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					 May 2008

 Volume XXI

 Issue 5


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                          The D
                                        An Old Wives’ Tale
                                                     By John Hunt

                                 There are few critters that evoke a loathing more than
                                 Earwigs (except maybe cockroaches). Earwigs have a
                                 flattened body and are dark brown to black nocturnal
                                 insects. They have pincer-like structures on the end of
                                 their abdomen. Some larger species of earwigs may
                                 possess the strength to poke an encroaching finger,
   TEXAS AGRILIFE                but the North American and the European species that
  EXTENSION SERVICE                                                                         May 22, 2008 Monthly Meeting
                                 represents the prevailing urban earwigs among us,
                                 does not. The menacing looking pair of feature organs                  11:30AM
10056 Marsh Lane
   Suite B-101                   are used for touch, telling the animal to run when they
  Dallas, Texas                  feel contact.
     75229                                                                                      “Silkmoths and the
 214-904-3050                    Likewise, the disreputable tales of earwigs invading       History and Process of Silk”
The Texas A&M Univer-            the auditory canal of dozing human victims appear
sity System, U.S. Depart-        to be fictional (except in horror movies). Full grown
ment of Agriculture and          earwigs are about 3/4-inch long. These insects feed on
the County Commission-                                                                           Noon Presentation by
                                 other insects, decaying organic matter and on living
ers Courts of Texas Coop-
                                 plant tissue. Earwigs frequent dark, moist areas and               Michael Cook
erating Education pro-
grams conducted by the           thrive in potted plants. In all seasons, earwigs can           Secretary of the Dallas
Texas Agrilife Extension         find their way into our houses, bringing unnecessary
Service serve people of                                                                     Handweavers and Spinners Guild
all ages regardless of
                                 alarm and revulsion to the human occupants. Use a
socio-economic       level,      tissue to nab them and quickly dispatch them to the  
race, color, sex, religion,      trash can before the cats see them. They surely must
handicap or national ori-        taste bad.

