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					       1   AGS onven
    2011 APA Co             Surviv
                      ntion S    val
            uide fo Stu
           Gu     or udents s
                                 hington, D
                              Wash        DC
                              Augu 4-7, 20111

                                    Written by
                        he         C
                       Th APAGS Convention C   Committee:
    Karen Ke                        ela        n,          ine
            ersting, MA (Chair); Ange AuBuchon MA; Christi Buchheit, MA;
                       M             e                     th         MA
       Celeste Malone, MS, MEd; Jesse Matthews, MA; Elizabet Nielson, M

                        APAGS Central Office Staff: 
                      H          e             Kholunov
                      Heather Dade and Jessica K

          cial       w           ngela Kumme PhD and A Mattu, MA
       Spec Sections written by An         el,       Ali       A

                                                                Tooday! Use
                                                                   ration code
                                                             registr         e:
                                              ion        Guide for Stud
                                 APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents   2011

                                    e          ts
                                Table of Content

       ction ……………
Introduc                                  ………………………
                 ……………………………………………………………………               ……………….......
                                                  ………………………           .               2

Why Go to Conventi ………………
                 ion            ………………………
                        ………………………               …………………………………………….
                                        ………………………                                     3

Funding Ideas ………………………………………………………       ………………………
                                  ………………………               ……………………..
                                                  ………………………        .                 4

        T                 ………………………
Getting There …………………………………       ………………………
                                                  ………………………        .
                                                          ……………………..                 4

       ion      tion ………………
Conventi Preparat         ………………………
                                                  ………………………       …
                                                          ………………………                   8

Navigatin Conventi ………………
        ng       ion                                      …………………….
                        …………………………………………… ……………………………………………       .                  10

       ng         …       ………………………
Attendin Sessions ………………………               ………………………………………………………………….
                                  ………………………                                          12

      C                      ………………………
APAGS Convention Sessions …..…       ………………………
                                                     ………………………       …
                                                             ………………………               13

        udent Highl
Other Stu                     A        ………………………
                  lights from APA ….…………                                .
                                               ………………………………………………………………….            15

       ion      W
Conventi City – Washington, DC ………………
                                                    ………………………        .
                                                            ……………………..               17

     R          ………………………
     Restaurants…       ……………………..…
                                                  ………………………        .
                                                          ……………………..                 19

        a                     ………………………
There’s an APP for That! ………………       ………………………
                                                      ………………………        .
                                                              ……………………..             22

What IS APAGS? ……                                         …………………….
                        …………………………………………… ……………………………………………       .                  24

       x         tion             ………………………
Appendix – Convent Planner ……………………               ……………………………………………. 26

              Vie the comp           S         n         Schedule at:
                          plete APAGS Convention Program S
          http://w                   on/membersh
                                               hip/students           spx

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011


       aduate Stude
Dear Gra          ent,
Welcome to the 119th Annual APA Conventio in Washi
         e                                   on            ington, D.C.!! APA Conv vention provides
        t            ties        nd
excellent opportunit to expan your know      wledge, incre ease your ne                          hat
                                                                        etwork, and gain skills th
        efit        g            ave         ed                          eral
will bene you long after you ha complete graduate school. Seve thousan graduate    nd
students attended th 2010 Conv               an
                                 vention in Sa Diego, Ca                d
                                                           alifornia, and we anticipate that the 2011
Conventi in Wash
         ion        hington will draw a simil larly large nuumber of stu           e
                                                                        udents. The 2011 APA
Conventi will offer graduate students another excepti      ional Conven             ience. APAG
                                                                         ntion experi           GS
        tinue to offer high qualit programm and soci events th meet the needs of
will cont            r           ty         ming            ial         hat
        e            H           ith         y            and
graduate students. However, wi the many programs a events happening at Convention               n,
                     ll           g          m
having a strategy wil aid you in getting the most out of y your experie             this
                                                                        ence. With t in mind thed,
APAGS Convention Committee and APAGS Staff have c                        2011
                                                          created this 2 edition of the APAG     GS
Conventi Survival Guide for Students.

This guid

                    pful         p            r
        Provides help tips on preparing for your Conve     ention experrience;
       H
        Highlights AP                          ,           ces        e
                      PAGS programs, events, and resourc available at Convent    tion;
       O             t           d
        Offers a tool that will aid you in planning your Convention schedule; andd
        nforms you of local sight and attrac
        In            o            ts                     o           during your s in
                                              ctions not to be missed d           stay

       AGS           tion                    l        k          S
The APA Convent Committee would like to thank the APAGS Central Of                       e
                                                                             ffice and the
        C            a                       t        rt
APAGS Committee and Subcommittees for their suppor in the deve   elopment of this guide. We
       u             ul         buting to a memorable C
hope you find it usefu in contrib           m                    experience. W look
                                                      Convention e            We
        t            u
forward to seeing you in Washin ngton, D.C.!


The APAG Convention Committee
        GS          n
Karen Ke ersting, MA (Chair)
Angela AuBuchon, MAM
         e          M
Christine Buchheit, MA
        M           M
Celeste M. Malone, MS, MEd
         M          M
Jesse D. Matthews, MA
         h          n,
Elizabeth M. Nielson MA

                                                                            ion        Guide for Stud
                                                               APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011
    G      onvention
Why Go to Co       n?

       A           n            m
The APA Convention provides many opportu                personal and professiona growth. For
                                            unities for p                      al
                   n             e          ty
students, Convention is a unique opportunit to get con             h           pects of the f
                                                        nnected with diverse asp            field
        ology. Here are just a few of the way that atten
of psycho                        w          ys          nding Conve             e
                                                                   ention can be beneficial:

                           Netwo orking
                           Conven            des        ude
                                 ntion provid a multitu of netwo    orking oppor              om
                                                                                 rtunities- fro formal
                                 ction on netw
                           instruc                       hniques to c
                                              working tech          casual social hours cente             rse
                                                                                              ered on diver
                                              mes.       t           f           ists
                           specialties and them With thousands of psychologi and stud         dents in
                           attenda            ve         ent        nity         ect
                                  ance you hav an excelle opportun to conne with oth who sha  hers        are
                           your in

Exposur to New Id   deas
                    st                   nts       symposia, w
Learn about the lates ideas and developmen through s                     nd
                                                             workshops, an poster
                    ur         sm        iar                   new
sessions. Refresh you enthusias for famili concepts by hearing n perspec ctives from
         ers,      ng         n
researche includin experts in the field.

Personal and Profes ssional Deveelopment
        o           ams
APAGS offers progra through    hout the Con
                                          nvention that are designe to help gr
                                                      t           ed                     dents
                                                                              raduate stud
        p          d           al         O
achieve personal and professiona growth. Offering netwworking with peers and seasoned
        onals, exposu to new id about diverse psych
professio           ure         deas       d                      cs,
                                                      hology topic and a chance to witne  ess
        d           iasm of othe in the fiel of psychol
firsthand the enthusi          ers         ld         logy, the Con          xperience is l
                                                                   nvention ex            like
no other.

The City of Washin  ngton, D.C.
Located in the heart of the Mid-A             r
                                  Atlantic, our bustling na             al
                                                           ation’s capita
provides the setting for this year’s APA Conv               e
                                              vention. The city boasts  s
        n            ds,
diverse neighborhood an exemp     plary public transportat tion system, and a
rich histo with numerous cult                              reational
                                 tural, historical, and recr
                     ts.         A
attractions and event Several APAGS-spon      nsored social events duri the
                                                            l            ing
         ion         vide
Conventi will prov opportu                     e            on
                                 unities to see Washingto in the com    mpany
         ate                      d
of gradua students from around the globe.

                                 dy        ?
                               Did you know?
                               If you are a first author on an AP                tion         or
                                                                 PAGS Convent program o poster, you r     receive free
                               Conv vention registra              esenting this ye Consider presenting at the 2012 APA
                                                    ation . Not pre              ear?         r
                               Conv vention in Orla                               e                       ooth
                                                   ando, Florida. Details will be available at the APAGS Bo in Washin  ngton.

                                      bers                                                able     PA’s
 Exempt registration for APAGS memb who are first authors on presentations is only applica during AP
Advance Registration. Yo must have in
        R               ou             ndicated on yo convention submission th you are an A
                                                    our          n           hat                   ber.
                                                                                          APAGS memb
                        l             omplimentary registration on site.
APAGS first authors will not receive co             r            n

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents      2011
Fundin Ideas

                     GS            p         ding
                APAG does not provide fund for stud                   end
                                                          dents to atte Convent   tion; howeve er,
                     gistration fee for studen affiliates a significantly reduced. V
                   reg            es         nt           are                      Visit the APPA
                    Co           w
                      onvention website (httpp://www.apa            udent
                                                                                   aspx) for stu
                     nding ideas. You can als check spec
                   fun                       so            cific APA Diivision webssites as well as
                APAG listservs (www.apa.o    org/apags/me             serv.html) fo cost-savin
                                                           embers/lists           or           ng
              advice. Consider ch            h
                                  hecking with your psych hology deparrtment or int            e
                                                                                   ternship site to
         ey           s
see if the have funds for professional develo             u
                                             opment. You might also ask other un                ices
                                                                                   niversity offi
(e.g. Reseearch Office, Graduate School, Colle Office, V Presiden President regarding
                                  S          ege         Vice         nt,         t)
possible funding sources.

       ost-Saving Tips:
Other Co          T

Book Ear
                     eat                      osts       nd       hat              .
Booking early is a gre way to keep travel co down an ensure th you get a hotel room.
       rlines and ho
Many air                           wer        y         our       ell       ce.
                     otels offer low rates if you book yo travel we in advanc

Find a Roommate
Share the cost of hotel accommod            h         else         ng
                                 dations with someone e attendin the Conve     ention. All
students are also wel           st          he
                     lcome to pos notes to th APAGS li             bscribe to op APAGS
                                                       istservs (sub           pen
listservs at www.apa            members/listserv.html) to look for a roommate. You might also
check ou the APAGS Facebook page (www                  om/APAGra
                                            adStudents) to coordina ate
          ion        ith
Conventi plans wi other gra     aduate studeents.

             Find Fr Food!
                    p            d           rs          ood         od          ght
             Many programs and social hour provide fo (e.g. Foo for Thoug Breakfast          ts
                     AGS         H           ase          er
             and APA Social Hours). Plea remembe that dine-                      s
                                                                      -and-dash is never
             appropr                                      participate i the progra or social
                     riate. Enjoy the food but be sure to p           in          am
                     s                      or
             event as well. Also note that fo some prog  grams, like Food for Thou           asts,
                                                                                  ught Breakfa
                     o           le          he           s           urb
             food is only availabl prior to th start so as not to distu the spea akers.

