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									                                                                                                       January 19, 2006
                                                                                                   Volume 37, Number 6
                                            Notes From the Associate Pastor
                                                                      by Karen A. Blomberg

                                           REFORMED AND ALWAYS REFORMING ?

                                               ecently I happened upon an excellent article by Alice Case-Winters entitled
  CAPITAL CAMPAIGN                             “Our Misused Motto.” I commend her article to you. (It can be accessed at
  MAKING PROGRESS                              http://www.pcusa.org/today/believe/past/may04/reformed.htm.) Winters
 TOWARD RENOVATIONS                   describes how many reformed believers have (mis) used our moniker - Reformed
                                      and always reforming. Winters makes a compelling case that our language tense
   Revised plans for renovations      has led to unnecessary tension. We normally translate the Latin ecclesia
to the Westminster Sanctuary and      reformata, semper reformanda - the church reformed and always reforming. This
Christian Education wing are          implies that the church can reform itself, on its own. Winters suggests that a more
nearing completion. Members of        accurate interpretation, especially in light of the Reformers’ intentions, is - the
the Capital Campaign Coalition        church reformed and always being reformed, allowing for and acknowledging
met with the architects December      God’s desire for us, and that God is the one doing the reforming, always. A
7 to review the design changes.       subtle, yet profound distinction. As God’s people, we are called to live our calling
The Coalition is working with the     as ecclesia, the called out ones. As such, we are responsible for opening
architects, MTFA of Arlington,        ourselves to the Holy One’s reforming and renewing power. The church’s role
and the Kennedy Center organ          includes providing opportunities to do this. I am moved by Larry Hayward’s
curator to determine how best to      initiative to have an annual Renewal of Baptismal Vows for a Congregation. This
prepare our organ for the             service from our Presbyterian Book of Common Worship is a beautiful example
upcoming construction and to          of our recognizing and opening ourselves to God’s Spirit. It is not only
determine the best structural         theologically sound, it is a practical and meaningful way to claim God’s presence
changes to the chancel area to        that is always available and always reforms us. This service of renewal is
improve the spoken word and           appropriately observed on Baptism of the Lord Sunday, which occurs in early
music program in the Sanctuary.       January. Through the symbols of water and the clear stones that are received as
Additionally, the Coalition will      remembrance of our baptism, we celebrate the church renewed and always being
be conducting a “walk through”        renewed. This is true for us collectively as ecclesia, and individually, as God’s
of the church facility next week      beloved son or daughter.
to begin determining finishes,           Several stories of the clear stones were shared with me following our services
flooring, hardware, cabinetry, etc.   on Baptism of the Lord Sunday on January 8th when we celebrated the Renewal
The plans will be presented to the    of Baptismal Vows. Elder Sallye Brown told me that last year, after our service of
congregation in the next couple       Renewal of Baptismal Vows, she had her remembrance stone sent to Dave
of months.                            Frankenfield in Iraq, where he was serving with our troops. Dave indicated to his
                                      wife Andrea that he carried that stone with him every day in his pocket during his
                                      days in Iraq. On his first Sunday back at Westminster, he saw Sallye Brown. The
                                      first thing he did was to take this stone of remembrance from his pocket to show
                                      Sallye. The stone reminded him of his own baptism and the sustaining, reforming
                                      power of God. It was also a daily reminder of the renewing power of the Holy
                                      Spirit that is experienced in and through community.
                                         I am grateful for this service of The Renewal of Baptismal Vows for a
                                      Congregation. It is one of many magnificent ways we can remember God’s
                                      presence – a Presence that renews and reforms, always.
                     THANK-YOU’S                                                  Kudos to
                     & MORE                                    Barbara Fox Mason, the Director of Child and Family
