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barbara jeanne pani


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									                     Barbara Jeanne Pani
                    Translator: French, Italian, English, Dutch

NATIONALITY:             Belgian
BORN:                    Liège, Belgium, 18-04-1957


1985-Present       Free-lance translator (English/Italian/Dutch//French):

    Business/economics :
     Meeting the Climate Change Challenge: EU climate change policies (by Stavros
     New start for the Lisbon strategy: The race of growth and jobs is Europe’s next
     great project (by José Manuel Barroso)
     Productivity, not low wages, are the key for global competitiveness. It’s China,
     once again (by Nariman Behravesh)
     Western Wireless Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
     LAVAZZA: EURO project;
     ITALGAS: Trends in Italian Gas Distribution from a Market Perspective;
     Facility Management Service in Italy;
     Terms of sale of various companies;
     MED-BN Network (Financial instruments for SMI in the Mediterranean countries)
     and TrainMed Network;
     GMI Global panels
     McDonald’s “Eat Smart Be Active” (ESBA) Online Image Tracking Study
     INS Expands Pacific Rim Capabilities;
    Civil engineering/construction :
     Tunnels: Fire Detector Operations Manual (Mont blanc);
     Projects for Safety galeries (Fréjus and Grand St Bernard) ;
     Tunnel Fire Protection;
     Fire emergency plan of an Italian company
     AUTOSTRADA TORINO-MILANO S.p.A: various translations concerning the
     enlargement of the TURIN-MILAN Motorway;
     PIARC: Road tunnels, technology and safety;
     Roof products – Lafarge (NL/FR).
    Geology :
     Geological record of location survey - safety gallery for Fréjus tunnel ;
     Geotechnical study (Grand Saint-Bernard tunnel)
     Geosites of the Province of Turin, Italy
     Etna Touring Association : volcano tourism (geological description of the Etna
    IT :
            29 Hester Place  Burnham on Crouch ESSEX CM0 8SA (UK)
                                  +44 1621 786 953
                             Mobile +39 333 488 1590
                           Email barjeanne@btinternet.com
                    Barbara Jeanne Pani
                  Translator: French, Italian, English, Dutch
    Acer presents the TravelMate 4600TM series: Desktop Replacement Notebooks
    based on PCI Express architecture and new Intel® Mobile CentrinoTM Technology;
    Microsoft Windows MobileTM Training: Flash Sniffer Text;
    Localization project of a CAT tool for the Korean market;
    TECHNOD, Technical consulting and documentation: PDA, Organizer, Printer;
    SINEDITA, Integrated Multiple-Media Publishing Solutions (software manuals and
    programs for Publishers).
   Medical/pharmaceutical :
    Website Detenser (insomnia, headache, backache);
    Bioaqua Hanorah, moisturizing cream;
    Sports injuries;
    Cellulite program;
    Redken and KMS hair products;
    Reproductive Health.
    Global attitudes on HIV vaccines.
    A Possible Role for Vaccines in Combating the Epidemic (HIV)
   Science:
    2004 EU Descartes Prizes reward excellence in scientific research and science
    communication; Materials science and technologies of tomorrow: the role of
    European research infrastructures;
    Chemical: cyclohexane
   Technical :
    Telematics applied to the Trans-European network;
    Lely (dairy farmer);
    ICMAT user’s manual and website (bagging machines and special purpose
    Stabilizing jackets
    Time Manager handy hits
   Tourism/art/architecture:
    Database Villa Borghese (Rome);
    Website Chancellor hotel (San Francisco); Hotel Capozzo (Venice); Hotel Villa
    Ducale (Sicily); various hotels in Italy
    Exhibitions in Turin: La Regina di Saba e lo Yemen (Palazzo Bricherasio); Museo di
    Stupinigi, permanent furniture exhibition; Inauguration of Palazzo Cavour; Turin and
    the arts (Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum ).
    Website www.marein.it
   Various :
    Lavazza 1999 Calendar;
    Gender Mainstreaming: Reducing Wage Gap and Promoting Political Participation
    of Women;
    Plan Belgïe brochure (independent humanitarian organization);
    WD40 : 2000 uses (website)
    Society of Mary Marist Fathers and Brothers (website)
    EU EUROPE DIRECT’s Key Facts & Figures, background material for the media
    Alessi, winter 2005 design catalogue + Mr. Alessi’s presentation to the press.
          29 Hester Place   Burnham on Crouch ESSEX CM0 8SA (UK)
                                 +44 1621 786 953
                            Mobile +39 333 488 1590
                          Email barjeanne@btinternet.com
                      Barbara Jeanne Pani
                    Translator: French, Italian, English, Dutch

1995-2003   Co-author of a Monolingual French Dictionary,
            Edizioni Il Capitello, Turin

1989-2001   French teacher, European Training Foundation, Centre Culturel Français de
            Turin; Teacher of French translation, Scuola Superiore Traduttori
            Interpreti di Torino

1985-1991    French teacher and vice principal, Centro Lingue Italosvizzero, Turin.

1980-1983    Travel agent: LES VOYAGES SUISSES, Brussels


French:     mother-tongue.
Italian:    fluent (20 years resident in Italy)
English:    fluent (active)
Dutch:      fluent (passive)
Spanish:    average (passive)


Windows XP Office 2000
Excel, Power Point


2003        WORDFAST Training (Computer-Aided Translation program), Modena (I)
2000        PC Express Education IBM’s MS EXCEL course, Turin (I)
1984        Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge, Turin (I)
1984        Certificate of Technical Translation in English, CIS, Turin (I)
1980        Graduation: Diplôme de Sciences Touristiques, Louvain-la-Neuve (B)
1976        A-level G.C.E.: Sciences Humaines, Dames de Marie, Brussels (B)


28.10.89    “New professions for translators and interpreters” A.I.T.I. (Italian association
            of translators and interpreters) Milan, Italy

            29 Hester Place   Burnham on Crouch ESSEX CM0 8SA (UK)
                                   +44 1621 786 953
                              Mobile +39 333 488 1590
                            Email barjeanne@btinternet.com
                       Barbara Jeanne Pani
                     Translator: French, Italian, English, Dutch
27-28.11.89 “Confrontations. Authors and translators”, Università degli Studi di Trieste,

7-8-9.6.90   “Freedoms in translation?”, École supérieure d’interprètes et traducteurs de
             l’Université de Paris X, Paris

2-3-4.10.91 “Phraseology and terminology in translation and interpretation”, École de
            Traduction et d’Interprétation, Geneva, Switzerland

7-8-9.10.91 “Languages and culture: French/Italian, Confronting issues”, Università
            Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy

5-6.11.93    Symposium “Banking & Finance”, Ecole de Traducteurs et Interprètes,
             Geneva, Switzerland

writing, reading, languages, yoga, contemporary dance, psychology, gouache

For references, please contact:

Catherine Roussel, SOGET S.r.l. www.soget.net, tel. 0039 024859141,
                   email: roussel@soget.com

Isabelle Andrieu, Senior Project Manager, Translated.net, www.translated.net,
                    Direct +39 06 97 84 95 92
                    Main +39 06 91 62 00 55
                    Fax +39 06 233 200 102
                    email: isabelle@translated.net

             29 Hester Place   Burnham on Crouch ESSEX CM0 8SA (UK)
                                    +44 1621 786 953
                               Mobile +39 333 488 1590
                             Email barjeanne@btinternet.com

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