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           SCIENCE &

         SOCIAL WORK
                                                                TULANE UNIVERSITY

Tulane University, founded in 1834, is one of the         campuses until the 1960s. The Tulane University
foremost independent national research universities       Health Sciences Center in downtown New Orleans
in the United States. Its admission criteria place        now includes the School of Medicine and School
it among the most highly selective universities in        of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, while the
the nation. Tulane’s schools and colleges offer           Tulane National Primate Research Center is in
graduate and professional degrees in the liberal          Covington, Louisiana.
arts, architecture, business, engineering, law,
                                                          Research in many disciplines has flourished at Tulane
science, social work, medicine, and public health
                                                          through the establishment of centers such as the
and tropical medicine.
                                                          Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American
The university is a member of the prestigious             Studies, the Middle American Research Institute,
Association of American Universities, a select            the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental
group of the 62 leading research universities in          Research, the Murphy Institute, the Tulane Cancer
the United States and Canada with “pre-eminent            Center, the Tulane Center for Gene Therapy and the
programs of graduate and professional education           Newcomb College Center for Research on Women.
and scholarly research. Tulane also is ranked by the
                                                          In the fall of 2005, following the nation’s worst
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of
                                                          national disaster—Hurricane Katrina—Tulane was
Teaching as a university with “very high research
                                                          confronted with unprecedented challenges and, if
activity. Of more than 4,300 higher educational
                                                          those challenges could be mastered, tremendous
institutions rated by the foundation, Tulane remains
                                                          opportunities. The administration and the Board of
in a prestigious category that includes only 2
                                                          Tulane University faced redefining and renewing
percent of universities nationwide.
                                                          the university for the future. University President
Located in New Orleans since its founding, Tulane         Scott Cowen called the resulting plan “the most
traces its origins to the Medical College of Louisiana,   significant reinvention of a university in the United
the Deep South’s second medical school, which was         States in over a century. ”
founded in 1834. By 1847 the Medical College was
                                                          A broad-based Renewal Plan was adopted that
part of the newly established public institution, the
                                                          has at its center a focus on superb graduate,
University of Louisiana.
                                                          professional and research programs that build on
Tulane began as a private university in 1884 when         the university’s historical strengths and distinctive
the public University of Louisiana was reorganized        characteristics. Admissions that were previously
and named in honor of benefactor Paul Tulane,             handled through the Graduate School are now
a wealthy merchant who bequeathed more than               processed by the individual schools. In this way,
$1 million to endow a university “for the promotion       graduate and professional students receive
and encouragement of intellectual, moral and              individualized attention from the moment of
industrial education. A native of Princeton, N.J.,        application to the completion of their degree.
Paul Tulane had made his fortune in New Orleans
                                                          These changes reflect a bold approach to
and his gift expressed his appreciation to this
                                                          reinventing Tulane University and allow the univer-
Southern city on the Mississippi River.
                                                          sity to hold fast to its ideal of world-class quality.
In 1886, the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College           The university’s ultimate goal remains to offer
for Women was established as part of Tulane.              students the maximum opportunity to be success-
The university moved to its present campus on             ful—academically, intellectually, and in their
St. Charles Avenue in 1894, but medical school            personal commitments and aspirations.
classes were held on the uptown and downtown

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES

Graduate Degrees
Tulane University offers research-oriented graduate      sciences, economics, mathematics, human                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of             genetics, pharmacology, neuroscience, physics,
Philosophy (PhD), Master of Arts (MA), and               and psychology.
Master of Science (MS), offered primarily through                                                                LiberalArts           3
                                                         The Master of Fine Arts degree is offered in the
the Schools of Liberal Arts, and Science and
Engineering. It also offers professionally oriented
                                                         fields of art, music, and theatre.                      Science &            15
programs leading to the degree of Master of Fine         In addition, there are professional graduate degrees    Engineering
Arts (MFA). The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)
program is offered by the School of Continuing
                                                         at both the masters and doctoral level in the Schools
                                                                                                                 Architecture         23
                                                         of Architecture, Business, Law, Medicine, Social
Studies, the continuing education division of Tulane.    Work, and Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The      Business             25
                                                         general characteristics of each program of study are
The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is offered in
                                                         outlined on the next page; but as with admissions,      Law                  27
the fields of anthropology, biology, biomedical
engineering, biomedical sciences, business adminis-
                                                         specific requirements for all of graduate degrees
                                                         may be obtained from the school in which the
                                                                                                                 Medicine             31
tration, chemical engineering, chemistry, earth and
environmental sciences, history, Latin American
                                                         programs are to be carried out.                         Public Health &      33
studies, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy,                                                                  Tropical Medicine
physics, psychology, public health and tropical
medicine, and Spanish. The degree of Doctor of                                                                   Social Work          37
Philosophy may also be earned in an                                                                              Continuing Studies   39
interdisciplinary field.
The Master of Arts degree is offered in the fields of
anthropology, art, classical studies, policy econom-
ics, English, French, history, Latin American studies,
music, philosophy, political science, Portuguese,
sociology, and Spanish.
The Master of Science degree is available in
the fields of biomedical engineering, cell and
molecular biology, chemical engineering, chemistry,
international development, earth and environmental

                                                                                        GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Graduate Degree Requirements
                                                             TULANE UNIVERSITY

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree
For PhD programs, the minimum course require-          The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program is
ments are usually 48 semester hours; however,          offered by the School of Continuing Studies.
students should refer to the specific departmental     Requirements for the degree include completion
requirements. One academic year must be in             of two core courses within a single track and
full-time residence status. Where necessary, a         seven other graduate-level courses; additional core
department will require additional hours of            courses may be taken as electives. Finally,
coursework. For additional foreign language,           completion of a project, normally a thesis, related
general examination, preliminary examination and       to the theme of the student’s track or educational
qualifying examination requirements, please            plan, is required.
consult with the departmental graduate adviser or
                                                       In some programs, Tulane undergraduate students
dean of the appropriate school or program. The
                                                       have the option of obtaining a master’s degree
graduate student's entire program of study will
                                                       with one additional year of study beyond the
often be within a single department. In some
                                                       bachelor’s degree (4+1). Program requirements
cases, however, a student may take some of the
                                                       vary, but most 4+1 degrees do not require a
work outside the major department with the
                                                       thesis, in which case 30 credit hours of graduate-
approval of the chair of both the major department
                                                       level coursework are required. Those programs
and the other department or departments
                                                       that offer a thesis-based 4+1 option require 24
concerned. Occasionally, the needs of individual
                                                       credit hours of graduate coursework. Interested
students may require a special interdisciplinary
                                                       students are advised to consult with their school’s
PhD. program. For further information see Special
                                                       graduate adviser prior to their junior year to obtain
Interdisciplinary Programs. Some Schools offer
                                                       specific instructions for participation in the 4+1
doctoral degrees other than the PhD.

Master's Degrees
                                                       Joint Degrees
For Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science
                                                       Tulane University offers the qualified student the
(MS) programs, the minimum requirement is 24
                                                       opportunity to work toward two different degrees
semester hours plus thesis or equivalent. For the
                                                       concurrently. For additional information on joint
MA and MS without thesis, the minimum course
                                                       degree programs, consult the sections of the
requirement is 30 semester hours.
                                                       Schools of Architecture, Business, Law, Liberal
The Master of Fine Arts degree is given through        Arts, Medicine, Public Health and Tropical
the Departments of Art, Music, and Theatre and         Medicine, Science and Engineering, Social Work.
Dance. The Department of Music requires a
minimum of 30 semester hours; the Department
of Art requires a minimum of 48 semester hours;
and the Department of Theatre and Dance requires
a minimum of 54 semester hours. It is expected
that most students will spend a minimum of two
years (three years for Theatre and Dance) of gradu-
ate study in fulfilling the requirements for the MFA

                                                                                      GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                SCHOOL OF
               LIBERAL ARTS

                                                                        ANTHROPOLOGY       5
The School of Liberal Arts consists of 15
departments and offers a range of PhD,                                      ART STUDIO     5
MA, and MFA programs. The PhD prepares                                     ART HISTORY     6
students to be practicing scholars in the
offering disciplines. Students receiving the                         ART HISTORY/LATIN     6
PhD from departments and programs in the                             AMERICAN STUDIES
School of Liberal Arts have obtained academic
                                                                     CLASSICAL STUDIES     7
positions at prestigious colleges and universi-
ties all over the country. The MA is an                                     ECONOMICS      7
appropriate degree for students who are
unsure whether they want to continue in a                                      ENGLISH     7
PhD program, for students who want to teach                           FRENCH & ITALIAN     8
in secondary school, and for a wide range of
other careers, depending on the discipline. The                                HISTORY     8
MFA is the terminal degree for practitioners in
                                                                        LATIN AMERICAN     9
studio art, music performance and theatre.
Students in the School of Liberal Arts are
                                                                                 MUSIC    10
able to enter a wide variety of fields of work
because they master skills that are critical to                             PHILOSOPHY    10
all professions and develop interests that can
enrich the rest of their lives. They also excel in                   POLITICAL SCIENCE    11
the many new professions that are emerging                           POLITICAL SCIENCE/   11
in today's global society. Our students are at                  LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES
the heart of an intellectual community based
on outstanding instruction by distinguished                                 SOCIOLOGY     12
scholars and intellectual dialogue. Students
                                                                 SPANISH & PORTUGUESE     12
in the humanities, social sciences, and fine
arts develop long-lasting relationships with                          THEATRE & DANCE     13
their professors and fellow students in a
wide variety of settings inside and outside                          INTERDISCIPLINARY    13
the classroom.