                                                            Network Centers: Ms. Fox Mason has been chosen as
                                                            one of the Washingtonians of the Year 2005, a wonderful
                                                            honor. Westminster is proud to be part of the Network
                                                            Center family – as an annual financial contributor, and as
Dear Westminster,                                           a donor of clothing, turkey dinners and Christmas gifts to
  I want to thank the many members of Westminster           the low-income immigrant families whose children
Presbyterian Church for the kind thoughts expressed in      benefit from the services of the Centers.
their many cards and visits to me in my rehabilitation at
Woodbine Nursing Center. They lifted my spirits when
they needed lifting. -
                                         Walter Wendt
   300 hundred individuals and families had a                                  Travelers
wonderful Thanksgiving, complete with a turkey dinner,
because of the efforts of Don Smyles and Louise
Anderson, with the following helpers on Nov. 19: Jon            Thursday, February 2. 8:30 a.m. Enjoy a
Butterbaugh and family, Doug Anderson, Diane and              Cinnabon, juice and coffee before seeing the film,
Steve French, Amey Upton, Sally Murphy and her sons,          Dreamer, at Springfield Mall. After door prize
Jill Ewell and Bill Eckert. The grateful recipients           drawings, we will shop for one hour, then meet for
included: Network Preschool, Arlandria Health Clinic,         lunch at the food court. $1 plus lunch.
Creative Preschool, ALIVE! and some Westminster
families. Our warm thanks to you all!                          Thursday, February 16. 11:30 a.m. Lunch at Sir
                                            Judy Hansen       Walter Raleigh Inns, Fairfax County. $1 plus lunch.
                                                                 Thursday, February 23. 7:00 p.m. The Mystery
     2005 CHRISTMAS JOY OFFERING                              of Edwin Drood, at Little Theatre of Alexandria. $1.
          COLLECTS $7,562.93                                  Upcoming extended trips:
   The Christmas Joy Offering received at our Christmas          July 30 - August 5, 2006. 7 Day Michigan
Eve Services collected $7,562.93. This far exceeds the        Sampler. Includes 3 nights waterfront in St. Ignace,
amounts received the prior two years the Offering was         Upper Peninsula. Highlights: carriage tour of
collected. The Christmas Joy Offering is one of Four          Mackinac Island, lunch at famous Grand Hotel,
Special Offerings authorized by the General Assembly of       Tahquamenon Falls, Soo Locks dinner cruise,
the Presbyterian Church (USA). The other one of these         Frankenmuth”s “Little Bavaria,” & Henry Ford
Special Offerings in which Westminster participates is        Museum. $835 per person/ double room. Single
the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering taken up at            supplement: $195. First registration: Sunday, January
Easter. The Christmas Joy Offering is divided evenly          29 at noon Coffee Hour. Deposit ($100, non-
between the Board of Pensions, which uses it to meet          refundable) due April 2. Final check due June 11.
emergency needs of current and retired church workers,          November 27 – December 1, 2006. 5 Day
and support for seven Presbyterian racial ethnic schools      Nashville, Tennessee Christmas Holiday. Includes 2
and colleges. This has been a particularly difficult year     nights at Opryland Hotel, 1 night at Martha
for Presbyterian church workers in the Southeastern           Washington Inn, Abingdon, VA. Highlights: 2
United States as a result of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and     shows, 1 play, & 1 tour. $780 per person, double.
Wilma. You can be sure that your support of their             Single supplement: $204. First registration: January
emergency needs through your contribution to the              29. Check dates to be announced.
Christmas Joy Offering is greatly appreciated. According
to the Board of Pensions: “Again and again, recipients of        After January 29, reservations are open to
grants large and small say that as important as the           persons beyond the church family. “Family”
financial assistance was, what really sustained them was      includes Westminster members, their roommates,
the knowledge that the church was standing with them in       and relatives of members. Contact Sandy Calhoun
their time of need.” We are after all All One Family.         at 703-549-4766 for more information.
                          ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION
                                      Sunday Morning Classes for Adults
            Classes will be held Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. All adults are welcome; no registration
         is necessary. For more information, contact Clara Beth Van de Water at 703-549-4766 X16.