Gettin There

Flight In
                  nited Airlines and Delta Air Lines as the official a carriers f the 2011
APA has selected Un                        A                         air        for
Conventi ion.

                                             v
        United Airlin 1-800-521-4041 or visit www.un
        U             nes:                                          Refer to meeting ID# 565ZC
         o           bout special offers for AP members Discounts up to 5% ma be availab
        to find out ab                        PA        s.                      ay          ble
        d            n           y             n        l                       apply if you
        depending on availability and fare. An additional bonus of 7-10% is may a
                     kets         3
        purchase tick at least 30 days in ad  dvance.

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents    2011
       Delta Air Lin 1-800-32
        D           nes:                     r          g
                               28-1111. Refer to meeting code NM6U Discoun may rang
                                                                 UX.         nts          ge
        fr 2-7% de                                      hese                 vailable on th
                    epending on availability and fare. Th discounts are not av            heir

            Rental Cars
                     ts         ble       m          d          hrough the fo
            Discount are availab to APA members and affiliates th           ollowing
            companie es:
                  Alamo: 1-800
                    A                      o
                                0-462-5266 or www.alam           r/apa.
        R           A’s          I
        Request APA discount ID: 93054.
                                w
        Avis: 1-800-698-5685 or
        A                                  om/apa.
        R            ount ID: B77
        Refer to disco          74600.
       Hertz: 1-800-
        H                        r
                     -654-2240 or
         pecial discou ID: CDP 166639 and PC 132860.
        Sp           unt        P         d

Airport Transportat
          T           tion
         e           orts         vice
There are three airpo that serv Washin        ngton, DC: R             an
                                                          Ronald Reaga National
Airport (DCA; www   w.metwashair              an),
                                  rports/reaga Washing    ngton Dulles International
Airport (IAD; www.metwashairp              Baltimore W
                                              dulles), and B         Washington
Internati             t
         ional Airport (BWI; ww  ww.bwiairpor Tra           n
                                                           ansportation from all
         ports is avail
three airp                        i,          uttle, and pu
                      lable by taxi airport shu                       ortation.
                                                          ublic transpo

       R          gan         al
        Ronald Reag Nationa Airport
          o Taxi: It is approx                         airport fee an tip to get from the air
                               ximately $14 plus $2.50 a            nd          t           rport
                   e           n
              to the convention area.
          o Shutt Shared van services are approxim
                   tle:                                mately $14 per person.
          o Public Transport
                    c                       M           re
                                tation: The Metrorail far from the a            he
                                                                    airport to th Metro Cen nter
              stop is $1.85-2.80, depending on the time of the day.

       W        n
        Washington Dulles Inte            A
                               ernational Airport
          o Taxi: It is approx                                                 to
                              ximately $60-65 plus tip to get from the airport t the
             conveention area.
          o Shutt Shared van services are approxim
                  tle:                                            per
                                                       mately $29 p person.
          o Public Transport
                   c                       W           n          to
                               tation: The Washington Flyer bus t the Falls C Church Metrrorail
                              M            e           alls
             stop is $10. The Metrorail fare from the Fa Church stop to the M            er
                                                                               Metro Cente
             stop is $2.40-4.15, depending on the time of day.

       B         W              I         nal
        Baltimore Washington Internation Airport
           o Taxi: It is approx                         get       e             he       on
                               ximately $90 plus tip to g from the airport to th conventio
           o Shutt Shared van services are approxim
                    tle:                               mately $37 per person.
           o Public Transport
                     c                      re
                                tation: Ther is a compli           uttle to the B
                                                        imentary shu                     k
                                                                                BWI Amtrak
                                f           o           on,       on
              station. The fare from there to Washingto DC Unio Station is $14.

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011

                              gton, DC, wil arrive at U
              Trains to Washing           ll                      n,        chusetts Ave
                                                      Union Station 50 Massac          enue
                   he         uare        ail         s
              NE. Th Union Squ Metrora station is on the Red line.

    Hotels: 24-ho guest pa
      H            our         arking is avai            A           ters        or
                                             ilable at APA headquart hotels fo $28-$41.
    Convention Center: The are over 3,000 parkin spaces in a three block radius of t
      C                         ere          3           ng                       k           the
      Walter E. Wa             C             C           se         e            n
                   ashington Convention Center. Thes spaces are available on a first come,
       irst        sis.          e                        0
      fi serve bas There are also approximately 100 metered pa                   es
                                                                     arking space within clo  ose
      proximity to the facility. There are twwelve design                        aces
                                                         nated public parking spa designat     ted
       or         d
      fo vehicles displaying dis sability park placard
                                             king                    r            s           owing
                                                        ds/permits or license tags in the follo
                  h             S            een        Mt
           o North end of 7th Street betwe L and M Vernon Str                    tered spaces)
                                                                      reets (3 met             )
                  h             S            een
           o South end of 9th Street betwe Mount V       Vernon Place and L Stree (3 metered
                                                                     e            et
                  h             S            een                     et
           o South end of 9th Street betwe L Street and M Stree (3 metered spaces)d
                  h             S            een          t         eet
           o South end of 9th Street betwe M Street and N Stre (3 metere spaces) ed
                   s                         hat         ces
      Parking signs are posted indicating th the spac are for tw    wo-hour park king from 7:0 00am
      – 6:30pm dailly.

                                   as         m
                            APA ha made a major commit     tment to Wa             DC
                                                                        ashington, D and to th he
                                  l            y                        ge
                              hotel community in order to secure a larg block of q             l
                                                                                   quality hotel
                                 ms                        in          nt
                              room at competitive prices i convenien locations. APA is lega    ally
                                 nd            se
                              boun to fill thes rooms. Fai                         e
                                                           ilure to do so has severe financial
                              impli             A          ects
                                   ications for APA and affe its nego              d
                                                                       otiations and your costs for
                                  e            ns.
                             future convention If you req quire a hotel room in Wa ashington, DDC,
                                   uld         ate
                            we wou apprecia it if you w                w
                                                           would review the list of APA hotels and
                          reserve your room th             APA          g
                                                hrough the A housing service, Ex   xperient. To take
        ge                        r
advantag of special APA room rates, please book your ro                 h
                                                           oom through Experient before July 20,
2011. After that, room will need to be booke with the h
                     ms                        ed                       tly         be
                                                           hotels direct and may b significan  ntly
more exp                          ble           h                                  ute
        pensive. It is also advisab to book hotel rooms in advance, as last minu rooms ma       ay
not be av

Experien Call 1-800
        nt:                               6-5876 (inter
                    0-974-3084 or 1-847-996                      Monday-Frid 8am-5pm
                                                      rnational) M          day,       m
        T                       tive
Central Time, or use the interact website at www.apa             ntion to mak your hotel
                                                      ke         l
reservation online.


Headqua                ls
          arters Hotel and Rates  s
Please note that hotel rooms in Washington, DC are subje to a 14.5% tax, which is not inclu
                       r                    D           ect          %         h          uded
in the bel listed ra              onal                  hird         rth        ts,
                      ates. Additio charges apply for th and four occupant as well as     s
                       s          g         s            subject to ch
rollaway beds. Prices for parking and other services are s                      ut
                                                                     hange withou notice.

                                                    ion        Guide for Stud
                                       APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents    2011
Headquarters Hotels
Grand Hyatt Washi
       H                                   t        tion Center: 10 minutes.
                      ington Hote Walk to the Convent
        M             op:      C
Nearest Metrorail sto Metro Center (Blue/           d           TES: Single
                                          /Orange/Red lines). RAT
        cy:           uble       ncy:     G
occupanc $225; dou occupan $250; Grand Club l                   60;
                                                    level: add $6 third
        $            $
person: $25; suites: $550 and up.
*** The APAGS Sui will be lo    ocated here! ***

Hyatt Re egency Was            n          ill
                     shington on Capitol Hi Hotel:
Walk to the Convent Center: 30 minutes. Nearest Me               p:
                                                     etrorail stop Union
                    R          le                                 person: $50.
Station (Red line). RATES: Singl or double occupancy: $179; third p

       ance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel:
Renaissa                      D        n
                  tion                   N
Walk to the Convent Center: 5 minutes. Nearest Met              s:          ace
                                                    trorail stops Gallery Pla
                  l          M          r          nge/Red lines RATES: S
(Yellow/Red/Green lines) and Metro Center (Blue/Oran             s).        Single
        cy:       uble        ncy:      hird        $30;
occupanc $216; dou occupan $241; th person: $ suites: $          $216 and up.

        ntal       d
Supplemen Hotels and Rates

Comfort Inn Downt  town DC/C                C     tel:
                              Convention Center Hot
                    tion                    .
Walk to the Convent Center: 10 minutes. Nearest Me             ps:
                                                   etrorail stop Mt. Verno on/Conventiion
        Yellow/Gree lines) and McPherson Square (Blu
Center (Y          en          d            n      ue/Orange li           ES:
                                                                ines). RATE Single or
                               erson: $10).
double occupancy: $149; third pe

Donovan House:
                     tion                        etrorail stop McPherson Square
Walk to the Convent Center: 25 minutes. Nearest Me           p:          n
       range lines). RATES: Sin or doubl occupancy $149; third person: $30
(Blue/Or                      ngle     le        y:          d           0.

Four Poi           on
        ints Sherato Washing             owntown H
                               gton, DC Do       Hotel:
                     tion                .
Walk to the Convent Center: 10 minutes. Nearest Me            p:        n
                                                  etrorail stop McPherson Square
       range lines). RATES: Sin or doubl occupancy $175; third person $20 (maximum 4
(Blue/Or                      ngle       le       y:          d         0        m
        i          o           eds).
persons in a room/no rollaway be

Henley Park Hotel:
                    tion                   N
Walk to the Convent Center: 5 minutes. Nearest Met                          ter
                                                     trorail stop: Metro Cent
(Red/Blu            nes). RATES single or double occup
        ue/Orange lin         S:          d          pancy: $189 (                      imum
                                                                  (queen beds only); maxi
of 2 perso in a roomm.

Madison Hotel:
Walk to the Convent Center: 30 minutes. Nearest Me               p:         n
                                                     etrorail stop McPherson Square
(Blue/Or                        gle       e         y:           d          0           beds
        range lines). RATES: sing or double occupancy $175; third person: $30 (rollaway b
        bedded room only).
in king-b          ms

Phoenix Park Hotel  l:
Smoking rooms avail                         ion        30
                    lable. Walk to Conventi Center: 3 minutes. N             trorail stop:
                                                                   Nearest Met
Union St            l                       d          pancy: $139;; maximum o two perso in
        tation (Red line). RATES: single or double occup                     of          ons
a room.