                                                         GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Admission Requirements
                                                   SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                        Application Deadlines
                                                                                                                 (Some departments may have
Application to the School of Liberal Arts is normally     • Recommendations from three professors, prefer-       earlier deadlines)
for admission to a graduate degree program. An              ably in your major field, should be submitted in a   February 1 - Fall admission
applicant may seek admission as a special, non-             sealed envelope and signed across the back by
                                                                                                                              (and financial aid
degree student to pursue study which does not               the recommender. Ask each recommender to
lead to a degree. Applicants who have earned an             return the form to you to be submitted unopened
undergraduate degree from a recognized institution          with your application.                               December 1 - Spring admission
may be admitted to the School of Liberal Arts if their    • A completed application form. Please note that
academic records and personal attributes indicate           the application for admission also serves as the
the ability to pursue advanced study successfully.          application for merit-based financial awards.
Applicants must present evidence, to the satisfac-        • A statement of purpose including the disciplinary
tion of the department or the program committee             aspect or area of study in which you are most
concerned, of adequate preparation for the subjects         interested, and your plans concerning your career
in which they seek to specialize. All students must         in the field.
hold the undergraduate degree before enrolling.           • U.S. $45.00 application fee (made payable to
                                                            Tulane University)
                                                          • The acknowledgement sheet with your name
The graduate application for the School of Liberal
                                                            and address filled in.
Arts at Tulane University is available online or by
downloading a paper application. Online applications      Remember that you should take the Graduate
are preferred.                                            Record Exam (GRE) in the fall. We cannot complete
                                                          our review of your application without your official
    Online Application:
                                                          GRE scores taken within 5 years of enrollment.
                                                          International students must also take the Test of
    Downloading a paper application:
                                                          Spoken English (TSE) or the Test of English as a
    You may download the application in Adobe
                                                          Foreign Language (TOEFL). You must ask the
    PDF format (www.liberalarts.tulane.edu/docu
                                                          Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send your offi-
    ments/GraduateApplication.pdf) or Microsoft Word      cial GRE and TOEFL test scores directly to Tulane.
    SLAGraduateApplication.doc).                          All application materials, with the exception of the
                                                          GRE and TOEFL score reports, should be mailed
    Once downloaded, the package should include:
                                                          in one envelope (9"x12") to:
    Instructions (1 page)
    Application (3 pages)                                        Director of Graduate Studies
    Statement of Purpose (1 page)                                Office of the Dean
    Letter of Recommendation (2 pages)                           School of Liberal Arts
    Application Acknowledgment (1 page)                          Newcomb Hall
                                                                 Tulane University
Instructions for the Tulane University School
                                                                 New Orleans, LA 70118
of Liberal Arts graduate application
Your application package must be complete before          Only completed application packets are forwarded
you mail it to the School of Liberal Arts. It should      to the departments for review. Therefore, it is very
include all of the following items:                       important that all of the required documents accom-
• An official transcript from each institution, submit-   pany your application. Sending application materials
  ted in a sealed envelope and signed across the          separately could cause a delay in the processing.
  back by the registrar. The college or university
                                                          Materials submitted in support of an application are
  should mail the transcripts directly to you, to be
                                                          not released for other purposes and cannot be
  submitted unopened with the application. For
                                                          returned to the applicant.
  transcripts in a language other than English,
  please provide a certified English translation with
  an explanation of the grading system.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                                                SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                             PhD   MA
Doctor of Philosophy                                    The Latin American Library at Tulane is rich in topical
Anthropology is the study of human diversity in the     holdings, rare manuscripts, glyphic rubbings and
past and present. Anthropologists take a holistic,      manuscript collections, which are open to our
comparative approach towards understanding the          students for reference and research.
human experience. Graduate students in anthropol-
ogy at Tulane can specialize in linguistics, cultural   Requirements for the PhD in anthropology:
anthropology, physical anthropology, and archaeol-      (1) 48 hours of coursework beyond the BA, (2) certifi-
ogy. Topical interests of members of the                cation of professional level reading proficiency in one
department include language and identity, language      foreign language, (3) demonstration of competence
change, language acquisition, linguistic theory,        in statistics, (4) written comprehensive examina-
human evolution and speciation, primate behavioral      tions, (5) for linguistics, socio-cultural anthropology
ecology, bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology,      and archaeology students, oral examination on
gender, ethnicity, medicine, colonialism, urbanism,     geographic or topical foci, (6) approximately one year
globalization, currency and economy, ethnohistory,      of approved anthropological fieldwork, (7) presenta-
ethnobotany, historical ecology, archaeology and        tion and defense of a dissertation prospectus, (8)
Mayan hieroglyphs. Geographic areas in which we         presentation and defense of a dissertation .
actively conduct research and about which we
publish and teach include Mesoamerica, North            The department awards stipends to students for
America, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, Amazonia,       their first three years of graduate study, after which
the Andes and Europe. Programs and research             point students seek grants and other forms of
centers at Tulane with close ties to the Anthropology   support. Advanced graduate students may also teach
Department include the Middle American Research         some sections of introductory undergraduate
Institute, the Stone Center for Latin American          courses in our department.
Studies, Religious Studies, Women's Studies, Asian
Studies, African and Diaspora Studies and the           http://anthropology.tulane.edu/grads.cfm
interdisciplinary program in linguistics.

Art Studio
                                                SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                             MFA
Master of Fine Arts                                     MFA Requirements: (1) 48 hours of graduate level
The MFA degree program is designed to enable            courses including: Two courses in art history
mature and committed students to achieve a high         (6 hrs.) and attendance in the MFA seminar
degree of professional competence, both technical       classes (12 hrs.) held each semester. (2) The
and conceptual, and is considered the terminal          remaining courses (30 hrs.) are in the studio
degree for the studio arts. Many candidates plan        discipline and are designed to meet individual needs
teaching careers at the college and the university      and interests. Thesis: A body of work demonstrat-
level. Our program includes apprenticeship training     ing professional maturity constitutes the thesis
as assistants in the undergraduate program and as       proper. It is completed by the end of the second
instructors in Tulane’s School of Continuing            year and exhibited in the Department of Art galleries.
Studies, excellent training grounds for such goals.     In addition, an oral examination is conducted by an
We believe that the development of artistic             appointed faculty thesis committee.
breadth, personal accomplishment and critical
maturity is the best preparation for college
teaching in the visual arts.

                                                                                           GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Art History
                                                SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                               MA
Master of Arts                                          Latin American; (C) American and Modern. (2)
Since 1960, the MA program in the history of art        Language: Reading proficiency in at least one
at Tulane has prepared outstanding students for         foreign language relevant to the student’s work is
careers in research, teaching, and museum work.         required. The requirement is satisfied by passing a
The program welcomes students who have majored          reading exam. (3) Thesis: The last step in the MA
in fields other than art history.                       program is the writing of a thesis and its subse-
                                                        quent oral defense. The MA thesis should
MA Requirements: (1) 24 credit hours (8 courses)
                                                        demonstrate the student’s ability to do research
at the 600 and 700 levels, plus a thesis. The distri-
                                                        of publishable quality.
bution requirement calls for two courses in each
of three areas: (A) Classical, Byzantine, Medieval,     http://pandora.tcs.tulane.edu/art/degree.html
Pre-Columbian; (B) Renaissance, Baroque, Colonial

Art History/Latin American Studies
                                                SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                               PhD
Doctor of Philosophy                                    America, and comparative work with cultures
Tulane is one of the few universities in the U.S.       outside of Latin America (e.g., Europe, Africa).
with the faculty, library, and other resources to       This unique, ideal degree requires a range of art
support a strong PhD program in Latin American          history courses and teaching proficiency in the art
art. The Latin American library is one of the finest    history survey courses as well as interdisciplinary
in the nation, and the Stone Center is one of the       breadth in Latin America.
most prominent centers for Latin American
                                                        PhD Requirements: (1) 54 credit hours (including
studies in the country. Demand for PhDs with
                                                        an MA thesis or equivalent) in addition to the disser-
expertise in Latin American art is growing, as
                                                        tation. The Latin American Studies core seminar is
colleges and universities across the country
                                                        required, as is a course on art historical method
add non-Western and Latin American specialists
                                                        and/or theory. All courses must be at the 600 and
to their art departments. The joint PhD in Art
                                                        700 levels. (2) Languages: A good working knowl-
History and Latin American Studies addresses
                                                        edge of two languages is required, one of which
this demand by drawing on Tulane’s strengths.
                                                        must be Spanish or Portuguese. The second language
                                                        should also be pertinent to the student’s work.
The joint PhD program unites a disciplinary ground-
ing in art history with the breadth and comparative     http://pandora.tcs.tulane.edu/art/arthistory_grad_phd.html
perspective of Latin American Studies. The program
in Art History provides the strong disciplinary
foundation graduates need for careers in teaching,
research, and museum work in art history. The
Program in Latin American Studies provides more
comprehensive knowledge of Latin America and
encourages a comparative perspective within
Latin America and between Latin America and
other areas of the globe. The program encourages
study in such related fields as anthropology,
history, languages, literature, and culture of Latin

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Classical Studies
                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                            MA
Master of Arts                                            year, students normally take two courses each
The MA program in Classical Studies emphasizes            semester and work on the MA qualifying paper
preparation in Latin and Greek and can include            under the direction of a professor. Second-year
coursework in ancient history, archaeology, philos-       students receiving stipends will be given full
ophy, and ancient religion. The program generally         responsibility for one section each semester of
requires two years for completion. In the first year,     first-year Latin or Greek, or a mythology course.
students normally take three courses each semes-          We offer our best qualified applicants for the full-
ter. In addition, students who are receiving a            time MA a full tuition scholarship and, in addition,
stipend serve as assistants to help a professor           an annual stipend.
with course materials and grading. In the second

                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                            MA
Master of Arts                                            economics and Latin American studies, economics
The Master of Arts in Policy Economics at Tulane          and business administration, or economics and law.
University integrates economic analysis and quanti-       In courses offered jointly with the undergraduates,
tative methods in a program of study designed for         MA students are held to higher academic stan-
practitioners. Successful students will be prepared       dards and are generally assigned supplementary
to enter the job market with a set of analytical skills   research work. Successful students can expect
designed for economic policy analysis. Also, some         to complete at least seven applied projects in
students may be interested in the certification of        the course of earning the MA degree.
dual competency conferred by joint degrees in

                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                            MA

Master of Arts                                            Each student receives coursework in critical
Designed for recent baccalaureate students with           theories, research methods, literary fields and
majors in English or other literary studies, the MA       concentrations, and interdisciplinary approaches.
program prepares students for success in a doctoral       Students are given practical experience in pedagogy,
program in literary studies. Students interested in       scholarly presentation and publication. We mentor
careers in fields for which an MA in English would        students to successfully apply to doctoral programs
be helpful, such as museum curating, publishing,          or other further study and employment.
journalism or media studies, those wishing to             Students share in the intellectual life of the depart-
enhance their careers as teachers, or those who           ment and enjoy the benefits of a one-to-one
wish simply to enrich their understanding of litera-      student-faculty ratio. Each student will serve as a
ture, are also encouraged to apply. The program           research assistant to a faculty mentor in an area of
admits a limited number of excellent students from        interest to them for at least two semesters. In the
schools other than Tulane University. Students will       third and/or fourth semesters, students receive
receive instruction from our faculty members with         mentoring in pedagogy and classroom management,
national reputations who provide examples of              and they may apply to become a teaching assistant
professional scholarly activity in small seminars.        to a faculty mentor.
This program is designed to provide students with
the tools they need to understand the profession of       www.tulane.edu/~english/Grad/grad.htm
literary scholarship and teaching.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
French & Italian
                                                  SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                        MA

Master of Arts                                             and critical theory.
From Occitan to Louisiana Creole, from codex
                                                           The French program at Tulane builds on the
to hypertext, graduate study at Tulane offers
                                                           historical identity of New Orleans as a center of
a comprehensive program in French and
                                                           French-speaking and Caribbean culture to develop
Francophone literatures and cultures. Faculty
                                                           a graduate program with a broad focus on the
research and teaching are marked by transhistorical
                                                           Francophone world including the Afro-Caribbean
and interdisciplinary approaches. Areas of strength
                                                           region and Africa, a focus sustained by the Yvonne
include Francophone studies, cultural studies,
                                                           Arnoult chair in Francophone Studies. The depart-
gender studies, medieval and Renaissance studies,
                                                           ment houses a program in less-commonly-taught
the origins and evolutions of print culture, technolo-
                                                           languages and offers instruction in Arabic and
gies of the book, film theory, creole linguistics,
                                                           Haitian Creole.
European and African philosophy, poetics, history
of medicine, performance, psychoanalysis, national         www.tulane.edu/~fren_it/french_ma_PhD.htm
identity and transnationalism, life-writing, rhetoric