I. “The Spirit-Led Prophetic Church of Luke and Acts”         IV. “Political Islam”
January 22-March 26, Westminster Room.                        March 5-26, Haverkamp Room.
   Dr. A. Katherine Grieb, Professor of New Testament at        This course will be taught by Alan Capps of the
Virginia Theological Seminary, will offer an introduction     Answer Institute on Homeland Security.
to the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Luke
and Acts were written as a two-part work, and this is the
opportunity to read them together. Dr. Grieb is a New             NEW IDEAS FOR ADULT EDUCATION
Testament scholar, an Episcopal priest, the author of           If you have ideas for topics, teachers, speakers, types
several books, and a frequent teacher at the National         of classes, or other aspects of adult education, please
Cathedral. Her course will focus on Jesus’s position in the   contact Clara Beth Van de Water, Director of Adult
prophetic tradition, his best-loved parables, Peter’s         Education, at 703-549-4766 X16.
preaching, and Paul’s conversion and missionary journeys.

II. “Integrating Your Decision Making                           REFORMED INSTITUTE CONVOCATION
    with Your Spiritual Life”                                   TO FEATURE MARILYNNE ROBINSON
 January 22 and 29, Haverkamp Room.                              The Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington
   Dr. Jacques Hadler, Director of Field Education at         will present Marilynne Robinson speaking on “The
Virginia Theological Seminary, will offer suggestions         Fear of Particularity and the Decline of the Mainline
for connecting our Christian faith to life in our secular     Church” on Saturday, January 28, 2006, from 9:30
culture, particularly to our personal and corporate           a.m. to noon at National Presbyterian Church. Ms.
decision making. Rev. Hadler is an Episcopal priest and       Robinson was awarded the Pulitzer prize for her novel
directs field education for students at Virginia Seminary.    Gilead. A continental breakfast will precede the
He also teaches at the seminary and consults with             presentation at 9:00 a.m., and Ms. Robinson will sign
churches, especially in the areas of leadership,              books after her talk. National Presbyterian Church is
spirituality, and congregational development.                 located at 4101 Nebraska Avenue, N.W., in
                                                              Washington. Although there is no fee or registration,
III. “The Story of Church Music”                              the Reformed Institute would appreciate a head-count
February 5-26, Haverkamp Room.                                for planning purposes. Please call Clara Beth Van de
  Dr. Paul Stetsenko, Westminster’s Director of Music         Water (703-549-4766 X16) or e-mail Connie Ring
and a graduate of the Julliard School, will trace the         (ccring@ober.com) if you expect to attend. If you need
history and development of church music from its earliest     a ride, call Deacon Pat Prosperi (703-354-7268).
roots in the Middle East to its contemporary forms.

                                                                     WOMEN’S BOOK GROUPS TO
                                                                     DISCUSS GILEAD IN FEBRUARY
                                                                   On February 21, the women’s book groups will
                                                                             discuss Gilead, the Pulitzer Prize-
                   Coming In March                                                    winning novel by
                                                                                      Marilynne Robinson.
   The annual women’s retreat will be held Friday                                       Discussions will be led
evening, March 10, through lunch on Sunday, March 12,                                   by Clara Beth Van de
at the Hallowood Retreat Center in Comus, Maryland.                                      Water at 11:00 a.m. and
Pastor Larry Hayward will lead the program, and the                                      7:30 p.m. in the Cliff
topic will be “Ecclesiastes: All is Vanity.” Registration                              Johnson Parlor. All
forms will be included in the February Chronicle.                                      women are invited.

                                                                    AN INTRODUCTION TO
                                                                   WPC’S LOCAL MISSIONS:
                                                                   Arlington-Alexandria Coalition
                                                                   for the Homeless, Inc. (AACH)
                                                         This article is the second one in a series which focuses on
                                                       highlighting one of the local organizations that Westminster
                                                       supports to reintroduce you to the good work of these groups
                                                       and to make you more aware of volunteer opportunities.

