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					Dressing for Success
Lets go back in history
 1848
     America creates first civilian work uniform
     Levi’s denim overalls
Early 1900’s
 The Lounge Suit
     Three matching pieces
          a white shirt
          a stiff collar
          a necktie
 The Gray Flannel Suit
 Khaki casual evolves into a denim counter
 Hair gets its own paragraph in dress codes
 Dress for success
  books and
  consultants come into
 Navy, blue pinstripes,
  a white shirt, and a
  small print red tie
 Power suits emerge
     Broad shouldered, double-breasted suits
 The meaning of power
 a more relaxed dress code emerges
Business Professional
 Before you shop
     Dress differs by region and climate
     Get a copy of your company’s dress code
     Fit your dress to that of your co-workers
     Think quality before quantity
What to Wear
 Gentlemen                Ladies
   Suit                      Pant suit
   Matching jacket and       Coat dress
    pants                     Dress with jacket
   Dress shirt               Blouse or shell
   Coordinating socks        Skin-toned nylons
    and shoes                 Basic pumps
 Undershirt               Ladies and
 Avoid loud colors and     Gentlemen:
  flashy ties                   Quality rain coat and
                                 winter coat
Maintaining Your Professional Look
 Maintaining Your Professional Look
 Take care of your clothes
 Buy versatile fabrics
 Accessorize for variations in your look
Business Casual
 casual means “informal”
 don’t be too casual
 relaxed version of business professional
 crisp, neat, and appropriate
 invest in quality clothes
The Rules
 Consider the work environment
 Strive for consistency
 Ask first, dress later
 Look inside your closet
the “DO’s” for men
 Sport Coat/Blazer
 Casual Button-Down Oxford Shirt
 Khakis
 Traditional Dress Pants
 Long-Sleeved Solid or Striped Shirt
 Dark Socks
 Matching Belt and Shoes
the “DO’s” for women
 Cotton Shirts
 Cardigan Twin Sets
 Business Skirt or Pants
 Blouse or Sweater
 Blazer or Vest
 Neutral Hosiery
 Flat or Low Heels
please don’t…
 don’t wear tight clothing
 don’t try to stand out
 don’t wear gym clothes or jeans
 don’t show up in tennis shoes
 don’t look like you are attending a party or
Common Accessories
 Belts              Scarves
 Briefcase/purse    Shoes
 Coat/umbrella      Socks
 Hosiery            Suspenders
 Jewelry            Watches
Good Grooming
 Hair
 Make-up
 Nails
 Scent
 This is your first impression
 Do your research
      Our suggestions
      Pressed and polished
      Trial run
      Think conservatively
      Leave primping time
      Comfort is key
The End

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