                                                  SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                        PhD   MA

Graduate programs in history are designed to train         is offered in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Germany,
professional historians who will excel both in             Russia and Spain. A student may combine late
research and in teaching. The city of New Orleans          medieval and early modern Europe (ca. 1000-1789)
offers varied research opportunities. With its unique      as a first field. Topical fields such as Women's
French, African and Spanish heritage and its succes-       History or Religion, for example, can also be
sive waves of immigrants, New Orleans has been             approved.
and remains a city with a remarkably rich and multi-
layered past. Records of this past–scattered               Doctor of Philosophy
throughout the city–are a constant reminder of the         The PhD program entails 48 hours of course
complexity of the human condition even to those            work (16 courses), one or two foreign languages
whose research interests lie elsewhere. Some               depending on the area of specialization, written
notable holdings housed on Tulane's campus                 comprehensive exams, teaching, thesis and a
include: the Southern Jewish Archives; an outstand-        dissertation. All PhD candidates are expected to
ing Latin American collection; the world’s largest         teach within the department and to participate in
historical research collection pertaining to the           at least one year-long research experience prior
Mississippi River; this country’s third largest African-   to the awarding of their degrees.
American archives; a world-renowned archives of
                                                           Master of Arts
New Orleans Jazz; an Imperial Russian and Early
                                                           The MA program has two different tracks. The MA
Soviet rare book collection; a rare book collection of
                                                           with thesis degree is usually taken by students
British shire histories; and one of the world’s major
                                                           who wish to earn a PhD degree. It entails 24
archival collections of the American Civil War.
                                                           hours of course work (8 courses), one foreign
                                                           language, and a thesis. The non-thesis option is a
The primary areas of faculty research and availability
                                                           terminal degree in which the student completes
of historical sources are in United States History,
                                                           30 hours of course work (ten courses), and passes
with special emphasis on southern history; Latin
                                                           a comprehensive examination.
American History; Britain; Europe from the
Renaissance to the present; ancient and medieval
Europe. In addition, graduate work as a second field

                                                                                             GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Latin American Studies
                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                             PhD   JD/MA
                                                                                                                    MA    MBA/MA
The Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American         The Stone Center also collaborates with other
Studies is one of the largest and most prestigious       units across the University to offer specialized
interdisciplinary units at Tulane University. It func-   graduate degree programs. Such programs
tions in many capacities to provide programming          include joint professional degree programs with
and degree plans to a broad range of educational         the Law School (MA/JD) and the Business School
constituencies. Students gain comprehensive              (MA/MBA), and a dual Doctor of Philosophy
knowledge about Latin America through a mixture          degrees (a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies and Art
of academic study, specialized training and              History).
research abroad. The program embraces linguistic
                                                         Doctor of Philosophy
fluency, fieldwork and direct engagement in Latin
                                                         The Stone Center accepts a few highly qualified
America and the Caribbean as essential to critical
                                                         applicants each year based upon recommenda-
consciousness. The program encourages compara-
                                                         tions, performance, and other indicators of
tive studies that provide a more profound
                                                         academic excellence and the ability to conduct
understanding of differences among socio-cultural
                                                         original, clearly articulated interdisciplinary research
systems developed within Latin America, as well
                                                         that will advance the frontiers of knowledge.
as of differences between Latin American systems
                                                         Students must have an earned MA or a relevant
and others throughout the hemisphere and globe.
                                                         professional degree to apply to the PhD program.
The core faculty of seventy Latin Americanists
                                                         Students with Master degrees in disciplines like
represents the largest contingent of faculty associ-
                                                         Political Science, History, Art History, Latin
ated with any department or program at the
                                                         American Literature or Public Health are encour-
University. Students and faculty benefit from the
                                                         aged to apply to the program and will find that
holdings of the Latin American library and a
                                                         Tulane generally has strength in their areas of
network of contacts with public officials, non-
governmental organizations and academic leaders
in Latin America.                                        Master of Arts
                                                         This program provides interdisciplinary training
The design of both the MA and PhD curriculum in
                                                         for students and professionals for whom in-depth
Latin American Studies is dependent upon the
                                                         knowledge of Latin America provides a strong
student’s particular research interests. The gradu-
                                                         foundation for future study or employment.
ate advisor and the student will discuss these
                                                         The current 2-year MA is conceived to provide
research interests before the start of the student’s
                                                         flexibility for students who wish to explore diverse
first semester of coursework and will map out a
                                                         options upon graduation. These include: (1) enter-
comprehensive program of study with the goal of
                                                         ing the professional world directly, (2) continuing
developing an interdisciplinary research project.
                                                         in the interdisciplinary PhD program in Latin
Students accumulate the research skills and tools
                                                         American Studies or (3) transferring to a discipline-
by undertaking coursework in multiple disciplines
                                                         based program or professional school to pursue
or fields. Students should expect to narrow their
                                                         degrees there.
coursework to one primary and two secondary
concentration areas.                                     http://stonecenter.tulane.edu/html/Academics.htm

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                                                    SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                              MA    MFA
The Department of Music offers the Master of Arts
degree in Composition, Music History, Jazz Studies
and Music Science and Technology and the Master of
Fine Arts degree in Performance and Musical Theatre.
Master of Arts Composition Candidates must
complete at least 24 semester hours of course work
and must present a recital of original compositions
including a major, extended work for a large chamber
Candidates for the MA degree in Musicology or Jazz           Candidates for the MFA degree in Performance must
Studies can study various types of local music such as       take 30 hours of course work, with 18 hours in music
opera, blues, gospel and jazz. Candidates must               literature, theory, history, performance or other appro-
complete at least 24 semester hours of course work,          priate areas and 12 semester hours of lessons in
pass a reading knowledge examination in one modern           voice or in the specialized instrument. In place of a
foreign language (normally French or Spanish) by the         thesis the candidate must perform a full-length recital
end of the first semester, write an acceptable thesis        of 90 minutes or direct a major musical theater
and defend this thesis in an oral examination.               production.
Students who focus on the area of composition or
                                                             The MA program in Music Science and Technology
performance are expected to perform a recital in place
                                                             offers students the opportunity for multidisciplinary
of a thesis and take specialized courses in addition to
                                                             research and for concentration on multi-focus music
the other requirements.
                                                             technologies. The unique combination of musical and
Candidates will work in the famous Hogan Jazz                technical training encompassing music composition in
Archive and the Amistad Center on campus and                 our new state-of-the-art 8-channel digital studio as
utilize the vast archival and human resources of the         well as exploration of topics in computer science,
city of New Orleans. Experts in jazz performance,            acoustics and engineering prepares our students to
music history and regional history provide the candi-        carry out distinctive creative projects. Candidates
dates with a thorough, in-depth knowledge of the             must complete 36 credits semester hours of course
living tradition of music in the city that inspired jazz     work and write, and defend, a thesis.

and many other kinds of local music.

                                                    SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                              PhD   MA
The Philosophy Department offers PhD study in a              Doctor of Philosophy
broad range of fields, including ethics and political        Requirements include: (1) Satisfactory completion of
philosophy, history of philosophy, metaphysics, and          48 hours (16 courses) of coursework in accordance
philosophy of mind. Our department is closely                with departmental distribution requirements. (2)
connected with the Center for Ethics and Public              Submission of two satisfactory Qualifying Papers.
Affairs of the Murphy Institute, which sponsors              (3) Presentation and defense of a doctoral thesis.
fellowships for visiting   faculty and graduate
students.                                                    Master of Arts
                                                             The MA Degree may be earned in one of two ways:
An undergraduate Major in philosophy is desirable            (1) Satisfactory completion of 24 hours of course-
for graduate study in philosophy, but it is not essential.   work (8 courses) and submission and defense of a
Students admitted with insufficient background in            thesis. This route is not intended for candidates for
ethics or logic or the history of philosophy will be         the PhD. (2) Satisfactory completion of 30 hours of
required to take courses in these areas without              coursework (10 courses) and passing one qualifying
graduate credit.                                             paper.

                                                                                              GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Political Science
                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                            MA JD/MA MBA/MA
Master of Arts                                            ing their knowledge of political processes and
This graduate program aims to provide students            global affairs.
with the analytical and methodological tools neces-
                                                          Joint MBA/Master of Arts
sary for understanding the complex, volatile and
                                                          Successful business management often depends
multi-faceted politics of the contemporary world.
                                                          on a knowledge of and ability to analyze politics,
The goal is to develop scholars who pursue answers
                                                          particularly the state institutions that regulate and
to important questions about politics by drawing
                                                          intervene in markets. The A.B. Freeman School of
upon a variety of modes of inquiry, bodies of litera-
                                                          Business and the Department of Political Science
ture, analytic strategies, and research methods
                                                          at Tulane University offer a joint degree program
within political science, as well as tools from related
                                                          that provides students with analytical skills appro-
disciplines. The faculty has a particular focus on
                                                          priate to business, politics and the interface
Latin American and international politics.
                                                          between these two fields.
Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Arts
The MA can be earned concurrently with a Tulane
Law degree. Law students in the program develop
useful research and analytical skills while deepen-

Political Science/Latin American Studies
                                                 SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                            PhD
Doctor of Philosophy                                      The student will formally advance to candidacy
This new program combines training in current theo-       for PhD when, having fulfilled the above require-
ries and methods of Political Science with immersion      ments, he or she selects a dissertation advisor and
in the languages, cultures, and history of Latin          defends a satisfactory dissertation prospectus.
America. Candidates for this Doctor of Philosophy         The candidate must then write a dissertation and
degree are required to take a minimum of 60 semes-        defend it orally before a committee of professors
ter hours (or a minimum of 51 credits at Tulane if the    including the dissertation advisor. Here the disserta-
student holds an MA from another university).             tion committee must be constituted of four faculty
                                                          members, two from Political Science (one of these
Candidates must complete 10 courses in Political
                                                          would normally serve as chair), and one from each
Science and 10 courses in Latin American Studies
                                                          of the minor field concentrations in Latin American
as well as all of the course distribution require-
                                                          Studies. See page 10 for more information about
ments listed above. Students must take at least
                                                          the Latin American Studies program.
one non-Latin American content course in each of
the four fields of political science.
The candidate will complete the major field
preliminary examination process in the Political
Science Department and then sit for two minor
field preliminary examinations in Latin American
Studies. Students in this program will also demon-
strate reading proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                                               SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                          MA
Master of Arts                                         provides many graduate students with opportuni-
Sociology provides opportunities for training in a     ties to publish.
wide range of methodologies spanning and inte-
                                                       The major strength of our program is its emphasis
grating qualitative and quantitative techniques.
                                                       on empirical research and the sequential develop-
Tulane Sociologists, including faculty who use
                                                       ment of a repertoire of research skills. Graduate
quantitative methods, qualitative methods or both,
                                                       students take required courses in social theory,
are committed to multiple methodologies, both
                                                       research design and data analysis as well as
within and between qualitative and quantitative
                                                       elective courses in their choice of topical areas,
                                                       thereby facilitating expertise in a substantive
Tulane Sociology provides excellent graduate train-    research concentration.
ing and professional preparation for both teaching
and research. A low faculty-student ratio ensures
a high degree of interaction with faculty, and this

