8.5.45.xls - PENTAGON 2000 by liuqingyan


            Release      Fix /
Build       Date         New Module             Description                                   Internal Ref #   Customer Ref #

                                                Users can now use the scroll funtion in the
                                                Administration - System Setup - Server   11/02/06     Fix   Administration   Users & Group - Edit - Group Code List.       ADX0022936       Pentagon

                                                When a Vendor is not Approved and the
                                                User's Document Security flag is marked to
                                                "Allow to Quote Customers on Hold or not
                                                Approved" - they can add the Phone Order
                                                for the Customer account and proceed. If
                                                this flag is not marked, the User will be
                                                prevented from entering a Phone Order and
                                                proceeding just as the system block the User   11/02/06     Fix   Phone Order      this way in the Quote and RFQ.               ADX0023035        Pentagon

                                                The Purchasing - Phone Order prevents the
                                                User from adding an Order in the system is
                                                the Account is on Hold unless the User is
                                                flagged to allow creating RFQ's and PO's for   11/02/06     Fix   Phone Order      Vendors not approved.                        ADX0023027        Pentagon

                                                The Price Breakdown in the Lines - Unit
                                                Price has a caption change from 'DLV' to
                                                'Delivery'. (also in RFQ Price Breakdown).
                                                Also, the system adds and considers the
                                                Lead Time in the Price Break Down Lines   10/27/06     Fix   Quote            when converting Lines from a winning RFQ. ADX0022110           Pentagon 00863
                                              The Administration - System Settings
                                              includes the Maintenance Setting and Print
                                              MNT Settings when the Users are in an
                                              Aircraft Maintenance environment but do not   10/26/06   Fix   Administration   use Work Order or CRM/VRM.                        ADX0022972   Avborne 01357
                                              The Servers and Tasks Setup - Fax
                                              Transmitters settings has been fixed when
                                              adding a modem, the system will not add   10/26/06   Fix   Fax Server       more than one at a time.                          ADX0022885   Pentagon
                                              The Servers and Tasks Setup - Fax
                                              Transmitters settings has been fixed to allow
                                              prevent moving a new modem to another
                                              name and saving these settings. This
                                              prevents the modems being saved without a   10/26/06   Fix   Fax Server       device.                                           ADX0022900   Pentagon
                                              The Inventory - Stock Locations "Cost / First
                                              Cost" tabs will be at a zero value if the
                                              Purchase Receiver is marked for "No   10/26/06   Fix   Inventory        Charge".                                          ADX0022940   S3 Int. 01316
                                              When adding Serial numbers, the Add button
                                              will respond to the Enter key. (This applies to
                             Purchase         all windows in which the serial numbers can   10/26/06   Fix   Receiver         be entered).                                      ADX0022959   ADI 00561
                                              If the Work Order (parent document) is
                                              marked to have Taxes by Line, any partial
                                              billing Invoices for parts and labor will also   10/26/06   Fix   Sales Invoice    default to flag the "Line Net Taxable".           ADX0022974   Telford 01220
                                              The Servers and Tasks Setup - Fax
                                              Transmitters settings has been fixed when
                                              adding a modem, the system will not add   10/19/06   Fix   Fax Server       more than one at a time.                          ADX0022885   Pentagon
                                            There is a new flag added to allow disabling
                                            the Log Buffering, previously the Buffering
                                            was set (on) as a default. This setting can   10/19/06   New Fax Server       only be turned off on the Server.            ADX0008657     Pentagon

                                          The Customs Invoice and Canadian Invoice
                                          (from Purchase Shipper) have new additional
                                          print options just as the Sales Shipper does
                                          from which the user can choose which price
                                          will be shown on the parts:
                                          - from % of Sell price (as it works now, % is
                                          taken from the form setup)
                                          - from the document line cost/price
                                          - from the customs value (new field on the
                                          line charges tab)
                                          - add the total of the parts should be
                                          calculated                                                    00733:   10/19/06   New Forms          - add Ext price column                        ADX0008646      Evergreen/WS/Azego
                                          When editing a Purchase Order, a User will
                                          no longer receive an error when another
                                          User is Receiving the Lines into the
                                          Warehouse via the 'Receiving Information   10/19/06   Fix Purchase Order Window'.                                      ADX0022869      Dart 01306

                                            When converting a Work Order from Quote
                                            to Actual, the system will not disconnect from
                                            the SQL server causing errors when there   10/19/06   Fix   Work Order     are over 700 items to convert.                 ADX0022898   TecMotiv
                                            The Work Order Header transfers the Rev   10/19/06   Fix   Work Order     field from Part number.                        ADX0022873   Davis 01302
                                              The Administration - System Setup flag for
                                              'System Log Enabled' will not turn off the
                                              Server.exe log when the flag is turned off.
                                              The Server Log will always be on regardless   10/18/06   Fix   Administration   if the flag for System Log is marked or not. ADX0022867         Pentagon

                                              There is no error message in the Inventory -   10/18/06   Fix   Inventory        Xreference window when deleting the Lines. ADX0022865           A&J

                                              There has been changes in the Pick Ticket -
                                              Shipper Labels as follows:
                                              1. Shipping Labels by Box 'Our Packing Slip
                                              No.' changed to 'Our Packing List No.'
                                              2. Shipping Labels by Package Type 1
                                              'Ticket No.' has been changed to 'Packing   10/17/06   Fix   Pick Ticket      List No.'                                          ADX0022852   Alcoa 01254
                                              The ATA 106 Form will not print the title
                                              'Repair Station' if the field has no data in it.
                                              There is a flag in the Administration - System
                                              Setup - Company Setup: 'Override Repair   10/16/06   Fix   Forms            Station Number'.                                   ADX0022819   ANA 01236
                                              The Phone Order screen will prevent the
                                              User from adding an Account which is on
                                              Hold. The only way for a User to add an
                                              Account which is on Hold onto a Phone
                                              Order is if the flag in the User File is marked
                                              to allow the User to 'Override Hold   10/16/06   Fix   Phone Order      Customers...'.                                     ADX0022811   Hadco 01227
                                              The Customer and Vendor Account Aging
                                              reports are now checking the payments   10/16/06   Fix   Reports          against Invoices by the payment date.              ADX0022848   ILN 01276
                                              The Accounts Receivable Financials - A/R -
                                              Cash Receipts - does not show in the
                                              Deposits and not in the reconciliation
                                              Financials - A/R - Cash Receipts - status
                                              Posted to G/L does not show up when trying
                                              to Deposit it into the Bank   10/12/06   Fix   Financials       Show Only Cash Receipts with status Closed ADX0022759       Poliform 01237

                                            The General Search window's export
                                            function changed the export results by the
                                            1) The titles are now shown in order and
                                            their names
                                            2) The titles show what you see on the
                                            screen and not the database fields names
                                            *The fields are exported in the original
                                            system defaults order and not by the order of   10/12/06   Fix   General        the columns that the user arranged.              ADX0022573   Pentagon 00936
                                            The Packing Slip Complete form no longer
                                            prints the Boxes in the middle of the Line, it
                                            is not shown at the end of the Line and   10/12/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    before the Header Message.                       ADX0022731   Hadco 01229
                                            When there is more than one Card in a
                                            Maintenance XL, the system will sum the
                                            total prices per Card and not only the first
                                            Card on the MNT XL - Print - Print WO   10/11/06   Fix   Maintenance XL Quotation To Customer.                           ADX0022725   Air Planes 01218
                                            The system will allow the Users to pick all
                                            Quantity from the Warehouse Locations if   10/05/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    there is no integer Qty.                         ADX0022765   Hadco
                             Purchase      The Options menu ( in browse mode) only   10/05/06   Fix   Receiver      shows the Option ' J ' once.                      ADX0022744   Pentagon

                                           When Updating and Closing a Work Order,
                                           the system will ignore the "Print Pick Ticket
                                           per Line" upon automatic creation flag (from   10/05/06   New Work Order      Company Settings - Printing Flags).               ADX0008496   FS Call 50826
                                           The Work Order 8130-3, ATA 106, EASA
                                           and Transport Canada Forms will print the
                                           correct description when the Parts are   09/28/06   Fix   Forms         Posted Qty Finished.                              ADX0022692   Kenmore 00192
                                           When creating a Sales Order from the
                                           Phone Order, the system will check the
                                           Users document security and Customer
                                           credit limit to allow/block overriding the   09/28/06   Fix   Phone Order   Credit Limit.                                     ADX0022491   Hadco 01080
                                           The alt keys are now included on the main   09/27/06   Fix   General       menu bar.                                         ADX0021828   Infinity 00666
                                           The Inventory Parts master file - Options -
                                           Import into Stock W/H - Import Options -
                                           Import Type (serial/tracing/) default setting
                                           have been created:
                                           1. Import Type (serial/tracing) defaults to the
                                           System General Defaults (Defaults tab - P/N
                                           Tracing) and not automatically serialized
                                           2. There is a new button for 'Help' on the   09/27/06   New Inventory       explanation of selecting the Import Type.         ADX0008461   Pentagon
                                           Vendor Performance and Quality Report
                                           shows the Warranty Repairs and Claims
                                           information when the document Lines are
                                           marked to be “Under Warranty”. This
                                           includes the Warranty Repairs for Purchase
                                           Orders with Line Types: 04,08, 23, 24,38,
                                           25, 26, 27, 28, 10 and Warranty Claims with
                                           Line Types: 04,08, 23, 24,38, 25, 26, 27, 28,   09/26/06   New Reports         10.                                             ADX0008438   Pentagon
                                           The system will not error when adding Lines
                                           onto a Purchase Receiver through the Edit -
                             Purchase      Options and the Line Types are 04 and / or   09/25/06   Fix   Receiver      38.                                             ADX0022689   Pentagon
                                           The Sales (on the main menu) now includes
                                           the 'Hot Keys (customer list, shipper                        FS Call 50997/Infinity   09/21/06   Fix   General       consolidator etc...)                            ADX0021828   00666
                                           The Autosourse screen will no longer error   09/20/06   Fix   Auto Source   when clicking on the 'History' button.          ADX0022646   Pentagon

                                           The Work Order - Create Invoice Batch can   09/20/06   Fix   Work Order    create multiple Invoices for one Work Order. ADX0022641      Aerospace 01178
                                           While in Edit Mode, the maximum Qty
                                           allowed to ship is no longer controlled by the   09/19/06   Fix   Pick Ticket   first Location (Line).                         ADX0022636    Pentagon 01161

                                           The system will not present an error
                             Purchase      message when adding and then clicking OK   09/19/06   Fix   Receiver      to save the Receiver without any Lines.  ADX0022657          Pentagon

                                           The Date filters on the reports work   09/19/06   Fix   Reports       according to the computers regional settings. ADX0022654     Azego
                                           When closing the Work Order, the system
                                           will only make one Journal Entry as needed
                                           (when Posting WIP) and not more than
                                           needed. This will offset the WIP Account   09/18/06   Fix   Work Order    only once.                                         ADX0022604   FS Call 50997

                                           When reopening a Work Order which has a
                                           Sub Work Order that has WIP transactions
                                           posted to Journal Entries, the User will
                                           receive a warning forcing the User to void
                                           the Journal Entry in order to reopen the   09/18/06   Fix   Work Order    Work Order and Sub Work Order.                     ADX0022628   Pentagon
                                           Upon updating stock and then closing the
                             Purchase      Receiver, the Labels are now enabled to   09/17/06   Fix   Receiver      print automatically.                               ADX0022619   Pentagon
                                           The Customer Performance and Quality
                                           report has had some cosmetic changes:
                                           1. The filter for dates is now including the “To
                                           2. All text around the graphics are clearer to
                                           read during the preview.
                                           3. Also shows the In Transit and Stock
                                           Updated inventory
                                           4. When the flag is checked to save Line
                                           Changes (in ADM), the report will reflect
                                           according to the last changed / saved date                      00204: Avio   09/17/06   Fix   Reports       and not only the first.                            ADX0022294   Supp/Airborne/Azego
                                           When adding Raw Material parts to the
                                           Sales Order Lines, the correct totals
                                           calculations will be reflected in the Lines -   09/12/06   Fix   Sales Order   Raw Material Tab.                                  ADX0022609   Pentagon 01158
                                             The Accounts Receivable Customer Credits
                                             can be applied without depositing when the
                                             Customer Credits have been converted over   09/11/06   New Financials        from the DOS System.                       ADX0008361       Olympic
                                             The Accounts Payable Recurring Invoices
                                             'Invoice Date' and 'Received' Dates and
                                             amounts are being fed into their
                                             corresponding fields when creating the
                                             Invoices automatically based on the   09/11/06   Fix   Financials      Approved Date.                             ADX0022588       Pentagon 01127

                                             When adding a new image to the Receiver
                           Purchase          Lines, the image will be copied into the Stock   09/11/06   New Receiver          Warehouse Location for the part.               ADX0008368   Hadco 00734

                                          Restocking Level - by Warehouse report can
                                          be filted by Conditions based on the flag in
                                          the Administration - System General
                                          Defaults to 'Print Condition on Docs' (Default
                                          tab). When the flag is not marked, the
                                          system will ignore the Condition and sum all   09/11/06   Fix Reports        Conditions per Location.                         ADX0022591    Pentagon 01001
                                          The Invoice Totals have been added to the
                                          Sales Invoice Profit - Salesperson   09/11/06   New Reports        Commissions 1-5 report.                          ADX0008374    Pentagon 00965
                                          The Document Approval Limits Signatures
                                          can be loaded and used in the System Setup
                                          for all Companies when in the CRM / VRM   09/10/06   Fix Administration environment.                                     ADX0022579    Telford 01152
                                          The system will no longer delete the Memo
                                          from an original Card when adding /
                                          canceling Work Instructions into   09/10/06   Fix Maintenance XL Maintenance - Cards - Card Info.                 ADX0022581    Telford 01153
                                           The Salesperson Commission and
                                           Salespersons Commissions(1..5) reports
                                           now have an option to show the total sales
                                           by Sales Person Commission even if the   09/10/06   New Reports         value of Commission=0.                        ADX0008371   Pentagon
                                           When posting WIP Cost and Labor in the
                                           Operations menu, the User will see a modal
                                           during the process stating "Please wait".
                                           Each labor will be updated per Work Order
                                           Line and not at the end of the batch. (this
                                           also applies to the WIP from Maintenance   09/10/06   New Work Order      XL)                                           ADX0008344   Heico 01118
                                           When posting WIP Cost and Labor in the
                                           Operations menu, the User will see a modal
                                           during the process stating "Please wait".
                                           Each labor will be updated per Work Order
                                           Line and not at the end of the batch. (this
                                           also applies to the WIP from Maintenance   09/10/06   New Work Order      XL)                                           ADX0008346   Heico 01118
                                           The system will check is there is enough
                                           stock to Ship at the time of Picking /
                                           Reserving when there is UM Conversion and
                                           / or Raw Material being used on the Pick   09/07/06   Fix   Pick Ticket   Ticket - Line.                                ADX0022564   Hadco 00597

