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					                                   EMR Disability Respite Network
                                               Meeting minutes 2 September 2009

Present:        Cathy Catlow, David Caruana – Villa Maria, Hayley Michie – Interchange Inner East, Renee Topple –
                Yooralla, Jenny Salgo – Parent Support Network, Mandy Kursat – DASSI, Jenny McAllister, Kathy
                Hewitt – Interchange Inner East, Sayo Fujitar – Interchange Inner East, Amanda May – Knox Council,
                Lisa Casamento – EACH, Pat Chilton – Alkira, Lesley Burcher – Motor Neurone Disease Association,
                Charmaine D'Monte – Care Connect, Shelley Boyes – Care Connect, Sandra Faulkner – Shire Yarra
                Ranges, Leanne Skinner – Belgrave South Community House, Jo Wilson – Yooralla, Sue Wilson –
                Yooralla, Louise Mason – Yooralla, Louise Higgins – RIDE, Jane Mariager – RIDE, Marcus Boere –
                Annecto, Sal Edwards – Villa Maria, Samyauktha Iyer, Kathleen Merry – Maroondah Council, Yvonne
                Skoda – Rec-Line, Kathleen Mitakakis – Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Andrew Jeffrey -
                Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Sandra Anderson -EACH, Sharyn Chambers - EACH, Emily
                Lam – Chinese Parents Special Net, Eileen Chin – Chinese Parents Special Net, Gosia Barcikowska
                – People Outdoors, Dawn Meldrum – Knox Inclusion Support, Robyn Reid, Amanda Drake –
                Anglicare, Sharon Johns – APTO, Carly Hall – Manningham Council, Helen Anglin – ERLS, Karen
                Jorgensen -EACH, Jack Mullholland – Maroondah Council, Glenys McCarthy – Knox Council
Apologies:      Cath Smith – Yooralla, Jackie England – Hawthorn YMCA, Carolyn Ah Mouy, Catherine Sykora – MS
                Society, Julie Kerfoot – DHS, Sandra Burke – DHS, Safieh Loulagar – Migrant Information Centre,
                Imke Malone – Scope, Amanda Marshall – Kevin Heinze Garden Centre
RIDE update         Respite guide: Thank you to everyone who has completed a service information form and
Jane Mariager          approved their entry for the guide. The goal is to have a PDF of the full guide available on the
                       respite east website by the end of September 2009. Hard copies will be available, primarily for
                       people who do not have access to the internet.
                      Respite mapping: A survey was distributed to all present at the meeting. This survey will also
                       be distributed to agencies not represented at the network meeting.
                    Recreation working group: RIDE has been advised that it would be useful for recreation
                       providers to meet separately from the network meeting to discuss common issues and
                       experiences. It was suggested that the Leisure and Disability (LAD) network is already
                       established and would be a suitable group for recreation providers.
                    Reminder that RIDE is a resource for the disability sector, please contact RIDE regarding
                       respite in the Eastern Region and encourage parents to call. RIDE is also available to present
                       to organisations, parent groups and people with disabilities about respite.
DHS update          Thanks to service providers who have distributed the DHS respite surveys. There has been a
Sue Cooper             good response, higher than previous years. The results of the survey will be reported to high
                       levels of government.
                    Mobile Overnight Support Service (MOSS): For people who require assistance overnight for a
                       short period of time, based on the Nightlife program available in the Southern Region. Was
                       initially restricted to people living in Monash Council, has now been extended to people living in
                       nearby areas. Available from 9pm to 5am. MOSS has been funded by DHS, there is no cost to
                       people accessing the service. Contact for the program is Nikki at Australian Home Care ph:
                       9835 9060. See link for information sheet:
                    Assistance with Planning pilot: Program that supports people to identify their support needs and
                       goals. Links people into community supports and seeks to develop personal networks.
                       Application for Disability Support Register completed if additional funds are required. Annecto
                       were the successful organisation for phase 1 of the pilot. UCCO have been successful for
                       phase 2, targeting people living in Monash and Whitehorse Council areas. A call for submission
                       will be made for phase 3, seeking non-disability services to provide the program.
  DHS Access   See powerpoint presentation distributed with the minutes.
    Policy     For more information about the DHS Access Policy see the DHS website publications library
Sue Cooper or one page information sheet
 Manningham         See powerpoint presentation uploaded on Respite East website. Scroll down to Manningham YMCA –
    YMCA –          Leisure Access Program.
Leisure Access
   Program          %20-%20September%202009&fdesc
 Susan Burns        The cost is $27 per program. Manningham YMCA also runs the TwYlight Disco 4 times per year.
                    People living with their family and people living in Community Residential Units can access this
    Monash               Attendant Support Initiative (ASI) commenced at the centre approximately 3 years ago. This
 Aquatics and               initiative provides Attendant Care to support people change and enter/exit the pool and allows
  Recreation                approximately 20 minutes for personal care, 40 minutes in the pool and 20 minutes personal
    Centre –                care.
MARC-Abilities           The cost is $20. An Attendant Carer is employed by the centre for 2 hours. The timeframe
Kristina Mitsikas           allows for 3 people to access the pool. The cost of the carer is therefore divided evenly
  and Andrew                amongst the 3 people using the program.
      Jeffrey            August 2009 was a promotional month for the ASI program where people used for program for
                            no cost. The program was 100% booked during this month.
                         MARC-Abilities has been established, a program that encourages people with a disability to
                            access the exercise programs at the centre with a view of enabling people to access programs
                            without support.
                         There are accessible change rooms at MARC and new rooms are being designed to further the
                            accessibility of the centre.
                         MARC will be one of the 14 centres across Victoria involved with the Inclusive Leisure Initiative,
                            which is focused on promoting inclusion at leisure centres.
 Villa Maria –          Summer Holiday Program:
   Summer                The program runs from December (just before Christmas) to mid January.
    Holiday              Criteria are 18 to 65 years, living with family/unpaid carer in the Eastern Region.
   Program               Community based program with a staff ratio of 5:12. Participants let staff know the activities
 Sal Edwards                they would like to do and these activities are endeavored to be organised.
                         Currently 61 people access the program.
                         There is a waiting list for this program. There is the potential for people to access the program if
                       they pay for additional support through their Individualised Support Package (ISP).
                    12-18 year old Mitcham group:
                     School holiday program for children with an intellectual disability.
                     Staff ratio of 6:12
                    Children’s program – 16 to 18 year olds:
                     Based at Wantirna and Kew.
                     Staff ratio of 7:10.
                     Waiting list for these programs.
                     Cost is $20
                    Camping program
                     Available for people already accessing Villa Maria respite programs.