                                 See more at
 IN THIS ISSUE                                                                                        LOCATION-
 ARBORETUM INTERN            3
 BIRTHDAYS                   5
 COOKBOOK                    5
 DCMG WINS AT STATE 10                                                                            Dallas Farmers Market
 GARDEN GATE                 3                                                                     1010 S. Pearl Street
 GATHERINGS                  1                                                                     Dallas, Texas 75201
 MAY MEETING                 2                                                                         214 670 5880
 HOURS REPORT               11                                                        
 JOB DESCRIPTION             4
 NAME BADGES                12
 OLD WIVES TALE              1
 PRESIDENT’S DESK            5                                                             Need a ride to a Monthly Meeting?
 RICHARDSON TRASH            4                                                                   Contact Carolyn Rozier
 SPEAKERS BUREAU             7                                                                        214 352 9000
 THANKS FROM MCMC 2                                                                    
 WATERWISE TOUR              4
 WHAT YOU MISSED             2
 WHO’S WHO                  12
                                                                                                                  May 2008
           What You Missed                                   compost heap, visited the butterfly garden and the
          “Vermiculture and                                  Shakespeare and rose gardens. Mostly however we just
                                                             enjoyed the beautiful setting and fresh air as we
            Composting”                                      absorbed all that we had learned.
                   By Carolyn Bush
                                                              If you are interested in volunteering at Texas Discovery
                                                             Gardens, there are many opportunities available, from
 Dallas County Master Gardeners got all the “poop”           working in the greenhouse, to guiding groups of school
(quite literally) at an interesting lecture by Sarah         children through EarthKeepers, and helping out at
Gardner, PR/Program Coordinator of Texas Discovery           TDG’s annual butterfly plant sale on June 6-7 and the
Gardens. With table favors of bagged and carefully           butterfly exhibit during the State Fair. For a complete
labeled manure from Judy Husband’s wide array of             list    of     volunteer      opportunities      go    to
chickens, goats, rabbits and many other farm animals and then choose ‘support’
and a delicious “caterpillar” bundt cake made by Nancy       and then lower down and choose ’volunteering.’ To
Finley, the meeting at the Grand Hall overlooking TDG’s      find out which volunteer opportunities are approved
beautiful gardens proved the perfect place for a lecture     for MG volunteer hours, contact Carolyn Rozier, TDG
on composting.                                               project coordinator.
Throughout her lecture, Sarah stressed how making
compost can help create an organic garden, help recycle
garden waste and can be an organic alternative to            May Monthly Meeting -
fertilzer and mulch. As “compost happens,” one can
either be a lazy composter by randomly putting garden        We have a very entertaining meeting for the month of May.
and vegetable waste in a pile and letting it sit for 6       Michael Cook will talk about silk moths and the history and
months to a year; or one can utilize the quick, hot          process of silk. He will demonstrate the process of reeling
composting method that requires more effort and              cocoon filament and discuss the different kinds of fabrics
attention to get the proper mixture of browns (leaves/       and uses for silk.
paper/etc) to greens (grass clippings/vegetable scraps/
etc). The quick method, in which compost can be made         Michael started raising Bombyx silk worms in 2001. Through
within a month or two, also requires more frequent           extensive research, trial and error, and lots of perseverance,
turning of the pile for aeration and the application of      he learned to raise and care for these little caterpillars, and
the proper amount of moisture (like a wrung out              turn their cocoons into glistening silken thread. Now, he
sponge). Bins can be made from wire, recycled pallets        raises several types of wild silk worms, in addition to the
or purchased bins can be used. Whatever method or            domesticated type, and enjoys the beautiful huge moths. He
type of bin used, the gardener will eventually be            uses the silk to brocade his insanely tiny tablet-woven ribbons
rewarded with rich, earthy compost that will be              and has been working to produce silk threads appropriate to
enjoyed by all one’s plants.                                 other uses, such as knitting.
 For those who do not want to have to build big compost
piles and turn them, Sarah recommended composting            Michael has two prize-winning pieces in the Dallas
with worms (vermicomposting). Worm composting is             Handweavers and Spinners Guild (
convenient, does not smell, is a fast way to compost         Show which will be on display until May 25th on the fourth
paper and vegetable scraps, and the worms’ castings          floor (Fine Arts) of the J. Erik Johnson Library at 1515
(poop) creates a richer soil allowing your plants to get     Young St. (
more nutrients and to get them faster. One can even do
worm composting indoors (a 10 gallon plastic container
                                                             We will be meeting at the Dallas Farmers Market. Please call
with holes punched along the top and filled with
                                                             Marilyn Waisanen if you need directions on getting there
moistened shredded newspaper works very well). Just
                                                             from your area of town.
be sure, if you have a worm bin in the house to purchase
red wriggler worms, Eisenia fetida, rather than use the
garden variety outdoor night crawler worms or you
will not only have unhappy worms but also worms                          Thanks Dallas County
escaping their container.
                                                                          Master Gardeners
After Sarah’s very interesting talk, Tig Thompson and
Sarah took the group on a tour of TDG’s gardens. Master    The Multiple Careers Magnet Center Master Gardeners,
Gardeners went to see the tumbler composter and many       students and staff wish to thank the Dallas County Master
people took a turn tumbling to see how easy or hard it     Gardeners for their continued support throughout the
was to use. Then we strolled over to the massive garden    years!