                         AACH                                              Field Trip Coordinators
   AACH was created in 1985 by concerned citizens of           Organize and help conduct field trips for the Sullivan
Arlington and Alexandria to give homeless families the       House kids in the metro area, on one or two Saturdays
support, shelter, counseling and employment training         per month for 4-5 hours.
they need to regain self-sufficiency. The AACH team of
more than 20 professionals assists these families, in                                 Tutor
coordination with public agencies, businesses, churches        Be available, on an as needed basis, to tutor children
and community groups. The Adopt-A-Family program,            or adults. The client and the volunteer schedule tutoring
in which Westminster is currently participating, began in    sessions and work together for as long as needed.
1988 as a response to a need to provide longer term
support for the families to secure permanent housing.                        Front Desk Assistant
More than 50 Arlington and Alexandria families each            Staff the front desk at Sullivan House to answer
year are provided intensive care management and              phones, greet clients and donors, and accept donations.
temporary financial subsidies toward housing, childcare      Volunteers are trained and work for a two hour shift
and transportation. Clients are able to gain greater         only. Volunteers are most needed on weekends.
household stability and self-sufficiency within the 18 to
24 month period of program support. Sullivan House,                          Workshop Presenter
AACH’s 50-bed, apartment-style shelter, has been in             Plan and lead a workshop or discussion re: basic life
operation since 1986, with priority given to families and    skills such as financial literacy, budgeting, job
battered women. In addition, AACH offers Lifeworks           interviewing, etc. for the parents in Sullivan House. You
which focuses on employment and education and                can suggest your own topic or AACH can recommend
Support for Kids in Transition (SKIT). Below is a            one. The workshops are on select weekday evenings and
listing of volunteer opportunities with AACH.                last from 7-8 p.m.
Westminster’s liaison with AACH, Chris Ptomey, and I
urge you to get involved. More information is also on the                Fundraising/Event Helper
Local Missions bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.             Help raise funds, hand out information or represent
                                                             AACH at events.
               SKIT Activity Leaders
   Organize and lead fun activities for the kids living in                                             Judy Hansen
Sullivan House. Approximately two nights per week,                                     Coordinator of Local Missions
from 7-8 p.m., the Leaders interact with the kids, using
the playroom’s computers, books and games.