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents      2011
Washing            ott       o
        gton Marrio at Metro Center Ho   otel:
                   tion                   .
Walk to the Convent Center: 10 minutes. Nearest Me              p:
                                                    etrorail stop Metro Cen nter
       ue/Orange lin
(Red/Blu                     S:          d          pancy: $185; third person $20.
                   nes). RATES single or double occup                       n:

Washing             H
        gton Plaza Hotel:
Walk to the Convent Center: 25 minutes. Nearest Me              p:        n
                                                    etrorail stop McPherson Square
       range lines). RATES: sing or double occupancy $149 (king or queen be only; $16
(Blue/Or                       gle       e         y:           g         eds       69
       dded rooms) third perso $20.
(two-bed            );         on:

Westin Washington, DC City Center Hot
        W                               tel:
Walk to the Convent Center: 30 minutes. Nearest Me
                     tion                                       p:         n
                                                    etrorail stop McPherson Square
       range lines). RATES: sing or double occupancy $169; third person: $30
(Blue/Or                       gle       e         y:           d          0.

Conve       reparation
    ention Pr        n

                 W              hat
                 We suggest th students take advant                    opportunity t register fo
                                                           tage of the o           to          or
                 Co             n            he
                   onvention in advance. Th advance C                             n            e
                                                          Convention registration fee (by June 30,
                 2011) for APA student affil                           ose         er
                                             liates is $70. If you choo to registe on site or after
                   y             f
                July 1 , the fee for APA stud             es           or
                                             dent affiliate is $80. Fo more details and
                  rmation on re
              infor                                        the
                                 egistration, please visit t APA web    bsite at
http://ww When regis                ase          de
                                             stering, plea enter cod CK044.

Where to Start?
          b           ring
You can begin prepar for Con                   b                     on
                                  nvention by browsing th e Conventio program o on-line. Do nnot
be overw             t             he
        whelmed by the size of th Conventio Althoug there are m
                                                on!      gh                      ns,        s
                                                                     many session activities and
        aking place, with a little patience, yo can tailor your Conve
events ta             w                        ou                               rience to you
                                                                     ention exper           ur
         i          W                           n        ton         e
specific interests. Waiting until you arrive in Washingt to decide your daily s  schedule maay
                     l             ften helpful to know wh you need to be each day well in
increase your stress level. It is of            t        here         d
advance. Having a sp              dule                    ow          lan
                     pecific sched in mind will also allo you to pl transpor    rtation and
                     me            ee
logistics ahead of tim (please se appendix A for a Conv              nner).
                                                          vention plan

By registering by July 6, 2011, you will receive your badge and the Co
                      y           u             e          e                     rogram book in
                                                                      onvention pr            k
                     am           d            es.                    ll          ams
the mail. The progra is divided by the date For each day you wil find progra displaye by      ed
        me,          p                         n.         e           ct
their tim location, participants and division There are also Subjec and Participant indexe to es
         e           u                         y           f         Make sure to m
make it easier for you to locate programs in your areas of interest. M                        of
                                                                                  make a list o the
         a          ms            t
posters and program you want to attend be                 t
                                              efore you get to Washing            e
                                                                      gton to make the whole
         l           l.
process less stressful

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011
Division Programming
Your divi             erest will mo likely hav their prog
         isions of inte           ost        ve         grams and so            listed on the
                                                                    ocial hours l            eir
                      le,                                ng        e
website. For exampl the complete APAGS programmin schedule can be foun at      nd  /convention//membership           sessions.aspx and will b mailed to pre-
                                             p/students-s           x           be
                     m            ease      t           ite
registered APAGS members. Ple not that APAGS sui programm                                    e
                                                                    ming is only listed in the
        A             dule        t
special APAGS sched and not the large AP Convent
                                             PA                    m.           pick
                                                        tion program You may p up a cop of   py
the comp              S            t         S
        plete APAGS schedule at the APAGS Booth.

The Conv vention prog             st          ons
                      gram will lis the divisio that co-s             ist        ular
                                                         sponsor/co-li a particu session
undernea the title of the program (e.g., Div  vision: APAG 9, 12, Psi Chi). This indicates th
                                                         GS,         i                        hat
         d           b             m          ay
the listed divisions believe their members ma be interes             particular top being
                                                         sted in the p            pic
         d.          e             i
presented If you are interested in business meetings or i
                                              m           invited addr            d            on,
                                                                      resses hosted by a divisio
         e            e                        or        on
check the back of the Convention program fo the sectio titled “Div                nts.”
                                                                      visional Even

Suite Proogramming
Due to a limited num            lar         ming
                    mber of regul programm hours a                   APAGS, we host many
                                                        available to A
                                GS          he           uite                    he
substantive sessions in the APAG Suite. Th APAGS Su will be located at th Grand Hy          yatt
Washing               om
        gton - the roo number will be adve              e
                                           ertised at the APAGS bo               he
                                                                    ooth and at th hotel. Soocial
        Food for Tho
hours, “F                      kfasts, and many other pr
                    ought” break           m                                     n
                                                         rograms are scheduled in the APAG GS
                    sting of APAGS regular and suite pro
suite. A complete lis                       a                        is
                                                        ogramming i available o             will
                                                                                 online and w
be availab at the AP            h.          iew         ne
                     PAGS booth You can vi an onlin version of the APAGS schedule at        t /convention//membershipp/students-ssessions.aspxx.

                     What Do I bring?
                                                   warm and hum Business casual is t
                      Washington in August will be w              mid.                    the
                      acceptabl dress duri Convent
                               le        ing        tion. Remem                ill
                                                                 mber, you wi be networ   rking
                              rogramming and social h
                      during pr                                   s             k         nal.
                                                    hours, so it is best to look profession

Checklist of essentia items to paack:
           Money (c              t           cks,         d
                    credit card, traveler chec etc.) and identificati ion
           Conferenc Registrat   tion/Convent             m          o
                                               tion Program (mailed to pre-registrants)
           APAGS Program Sche                 able        at
                                  edule (availa online a
           Hotel rese            ormation & Airline ticke
                     ervation info                         ets
                    s             per,       c.)
           Writing supplies (pap pen, etc for note ta      aking
                     c           y            t           n
           Business cards with your contact information (for netwo   orking)

Other ite to consid der:
                   able         here
          Comforta shoes (th will be A LOT of w       walking)
          Profession           s             re                   ng)
                    nal/business casual attir (4 days of programmin
          Clothes fo evening ac              n
                                ctivities (3 nights)
                    cket and um
          A light jac         mbrella

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011

Network  king
“Do you ha a business card?”
                      l            his         n           ng           on.
Chances are you will be asked th more than once durin Conventio If you do get them on’t       m
        ur             o                       our          u                      t.
from you employer or are not working on yo own, you might not have one yet But, whet          ther
your goal is to get in as much net                                      th
                                   tworking as possible, to connect wit other stud dents or
        onals who sh a specifi interest, or if you shou just happ to make a new
professio             hare         ic         o            uld          pen       e
        onal          onal         ,
professio or perso contact, business ca                    ust-have for Convention They are
                                               ards are a mu                      n!
        onal, conveni
professio                          sy
                       ient, and eas to get- cheeaply (even f free if yo pay for shi
                                                            for        ou          ipping). Jus be
         rder them in time (usual at least 2 weeks)! He are a few inexpensive options:
sure to or            n             lly                    ere         w           e

         b          rds,      ble                  pproximately $6.49
250 free business car 45 possib designs, shipping ap          y

123Print: www.123pr
        ness      or         r           igns, free shi
100 busin cards fo $8.95, over 10,000 desi            ipping

OOPrint: www.oopr
         b           ds,       ble                   ing
100 free business card 55 possib designs, $6.95 shippi

     ating Con
Naviga              n

         ven’t registe
If you hav           ered, you sho ould do so up arriving at the Conv
                                               pon        g                    ter.      st
                                                                    vention cent Your firs
stop shou be at Reg                ocated in the Exhibit Ha D and E. Registratio booth hou
                      gistration, lo           e           alls                on        urs
            Wedne                             00         00
                      esday, August 3 from 3:0 p.m. – 8:0 p.m.
            Thursd August 4 from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p
                     day,                                  p.m.
            Friday, August 5 fr 7:30 a.m – 6:00 p.m .
                                   rom        m.
            Saturd August 6 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p
                     day,                      a          p.m.
            Sunday August 7 from 8:00 a.m – 12 noon
                      y,           f           m.         n

         e            on
Advance Registratio Fee
         t            r
In order to receive a reduced regiistration rate registrant must use t online re
                                               e,         ts           the                     orm
                                                                                  egistration fo
found on the APA we    
                      ebsite at ww                                     ed          ot
                                               convention. The reduce fee will no be availab   ble
on-site. Advance reg                           t          badge holder at the regis
                     gistrants will only need to obtain a b            r          stration area.
The Conv                          ram          m
          vention badge and progr will be mailed in ad                 ose
                                                          dvance to tho who pre-                July
                                                                                   -register by J
         t           ou                       y
6. After that date, yo will need to pick up your Conven                als
                                                          ntion materia on-site. R Remember, i  if
you have not yet regi            n                        dent fee is $8 We highl recommen
                     istered upon arrival, the on-site stud            80.         ly          nd
          r           ;           en          ng
advance registration; there is ofte a very lon line for on             ation on Thu
                                                          nsite registra          ursday.

                                                      ion        Guide for Stud
                                         APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011

APA Con  nvention Ex  xhibit Hall
                     A            H         d           ter      ington Conv
Be sure to visit the APA Exhibit Hall located in the Walt E. Washi                      ter.
                                                                             vention Cent
        ds            s,          om         ng         es
Hundred of vendors ranging fro publishin companie to testing services to p   pharmaceutiical
        w             te.       m
groups, will be on sit Do not miss the Psyc             h,       re
                                            cINFO booth and be sur to ask for a free
                      h           est                  our
demonstration search on the late database topics of yo choice.

APA Con  nvention Sttore
Visit the APA Conve              i          bit
                    ention store in the Exhib Hall and t              age
                                                          take advanta of
your stud           nt           eds        b             al
         dent discoun on hundre of APA books, specia issues of A     APA
                    r            es,
journals, and newly released title APA t-shi              mugs, and ot
                                             irts, coffee m          ther
         ll         ailable.
items wil also be ava

Employe Exhibit Booths and PsycCareers
        er         B            P            s
         ion        es          ob
Conventi attendee can find jo opportun      nities in the A Exhibit Hall. Empl
                                                          APA       t                      t
                                                                               loyer exhibit
booths an PsycCare              O
                    eers, APA’s Online Caree Center, ca be found b visiting t Exhibit H
                                             er           an        by        the         Hall,
        r                       n.           ts          ble       with        ers
located right behind registration Registrant will be ab to meet w employe as well as       s
         obs,       c
browse jo access career resour   rces, and get hands-on d
                                             t                      ons       sycCareers k
                                                         demonstratio at the Ps           kiosk.

