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    " Teeth"

     Grade 2

     Jameela Hamad
   17/5/2007, Thursday
                                                 My Teeth
Inter: Jameela Hamad                                             Date: 17 /5/2007
Grade Level: Grade 2                           Number of students: 26 students, boys
Notice: I will introduce my lesson in 2 lesson at the same day which is Thursday.

*Instructional Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1- Conclude that teeth are important for eating 80%correctly..
2- Recognize the right way to Clean his teeth with 80% correctly.

*Qatar Standard:
5.3 know that teeth are important for eating and they must be cleaned regularly

White papers
Sample of teeth
Sample of brush
Samples of toothpastes
Different kinds of brushes ( painting brush – hair brush – teeth brush)
Teeth brushes
Colored papers
White jacket
Sample of unhealthy food( Pepsi- crisp- chocolates and sweets)
Teeth Posters
Sample of house
Sample of insects
PowerPoint ( Story)

A story book:
Alaa said (2005). Rashid and Noura. Qatar. Published by general assembly of environment
Extra Resources:
Terms and concepts:

Teaching Procedure:
   At the beginning of the lesson, I will post teeth poster on the board. I will wear white jacket and
   claves and I will tell students what we are going to do in this lesson. " Today, we will study nice
   topic which is about teeth. We will know every thing about teeth and we will do some activities
   about teeth and we will read a small story. I want you to do is ".
   Motivation:
At the beginning of the lesson, I will assess student's previous knowledge by asking them some
question about parts of body human" What are parts of body human?. Then I will ask them " What
does inside mouth? Do you want to know? I will give each student mirror and request from them to
look inside their mouth. I will ask them " What can you see inside your mouth?

Teaching Strategies:
1- I will ask the students " Do you know, how many teeth do you have? I will let students predicate,
   then I will request from them to look at mirror and count their teeth. After that, I will ask them "
   How many missing teeth do you have? How many teeth which have cavity in your mouth? What
   is teeth natural color? Why some people have white or yellow or black teeth? Why we have
   teeth? Imagine that we do not have teeth, how can we speak and eat food? what will happen to
   us?" I will ask students to show me how to speak and eat.

2- I will ask students this question before I give them a piece of paper "" What kind of food you
   like to eat?" I will give each student white piece of paper and pencil to draw they favorite food.
   Then I will post their drawing on the board and ask each student why this food is a favorite food
   and I will put some sample of unhealthy food. Then I will tell them " do you think these food is
   good for our teeth? Why? If you feel pain in your teeth where are you going? Do you like to go
   to the dentist doctor? Why? Who went to the dentist doctor? How many times? What are you
   doing, if you do not want go there? " Clean your teeth".

3- I will use sample of house and insect to tell them that teeth like our home" Do you like to live in
   dirty house? Why? How can you keep you house clean and tide? What are you going to do if you
   see bad thing in your house? Do you like to live with insects? What will insect do if they in your
   house? They will make halls. Teeth the same thing. Teeth like house, you have take care and
   clean your teeth because cavity likes insects. It give you bad smell and bad color on your teeth.
   At the same time make big hall inside your teeth. So, what are you going to do to keep your teeth
   very clean and healthy?.

4- I will show the students different kinds of brushes such as painting brunch – hair brunch and
   teeth brush and I will ask them ' Which one of these brushes is suitable to use it to clean our
   teeth? Why? I will show them that can we use painting brush to clean our teeth or hair brush?
   Why? I will put picture of brush on the board. Can I just use teeth brush to clean my teeth? There
   is some thing that I need it to put it on my brush, what is it? I will put picture of toothpaste on
   the board. I will show them sample of toothpaste and I will ask the students " We have many
   different names of toothpaste, can you give me example? I will sample of toothpastes and I will
   ask them" Why we use toothpaste with brush to clean our teeth?. How many times do you clean
   your teeth?

5- I will ask the students " Do you know how to clean you teeth?" I will let some students show me
   how they clean their teeth? Do you think your way is it right or wrong? I give each student teeth
   brush and paste to go to the nurse to show use the right way to clean our teeth. The nurse will go
   with use to the bathroom to show use. Then I will ask students to clean their in front of the nurse.
   After that, I will let students sing a song about teeth to nurse to thank her.

6- Then I will closure my lesson by tell the students a story, first I ask students to sit on the mat and
   I will tell them a story about 2 boys who did not care about their teeth by using PowerPoint. At
   the same time I will ask them about a story to know if they understand my lesson and I will tell
   them that tomorrow we will study another topic.
Student Activities:

The students will use mirror to see their teeth.
The students will respond to the teacher's questions about teeth.
The students will draw a picture for their favorite food.
The students will clean their teeth by using brush and paste.
The students will listen to the story.
The students will make their smile by using yellow, white and black paper.

Lesson Extension:

If there is a time, I will give them another activity( In the appendix) which is drawing their smile and
put teeth on their smile by using different colored papers ( Yellow – black – white ). I will post it on
the wall.

I will use some pictures and speak very slowly to the students. I will translate some words in Arabic
language to help student who has difficult to understand some concepts such as teeth , cavity,

I will summaries my lesson by telling a story. I will show them a story on the PowerPoint and asking
the students some question about story to know if they understand my lesson such as What is the
title of our story? What are the 2 boys doing? What kinds of food they eat? What happened to his
friend? Where did his friend went to the dentist? What happened to his friend? What he boy felt
when he saw his friend felt pain? What did he use to clean his teeth? Why he cleaned his teeth?


I will asses my students during the lesson to see if they follow me or not by asking the same
questions twice.
I will assess my students by giving them assignment. I will ask them to collect different pictures of
teeth and write simple sentences about job of teeth and right way to clean our teeth. I will use rubric
to assess their assignment.
                                         Assignment Rubric
Student's Name:                                                                           Grade:
Date:                                                                                    Subject:
Teacher's Name:
  (1-5)                         1         2              3             4           5
                               Low                                                High

        Elements              1                   2                    3                    4        Score
                      Unclear and         Good pictures        Nice pictures     Excellent
                      difficult to see    but the ideas for    but too much      pictures. The
         pictures     the contain of      the pictures are     small and         ideas of pictures
                      pictures.           not clear            difficult to see  are very clear      _______
                                                               the contain of    and easy to see
                                                               these pictures.   the contain of
                                                                                 these pictures.
                      A job of teeth is   A job of teeth is    A job of teeth is A job of teeth is
                      not clear and       unlimited and        clear and good      very clear and
                      hand writing so     difficult to get     hand writing is    hand writing is
       Job of teeth   bad. It is too      the idea. Hand        very good and      very nice and     ________
                      much difficult to   writing is some      easy to read the     easy to read
                      read.               times difficult to      sentences.         sentences
                      Wrong way to        Unclear steps Right way to               Very clear and
                      clean teeth         and the idea is clean teeth but          right steps to
      Right way to                        turbid.         need more                clean teeth.      _______
       clean teeth                                        organized in             The steps very
                                                          steps                    organized.

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