                                           The system will prevent 2 Users from posting
                                           WIP Cost from the Work Order at the same
                                           time. Once one User performs the Post, the   09/07/06   New Work Order      system will lock this procedure.             ADX0008338    Heico 01118
                                          The system will prevent 2 Users from posting
                                          WIP Cost from the Work Order at the same
                                          time. Once one User performs the Post, the
                                          system will lock this procedure if the Posting
                                          is done from the Work Order or MNT and
                                          when done from the Main Menu   09/07/06   New Work Order     automatically.                                 ADX0008342     Heico 01118

                                          The Work Order has the option to Split Work
                                          Order although the Work Order has posted
                                          Quantity Finished. Splitting the Work Order
                                          will also take into consideration any quantity
                                          that is already posted finished, so that it will
                                          only allow splitting a new WO for the quantity
                                          remaining only. As a reminder to the User
                                          will get a message stating “Work Order splits
                                          will be allowed after posting quantity finish,
                                          Are you sure?” and they User can “OK” and
                                          continue. Here are a few exceptions:
                                          1. Allow splits for parts posted from stock
                                          2. If the parts/cost were posted to WIP then
                                          the system will not to allow the splits
                                          3. Splitting parts when their status is Posted,
                                          the system will allow picking serials randomly
                                          when items are serialized multi
                                          4. If the WIP Journal Entry is Closed, it will
                                          be voided
                                          5. If the WIP Journal Entry is Posted to GL
                                          then the system will create a new entry in
                                          reverse and will be in Closed status with an   09/06/06   Fix   Work Order   EMPTY posted on date.                            ADX0022412   Pentagon 00972
                                              When Updating the Work Order, any Parts
                                              which have a Line Status of „C‟ it will remain
                                              and not be changed to „P‟. The Status will
                                              remain with its Journal Entry Status as it was   09/06/06   Fix   Work Order       in previous versions.                             ADX0022561   Pentagon
                                              Financials - Posting vendor invoices - from
                                              date empty and to as today shows error   09/05/06   Fix   Financials       building batch                                    ADX0022530   Azego
                                              The My Pentagon - Fax Server Log - Same
                                              user in different computers shows different   09/05/06   Fix   My Pentagon      list(columns caption)                             ADX0022372   All Systems 01004
                                              The Parts Material Certification now prints all   09/05/06   Fix   Pick Ticket      the Pick Ticket Lines.                            ADX0022505   S3 Int. 01081
                                              The Customer Credit Register (As Of) report
                                              is reflecting the correct Total value based on
                                              any partial credit balance open taking into
                                              consideration the applied amount less the   09/05/06   Fix   Reports          original credit amount.                           ADX0021490   TecMotiv 00553
                                              The Work Order Entry Form will not print a
                                              second page extra when there is no data to   09/05/06   Fix   Work Order       display on the page 2.                            ADX0022538   Pentagon 01101
                                              Users can add and save a Miscellaneous
                                              Sales Invoices with a single Line without   09/04/06   Fix   Sales Invoice    error.                                            ADX0022535   Pentagon
                                              There is no problem with the Pentagon
                                              Users & Groups - Users list when an Image   08/31/06   Fix   Administration   is selected.                                      ADX0022512   Pentagon 01108
                                              The Import from Customer Option process
                                              time has improved, it will import into the   08/31/06   Fix   Inventory        system much faster.                               ADX0022513   Evergreen
                                              The Work Order and Maintenance XL Profit
                                              Reports which reflect the Burden Value now
                                              includes the Parts Cost.
                                              1. When the Burden is per Part/Cost and per
                                              Cost Code, the column in the report reflects
                                              for each Part and Labor
                                              2. The Burden column is always going to be
                                              shown for each Part and Labor
                                              3. The Total of each Part does not have the
                                              Burden included
                                              4. There will be a new Line for each Cost
                                              Code (_PM will be sum of all P/N Burdens)
                                              5. The Work Order Total Lines now have a   08/31/06   Fix   Reports          Burden Value for the SUM of all Burdens          ADX0022230   Safe Flight
                                              If the flag for 'Cutting Required' is checked
                                              when using Raw Materials in the Sales Order
                                              - Lines, the User must enter the length. This
                                              also applies to the Lines in Phone Order and   08/31/06   Fix   Sales Order      Quote.                                           ADX0022516   Pentagon
                                              The reserve function is working now when
                                              splitting the Work Order Qty and a Purchase   08/31/06   Fix   Work Order       Order and Receiver is created.                   ADX0022495   Pentagon 00972
                                              The Work Order option to split the Work
                                              Order allows the User to do this even if there   08/31/06   Fix   Work Order       is Qty Finished.                                 ADX0022412   Pentagon 00972
                                              The First Name, Middle Name & Last Name
                                              fields in the User List now allows the User to   08/29/06   Fix   Administration   enter up to 20 characters.                       ADX0022463   FS Call 50978
                                         When clicking on the 'Delete' button for a
                                         Customers file, the Customer file will be
                                         deleted that is if there is no document   08/29/06   Fix   Customer    history.                                     ADX0022473      Pentagon 01047

                                         New changes in the Pick Ticket (and
                                         1. A new field is added to the Pick Ticket
                                         Line (which is transferred to the Invoice Line)
                                         titled 'Customs Price'
                                         2. The Customer's Letterhead name also
                                         prints on the Customs Invoice if the
                                         Customer flag is set to use Customer
                                         3. When printing the Customs Invoice, the
                                         User has the following options to select from
                                         to reflect prices on the Customs Invoice - the
                                         regular price shown on the Pick Ticket, The
                                         Custom price field or the percentage of sell                 WSW SoW 2006 06   08/29/06   New Pick Ticket   price from inventory (as per the setup)         ADX0007979   23
                                          The 'Related Parts' function can be selected
                                          from the BOM list which can also be done
                                          from the Work Order - Administration when a
                                          Routing is built for a Part number. It is copied
                                          to the Work Order. This feature will show the
                                          User who works on the Unit which parts are
                                          needed for each Operation. The Traveler is
                                          printed before any Parts are added to the
                                          Parts list so therefore this is available from
                                          the BOM.If the 'BOM Usage' flag is not
                                          checked, the User will have the option to
                                          select any Part number. If the 'BOM Usage'
                                          flag is checked, then the User can only   08/29/06   New Work Order     select Parts from the BOM list.                  ADX0008226    Pentagon 00972
                                          When creating a Reverse Journal Entry from
                                          a Journal Entry which is already Posted to
                                          G/L, it will have a status of 'Closed' and not   08/28/06   Fix   Financials   Posted G/L.                                      ADX0022342    Kenmore 01003

                                          There is a new default setting available for
                                          the Label Width in the Set Document Default
                                          Printer -> Misc. -> Label Master. Once the
                                          Label is printed, the default printer will be set   08/28/06   New My Pentagon    to the default print width setting.               ADX0008296   Azego 01045

                                          The Purchase Invoice will no longer calculate
                                          the Currency Conversion rate based on the
                                          Line but on the Document Total. This fix will
                             Purchase     prevent the 0.00 discrepancy issue when   08/28/06   Fix   Invoice      paying against the Vendors Invoice.           ADX0022425       Airborne 01010
                                          When printing the Quotes to Customer, the
                                          Header Message & Memo and default
                                          Messages are printed the information in the
                                          area below the last Part number listed. This   08/28/06   Fix   Quote        also applies to the Sales Order print out.       ADX0022481   Pentagon
                                          The Financial Reports no longer show the
                                          small value discrepancies due to the old
                                          Multi Currency issue in the General Ledger   08/28/06   Fix   Reports      Transactions of the Trial Balance.               ADX0022453   Azego 01056

                                          The Work Order - Options for 'W/O Global
                                          Cost/Charge' is reflecting the correct Cost
                                          value for Work Orders which were built as
                                          Kitting and then sent for Overhaul in another
                                          Work Order. When this is the case, the
                                          Overhauled Work Order's Unit Cost will zero
                                          and the breakdown of this will be reflected in   08/28/06   Fix   Work Order   the Kitting Work Order.                          ADX0022458   Safe Flight
                                          The Work Order Cost / P & M Distribution -
                                          Detailed and Work Order Cost / Burden -
                                          Summary reports reflect the correct values.
                                          This report splits the values for Parts which   08/28/06   Fix   Work Order   have material burden.                            ADX0022232   Safe Flight
                                          The Work Order / Burden WIP - Qty Used
                                          and Qty Required reports shows the
                                          breakdown of previous Work Orders when
                                          the report parameter is flagged to show the   08/27/06   New Reports        Work Order History (for Part).                   ADX0008111   Safe Flight
                                          Cosmetic change in the Accounts Payable
                                          Automatic Checks option to Print - Select
                                          Check No. The window will now be indicted   08/24/06   Fix   Financials   in green.                                        ADX0022397   Pentagon 01014
                                          The 8130 Form (from the Pick Ticket) has a
                                          new hint which indicates to the User the   08/24/06   New Forms          setup of this Form is also for T700 COC.     ADX0008231         Pentagon
                                          When printing out the In-House Routine
                                          Card, it will only print the pages which are   08/22/06   Fix Maintenance XL relevant.                                    ADX0022440         Telford 00545
                                          The Standard Aircraft Configuration - Scope
                           Engineering &  List will now save 2 lines with the same   08/15/06   Fix Record Keeping serials.                                     ADX0022364         Pentagon

                             Engineering &  Standard Aircraft Configuration - Cards List   08/15/06   Fix   Record Keeping will allow the User to enter data without error. ADX0022361   Pentagon

                                              The title of the 8130 form has been changed:
                                              1. 8130-3 Part II changed to 8130-1 Part II   08/15/06   New Forms              2. In the setup: 8130-3 changed to 8130-1/3 ADX0008205      Int. Aircraft

                                              There have been some minor fixes in the   08/15/06   New Label Master       Part number and Purchase Receiver labels.      ADX0008202   Alcoa
                                              The expiration date is no longer printing in   08/15/06   New Pick Ticket        duplicate for a Part in the Packing Slip.      ADX0008188   Pentagon 00985
                                              Restocking Levels by W/H - shows the   08/15/06   Fix   Reports          default UM per each Part Number.               ADX0022339   Pentagon 01001
                                              Sales and Purchase Invoice Register report
                                              reflects the Account Name when sorting by
                                              Customer or Vendor and no longer the   08/15/06   Fix   Reports          Code.                                          ADX0022329   Pentagon 00977

                                              Label changed in the General Tables List By   08/14/06   Fix   Administration   Code to 'JAR/EASA/FAR Certificate List'.    ADX0022355      Pentagon 00991
                                              Under the ADM log-in, the Pentagon Users &
                                              Groups - Set Users Settings now includes   08/14/06   Fix   Administration   the 'Unmark User Settings' options.        ADX0022348        Pentagon 00988

                                              When updating the Vendors Invoice through
                                              the Claim‟s Options menu, it does not affect   08/14/06   Fix   Claim            and verify the Post to Period of the Claim.     ADX0022271   Pentagon
                                              The Post to Period of the Claims are based
                                              on the Accounting Setup and it defaulted   08/14/06   Fix   Claim            accordingly.                                    ADX0022270   Pentagon
                                              The Customer & Vendor Options - Contract
                                              Management: When this license is enabled,
                                              there will be a new flag for it which affects
                                              the Line Price in all the Phone Orders
                                              R.F.Q.'s., Quotes, Sales Orders and   08/14/06   New Customer           Purchase Orders.                                ADX0008183   WSW
                                              A Reversal Journal Entry of an original
                                              Journal Entry which has a status of Posted
                                              to GL will not copy the status as Posted GL.
                                              The Reverse Journal Entry will automatically   08/14/06   Fix   Financials       have a status of Closed.                        ADX0022342   Kenmore 01003
                                              The Bank Statement Reconciliation will have
                                              visible and reflect all Account receivable
                                              without having to close the statement and   08/14/06   Fix   Financials       open it again.                                  ADX0022334   Pentagon
                                              The Expedite Tab on the documents has
                                              been adjusted as the same color on all other   08/14/06   Fix   General          Tabs.                                           ADX0022358   Pentagon 00690
                                            Documents Letter of Credit is well updated:
                                            If the L/C expires and is extended, when the
                                            User attempts to go back to the documents
                                            which are linked – it allows the User to
                                            continue working with the document and
                                            considers the current expiration date.