                                 LOCAL MISSIONS COMMITTEE NOTES
                      Car Needed                                          Volunteer Opportunities
   An individual who is well known and respected by            Habitat for Humanity Restore needs drivers and
 many Westminsterites, and who is involved in our            helpers to pick up home improvement donations.
 church, is in desperate need of 1) donated repair           Trucks are provided. Volunteers must be at least 25
 work to make her current car operable or 2) a car to        and have good driving records. Help is also needed
 provide transportation to her place of employment. If       with stocking shelves and assisting customers. Please
 you are able to help in any way please contact Judy         call 703-521-9890, ext. 101.
 Hansen at (703) 548-9345 or jhansen@wpc-alex.org.             Senior Services of Alexandria is seeking assistance
 Thanks so much.                                             with food deliveries for a Meals on Wheels program.
                                                             Please call 703-836-4414, ext. 4.
                     News from                                             Extend a Welcome
                  United Orphanage & Academy                   In the mid-winter solstice there appears the perfect
                                                             opportunity for you! Extend a warm and welcoming
                  In Moi's Bridge, Kenya                     invitation to your co-worker, neighbor or an
                                                             acquaintance to join you for fellowship and worship at
                                                             Westminster. Often in the winter month’s people are
     OFF TO A GOOD START IN 2006                             searching for connection or renewal. Instigate such joy
                                                             by offering someone the opportunity to worship with
   Just before Christmas Westminster bankwired $9,587        you this New Year!
to the United Orphanage & Academy bank account to
fund 2006 operations. Of that $9,000 was designated for                             Your New Member Committee
orphan support which means that 15 orphans had, as of
that remittance, received full support for all of 2006. In
addition, pledges for full support of another 18 have been
received. Of the total contributed and pledged, eight                 DC Lunch Bunch
represent new sponsors, which should enable us to               WPC members and friends who work in
almost reach our goal of sponsorship for all 40 openings     DC or might come to town just for lunch are
available. If you are a 2005 sponsor that has not renewed    invited to join the Lunch Bunch at 12 noon
your orphan support for 2006, but intend to do so, please    on Wednesday, February 15 at Zaytinya
contact Henri Rush. Otherwise he will contact you. Of        (www.zaytinya.com) in northwest DC (701
course, additional new sponsors will be very welcome.        Ninth Street). Take the red line to Gallery
   The major fund raising activity for this year will be     Place/MCI Center stop and Zaytinya is across the street
raising roughly $25,000 in funds to drill a well on the      from the 9th & G Street exit. Zaytinya serves mezze,
property. This will not only provide the orphanage with an   small plates of Eastern Mediterranean food (Zaytinya
assured source of safe drinking water (they are currently    means olive oil in Turkish). Please RSVP by February
hauling water from the nearby river), but will also permit   14 to Barbara at bstudenmund@gmail.com
them to sell safe drinking water to the surrounding
community providing a source of revenue. Donations to
the well project will be very much appreciated.
   Old Presbyterian Meeting House is presenting a                  Last Chance to Sign Up
“Concert for a Cause” on January 22nd at 4:00 p.m. in             for Continuing Discussion
their sanctuary to support well construction at the
orphanage. See below for concert details. Members of                 of Role of Religion in
Westminster are encouraged to attend this concert and,          Contemporary American Politics
of course, to give generously.
                                                                 So far only two people have expressed interest to
                                                              Clara Beth Van de Water in continuing the discussion
                                                              of the role of religion in contemporary American
                                                              politics using Jim Wallis’ book God’s Politics as a
                                                              starting point. Jim Hoben and Henri Rush are willing
         Concert January 22                                   to facilitate such a discussion on Monday nights at
                                                              7:30 p.m. commencing February 6th, if there is
    to Support United Orphanage                               enough interest in pursuing the matter. Please let
                                                              Clara Beth know before the end of January if you
  The Old Presbyterian Meeting House is presenting a
                                                              would like to be part of such a
concert to celebrate Mozart’s 250th Birthday on January
                                                              group. If you would like to
22nd at 4:00 p.m. in their sanctuary. A highlight of the
                                                              obtain a copy of
program will be Vera Kochanowsky and Thomas
                                                              God’s Politics at the
MacCracken playing on an exact replica of Mozart's
                                                              discounted rate of
own piano. Proceeds from a free will offering will be
                                                              $17.00 contact Henri
dedicated to help support drilling of a well at the United
Orphanage & Academy in Moi's Bridge, Kenya. Old
Presbyterian Meeting House is located at 321 S Fairfax
Street in Alexandria.
    A Message for
                             THE QUESTIONS OF YOUTH MINISTRY
                            What are we doing on the       stewards of our gifts if we were unclear about the
                    21st? When is the mission trip? What   central aim of our activity.
time will you be back from the bowling alley? Who will        Over the next several weeks and months, I will be
bring the DONUTS?                                          asking us, the youth, parents, members and leaders of
  These important questions often predominate the          this church the question, why are we here? What are we
world of youth ministry. As you have discovered            trying to achieve? This question-and-answer process
through the frequently blank look on my face, youth        will not be an exercise in order-taking. I won’t be
directors/pastors often lack adequate answers. Rest        asking for all the ingredients you want on your youth
assured, I am working on your questions! Be assured        ministry burger so that I can go and cook it. Instead, we
that I too have an important inquiry that demands our      will be investing time in conversation with God and
collective attention.                                      each other about our deepest hopes for our youth
  Namely, why are we here? By “here”, I mean in the        ministry. My hope is that these conversations will lead
church, doing Youth Café, fellowship hours, lock-ins       us to a vibrant ministry that abides in Jesus Christ as he
and mission trips. These programs, when done well,         abides in us.
require a lot of work, resource and energy, not just of       And we’ll still need donuts…
me and the church staff, but of youth, parents,                                                            Patrick
teachers and volunteers. We would be terrible                                            Director of Youth Ministries