      May 2008
                                                                   garden at that time consisted primarily of ground cover
        Beyond the Garden Gate                                     and needed interesting detail, color and texture,” he says.
      Brad Sandy, Class of 2003                                    He began removing the ground cover and adding perennial
                       By Teri S. Merrill                          flowers and native shrubs. When another parishioner
                                                                   suggested utilizing plants referenced in the Bible, Brad
Gardeners are people filled with creative thoughts. We can         helped research the possibilities and found that common
envision brilliant, beautiful flowering beds on the edge of a      plants, such as garlic, leeks, lilies, cedar trees and a number
hot, dusty driveway. We can imagine towering, expansive            of flowers and herbs could be added to create a Biblical link.
live oak trees where today may stand only small, twiggy            “The garden is known “The Mary Garden” and continues to
undergrowth. We can practically taste those plump, juicy           flourish at St. Mathias Church in Dallas,” Brad said..
tomatoes as we turn the pages of our favorite gardening
magazine. But actually taking some of our creative ideas           “As with all gardens, there is a lot of waste and debris that
from the concept stage to planning and then reality can be a       typically ends up in the compost pile,” Brad stated. He
task too daunting for even the most ambitious of us.               thought that some of the leftover roses, lavender, rosemary,
                                                                   basil and other herbs could be put to better use. Today,
Brad Sandy is an expert at taking a concept and making it          because of his idea, church members create potpourri
reality for the Dallas County Master Gardener Association.         “pillows” to give to visitors and to take to patients at various
He has served as chairman of the Dallas Home and Garden            hospitals.
Show since 2004. At that time, master gardeners from Dallas,
Collin and Denton counties presented information on a range        Brad says that gardening fits perfectly with his philosophy
of horticultural topics during speeches and presentations          to life - one step, one task, one plant at a time…and soon
that lasted up to an hour. These presentations were                enough, there’s an entire garden. “It has been rewarding to
successful, but Brad saw that many of the visitors to the          watch how one good idea can take hold and cascade to create
show weren’t interested in sitting for an hour or more to          another good idea. I enjoy seeing how one step can lead to
learn about gardening.                                             another step and then wonder where it may all end up.”
Brad worked with a number of master gardeners in the
Speakers’ Bureau to determine how to bring important
information to the public in a faster, more precise format.
Bunny Williams, then-chair of the Bureau, recognized that
informative talks could be designed around the four basic                          Trial Program Needs
gardening topics that the public repeatedly showed interest.
                                                                                Arboretum Summer Intern
Brad explained, “It was the beginning of the “micro-talk”
concept—a creative format consisting of 20-minute talks on                         or Part Time Person
lawn care, tree care, appropriate plants for various locations,
and Waterwise gardening. Though fairly new to the Home
and Garden Show and to the Association, these micro-talks                     The Dallas Arboretum is looking for
have been incredibly well received and have resonated with                    an intern or summer part time person
the public.”                                                                  to help with the Trial Program.
                                                                              Someone who is passionate about
Another idea that Brad helped implement from the Home                         plants and wants to expand their
and Garden Show was to highlight the existence and                            knowledge, has good organizational
availability of the Master Gardener Help Desk. “With                          and time management skills, knows
increased use of the internet, calls to the desk have been                    Microsoft Excel and Word processing,
decreasing over the years,” he notes. His idea resulted in the                and enjoys being outdoors is
display of large, colorful banners at the H&G Show this past                  qualified for this position.
March that advertised the existence of master gardeners
and promoted the use of the Help desk. “It is still too early to              If you are interested, forward a
determine the affect the banners had on increasing phone                      cover letter, resume, class schedule
volume,” Brad says, “but I am hopeful that continued usage                    and availability, list of interests and
will create more exposure.”                                                   references to Denise Robb, Research
                                                                              and Greenhouse Manager, Dallas
Brad’s interest in gardening began in earnest when a                          Arboretum, 8617 Garland Rd., Dallas,
parishioner created a raised garden bed at his church in                      Tx 75218,
2001. The woman was a landscape designer and developed              , 214-
and maintained the garden until she became sick and                           515-6586.
incapable of continuing the project. Brad stepped in to help
after the garden became overgrown and unattractive. “The
                                                                                                                  May 2008
              JOB DESCRIPTION
                                                                           Dallas Water Utilities
TITLE: Program Coordinator I (Part-time)                                    WaterWise Tour
Job Summary:                                                                    Volunteers
Assist Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Dallas County             Volunteers to work @ tour headquarters
juvenile program with the planning and coordinating of day-                            June 7, 2007
to-day youth gardening and greenhouse programs and other                      Contact Volunteer Coordinator:
assigned tasks. Primary responsibility will be to facilitate              Grace McLeroy
and provide leadership with the implementation,
coordination, monitoring and evaluation of extension
educational programs at the Dallas Youth Village and               Richardson “Trash Bash”
possibly Medlock facilities. Report results of activities in
accordance with the reporting guidelines. The qualified
                                                                   Richardson “Trash Bash” event hosted at the
applicant should be able to dedicate 20 hours a week to his/
                                                                   Richardson Civic Center. This year John Hunt
her duties. Coordinate and attend meetings with various
                                                                   representing the Dallas County Master Gardeners
city and county agencies pertaining to the Dallas County
                                                                   attended and passed out EarthKind™ and
Youth Village Project. Monitor costs and projected expenses
                                                                   WaterWise Gardening information. The yearly
of needed Village projects and programs.
                                                                   event was held on April 12th.