                                            Also – the message which pops up when
                                            editing the L/C in the Quote/SO (in edit   08/14/06   Fix   General        mode) reads the word “Amount”.                 ADX0022300   FS Call 50928
                                            The Warehouse Transfer duplication also   08/14/06   Fix   Inventory      links the publication where applicable.        ADX0022290   Pentagon
                                            The User can now access and view the   08/14/06   Fix   Publications   Operations - Publications - Applications.      ADX0022341   Pentagon

                                            If the Purchase Order Line has a Unit of
                                            Measure of LB, but the Customer Sales
                                            Order has a Unit of Measure of EA, the
                                            system will split the Purchase Order Line
                                            correctly when assigning it to a the Sales
                                            Order. The message which pops up for the   08/14/06   Fix   Purchase Order User has been changed to state "Match".     ADX0022344      Pentagon
                             Purchase       The Purchase Receiver prints the Total Cost   08/14/06   Fix   Receiver       on the copies.                              ADX0022352      Pentagon
                                          The Purchase Receiver Form has been
                                          1. There is more space available for the
                                          2. The Good Till is replaced by the UID
                                          3. The Locations are sorted based on the
                                          LIFO/FIFO method (Received Date)
                           Purchase       4. There is a filter for the Qty + In-House +   08/14/06   New Receiver       Transport > 0                                     ADX0008121   WSW 00953
                                          Changes on the Performance & Quality
                                          The Commitment Box (bottom right side) has
                                          renamed the Vendor P.O. as % of Total for                      00204: Avoid
                                          Vendor P.O. values as % for Total                              Support/Airborne/Aze   08/14/06   Fix   Reports      Purchases.                                        ADX0022292   go
                                          The Customer Performance & Quality Report
                                          had cosmetic changes:
                                          1. The filter for dates is now including the
                                          date of - to date.                                             00204: Avio
                                          2. All text around the graphic is clear to read                Support/Airborne   08/14/06   Fix   Reports      on a print preview.                               ADX0022294   Tech/Azego
                                          The UM of the quantity has been added to   08/14/06   New Reports        the S.O. Profit By Line Cost report.              ADX0008184   Pentagon 00982
                                          The Accounts Receivable and Accounts
                                          Payable Recurring Invoices will not error   08/13/06   Fix   Financials   when opening the Lines Tab.                       ADX0022336   Pentagon
                                          When adding or swapping the Part numbers,
                             Purchase     the part will also duplicate the Publication   08/13/06   Fix   Receiver     link.                                             ADX0022276   Pentagon
                                              When adding Repair Parts onto a Purchase
                                              Receiver, the system will duplicate the
                             Purchase         publications link if the Part is marked as   08/13/06   Fix   Receiver         Time Control which has already shipped.        ADX0022302   Pentagon

                                           The Quick Receiver / Work Order by Serial
                                           duplicates the Publication links from the old   08/13/06   Fix Repair Receiver Warehouse according to Publication module.        ADX0022306   Pentagon
                                           System General Defaults – Stock W/H
                                           Settings has been modified:
                                           1. The 'Lube Color' is now 'Show bin
                                           locations lines out of Lube with this color'
                                           2. A new title for the fields to be shown:
                                           'Show additional warehouse fields in   08/10/06   New Administration  warehouse grid'                                   ADX0008165   Pentagon 00984
                                           A new Search function has been added to
                                           the Aircraft Scopes (also parts and all the
                           Engineering &   tabs) in the Aircraft Fleet - Scopes - Routine   08/10/06   New Record Keeping Card.                                              ADX0008160   Pentagon 00970
                                           The Bank Reconciliation only allows the User
                                           to select checks which have a status of
                                           Closed, G/L Batch and Posted to G/L - not   08/10/06   New Financials      Open.                                             ADX0008147   Comptech 00963
                                           The Warehouse Transfer Update #1 step will   08/10/06   Fix Inventory       not error in the current version.                 ADX0022316   Pentagon
                                           The User can now „Add Part for Work Order‟   08/10/06   Fix Inventory       in the Stock Release without error.               ADX0022281   Telford 00967
                                           If the Part number is duplicated from the
                                           Inventory - Options - Replicate Part, this also   08/10/06   Fix Inventory       replicates the publication links.                 ADX0022277   Pentagon
                                              When searching the Inventory by „Capability‟.
                                              The „Delivery‟ and „Range‟ are adjacent each
                                              other and the currency is near the Flat Rate   08/10/06   Fix   Inventory        price column.                                 ADX0022312        Pentagon 00981

                                          There is now the option to Add & Edit in an   08/10/06   New Maintenance XL Actual Maintenance Cards - Publications.           ADX0008140       Pentagon
                                          The Warehouse Locations column will not
                                          duplicate the information if the 'My System
                                          Settings' is marked to show all additional   08/10/06   Fix Phone Order    Warehouse fields in the grid.                      ADX0022314       Pentagon 00978
                                          When creating a new Phone Orders and
                                          then selecting 'Keep', it will not be saved as                      000658: Air.   08/10/06   Fix Phone Order    extra or double empty Saved Orders.                ADX0022045       Inv./Pentagon
                                          Shipper Consolidator prints when prompted
                                          in the Options to 'Print Consolidator Boxes   08/10/06   Fix Pick Ticket    Labels'.                                           ADX0022115       Pentagon 00896

                                              Bar Codes have been added to the Packing
                                              Slip printout. A new form is attached to the
                                              Packing Slip as an additional form for
                                              (Goodrich) Labels. If there is a Package it
                                              will also print the 'Ship To' details as the title              WSW SoW 2006 06   08/10/06   New Pick Ticket        and then all the Package details.`                 ADX0007972   23
                                              The Publications - Card Tab updates the   08/10/06   Fix   Publications     Card No. and the ATA details.                      ADX0022264   Pentagon
                                          New Publications are added to the following
                                          Work Order -
                                          4. Inspection Report
                                          5. Disposition
                                          6. Blank Traveler
                                          7. Traveler + Bar Code
                                          MNT-XL -
                                          7. Inspection Report
                                          8. Blank Traveler   08/10/06   New Publications   17. Log Book                                ADX0008114        Heros 00783
                                          When adding from a Closed Pick Ticket (not
                                          Core) the system will duplicate the
                                          Publication Links for the new Publication   08/10/06   Fix   R.M.A.       module.                                     ADX0022288        Pentagon

                                          Manufacturing and Kitting Type Work Orders
                                          –have a new option to Split W/O:
                                          1. Once you select the Option you can OK to
                                          2. The system will not allow splitting a
                                          quantity by decimal
                                          3. The User will see a message stating the
                                          system has created the Split Work Order
                                          4. The Labors split will show the correct
                                          duration times
                                          5. If the User attempts to select the PN
                                          quantity by decimals, it will not allow or error
                                          6. The system allows splitting the Work   08/10/06   New Work Order     Order BOM                                        ADX0007353   Safe Flight
                                           The Work Order - Info 1 Tab - Links Tab is
                                           marked as active once the User adds   08/10/06   Fix   Work Order    Applications.                                     ADX0022331   Pentagon
                                           The Post Qty Finished via the Work Order -   08/10/06   Fix   Work Order    Update is fully functional.                       ADX0022325   Pentagon
                                           The Work Order option for M. Split Qty To
                                           New W/O copies over all Documents
                                           (Applications, Bulletins, Drawings etc.) into   08/10/06   Fix   Work Order    the new Work Order.                               ADX0022273   Pentagon
                                           The Open Labor & Update Labor By   08/10/06   Fix   Work Order    Employee screens can be stretched.                ADX0022310   Pentagon 00979
                                           There is a change the caption from Vendors   08/09/06   Fix   Claim         Invoice to Purchase Invoice.                      ADX0022296   Pentagon 00973
                                           The Part number History screen wills not
                                           error when the User marks a check under   08/09/06   Fix   Inventory     the Sales and Purchase Shippers.                  ADX0022285   Pentagon
                                           Sales Order Profit Analysis (Allocation Cost)
                                           is calculating the correct price based on the
                                           Cost Formula and a new field on the report
                                           with the type of Warehouse for easier                          Azego 07072005 |   08/09/06   Fix   Reports       analysis.                                         ADX0020007   B76
                                           When converting from a Quotation, the Ship
                                           To defaults from the Quote Line(s) and not   08/09/06   Fix   Sales Order   the Header.                                       ADX0021896   Pentagon 00713
                                           The Component Work Orders copy over the
                                           publications when converting the Work Order   08/09/06   New Work Order      from Quote to Actual.                             ADX0008162   Pentagon
                                           Sales Order Profit by Line Cost 'Ext Cost'
                                           calculates correctly by multiplying the cost by   08/07/06   Fix   Reports       the quantity.                                     ADX0022239   Hadco 00942
                                           WIP Reports will not show the same   08/06/06   Fix   Reports       attached Invoices twice.                          ADX0022209   00922: APA/Pentagon
                                            The Work Order Cost/ Burden WIP - Qty
                                            Used report will not show the burden in   08/13/06   Fix   Reports        negative values.                                  ADX0021354   Safe Flight
                                            The Customer and Vendor Performance &
                                            Quality report reflects the correct
                                            calculations on the following fields:
                                            1. Late as % From all lines                                    00204:Avio
                                            2. Early as % from all lines                                   Support/Airborne/Aze   08/13/06   Fix   Reports        3. On time as % from all lines                    ADX0020645   go
                                            The Invoice Profit by Work Order Cost report
                                            shows the Purchasing Cost in its own
                                            column if the Sales Invoice Line is not
                                            related to a Work Order and is received
                                            through Purchasing and sold. New column   08/13/06   New Reports          name 'Purchasing Cost'.                           ADX0008105   Safe Flight
                                            There is a new flag in the System Setup -
                                            Company/Div/Dept Setup - WO/MNT
                                            Settings labeled: “Do not allow to create an
                                            invoice unless pick ticket is in „Close‟ status
                                            (main part shipped)”. When the flag is
                                            1. User is disabled from generating the
                                            Invoice from the Work Order unless the Pick
                                            Ticket is created and changed to status
                                            2. If there are multiple shipments, you can
                                            have 1 Pick Ticket in „Close‟ status to
                                            3. If the Work Order is an R.M.A. type Work
                                            Order or a Repair that converted to an
                                            Exchange, there is no need to do this check
                                            (since there is no Pick Ticket for shipped   08/07/06   New Administration   part).                                            ADX0008100   Heico 00943
                                              All ETS versions are saving time in hours
                             ETS - Electronic and minutes and not by seconds or   08/07/06   Fix   Time Sheet       milliseconds.                                ADX0022246   Telford 00834

                                            The Bank Reconciliation is allowed to select   08/07/06   Fix   Financials     only documents which are Posted to G/L.        ADX0022049   Comptech 00963
                                            The Maintenance Card print forms will not
                                            print the Company/Div/Dept if this is not   08/07/06   Fix   Maintenance XL indicated on the Maintenance.                  ADX0020309   Elliott 13597
                                            The User can now click on the A/C and
                                            select the Aircraft in the Maintenance Cards   08/07/06   Fix   Maintenance XL without error.                                 ADX0022256   Pentagon
                                            The My Screen has been altered to set the
                                            'My MNT.' symmetrically on the right side of   08/07/06   Fix   My Pentagon    the 'My W/O'.                                  ADX0022251   Pentagon

                                              The settings can be saved for the columns in              00145:   08/07/06   Fix   Phone Order      the Warehouse Screen of the Phone Order. ADX0021824       Olympic/Pentagon

                                              When Updating and Closing the Receiver, if
                                              the Lines were originated from a Repair
                                              Receiver which is related to a Special
                             Purchase         Contract the Receiver Closes and sends a   08/07/06   Fix   Receiver         message to the User about the scenario.    ADX0022253     FS Call 50944
                                              The 'Qty Required' field is transferring   08/07/06   Fix   R.F.Q.           correctly from the R.F.Q. Import file.     ADX0022260     Infinity 00696

                                              The Invoice Profit by Work Order Cost report   08/07/06   Fix   Reports          shows the correct sum for the burden value. ADX0022227    Safe Flight
                                          Sales Order - Blanket Order Analysis report
                                          calculates the Purchasing side correctly.
                                          The formula for the Sales Side is: Sales Qty
                                          Open * Sales Unit Price = 3 * 200 = 600
                                          The formula for the Purchase Side: Sales
                                          Qty Open * Purchase Unit Price = 3 * 100 =   08/07/06   Fix Reports        300                                               ADX0022236   Supersonic
                                          Sales Order Profit by Line Cost 'Ext Cost'
                                          calculates correctly by multiplying the cost by   08/07/06   Fix Reports        the quantity.                                     ADX0022239   Hadco 00942
                                          3 New Labels introduced:
                                          Receiving Label - Print from Receiver
                                          (prints UID and company name, by Line
                                          Shipping Label - Per box   08/06/06   New Label Master   Shipping Label – Per Package                      ADX0008094   Alcoa 00937
                                          The Work Order and Maintenance Cards
                                          window which shows the time values based
                                          on the Labor, no longer reflects the Labor as
                                          captured by the ETS. The total hours will be
                                          rounded up/down and only state hours - no   08/06/06   Fix Maintenance XL seconds.                                          ADX0022249   Telford 00834
                                          An Excel icon has been added to all search
                                          screens which enables the User to export the   08/06/06   New Open EDI       list to an Excel .csv file.                       ADX0008103   Pentagon 00936
                                          Vendor Performance & Quality report reflects
                                          the values and graphics for Receiving
                                          Early/Late (monthly receiving) correct on the                  00204:Avio
                                          top portion which have a value greater than                    Support/Airborne/Aze   08/06/06   Fix Reports        zero.                                             ADX0022128   go
                                           The WIP report will not lists the same Invoice
                                           twice when it the Invoice is attached to the   08/06/06   Fix   Reports       Outside Services.                              ADX0022209        00922: APA/Pentagon

                                           Sales Tax Journal Report by VAT Code has
                                           changed the logic in the way it is run in order   08/06/06   Fix   Reports       to show unposted values. (negative debit)           ADX0022258   Azego 00915
                                           When printing the Work Order (Quote or
                                           Actual) there is a new flag to print or not print
                                           the Lines which have type 33. This is allowed
                                           only if the Sell Price is zero. The flag is   08/06/06   New Work Order      marked by default.                                  ADX0008117   McTurbine 00948
                                           The User can now change the Order Listing
                                           by Quantity in the Auto-Sourcing imported   08/03/06   Fix   Auto Source   results with no problem.                            ADX0022190   GAT 00895
                                           The window caption has been changed in
                                           the options - Imaging - attaching a new   08/03/06   Fix   Customer      unsupported file message.                           ADX0022220   Pentagon
                                           There is a new dialog wizard when clicking
                                           on the 'General Ledger' or 'Balance As Of'
                                           button and Company/Division/Department   08/03/06   Fix   Financials    filter.                                             ADX0021776   I-Log
                                           All Certificates prints the serials just as the   08/03/06   New Forms           8130 (multi serials) prints in Block 11.            ADX0008086   Pentagon

                                           The Inventory Warehouse Location takes the
                                           correct lubrication for a Part number which is
                                           serialized unique and the Confirm message
                                           has been changed from „is passed due‟ to   08/03/06   Fix   Inventory     „past due‟ when changing the line.             ADX0022166        Pentagon 00919
                                         The Inventory – Orders button is functioning
                                         correctly when the User selects a Customer
                                         – it jumps to the selected Customer and
                                         when saving the Settings, it saves the screen   08/03/06   Fix   Inventory   size as well as the column settings.          ADX0022177    Infinity 00656

                                         The Line Expedite has been modified:
                                         1) The 2 topics "p/n" & "desc" have been
                                         2) There is a hint on the check box.   08/03/06   Fix   Inventory   3) There is also a hint on the disabled tabs. ADX0022181    Pentagon
                                         The Lines in the Stock Warehouse grid
                                         shows the items out of or expired Lube/Shelf
                                         Life in another color in which the User can
                                         set the color scheme via a flag in the System               WSW SoW 2006 06   08/03/06   New Phone Order   Setup.                                        ADX0008080    23