                                       Christmas Elves at Work
  Many Westminster individuals and families opened         hurricane victim, who came to us through Alexandria’s
their hearts and their wallets and took precious time      Department of Human Services. A few Westminsterites
over the holidays to bring smiles, joy, warmth and         bought and delivered presents to both Mr. Tessemma
comfort to many low-income Alexandria families             and their Share the Spirit family, for which we are
associated with the Network Preschools. For those of       doubly grateful. Mr. Tessemma currently has a part-time
you who participated in Share the Spirit, you know that    job and is seriously considering returning to college.
you were indeed blessed, making your Christmas even        The newly created Member Response Team is taking
more meaningful. Kathy Hays, the Elf Extraordinare for     Mr. Tessemma under its wing, and the funds
Share the Spirit, did a wonderful job as well.             Westminster set aside for hurricane victims will be used
  Also, in mid-December, Westminster made a                to assist him as needed.
commitment to sponsor Yohannes Tessemma, a Katrina            Our warm thanks and appreciation to the following:
Charley, Kathy and Sierra Hays         David, Sue and Benjamin Aland           Lois and John Smithers
Louise and Doug Anderson               Janet Komorske and family               Patty Chamberlain and family
Jill Ewell and family                  Spencer and Carol                       Nancy Harper and the
Jordan Taylor                            Dickerson and family                    WPC Singles Group
Bill Watts                             Melissa and Lee Davis                   Marilyn, Bill, John & David Eckert
Judy and John Hansen, Kristina         Jim Larrison and family                 Yvonne, Brian, Kristen
   Hansen Smith and Kent Smith         Susan Griffith and family                 & Eric Folkerts
Robin McFarland                        Nancie Williams                         Sallye Brown
Alison Kicak and family                Sam Ulm and family                      Pat Buckley
Henri and Candace Rush                 Bill Keeth and family                   Members of the Westminster Choir
Jim Hoben and family                   Nancy and Buzzie Harris                 Madeline and Chuck Ramsey
Brian and Meg Laubscher                Diane and Steve French                  Susan Cloud and family
Ed and Connie Clancy                   Patricia Scroggs and family             Lisa Zickar and family
Susan Behnke                           Jon Butterbaugh, Debra and
Carol and Matt Skiba                     Christina Higgins                                           Judy Hansen
                                                                                     Coordinator of Local Missions
                                                                   2005 Coins For Kids
                                                                Collection Totals $270.40
                                                            In 2005 Westminster's Coins for Kids Offering,
                                                          collected in the loose change receptacles at both
            Be a Part of                                  entrances to the sanctuary, collected a total of $270.40.
     the Miracle of 5000 Dimes                            The Offering is a joint project of the Mission
                                                          Committees to raise money to help kids in need
   Girls and boys in Creation Station are experiencing    locally and around the world. It is usually divided
the story of the boy who shared his lunch of 2 fish                     equally between projects of the two
and 5 loaves with Jesus. After Jesus blessed it and                      Committees. Last year, however, with
passed it out, this small amount of food fed more                         the approval of the Local Mission
than 5000! Plus the disciples collected twelve                             Committee, $199.00 was used by the
baskets of leftovers.                                                      group that went to Spirit Lake Sioux
   To experience “5000” we are collecting 5000                           Indian Reservation in North Dakota last
dimes. You may help us collect 100 rolls of                           summer to help Indian children prepare for
dimes–don’t bring us individual dimes but one                          the 2005-2006 school year. The remaining
or more rolls ($5 each) so we will be able to                          $71.40 will be used by the Local Mission
determine when we reach our goal of 100 rolls                        Committee to help kids locally.
or 5000 dimes. Then come to church on                                Please remember to empty your pockets or
January 29 at the 11:00 worship service where                  pocketbooks of loose change as you enter the
you will be able to see–AND HEAR–5000 dimes!                  sanctuary. If you do, we can do so much more to
The $500 worth of 5000 dimes will then be sent               help kids in need.
to Church World Service to buy 5000 fish
fingerlings to help families in the Andean mountains of
Bolivia raise fish to support and feed their families.
                                                          Westminster Weekday Preschool
                                                            Westminster Weekday
                                                          Preschool’s in-house
                                                          registration for the Fall of
                                                          2006 has begun. Classes will
              Opportunities In                            be available for children who
              Creation Station                            have reached the ages of 2-
                                                          1/2, 3 or 4 as of September
  As we head into the last three rotations of this        2006.
year, there are still opportunities to teach workshops:     Any interested church
Triumphal Entry: games, storytelling, computers           member should obtain an application from the
(March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 1); and Occupations in        Preschool office after January 18. Application forms
Bible Times: storytelling, science, art (April 23, 30,    must be returned to the Preschool office any time
May 7, 14, 21). There is also an opportunity to be a      before noon on January 27.
shepherd in the last rotation. Call Joan Sutter at 703-     Open houses for parents interested in observing the
549-4766 and volunteer to enjoy this exciting way of      program will be held on January 24 and 26 between
teaching and learning!                                    9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. It is not necessary to make an
                                                          appointment. For further information, please call Nedra
                                                          Trahant, Director, at 703-549-5267 between 9:00 a.m.
                                                          and 12:00 noon.

