include the Danbury Symphony Orchestra’s joint orchestra/chorus production of Handel’s
“Messiah,” duet appearances with his wife, classical guitarist Linda Kessler, and appearances
at summer workshops and festivals, including a master class at the Long Island Guitar
Festival at C.W. Post College, N.Y. and cello performances with the Connecticut Classical
Guitar Society Guitar Ensemble, Hartford, CT. Regional appearances include: the West
Hartford Public Library Concert Series, the Bruce Museum Noon Time Concert Series in
Greenwich, CT, music workshops at “Summer Trios” in New York and Pennsylvania, the
“Princeton Workshops” in New Jersey, and “Piano In Partnership” at the Neighborhood
Music School in New Haven, CT. Regional appearances include public and private
performances with the New England Guitar Ensemble and chamber music with the
Woodmont Ensemble. Mr. Kessler has a B.A. degree from Polytechnic University, Brooklyn,
New York and graduate work from Stevens Institute of Technology, in New Jersey.

Mr. Kessler is an avid composer, studying under noted Connecticut composer, Professor
Howard Rovics. In spring, 2006, The New England Guitar Ensemble premiered his new,
original work, “Rondo,” written for three guitars and cello. That summer, the piece was
again performed in Canada at the 2006 music festival, “Songe D’Ete,” in Courcelles,
Quebec. Another performance of “Rondo” took place at a university guitar concert on Long
Island, New York, under the direction of Director of Guitar Studies at C.W. Post, Professor
Harris Becker. Most recently, Mr. Kessler has written a new chamber quartet for the
Woodmont Ensemble. The work utilizes the interesting combination of horn, flute, violin
and piano.

Mr. Kessler resides in Weston, Connecticut with his wife, classical guitarist Linda

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