Spanish & Portuguese
                                               SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                          PhD   MA
Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts                Tulane. Recent PhD graduates have found employ-
Tulane University is home to one of the country’s      ment at research universities and top-tier liberal
leading graduate programs in Spanish and               arts colleges.
Portuguese. Our faculty consists of nationally and
                                                       Doctor of Philosophy
internationally recognized scholars and teachers in
                                                       The PhD Program provides preparation for teach-
the literatures and cultures of Spain, Portugal,
                                                       ing and research in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian
Spanish America, Brazil and Lusophone Africa, in
                                                       languages and literatures. A minimum of 51
addition to linguistics and second language acquisi-
                                                       hours (17 courses), including MA course work, are
tion. Areas of research and advanced instruction
                                                       required. For students entering with an MA
include Latin American cultural studies, Spanish
                                                       completed elsewhere, a minimum of 27 hours (9
film and visual culture, contemporary Brazilian
                                                       courses) must be completed. In addition, PhD
culture, Medieval Iberia, Amerindian studies, post-
                                                       candidates must pass a qualifying exam, pass
dictatorship literature, comparative modernism,
                                                       reading exams in two languages and defend a
race and national discourse, performance, psycho-
                                                       dissertation prospectus before writing the
analysis, feminist criticism and critical theory.
The Howard-Tilton Library contains extensive hold-
                                                       Master of Arts
ings that support our respective fields, including
                                                       The MA degree program provides advanced
the Latin American Library, one of the largest
                                                       preparation for teaching language and it furnishes
collections of its kind in the United States. Tulane
                                                       a basis for future study and research in literary and
is also home to the Stone Center for Latin
                                                       cultural studies for those who qualify and choose
American Studies, which has been a generous
                                                       to enter the PhD program. Students are required
source of research support for our graduate
                                                       to complete 30 credits (10 courses) within two
students. Candidates for graduate study may apply
                                                       years of full-time work.
for teaching assistantships that afford a highly
competitive stipend in exchange for departmental       www.tulane.edu/~spanport/intro.htm
teaching. The richness of Tulane’s academic and
social life and the attractions of New Orleans
enhance the experience of graduate study at

                                                                                      GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Theatre & Dance
                                                  SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                        MFA
Master of Fine Arts                                      It is the philosophy of the
The MFA degree in Design at Tulane University offers     design faculty that the design
an in-depth study of theatrical design areas with an     process is best taught through
emphasis on preparing the student for a career in        the realization of designs in
the professional theater or as a teacher of a special-   actual production situations.
ized field at the university level. Applicants to the
                                                         Each year, the Department of
program must have completed an undergraduate
                                                         Theatre and Dance provides a
degree in Theatre or have had equivalent training
and experience.                                          number of opportunities for
                                                         such realized design projects.
The MFA degree in Design places concentration            The department produces
and emphasis on design as a collaborative                three to four mainstage
process with equal emphasis on technical and             productions and one dance
creative skills as learned both through classwork        concert each year directed by
and practical production.                                faculty or guest directors.
The program is a three-year program. Two and a           Students in design and technical direction are
half years are spent in residence and one semester       assigned to these projects as their skills develop.
of the third year in an internship with a professional   The Third Year Thesis Project becomes the culmina-
theater. Students with an MA in design or produc-        tion of a number of realized projects. The selection
tion may, at the discretion of the faculty, complete     of this production is intended to provide a showcase
their degree sooner. Normally, 48 hours of course        of each student’s talents and skill. Each student’s
work are required for completion of the degree.          work is reviewed by the faculty on a semester-to-
In addition, six hours are earned with the internship    semester basis.
assignment and a thesis production.                      www.tulane.edu/~theatre/designProd.html

Interdisciplinary PhD Program
                                                  SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS                                        PhD
Doctor of Philosophy                                     no regular degree program in linguistics or organ-
In addition to the regular disciplinary programs         ized department in that field in the university. The
leading to the PhD degree, the School of Liberal         Special Interdisciplinary Program is a formal ad hoc
Arts recognizes that individual student needs may        inter-departmental or inter-school program leading
require interdisciplinary programs. Frequently,          toward the PhD. It will consist of work taken in
these can be arranged by a candidate’s major             two or more departments.
department simply by incorporating courses or
                                                         Interested students should check with the school
fields from other departments in the candidate’s
                                                         and/or department graduate advisor on details
program. However, a special interdisciplinary PhD
                                                         regarding the Interdisciplinary PhD.
program may occasionally become desirable to
meet the educational and career needs of an
individual student using university resources not
reflected in any single department. For example, it
might be desirable to approve a program leading to
the PhD degree in linguistics, even though there is

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES

Our Goal
                                                                   BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING    17
Our goal is to excel, on the international scene,
in the complimentary aspects of research and
in graduate education. Tulane University in New                          CELL & MOLECULAR    17
Orleans is an ideal place to study and to join                                    BIOLOGY
the technology leaders of the future.
Our departments and programs are nationally                       CHEMICAL & BIOMOLECULAR    18
recognized for providing interdisciplinary opportuni-
ties for graduate education and research. Tulane
pursues excellence in selected areas through its                                CHEMISTRY    18
research centers and institutes, devoted to areas
such as advanced materials, alternative energy,
bioengineering, computational science, environ-                     EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL    19
mental issues, nanotechnology, and more.                                          SCIENCES

                                                                   ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY    19

                                                                             MATHEMATICS     20

                                                                            NEUROSCIENCE     20

                                                                                  PHYSICS    20

                                                                               PSYCHOLOGY    21

                                                             GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Admission Requirements
                       SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                           Application Deadlines
                                                                                                                 February 1 - Fall admission
Each graduate student is assigned an academic             • A completed application form. Please note that
                                                                                                                              (and financial aid
advisor and can choose from a variety of courses,           the application for admission also serves as the
to meet his/her career goals and academic expecta-          application for merit-based financial awards.
tions. A 3-to-1 student to faculty ratio allows for       • A statement of purpose including the disciplinary    November 1 - Spring admission
close interaction with the faculty. Such extraordinary      aspect or area of study in which you are most
conditions produce influential graduates who under-         interested, and your plans concerning your career
stand the necessity for life-long learning. Our             in the field.
graduates find employment in leading universities,        • The acknowledgement sheet with your name and
companies and research laboratories world wide.             address filled in.
Application                                               Remember that you should take the Graduate
The graduate application for the School of Science        Record Exam (GRE) in the fall. We cannot complete
and Engineering at Tulane University is available         our review of your application without your official
online or by downloading a paper application.             GRE scores taken within 5 years of enrollment.
       Online Application:                                International students must also take the Test of
       https://app.applyyourself.com/?id=tulane-se        Spoken English (TSE) or the Test of English as a
                                                          Foreign Language (TOEFL).
       Downloading a paper application:
       You may download the application in Adobe          You must ask the Educational Testing Service (ETS)
       PDF format (www.sse.tulane.edu/pdfs/               to send your official GRE and TOEFL test scores
       sse_graduate_application.pdf).                     directly to Tulane.
       Once downloaded, the package should                All application materials, with the exception of the
       include:                                           GRE and TOEFL score reports, should be mailed
       Instructions (1 page)                              in one envelope (9"x12") to:
       Application (3 pages)
                                                                 Office of the Dean
       Statement of Purpose (1 page)
                                                                 School of Science and Engineering
       Letter of Recommendation (2 pages)
                                                                 201 Boggs
       Application Acknowledgment (1 page)
                                                                 Tulane University
Instructions for the Tulane University School                    New Orleans, LA 70118
of Science and Engineering graduate application
                                                          Materials submitted in support of an application
Your application package must be complete before
                                                          are not released for other purposes and cannot be
you mail it to the School of Science and Engineering.
                                                          returned to the applicant.
It should include all of the following items:
• An official transcript from each institution, submit-
  ted in a sealed envelope and signed across the
  back by the registrar. The college or university
  should mail the transcripts directly to you, to
  be submitted unopened with the application.
  For transcripts in a language other than English,
  please provide a certified English translation with
  an explanation of the grading system.
• Recommendations from three professors, prefer-
  ably in your major field, should be submitted in a
  sealed envelope and signed across the back by
  the recommender. Ask each recommender to
  return the form to you to be submitted unopened
  with your application.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Biomedical Engineering
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                              PhD   MS

The mission of the Department of Biomedical               Physiology (703/713) and
Engineering is to inspire and work with students to       Quantitative Physiology (704/714)
develop and apply engineering methods to current          taught by the medical school faculty
health science challenges. Tulane is one of the           and an approved dissertation. The
oldest biomedical engineering departments in the          course work for the doctorate gener-
nation (founded in 1977). The faculty, staff, and         ally requires two years, and most
students are all important parts of the team that         doctoral candidates spend about
provide distinctive opportunities for creative            five to six years in residence.
solutions to biomedical engineering research and
                                                          Master of Science
design problems. Graduate students are furnished
                                                          The MS requires 24 semester
them with the advanced and current coursework,
                                                          hours of approved course work including at least
professional guidance and equipment/facilities that
                                                          one advanced mathematics course and at least
are critical to their participation in biomedical engi-
                                                          one graduate-level course in each of the following
neering research and scholarship. These resources
                                                          subjects: biomechanics, bioelectronics or bioelec-
are developed largely through peer-reviewed
                                                          tricity and biomaterials or tissue engineering.
funding by the NIH, NSF NASA and private
foundations. Students as they conduct independ-           Also required is an approved thesis or, by petition
ent research and pursue careers related to one of         to the faculty, 30 hours of approved course work
the major themes of biomedical engineering (e.g.,         for the nonthesis option.
biomechanics, bioelectronics, biomaterials,
bioelectricity or cell/tissue engineering).               www.bmen.tulane.edu/info/greenbook/green_book.pdf
Doctor of Philosophy
The PhD requires 48 semester hours of course
work including additional courses in biomechanics,
bioelectronics or bioelectricity, biomaterials or cell
and tissue engineering and either the medical
physiology course as taught to medical students
or the two-semester sequence of Anatomy and

Cell & Molecular Biology
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                              PhD   MS
Doctor of Philosophy                                      Master of Science
In the doctoral program, students choose from             The one-year master’s program, is an excellent
one of two research focus areas, neurobiology and         choice for students interested in postgraduate profes-
developmental biology, in which they concentrate          sional school. While many of our students go on to
their coursework and research efforts. Emphasis           Medical School, others enter Law School, Business
is placed on basic research to enable students to         School, or opt to earn their PhD degree. By limiting
develop into capable, independent research scien-         enrollment in this program, we are able to provide a
tists. This program offers students the opportunity       highly individualized degree plan for each student.
to personalize their course of study and achieve          Students learn direct, practical application of their
success in an intimate and nurturing research setting.    knowledge by choosing either a Service Learning
                                                          or Research component to their studies.
The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology offers
students the opportunity to earn PhD degrees in a         The MS degree is a 1-year non-thesis degree in which
stimulating, dynamic research environment.                students take 30 credit hours during 2 semesters.