                APA Booth
                Loc             W         W
                   cated in the Walter E. Washington C  Convention Center, the AAPAGS boo   oth
                will have giveaw           s            y
                                ways, copies of our many resource guuides and lots of informaation
                about APAGS. Stop by at the APAGS b                at           GS         d
                                                        booth to cha with APAG staff and pick
                                m          isiting the A
                up some of our materials. Vi                       h           way
                                                       APAGS booth is a great w to conne    ect
                    o           ers
               with other membe and to le  earn about sp           GS
                                                        pecial APAG events.

APAGS Ambassado     ors
Ambassa                         on
         adors provide informatio on Conven              s,
                                              ntion events distribute APAGS pro omotional iteems,
                                b            ad          nd         g           t
and monitor APAGS programs by taking hea counts an collecting participant evaluations        s.
Ambassa              s           h                       at
         adors allow students to have a visible presence a the Conve            nteract with
                                                                    ention and in
other Convention att             nforming the about AP
                     tendees by in            em          PAGS. Amb              e
                                                                    bassadors are easily
         ble         r
identifiab by their red ambassa                          e
                                ador lanyards, so be sure to speak to an ambassa             eed
                                                                                ador if you ne
         ce,         w           o           e
assistanc or if you would like to learn more about APA  AGS!

What to Expect
         ly          es                      s
With onl 10 minute between sessions, it is sometimes difficult to t                 one
                                                                        travel from o location to
                      ill         t           ll           the
another. Sessions wi begin on time and wil last until t time allotted. It is im     mportant to
arrive on time and to stay until th end so yo do not dis
        n            o            he         ou            stract presen            ience membe as
                                                                        nters or audi           ers
you enter                        d                          y           se          it
         r/exit the room. If you do need to leave early, try sitting clos to the exi and depart t
with min                         re
        nimal disruption. If ther are refreshhments avail                            lf         t
                                                           lable, please help yoursel to those at the
         ed                       a
designate time, not during the actual presen                                        od
                                              ntation (e.g.., during the APAGS Foo for Thoug    ght

                                                         ion        Guide for Stud
                                            APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents           2011
        ts,        nly                               All
Breakfast food is on available from 7:30-8:00 a.m.). A APAGS pr               s
                                                                 resentations will be
introduced by a mem            A
                   mber of the APAGS Conv vention Com           ease feel free to address a
                                                     mmittee. Ple                         any
                   ns           r
questions or concern to him/her during the session.

                       m            er          L             he
          Advice from the forme APAGS Liaison to th Committe on Disab        ee          bility Issues in
                        y            C           n
           Psychology (CDIP): Convention Resources for Student with Disa     ts           abilities
               By Ange Kuemmel, PhD  P
                       ing                       n
              Attendi the APA Convention can be a ch          hallenging ex               r
                                                                            xperience for students w with
                                                 rs           o              t           e
           disabilities. Fortunately, APA offer services to ensure that conference attendees w        with
         ies                         i            on          s.            ate
disabiliti can fully participate in Conventio activities The ultima resource for attendee             es
with disa              he           y            R
         abilities is th Disability Resource Room. The R                     om          y
                                                              Resource Roo is run by the APA
Disabiliti Issues Of                ovides free se
                        ffice and pro             ervices to att             h            s.
                                                                tendees with disabilities The Resou    urce
Room, lo               e
         ocated in the Member Se                 o
                                    ervices area of the Conve                 r
                                                              ention center offers the f  following
          nt            ces:
equipmen and servic Wheelc          chair rental and repair, ca
                                                 a                          anguage inter
                                                                anes, sign la                         aders,
                                                                                          rpreters, rea
         C                          n
escorts, Convention programs on diskette, co                    th           ion          e,
                                                  omputer wit vocalizati software TTY teleph           hone
service, space to rest, shuttle serv             udent volunt
                                     vice, and stu                          ble          with
                                                               teers availab to assist w other n      needs.
Further questions sh   hould be dire              A
                                    ected to the APA Disabil                             202) 336-603
                                                               lities Issues Offices at (2             38
          02)           2                                      ed
(v) or (20 336-5662 (TTY). Many of these services nee to be requ             uested in advvance, so plaan

     ding Sess
Attend       sions

             Asking Questions
                    me           w            c           hile
                 Som sessions will be very crowded, wh others m                             ul
                                                                     might have only a handfu of
                 auddience memb              h,           on          and        l
                                 bers. As such presentatio formats a the level of audience  e
                    ticipation ca vary great Sessions are usually w
                 part            an          tly.                                by
                                                                      well-timed b presenterrs
                                 d           t            e           on.        ays
             and questions may disrupt the timing of the presentatio It is alwa best to w  wait
                    cifically ask for questions from the au
until presenters spec             f                                   u          s          o
                                                           udience. You are always welcome to
                     ers          g
speak to the presente following the presen                it         ant
                                             ntation, but i is importa to remem mber a few usseful

         u          ways exit the presentatio room sinc another pr
First, you should alw           e           on          ce                         may
                                                                     resentation m be
         ed          xt         t
schedule for the nex house in that room. If there are m
                                            f                       ple           to
                                                       multiple peop waiting t talk to the  e
presenter ask one qu             t
                     uestion and then allow others to spe to the pr
                                            o           eak                       he        r
                                                                    resenter. If th presenter is
         d           alk                    sk
busy and unable to ta after the program, as if they wo              ing
                                                        ould be willi to speak with you at a
          e          r          priate contac informatio (i.e. telephone numbe email).
later time and ask for the approp           ct          on                        er,

Evaluation Forms
As you en into all APAGS prog               ns,         be         an        n
                                 gram session you will b handed a evaluation form. APAG   GS
         alues your re
greatly va                       d                      ovide feedba to presen
                     esponses and uses these forms to pro           ack                   eate
                                                                              nters and cre
        onvention schedules base on your in
future co                        ed                    d           ase
                                            nterests and needs. Plea take a minute followiing
         ram         ut         f           urn
the progr to fill ou the brief form and retu it to an A APAGS amb  bassador.

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011

                      What to Wear
                            ing           w
                      Decidi what to wear to Con                n           midating proc
                                                     nvention can be an intim             cess,
                                          -time attend
                      especially for first-                      nly
                                                     dees. Not on are we of ften tasked wwith
                            ng            th                     e
                      packin days wort of outfits into a single carry-on su               we
                                                                             uitcase, but w
                            so            v          ness
                      are als given the vague “busin casual” as a description as the le   evel
                      of proffessionalism these outfit should entail. As a res
                                        m             ts                     sult, Convenntion
                           ndees range from the com
                       atten             f                       ual         l
                                                     mpletely casu to formal business at ttire,
                        conf              sue        ore          nts!
                            fusing the iss even mo for studen The APA Conven AGS         ntion
                        Com              ere         with
                           mmittee is he to help w a short g     guide on wh to wear (and
what NO to wear) to Conventiion.

                                mptu intervi
Dress to be ready for that improm          iew! In addi             g
                                                       ition to being a learning experience,
Conventi is a netw
         ion                               he          n
                    working opportunity. Th Exhibition Hall has bu  usinesses, co           nd
                                                                                 ompanies, an
                     s;        w            king                    and
government agencies many of whom are look for job applicants a interns. Other atten         ndees
may also have positio for futur students, interns, and colleagues. First and for
                     ons        re          i                                               nk
                                                                                 remost, thin
        rinkle-free, appropriate fit. Rememb it is bette to be over
clean, wr            a           f         ber,         er                      an
                                                                    rdressed tha underdres  ssed.

          b                      th       o           he           on            d
Second, be prepared to walk, bot getting to and from th conventio center and within the    e
                      self.     n
convention center its Break in any new sh             arriving to to
                                          hoes before a                         en
                                                                   own. Wome might also opto
          u           ommonly we heels. Fo business c
for flats unless you co          ear      or                                    ld         or
                                                      casual attire,, heels shoul be short o
          e           out       hes)
moderate height (abo 1 ½ inch and gene                d            toe.
                                          erally should be closed-t This means you can
         e           h          erve      r
leave the sandals at home or rese them for casual outiings/sight-seeeing activitiies.

Finally, consider dres
         c                          ers          t          om          D.C.          to
                        ssing in laye that will take you fro the hot D August t the often
         r            ng
chilly air conditionin of the con                           el           any
                                    nvention center and hote suites. Ma people c     choose to we ear
         hich          e            s
suits, wh have the advantages of both look profess
                                                 king        sional and ha            in
                                                                          aving built-i layers. Suiits
are especcially fitting when presen                           m         or
                                     nting a poster or program as well fo division bu usiness meettings
and socia hours. Ho                                           s
                       owever, you can achieve similar goals without in  nvesting the money or
limited-p              ce           f
         packing spac required for a suit. Dress slacks pa                            irt         er
                                                             aired with a collared shi and blaze are
always ac              s            t            d           h                        m.
          cceptable, as are modest blouses and skirts with a cardigan to stay warm Slacks an     nd
         rts          n
polo shir fit within the more ca                            asual” and w
                                    asual end of “business ca                         r
                                                                        work well for Sunday wh  hen
         ht           g
you migh be leaving directly from the Conve                               he          r
                                                 ention Center to go to th airport or train statioon.

   GS             ssions
APAG Convention Ses

Making the Most of Conventio     on
Conventio Center, Room 103A  Aug 4th, 9:00 AM- 9:50 AM
        on           m            gust        A
        eractive sessi will prov student with an ov
This inte            ion         vide         ts                    he
                                                        verview of th APA Conv            d
                                                                               vention and will
        s           n
provide strategies on how to nav vigate it. For
                                              rmer APA Pr
                                                        resident Fran Farley, P
                                                                    nk                    are
                                                                              PhD, will sha
        onal         es                                 t           n          e.
his perso strategie and advice on how to have a great Convention experience All APAG      GS
members are encoura              nd            on,      arly       me
                     aged to atten this sessio particula first-tim attendees  s.