                                         Using the method to print all Pick Tickets for
                                         a specific Customer via the Sales menu (top
                                         bar) will not include the Pick Tickets which   08/03/06   New Pick Ticket   are marked 'Early / Complete Shipments'.       ADX0008049   FS Call # 50736
                                         The Employee Working House report will not
                                         error and the subfields in the grid for the   08/03/06   Fix   Reports     'Maintenance Cards' are clear.                 ADX0021942   Pentagon
                                         Sales Order Journal, Open Purchase Order
                                         and other Sales Order reports have the filter
                                         for the Line Type. This will allow the
                                         Customers Repairs to calculate as the Total   08/03/06   New Reports       Value.                                         ADX0008091   Aero Kool
                                          There is a new flag to give the User the
                                          option to print locally from report server
                                          which when flagged and previewing the
                                          report then clicking 'Print' - the system will
                                          send the report to the server to be printed   08/03/06   New Reports        there.                                         ADX0007925   Pentagon
                                          There is a new flag to give the User the
                                          option to print locally from the Report Server
                                          which must be setup in the Report Server
                                          Module. The flag is titled: 'Print Reports   08/03/06   New Reports        Locally'.                                      ADX0007924   Pentagon

                                          Some major improvements to the Cores
                                          Owed To Vendors Report:
                                          1. When the report is run it shows the
                                          serialized multi and the serialized unique
                                          2. The Received Date column pulls from the
                                          Purchase Receiver Header
                                          3. It shows the column for “Due Date” and
                                          not „Valid Until‟
                                          4. It show the original serial number received
                                          5. The Receiver number and Received date
                                          from the Header has been added
                                          6. The Totals lines up and is in the same font
                                          7. The Warehouse and Location has been
                                          8. The P.O. # shown is correct from the   08/03/06   New Reports        Receiver                                       ADX0007002   Pentagon
                                          The Standard B.O.M List prints with the   08/03/06   Fix   Work Order   entire title when the font size is above 8.    ADX0022194   Aircrafters 00823
                                             When the Work Order is converted from
                                             Actual To Quote, 'Qty Req' from the Actual
                                             transfers to the Quote 'Qty Req' and 'Qty Bid'   08/03/06   Fix   Work Order      as well.                                       ADX0022214     McTurbine 00947
                                             The Work Order now has the option to
                                             "Export Work Order Ref To CSV" (EVAS   08/03/06   New Work Order        Engraving Script).                             ADX0008092     VSafe 00431
                                             The User can now filter the Claims in the
                                             search window by the “Paid” value (base   08/02/06   Fix   Claim           and/or convert).                               ADX0022162     Azego 00900

                                             The FAA 8130-3 part II form available from
                                             the Sales Invoice has been modified in the
                                             data entry screen to enable the Users to add
                                             the fields for section III. There is a new entry
                                             tab on the Sales Invoice - Lines - Expedite:   08/02/06   New Forms             8130-3 -> part III.                              ADX0007967   Int. Aircraft 00511
                                             When Importing Stock into the Stock W/H,
                                             the stock will be added to the part numbers   08/02/06   Fix   Inventory       which have the Sub = 1.                          ADX0022219   FS Call 50937

                                            The 'Total' in the Card when the
                                            Maintenance is printed as a Quote is correct   08/02/06   Fix   Maintenance XL as it sums all the prices that a Card.       ADX0022143        Air Planes
                                            The Update to Close the Shipper   08/02/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    Consolidator will work now without error.    ADX0022117        Pentagon
                                            When Updating the Shipper Consolidator,
                                            the message has been changed to read   08/02/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    'Document'.                                  ADX0022118        Pentagon
                                             The Quick Misc. Invoice entry function works
                                             1. In a Single Currency environment, the
                                             system will default the Currency date to
                                             0.00on the Invoice
                                             2. If the setup in the Accounting Setup is set
                                             to post based on „Our Invoice Date‟, the
                             Purchase        system updates the „Post to Period‟   08/02/06   Fix   Invoice         accordingly.                                   ADX0021940   Kenmore

                                             The system will allow the User to add a new
                                             Work Order for Parts which have linked   08/02/06   Fix   Work Order      manuals from the new module (Publications). ADX0022187      Pentagon

                                             When adding a new Work Order, the W/O
                                             now looks at the new manuals link based on
                                             the new Publications Module. (this also
                                             applies to Work Orders from RMA, Sales   08/07/06   Fix   Work Order      Receivers as well as the internal W/O)         ADX0022122   Heros 00783
                                             The system will continue to log in even if the
                                             User clicks on the ellipsis during the log in   08/02/06   Fix   General         process.                                       ADX0022182   Pentagon

                                          A copy of an attached image is automatically   08/02/06   New Imaging Module saved in the Images directory.               ADX0007445        Pentagon

                                            The Work Order and Heavy Maintenance XL
                                            - Costs have been changed as follows:
                                            1) Plan{Hrs} to Plan(Hrs)
                                            2) The values in the Footer of the grid   08/02/06   Fix   Maintenance XL formatted to 00:00 and not 00.00 (or 00,00). ADX0022193      Pentagon
                                             Work Order Standard BOM print form now   08/02/06   New Work Order        prints the BOM Memo.                            ADX0007936   Intermountain 00564
                                             The Security settings can be enabled or   08/01/06   New General           disabled in all documents Print Options.        ADX0007879   Azego 00687
                                             Inventory - Update Stock Cost Formula -
                                             Setup Run: will update the Warehouses
                                             chosen in the filters accordingly and not all   08/01/06   Fix   Inventory       Warehouses.                                     ADX0022200   FS Call 50956
                                             The Inventory - Options - Qty UM
                                             Conversion will not allow letters or symbols   08/01/06   Fix   Inventory       to be entered in the factor fields.             ADX0022168   Pentagon
                                             The Aircraft Inspection List report will not
                                             error when the User selects and deletes the   08/01/06   Fix   Reports         Aircraft ID.                                    ADX0021946   Pentagon
                                             the Sales Order Line's Expedite will open the
                                             P.O. when the P.O. button is linked via the   08/01/06   Fix   Sales Order     P.O. Options to assign Line.                    ADX0021272   Pentagon

                                          The Bill of Materials Tab will not allow the   08/01/06   Fix Work Order     User to enter '111111' in the sequence field. ADX0022169        Pentagon
                                          There is a new option to block Users from all
                                          Companies when there is an upgrade in   07/31/06   New Administration progress.                                      ADX0007856       Pentagon 00343
                                          There have been some changes on the
                                          Standard Aircraft Configuration:
                                          1. An option to sort by all the columns on the
                                          screen is available
                                          2. The ATA has been added as well
                                          3. A default quantity of 1 in all parts
                           Engineering &  4. There is a fixed field which can‟t be   07/31/06   New Record Keeping changed but visible on the screen              ADX0006236       Pentagon
                           ETS - Electronic The Time and Date has been added to all                        00821: Pentagon/Air   07/31/06   New Time Sheet       ETS screens.                                      ADX0008072   Tech.
                                            The left margin of the Fax Memo has been   07/31/06   New Fax Server       adjusted and aligned.                             ADX0007861   FS Call # 50800

                                             The Fax Server setting for the transmitter PC
                                             is now deleting the temporary files created   07/31/06   Fix   Fax Server      inside the Windows User Temp Folder.             ADX0022164   FS Call 50834
                                             The Journal Entry screen has a new „Save
                                             Settings‟ button on the screen to save the   07/31/06   New Financials        format of this grid.                             ADX0008054   Kenmore 00757
                                             New feature for Fixed Assets: Listing and   07/31/06   New Financials        Depreciation.                                    ADX0007800   Pegasus
                                             8130-3 Part II prints the information selected   07/31/06   Fix   Forms           on the form.                                     ADX0021745   Int. Aircraft 00511
                                             The Units of Measure are printing on the   07/31/06   New Forms             Certificates.                                    ADX0008085   FS Call # 50814
                                             There is a new form under the Pick Tickets
                                             print option named 'Certificate of
                                             Conformance (Military Applications)'
                                             - The form uses the same settings as the
                                             - The form is similar to the ATA 106 form
                                             and uses its settings
                                             - it can be printed from the Work Order   07/31/06   New Forms             Header                                           ADX0008038   APA
                                             The Employees bar code have been moved
                                             as a new item in the Operations (top menu) -   07/31/06   Fix   Label Master    Label master.                                    ADX0021363   Int. Aircraft 00511
                                             The caption has changed from 'Qty Shipped'
                                             to 'Qty Bid' in the search screen after   07/31/06   Fix   Quote           selecting the Auto Source option.                ADX0021906   Sey Tec 00793
                                            The Inventory Warehouse Transfer report
                                            can be run without errors when the User
                                            deletes the Warehouse Code from the filter   07/31/06   Fix   Reports        list (In/Out).                                   ADX0022002   Pentagon
                                            The Cash Flow Forecast reports are
                                            calculating in the right column correctly and
                                            reflecting the forecast correctly when using   07/31/06   Fix   Reports        Terms.                                           ADX0021580   Pentagon 00599
                                            The Employee Payroll Form does not error
                                            when adding or deleting the multi selection   07/31/06   Fix   Reports        frame for Employee.                              ADX0022096   Pentagon

                                            When re-printing the Sales Invoice which
                                            has multiple copies setup in the Forms
                                            Setup, the system can only print one copy,
                                            and not all copies as per the Setup. The
                                            User will see a print dialog box
                                            (print/fax/email options) with a new tab for
                                            'Copies Selection' which will be all marked by
                                            default and the Users will be able to pick   07/31/06   New Sales Invoice    which copies they would like to re-print.        ADX0007882   Avio Support 00365
                                            The Administrative default for the User Log   07/30/06   New Administration   is set to „Off‟ for any new Users.               ADX0008078   Pentagon 00906
                                            The flag in the Warehouse List for "Internal
                                            Use" has been renamed to "Internal use only   07/30/06   New Administration   (W/O & Transfers)".                              ADX0008076   Pentagon 00885
                                            The User can now delete the Ship To
                                            number field without errors, this also applies   07/30/06   Fix   Customer       to the Vendors Remit To.                         ADX0021810   Pentagon 00766
                                            The system will automatically refresh the list
                                            screen when choosing and deleting a   07/30/06   Fix   Customer       Contact from the Contact List.                   ADX0021845   Pentagon 00715
                           Engineering &  The User can now add the 'Req List' in the   07/30/06   Fix Record Keeping Aircraft Fleet without problems.           ADX0022121        Pentagon
                                          The Automatic Checks batch and Automatic
                                          Wires batch updates the Base and
                                          Converted Currency when applying debits.
                                          Also - the Balance column button has been   07/30/06   Fix Financials     renamed to 'Applied Debit'.                ADX0022095        Pentagon 00582
                                          A new flag added on the Shipping forms
                                          setup available through Pick Tickets,
                                          Packing Slips, COC - „[x] Print W/H   07/30/06   New Forms          Expiration Date‟.                          ADX0007953        ADI

                                            The Images saved in Pentagon as .TIFF files
                                            are able to be read from within Pentagon   07/30/06   Fix   Imaging Module even where there are multiple pages.        ADX0022136     Hadco 00841

                                            There has been a logic change where the
                                            system will not show the message to „Allow
                                            duplicate ALT?‟ when importing from Excel
                                            into Inventory. This is message is ruled by
                                            flag "allow duplicate parts" in the   07/30/06   Fix   Inventory      Administration - System Setup.                ADX0022108   Aerospace
                                            The Raw Material module has a new flag
                                            within the license which can enable or
                                            disable the Raw Material Type of stock – this
                                            is located in the Administration - System   07/30/06   Fix   Inventory      Settings.                                     ADX0022173   Pentagon 00920
                                           If there is an Assembly List in the Quote,
                                           Sales Order, R.F.Q. or Purchase Order it will
                                           be listed in the „Assembly Tab‟ under the
                                           Line and there is a checkbox on the Lines
                                           grid to identify the existence of the Assembly
                                           List. This function will be activated via a flag
                                           in the User settings - General Preferences:   07/30/06   New Inventory       'Show Parts Assembly List'.                      ADX0007894   ILN

                                           Changes made to the Customer Contact
                                           Label also apply to other Labels in the
                                           system including the Receiving, Shipping,
                                           Claim and Transfer Labels:
                                           1. If there is no middle name for the Contact,
                                           the extra space on the Label is removed.
                                           2. If the title of the person cannot fit on the
                                           label, it automatically shifts to the next line.
                                           3. After the name of the city there is a
                                           4. The space between the State and Zip
                                           code has been removed.
                                           5. There will be no error when trying to open   07/30/06   New Label Master    the Customer Label option.                       ADX0008010   Pentagon 00707

                                           The Material Requisition option to Convert to
                                           Purchase Order takes into consideration the
                             Material      rules for signature levels which may apply for   07/30/06   Fix   Requisition   Purchase Orders.                               ADX0021879     Avborne 00809

                                           The Executive Dashboard has a new form   07/30/06   New My Pentagon     for the Customers Delivery Performance.      ADX0007066       Pentagon
                                            The Executive Dashboard has a new chart   07/30/06   New My Pentagon      for the Customers which are Outstanding.         ADX0007069   FS
                                            The system will not all the User to select and   07/30/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    create Pick Tickets without Lines.               ADX0022165   Pentagon
                                            The system will respond when the User
                                            selects the Shipper Consolidator option to   07/30/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    'Print Consolidator Boxes Labels'.               ADX0022115   Pentagon 00896
                                            The Parts Requestor report has a new filter
                                            to search / select the Req no. in the range of   07/30/06   New   Reports        'From - To'.                                     ADX0008074   Pentagon
                                            There is a new report for the Customer X-   07/30/06   New   Reports        Reference List.                                  ADX0007947   Thread Rite 00356
                                            For Users who use the Lot and Consignment
                                            Manager, they will be prompted to add and
                                            use a Virtual Warehouse Code when doing
                                            the Work Order Parts Quick Removal   07/30/06   Fix   Work Order     process.                                         ADX0021988   Pentagon 00751
                                            The Routings - Task Tab is showing the   07/30/06   Fix   Work Order     added task once the User adds them.              ADX0022154   Pentagon
                                            An algorithm change in the way the system
                                            calculates the Purchase Order Line Qty.
                                            When a User selects the Option - Assign line
                                            to SO, and the P.O. Qty > S.O. Qty then the   07/29/06   New   Purchase Order P.O. Line will be split.                         ADX0008041   FS Call # 50799
                                            The Security Module's infrastructure has
                                            been changed to get a virtual control name.
                                            The Security works as it did in previous
                                            versions, especially the print dialog which is
                                            kept separate per each category and   07/27/06   New   Administration document type.                                   ADX0008083   Azego 00687
                                          There is a new flag to the Forms Setup for
                                          Purchase Receiver to print all Locations with                WSW SoW 2006 06   07/27/06   New Administration Qty>0 of the parts received                   ADX0007985     23
                                          When editing the Engine/Unit, the User must
                                          add serial numbers with value - not empty.
                                          Also - the User cannot view the Part number
                           Engineering &  and MFG fields list without being in edit   07/27/06   Fix Record Keeping mode.                                         ADX0020467     Canadian Helicopters