Must have the ability to effectively communicate both
verbally and in writing, establish and maintain effective
working relationships with employees, volunteers,
departments and the general public. Must have hands on
agricultural gardening knowledge and experiences. Requires
prolonged walking, standing, bending, kneeling, pushing and
the ability to lift in excess of 50 lbs., possess the ability to
work outdoors in a garden and greenhouse.

*Must possess a valid Texas driver ’s license and have
adequate transportation.
*Ability to be on time and to work occasional scheduled
weekend hours
* Must be able to perform physical activity such as bending,
squatting, or lifting 50 lbs., as well as to stand on a hard
surface for several hours at a time.
* Ability to tolerate high temperatures and humidity
* Ability to follow detailed instructions
* Enthusiasm for working with the public and a clear
speaking voice
* A strong interest in horticulture, gardening, science or a
related field
*A strong background in gardening is preferred
* College course work in horticulture, agricultural science or
a related field is preferred.

NOTE: All interested parties must apply at    Richardson Trash Bash participants get DCMG info.

       May 2008
From the President’s Desk                                      its Southern Region Master Gardener Conference, June
                                                               18-21, 2008 - A Garden of Dreams in Native America.
The Dallas County Master Gardener Association has              The conference site will be at the Clarion Meridian Hotel
completed a successful first quarter of this year. As I look   and Convention Center in Oklahoma City. For more
out on my blooming garden, it’s hard for me to realize         information go to
how fast these four months have flown. In January the          This is your association and I want to hear from YOU!
2007 Board hit the ground running with priorities from         We want to know what you would like to see improved,
our first ever Program Evaluation. Communication was           added, or changed. We want the citizens of Dallas to
the number 1 on the list. So it was full speed ahead on        benefit from the many talents, and gardening knowledge
helping members understand what our Association is             that Dallas County Master Gardeners offer.
and does.
                                                               Now, my garden is calling,
Monthly Meetings will be covered in Helping Hands with         Carol Marsh
an article, “What you Missed” giving detail on the great       Proud President of
program and hopefully enticing you to come to the next         Dallas County Master Gardeners
meeting. If you are interested in helping write one of the
Monthly Meeting reviews, contact Ginnie Salter. On the
subject of Monthly Meetings, Dale has sent out the news
of the remodeling of the space at the Extension office and
hopes that our Monthly Meetings can meet there. The
room will be wonderful, but is still under construction                 June Birthdays
and the space is still being analyzed as to the capacity.               Sharon Cucinitti                 06/03
Our meetings draw about 70 to 80+ members and guests,                   Sue John                         06/04
and need room to gather and socialize. So, for the time                 Kari Zubarik                     06/05
being our Meetings will be held at the Farmers Market.                  Sheila Bester                    06/06
New ideas for educational opportunities at the Extension                Cindy Gaertner                   06/08
office space are being investigated.                                    Leslee Hunter                    06/08
                                                                        Denise Hilburn                   06/11
Speaking of Meetings, we want to hear from you! Marilyn                 Judy Nation                      06/11
Waisanen, Director of Member Activities, has planned a                  Linda Perry                      06/13
wonderful line up of programs for the year. A few                       Kathy Diefenbach                 06/15
programs are still needed. So, if you have any ideas for                Renee Richeson                   06/15
speakers, please give her a call.                                       Alba Sachnik                     06/15
                                                                        Jackie James                     06/18
Many things go on in our member’s lives – good and sad.                 Gene Morrissey                   06/20
We would like to start a “Member Care” insert in our                    Donna Rouse                      06/20
Helping Hands monthly newsletter. Please call Marilyn                   Teresa Marshall                  06/22
Waisanen, with any concerns or congratulations to be                    Patty Mason                      06/24
shared with the membership.                                             Susan Knapp                      06/26
                                                                        Pat McGlothlin                   06/26
The web site is still undergoing fine tuning. But the main              Susan Taylor                     06/27
thing is after 4 years of planning, we have a new web site.             Sibyl Koss                       06/28
Visit it at To access the                    Gloria Kajander                  06/30
member’s login, call the Help Desk to get the user name
and password or email them at .