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011
Internsh Series
         p            a
Are you planning to apply for int ternship in the near futu
                                                t                        er            be
                                                           ure? Whethe you will b applying t     this
        xt           ter,
year, nex year, or lat participa                 A
                                  ation in the APAGS Inte               es
                                                            ernship Serie is a must! It provides the
         orum to inte
perfect fo                       ther APAGS members ab
                     eract with ot                                     ocess and get all of your
                                                            bout the pro               t
questions answered about the AP   PPIC application and m                 ses.          nel
                                                           match process Our pan of expert       ts
                     e           y               ns         g           n
will also be available to answer your question regarding securing an internship in psycholo     ogy.
     In                                        tion        oom
         nternship Workshop I & II (Convent Center, Ro 146C  A
                    W                                                                  am
                                                                       August 5, 8:00a – 11:50am))
     Meet and Gre with Inte
        M             eet         ernship Trai  ining Directo (Renaissa Washingto Hotel, Gran
                                                            ors         ance            on       nd
        Ballroom North  August 6, 1:00 – 1:50pm)
                      h                          )
     Conversation Hour with the APPIC Chair (APAG Suite  Au
        C            n                          C           GS          ugust 6, 3:00 – 3:50pm)

Division Student Re                ve        k
                       epresentativ Network (DSRN) O        Open Busine Meeting: Promoting
                                                                       ess                g
Student Membershi and Involvement
Division Suite, Renaissa Washingto Hotel  Au
         S             ance        on         ugust 5th, 3:00 – 4:00pm
        RN             ed
The DSR is designe to help pr     rovide suppo to studen division le
                                             ort             nt                   ugh     and
                                                                       eaders throu APAGS a
to encour              ns         rt                        d                     ng
          rage division to suppor APAGS initiatives and activities. This meetin is open to all
Division Student Rep              es         ose             d         g
                       presentative and to tho interested in learning more.

                    d             ht
                Food for Though Breakfast     ts
                APAG Suite, Gr                W
                                  rand Hyatt Washington
                APAG Food for Thought breakfasts pro                  nts
                                                          ovide studen with opportunities to    o
                have casual intera            h           le          nals        eld.
                                   actions with high-profil profession in the fie The
                break             ake                      ng
                     kfasts will ta place on each mornin of Conven                kfast will be
                                                                       ntion. Break            e
available from 7:30- 8:00 a.m. wit each 50 minute discus
        e            8            th         m                        ning at 8:00 a.m. This ye
                                                           ssion beginn                        ear’s
speakers include: Dr. Beverly Gre             niel       n;
                                  eene; Dr. Dan Dodgen Dr. Susan G     Goldin-Meadow; and Dr    r.
Susan McDaniel. Lim               a                      mplimentary b
                     mited seats are available to this comp                       nd
                                                                       breakfast an discussion  n
hour. Bre                                     ot         b             rs.
         eakfast will end at 8:00 a.m. so as no to disturb the speaker Please ar               o
                                                                                  rrive early to
secure yo spot!

      S                     E
APAGS Social Events/Special Events

                      g           M
Women Supporting Women: Mentoring Between AP  B          PAGS and E Eminent Psyychologists
Renaissance Washington Hotel, Grand Ballroom No  August 4 , 1:00 PM- 2:50 PM
                      n           d           orth       t
APAGS invites all me  embers to at            anel       ion         al
                                  ttend this pa discussi and socia hour for an opportuni toity
         red                     oy
be inspir and to meet and enjo group disc                th
                                              cussions wit eminent ppsychologists who wouldd
like to of support and mentors                                        nts      eive        l
                                  ship to APAGS member s. Participan will rece a special gift
to signify their intere in mentoring or being mentored.
         y            est                      g

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011
Flying So
APAGS Su Grand Hy Washingt  August 4th, 6:00 PM- 7:00PM
        uite,        yatt     ton        t
       ng            on       elf?
Attendin Conventio by yourse Come to the APAGS Flying Solo program an social to m
                                         o            S            o            nd         meet
       PAGS membe who are attending Convention o their own This is also a great
other AP             ers                             on           n.             o
                    me        on         s.
program for first-tim Conventio attendees Mingle, pa              n             and       now
                                                      articipate in activities, a get to kn
       PAGS Convention participants in a casual, fun se
other AP                                 c            etting!

                    AGS          p
                APA Rooftop Social for Students
                Thurs August 4th, 7:00 PM- 10 PM
                     sday                    0:00
                APA Building  75 First Street NE Washing
                                 50          t,                      2
                                                        gton, DC 20002
         ow          m                        nt,        the         e        e
Join fello APAGS members at a special even held for t first time ever on the picturesqu  ue
rooftop of APA headq  quarters! AP
                                 PAGS will provide free a
                                            p                        nd       nment. Com see
                                                        appetizers an entertain          me
          PA          njoy        ning
where AP “lives”, en the even view of the Capitol Building an other surr
                                             f           l          nd                   and
                                                                              roundings, a
         a           eat                     n
most of all have a gre time socializing and networking with other A  APAGS memmbers!
***Pleas note that you will ne a ticket to enter the social. Pick up your ti
         se                      eed                     e           k        icket at the
          B          ted
APAGS Booth locat in the Co                  C
                                  onvention Center.

APA Ray Race 5K Run and Walk 2nd Annual “Runn
          y’s                    W                        ning” of APAAGS!
          A           00          al           ail
Saturday August 6 , 7:0 AM, Capita Crescent Tra in D.C.
(Transpo              l           d
         ortation will be provided from confe erence hotels s)
Looking for a way to get in some exercise du  uring Conven            e
                                                           ntion? Come and
join othe APAGS me                            nt!
                       embers for this fun even Last year APAGS mem   mbers partic  cipated for tthe
         e            e,                                  d          under Dr. Ra Fowler, th
first time in this race and it was a huge success! Named after its fou             ay            he
         rganized by APA’s Divisi 47- Exer
race is or             A           ion        rcise and Spo Psycholo
                                                            ort      ogy. To regis ster, visit thee
                      e                       A
Division 47 Web site ( or
( com/running g/washingto on-dc/33rd-aannual-runni ing-psycholo ogists-apa-r rays-
race-5k-r run-and-wal             egister before August 1 for a lower e
                       lk-2011). Re            e                      entry fee! Re egistration
includes a T-shirt, re                         d           y.
                      efreshments, awards, and raffle entry Pre-regist             or
                                                                      tration fee fo students: $  $20.
         r             i          able        A           n
On-site registration is also availa at the APA Division Services bo                 :00
                                                                     ooth (until 5: PM on
Friday Au             or                       r
          ugust 5 ) fo $30. Don’t forget your running sh  hoes!

            tion High
Other Convent                rom APA
                    hlights fr     A

APA Con              ers
        nvention offe a wide ra                           l                       at         est
                                ange of activities, special events and sessions tha may intere
graduate students ouutside of the APAGS pro ograms and e             ck
                                                          events. Chec out some of the other
                                 r          ds,          ees,
sessions being offered from other APA board committe Divisions or director
                                                                      s,          rates:

    Mentoring Roundtable for Science Graduate S
       M         R                                        Friday, 8/5, 12-
                                               Students – F               -12:50pm
    Non-Traditional Career Options in Psychologi Science Do I Reall Have to
       N                         r      n       ical      e:             ly
                  riday, 8/5, 2-2::50pm
       Graduate? Fr

                                                        ion        Guide for Stud
                                           APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011
       R
        Research Fun    nding for Sc
                                   cience Grad
                                             duate Studen Where Is It and H
                                                         nts:      e                      et
                                                                              How Do I Ge It?
        Friday, 8/5, 3-3:50pm
       Ethnic Mino
        E                                                                     ay,         pm
                                                         Their Journ – Saturda 8/7, 2-3:50p
                       ority Leaders in Psychology Share T         ney
       New Directio in Ethn Minority Research – Friday, 8/5, 1
        N               ons       nic        y                      12-1:50pm
       F              ome
        Finding a Ho in APA – Connect, Network, Grow Thro
                                  A           ,                               on
                                                                   ough Divisio Participa ation:
        Friday, 8/5, 12-12:50pm
       In             kills       eer
         nterview Sk for Care Advance                                          oc
                                              ement: The Internship and Postdo Process:
         aturday, 8/6, 10-11:50am
        Sa             1

    Speed Mento      oring
       Sa             8           d
        aturday, 8/6, 8-10am. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Independence Ballroom A
                     ular                      am
       Back by popu demand! This progra lets stud                        ct
                                                            dents interac and make f  face-to-face
        onnections with an impr
       co             w           ressive lineu of experie
                                              up            enced and di             d
                                                                          istinguished psychologissts.
       T              f           ce          d.            or
       The event is free, but spac is limited Register fo this event when you re      egister for

       D
         aturday, 8/6, 2-2:50pm. (Sp
        Sa             2                       t
                                   ponsored by the APA Sciience Stude Council)
                                                                    ent          )
        See award-wi                uate       ts        heir       h
                       inning gradu student present th research in one 50-m     minute
        C             s            h                     tes        nt           k!
        Convention session. Each student has two minut to presen their work Visit:
        http://www.a            gramming/sc
                                    vention/prog                    blitz.aspx for more detai
                                                         cience/datab            r          ils.

       A             F             ood
        APA’s D.C. Fabulous Fo Trucks Festival
         aturday, 8/6 11
        Sa                          M                        ss           nvention center
                       1:30-2:00pm. Mount Vernon Square (acros from the con             r)
        G              nch        mple
        Grab your lun and sam some of the best of W                       n            d       bster
                                                             Washington D.C.’s food trucks – lob
         olls,                      n           s                         s,
        ro Korean food, Indian food, BBQ sandwiches,, empanadas kabobs, As fusion, a    sian   and
         upcakes are some of the culinary tre that will be available for purcha Enjoy an
        cu                                     eats          l             e           ase.   n
         utdoor picni with live music!
        ou             ic            m

       A               g
        APA Evening at the New      wseum
                                     Advanced regi
        Friday, 8/5, 8:00 – 10:00pm (A                         ired        $15)
                                                 istration requi – tickets $
        Jo APA coll                              ning
                        leagues for a special even at the N                an       ve
                                                               Newseum – a interactiv museum oof
        news with be   ehind the sce             o             why
                                     enes views of how and w news is made. Visit:   :
        http://www.a vention/activvities/newse              spx     e
                                                               eum/ for more details.