                                                                                            GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
                       SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                           PhD   MS
The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular             department has been expanding steadily over
Engineering at Tulane was the first Department of       the past several years, with significant
Chemical Engineering in the Southeast, and is the       increases in both the number of graduate
third oldest department in the country. Graduate        students and the amount of funded research.
programs are available at the MS and PhD levels,
though the emphasis is on Doctoral education. The       The graduate student body is a diverse mixture
department has ten total faculty, all of whom are       of both domestic and international students.
active in both teaching and research. The               Approximately 25% of the students are female.
                                                        The department strongly promotes a research
                                                        environment where one-on-one interactions
                                                        between faculty and students are highly
                                                        encouraged. Research is highly interdisciplinary
                                                        with several collaborative projects with the
                                                        Medical School (vaccine delivery, stem cell
                                                        research, gene therapy) and the Physical Sciences
                                                        (nanotechnology, polymer engineering, transport
                                                        and interfacial phenomena, colloid science). The
                                                        department stresses fundamental engineering
                                                        science and seeks to train students to do research
                                                        in high impact, forefront research areas.

                       SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                           PhD   MS
Tulane’s graduate program in chemistry offers a         (3) A dissertation research prospectus, (4) Successful
balance between coursework and research. During         completion of six cumulative examinations, (5)
the first two semesters, in addition to starting        Progress in research, (6) Final departmental seminar
courses, students meet with individual faculty          based on dissertation research, (7) Oral defense of
members and select a dissertation research advi-        the dissertation research.
sor. After the first year, emphasis shifts towards
                                                        Master of Science
research. Some special areas of faculty research
                                                        For the MS degree, students are required to take
are bio-organic, biophysical, physical inorganic,
                                                        three of the core courses, one additional course,
organometallic, synthetic organic, polymer material,
                                                        and pass two cumulative exams. There is no final
surface chemistry, as well as crystallography, spec-
                                                        research seminar for the MS degree.
troscopy, quantum theory and statistical mechanics.
                                                        An advanced degree in chemistry can provide
The chemistry department offers programs of study
                                                        access to many different career possibilities.
leading to both MS and PhD degrees.
                                                        Most of the Tulane chemistry graduates either
Doctor of Philosophy                                    continue research with post-doctoral appointments
Requirements include: (1) Four core courses and         at well-known universities or establish careers at
two additional courses, (2) Presentation of a litera-   leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
ture seminar and seminar attendance,

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Earth & Environmental Sciences
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                               PhD   MS
The department has a strong focus on river-ocean          completion of 12 semester hours of course work.
studies that are primarily field- and lab-based, with     (2) Complete at least 48 semester hours of course
access to a research vessel and a variety of analytical   work approved by the graduate advisor. (3) Pass oral
and computing facilities. Particular strengths are in     and written qualifying examinations which cover the
sedimentology, stratigraphy, marine geology, paleocli-    broad aspects of geological knowledge as well as
matology, neotectonics, isotope geochemistry and          the depth of the student’s acquaintance with schol-
environmental geochemistry. There are also opportuni-     arly work in the chosen field of specialization. (4)
ties in structural geology, paleontology, petrology and   Present an original contribution in the form of a writ-
volcanology.                                              ten dissertation suitable for publication in a learned
                                                          journal and successfully defend it in a public oral
Doctor of Philosophy
                                                          defense of the work.
All students working for the PhD degree must
satisfy the general requirements. The master’s            Master of Science
degree is not a requirement for the PhD in Earth &        Applicants may pursue either a thesis or non-thesis
Environmental Sciences.                                   program. Those expecting to continue into a PhD
                                                          program should opt for the thesis program. To be
For students seeking the PhD, laboratory research
                                                          acceptable, the thesis must contain an original
assistance under the direction of a faculty member
                                                          contribution to knowledge and be in form and of
is vital to the proper training of an advanced gradu-
                                                          literary quality worthy of publication. In addition to
ate student and all full-time PhD. candidates are
                                                          the thesis 24 semester hours of course work are
required to perform such assistance.
                                                          required. The non-thesis program requires a mini-
Candidates must demonstrate a high degree of              mum of 30 semester hours of course work, as
creative or research ability and fulfill the following    approved by the department.
requirements: (1) Take an advisory examination upon

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                               PhD   MS
The department employs an integrative approach to         research. Before receiving the PhD degree, students
research and teaching, focusing in three areas of         are expected to complete 48 course credits, to
study: tropical ecology, wetland ecology and global       submit for publication one or more manuscripts, to
change. The graduate curriculum is designed to            teach for at least one semester (usually as a graduate
encourage broad student choice and independence           assistant), and to complete an approved dissertation.
while maintaining a close student-advisor relationship.   The doctoral degree normally requires four or five
Students are encouraged to adopt an integrative view      years of study leading to the production of a
of science and biological research. Course offerings      publishable dissertation.
address areas such as animal and plant physiology,
plant-animal interactions, population biology, evolu-     Master of Science
tionary biology, systematic biology, marine/estuarine     Students complete 24 hours of course work in addi-
ecology, tropical ecology and biological statistics.      tion to 6 credits of thesis research toward an
                                                          acceptable master's thesis. They also are expected to
Doctor of Philosophy                                      complete the master's comprehensive exam (i.e.,
Students complete an entrance interview with a            doctoral preliminary exam). A non-thesis master's
faculty committee at the beginning of the first           degree is available to those students who have been
semester to determine any courses that should be          admitted to the graduate program in the department
taken. Each student is expected to take a preliminary     and will not complete a dissertation or master's
exam in general organismal biology, ecology, and          thesis. Students completing this program are
evolution by the end of the first year. In the second     expected to complete 30 credits of approved course
year, students select a dissertation committee, write     work.
a detailed research prospectus, and complete an oral
qualifying exam addressing the proposed dissertation      www.tulane.edu/~ebio/grad.htm

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                              PhD   MS
Doctor of Philosophy                                     Master of Science
The PhD programs take 4-6 years to complete. The         MS degrees are offered in Mathematics, Applied
goalis to teachthe studentto do original researchthat    Mathematicsand Statistics, and usually take 1–2
will advancethe mathematical sciences. To be a           years to complete. They are designed to further the
university professor in the U.S., it is usually neces-   students’ knowledge considerably beyond the
sary to have a PhD Research positions are also           undergraduate level.
possible with this degree.

                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                              PhD   MS
The interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program               The major goal of the Neuroscience Program
consists of graduate students and faculty from four      is to provide graduate students with broad educa-
schools and 13 departments at Tulane University.         tion in both the theoretical and practical aspects
Research strengths include neuroendocrinology,           of research in neuroscience. Our students receive
ion channels, sensory systems, cortical structure        a diversified training in neuroanatomy, neurophysiol-
and function, signal transduction mechanisms,            ogy, neuropharmacology, molecular and cellular
neuropeptides, computer modeling of neural nets,         neurobiology, and research methods in neuroscience.
memory, and developmental neurobiology. The              In addition, the students have the opportunity to
research efforts are well funded by grants to faculty    obtain experience in teaching and in presenting
and students. Graduate students perform disserta-        research results. Our goal is to produce PhDs and
tion research and are expected to publish their          MS who will engage in neuroscience research as
results in highly-respected journals.                    postdoctoral fellows, and eventually as researchers
                                                         in academia or industry.

                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                              PhD   MS
The Physics department offers PhD and MS programs        credits of graduate courses, exclusive of research
in pure and applied physics that provide the student     credit, must be successfully completed. All students
with a variety of options for careers in universities,   are required to take Mathematical Methods in Physics
government research laboratories, industry and many      I & II, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics,
applied fields of physics ranging from nanotechnology    Quantum Mechanics I & II, and Electrodynamics I & II
to mathematical analysis. The atmosphere is colle-       and six credits of an advanced specialty. Courses in
gial. Students usually begin research in their first     other science and engineering departments may be
year. Awards are given annually to the best graduate     also available for credit.
student in research and to the best in teaching. Most
students finish a MS in two years and a PhD in about     Master of Science
five years.                                              For the Master's degree, a student electing to write a
                                                         thesis must complete a minimum of 24 credits of
Doctor of Philosophy                                     graduate courses approved by the department, and
Interested students are encouraged to check the          defend the thesis in the oral examination. Those elect-
website below and in their application to explain how    ing not to write a thesis must successfully complete
their interests fit the available research programs.     30 credits of graduate courses.
Most students pursue their PhD’s, and the master’s
degree is not a requirement. For the PhD at least 48     www.physics.tulane.edu/phd.htm

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                               PhD   MS
Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science
Graduate studies leading to the PhD in psychology
are designed to offer the student training in a major
research area within psychology, expertise in quantita-
tive and design methodology and varied research
opportunities. Students focus their studies within
one of four sub-disciplines: Behavioral Neuroscience,
Developmental Psychology, School Psychology, and
Social Psychology. Faculty across these sub-disci-
plines conduct research to understand the contextual,
cognitive, and biological factors that determine the
expression of behavioral and psychological processes.
Specific research interests are in the three broad
areas of Culture & Context, Development and Aging,
and the Psychopathology of Stress, Trauma, and
Anxiety. To investigate research questions in these
areas, graduate students have outstanding opportuni-
ties to work closely with faculty members and gain
expertise in behavioral and neuroscience methodolo-       research training is grounded in an ecologically
gies. Throughout the graduate career, students            focused scientist-practitioner model, with a particular
conduct research with any department faculty              emphasis on the contexts of development and
member, and often elect to conduct research with          culture. After securing competitive predoctoral intern-
several faculty members to support interdisciplinary      ships, program graduates are employed in a variety of
interests.                                                excellent positions in school and community settings.
The Developmental, Social, and Behavioral                 NOTE: The Department does not offer graduate
Neuroscience Programs provide training in basic           training in counseling or clinical psychology. The
research areas of psychology. The majority of gradu-      Department does not offer a terminal Master of
ates from these programs secure academic positions.       Science degree outside of the 4+1 Masters Program.
The School Psychology Program is fully accredited
by the American Psychological Association. Doctoral

Interdisciplinary PhD Program
                      SCHOOL OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING                                                               PhD
In addition to the regular disciplinary programs          reflected in any single department. The Special
leading to the PhD degree, the School of Science          Interdisciplinary Program is a formal ad hoc
and Engineering recognizes that individual student        inter-departmental or inter-school program leading
needs may require interdisciplinary programs.             toward the PhD. It will consist of work taken in
Frequently, these can be arranged by a candidate’s        two or more departments.
major department simply by incorporating courses
                                                          Interested students should check with the school
or fields from other departments in the candidate’s
                                                          and/or department graduate advisor on details
program. The School of Science and Engineering
                                                          regarding the Interdisciplinary PhD.
also recognizes that a special interdisciplinary PhD
program may occasionally become desirable to
meet the educational and career needs of an
individual student using university resources not

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                SCHOOL OF

Admission Requirements
Selection is based upon academic excellence and      Master of Architecture program applicants from        Application Deadlines
the demonstration of superior ability in research    abroad should pay particular attention to the         February 15 - Fall admission
and design. Professional experience after the        section on foreign students.                                        (and financial aid
professional degree is desirable but not required.
                                                     All application materials must be received prior to                 consideration)
Students who have received their Bachelor of
                                                     February 15. Applicants are notified of the admis-    December 1 - Spring admission
Architecture from Tulane are admitted only under
                                                     sions decision by April 1.
extraordinary circumstances. Applications for
admission to the graduate program should include:    www.tulane.edu/~tsahome/gradapp.htm
• Transcripts, GRE scores,TOEFL scores (for
  applicants who are not native English speakers).
• Three letters of recommendation.
• Statement of research intentions.
• A portfolio of undergraduate and professional
  architectural design work.
• Additional information and application forms
  are available from the Graduate Admissions
  Committee in the School of Architecture.
  Inquiries regarding admission should be made
  before or during the fall preceding enrollment.