              CHURCH STAFF
Larry Hayward                                        Pastor
Karen Blomberg                            Associate Pastor
Paul Stetsenko               Director of Music Ministries
Joan Sutter              Director of Children’s Ministries
Patrick Hunnicutt             Director of Youth Ministries
Clara Beth Van de Water       Director of Adult Education
Sandra Calhoun             Director of Seniors’ Ministries
Henri Rush         Coordinator of Nat’l/Internat’l Missions
Judy Hansen               Coordinator for Local Missions
Jim Hoben           Coordinator for Community Relations
Art Sauer              Coordinator of Volunteer Ministries
Nancy Bea                          Business Administrator
Tara Cain                               Program Secretary
Marvin Johnson                                      Sexton
Eddie Watkins                                       Sexton

Church Office: 703-549-4766 • Fax 703-548-1505
WebSite: http://www.wpc-alex.org/
CARE Line: 703-684-2934

                   The Chronicle
  A publication of Westminster Presbyterian Church
        Members, Friends, & Staff of Westminster
            Dawn Campbell, Production Editor

         Sunday Worship 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m

   “First Boomers Turn 60” – You’ve probably seen a lot of articles with this or a similar title lately. One
thing these articles consistently point out is that the Baby Boom generation, which has never gone quietly
through any phase of life, will not settle quietly into a sedate retirement. Boomers have led active working
lives and expect to be active in retirement. This doesn’t just mean active in travel and recreation rather, it
means they want to be actively involved in their community – especially in helping others.
   Westminster has a sizeable number of members in this newly retired or soon to be retired age group. If
you are one of these people and are looking for something to do with the rest of your life, Westminster
can help you. You don’t need to become a full-time volunteer. There are plenty of things that involve only
a few hours a week.
   The church office has a continuing need for folks to answer phones and do other office tasks. There is
also a need for another volunteer to help with duplicating the weekly bulletins and other items. As the
weather warms up we will need people to help maintain the Rose Garden and other landscaping around
the church. Perhaps you can spare a couple of hours a week to tutor a child at George Mason Elementary
School. These are only a sampling of the many opportunities that exist within the Westminster
community. You don’t even need to be a Baby Boomer.
   If you are interested in getting involved, the easiest way is to return the recently mailed Time & Talent
survey. For additional information call me at 703-549-4766 or drop me a line at asauer@wpc-alex.org.
                                                                                                 Art Sauer
                                                                          Coordinator of Volunteer Activities

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