                                             There is a filter for „Open Credits‟ when   07/27/06   Fix   Financials      viewing the Customer Credit or AP Debits.    ADX0022155   ADI
                                             The Accounts Payable Wire Transfers are
                                             posting to the selected Division and   07/27/06   Fix   Financials      Department.                                  ADX0022114   Poliform 00800

                                          The Statement to Customer has a filter for
                                          „Open Credits‟ and will not longer show lines   07/27/06   Fix Financials     with at zero on the „Open Balance‟ column.      ADX0021884   ADI
                                          The transaction when exporting the
                                          Automatic Wire Transfers to a file has been   07/27/06   New Financials     improved.                                       ADX0007571   FS
                                          The Image button is blocked from the User
                                          List if the User is not in a licensed for   07/27/06   Fix Imaging Module Imaging environment.                            ADX0022131   Pentagon 00854
                                          The punctuation fields are now updating
                                          correctly when replicating a Part from the   07/27/06   Fix Inventory      Parts – Options – J. Replicate Part .           ADX0022112   Elliott 16960

                                             Document Lines which have a PN Assembly
                                             is shown when the User has the flag enabled   07/27/06   Fix   My Pentagon     in My Settings view assembly.               ADX0022158    Pentagon
                                          It is not possible to print Pick Tickets unless
                                          all lines from the S.O. are transferred to one
                                          or more Pick Tickets when the order is   07/27/06   New Pick Ticket    flagged for 'Complete Shipments Only'.          ADX0008048    FS Call # 50736
                                          Users can now change the value of the Unit
                                          Price and scroll down to the next line with the   07/27/06   Fix   R.F.Q.       arrow key.                                      ADX0022153    Pentagon
                                          The report for open Work Order Operations
                                          shows the parent Work Order number on the   07/27/06   Fix   Reports      Routines filter.                                ADX0022157    Pentagon

                                          The Vendor Account Aging reports Base
                                          Invoice value and Base Disbursements value
                                          no longer differ in the Converted Currency.
                                          The report will no longer show the   07/27/06   Fix   Reports      documents with minimal balances (0.01).     ADX0022125        IC Blue 00837

                                          The Vendor Capability - Warranty can be
                                          saved if the range is in hours and it appears   07/27/06   Fix   Vendor       in the Vendor Capability list / search screen.   ADX0022145   Pentagon
                                          The Traveler shows the Related Parts under   07/27/06   New Work Order     each Related Operation.                          ADX0007864   Pentagon 00672
                                          The Import XML function updates the R.F.Q.   07/27/06   Fix   XML Editor   Lines Unit Price.                                ADX0022134   Pentagon
                                          There are some changes in the manual
                                          update Total Actual Flight Hours:
                                          1. The field now works with normal decimals
                                          and not time values.
                                          2. Color has been changed to gray.
                                          3. The User can now enter negative values
                           Flight         (to reduce).   07/26/06   New Operations     4. Captions changed from „Hours‟ to „Hrs‟.       ADX0008058   Dynamic
                                           There have been some enhancements to the
                                           Stock Warehouse and Locations grid                          WSW SoW 2006 06   07/26/06   New Inventory       (colors).                                      ADX0007978   23
                                           The C.O.C. message will not pick up the
                                           message which was entered in the Packing   07/26/06   Fix   Pick Ticket   Slip.                                          ADX0022107   Pentagon 00847
                                           The option to 'Un-assign Current Line from
                                           Converted Document' is available in all
                                           statuses of the R.F.Q. and functions for un-
                                           assigning Lines from the Material                           FS Call #   07/26/06   New R.F.Q.          Requisition.                                   ADX0008068   50863/50945
                                           After Importing from the options menu, the
                                           Message and Memo gets attached to the   07/26/06   Fix   Sales Order   Header of the document.                        ADX0021829   Pentagon
                                           The User can save the changes in the
                                           Vendors File – Remit To address for Paid by
                                           Wire and the Bank Information record. The
                                           message „Remit already exists‟ will not   07/26/06   Fix   Vendor        appear.                                        ADX0022084   Pentagon
                                           Once the Work Order that comes from a
                                           Core Part / RMA has been Updated and
                                           Closed, the system will cancel the Repair
                                           Line (type 35) on the Sales Order. This will
                                           occur once the Work Order has been
                                           Invoiced and Closed and the Line would
                                           have a note stating “Repair Invoice issued   07/26/06   New Work Order      from the Work Order”.                          ADX0007692   Pentagon
                                           When converting the Work Order from
                                           Quote to Actual, the related parts in the   07/26/06   Fix   Work Order    routine are also converted.                    ADX0022103   ALCO 00846
                                              When closing a Work Order, the system will
                                              update the last Location where items were
                                              Posted Qty Finished to update the included
                                              costs without creating Journal Entry if   07/26/06   New Work Order         needed.                                       ADX0008065   Heico
                                              There is a new flag for Work Orders to „Allow
                                              Adding Labor for W/O that already has
                                              Posted Qty Finish Parts‟ in the System   07/26/06   New Work Order         Setup.                                        ADX0008047   Heico
                                              The Labor Entry by Employee it validated for
                                              the text entered in the Total Time and Over   07/26/06   New Work Order         time (Total) field.                           ADX0007928   FS

                           Engineering &  The Standard Aircraft Conf. now shows the   07/25/06   Fix Record Keeping Aircraft Model's Name (Description).            ADX0022086     Pentagon
                                          PC's can be disabled and blocked
                                          completely from the Pentagon
                                          CreditCardDirect (PC Charge) when not in
                                          the license environment to Charge Credit   07/25/06   Fix Financials     Cards (Authorization).                          ADX0022116     Pentagon
                                          All grids which display telephone numbers   07/25/06   New General        are consistent with the format.                 ADX0007952     Pentagon 00730
                                          The 'Line expedite (Float Bar)' has been
                                          changed to „P/N Expedite (Float Bar)‟ in all   07/25/06   Fix General        documents options.                              ADX0022132     Pentagon 00868
                                          The Shipper Consolidator will not be
                                          available for selection in the Warehouse
                                          Transfer if the User is not licensed for this
                                          module. Also – the Warehouse Transfers‟
                                          Journal Entry is defaulting G/L‟s that of the   07/25/06   Fix Inventory      „To‟ Warehouse.                                 ADX0022138     Pentagon 00861
                                          The Warehouse Transfers Pick Ticket no   07/25/06   Fix Inventory      longer has the „Print COC‟ flag.                ADX0022127     Pentagon 00873
                                       There has been 2 more buttons added to the
                                       Part number – History Floating Bar:
                                       „Sales Tkt‟ and „Purch Tkt‟ to work with Lines   07/25/06   New Inventory   Type 03 and 04.                                  ADX0007871   ILN
                                       When clicking on the Vendor Link to select
                           Purchase    the Vendor, the Vendors List now comes up   07/25/06   Fix Invoice     with the screen in the front.                    ADX0022111   Pentagon 00850
                           Purchase    The Quick Misc. Invoice Entry also approves   07/25/06   New Invoice     the Invoice.                                     ADX0008071   Pentagon 00850
                                       The User can change the Status of a Repair
                                       Shipper as long as not all Parts are
                                       Received. And, there is a new filter (Priority
                           Purchase    Line) on the Line Status in the P.O. / S.O.   07/25/06   New Shipper     Journal / Register.                              ADX0007895   ILN

                                       The field has been changed from 'DLV' to   07/25/06   Fix   Quote     'Delivery' in the Price Break Down screen.       ADX0022110   Pentagon 00863
                                             The Global Inventory Cost and Sell value
                                             reports are calculating correctly. Its
                                             calculations have been changed to the
                                             1. The values reflected will be correct as the
                                             system will refresh when setting /unsetting
                                             the Company/Division/Department filter.
                                             2. The reports filter settings can now be
                                             3. Does not include parts on a Kitting Work
                                             Order which parts are not posted finished
                                             4. Will only reflect the Cost when added to a
                                             Kitting Work Order and the the Qty posted to
                                             3. When there is partial Qty finished in a
                                             Kitting Work Order, the Cost Value report will
                                             also consider the parts still in Kitting which
                                             have Cost.
                                             4. The Kitting/Manufacturing/Process Work
                                             Orders which are Actual only will be   07/25/06   Fix   Reports         included, not the Quote.                       ADX0021532   Becker
                                             The Option to 'Export Invoice Customs Data'
                                             has been removed from this form as well as
                                             the Claim, Purchase Shipper, Invoice and   07/25/06   Fix   Sales Invoice   Pick Ticket.                                   ADX0022124   Pentagon
                                             Posting to WIP Parts or Cost from the
                                             Operations Menu (using the wizard) also
                                             includes the grouping for the Work Order (or   07/25/06   Fix   Work Order      Maintenance).                                  ADX0021935   Heico
                                          The Routines - Related Parts remains as the
                                          active window even when the User jumps to   07/25/06   Fix   Work Order   the Tooling Tab.                                  ADX0022146   Pentagon
                                          A double click will open the Bill of Materials   07/25/06   Fix   Work Order   component window.                                 ADX0022105   Pentagon 00843
                                          The Bank Statement Reconciliation can be   07/24/06   Fix   Financials   print previewed.                                  ADX0021958   Pentagon
                                          The User can print the Bank Statement
                                          Reconciliation through the option from the   07/24/06   Fix   Financials   top menu.                                         ADX0021957   Pentagon

                                          The User is prevented from entering Units of
                                          Measure which do not reside in the
                                          Administrative Setup when the User changes   07/24/06   Fix   Inventory    the UM in an Inventory BOM Component.             ADX0021972   Davis 00909
                                          Call Tracking has 2 new Options - 2.
                                          Account Other Calls and 3. Calls Referred to   07/24/06   New My Pentagon    others.                                           ADX0008056   Pentagon
                                          The User cannot Update Stock in a Pick
                                          Ticket if some of the Lines are marked as   07/24/06   New Pick Ticket    'Early Shipment'.                                 ADX0008045   FS Call # 50736
                           Purchase       The 'Copy' form of the Purchase Receiver   07/24/06   Fix Receiver       prints out with prices.                           ADX0022119   Marubeni 00876
                                          The Customer P.O. will print on all type   07/24/06   Fix   R.M.A.       R.M.A. Forms.                                     ADX0021457   Casp 00543
                                          The Lot (Virtual W/H) Activity / Profit reports   07/24/06   Fix   Reports      are titled as „Lot W/H‟.                          ADX0022106   Pentagon
                                          Employee Labor Reports - Employee
                                          Working House reports in the 'Operation
                                          Card' will not error when the User tries to   07/24/06   Fix   Reports      Add / Delete in the grids.                        ADX0021954   Pentagon
                                          Work Order WIP report have a new option to   07/24/06   New Reports        print the 'Remaining Value'.                      ADX0007922   Dynatech 00731
                                             The Work Order search screen has a new
                                             column near the Operation No. for the „Work   07/24/06   New Work Order        Center‟ (WC).                               ADX0008069       Capital 00855
                                             The User Absence search under the
                                             Pentagon Users and Groups menu has had
                                             the text changed and the 'Paid Hours'   07/23/06   New Administration    column aligned.                             ADX0008051       Pentagon

                             Engineering &   07/23/06   Fix   Record Keeping The Aircraft Company field is defaulted to '1'. ADX0021925    Pentagon 00801

                                             The Budget Plan will not allow the User to
                                             add or change the Credit/Debit information   07/23/06   Fix   Financials      twice for the same Company/Div/Dept.            ADX0022082   Pentagon
                                             The Part number button in the History (float   07/23/06   Fix   Inventory       bar) has been renamed to „P/N‟.                 ADX0022078   Pentagon
                                             The Pentagon User Mail now has the
                                             originating document linked to the emails
                                             which are generated from the Work Order   07/23/06   Fix   My Pentagon     alerts.                                         ADX0021844   Pentagon 00754
                                             The Accounts Payable Balance Activity
                                             report 'Sub Total' column is correctly
                                             calculated. A filter was added for the report
                                             to [ ] Show Convert Currency (also applied to   07/23/06   Fix   Reports         AR Balance Activity).                           ADX0021813   Airborne 00749
                                             The Purchase Receiving Journal now shows   07/23/06   New Reports           the Unit of Measure for a Line.                 ADX0007706   Pentagon
                                          If a User is attempts to delete a Line another
                                          User has sent to an Auto Source file, a
                                          message will pop up stating, 'Sales Order
                                          line is currently in the Auto Source file!
                                          Deleting line aborted'. This message will also
                                          include the User name which created that   07/20/06   Fix Auto Source    Auto Source file.                              ADX0022033         Olympic 00619
                                          The Scopes - Routine Cards prints with
                                          Letterhead and Form title:
                                          1. Title added for this Form
                                          2. This Form has a Form Setup option
                           Engineering &  3. When this Form prints, a modal will pop   07/20/06   New Record Keeping up asking the User to "Please Wait".           ADX0007946         Pentagon