                                                                                    GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
                                              SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE                                            M.Arch   MPS
The School of Architecture currently offers three     Students with a Bachelors of Architectural Science
degree programs. The Master of Architecture,          or equivalent degree are eligible to apply for
a professional degree program, is accredited by       advanced standing upon enrollment into the
the National Architectural Accrediting Board          M.Arch I program. Those students can complete their
(NAAB). In the U.S., most state registration boards   studies in four semesters or two academic years.
require a degree from an accredited professional
                                                      A Master of Architecture is also offered as a post-
degree program as a prerequisite for licensure.
                                                      professional degree (M.Arch. II). The degree is offered
(NAAB is the sole agency authorized to accredit
                                                      in a two-semester program beginning each fall.
U.S. professional degree programs in architecture,
recognizes two types of degrees: the Bachelor         A Master of Preservation Studies (MPS) is offered
of Architecture and the Master of Architecture.)      to students with an undergraduate degree. The
                                                      degree is offered as a two-semester and one
Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
                                                      summer program in any discipline.
The M.Arch program is structured with required
courses and electives to give students a thorough     Joint Degree Programs
professional preparation, and opportunities for       The School of Architecture is developing a series
study in the liberal arts, and for advanced study     of interdisciplinary and joint degrees with other
in architecture.                                      academic units at Tulane, including programs in
                                                      Urban Studies, Architecture and Business, and
Master’s degree programs may consist of a
                                                      Architecture and Social Work.
pre-professional undergraduate degree and a
professional graduate degree, which, when earned      www.tulane.edu/~tsahome/
sequentially, comprise an accredited professional
education. However, the pre-professional degree is
not, by itself, recognized as an accredited degree.
Students enrolling with an undergraduate degree:
Students with Bachelors degrees in other disci-
plines are eligible to enroll in an accelerated
curriculum leading to the professional Master of
Architecture I as a professional degree. Students
in this program must begin their studies during
the summer and can complete this professional
degree in one summer and three academic years.

                                                                                       GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
       A.B. FREEMAN

Admission Requirements
General Information                                    Academic Aptitude                                      Application Deadlines
Applications for the MBA program at the Freeman        While participating in the academic programs at        There are four submission dates:
School are accepted October through June. There        the Freeman School your knowledge and experience       November 15, January 15
are four submission dates when the majority of         are valuable to your peers. As such, the admissions    March 15, May 1
applicants will apply and be admitted. You need to     committee seeks candidates who can contribute
submit completed application forms, transcripts        and challenge their peers. Admitted students will be
from all colleges attended, an essay, test scores      participating in classes with candidates who have
and recommendations. An interview may be               evidenced the ability to perform in the top tier of
requested by the graduate admissions office.           MBA programs.
Admitted applicants submit an additional essay/
                                                       Professional Experience and Managerial
questionaire focused on career goals prior to enter
the MBA program.
                                                       While not every MBA candidate will have prior
Admission Criteria                                     experience in an entrepreneurial or corporate
The Freeman School is the right place for you to       setting, the committee is looking for your
pursue your MBA if you are career focused and          application to illustrate how you have excelled in
professional; enjoy working with people who chal-      management opportunities and developed profes-
lenge your intellectual, cultural, and social norms;   sional. It is great to show the committee how the
and are looking for a dynamic MBA experience in        undergraduate program you selected, led to the
a challenging MBA environment.                         first job you found and how your profeessional
                                                       experiences have led you to the Freeman MBA.

                                                                                      GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
               SCHOOL OF LAW

Admission Requirements
Applicants to the Juris Doctor (JD) program typically      Application                                           Application Deadlines
hold a four-year baccalaureate degree prior to             Go to www.law.tulane.edu, and click “Apply” for       October 1 - We begin processing
enrollment. (Tulane is also willing to consider for        application materials.                                            applications
admission to the JD program exceptionally well
qualified candidates who will have completed at
                                                           Applications may be submitted in hard copy or         December 1 - We begin reviewing
least three-fourths of the work toward a four-year
                                                           on-line. Hard copy application materials for the                   applications
                                                           JD, LLM and SJD programs are available from the
baccalaureate degree.) Applicants must complete
                                                           Tulane Law School Office of Admission or may be       January 15 - We begin announcing
and submit the application form, including a personal
                                                           downloaded in PDF format from the Law School's                     admission and
statement, and provide a score on the Law School
                                                           web site, http://www.law.tulane.edu/admissions/                    merit-based
Admission Test (LSAT), as well as an LSDAS report of
                                                           index.cfm?d=apply&main=pdfappmat.htm                               scholarship decisions
all prior academic work. (The latter requires that tran-
scripts of work at all colleges and universities           We encourage on-line applications to the JD and       March 15 - Date by which we
attended be sent to the Law School Admission               LLM programs through the electronic application                  recommend that appli-
Council.) Letters of recommendation are not                service of the Law School Admission Council                      cations be complete
required but are encouraged.                               (www.lsacnet.org). The on-line application can also              for optimal
                                                           be accessed through the Tulane Law School web                    consideration
Applicants to any of the one-year Master of Laws
                                                           site, https://www4.lsac.org/LSACD_on_the_Web/
(LLM) programs must hold a first law degree prior to
enrollment. Applicants must complete and submit
the application form, transcripts of all prior academic    Admission Criteria:
work, letters of recommendation from two faculty           We look for students who demonstrate the poten-
members under whom the applicant has studied,              tial to succeed as law students and as lawyers, to
and–if the first law degree is from a law school           contribute in significant ways to the Tulane educa-
where English was not the language of instruction–         tional community and to the legal community at
a score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language       large. This determination is made through our
(TOEFL) and the Test of Written English (TWE).             review of the candidate's application materials,
                                                           supporting documentation, previous academic
Applicants to the Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)
                                                           work, and test scores.
program must hold both the first law degree and a
graduate law degree, such as the LLM. In addition
to completing the application form and submitting
transcripts of all prior academic work, letters of
recommendation from two faculty members under
whom the applicant has studied, and, where appro-
priate, a score on the TOEFL, applicants must also
submit a comprehensive research proposal.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Law Graduate Studies
                                                                      SCHOOL OF LAW                             SJD   JD   LLM
The graduate studies programs have diverse goals.      degree outside of the United States must enroll in
Students who have strong interests in particular       Introduction to US Law prior to the start of the fall
areas of the law (for example, admiralty, corporate    semester, as well as a legal research and writing
law, international and comparative law, environ-       course during the fall semester.
mental law) may pursue intensive studies in those      http://www.law.tulane.edu/prog/
areas and receive a specialized advanced degree:       index.cfm?d=grad&main=grad.htm
the LLM in Admiralty, the LLM in American Business
                                                       General LLM: Students in this program may
Law, the LLM in International & Comparative Law,
                                                       enroll in virtually any non-clinical course in the Law
or the LLM in Energy & Environment.
                                                       School curriculum. Because the General LLM
                                                       requirements are so flexible, students can design
The Juris Doctor (JD) is the first professional law
                                                       a course of study that will enable them to concen-
degree in the United States. In almost all cases,
                                                       trate in one or two areas within the curriculum, for
candidates for the JD hold a four-year baccalaure-
                                                       example, intellectual property or international
ate degree prior to enrollment. At Tulane Law
                                                       trade. Alternatively, they may survey a broad range
School, the JD program is a three-year (six-semes-
                                                       of areas, gaining exposure to a variety of topics in
ter) program, offered on a full-time basis only. The
                                                       US law.
degree requires satisfactory completion of 88
semester hours of law coursework.
http://www.law.tulane.edu/prog/                        index.cfm?d=grad&main=llmgeneral.htm
index.cfm?d=jd&main=jd.htm                             LLM in Admiralty: Generally acknowledged to
                                                       have the strongest admiralty and maritime law
Joint Degree Programs: The JD may be
                                                       program in the world, Tulane offers over a dozen
combined with other graduate degrees at Tulane
                                                       courses in this area each year. Students in this
University, enabling eligible students to complete
                                                       degree program complete at least 13 of the 24
two degrees in less time than it would take to
                                                       hours of coursework in maritime courses. While
complete them sequentially. Application must be
                                                       most students complete this program on a
made to each degree program separately; candi-
                                                       full-time basis over two semesters, attorneys
dates admitted to both degree programs are then
                                                       practicing full time in the New Orleans metropoli-
considered by a joint-degree committee which
                                                       tan area may pursue the LLM in Admiralty
makes the final determination. Joint degree
                                                       program on a part-time basis over four semesters.
programs include the JD/MBA, JD/MACCT,
                                                       An important resource for students pursuing this
JD/MHA, JD/MSW, JD/MS in International
                                                       degree is the Tulane Law School Maritime Law
Development, and JD/MA in Latin American
                                                       Center, which was established to provide a focus
Studies. Other joint-degree programs can some-
                                                       for Tulane's many activities in the field of admiralty
times be arranged on an ad hoc basis.
                                                       and maritime law. The Center brings distinguished
                                                       scholars of maritime law to Tulane each semester
                                                       and organizes continuing education programs and
Tulane Law School offers five Master of Laws           conferences in the US and abroad on a variety of
(LLM) programs: the General LLM, the LLM in            international maritime topics.
Admiralty, the LLM in American Business Law, the       http://www.law.tulane.edu/admissions/
LLM in Energy & Environment, and the LLM in            index.cfm?d=grad&main=llmadmiralty.htm
International & Comparative Law. Candidates for
any of the LLM degrees already hold a first law
degree from a law school in the United States or
from a law school elsewhere in the world. All of
Tulane's LLM programs require completion of 24
semester hours of law coursework, including at
least three credits of directed research or seminar
enrollment. Students who received the first law

