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Centralise print procurement with Fuji Xerox


									ePrintsourcing Services
Offering Brief
Fuji Xerox Global Services

Centralise print procurement
with Fuji Xerox
ePrintsourcing from Fuji Xerox Global Services offers a single expert
outsourced service to control print spend across the spectrum.
                                                 The simple fact is that even in large            The advantages of
   KEY BENEFITS                                  well-managed businesses, external
                                                 print procurement is rarely regarded as          centralisation
                                                 a distinct specialist function. Instead,         There’s a huge range of printed material
   • True supplier independence
                                                 it’s a fragmented, unmeasured process            that is being bought throughout your
   • Fully open book accounting
                                                 undertaken by a large number of individuals,     company. General marketing and point-of-
   • Risk-free, guaranteed quality and
                                                 usually as an incidental part of their job.      sale collateral, direct mail and fulfilment
                                                 Printed material is often commissioned by        packs, training material, internal information
   • Faster time to market
                                                 employees with little or no formal experience    packs, employee publications, business cards,
   • Total control
                                                 in buying print. Worse, it’s often left to an    envelopes, letterheads, and business forms.
                                                 external marketing agency to purchase who        The list seems endless.
                                                 may not only lack the print buying skill, or
                                                 the need to be competitive, but will also        The problem is one of control. With so many
The need for control                             add a significant mark-up. And even where         people in your organisation buying from
As a manager, you keep a tight control of        print procurement is part of a central buying    so many different suppliers – usually on
expenditure. You compare suppliers and look      team; it’s only one small part of the job, not   a job-by-job basis – it’s impossible to get
for competitive quotes. You insist on getting    a specialisation.                                the best value. Then there are the hidden
the best value for money. You train your staff                                                    administration costs and the unproductive
to invest, rather than just spend. And, where    The result is that very few organisations        time spent in non-core activities. Not to
appropriate, you outsource services to third     can actually determine their total spend on      mention the potential for errors, delays and
parties that can deliver savings and process     external print, let alone know whether it is     missed deadlines.
improvements that you couldn’t achieve in        being optimally purchased, even though the
house. It’s time to take the same approach       typical print spend can equal as high as 5%      Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing solves all these
with print.                                      of their turnover. Fortunately,                  problems and more, delivering real value to
                                                 Fuji Xerox Global Services can help.             your organisation.
                                                                                                          SERVICE AT A GLANCE
A new way of                                          in-depth knowledge of Fuji Xerox’s highly           • On-line print outsourcing
                                                      trained document experts. Our staff are on          • Managed by fully trained,
managing print                                        hand to manage and advise at all times,               experienced professionals
Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing has been created            either on-site or off-site, including meetings      • Access to contracted, fit-for-purpose
using our long experience in providing the            with third party designers and production             suppliers
answer to all of these problems. It’s a single,       houses as required. And we make sure that           • Elimination of internal processes and
centralised outsourced service that delivers          production is always at the lowest possible           resources
real and sustainable savings, total visibility of     cost.                                               • Leveraging print spend
your print spend and complete control.                                                                    • Risk-free – guaranteed quality
                                                      We offer a gateway to external print sourcing       • Modular service that adapts to
Each print job, from the largest to the               that provides the fastest and most cost               individual business needs
very smallest is optimised in terms of cost,          effective route to controlling print spend.
production and presentation using the                 Take our virtual print room, for instance.