    Technology Exhibit – ex
      T              E                       atest in techn
                                 xplore the la            nology tools and techniqques for
      psychologists through ex                           nd                       ies.
                                 xpert demonstrations an hands-on opportuniti This exh     hibit
      is sponsored by Hewlett-
       s             b           -Packard and Pearson. V
                                              d          Visit the tech           ibit     main
                                                                       hnology exhi in the m
      ex             aisle 100) an be entered to win in d
        xhibit hall (a           nd          d                          rizes.
                                                          daily raffle pr

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents         2011
       APA Exhibit Hall – Expe
        A            t            erience the largest exhib
                                              l           bition of psy           products,
                                                                      ychological p
         esearch mate
        re                        shers and mo Over 100 exhibitors from around the world will
                     erials, publis           ore!        0           s

    ention Ci
Conve       ity

                        A Brief Hisstory of Wa  ashington, D DC
                        Washingto DC, form     mally the Dist            umbia and co
                                                             trict of Colu            ommonly ref ferred
                        to as Wash                           r                        tal
                                   hington, "the District", or simply DC,, is the capit of the Un nited
                                   nded on July 16, 1790. Th US Constitution allow for the
                        States, foun           y             he                       ws
                                                strict to serv as the perm
                        creation of a special dis            ve           manent nati ional capital. The
         i            n            f
District is therefore not a part of any U.S. sta and is ins
                                                ate                       ly          by
                                                             stead directl overseen b the federa   al
government. Within the District a new capi city was founded in 1791 and nam in honor of
                                   t,           ital                                  med
        W             .             f           on,          th
George Washington. The City of Washingto along wit Georgetow and outl     wn          lying areas
within th federal dis                           er
                      strict, were placed unde a single, un               nment follow an act of
                                                              nified govern           wing
         s            s            ason that the city, while legally name the Distri of Colum
Congress in 1871. It is for this rea            e                         ed           ict        mbia,
is known as Washing   gton, DC.

         rict       ed           rth
The Distr is locate on the nor bank of the Potomac River and i bordered b the states of
                                               t         c            is          by           s
         t          hwest and Maryland to the other sid The city has a residen populatio of
Virginia to the south          M              t          des.                      nt          on
         b           ommuters fr the surr
601,723; because of co           rom          rounding sub            opulation rises to over on
                                                          burbs, its po                        ne
        d          w             he
million during the workweek. Th Washington Metropo        olitan Area, of which the District is a
                                 5             he
part, has a population of nearly 5.6 million, th seventh-l                        ea
                                                          largest metropolitan are in the coun  ntry.

                     ree         s             f
The centers of all thr branches of the U.S. federal gover  rnment are l            he          as
                                                                       located in th District, a are
         t                        s            ms.
many of the nation's monuments and museum Washin                      hosts 174 fore embassies
                                                          ngton, D.C. h             eign
as well as the headqu              e
                     uarters of the World Ban the Inter
                                              nk,         rnational Mo              d
                                                                      onetary Fund (IMF), the  e
Organiza ation of Ame             s
                     erican States (OAS), the Inter-Ameri  ican Develop            k,
                                                                       pment Bank and the Pan   n
American Health Org                            e           ers
                      ganization (PAHO). The headquarte of other i                             de
                                                                       institutions such as trad
         obbying groups, and pro
unions, lo                                                are         ted
                                  ofessional associations a also locat in the District.

                    We  eather
                      W             y
                      While the city of Washinngton DC's w              ighly seasona with extre
                                                            weather is hi            al            eme
                       ariations bet
                      va                      mer           ter;         en
                                   tween summ and wint it has bee known to be       o
                     un            e                        be          and         the
                       npredictable too. Summers tend to b very hot a humid, t condition           ns
                     ex            n           o             ith        rete       el.
                       xacerbated in the heart of the city wi its concr and stee Average h        high
                     tem            i          re            s           t.
                        mperatures in August ar 86 degrees Fahrenheit In the even   nings, the
                   aver           mperature is 68 degrees F
                       rage low tem                         Fahrenheit. SSudden rainf             o
                                                                                     falls are also
possible. It is recomm             t           n                        ble
                       mended that you dress in layers to b e comfortab with the t  temperature   e
differenc in the air-              d
                        -conditioned convention center and hotels and t hot, hum air outsid
                                               n            d            the       mid             de.

Getting Around the City
The Was  shington Me            A
                    etropolitan Area Transit Authority ( (WMATA) o              e            d
                                                                     operates the city's rapid
         ystem, Metro
transit sy                       o           ed          Metro), as w as Metro
                     orail (most often referre to as the M          well        obus. The
subway and bus syst              oth
                    tems serve bo the Distr of Colum and the immediate Maryland a
                                              rict       mbia        e          e            and
                    formation on routes and fares can be found at ww
Virginia suburbs. Inf           n                        e  On the     e

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents        2011
                               ro          ner          mine       st          us
website, you can access the Metr Trip Plann to determ the bes rail and bu combinat         tion
         u          y          ike        he
to get you to where you would li to go. Th DC Circul               stem connects commerci
                                                       lator bus sys                        ial
and entra           as
         ainment area within central Washi ington. Metr            obus and all local public bus
                                                       rorail, Metro                       c
         i         opolitan area accept Sma
systems in the metro           a                       oadable transit pass.
                                          arTrip, a relo

Metrora Visitor In  nformation
Each person needs hi                                     Metrorail. A
                     is/her own farecard or pass to ride M
         arecard cann be shared with anoth person. F
pass or fa           not         d            her        Farecards hoold
between $1.60 and $4 and are av               are
                                 vailable at fa vending mmachines in n
         il         F
Metrorai stations. For more infoormation on purchasing farecards, se  ee
                      i         s.            so
farecard purchasing instructions You can als buy farecards worth
         o           e.
$10, $15 or $20 online

Custome can also purchase a SmarTrip® ca which is a permanen rechargea farecard It's
          ers        p                        ard,        s              nt,         able        d.
          ike        c            e
plastic, li a credit card, and is embedded with a specia computer c
                                             w           al                         eeps track of the
                                                                         chip that ke           f
          t         marTrip® card are usable on either b or rail an must be u
value of the card. Sm             ds          e          bus           nd                        or
                                                                                    used to pay fo
parking at Metrorail stations. Pu            M
                                 urchase at Metro sales offfices, retail outlets and commuter stores
for $5. Sm                                                lue
          marTrip® cards are also sold for $10 (with $5 val loaded) t    through vennding machin nes
          tions where parking is available or you can purc
at all stat                      a            y          chase SmarT   Trip® cards oonline.

                    ermining how much fare you'll need,, use Metro's Trip Plann Not only can
If you need help dete            w                                 s          ner.      y
         ou         r           ding                  n           ng           s,       o
it help yo plan your trip, includ rail/bus information and walkin directions it will also tell
you how much your trip will cos st.

$9 One Day Pass
        O          s,          de
With a One Day Pass you can rid Metrorail as much as you want in a day. It's g
                                          l          s           n                        :30
                                                                              good after 9:
        w                                            holidays. Buy online or at any Metro
a.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends and federal h           y            t
station fr a Passes            m
                   s/Farecards machine.

Metro Etiquette
                   m          ence (and th experienc of your fe
To make your D.C. metro experie          he        ces                    )           r
                                                              ellow riders) even better
        he         w:
follow th tips below

          n             en
1. Stand on the right whe standing on escalators. Da commut want to be able to p on the le to
                                                    aily       ters       o          pass        eft
          ork,          heir         ust           heir        te         y
get to wo catch th bus, or ju escape th commut as quickly as possible If you don’t   e.
want to walk up the escalator th                   f           ve         ght
                                    hat’s totally fine, just mov to the rig so that ot           ass
                                                                                      thers may pa

         our          eady. When both enterin and exitin the metro system you need a far
2. Have yo fare card re          b          ng          ng         o           u’ll         re
          her         p
card (eith a paper pass or a plaastic “smart trip“). Make sure when y approac the turnst
                                             t          e           you        ch           tile
         e                       y           t          one
you have your pass out and ready to go. That way everyo can zip t  through a little faster.

         oving or get ou of the way. Once you get to the bott
3. Keep mo             ut            O           t                        calator keep walking, eit
                                                              tom of an esc                       ther
to a place on the plat               t                                                nytime you n
                       tform, or out of the flow of traffic so you can get oriented. An           need
          nd                          l         r
to stop an get your bearings or look at your map try to m                             much as
                                                               move out of the way as m
possible. Sitting dow on a benc or leaning up against a wall will h keep you from gettin
                      wn            ch          g                        help         u           ng
run over..

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011

                         he           e
4. Allow people to exit th train before you board. Th train has just pulled u and the d
                                                    he                      up        doors open.
         his             s                                     are         off
When th happens stand to the side so that those who a getting o the train c do so. D  can       Don’t
worry, th train oper                  es                      me                     xit
                         rator watche and allows enough tim for people to both ex and enter the

         ur           e.
5. Use you indoor voice Regular metro riders mostly ride in silence. Th
                                m            m            n                        decompressi
                                                                      hey’re often d         ing
         r                      e             j           g
before or after work, doing some reading, or just minding their own business. W              n’t
                                                                                 While you don
          ily         oin       e            r
necessari have to jo in on the mime fest, regulars app                 you                   n
                                                        preciate it if y talk quietly (both on the
         nd           r          ile
phone an with your group) whi traveling.     .

Get a tou

United States Capit
        S            tal
One of th many hist               s           sit        the      pital. Tours o the U.S.
                     torical places you can vis in DC is t U.S. Cap            of
        a                         ic.                   n,
Capital are available to the publi For more information visit:
http://ww              _tour/index..html

White House or Sup preme Cour  rt
Many Co           l             a          se          ou          hem                 hs
       ongressional offices can arrange thes tours if yo request th at least three month in
advance. Contact yo Congress   sional Repre            o           ny          ours.
                                           esentative to schedule an of these to


        o            e          n
Places to eat near the Convention Center:

MatchBo DC ($$) American
        ox        A                   La Tasc ($$) Span
                                             ca          nish,         Nando’s Peri Pero ($$)
                                                                       N           i
        reet, NW
713 H Str                                    B
                                      Tapas Bar                        Portuguese
Washing gton, DC 20001                722 7th Street, NW
                                              S                        8 7th Street NW
                                                                       819         t,
(202) 289-4441                        Washin ngton, DC 2 20001         Washington DC 20001
                                                                       W          n,               202-347 7-9190                   202-898-1225
                                                                       2           5

Vapiano ($$) Italian                             izza ($$) Piz
                                         Ella’s Pi           zza       Kanlaya ($$) Thai Cuisin
                                                                       K           )          ne
        reet, NW
623 H Str                                901 F Sttreet, NW             740        et,
                                                                       7 6 Stree NW
Washinggton, DC 20001                    Washin  ngton, DC 220004      Washington DC 20050
                                                                       W         n,          0
202-621-7636                             202-638 8-3434                202-393-008
                                                                       2         88
http://vapi                          no/ www.el

Clyde’s ($$) America
         (          an                Gordon Biersch ($$
                                            n          $)              Austin City G ($$) Te
                                                                       A           Grill        ex-
(traditionnal)                               an
                                      America (New), B Breweries       Mex
707 7th St
         treet, NW                    900 F Street, NW                 750         ,
                                                                       7 E Street, NW
Washing  gton, DC 20001               Washinngton, DC 200004           Washington DC 20004
                                                                       W          n,           4
202-349- -3700                        202-7833-5454                    202-393-3776
                                                                       2           6
www.cly                     www.g gordonbiersc
                                                                       h                        com/