                                             The Remittance Advice will be printed if an
                                             Automatic Wire Transfer payment contains
                                             over 6 Invoices or if a Claim is attached to an   07/20/06   Fix   Financials      Invoice to be paid – this is hard coded.          ADX0022089   FS Call # 50842
                                             AAC-038 Form has a default setup just as   07/20/06   New Forms             the 8130 form.                                    ADX0008064   All Flight 00421
                                             The Import of the records into Stock
                                             Inventory time has been reduced by internal   07/20/06   Fix   Inventory       changes in verifications.                         ADX0022046   Air Planes
                                             The Inventory option to Update Qty through
                                             the W/H Locations updates according to the   07/20/06   Fix   Inventory       Stock Cost formula.                               ADX0022060   FS Call # 50896
                                             The Sales (top menu) option to Print
                                             Documents - Print Pick Tickets pulls up the
                                             Pick Tickets accordingly as per a Users   07/20/06   Fix   Pick Ticket     filtering (where applicable).                     ADX0022052   Pentagon
                                        The Purchase Receiver form will not print the
                                        Line value twice in the same area and the
                                        Misc. Charges print making the bottom total
                             Purchase   correct and matched the sum of the Lines   07/20/06   Fix   Receiver   which are printed on the Receiver.              ADX0021028   Marubeni 00366
                                        The Consignment (Virtual W/H) Cost / Profit
                                        Returns report shows the Warehouses in   07/20/06   Fix   Reports    alphabetical order.                             ADX0021898   Pentagon
                                        The Process Work Order - Routing Grid has
                                        replaced the hours columns with: Order
                                        Type, Recom. Vendor, Part/Qty/UM to Ship,
                                        Part/Qty/UM to Receive, Qty
                                        Shipped/Received (sum of Qty   07/20/06   New Work Order   Shipped/Received).                              ADX0007971   Pentagon 00743
                                        The A/R Credits from Wires or R.M.A.‟s
                                        which were converted from the DOS system,
                                        have protection check to have a minimum of
                                        (1) in the factor field. It ask the User to
                                        confirm this factor and „Continue' when the
                                        User attempts to „Pay‟ back one of these   07/19/06   New Financials   types of credits.                               ADX0007966   Hadco 00810
                                        There are 2 new forms available in the
                                        Administration - Forms Setup: UK
                                        Commercial Invoice and UK Performa
                                        Invoice. These forms correspond to the
                                        Invoice Print Options: 'Print Invoice to
                                        customer Option 2'. This form behaves just
                                        as the Invoice to Customer, but is based on
                                        the new form setup which the user can                        WSW SoW 2006 06   07/19/06   New Forms        customize.                                      ADX0007984   23
                                              The Jar/Far Certificate list has been changed
                                              to “JAR/EASA/FAR Certificate List” via the   07/19/06   New Forms              Customers/Vendors - Options.                  ADX0007951    Pentagon

                                          Changes made to the Customer Contact
                                          1. If there is no middle name for the Contact,
                                          the extra space on the Label is removed.
                                          2. If the title of the person cannot fit on the
                                          label, it automatically shifts to the next line.
                                          3. After the name of the city there is a
                                          4. The space between the State and Zip
                                          code has been removed.
                                          5. There will be no error when trying to open   07/19/06   New Label Master   the Customer Label option.                         ADX0007964   Pentagon 00707
                                          When opening a different Card, the Part
                                          number on the Float Bar changes to reflect   07/19/06   Fix Maintenance XL the new Part number.                               ADX0022073   Air Planes
                                          There is a new modal message stating
                                          “Please wait” when the Quote is added into   07/19/06   New Phone Order    the Phone Order.                                   ADX0007954   Pentagon
                                          You can now print the character „\‟ in the   07/19/06   Fix Pick Ticket    Pick Ticket Barcode Form.                          ADX0021986   Pentagon
                                          There is a new option to print or not print the
                                          „Back Order‟ Qty on the Packing Slip as well                    WSW SoW 2006 06   07/19/06   New Pick Ticket    as the Sales Invoice.                              ADX0007983   23
                                           There is a new option to print the images
                                           when printing the Packing Slip. This option is
                                           also available in the Customer File setup –                   WSW SoW 2006 06   07/19/06   New Pick Ticket     Customer Required Image Types.                   ADX0007982   23
                                           When closing the Purchasing Receiver
                                           which has not posted to stock first, the
                                           system will first post the items to stock and
                           Purchase        then check the date validity before actually   07/19/06   New Receiver        closing the document                             ADX0007863   Pentagon 00663
                                           The Received Date is updated according to   07/19/06   Fix Repair Receiver the exact time the item is received.             ADX0022020   Davis 00779
                                           When the system is creating the Sales Order
                                           from the Sales Receiver, the User will see a   07/19/06   New Repair Receiver modal stating, "Please wait".                    ADX0008034   FS

                                           When the system is creating the Purchase
                                           Order from the Sales Receiver, the User will   07/19/06   New Repair Receiver see a modal stating, "Please wait".              ADX0008006   FS
                                           When the system is creating the Work Order
                                           from the Sales Receiver, the User will see a   07/19/06   New Repair Receiver modal stating, "Please wait".                    ADX0008005   FS
                                           The Employee Payroll Form will add a (+)
                                           sign near the last entry if the User takes   07/19/06   New Reports         more that 5 breaks on the same day.              ADX0008040   Air Technology
                                           Sales Order Profit by Line Cost reflects any   07/19/06   New Reports         Purchasing related where applicable.             ADX0008021   Hadco 00814
                                           Both Rejection Reports in the Statistics
                                           Reports menu need S.O./ P.O. Line Due and
                                           Ship Date filters as an option the User can   07/19/06   New Reports         decide which one to choose.                      ADX0008019   Infinity Trading 00242
                                             A Line Status and Priority filter has been
                                             added to the following reports:
                                             Purchase Order Journal & Register   07/19/06   New Reports           Sales Order Journal & Register                ADX0007896   Infinity 00668

                                             Adding the Sales Invoice from multiple Pick
                                             Tickets allow the User change and use the
                                             filters correctly. Any Pick Tickets removed   07/19/06   Fix   Sales Invoice   from the Filter will also remove its Lines.   ADX0021289   Pentagon

                                             There is a new option in the Sales Order
                                             (while in browse mode) to „Export the S.O. to
                                             Customer‟. This process will export the
                                             1. Customer Code
                                             2. Sales Order Header Priority
                                             3. The Command Code from the Spec 2000
                                             setup (in Customer File) which matches the
                                             Ship To from the Sales Order
                                             4. The Customer Id Code (CIC) from the
                                             Spec 2000 setup (in Customer File) which   07/19/06   New Sales Order       matches the Ship To from the Sales Order      ADX0007962   Pentagon
                                             The Work Order Parts grid will reflect the
                                             Lines which are Posted to Stock as the Qty   07/19/06   Fix   Work Order      Used.                                         ADX0021924   So. Aeroparts 00787

                                             All screens which allow multiple selections -
                                             Adding Install Component - can select Lines
                                             without the 'press shift^click'. They can be   07/19/06   Fix   Work Order      selected with just a left click.              ADX0021855   Pentagon
                                              When the Routing is empty in the
                                              Component Work Orders - the system will
                                              pop up a message stating 'There Are No   07/19/06   Fix   Work Order       Operations'.                                     ADX0022092   Pentagon
                                              The system will no longer error when the
                                              User saves a Line in the Labor Entry by   07/19/06   Fix   Work Order       Employee.                                        ADX0022091   Pentagon 00838
                                              The is an Icon added into the System Utilities
                                              - Update - Remove Phones Spaces. Also
                                              added in the Database Dictionary options   07/18/06   Fix   Administration   (inside utilities).                              ADX0022051   Pentagon
                                              When changing the Vendor's Contact
                                              information in the Auto Source window, it
                                              saves the changes only for that specific   07/18/06   Fix   Auto Source      Vendor‟s File.                                   ADX0021825   Int. Aircraft 00650
                                              When Posting to RFQ, the Vendor's List
                                              opens with the same Vendors as listed under   07/18/06   Fix   Auto Source      the Source History.                              ADX0021837   Norca 00081

                                              Users which do not have access to Hold /
                                              Approve Customers still have open access to
                                              the Note field in the Customer - Status Tab.   07/18/06   Fix   Customer         (This also applies to Vendors).              ADX0021936       Azego

                                              The Inventory Options to „Update Availability‟
                                              calculates correctly in the Warehouse
                                              Locations. It will not book items as negative
                                              when they are Booked or Reserved for a   07/18/06   Fix   Inventory        Work Order via the Material Requisition.       ADX0022079     FS Call # 50929
                                              The Warehouse - Options for Images
                                              previews a newly added image clearly by
                                              using a new process executed from the   07/18/06   Fix   Inventory        TiffPacker.exe.                                ADX0021980     Aerospace 00798
                                          When posting the Warehouse Transfer to
                                          Journal Entry, the system will set the „Post to
                                          Period‟ date from the Warehouse Transfer
                                          date which only applies the specific Journal   07/18/06   Fix Inventory      Entry added.                                      ADX0021877    Kenmore 00805
                                          The Maintenance - Card has open column   07/18/06   New Maintenance XL filtering for all grids.                          ADX0007990    Pentagon
                                          The User can now add Cards from Aircraft   07/18/06   New Maintenance XL configuration Scopes.                             ADX0007820    FS
                                          The Maintenance Parts with Line Type 32
                                          which were added from Line Type 33 and the
                                          Sub Work Order, is automatically reserved
                                          upon Posting Quantity Finished in the Sub   07/18/06   Fix Maintenance XL Work Order.                                       ADX0021978    Pentagon
                                          The User can double-click on the Pick &   07/18/06   Fix Pick Ticket    Ship - Lines without error.                       ADX0022093    Pentagon

                                              The Purchase Invoice and the Miscellaneous
                             Purchase         Invoice prints out the data entered in the   07/18/06   Fix   Invoice          „Our P.O. No.‟ field on the check stub.        ADX0022016   Pentagon 00711
                                              When updating the Receiver (which is
                                              already posted to GL) and creating the A/P
                                              Invoice, the system will default the Invoice‟s
                                              post to period date as per the Accounting
                             Purchase         Setup default and override checking the   07/18/06   Fix   Receiver         Receiver‟s Header date.                        ADX0022004   Heico
                                              The User can now receive in an over
                                              shipment (as per the Vendor‟s setup) and
                             Purchase         the system will accept the over stock and   07/18/06   Fix   Receiver         expect to enter their serial numbers.          ADX0021284   Pentagon
                                         When receiving in the Lines in the „Purchase
                                         Receiver Information‟ window, the system
                                         will behave as the following when the Part is
                                         a Lube Part:
                                         1. Entering a date in the „Lube Date‟ field will
                                         automatically populate the „MFG Date‟.
                                         2. If one of the dates differ, there will be a
                                         Pop-Up Message stating the „MFG Date and
                           Purchase      Lube Date are out of sync. Continue                            WSW SoW 2006 06   07/18/06   New Receiver      anyway? Y/N‟.                                    ADX0007980    23

                                         When the User prints the Quote to the
                                         Customer, and there are values in the Line
                                         Charges, but 0 value in the Unit Price, the
                                         system calculates as follows: unit price + line   07/18/06   Fix   Quote       charges / line quantity = sell price.             ADX0021853   Pentagon 00748
                                         The Quote - Lines - Ref - Target Price field is   07/18/06   Fix   Quote       now in regular numeric format.                    ADX0022022   Pentagon 00795
                                         The 1099 Misc report can be run with no   07/18/06   Fix   Reports     crashes.                                          ADX0021950   Pentagon
                                         Inventory Analysis - Restocking Levels report
                                         are now working by using the filters by   07/18/06   Fix   Reports     Warehouse.                                        ADX0021788   Pentagon 00595
                                         Work Order Register reports shows the
                                         serial numbers of all of the Work Orders                       00462:   07/18/06   Fix   Reports     listed.                                           ADX0021854   Tecmotiv/Pentagon
                                         The Message / Memo is available in the
                                         Sales Order - Options - Export/Import   07/18/06   New Sales Order   preview screen.                                   ADX0007949   Pentagon
                                          The Work Order Routings “Related Parts”
                                          will behave as they do in the Maintenance
                                          Cards where you can add Parts to a Work
                                          Order and then Link then to an Operation.
                                          This must be done thought the Work Order
                                          itself and not from the Work Order Setup.
                                          When the Work Order is created as a Quote,
                                          these links will also be reflected. See the
                                          original feature #ADX0007756. Also, this
                                          button character size has been increased to
                                          include the complete description. The
                                          caption of this button has been changed to
                                          "Add Parts from W/O - Parts Tab ". Once
                                          you select this, you can select multiple Parts
                                          “Mark All - UnMark All” or CTL + Click". User
                                          cannot select the same part from the W/O
                                          Parts Tab, if you have Parts which are
                                          Serialized Unique and you need more than
                                          one part for this operation you can add it as
                                          long as you select each part individually per
                                          serial number. Also – in this grid, you will see   07/18/06   Fix   Work Order   the Qty column.                                  ADX0021741   Pentagon 00672
                                          The Sub Work Order includes the serial
                                          numbers for the Main Work Order's Parts
                                          which are serialized multi and have a Line   07/18/06   Fix   Work Order   Type of 33.                                      ADX0022000   Pentagon
                                          The Work Order (and Maintenance) Parts
                                          Quick Removal will show a message if the   07/18/06   Fix   Work Order   Part is missing serial numbers.                  ADX0021999   Pentagon
                                              There currently is a way to set
                                              Company/Division/Department defaults for a
                                              Maintenance XL which are different than that
                                              of the Users Company/Division/Departments
                                              settings. The User will receive a message if
                                              the Company/Division/Department set on the
                                              document is difference and can select “Yes /
                                              OK” to override and update the Card to use   07/17/06   New Administration     the Users defaults instead.                     ADX0008036   Elliott 13167/00746
                                              The Document Tables List by Code - Line
                                              Defaults has a change in its caption to   07/17/06   Fix   Administration   'Condition per Line Type Default'.              ADX0022064   Azego
                                              The User can save the flag to 'Print COND
                                              on Docs' in the Defaults Tab of the System   07/17/06   Fix   Administration   General Defaults.                               ADX0022050   Pentagon
                                              The Customer and Vendor Advance Applied
                                              Pending GL Batch report reflects the data   07/17/06   Fix   Financials       which is in the current batch.                  ADX0021770   Avio Support 00685
                                              The Budget Plan has an Open Debit and   07/17/06   New Financials         Open Credit on the grid.                        ADX0007968   Pentagon 00774
                                              When picking Raw Material items from
                                              Stock, the system calculates based on the
                                              Raw Material calculation and not the   07/17/06   Fix   Inventory        Standard.                                       ADX0022067   Hadco
                                              B.O.M.: Parts which are sub parts of the Bill   07/17/06   Fix   Inventory        of Materials cannot be set as Parents.          ADX0022053   Pentagon
                                            When adding a new X reference Part that
                                            was already marked before as 'Cross
                                            Interchangeability' the following occurs:
                                            1. Sets the defaulted message to „NO‟
                                            2. The X-Ref Button is only Red when there
                                            is no X-Ref. When there is X-Ref listed, the   07/17/06   Fix   Inventory      button is green.                               ADX0021833   Pentagon 00237
                                            Users can now Add Cards which are
                                            Converted from Quote Cards onto the Heavy
                                            Maintenance XL document. When
                                            transferring multiple Quote Cards from
                                            Quote to Actual, you do not have to transfer   07/17/06   Fix   Maintenance XL one Card at a time.                            ADX0022074   Air Planes
                                            Users are now blocked from editing the
                                            Company/Division/Department when adding
                                            Cards to the Heavy Maintenance XL   07/17/06   Fix   Maintenance XL document.                                      ADX0022068   Pentagon
                                            The Pick Ticket Shipping Labels are printing   07/17/06   Fix   Pick Ticket    the „City‟ info correctly spaced.              ADX0021839   Azego
                                            Posting Vendor Invoices to the General
                                            Ledger makes a reverse entry when the
                             Purchase       parent document of the Purchase Invoice is   07/17/06   Fix   Invoice        a Purchase Receiver only.                      ADX0021991   FS Call # 50888
                                            The Work Order Qty Bid is the same as the   07/17/06   Fix   Work Order     Qty Requested by default.                      ADX0021790   Elliott 16313