Your Dallas Master Gardener Association is a wonderful
group of dedicated, fun, multi–talented members. Last                        Dallas County
January, Board members, project leaders, and talented
members worked feverously filling out the multi paged                       Master Gardeners
Award packets for the State Master Gardener Convention.                       COOKBOOK
Beverly Sutton worked diligently corralling, encouraging,
and cajoling us to fill out the appropriate packet. Well her       We are getting closer to a finished product,
perseverance was rewarded by Dallas County Master                  but we still need you to share your recipes.
Gardeners – a Large Association - coming home with 6     
awards. Those awards are listed here in Helping Hands.

If you are interested in more educational opportunities,                                                  May 2008
the International Master Gardener Conference is having                                                                 5
  Speaker Appreciation Tea
                     By Cheryl Fisher

Our Dallas County Master Gardener Speakers were honored
for their service with a Speaker Appreciation Tea, April
12th, at the lovely home of Diane Shuck. Tea, coffee, juice
and a delicious array of tiny treats plated on silver and
crystal, were provided and served by Shari Hartrick and
her Hospitality Committee. The theme, “Remembering Your
Service”, served as a reminder to each speaker that their
service to our association and to the surrounding
community is invaluable and deeply appreciated by all. In
2007, our speakers gave 328 presentations, which resulted
in 2,046 volunteer hours and 6,573 contacts. They are
amazing Master Gardeners!
Nancy Wilten was chosen as our “Outstanding Speaker of          Diane’s home has “curb appeal”
the Year” for her dedication and endless support of
Speakers Bureau and our association. Nancy is from the
Class of 1997, has served on the Board of Directors and
currently serves on the School Committee, Publication
Committee, and Speakers Bureau Advisory Committee. She
will also be the new Emeritus Program Chair. For Speakers
Bureau in 2007, she devoted 185 hours of volunteer time
by giving 34 presentations, not including Emeritus. Nancy
was presented with a donated gift certificate from “Gunter’s
House of Orchids,” and also a floral “lap tray” which was
signed with good wishes for Nancy by all who were in
attendance. A very special gift in keeping with our theme,
was created for her by Judy Fender. Judy hand painted a
china tea cup and saucer with tiny “forget-me-nots,” and
embellished it in gold with Nancy’s name and her honor
for 2007.
Jane Bartosiewicz was recognized for implementing the
Emeritus Program and for her important service as Chair
since its origin. Jane is retiring from this position and                 Gaarden gate
Nancy Wilten will be replacing her. Rosa Schachle was
recognized for her tremendous support to Speakers Bureau,
as well. Bunny Williams, Chair of Speakers Bureau 2006-
2007, and current Advisor, was presented a “garden key to
our hearts” in appreciation for her professional direction,
tireless devotion, genuine love and endless service to
Speakers Bureau.
As the event came to a close, each speaker was given a
“party favor” of Marian Buchanan’s creation. Marian and
Bunny filled glass canisters full of fragrant lavender sugar.
Marian’s recipe ideas and suggestions were tied on the
canisters with lavender ribbon for each guest to enjoy. A
charming hostess, lovely home, beautiful gardens, heavenly
treats, perfect weather and fabulous fellowship made for a
memorable affair and perfect day of appreciation!

                                                                            Garden scene

         May 2008
From the Speakers Bureau
This is absolutely FABULOUS NEWS! I just found out
Speakers Bureau won 1st PLACE in the Texas Master
Gardeners State Awards, in the category of Education! I
am so proud that each of our speakers, all of the Master
Gardeners who were the founders of Speakers Bureau;
Bunny Williams, previous Chair and current Advisor;
and others who have continued to assure, maintain and
promote Speakers Bureau’s professional direction have
been honored and recognized by TMGA, in this dynamic
way! Many special thanks to Jane Bartosiewicz, Beverly
Sutton and Bunny Williams for their knowledge and
guidance in helping me to create and polish the
submission (under strict guidelines) for Speakers Bureau.