                                                                                       GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Law Graduate Studies
                                                                      SCHOOL OF LAW                           SJD   JD   LLM
LLM in American Business Law: Students inter-          LLM in International & Comparative Law:
ested in pursuing the study of US corporate and        The breadth and depth of the comparative and
commercial law find a strong program at Tulane         international law curriculum at Tulane Law School
Law School. Candidates for this degree take            provide unparalleled opportunities for both US
Business Enterprises I, Business Enterprises II,       and foreign lawyers to obtain a basic foundation
Contracts II, and two other corporate or commer-       in international legal practice. Tulane's program
cial law courses. Remaining credits may be chosen      offers courses in public international law, private
from any of the courses open to LLM students.          international law including international business
http://www.law.tulane.edu/admissions/                  transactions, and comparative law. In addition to
index.cfm?d=grad&main=llmambuslaw.htm                  courses in European Union institutions and law,
                                                       courses in substantive areas of foreign law are
                                                       available. Tulane's unique perspective in a histori-
                                                       cally mixed common law/civil law jurisdiction
                                                       results in an unusually rich experience for
                                                       students. In addition to a strong faculty with
                                                       significant international experience and training,
                                                       and an outstanding international and comparative
                                                       library, the program offers the resources of the
                                                       Eason-Weinmann Center for Comparative Law,
                                                       which enriches the program of the Law School
                                                       by bringing together outstanding legal scholars
                                                       from various countries and legal systems for
                                                       seminars and lectures. Candidates for this
                                                       degree enroll on a full-time basis and complete
                                                       at least 13 semester hours of international and
                                                       comparative courses. Each student's course of
                                                       study is dependent on his or her background and
                                                       previous legal education.
LLM in Energy & Environment: Tulane is an ideal
                                                       The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) program
place for the study of both environmental and
                                                       is a very selective one, encompassing a small
energy law, largely because it is located in an
                                                       number of students who hold both the first law
area of the United States in which these two
                                                       degree and an LLM degree with distinguished
areas come into frequent conflict. New Orleans
                                                       record. The SJD program requires one additional
and Louisiana are natural laboratories for a variety
                                                       semester of coursework beyond the LLM.
of energy and environmental issues. Students may
                                                       Thereafter, candidates proceed to the dissertation
enroll in this program on a full-time basis, or on a
                                                       phase of the program. It is expected that the final
part-time basis over two years. The degree
                                                       SJD dissertation will be submitted within three
requires completion of the Energy & Environment
                                                       years after initial enrollment in the SJD program.
LLM Seminar and 15 credit hours (five courses)
                                                       The dissertation must make an original and signifi-
selected from a broad range of courses dealing
                                                       cant contribution to legal scholarship.
with environmental law issues, energy-related
issues, and related topics. Remaining credits may
be chosen from any of the courses open to LLM
students. The Energy & Environment program is
enriched through the Institute for Water Law &
Policy, which functions as the research entity
of the program.

                                                                                      GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Admission Requirements
                                                                                                                   Application Deadlines
Applicants who have earned an undergraduate               Physician Scientist and MD/PhD                           February 1 - Fall admission
degree from a recognized institution may be admit-        Applicants must have evidence of meaningful                           (and financial aid
ted to the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences        research experience with strong letters of support                    consideration)
if their academic records and personal attributes         from their supervisors. Publications are not required
indicate the ability to pursue advanced study             but are a means of demonstrating research produc-
successfully. Applicants must present evidence, to        tivity. Applicants whose research experience is
the satisfaction of the department or the program         limited to a summer in a laboratory will be at a
committee concerned, of adequate preparation for          significant disadvantage. Applicants must also be
the subjects in which they seek to specialize.            able to articulate cogent reasons for becoming a
                                                          physician rather than a non-physician medical
A master’s degree is not prerequisite to the begin-
                                                          researcher. In this regard, exposure to “people
ning of study for the Doctor of Philosophy degree,
                                                          professions” (such as teaching, nursing, social work)
but a student may be required to qualify for the
                                                          may be invaluable.
master's degree while working toward the doctorate.
Students who wish to be admitted to the Graduate
                                                          • Individuals who wish to apply to the P/SP at Tulane
Program in Biomedical Sciences should apply online.
                                                            must complete the AMCAS MD/PhD application
The program will not consider any student for admis-
                                                            in addition to marking the “Physician/Scientist
sion until all the following documents, plus the $40
                                                            Program” box on the Tulane School of Medicine
online application fee, have been received:
                                                            secondary application form. The GRE is not required.
• Completed application form,
                                                            Application to the Graduate School is not required
• Three completed recommendation forms
                                                            but you should keep a copy of your application for
• Official transcripts of all undergraduate records and
                                                            use by your chosen graduate program.
  of any previous graduate work
                                                          • The deadline for applications is December 1.
• A statement of career objective not to exceed
                                                            All material must be postmarked by this date.
  500 words
                                                          • The application is reviewed by the P/SP selection
• An official score report for the Graduate Record
                                                            committee. Applicants who are invited for an inter-
  Examination General Test (certain departments
                                                            view will be asked to select one of three dates.
  require the appropriate Subject Test score as
                                                          • Applicants who are not selected for an interview
  well) or MCAT scores for Human Genetics
                                                            or for admission to the program may have their
  Master’s degree.
                                                            applications forwarded to the Medical School for
Provisional admission may be granted to students
who have not completed all the application require-
                                                          • We encourage applicants to stay with students
ments, e.g., the submission of acceptable GRE or
                                                            during their visit to New Orleans. A list of student
TOEFL scores.
                                                            hosts is available from the Office of Admissions in
                                                            the School of Medicine.

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
                                                           SCHOOL OF MEDICINE                                        PhD       MS/DE
                                                                                                                     MD/PhD    MS
The goal of the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences         First and second year medical students who wish to        MPH/PhD
at the Tulane University is to educate individuals         pursue an MD/PhD may apply for admission to the
dedicated to pursuing careers as scientists and            Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. If
scholars in the biomedical sciences. To achieve this       accepted, these students follow the same training
goal an academic environment is maintained which           plan and curriculum as P/SP students.
fosters creative thinking and supports programs
                                                           Combined MSPH/PhD
leading to excellence in scholarship, research and
                                                           Graduate Students enrolled in the combined degree
                                                           program take classes in both Public Health and
PhDs are awarded based on academic achievements            Biomedical Sciences, including courses overlapping
in combination with superior research as measured          both fields. Each program is designed on an individ-
by contribution to a particular field of thought. During   ual basis with the student, Biomedical Sciences
the first year of study, students take core courses in     Program, School of Public Health and the students’
the areas of biochemistry, cell biology and genetics       dissertation advisor.
as well specialized courses in their chosen field of
                                                           Combined MS/DE
interest. They also begin structured laboratory rota-
                                                           This is a combined MS/PhD or DE degree in
tions that expose them to hands-on research. The
                                                           Engineering offered jointly by the Department of
second year is devoted to focused laboratory work
                                                           Biochemical Engineering and the Graduate Program
and a limited number of advanced elective courses
                                                           in Biomedical Sciences.
and seminars. Beginning in year three, students
conduct dissertation research in the laboratory of
their choice; this research typically takes three to
four years.                                                Master of Biomedical Sciences
                                                           The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences offers
Areas of Concentration                                     a master degree in two programs:
After the first year students select a laboratory and      Human Genetics - The Human Genetics depart-
affiliate with one of six Areas of Concentration.          ment offers a 1-year non-thesis Master of Biomedical
These Areas of Concentration are designed to assist        Science Degree with a concentration in Human
the student in obtaining competency in their desired       Genetics. The program is designed to be a multidis-
area of study.                                             ciplinary, interdepartmental program that strives to
•   Biochemistry                                           prepare qualified individuals for careers in the health
•   Human Genetics                                         sciences and to provide a more in-depth educational
•   Microbiology & Immunology                              experience to enhance the opportunity of an individ-
•   Pharmacology                                           ual being admitted to a postgraduate professional
•   Physiology                                             school.
•   Structural & Cellular Biology                          Pharmacology - The Department of Pharmacology
                                                           offers a 1 year thesis Master of Science in
Physician Scientist Program (P/SP) & MD/PhD                Pharmacology designed to attract students who are
The primary aim of the P/SP is to provide an inte-         interested in achieving their professional goals as
grated learning environment to foster the                  well as in improving their credentials to compete for
development of physicians who are committed to             admission to a postgraduate professional school.
the advancement of the medical sciences. Students          The objectives of this program are to train the
will acquire the necessary skills to become both           students in the principles underlying the discipline
sound clinicians and accomplished scientists.              of medical pharmacology.
Students are considered for the combined degree
program when applying to medical school. They              www.biomedicalsciences.tulane.edu/programs.htm
must indicate by marking the appropriate MD/PhD
box on the AMCAS application and by providing the
additional information required by AMCAS.

                                                                                           GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Admission Requirements
Applicants for spring and summer may submit a              exceptional circumstances, the chair may waive         Application Deadlines
paper or online application; three sealed letters of       this requirement.                                      March 15 - Summer enrollment
recommendation; sealed, official transcripts from        • Completion of the proposed doctoral progress                      and MHA appli-
all previous university course work; and a career          form. After an initial screening at the departmental              cants
statement essay. These should be submitted to              level, the applicant will be assigned an academic                 for fall enrollment
the Office of Admissions with a non-refundable             advisor who will complete this form in consulta-
$50 application fee. Online applicants pay a               tion with the applicant. This form will be             April 15 -   Fall enrollment
reduced fee of $40. Applicants submitting paper            submitted with the entire application package to       October 15 - Spring enrollment
applications are advised to submit all materials in        the school doctoral committee for final approval.
one envelope. Applicants must also request that            Applicants unable to complete the form may
official copies of standardized test score reports be      request advanced graduate special student status
sent directly to the school. Students should apply         and complete the form during their first semester.
through the centralized application systems for          • Foreign nationals must provide certification of
schools of public health at www.SOPHAS.org.                adequate funding or a letter of sponsorship from
                                                           a recognized sponsoring agency in order to
Doctoral Programs
                                                           obtain a visa.
Applicants for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), and Doctor of            Master’s Programs
Science (ScD) must have the following:                   Please note that school requirements are the mini-
• 30 completed credits of graduate level course          mum and that individual departments may request
  work or current enrollment in a master’s degree        additional or different criteria.
  program related to public health.
                                                         Applicants for the Master of Public Health (MPH),
• Grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale for all
                                                         Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
  graduate course work. Any exceptions must be
                                                         (MPH&TM), Master of Science in Public Health
  made in writing by the departmental chair and
                                                         (MSPH), and Master of Health Administration
  approved by the associate dean for admissions
                                                         (MHA) programs must have the following:
  and student affairs.
• Combined verbal and quantitative score of at           • Baccalaureate degree from accredited institution
  least 1100 on the GRE.                                 • Official transcripts from all academic work
• Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL)          • A strong undergraduate record with a grade point
  score of 525 or above on the paper-based test or         average of 3.0 or better in the major subject
  200 on the computer-based test for applicants          • Three letters of recommendation
  from non-English speaking nations. Students            • GRE, GMAT, or MCAT scores as appropriate
  scoring below 525 may be required to take an           • Written statement of career goals.
  ESL course before enrolling in course work.            • Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
• Recommendations from three individuals who               scores for applicants from non-English speaking
  are familiar with the academic and/or profes-            nations with a minimum score of 525 on the paper-
  sional performance of the applicant. At least one        based test or 200 on the computer based test
  recommendation must be from outside Tulane.            • Foreign nationals must provide certification
• 500- to 1000-word written statement of career goals.     of adequate funding or a letter of sponsorship
• Interview with the chair or the chair’s designate        from a recognized sponsoring agency in order
  for the department in which the applicant intends        to obtain a visa
  to study. This may be in person or by phone. In

