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                                                      BUILDING MOVING PERMIT

COMPANY :                 _________________________________                 CONTACT PERSON: _________________________

ADDRESS:                  _________________________________                 PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________

                          _________________________________                 FAX NUMBER: ______________________________

             Chapter 12.20, Section 080 of the Louisville Municipal Code requires the owner of a building or the
             contractor moving it to obtain a permit from the City Engineer prior to moving it over the streets of the

             This Building Moving Permit is hereby granted upon receipt of a $25.00 fee, and upon acceptance of the
             following conditions:

             1.           Contractor shall provide proof of comprehensive liability and auto insurance, which expires on
                          _____________________.          The Insurance Certificate shall include in the description of
                          operations/locations/vehicles/special items the following: “City of Louisville, its officers, agents
                          and employees as additional insured.”

             2.           Contractor agrees to compensate the City for any repairs necessary to streets, signs, signals, trees,
                          shrubs, or utilities, including but not limited to water and sewer lines, due to damage caused by
                          their work.

             3.           Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold the City harmless from and against any liability claims
                          and expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, on account of any injury, loss or damage
                          resulting or claimed to result from act or omission of Contractor, and in any manner connected
                          with the building move authorized by this permit.

             4.           Contractor agrees to coordinate all traffic control necessary to complete the move in a safe and
                          orderly manner.      The move will be started and completed between the hours of
                          _________________ and _________________, Date: ___________________.

             5.           Contractor shall notify the Engineering, Police and Fire Departments of the time and location of
                          the move the day prior to the move, meet any additional requirements, which they may impose on
                          them, and will coordinate with them in such a way as it will create a minimal disruption to traffic
                          and access, as agreeable to all agencies.

             6.           Contractor shall be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, etc., required by the
                          County or State.

             This permit does not in any way constitute permission by the City for the Contractor to cross the
             Burlington Northern Railroad. Any permission necessary from them must come directly from the

             This permit is hereby approved upon receipt of the fee mentioned above and acceptance of the above
             mentioned conditions as acknowledged by the Contractor below.

             Approval By: _________________________________________                          Date: ____________________
                           City Manager (or Authorized Agent)

             Acknowledged By: _____________________________________                          Date: ____________________
                                 Building Owner

             Acknowledged By: _____________________________________                          Date: ____________________

             cc:          Malcolm Fleming, City Manager                     Bruce Goodman, Chief of Police
                          Tom Phare, Director of Public Works               Bill Dhieux, Fire Marshall
                          Mark Wozny, Construction Inspector                Mike Jones, Chief Building Officer
                          Ken Mason, Operations Manager


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