If you would like to view the submission, go to the web
site included below. Congratulations to everyone, and
                                                            Nancy is really surprised as Cheryl presents her
thank you so much for your dedication and hard work.        award as Outstanding Speaker of the year.
It has obviously paid off! CELEBRATE your much
deserved honor!
Cheryl Fisher, Chair, Speakers BureauDallas County
Master Gardeners 972-867-4981 (10:00 AM-3:00 PM) “MG” Help Desk 214-904-3053

                                                                      LaNell, Shari and Carolyn

Jane B. receives a basket of appreciation from Bunny

                                                              LaNell Wiley, Dean Brown, and CA Hiscock

                                                                                                   May 2008
        Kay Wilten and Cindy Wabner                                                                            7
More fun at the Speakers Appreciation Tea

                                                   Beverly Sutton, Diane Shuck, Nita Rausch

      Betsyanne Tippette and Barbara Gollman

            Hostess Diane Shuck                       Cheryl Fisher, LaNelle Wiley, Dick Coupe

 Tom Wilten takes a snapshot of his sister Nancy

                                                            Cheryl hugs Bunny
     May 2008
             The cat looks on

                                                                    Gifts of lavendar sugar to the speakers, from
                                                                    Bunny and Marian

       Cheryl Fisher & Grace McLeroy

                                                                              Nancy Wilten with Marilyn Waisanen

Rosa Schachle, shown with friends, was recognized for her service                                      May 2008
                             Gardeners Checklist for June

!       Plant warm season turf grasses (Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Zoysia) from seed or sod. Early June is also an
        ideal time to establish new Bermuda lawns by hydromulching.
!       Plant ground covers and tropical and warm season annuals such as Periwinkle, Portulaca, Salvia, Zinnia, Coleus,
        and Caladiums.
!       Plant sweet and hot peppers and tomatoes (June 1-July 15).


!       Prune out any dead or broken branches of woody ornamentals (trees and shrubs), but avoid major pruning during
        the heat of summer.
!       Cut back spent flowers of annuals and perennials to encourage new blooms.
!       Prune spent flowers from roses and fertilize.
!       Pinch back chrysanthemums to encourage branching.

Plant Care

!       Pay special attention to the water needs of new lawns, trees, and ornamentals as hot dry weather sets in. Water
        in the early morning hours (rather than in the evening or night) to minimize fungal problems.
!       Fertilize annual flowers and vegetables with a balanced fertilizer to assure continued vigor.
!       Check crepe myrtles for aphids throughout the summer.
!       Check ornamentals, flowers, and vegetables for spider mites, prevalent in warm months.
!       Watch for bagworms on conifers such as junipers and arborvitae and treat if required.
!       Watch for webworms on trees, especially pecans and mulberries, and treat as necessary.
!       Apply fungicide as necessary to control black spot and powdery mildew on roses.
!       Fertilize warm season turf grasses, and continue regular mowing (every 5 to 7 days for Bermuda maintained at 1 to
        1 ½ inches, every 7 to 10 days for St. Augustine maintained at 2 inches). If you choose to aerate your lawn, early
        June is an ideal time.
!       Check for chinch bugs in St. Augustine lawns throughout the summer, and for gray leaf spot fungus in periods of
        high humidity and temperatures in the 80s and 90s.
!       Begin to harvest vegetables and fruits as they ripen: onions, potatoes, snap beans, cucumbers, squash, radishes,
        lettuce, blackberries, and peaches.