                                                 ion        Guide for Stud
                                    APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents   2011

APAGS Committee Member Fa
      C                            taurants
                        avorite Rest

Susan Wilson, APA Chair
       W           AGS
Rasika ($$$) Indian, Pakistani
633 D Str                               637-1222  h
         reet, NW, Washington, DC  202-6

         tu,         C
Ali Matt APAGS Chair-Elect
         almer ($$$$) Steakhouse
Charlie Pa                     e
101 Constitution Aveenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001  202-547-8
                               W        ,                    8100

          ith,              E         F
Kim Smi Member at Large, Education Focus
Full Kee ($$) Chinese
509 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001  202-371-22  www
                   W        ,                     233                om

OYA ($$$ Asian Fus
        $)         sion
777 9 Sttreet, NW, Washington, DC 20001  202-393-1400  http://www.oyad

Rachel Becker, Mem             ge,       y
                    mber at Larg Diversity Focus
Rosa Mexiicano ($$$) Mexican
575 7 Sttreet, NW, Washington, DC 20004  202-783-5
                     W                            5522  http          amexicano.c
                                                            p://www.rosa         com

Teaism ($ Tea Room Asian Fus
        $$)       m,        sion
                                               7-3827  htt
2009 R Street, NW, Washington DC 20009  202-667
        S          W        n,       9                    

      S          ite      ants
APAGS Staff Favori Restaura

Nabil El--Ghoroury, PhD, Assist          tive    or
                               tant Execut Directo
Zaytinya ($$$) Greek Turkish, Mediterranea
         (         k,         M          an
701 9 St                                          0800  http
        treet, NW, Washington, DC 20001  202-638-0

Heather Dade, Com             ns
                  mmunication and Mark  keting Manaager
Zengo ($$ Latin Am
         $$)                  ian
                   merican, Asi Fusion
781 7 Sttreet, NW, Washington, DC 20001  202-393-2
                   W          ,                   2929
http://ww                     m/zengodc

        K         A          ive     etings Coor
Jessica Kholunov, Administrati and Mee         rdinator
Casa Oaxa ($$) Mex xican

                                                   ion        Guide for Stud
                                      APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents   2011
2106 18th Street, NW Washingto DC 2000  202-38
                   W,        on,     09       87-2272  ht         oaxacaindc.c
                                                         ttp://www.o          com

      ap        taurants (A
DC Chea Eats Rest                    o                   azine)
                          According to Washingt onian Maga

    1. Breadline ($) Sandwiches
       17 Pennsylv              W,
                     vania Ave NW Washing
                                        gton, DC 200 202-822
                                                   006,    2-8900, ww

    2. Etete ($$) Eth
       19 9th St NW, Washin
                   N                            -232-7600  www.etete
                           ngton, DC 20001  202-                               com

       G             ery
    3. Good Stuff Eate ($$) Burg gers
       30 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washingto DC 2000  202-543
        03                       ,     on,     03        3-8222
       www.goodstu               m

    4. Himalayan Herritage ($$) In          layan/Nepale Pakistan
                                 ndian, Himal          ese,      ni
       2305 18th St NW, Washi    ington, DC 20050  202
                                            2          2-483-9300 
       www.himalay   yanheritaged

DC Best Happy Hou (Accord
                urs               shingtonian Magazine)
                        ding to Was

    1. Lima (downto
       14 K Street, NW, Wash
        401                                       02-789-2800 
                             hington, DC 20005  20         0

        ohnny’s Half Sh (Capitol Hill)
    2. Jo             hell      l
       400 North Ca   apitol, NW, Washington DC 20001  202-737-
                                           n,       1          -0400

        409        C
    3. 14 Playbill Café (Logan Circle)
       14 14 Stre NW, Wa
        409        eet,        ashington, DC 20005  202-265-30
                                          D                   055

    4. 15 Ria (Logan Circle, Dow
       15 Rhode Is
        515                             shington, DC 20005  2
                    sland Avenue, NW, Was          C                    5

    5. 18th Amendment (Capitol Hill)
        8                      H
       613 Pennsylva Avenue, SE, Washin
                    ania                        20003  202-543-3622
                                      ngton, DC 2

                                                       ion        Guide for Stud
                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents       2011
    6. Alero (U Stree Corridor)
       13 U Street, NW, Wash
        301                     hington, DC 20009  20         2

     ’s     p       at!    pful lications and Web
There’ an App for Tha – Help Appl               bsites

         A        ns      bsites
Helpful Application and Web
        attu,     AGS     ect
By Ali Ma MA, APA Chair-Ele

                   ne         nvention? Co
Bringing a smartphon to the con                    wnloading so of the fo
                                         onsider dow          ome                   ps
                                                                         ollowing app
       kmarking ke websites to make the most of your time in Wa
and book          ey          t          m          r                    D.C.
                                                               ashington D

    Google Maps Both the iP
      G           s:           Phone and Android platf
                                           A             forms come p            with
                                                                      preloaded w the Goo       ogle
      M            ou                       e            ugh
      Maps app. Yo can also reach Google Maps throu m.googl                        s.
                                                            Google Maps
      uses your sma            G             t                       n.
                   artphone's GPS to direct you to you r destination Based on y     your prefereence,
      G           s            ou
      Google Maps will give yo walking, driving, or p
                                            d                       portation dir
                                                        public transp                           will
                                                                                   rections. It w
       ven                     ext          tro
      ev tell you when the ne D.C. Met subway t                                    Given the
                                                         train or bus is arriving! G
       onvention’s central locat
      co                        tion in down                         e            e
                                            ntown D.C.,, you can use the Google Maps
       pplication to easily navigate to the city's most p
      ap           o                        c           popular neigh               You
                                                                     hborhoods. Y can also      o
       earch Google Maps for hotels, stores attractions and restau
      se                       h            s,           s,                        ch
                                                                     urants (searc by name o     or
      ev by type of food).

    Yelp: Yelp is a free app th is availab for the iPh
      Y                         hat        ble                     oid,
                                                        hone, Andro and Blac  ckBerry
      platforms. Yo can down                lp
                                nload the Yel App from http://www YYelp
       llows you to search for nearby restau
      al          o             n                                  based on rev
                                            urants. You can search b          views, price
       ange, type of food, or loc
      ra           f            cation.

       U            n:
        Urban Spoon Similar to Yelp, Urban Spoon is a f app that allows you to search fo
                                    Y          n           free        t                      or
        nearby restau              a            t           Android, and Blackberry platforms
                     urants. It is available on the iPhone, A                     y
        th                                     m/mobile-do ownloads. W            ervices are
                                                                      While both se
         imilar, Yelp allows you to fine tune searches wh Urbansp
        si                         t            s         hile                   es
                                                                      poon provide you with f faster
         esults. Try both and see which one you prefer.
        re           b                         y

    Twitter: Twit is a free service that allows you to join a con
     T            tter                    t                                   with
                                                                   nversation w those ne   ear
      ou          nd           d.         A
     yo and aroun the world Twitter Apps are avai                   platforms at
                                                      ilable on all p          t
     http://twitter                       an
                               load. You ca also learn how to use Twitter at
     http://suppor             m/.        t
         During the APA Con   nvention, att            l
                                                                    tendees will be using
     T           hare         nd
     Twitter to sh news an informatio discuss p
                                           on,                      g,          ork
                                                      programming and netwo with eac       ch
      ther. You can follow and contribute to the conv
     ot                        d          e          versation by s searching Twwitter for

                                                        ion        Guide for Stud
                                           APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents          2011
         #APA11". Additionally, you can read updates abo the Conv
        "#                                             out                    ollowing the
                                                                  vention by fo          ese
         fficial APAG and APA Twitter acco
        of          GS                      ounts:
            o @APA  Agradstuden - The official APAGS Twitter acc
                                nts                              count.
            o @APA              n           pdates about the APA C
                    Aconvention - Official up          t         Convention.
            o @APA               r          gy         d          om
                    AHelpCenter - Psycholog news and updates fro APA.

       Bump: This app is the 21st century ver           usiness card. Available fo free on the
                                             rsion of a bu                         or          e
        iP         A
         Phone and Android platfforms at httpp://, B             s          hare
                                                          Bump allows users to sh contact
         nformation with each other by “bum
        in          w                       mping” their s            es.
                                                          smartphone This has b    become a verry
                                e           o            with         her
        popular way for graduate students to network w each oth at the con         nvention!
       L            any
        LinkedIn: Ma graduate students an psycholog
                                e            nd           gists use Lin            professional
                                                                       nkedIn, the p
         ocial networ
        so                      te,          ct          h
                     rking websit to connec with each other. Mobile apps are available for allr
        platforms at                          ng
                                             m/mobile. B efore comin to the conv   vention, makke
         ure        e           t           p
        su you take some time to create a professional p                          als         ble
                                                          profile so that individua will be ab to
         ook        d
        lo you up during netwo   orking eventts.

       ncing D.C.
    CityStream DC: If you are looking for things to d while in W
      C            D          e           r          do                        ,
                                                                   Washington, D.C., considder
       isiting CityS
      vi                                  h
                   Stream DC's website at http://www Cit tyStream alsso
      ru a great group on Fac
                   g                                   to
                              cebook called 365 Things t do in DC, w
                                          d                                    ilable at
                                                                   which is avai
      http://www.f            m/dc365. Bo websites offer a mix o current ev
                   oth                       of                      eals,
                                                                               vents, hot de
       nd                    ng
      an ideas for experiencin the city.

        t                     a                        one
        It Happened Here: This app, available on the iPho and And               rm,
                                                                    droid platfor is a tour
         uide                  S            t
        gu that uses your GPS to highlight historical e             happened ne
                                                        events that h                        s
                                                                                earby. This is a
        gr compan              alking tour of downtown D.C. and th National Mall. Down
                   nion for a wa           o            n           he                      nload
         he         tp://www.ith
        th app at htt           happenedhe

       F            T
        Foursquare: This free soc networki app allow you to "c
                                  cial           ing         ws                                    e.g.
                                                                          check in" to a location (e
         estaurant, museum, mon
        re          m              nument) and read tips an informati that have been left b
                                                d            nd            ion         e           by
         ther users. It is available for free on all platforms at https://f
        ot            t            e             a           s  

       D           F            m          nt          er                           ter
        DC Twitter Feeds: You may also wan to conside following these DC focused Twitt
         ccounts for the latest up
        ac           t                      hat’s happen
                                 pdates on wh           ning in the ciity:
           o @was                                       r            on    ates
                    shingtondc - The official account for Washingto DC. Upda on eventts,
                     al,         ial
              festiva and speci deals.
           o @was   shingtonian - The Washi            Magazine.
                                             ingtonian M
           o @DCi   ist_Updates - DC news, arts, events,, and deals.