                                             The system will not error when a User adds
                                             the Work Order Status after updating the   07/17/06   Fix   Work Order      Work Order and converting Actual to Quote. ADX0022077      Capital 00832
                                             You can no longer delete any Costs once the   07/17/06   Fix   Work Order      Work Order is Posted Qty Finished.          ADX002205      Pentagon
                                            The system will not error when a User enters
                                            values in the 'Seq' field when adding Part   07/17/06   Fix   Work Order     numbers to the Bill of Materials.            ADX0022044          FS
                                            There is a new Maintenance Table for the   07/16/06   New Administration   „Food Type List‟.                            ADX0008037          Dynamic 00813

                                            Vendor Invoice information which is now
                                            available in the Claim search screen is also   07/16/06   New Claim            available as a filter in the Claim reports.  ADX0008044          Elliott 16380/00721
                                            Vendor Invoice information is available from
                                            the Claim‟s Acct Tab and in the Claim search   07/16/06   New Claim            screen.                                      ADX0008043          Elliott 16380/00721
                                            The DD1149 form is blocked completely
                                            from Users which do not have the license to   07/16/06   Fix   Forms          produce this form.                           ADX0021835          Pentagon 00780

                                            The Parts master file Extended Info Tab
                                            allows the User to enter numbers into the   07/16/06   Fix   Inventory      first ref no. field which is related to the mask. ADX0021744     Milcraft 00692

                                            The Parts master file Extended Info Tab
                                            allows the User to enter numbers into the   07/16/06   Fix   Inventory      first ref no. field which is related to the mask.   ADX0021787   Milcraft 00692
                                            Any changes made to the Mail Settings will
                                            be saved even if the Mail Settings are re-   07/16/06   Fix   My Pentagon    entered.                                            ADX0021977   Heros 00396
                                            The Pentagon User Mail can only be marked
                                            as read by the Recipient and not by the   07/16/06   Fix   My Pentagon    Sender.                                             ADX0022062   FS Call # 50927
                                            The Lines 'Dlv' field will not dashed to be   07/16/06   Fix   Quote          entered (---).                                      ADX0021827   Pentagon
                                        When adding and updating the R.M.A. Lines,
                                        the „Qty R.M.A.‟ is by default equal to the   07/16/06   Fix   R.M.A.     „Qty Received‟.                               ADX0021928   Azego
                                        When the R.M.A generates the Purchase
                                        Order, the system alerts the User with a   07/16/06   New R.M.A.       modal stating, "Please wait".                 ADX0008008   FS
                                        When the R.M.A. generate the Work Order,
                                        the system alerts the User with a modal   07/16/06   New R.M.A.       stating, "Please wait".                       ADX0008007   FS
                                        Open S.O. Expedite has an additional 5   07/16/06   New Reports      filters or the 5 Sales Persons.               ADX0007923   Olympic 00336

                                        The Claims cannot be displayed or saved as
                                        multiple Claims with the same document
                                        number. When the Claim is re-created from
                                        a new Invoice which was previously voided –   07/12/06   Fix   Claim      the Claim will have a new document number. ADX0022039      Pentagon
                                        When you Create Journal Entries (from
                                        Recurring) there is a wizard dialog box which
                                        will open to allow the User to change the
                                        currency factor when posting the new
                                        Recurring Journal Entry. The new factor
                                        changes the values in the Header, Lines and
                                        Cost Accounting Lines which are copied as   07/12/06   New Financials   well.                                         ADX0008026   Tecmotiv 00308
                                        The List/Apply/Pay Customer Credit screen
                                        now has the columns for 'Account No' and
                                        'SubP' in the Grid between columns 'Account
                                        Name' and 'Base'. This is also in the
                                        Accounts Payable - Credit Payments to   07/12/06   New Financials   Customer window.                              ADX0007943   Pentagon 00716
                                          The Parts master file - Costs Tab has a
                                          caption change under Recommended   07/12/06   Fix Inventory      Vendor to state “Purchase Order”.                     ADX0021998   FS Call # 50916
                                          The Purchase Order - Options (in edit mode)
                                          to „Convert from R.F.Q.‟ generates the
                                          Purchase Order for the Parts and its
                                          Assembly in the same sequence as it is   07/12/06   Fix Purchase Order setup in the R.F.Q.                                   ADX0021250   Pentagon
                                          If only partial serialized unique parts are
                                          received in the Purchase Receiver, the
                                          Purchase Order will remain open and   07/12/06   Fix Purchase Order reflecting the partial Qty open.                      ADX0021919   Heico 00817
                                          You can now leave the 'Dlv' value empty on   07/12/06   New Quote          the Quote Lines and it will not force '0'.            ADX0007981   Napco 00646
                                          Global Inventory Value reports - Cost & Sell
                                          Value - can be run when the sorting is
                                          changed and using the primary sorting only   07/12/06   Fix Reports        or the primary + secondary sorting.                   ADX0021864   Aerospace 00788

                                              Miscellaneous Charges will not be included
                                              in the Totals or the Invoice for any Part Lines   07/12/06   Fix   Work Order       which have a Cancelled status.                    ADX0021987   Elliott 16648
                                              There is no error messages created when
                                              adding System Alerts in the   07/11/06   Fix   Administration   Company/Div/Dept Setup.                           ADX0022024   Pentagon
                                              The Standard G/L Account Table for Line
                                              Type now has the 'Alt' key for the 'Cancel'   07/11/06   Fix   Administration   option.                                           ADX0018950   Infinity
                                              When adding Cost Categories in the
                                              Administration - top menu bar option for
                                              Heavy Maintenance, you cannot saved the   07/11/06   Fix   Administration   same Cost Categories twice.                       ADX0021204   Pentagon
                                              The Non Conforming Material Report page
                                              numbering appears on the pages according   07/11/06   Fix   Claim            to the page order.                           ADX0022001     Pentagon

                                              The system allows the User to view the Bin
                                              Location Images in the Options - Customers   07/11/06   Fix   Customer         Required Image Type - Quotes menu.         ADX0021965       Pentagon

                                              The User can now add the Stock Release for   07/11/06   Fix   Customer         in the Customer Forms and Customs Setup. ADX0021743         Pentagon
                                              The new Pick Ticket Material Certification
                                              takes the correct title and not the title of   07/11/06   Fix   Forms            Packing Slip.                                ADX0021662     Pentagon

                                              The DD250 form will leave the Shipped Date   07/11/06   Fix   Forms            field blank if it is empty in the Pick Ticket. ADX0022021   Minowitz 00781
                                              All Shipping Documents verify if the part is
                                              serialized and looks for the serial numbers   07/11/06   Fix   General          when doing the „Update Stock‟.                 ADX0021840   ADI

                                              When adding the Inventory - Stock Release,
                                              the system checks to see if the Users are in
                                              an environment with Maintenance XL and   07/11/06   Fix   Inventory        Parts Material Requisition.                  ADX0021026     Pentagon 00588
                                              The Warehouse Transfer - Pkgs can be
                                              filtered by Box ID and opened from another   07/11/06   Fix   Inventory        document.                                    ADX0021888     FS

                                            The Work Order Part Tag B Xref Label will   07/11/06   Fix   Label Master   not error if there is not Xref for the Part.   ADX0021860     FS
                                            The Maintenance Card shows the Journal   07/11/06   Fix   Maintenance XL Entry Status.                                  ADX0021907     Pentagon
                                            The Maintenance Card will not error when
                                            adding a '_SQK' Cost Code into the In-   07/11/06   Fix   Maintenance XL House Maintenance Totals.                    ADX0022019      Pentagon

                                             The Express Message works now under the
                                             following settings:
                                             1. The computers are working with (sender
                                             and receiver) and the service "messenger" is
                                             ON in the Control Panel - Administrative
                                             Tools - Services - "Messenger" - Status =
                                             2. Advanced Express Message is enabled in
                                             the Administration - System Setup - General
                                             3. Pentagon Users have setup in their My
                                             Settings - General Preferences - Enable   07/11/06   Fix   My Pentagon     Advanced Express Message calls flagged.      ADX0020906     A&J 00285

                                             The system prevents the User from entering   07/11/06   Fix   Pick Ticket     or inserting invalid data in the Gross Weight. ADX0021750   FS
                                             The Purchase Shipper Options to „Add Lines   07/11/06   Fix   Pick Ticket     from P.O.‟ is now functioning.                 ADX0022034   Pentagon

                                             The Purchase Invoice printout shows the
                                             prices and sub total calculations. If the flag in
                             Purchase        the Form Setup is marked to „Block Price‟   07/11/06   Fix   Invoice         these prices (base and conv.) will not print. ADX0021738    Pentagon

                           Purchase          New option in the Purchase menu (top menu   07/11/06   New Invoice           bar) to approve multiple Purchase Invoices. ADX0008029      Shinmywa 00444
                                            The User will not receive an error message
                                            when trying to delete a Line off of the
                                            Purchase Order which has been marked to   07/11/06   Fix   Purchase Order „Show Parts Assembly List‟.                     ADX0021920   Pentagon
                                            When adding a line which contains a
                                            European decimal point and then creating
                                            the Receiver the system will continue and   07/11/06   Fix   Purchase Order not error.                                      ADX0021895   FS
                                            There is an additional verification when
                                            double clicking on the Receiver and posting
                             Purchase       items to stock and the Time Control data is   07/11/06   Fix   Receiver       empty.                                          ADX0021918   FS

                                             The Price will not show in the Purchase
                             Purchase        Receiver form if the flag in the Forms Setup   07/11/06   Fix   Receiver        is marked to not show the Unit Price.          ADX0021325   Pentagon
                                             The Purchase Receiver will change the
                             Purchase        document status after it the Stock has been   07/11/06   Fix   Receiver        Updated.                                       ADX0021760   Heico

                                             When the Purchase Receiver is created from
                                             the Purchase Order, the User will not receive
                                             an error message when clicking on the „Ship
                             Purchase        to Customer‟ option where the part is under   07/11/06   Fix   Receiver        an Exchange or Warranty.                      ADX0021785    FS

                                             When entering prices in the Line Charges of
                                             a Repair Quotes and the Unit Price of the
                                             Line is zero, the User will no longer receive
                                             the message regarding the “Sell Price <
                                             Cost” when Quoting the Customer as the
                                             system will check the Unit Price against the   07/11/06   Fix   Quote           Cost and not the Line Total.                  ADX0021843    FS
                                            When entering the Qty Request with a value
                                            greater than 1, the system will also change
                                            the Qty Bid from 1 to the number entered.
                                            Also - the caption of the flag in the Phone
                                            Order has been changed to 'In Phone   07/11/06   Fix   Quote          order/Quote set Qty Bid = Qty Requested'.     ADX0021791   Elliott 16313
                                            The User can now Update Stock in the
                                            R.M.A. for Parts which are serialized multi
                                            (without adding the serial) and not get an   07/11/06   Fix   R.M.A.         error.                                        ADX0022032   Pentagon
                                            The Tab Key copies the GL Code 'From' to
                                            'To' in the General Ledger Transactions As   07/11/06   Fix   Reports        Of Report.                                    ADX0021816   Azego
                                            The Tooling List and Calibrations Due   07/11/06   Fix   Reports        reports can be run without any filters.       ADX0021768   Pentagon 00763
                                            Sales - Shipping Register shows the total
                                            Shippers at the bottom portion of the whole   07/11/06   Fix   Reports        report.                                       ADX0021808   Pentagon 00767
                                            The Warehouse Transfer Register and   07/11/06   Fix   Reports        Journal reports are fully functional.         ADX0022036   Pentagon
                                            The Work Order Parts Availability Report
                                            shows the correct data when the report is   07/11/06   Fix   Reports        filtered by Warehouse.                        ADX0021823   Pentagon 00750
                                            The Price Break Down - Range shows 'Days'   07/11/06   Fix   Sales Order    instead of 'D'.                               ADX0021208   Pentagon
                                            The Sales Invoice printout has a new
                                            Warranty message on it if the Line Type is
                           Warranty         Repair and the Line is flagged as 'Under   07/11/06   New Administration   Warranty'.                                    ADX0008024   FS Call # 50739
                                          The Users will not receive an error message
                                          when 1 User is editing a Work Order   07/11/06   Fix   Work Order   Operation while another User is deleting it.   ADX0021779   FS
                                          Users can now move and Update Costs from
                                          Operation to Operation in the Update Labor   07/11/06   Fix   Work Order   by Employee window.                            ADX0021883   FS
                                          Additional lines have been added to the
                                          bottom portion of the page when printing the   07/11/06   Fix   Work Order   Work Order B.O.M. List.                        ADX0022009   Heico
                                          The additional forms in the Customer
                                          Options are available according to the
                                          specific license configuration. The
                                          configuration is also checked in the
                                          Administration - Company Setup options as   07/10/06   Fix   Customer     well.                                          ADX0022026   Pentagon

                                          All documents have been prevented from   07/10/06   Fix   General      allowing the User to hit Edit and then Close. ADX0021749    FS
                                          When pasting images from the Users
                                          clipboard, no exception will be raised if the   07/10/06   Fix   General      clipboard is empty.                           ADX0021796    FS
                                          The Parts master file - Costs tab -
                                          Recommended Vendor Box - More Vendors
                                          can be added to it and will not error if the
                                          User is attempting to add a Vendors which   07/10/06   Fix   Inventory    already exists on the List.                   ADX0021800    FS

                                          The Parts master file - Sell Prices Tab - Sell   07/10/06   Fix   Inventory    [NE] Field will not accept invalid values.     ADX0021807   FS
                                          When a User clicks on the red arrow of the
                                          Heavy Maintenance XL - Parts – Expedite,
                                          the system will not take the User to the last   07/10/06   Fix Maintenance XL requisition number on the list.                  ADX0018945     Avborne #16
                                          My Screen has a caption change for   07/10/06   Fix My Pentagon    “Material Requisitions”.                         ADX0022015     Pentagon
                                          Several reports can be flagged to export to
                                          excel in detail or without detail. The flag is
                                          located in My Settings – General   07/10/06   New My Pentagon    Preferences.                                     ADX0007917     Infinity