                 All enquiries and referrals for Villa Maria respite programs are to be made through the Family and
                 Referrals Coordinator on 9809 6823.
Knox Inclusion        This program funded by the Commonwealth Government to support out of school hours
   Support              programs and child care centres to be inclusive of children with disabilities through the
  Program               provision of specialist equipment, inclusion support subsidy, support and advice.
Dawn Meldrum          The subsidy is not designed to provide 1:1 support for the child, it increases the staff ratio at the
                      Parents/families should talk to the out of school hours program they would like to access and
                        discuss the specific needs of their child with the program.
                      Out of school hours programs complete the referral for assistance from the Inclusion Support
                        Program if the needs of a child are beyond their current capability.
                      Knox Inclusion Support provides the program for City of Knox, Maroondah and Shire of Yarra
                      East Middle Melbourne Inclusion Support Agency provides the program for Boroondara,
                        Manningham, Whitehorse and Monash Councils.
   General            Amanda May, Knox MetroAccess advised the network about a number of resources and events
   updates/             for the Knox Council area:
  upcoming            Knox Guide to Services for People with Disabilities
  events        Systematic Advocacy training – 14 people commencing 4/9/09
                ‘People first’ booklet – encouraging inclusion in community houses.
                Knox Access and Inclusion plan currently being developed and a survey will be distributed
Next meeting   Wednesday 2 December 10am to 12.30pm, Maroondah Federation Estate – Meeting room 2

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