   EPRINTSOURCING SIMPLE WORKFLOW                                                                      Accessed over the web, it delivers our expert
                                                                                                       services to every point in your organisation,
       Customer sends print requests                                                                   making fragmented print-buying processes a
                                                                                                       thing of the past.
          Register request and open
              electronic job bag                             Agency / External /                       In short, the Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing
                                                     Fuji Xerox Global Services Studio /               service optimises print purchasing decisions,
                                                    Customer Internal Studio upload files               increased control, rigorous expense
                 Access files
                                                                                                       management and continuous incremental
                                                                                                       savings – guaranteed.
        Agree print specification with
             customer / Agency
                                                                                                       People, Process,
                                                    Fuji Xerox Global Services approved
        Obtain electronic quote from                       suppliers quote for job                     Technology
            approved suppliers                                                                         Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing replaces existing
                                                                                                       fragmented or resource-hungry processes with
                                                                                                       a controlled, customer-facing service that’s
        Obtain customer approval of
                   costs                                                                               tailored to the specific needs of your business.
                                                     Selected supplier receives order                  Like all Fuji Xerox Global Services offerings,
                                                                and files                               Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing concentrates on three
      Place order with selected supplier
                                                                                                       vital areas: people, process and technology.

                                                        “Approvals” from Customer /
        Manage the proofing process
       and provide final sign off to the
                                                      Studio / Agencies and Designers                  The People
              selected supplier                                                                        With a team of trained and experienced
                                                                                                       print specialists at its hub, Fuji Xerox
                                                                                                       ePrintsourcing gives you unrivalled expertise
        Monitor production including
      quality control and delivery of job                                                              in all aspects of print specification and
                                                    Fuji Xerox Global Services pay the                 production. The ePrintsourcing team,
                                                    supplier and invoice the customer                  which can include specialised supplier
        Complete process by finalising               and provide all relevant reporting                 management functions and IT specialists,
       accounts and requested reports
                                                                                                       can also make full use of other valuable
                                                                                                       Fuji Xerox resources in accounting and other
   ■ Fuji Xerox Global Services Operations ■ Customer Agent Operations
                                                                                                       support areas.
   ■ Customer Operations ■ Fuji Xerox Global Services Supplier Operations
The Process                                                                            to the very latest production technology. And
Our industry-leading ePrintsourcing                                                    because we’re independent, we’re free to
procurement processes are the key to                                                   choose the optimal production method for
providing superior quality and service at                                              each and every job.
the most competitive market rates. A major
part of the process is the engagement and                                              The second area is our fully web-enabled
management of a fit-for-purpose contracted                                              suite of software. This connects you with
supplier base. It is by leveraging this, and by                                        carefully vetted suppliers and specialists,
replacing your existing print procurement                                              secures best value for every job through
processes, that we can create simple, results-                                         on-line auctions and enables full on-line
driven processes that bring greater levels                                             production tracking.
of quality, value and efficiency than ever
before.                                                                                Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing
                                                                                       Fuji Xerox ePrintsourcing solution is
Although we manage the process for you,                                                guaranteed to make a real difference to your
you stay in complete control. You’ll have                                              business. Costs come down. Efficiency goes
on-demand access to comprehensive                                                      up. Productivity is transformed. It’s a new
and accurate management information,                                                   way of managing your print requirements
making it easy to measure us against key                                               that gives you access to the very best
performance indicators in a detailed                                                   people, processes and technology in the
Service Level Agreement.                                                               business. And not only does it give you full
                                                                                       control and visibility of your print costs,
The Technology                                                                         but it’s guaranteed to deliver valuable and
Fuji Xerox Global Services delivers two very                                           sustainable savings year after year.
different areas of technology aimed at
enhancing service and reducing cost. First,
through our supplier base, we ensure access

About Fuji Xerox Global Services
Documents are positioned as increasingly important management resources for today’s corporate activities. Fuji Xerox
provides outsourcing services that focus on the document and business processes of customers who conduct business in
Japan and globally. Based on our extensive consulting experience, optimal IT utilisation and worldwide service provision
structures, Fuji Xerox can efficiently manage all documents processes – from production and storage to output and
usage – to achieve cost reductions and higher productivity, while also contributing to customers’ business growth as their
ultimate business partner.

For more information, call or visit us at
Fuji Xerox Global Services
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd
80 Anson Road, #37-00 Fuji Xerox Towers
Singapore 079907
ht tp: // w w w.fujixe rox .com /e ng /s olution /glob al se r vice s
* XEROX, and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the U.S. and or other countries.   The contents described herein are correct as of November 2008.

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