                                              The Phone Order - Save As Sales Order
                                              button will not have the „Exchange‟ or
                                              „Repair‟ Order types available if the User is   07/10/06   Fix   Phone Order      not licensed with the corresponding modules. ADX0021921     Pentagon 00674
                                              The 'MFG' can now be found in the Phone
                                              Order under the Warehouse Locations (In   07/10/06   New Phone Order        the „All‟ section).                           ADX0008027    Hadco

                                              The ADM log-in has the ability to set security   07/10/06   New Phone Order        on the 'Save As Document Type…'.               ADX0008009   Pentagon 00675
                                              The system will prevent the User from
                                              entering invalid text into the Height field of
                                              the Pick Ticket - Packages - Add Box   07/10/06   Fix   Pick Ticket      window.                                        ADX0021913   FS
                                              The Letter of Credit message is now printed   07/10/06   New Pick Ticket        on the Work Order Pick Ticket.                 ADX0008004   FS Call # 50667
                                            The screen settings have been changed in
                                            the Purchase Order - Options (in edit mode) -
                                            B. Add multiple lines to SO:
                                            1. The 'OK' button is on the right side of the
                                            top bar panel.   07/10/06   Fix   Purchase Order 2. The color of the top bar panel is green.    ADX0021209    Pentagon
                                            Invoice Profit - Sales Person Commission
                                            report can be run with no error message in   07/10/06   Fix   Reports        the Task Viewer.                               ADX0021931    Pentagon

                                             Only open flights are allowed to manually
                                             enter flight hours. The manually entered
                           Flight            hours will change if a leg is changed, but   07/09/06   New Operations        otherwise - will remain as they were entered. ADX0007930    Pentagon
                                             When the system in working in a CRMVRM
                                             environment, the system will check the
                                             document calculation and signatures and
                                             load the signatures according the the   07/09/06   Fix   General         Company Setup.                                ADX0021909    FS
                                             The Lines Expedite form appears in the front
                                             of the screen when selected in all areas of   07/09/06   New General           the system.                                   ADX0007837    Pentagon

                                          The User File in the Administration -
                                          Pentagon Users and Groups has the option   07/09/06   New Imaging Module to scan a picture, diplomas, certificates, etc... ADX0007942   Pentagon 00700

                                          When adding a new Cost Code to the
                                          Maintenance Card - Totals for an In-House   07/09/06   Fix Maintenance XL Maintenance, the system will not error.        ADX0022007      Pentagon
                                          A new modal (message) added when the
                           Purchase       User Updates the Purchase Receiver,   07/09/06   New Receiver       “Please wait”.                                 ADX0007935      FS
                                          The Work Order printout prints the Sales
                                          Order number in the SO field instead of the
                                          R.M.A. when the Work Order was converted   07/09/06   Fix Work Order     from an R.M.A.                                  ADX0022012      FS Call # 50768
                                          The Quick Fax can now disable or hide the
                                          fields 'Country' and 'Area' with the Security   07/06/06   Fix Fax Server     settings.                                       ADX0021995      FS Call # 50805
                                          The User can now create the Account   07/06/06   Fix Financials     Receivable - Statement to Customer.             ADX0021890      Pentagon
                                          When creating an ATA 106 form, the field
                                          that applies to the serial/batch number is   07/06/06   New Forms          being input into Block 11.                      ADX0007948      Int. Aircraft 00563
                                          When any changes are made to a document
                                          already saved in the system, a message will
                                          appear stating, "Any change to the document
                                          will clear the current signature(s)" where   07/06/06   Fix General        signatures exist.                               ADX0021929      Pentagon
                                          The page counters calculates the pages
                                          accordingly in the Routine Card Traveler   07/06/06   Fix Maintenance XL print out.                                      ADX0021962      Pentagon
                                          The User can print the following forms
                                          without errors in the Maintenance - XL:
                                          1. Print Wok Order To Customer
                                          2. Print Work Order As Quote
                                          3. Print Cards For Customer
                                          4. Print Cards List
                                          5. Print Cards List + Bar Code   07/06/06   Fix Maintenance XL 6. Print Routine Cards Traveler                 ADX0021961      Pentagon

                                             When the Phone Order is saved as an
                                             Advise of Delivery and then creating a Sales   07/06/06   Fix   Phone Order     Order, the S.O. Type field is stated correctly. ADX0021769   Pentagon
                                             The system will save any additional Part
                                             number added onto a Phone Order when it is   07/06/06   Fix   Phone Order     loaded from a Customer Quote.                   ADX0021847   Infinity 00698
                                             The Purchase Receiver print dialog box will
                                             re-open when attempting to print the labels
                             Purchase        again after they were printed automatically   07/06/06   Fix   Receiver        (upon update stock).                            ADX0021900   Pentagon
                                             The R.M.A. search list will not display
                                             multiple R.M.A.‟s with the same document
                                             number for those documents which have   07/06/06   Fix   R.M.A.          been voided and re-entered.                     ADX0021984   Pentagon
                                             The Transaction Currency Differences can
                                             be run by the new filter for secondary   07/06/06   Fix   Reports         sorting.                                        ADX0021947   Pentagon
                                             Sales Tax Journal report can be run when
                                             filtering by the secondary sorting 'Doc Date'   07/06/06   Fix   Reports         or 'Doc/Ref'.                                   ADX0021945   Pentagon
                                             The Users can now run the Employee Labor   07/06/06   Fix   Reports         Reports for Maintenance WIP.                    ADX0021943   Pentagon
                                             No unwanted Lines appear near the
                                             Certificate & Certificate No. on the Sales   07/06/06   Fix   Sales Invoice   Invoice C.O.C. print out.                       ADX0021756   Pentagon
                                             The initial Pentagon log in window has been
                                             changed: the clouds were removed and
                                             replaced by the 'Loading Pentagon with   07/05/06   New General           Pentagon Logo...'.                              ADX0007957   Pentagon
                                             When creating a Purchase Receiver, the
                             Purchase        system checks for the Exchanged 'Ship from   07/05/06   Fix   Receiver        W/H'.                                           ADX0021774   FS
                                          When closing a Purchase Receiver, the Mail
                                          priority has been changed:
                                          1. When closing the Purchase Receiver the
                                          system sends an Internal Mail to the Sales
                                          person 1 about charging the Customer for
                                          Outside Core Repair, the priority of the
                                          notification is now #1.
                                          2. The same Internal Mail is sent to the
                                          Sales person 1 when doing the Price Update
                           Purchase       in the Vendor Invoice, the priority of the   07/05/06   New Receiver       notification is now #1.                    ADX0008014       FS Call # 50683
                                          When creating the Purchase Order
                                          automatically from the R.M.A. Line, the
                                          Purchase Order and Purchase Shipper print   07/05/06   Fix   R.M.A.       with the correct Form Title.               ADX0021970       FS Call # 50819

                                          Purchase Order Register report can be run   07/05/06   Fix   Reports      by the secondary sorting of „Due Date‟.        ADX0021953   Pentagon
                                          Sales Order Register report can be run with   07/05/06   Fix   Reports      a secondary sorting of „Due Date‟.             ADX0021952   Pentagon
                                          When a User selects multiple Routings in the
                                          grid and then deletes one of the selected
                                          records, the multiple selections are cleared
                                          and the User will not receive error upon   07/05/06   Fix   Work Order   deletion.                                      ADX0021939   FS
                                          A red Speed button has been added to the
                                          G/L Account in the Customer / Vendors -   07/04/06   New Customer       Financials Tab.                                ADX0007918   Pentagon 00636
                                          The Certificate Forms - 8130, EASA, ATA
                                          106, TC, Certificate - includes the Country   07/04/06   Fix   Forms        on the last line by the City.                  ADX0021529   FS Call # 50760
                                          The Certificate Forms are available through   07/04/06   New Forms          the Warehouse Transfer.                        ADX0007939   FS
                                          When the User adds new Warranty onto a
                             Warranty     Sales Invoice item (line), the Warranty takes   07/04/06   Fix                its defaults from the Company setup.
                             Administration                                                 ADX0021975   FS
                                          Purchase Order Register report prints the
                                          Message and Memo when the flag is marked   07/03/06   Fix Reports        for „Details‟.                                    ADX0021793   Qwest 00637
                                          When the User selects the Aircraft
                                          Configuration - Modal and clicks on the Part
                                          number in the Aircraft Unit, there will be no
                           Engineering &  error message or loop to the same window   06/29/06   Fix Record Keeping again.                                            ADX0021866   Pentagon
                                          When converting the Quote to a Sales   06/29/06   Fix Quote          Order, the word 'Rev' is no longer cut off.       ADX0021244   Pentagon
                                          The Print Sales Order to Customer Options   06/29/06   Fix Sales Order    will not error in the Task Viewer.                ADX0021761   Pentagon
                                          There is a new Modal (message) for the
                           Purchase       User when adding a Purchase Receiver,   06/28/06   New Receiver       “Please wait”.                                    ADX0007933   FS
                                          All Quote printouts have the Lines Note   06/28/06   Fix Quote          under their corresponding Qty Bid.                ADX0021359   Olympic 00501

                                              A User can now enter an earlier date in the   06/28/06   Fix   Work Order       Work Orders Labor Entry by Employee.          ADX0021252   Pentagon
                                              Users will not have access to the Currency
                                              List Table if they are not in the Multi   06/26/06   Fix   Administration   Currency environment.                         ADX0021848   Pentagon 00758

                                              An error message will not appear when
                                              adding in the List Vendor with 1099 window   06/26/06   Fix   Financials       via the Accounts Payable - 1099 Form menu. ADX0021765      Pentagon
                                          The short-cut for Close in the Part numbers   06/26/06   Fix   Inventory    'Orders' window is working with 'Alt + L'.      ADX0021610   Infinity 00656
                                          The Forms Setup for Maintenance and
                                          Cards has been changed to read: 'Non-   06/25/06   Fix Administration Routine Card'.                                  ADX0021731   Pentagon
                                          The system will not error when entering data
                           Engineering &  in the Engines Component - Options to add   06/25/06   Fix Record Keeping Time Control.                                   ADX0021868   Dynamic 00802
                                          Partial values with decimal numbers can now
                                          be entered in the Flight Operations -
                           Engineering &  Schedules - Options - Manually Update the   06/25/06   Fix Record Keeping actual hours.                                   ADX0021870   Dynamic 00724
                                          The Table of Adjustments is now available
                                          from the Aircraft Fleet to adjust an engine
                           Engineering &  unit or component and viewing the 'Time   06/25/06   Fix Record Keeping Control Adjustment List'.                       ADX0021886   Dynamic 00803
                                          My Settings: The 'Top Position' field can be   06/25/06   Fix My Pentagon    saved if you enter the value of '9-'.           ADX0021710   Pentagon
                                          The system will not error is the User is
                                          clicking on the Approval / Hold information   06/22/06   Fix Customer       when not in edit mode.                          ADX0021851   Azego
                                          If the User changes the Qty in the WH
                                          Options – Update Qty and the part is
                                          serialized unique, the system will allow „OK‟
                                          and „Cancel‟ if the serial number already   06/22/06   Fix Inventory      exists for another part.                        ADX0021862   Dynamic 00794
                                          The Label created from the Purchase
                                          Receiver - 'One Label Per Package' now has   06/22/06   New Label Master   a the ( : ) aligned.                            ADX0007959   Capsed 00710
                                           Work Order Labor/Material Costs – „Worked
                                           & PN Installed‟ Date filter is now working. If
                                           the report is filtered by this date, the report
                                           will only reflect the Work Orders which were   06/22/06   Fix   Reports       affected by the filtered dates.                 ADX0021826   McTurbine 00435
                                           Open P.O. Expedite report Line message
                                           are no longer printed in the Header message
                                           field. Also, the caption has been changed   06/22/06   Fix   Reports       from „S.O.‟ to „P.O.‟                           ADX0021836   Olympic 00502
                                           When entering the Serial numbers, you can
                             Purchase      hit the Enter key which behaves as the OK   06/20/06   Fix   Receiver      button (save).                                  ADX0021763   Pentagon 00561

                                           Pentagon User Mail‟s parent document
                                           button can now be linked to a Work Order or   06/19/06   Fix   My Pentagon   Maintenance which can be selected to open. ADX0021803        FS

                                           The Work Order Details report groups the
                                           totals per Cost Center per Work Order and   06/19/06   New Reports         not once again at the end of the report.      ADX0007702     Safe Flight
                                           There has been a caption change in the   06/19/06   Fix   Work Order    Parts Tab 'Status' to read 'J/E Status'.      ADX0021814     Pentagon 00294

                                           The Accounts Receivable Balance Activity
                                           report reflects the correct calculation for
                                           subtotals under the „Balance‟ column and
                                           this report can now be run for a specific   06/17/06   Fix   Reports       Customer or for all Customers.                ADX0021959     Azego
                                           The Sales Tax Journal by VAT Report
                                           reflects the values in both positive and   06/17/06   Fix   Reports       (negative).                                   ADX0022031     Azego
                                          The Cost Categories cannot be saved if the   06/17/06   Fix Work Order     Cost Code is missing.                           ADX0022029   Heico
                                          When the User sets the columns settings in
                                          a Maintenance XL – Cards, and then views
                                          other Cards – the column settings will be   06/15/06   Fix Maintenance XL saved for the original Card viewed.             ADX0018951   Avborne
                                          The Price Table in the SO/Quote/WO has
                                          been modified:
                                          1. The Valid Until Date is used together with
                                          and by Condition.
                                          2. The MSLP price is used together with the   06/14/06   New Inventory      Valid Until date by condition.                  ADX0007899   FS Call # 50827
                                          When adding a Part number in Inventory for
                                          a Parts Set List, the system will not error   06/13/06   Fix Inventory      when the Part number has no lines.              ADX0021248   Pentagon
                                          New features added to the Engine Status
                                          1. The Warehouse Code and Location is
                                          listed under the Aircraft information
                                          2. New column - 'Engine Component'
                                          3. Changed report title to 'Removed Engine
                                          Status Report'
                                          This report is available from the Stock
                                          Warehouse - Options and is just the same
                                          as the report available to print from the   06/08/06   New Reports        Aircraft - Engine.                              ADX0007893   UPS
                           Manager / Lot
                           DOS to SQL
ILS / Parts Base
Interface / USA
Offers Manager
Stock Release

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