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Montefiore PLUS Club Member Benefits and Discounts - PDF - PDF


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									                                                 111 East 210th Street • Bronx, New York 10467-2490
                                                 1-800-MD-MONTE (636-6683) • www.montefiore.org/plusclub

Montefiore PLUS Club Member Benefits and Discounts
The Montefiore PLUS Club provides information, education and resources to help adults ages 55
and older manage their ever changing healthcare needs. As a club member, you’ll be entitled to these
benefits and others, simply by presenting your membership card.

Newsletter                                                           Dental Discounts
A free subscription to Keeping You Healthy, a                        Montefiore’s Department of Dentistry offers club
newsletter featuring important health topics and                     members a 20% discount on both dental implants
information for you and your family.                                 and on any Bright Smile treatment of $600 or
                                                                     more at the following locations:
Health Education Seminars
Announcements about free health seminars                             Montefiore Medical Center
created exclusively for club members with their                      3332 Rochambeau Avenue, 2nd Floor
health interests in mind.                                            Bronx, New York 10467
Screenings & Events
Invitations to free screenings and other events                      Montefiore Medical Park
aimed to keep you healthy, active and informed                       1625 Poplar Street, Suite 225
about your medical care.                                             Bronx, New York 10461
                                                                     Parking Discounts
A 20% discount in select Montefiore cafeterias.
                                                                     Montefiore PLUS Club members will receive a
Gift Shop                                                            $5.00 flat rate for parking up to 12 hours at the
                                                                     following Montefiore garages:
A 10% discount on merchandise sold in select
Montefiore gift shops.
                                                                     Greene Medical Arts Pavilion
                                                                     3400 Bainbridge Avenue
Hearing Discounts
                                                                     Bronx, New York 10467
Montefiore PLUS Club members will receive a
25% discount on all hearing aids at the following                    Henry and Lucy Moses Division
location:                                                            120 East 210th Street
                                                                     Bronx, New York 10467
Montefiore Medical Center
Hearing and Balance Center                                           Jack D. Weiler Division
3400 Bainbridge Avenue                                               1825 Eastchester Road
Bronx, New York 10467                                                Bronx, New York 10461

*Discounts are subject to change without notice and available at select Montefiore locations.
Current Montefiore employees are not eligible for Montefiore Plus Club membership.
Photo ID must be presented for certain discounts, including parking.
Rev. 07/08

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