Dallas County Master Gardener Association Wins at State Conference
      You were well represented at the 2008 Texas Master Gardeners     Mass Media - 3rd Place - Weekly Volunteer Email -
      Conference in Conroe. Dallas County Master Gardeners have a      Produced by Paula Jandura
      lot of which to be proud, but we truly shined this weekend at
      the State Conference. Awards were given to :                     Individual - 3rd Place - Tig Thompson

      Association - 2nd Place (Large County) - All the Shining         Congratulations to our members and thank all of you who
      Stars of DCMGA                                                   participated in these projects and labored over the awards
                                                                       applications. Our Association is a shining star in the City
      Education -1st Place - Speakers Bureau - Cheryl Fisher &         of Dallas and the state.
                                                                       Carol Marsh
      Project - 3rd Place - Water Wise Earthkind Demonstration         Proud President of
      Garden (Joe Field Road) - Ann Lamb & Team                        Dallas County Master Gardener Association and

      Graphic - 3rd Place - Herbs In the Water Wise Garden -           Dale Groom
      Authored by Marian Buchanan                                      Extension Horticulturist
                                                                       Master Gardener Coordinator
       May 2008
                Dallas County Master Gardener Hours Report Form

NAME ______________________________________         MONTH _________________

1.    Column 1 – Month/Day/Year.
2.    Column 2 - The project or education Identification Number assigned this activity.
3.    Column 3 – Brief description of project or education opportunity.
4.    Column 4 – Check if education (E) hours are to be credited.
5.    Column 5 – Check if volunteer (V) hours are to be credited.
6.    Column 6 – Indicate the number of hours (HRS) to be credited including any preparation time. Travel time for
      volunteer projects should be included. Travel time is not to be included for education or Horticulture Help Desk
      hours credit.
7.    Please refer to the MASTER GARDENER MEMBER GUIDE for complete information on reporting volunteer
      and education hours.
8.    All submissions must include the Project ID # / Education ID # when applicable.
9.    Hours should be submitted monthly. This Report Form may be mailed to Tig Thompson or placed in the
      Volunteer Hours Coordinator box at the Texas AgriLife Extension – Dallas County.

     DATE      ID#     VOLUNTEER/EDUCATION DESCRIPTION                                  E    V      HRS


                                                                                                      May 2008
                        Who’s Who                                          Master Gardener Name
         DALLAS COUNTY MASTER GARDENER ASSOCIATION                         Badges
                            2008 OFFICERS                                  Effective June 1, 2008 Alan Rister has agreed to be the
Carol Marsh                  PRESIDENT                                     contact person for Master Gardener name badges.
Bunny Williams               1ST VICE PRESIDENT
Annette Latham               2ND VICE PRESIDENT                            Anyone wishing a replacement badge ($10.00
Ginnie Salter                SECRETARY/PARLIAMENTARIAN                     payable upon receipt) should contact Alan at alan-
Gail Cook                    TREASURER
Marilyn Waisanen             DIRECTOR OF MEMBER ACTIVITIES
Suzy Renz                    DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION/TECHNOLOGY         indicating pin or magnetic backing and
Marie Devlin                 DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION                         how you would like your name to
Paula Jandura                DIRECTOR OF MARKETING
Tig Thompson                 VOLUNTEER HOURS COORDINATOR
Beverly Sutton               IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                      The design of the new Dallas County Master
                                                                           Gardener badges has been finalized. The main
2008 Helping Hands                                                         change being that “Texas AgriLife Extension
The DCMGA Helping Hands newsletter is published eleven times annually.
All items for publication are due by the first day of the month in which   Service” will replace “Texas Cooperative
they are expected to appear.                                               Extension.”
Editor: Mary Ann Moreland
Design Editor: Ginnie Salter                                               The badges have already been ordered for those
Publication: Judy Smith, Gail Cook, Rosa Schachle, Will Smith, Alba        Master Gardeners recently qualifying for their
E-mail Distribution: Brenda Cunningham                                     gold or platimum badge.
Proofreaders: Carolyn Bush, Rick Rosen, LouAnn Prasifka
Regular Columns: Teri Merrill, Bunny Williams, Carolyn Bush, Cheryl
Fisher, Charlene Keller, Kim Andrews, Elaine Ackley, John Hunt             The order will be placed in a couple of weeks
     Marie Devlin, Brenda Cunningham, Marilyn Waisanen.

                Texas AgriLife Extension Service

                The Texas A & M University System
                10056 Marsh Lane - Suite-B-101

                Dallas, Texas 75229-6006

                           He lpin

         May 2008

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