                                                                                         GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Public Health & Tropical Medicine
        S C H O O L O F P U B L I C H E A LT H & T R O P I C A L M E D I C I N E                               PhD    MPH   MSPH
                                                                                                               DrPH   MHA   MPH&TM
The seven departments within the school offer         Doctoral Programs                                        ScD    MS    MMM
students the opportunity to study public health       The school offers the Doctor of Public Health
from a variety of perspectives. Students complete     (DrPH), the Doctor of Science (ScD), and the
core courses that provide them with a well–           Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.
rounded introduction to public health which is then
                                                      The DrPH provides in-depth study of theory and
expanded on through departments’ specialized
                                                      application of public health principles. It’s designed
course offerings. Some of the departments offer
                                                      for these who conduct research in public health
specialty majors and tracks as well, Each depart-
                                                      and who seek careers in public health practice. The
ment offers a Master of Public Health degree as
                                                      doctorate is offered in community health sciences,
well as others appropriate for their specialty.
                                                      epidemiology, health systems management and
The school offers the following degrees:              international health and development.
• Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)                      The ScD is designed to provide in-depth study of a
• Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)                          technical area relating to public health. It’s offered
• Doctor of Science (ScD)                             in biostatistics, environmental health sciences,
• Master of Public Health (MPH)                       health systems management and parasitology.
• Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)
                                                      The PhD graduate is expected to have an in-depth
• Master of Health Administration (MHA)
                                                      knowledge of theory and methods and is usually
• Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
                                                      interested in a research or teaching career.
• Master of Science (MS)                              Combined Degree Programs
• Master of Medical Management (MMM)                  The school has collaborative relationships with
                                                      other schools throughout Tulane University, allowing
                                                      students to seek two degrees concurrently.
                                                      Students applying for combined degrees must
                                                      submit their application to both the School of Public
                                                      Health and Tropical Medicine and the appropriate
                                                      school. Students must be accepted in both schools.
                                                      Combined degrees are offered with the following
                                                      School of Medicine – MD/MPH, MD/MPH & TM, MD/MSPH
                                                      A.B. Freeman School of Business – MBA/MPH
                                                      School of Social Work – MSW/MPH
                                                      School of Law– JD/MPH, JD/MSPH, JD/MHA, LLM/MSPH

                                                                                      GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
International Development Program
             S C HOO L O F P U B L I C H E A LT H A N D T RO P I C A L M E D I C I N E                       PhD   MS
International Development (ID) is a science that       The goal of the Master in International Develop-
embraces interdisciplinary theories and practices      ment is to provide students with a focused and
of improving the quality of life of people in the      international framework for analysis and research
developing world.                                      of current development issues. A student in the
                                                       program will graduate with a sophisticated under-
Doctor of Philosophy
                                                       standing of contemporary development issues,
This doctoral program in International Development
                                                       especially as they pertain to the developing world.
is competency-based and is designed to be highly
competitive. The program is designed with two          http://payson.tulane.edu/graduate/index.htm
types of students in mind: (1) experienced profes-
sionals who want to update their theoretical and
conceptual knowledge and analytical tools; and
(2) individuals with a more limited experience but
who have demonstrated a strong interest in gaining
a deeper understanding of the issues and who seek
to formalize their thinking and enhance their knowl-
edge, skills and competencies. The faculty will only
recommend for admission students who have
shown strong potential to excel in a rigorous
academic program and to function effectively in
professional settings. Thus, students will be
selected for admission into this doctoral program
based on these criteria: (1) Demonstrated commit-
ment to the field of development through past work
or scholarly activities, (2) GPA at undergraduate
and graduate level (minimum GPA of 3.2), (3)
Personal Statement of Career Goals, 4) Prior
accomplishment in the field.
Master of Science
The Master in International Development empha-
sizes a comprehensive approach to international
development analysis by incorporating not just
economic, but social, environmental and cultural
dimensions as well. International Development, as
a field of study, is relatively new. It emerged from
critiques of post-World War II programs designed
to alleviate poverty and promote economic, politi-
cal and social development in newly independent
countries. International development studies,
therefore, promote a cross-disciplinary understand-
ing and incorporation of economics, sociology,
political science, anthropology, language and so
forth in the curriculum.

                                                                                       GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES

 Admission Requirements
 Admission to the program is highly competitive and       average criterion may be admitted on academic            Application Deadlines
 limited to graduates of accredited colleges and          probation for the first 15 credit hours. Upon success-   March 31 - Applications are
 universities who have completed a well-rounded           ful completion of the first 15 credit hours with a GPA              processed as they
 liberal art program that included study in the humani-   of 3.0 or better, the probationary status will be                   are received so
 ties, social sciences, and human biology. A grade        removed. Failure to achieve the academic require-                   early application is
 point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale is         ments will result in automatic dismissal.                           encouraged.
 preferred. Applicants with less than a 3.0 may be
                                                          Begin your professional future today, by applying
 considered is able to document a high level of
                                                          through our web site or by contacting:
 academic ability through either a recent Graduate
 Record Examination (GRE) with combined verbal and               Tulane School of Social Work
 quantitative scores of 1000 or better, a strong                 New Orleans, LA 70118-5672
 performance in the junior and senior years of under-            Phone: 504-865-5314
 graduate study in a postgraduate degree program,
 or strong employer references. The GRE is not            Applications are processed as they are received, so
 required of candidates with a 3.0 or higher GPA.         early application is encouraged. Deadline for applica-
                                                          tions is March 31.
 All applications are reviewed as they are received.
 Strong candidates who do not meet grade point            www.tulane.edu/~tssw

                                                                                          GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Social Work
                                                  SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK                                           MSW      MSW/MPH


Our History –                                           groups, organizations and communities. Students in
                                                        the program enjoy a variety of learning experiences,
The Southern School of Social Sciences and Public
                                                        including traditional and non-traditional class experi-
Services was the first training program for social
                                                        ences. Team projects, problem-based learning,
workers in the deep South. Under the sponsorship
                                                        creative simulation, team teaching, field work, and
of the Kingsley Settlement House, a group of Tulane
                                                        electronic learning exchanges are just some of the
social science faculty offered the first classes in
                                                        enriching experiences our students enjoy while fulfill-
social welfare in 1914. Sponsored by grants from
                                                        ing the requirements for the Master of Social Work.
the American Red Cross, a formal one-year program
was implemented in 1921. By 1927 with funding           Your Future with Us –
from a Rockefeller grant, the school became a sepa-
                                                        You may complete the required 60-hour class and
rate program with a two-year curriculum qualifying
                                                        field curriculum through three options: (1)
students for the Master of Arts. In 1935, the
                                                        Accelerated 16-month program over four semes-
University established the degree of Master of
                                                        ters: fall, spring, summer and final fall semester;
Social Work. The School has awarded the Master of
                                                        (2) Extended program, including part-time study,
Social Work degree to more than 4,700 students
                                                        which must be completed within three years; (3)
from all 50 of the United States and over 30 other
                                                        Joint degree programs with the Tulane School of
                                                        Public Health and Tropical Medicine (MSW/MPH)
Our Present –                                           and the Tulane Law School (MSW/JD).
There is no more exciting time to be a part of the      As a graduate of the Tulane School of Social Work
renowned Tulane School of Social Work or of the         you should be:
intriguing city of New Orleans than now. Fully          • capable of building collaborative partnerships
accredited by the Council of Social Work Education        and networks of relationships;
and ranked in the top 40 schools of social work in      • cognitively and affectivity self-aware in all
the country, Tulane offers a “clinical-community”         aspects of relationship process;
curriculum based on relationship-centered practice.     • skillful at thinking contextually, extending the
This course of study is designed to offer the best of     boundaries of units of service and building on
class in clinical and community training that             stakeholder strengths;
addresses the unique needs of individuals, families,    • able to critically evaluate the impact of human
                                                          diversity while attending to multiple facets of
                                                          relationships and solutions;
                                                        • a knowledge builder and catalyst for change
                                                          with individuals, families, groups, organizations,
                                                          communities, and governments; and
                                                        • passionate, proud, inspired, and committed to
                                                          the values and ethics of social work grounded
                                                          in the history of social work and equipped to
                                                          shape its future.

                                                                                        GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES

Admission Requirements
The School of Continuing Studies awards the MLA          transcripts, which indicate that the candidate has      Application Deadlines
degree following the successful completion of nine       completed an undergraduate degree with at least a       February 1 - Fall admission
courses, comprised of two core courses and seven         3.0 grade point average. Before submitting an appli-                 (and financial aid
graduate courses, which may include additional core      cation, prospective students should contact the MLA                  consideration)
courses or courses from other Tulane departments in      Director to talk about the program. In addition to      December 1 - Spring admission
the liberal arts. Students must also complete a          these admission requirements, international
thesis, which includes an oral examination on a topic    students must provide the results of the Test of
in the student's selected field of interest. All MLA     English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
students should maintain a “B” average or above.
                                                         Transfer Credits
Students may not earn graduate credit for grades of
                                                         A student may petition to transfer a maximum of
“C+” or lower.
                                                         nine credit hours (three courses) of graduate course-
Admission                                                work in the liberal arts from other colleges or
Applicants may apply for part-time or full-time study.   universities to the MLA degree. However, only
Students applying to the MLA program must hold a         courses with grades of “B” or above, completed
baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited        within five years of enrolling in the MLA program,
college or university. To apply to the MLA program,      may be considered for transfer credit. The MLA
students must submit an application, including a         director will review transfer credit requests after a
brief statement about the proposed focus of study.       student completes the two core courses.
In addition, students must submit official college

                                                                                        GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES
Continuing Studies
                            SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES                  MLA

Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)
The MLA degree program focuses on a set of
core courses under the general framework of
“Emerging World Society. These courses cover
a broad range of academic disciplines including
anthropology, communication, comparative litera-
ture, history, philosophy, political science and
sociology. After successfully completing two core
courses, students may take graduate courses in any
department of liberal arts. In consultation with the
MLA director and tailored to their interests,
students develop an individual plan of study, which
culminates in the Master’s thesis project. Students
may enroll in the Master of Liberal Arts program on
a part-time basis, which consists of one or two
courses each semester, or a full-time basis, which
consists of three or four courses each semester.

                                                            GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES

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