                                                          ion        Guide for Stud
                                             APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents          2011

Members   ship in APAG  GS
The Amer  rican Psychological Associ              duate Student (APAGS) i the
                                     iation of Grad             ts          is
voice of st              rns         PA.          d
           tudent concer within AP APAGS develops, endo        orses, and
          ates          ion         nts
dissemina informati to studen about relev                      on
                                                   vant educatio and traininng
          gislative posit
issues, leg             tions and deve             nd
                                      elopments, an future dire             anges
                                                               ections or cha
in the field through pr              ectronic resou
                        rinted and ele                         S
                                                  urces. APAGS also creates and
                         s           s             o          d
supports opportunities for students in the form of grants and awards,
associatio advocacy work, and a ho of develop
          on           w              ost         pment activitties.

        ion         GS
The missi of APAG is to:
    Pr              ighest standa
         romote the hi            ards in the res
                                                search, teachi and pract of psycho
                                                              ing,       tice                       r
                                                                                       ology in order to
        urther the edu
       fu                        d              o              ogy
                     ucation and development of all psycholo students;;
    Represent all graduate stud specialties of psychology and to facil
       R             g           dy                            y,         litate the exchange of
        nformation be
       in            etween these groups;
    Pr              uate         l
         romote gradu student leadership dev     velopment in order to com
                                                             n           mmunicate an advocate th
                                                                                       nd           he
        oncerns of psy
       co             ychology studdents; and
    Establish and maintain chan
                     m             nnels of commmunication b              GS           ols,
                                                             between APAG and schoo universities,
       tr            rs,          ns,           m              he
        raining center institution and other members of th psycholog     gical commun  nity.

APAGS of  ffers all of its members enoormous oppor               nhance their development towards a ca
                                                   rtunities to en                        t             areer
in psychology and to sh               ure         cipline. With several thous
                          hape the futu of the disc                                       rs,
                                                                             sand member APAGS is o of  one
         st               cy                     w               gest        d
the larges constituenc groups of the APA, as well as the larg organized group of psychology grad        duate
          w              M
students worldwide. Membership in APAGS ent                     many benefits that will aid your training in
                                                  titles you to m            s            d
psycholog including:

                                                  t,
         ubscriptions to the American Psychologist Monitor on P
        Su                                                     Psychology, and the APAGS magazine,
                      or
        A $10 credit fo subscriptions to APA Jou    urnals;
       T
        The right to pu              ss
                        urchase acces to APA’s on               es
                                                   nline database like PsycIN NFO;
       Li             eted to a varie of student interests;
          istservs targe             ety           t
        nternship and career resou
        In             d             urces such as the Internship in Psychol
                                                    t           ps                        ook
                                                                              logy Workbo (APA, 200 08),
         nternship lists
        in                                        W             nd
                        serv, APAGS’’ Internship Workshops an PsycCARE;
       G
        Grants and aw                le            e
                      wards availabl to graduate student mem    mbers of APA AGS;
       A
        Access to profe essional liabil insurance for graduate students in p
                                      lity         e            e                          rom
                                                                               psychology fr the APA
         nsurance Trus
        In              st;
       Free or low cost resource gu               ous
                                      uides on vario issues spe               uate
                                                                ecific to gradu student concerns;
       In
         nformation re                ted           ly          te            n
                       esources creat specificall for graduat students in psychology;
       A
        And more!

Join APA and get involved!
        AGS           i
          o            p            t
Be a part of organized psychology at the national level! For mo informati about APA
                                                l             ore         ion                      visit:
                                                                                       AGS, please v
www.apa               T            ny           t             th There are man ways to get involved wit APAGS. Ch     heck out the APAGS webs  site
to obtain more informa             h            f                         ositions:
                       ation about how to apply for any of the following po

                                                         ion        Guide for Stud
                                            APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents           2011

APAGS Governance
      m            r            d            n           S
APAGS members can run for elected positions on the APAGS Committee:
    Chair (three-y term as Chair-elect, Ch
      C           year         C                          t
                                             hair, and Past Chair)
    Member-at-La position (Communica
      M           arge                                    ce,       n,          cademic, Dive
                                            ations, Practic Education Research/Ac           ersity
       r           p
      or Membership Recruitmen  nt/Retention Focus).

                    ly            owing appoin
Members can also appl for the follo                         s:
                                               nted positions
   Su             e
       ubcommittee Chair/Subco   ommittee mem               ble
                                               mber – availab on the fol           GS
                                                                        llowing APAG
          o Comm                  nic
                   mittee for Ethn Minority Affairs
          o Comm   mittee for Lesb             sexual, and Tr
                                  bian, Gay, Bis                       Concerns
                                                            ransgender C
                   GS            C
          o APAG Advocacy Coordinating Team
                   GS            on
          o APAG Conventio Committee           e
          o APAG Science Committee.

APAGS Liaisons
APAGS al appoints liaisons to oth boards an committee s across APA These liaisons attend the
          lso         l           her        nd                        A.                        e
                                 o            l             port        the
meetings of the board/committee to which they liaise, and rep back to t APAGS C     Committee.
Currently APAGS has liaisons to th following boards/comm
         y,                       he          b                         Advisory Com
                                                           mittees: APA A           mmittee on
         e            (           rd
Colleague Assistance (ACCA), Boar of Educatio Affairs (B
                                              onal                      PA           ee
                                                            BEA), and AP Committe on Disabilit    ty
          P           CDIP). For more informati on require
Issues in Psychology (C          m            ion                                    es,
                                                            ements and responsibilitie visit the
APAGS website: www                gs.

APAGS Campus Repr
          C             resentative
          GS                         g           T)            ed          ogy
The APAG Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT is compose of psycholo students w primaril      who          ly
                       dvocacy work on behalf of the science a nd profession on psycholo ACT mem
engage in legislative ad            k                                      n            ogy.         mbers
          t            f
promote the welfare of graduate stu              he            e           by
                                    udents and th vigor of the profession b their particcipation in
          e            forts. APAGS has more tha 300 Camp Represent
legislative lobbying eff            S             an           pus                      s
                                                                           tatives across the country
which com mpose ACT’s grassroots le               ocacy networ Campus R
                                    egislative advo             rk.                     ves
                                                                           Representativ mobilize e  efforts
on their campuses to re             gislative advoc
                        espond to leg                          nd          te            n
                                                  cacy alerts an disseminat information to students. For
more information, plea visit: http:
                       ase           ://www.apa.o org/apags/reso           cacy/index.asp
                                                                ources/advoc             px.

         C           A
APAGS Convention Ambassador
         A            a
APAGS Ambassadors are student vo               at           GS
                                   olunteers tha assist APAG by monito                  s
                                                                          oring sessions at APA
          on.         ent         r,
Conventio As a stude volunteer you are requ                 itor
                                               uired to moni only one s                 are
                                                                           session, and a afforded a wide
                      o            s.
variety of networking opportunities For more innformation, pllease visit:
http://ww            pags/program           ms/convention n/ambassador rs/index.aspx x.

                                          APAGS Conventi Survival G
                                                       ion                     dents
                                                                  Guide for Stud            2011

                                         ntion Pla
                                    Conven       anner
What foll             onvention Pla
         lows is the Co           anner tool des
                                               signed to help you better n
                                                            p            navigate Conv           plot
                                                                                     vention and p
your schedule for programs and soc events.
          ist         red                      e            C”           ime
    1) Li your desir programs under choice “A”, “B”, or “C for each ti allotment     t.

                   w            u             ap         m
           a. This will allow you to see overla of program timing.

                   m            st            t             disabilities) un
           b. You may want to lis all similar topics (e.g., d                           A”.
                                                                           nder choice “A You can
                    e           ram          d                                          ow
              choose which progr to attend when there is an overlap.. This will allo for more
                    y           s            end.
              variety of programs you can atte

    2) Be sure to sche            ion         nto       edule. One of the most imp
                     edule relaxati and rest in your sche                                     s
                                                                                 portant things to
       re            ing                                ere          ny           ee         at
        emember duri Convention is to pace yourself! The are so man things to se and do tha it is
        asy          t
       ea to forget to eat and sleeep!

    3) Make sure to include suffici
       M                          ient time betw             ms.          es
                                                ween program Sometime you might end up havin to  ng
       walk/cab over to another bu                           d            expectedly ne time to ta
                                  uilding. Also, you will find you will une           eed        alk
       w            ou
       with people yo meet or speak with pres  senters follow             n.
                                                             wing a session

    4) Remember, it is important to make time for social eve
       R            i            t                                     working progr
                                                           ents and netw           rams.

                                  ion                     dents
                     APAGS Conventi Survival Guide for Stud       2011

Thursda August 4th
Time    Program                                          n
7am     A:
8am     A:
9am     A:
10am    A:
11am    A:
12pm    A:
1pm     A:
2pm     A:
3pm     A:
4pm     A:
5pm     A:
6pm     A:

                                  ion                     dents
                     APAGS Conventi Survival Guide for Stud       2011

Friday, August 5th
Time     Program                                         n
7am      A:
8am      A:
9am      A:
10am     A:
11am     A:
12pm     A:
1pm      A:
2pm      A:
3pm      A:
4pm      A:
5pm      A:
6pm      A:

                                   ion                     dents
                      APAGS Conventi Survival Guide for Stud       2011
Saturday August 6th
Time    Program                                           n
7am     A:
8am     A:
9am     A:
10am    A:
11am    A:
12pm    A:
1pm     A:
2pm     A:
3pm     A:
4pm     A:
5pm     A:
6pm     A:

                                  ion                     dents
                     APAGS Conventi Survival Guide for Stud       2011
Sunday, August 7th
Time    Program                                          n
7am     A:
8am     A:
9am     A:
10am    A:
11am    A:
12pm    A:
1pm     A:

                 ion        Guide for Stud
    APAGS Conventi Survival G            dents   2011

                                            APAGS Staff
                                Nabil El           ,
                                        l-Ghoroury, PhD
                            Associate Ex
                            A          xecutive Direector

                                      Heather D
                  mmunicatio and Mar
                Com        ons               nager
                                   rketing Man

                                       Jessica Khol
                  ministrative and Meetin Coordin
                Adm          e          ngs       nator

                   American P
                   A        Psychologica Association of
                                       aduate Stud
                                     Gra           dents
                                    750 First Street NE
                                Washinngton, DC 20002

                                      Tel: (202) 336-
                                     Fax: (202) 336-5694

                               E-mail: A
                         Web                   PAGS


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